The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1944
Page 8
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BIGHT, — BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.),COURIER NEWS Bof Will Wrestle Monday In Free Show At Fairgrounds; Three Other Stars To Per form ~_ Two and a half hours of wrestling, featuring four top flight mat giAnts, will bo the candidates' sports contribution to the gigantic political rally at the Fairgrounds Monday liight. .. •> American Leigon Promoter Mike Meroncy has lined up Iwo individual matches for the grappling program, which has been purchased by the various office seekers and offered free of charge to the public. " local promoter will introduce » a newcomer, a hooded wrosller • Jcnowii ns "The But", a first rater, 'one of the roughest men !» the b'nslneis. ,'The Bat'' will tnkc on popular Buck-Lawson, former Naval Chief Felly Officer who taught commando at Ihe Norfolk Navy yard before being discharged because of n knee Injury, In the pain event. , -.'They are down for, 00 minutes, two best falls out of three. ' Kobcrls Is Back ,', In the. semi-final "Rough Red" Roberts, ace meniiie and tough Buy, faces GIIS Wisbar, tlic blond Dutch wizard who boasts a thousand dIf- iererit holds. Roberts and Wisbar will labor over the hour route, with the iisvml two best falls of three determining the victor. ' *• promoter Mcroiiey promises tlic candidates he would arrange an all-star card and Is confident that tills quartet of behemoths will more than fill the bill from every standpoint, action, thrills, 'spills, science, \aiid sheer amusing entertainment. Especially Is he- high on "The Pit", and predicts that Lawson will have his hands plenty -full if he does take care .of him. 1 "He is one of the best men in the business,'' he explained. "He weighs about 200 pounds and is just about. my size. He is not a 'one-hold specialist, but U just as liable to win with any. He Is rough and tough, though not necessarily •'the villlan type.' If he has to use his fists he certainly can do it •with vengeance and power. Praises The Bat ", "I have- used him In the territory before, but il was at least 10 years ago and he did not wear the mask then. It is doubtful if many— drnany—at' all would recall him if •1 .would call, his name. ;'"He comes with n very good record. He..has'beaten some of the test in the. .wrestling " game. He teamed - with ' Charley Keenc to hand the Welch Brothers, Roy and Joe, their last straight fall defeat, Before last 'Monday when King Kong took their measure. That will 'give some idea ns to his ability, blnce they come few and far be ' SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, '19-14 DOPE BUCKET BX J. P. ntlENU ;weon who can the Welches without •losing a full. It just Isn't done often." While the fans doubtless will he tecnly Interested In the appearance ol "The Bal", who gets hts •;ame because his costume resem- jles a huge bat, the first match Between Wisbar nnd Roberts may steal the show from "an action standpoint, There Imve been few wrestlers who rate ahead of Wtebar !n sheer skill nnd brilliance and he invariably draws a big following whenever booked. Customers Like Action The customers also flock (to the arena in droves when Roberts Is scheduled, bill for n vastly different reason. A large section of them come.s In high hopes at seeing someone hand it back as last and as strong as he does. Olhcrs are on hand to see what he will pull next, while still others think he Is about the greatest wrestler ever to step Inside the ropes. They will agree with one nccord ihat Roberts is one of the roughest, toughest men ever to grace the local American'(Legion ring. He is as unpredictable as the Easter style In women's millinery. He is just ns liable to Jump over ilie ropes nnri start milling with some heckler in tlic crowd ns lie Is to craclc Referee Mcroney on tlic back of the head In the' middle of n match. He has more mnl tricks thnn Cartcrt whoever thai traditional fellow Is) lias outs, nnd never overlooks a bet to explode them, mostly when least expcclcd. His mosl explosive was the time when lie stripped Referee Mcroney ol his pants nnd shirt and made n desperate bid to leave him standing in his birthday suit. He may next time. ' As usual, the show gels under wny at 8:30. HIS BIRTH RIGHT NEW YORK. — Jockey Johnny Longdcn was born In Wnkeftclo, England, and won the $10,000 Wnkeflcld Stakes al Jamaica on William Zlcglcr's Esteem. uouna new* not • Mi COMES IN HANI)V When Buddy Terry was a student at Olythovlllo High School lie look French. Il \g doubtful If he ever dreumed Hint his knowledge of the language would come In liniuly under the present circumstances. His mother, Mrs. K. M. Terry, received n letter from him this week, written in France. Ho hud this to say about his French, nnd some of the things he found as he and his American buddies went about Die business, of ridding the "rntxlcs": "Well, my knowledge of French helps me only a lltlle, but the little bit helps me from feeling (jullc so dumb around Frenchmen. They, by the ,way, sturt moving back Inlo what is left ol their homes as soon 'ns some of Ihe town Is taken. Of course,' tlic close to the front one Is the less civilians there are. Where they stay during the fighting no one seems to know, but they turn up as soon as the shelling stops. And yuu Imagine, despite all Iho news s and pictures, what Some of the larger towns look like. Most of 'em are nothing more than rubbish heaps, with n few chiiiineys find walls' left standing In some parts. When we first came In we were really open-eyed, but It's not paid as much attention to now. "French 'Children already have learned of the Americans' generosity with candy and lumps «f sugar we get In our rations. They stand by, the roads shouting "ton bars, monsieur?" and "dcs ciRarcUes pour papa?" "Mosquitoes are really giving some of the boys a light. They're big enough'to scare anybody,'nnd one boy tells about four of thorn catching hold of the blanket covers and lifting'-It up while the vest of their friends dove in urn! made their meal on him." MOSQUlTOr.S IN HAWAII Evidently there arc oilier things In Hawaii besides grass skirted hiila- hula girls and guitar stringing men: Lieut. Jimmy Lee Brooks recently wrote his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. J. Mel Brooks, Ihat they too are bothered with large mosciuiteos. He said he didn't think much of their si/c until one wrestled him for ids fountain, pen one night and darn near took It away from htm. . . pvt. Marshall Blncknrd Hasn't been long overseas but he already hns teen moved Into France' nnd likes il fine. In his lasl letter ho Indicated lie (already had been In the thick of the fighting. K;tkl he would feel much belter for a letter or two ;rom some of the gang and some 'Dope Ducket.?". (Tlie ol' boy must te hard up for reading matter to fisk for (he. latter). (Ills address Is Co. F, 4th Inf, APO 9, % PM, NYC.) . . . Just before lie left England he saw Joe Louis and Ills troupe. . . . "Joo Louis was over here (England) ;i few nlles ago, but he Is very unpopular over here. In fact, very few turned out to sec him perform. If It had been Jack Dempsey there wouldnt' have been standing room." . Yon can say that again, bubl, . Our good friend, Joseph Peter- piper Applebaiim, Is singing his annual free election party Tuesday evening. He has arranged a direcl phone hookup with the Courier Bobby Doerr Tops Hitters In National NEW YORK, Aug. 5. (UP)—Unless some opposing National or American League hitters step up the stride a bit, the major league lender charts will read like a broken record at the end of the season—playing the names "Doorr" nnd "Muslal' over nnd over again. According to the books today Bobby Docrr of the Boston Red Sox, generally conceded the test second baseman in this wartime sen- son, leads the American League In Ihrcc departments and Is' tied with Snuffy Stlrnwelss of the Yanks In a iourth. With an average of .331 Docrr lends all American bell hitlers. He and Snuffy are in n draw for runs, with 14 each. The Red Socker has 124 runs to lead that department nnci heads the American League home run procession with the low total of 13. In the National League Stan Mu- sinl ol the hlgh-flyin' Cardinals heads four departments. League doubles stands as the high-water murk In this division. The chief record difference between the two leagues conies In the matter of stolen bases—as usual Since the days of Cobb, the Amcrks have headed the oider league In this part of play. George Washington Case, and now Snuffy Stlrn- welss, hold margins over the National League. • Stlrnwciss—rated al»vc Doerr as a second sackcr by his manager Joe McCarthy—has committed robbery on the base tracks 33 times. And has just been pegged out three times. Pirate Johnny Barrett, leading ,the National League, has 14 stolen bases to his credit. News to bring the Osceola fans the spectators figure he should win Ihc stute and comity election returns from the courthouse lawn, beginning at 7:00 and lasting until all reports, are in. . . Put Milliard gives the ialcst lowdown on a former outstanding local athlete. ... Tune in on his letter of July .21, written from Mobile, which finally caught up wllh me here after trailing around East Texas: As I went to town tonight. I met n handsome young Naval officer on the street. 1 recognl/ecl him immediately. He was J. W. (Popeye) McNelll. He got his wings and commission lust Tuesday, nnd, boy, did we have n good jawing spell about home. He Is stationed in Pensacoia, Fla./ but will leave soon, lie is a swell looking "birdmhn", if 1 ever saw one. He told me he was in Mobile on business, hut he never snkl whether It was (i blonde or otherwise. I am working In the shipyards but have signed up as a merchant seaman and cxpccl to leave any day." nost valuable player trophy again —and say it'll be Ihc worst case of arccny since the great train rob)cry It he misses it. All young Mr. Muslal is doing is eadlng tlic hitters with an average of .359—heading with 78 runs—has Yesterday's Results * ' SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis 17, Birmingham 7. Atlanta 6, Chattanooga 4. Mobile 0, Nashville 7. Littl 0 Ilock 17, New Orleans 3.'; AMERICAN LEAGUE Chicago 5, Cleveland 3. Washington 7-0, Boston 5-4. • New York 1, Philadelphia 0. <Only games scheduled.) .-.,,, NATIONAL LEAGUE iM Brooklyn S, Boston. ' ' .;'; New York 4, Philadelphia 3. • '«'!• Chicago 4, Pittsburgh 3. •;.; Cincinnati 5, St. Louis 3. '.,•'•.'« Baseball Standings Promised Land Loses Contest To Yarbro, 10-1 _ The Yartaro A boys team swamped the Promised Land A boys in a 10 to 1 victory In last night's softball game at' Walker Park. Despite the one-sided score, the game provided plenty of excitement as the Yarbro tojs plied up eight of their runs In the last liming and a half. In the second game played, Gos- r.cll B boys ran up 18 runs to Lost Cane's two. In next Tuesdays game, Armorel A boys will meet the victorious Yarbro A team, and the girls Oos- nell B team will meet the girls Promised Land '13 team. These games, under the ausplcles of the North Mississippi County 4-II Club, arc played each-Tuesday and Friday nlghls at 8:30 o'd-ick dt the Park. The scries will be cllr maxed by a tournament to be held later In August. FRENCH BUM-DOG CLUB RYE, N. Y.—The French Bulldog Club of America, one of the 10 breed organizations sponsoring specialities at the Wcstchester K. O. show, Sept, 10, held Ms first specialty in 1808. ' 7. SOUTHERN LEAGUE Nashville Atlanta ,23 Memphis 20 -Ittle Rock 12 Mobile ' 13 New Orleans Birmingham 12 12 AMERICAN LEAGUE St. Louis . lioston . New York . Chicago . .. Cleveland . Detroit . ... Philadelphia 59 . 53 51 , 50 . 51 •19 15 NATIONAL LKAGIJK .180 .742 .045 .413 .304 .375 .315 .584 .530 .520 .500 .495 .195 .441 the most hits with 138. And his 35 Philadelphia St. Louis 51 Cincinnati 55 Pittsburgh 50 Chicago 45 New York . nost on 47 30 37 45 ,.526 42 .5G7 .537 .483', .479 43 47 51 57 .406 50 .397 WRESTLING FREE SHOW Mississippi County Fairgrounds Monday, Aug. 7th, 8 p.m. TWO BIG MATCHES BUCK LAWSON ; THE BAT 90-iHin., 2 out of 3 fall matches. GUS WISBAR RED ROBERTS 1 Hour, 2 6ul of 3 fall matches. Why Not Buy A HIGH VALUE FARM AT A LOW PRICE! In this list are some of the best farms in the Little River Territory that are being offered tor sale today. I'I'IO acres with plenty of tenant houses and black mixed hind, on good roads, with 775 acres open, bal. timber, near Sikeslon, for the low price of $55.00 per awe. 320 acres, 8 miles .south Sikcston, good improvements, 250 A black land, grow anything you want to plant, good roads, for !fV5.00 per A. 320 acres, Castor Uivcrland near Trailback, none better any where at the price of ?100.00 per acre. 240 acres, black Castor River land,- 4 miles S. W. from Morchoiise, with good loan to assume. Price ?80.00 per acre, this on good road. 120 acres, 2 mile south Deering, one set improvements gravel road with Bus & Mail route for §125.00 per a. 80 acre, two sets improvements, gravel road, two bale to acre land, 0 miles N. \V. from Steele for ? 150.00 Per a. JO acres near Holland, good home, fine road, close to all points and Blythcvillc, for cash $6500.00. Also, we have several small hill farms, one 80 acres cultivation near Raven Den for $500.00. Sec us for farm lands. W. M. BURNS, Realtor 115 N. 2nd Blytheville, Ark. Phone 3361 r Green Candidate for Re-election COUNTY JUDGE ney, as well as all the people to have a good County Road on which to travel. We trust and hope that the Voters ot Mississippi County will be loyal and patriotic enough to their County, to their State and to their Government to go to the polls next Tuesday and cast their Vote. Next Tuesday, Aug. 8th, the Voters of Mississippi County will have an opportunity to cast their vote again for ROLAND GREEN for renominafion for County Judge. Mr. GREEN is honest. Capable and has endeavored to run the office of County Judge in a way to save the tax payers ol the County mo- This advertisement is paid for by the Tax payers of Mississippi County.

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