The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1949 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1949
Page 14
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TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 1949 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER HEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. HoopU THIRTY-NINE \ I ROCK BASS Atf \ OUE BLU66ILL-- ] HE acrr sin V MORE'W ME/,r POW'T STRUT— MV 8KOTHER. (SOT SIX MORE THAM YOURS/ I\ HAH-HAAWP OOH.' AND THE WOMEN HE'S TUMJ A, SOACT TESTtMS HIS, tweiA To SRUJG HIM WOM6 O4TVJO Kuziy Wuiziw The women of the Babalai ti-ibe - Ihe French Congo, often takes a -hole day to arrange thelf coHurcs, iccoiding Ihe the Encyclopedia Britannic*. Follow* Old Will Nea- York City's Wall street de- Irlved Us name because it follows • the line of the palisaded wall or Vockade bviilt In 1652 across the iouthem end of Manhattan Is[land. '* •• LawitMU I UWKHCf MLSON Lgwftfle* NebM rue rro«Y MlUI»4 thai M Spears 1*1 m r W«rr«»'» 4Mih wu »lrl<«. *»• r»M* •• Ihe 1»>*M with G**rc* tt«»7*Mb*. M»4lir 4lark ••« »••• MrGwirr Hm »fci»wr«>rk. IhM Ih* • lifcU • !*«» by It* l*lH»««-ra ar« M«rlkl*«k. Lilly Mljrhf h*v* beta killrd «U*«vbcr* »« ^larM !• railway wh«r« her fc*4y •*»• 1*m*<*. 9k« ibaw* Siliwell k«w th« working sleeping, I (eel FM and AM J7.Tub«c Plus Rectifier | Listen to the Ball Game I Noise-Free Comfort $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH .War flii IVttetDnifu III, \\l', I irinu u Hum*, mmntu ua m XXVII RF.A looked »t the remainder o< • L * h*r ttrat sandwich with dim- taste. Mabel Jones might be kind. to plants, but her sandwiches were soggy. Miss Cosgrove wrapped up the lunch, tilted a stone and put the package, in the .hole beneath. "Buried treasure?" She turned. "Hello, George. I didn't see jou coming." "Playing Commando," George said, "As well u messenger boy. There's something about me makes people say, 'George, go teU so and so such and such.' The army really developed that talent." "You were in the services?" "Oh sure. And 1 left my 20-tt vision on the beach of a beautiful blue lagoon. Do you want the message? Bring in the sheep. Batten down the hatches for a storm. This time it's your boss who orders. Henry Harding." -All right," Bea said. "What's .the matter with you? The last time 1 saw you you were whi*- tling." Bascombe glared at her. "Pry! Pry! Pry! All women are nosey but 1 never saw a snoop to equal your eye or ear at that knothole." Be* shrugged, started bunching the jheep. George watched her start them on the trail toward their fold. "Nona ever say anything to you about me?" "1 know she's worried and unhappy." George kicked viciously ai • rock. "Weil I've done a lot at thing*,he yelled and waved his anni. "I've been a chiseler and a necl and I've cut corneri. But 1 dont go around with a holier than thou attitude." He stopped for breath- Sea Mid with a scientific interest, "You'll work yourself into • stroke in this heat" George got purple. "Ill havt a stroke it I want to! I don't have to listen to you, or anyone else! You! Miss Charity. Miss Sweetness and Light How can you live with yourself, doing what you're doing?" you/ "At least," Bea reminded him, "you're the one who showed me a really good snooping post." "1 haven't had a feeling of privacy since. No matter what I'm doing in the hut, dressing, reading, "What am I doing?" -You know all right. YouVe throwing Harding to the wolvea. 1 * • • /~\NCE again Speare Island was prepared for a siege, an attack by the elements. Henry Gough Harding lent a physical preaence to the doing of the chores. Hi mind was elsewhere, on som problem over and above the ac tuatities of Speare Island life. With early dark, Harding had just turned on the generators to flood the house with light when Fred Siliwell pounded on the barred front door. "What's the idea locking u shack?" he demanded. George'Bascombe said, "There going to be a storm. We'll put u here for the night. More comfort able. This house ia built to tail and the shack isn't." "One big happy family," Non pointed out. "At leait tt'a lig here. We can aee wbat goes on She looked at Fred Sillwe "Though maybe that tant an advantage.' Siliwell was sober and dirty. Hit hands were scratched. He kept looking over hie shoulder furtively. "How about a drink?" he aug- geited. "Mi« Firth, I believe custodian." Agnes looked »* Harding. He nodded. "I'll go with you," Bascombe said. "We'll need a flashlight. It's dark as the inside of a goat" When they opened the front door again, the wind gushed through with increased, force, TJENRY HARDING walked pur- poaelullj to the tower room. The others in the main room could hear the sound of hia low voice. Mollie flounced out. tossing her lead angrily. From Inside the tower came the sound of the slam the second ttory door. Miss Stark glared at SillwelL want to have a talk with you. lone." Nona said, M You won't get rid f me until 1 get a couple of those rinks they went after." "Talking to Mollic's • pleasure can put off indefinitely," Sill- 'ell said nastily. George and Afnes came back a'rrying bottles. 'Whew." George said. "That wind's really something in the ;usta." He put bottles on the PAGE ELEVEM HECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL ELOSSER CM That, Fathead? "I could reduce easy, but there'» too many truck stop* with pretty waitresset—when I drop in to *«• 'em, I always order a snack!** (CASTER Hf- T> HFCKU 1DU.UISS YOU fiKf It) KEADY PROMPIIV AT Yes.IAIS*! IT WHO-Give * GRE4T PLEASURE, KMSS HILD<>. SftVS -QUOTE — *1AKE THREE GIAMT" STEPS AND FALL FATALLY FIVE TIMES ON •VOUR.---LM-- O&ESE COUNTENANCE -END QUOTE, SIR! PRISCILLA'S POP Sounds Legal BY AL VEKMEER (JRN OFF YOUR RADIO NOW. CARLVLE. VOU HAVE TO GET UP EARLY TOMORROW. BUT THE BALL GAME'S JUST STARTING; CAN'T i HEAR IT FOR A WHILE? WELI YOU ..,..,.-, CAM LISTEN TO ,:/. .VIA ONE INNING! BUT/g ONLV ONE/ '•*** GOOD.' I'LL U5TEN TO THE NINTH INNING.' table. "You know there mutt b* ermites on this island." "What makes you think tkstT" Bea asked. "There's sawdust on the noon of the passageways. And jou know, when we were coming arounti the' comer of the house I thought 1 saw—" He broke off abruptlj, went to the front window and stared out. Siliwell thumped the bottle om the table, turned with th« other* to stare. "Fire!" VIC FLINT Jungle Memories BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE George yelled. -I did see it! There's a fire on the north end of the island. H There waa a acuftTe of feet, a clatter of pushed back chairs, • convergence on the window, Mabel Jones took a quta)t look, ran to the tower room to call Harding. (To Be Cwili&Md) Up to 1860, naval .ships or wood were still being built by the world's great naval powers. «>MP\Y, Real T>t. BH TIU Ml PhoiM 30751 MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Main Phone 3292 BEN WHITE & SONS GENERA! >NTRAC*ORS 4% HOME LOANS fcUbert S. Johnson The EquiUbte Life Assurance Society Phonr tat CnolBg* PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Besl Prices <irby Drug Stores FOR SALE Concrete culverts. U Inch lo 4g inch, plain or reenforced. Ala* Concrete Building Block! cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, (enant houses, tool sheds. We dellTer Call us for free estimate . . . Phone 691. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. so i SWORE IF CAMI OUT OF THE MARINIS IN ONE PIKI It) A1WAVS WEAR A FLOWER ID PfiOTECT MY DELI- FBOM AFTER TWO MONTHS IN A SOUTH PACIFIC JUWSlf WrrHOOT BATHWS, IT NEVER WAS THE SAME... WHAT A POACHIDtS« VOU'VE TORNID INTO/ YOU ABE *XJ OWH'T 4*>OirTCA«-/S«OWL. 8UT NATION* IVBRY DAY/ THE WAR WERtA H WO THINGS TO«M VOONC COP. ONE OF THE USUAL, TONY. TAKE A BATH SOMETIMES, PK1AL PINK NE FOR YOU MISTER FLINT WASH TUBBS The Sum I'ilchcr Stole BY LESLIE TURNER j i srose THAT'S WBUILUN'...'^ 8L)T I STILL IXMMO HOW WE*S OONNH oeT TM' toor > OUT, EvEU LATE M NIGHT.., 3US' LEAVE IT 10 ME. WHILE WE'RE KILLIW TIME, I'LL TEVAGW TO FIGOie WOT OUK SHPlRE WLL K. RFTEJt SPLIT- TWJ'WID WJCLS3AK6! /" HE 1 * VOU LOOK. LIKE A > I kWOT's MW.F OF 57 6RAMD? SEE.. 7 THEIE ACTIONS AREOCD 2OUZWT(V S-ER.- f WD£er>...BUT I RECKOU I'M TOO ~>, AW, PHOOV! IT'S ONE? SUSPICIOUS OF AIL STEMI5ER5 ) O- THEVI NUMBERS VOlA WOW TOM 3&KETOCHER'S HEW CAN'T DO NUTTIH' WIOl L REIEHSEP. IlL RUtl ALOWG- Rent a Camera for Color Pictures The tdtaJ waj (• rvmerober special occasion*., Also ftlhw tjpea of eam- eru for r*nt BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W Main Phone 3647 MAIM OFFICE NORTH TENTH Mrs. Minnie Lee Jones Kemp Offering Summer Classes in PIANO For Beginners—Intermediates—Advanced Pupils Special Rates for Summer Course ENROLL NOW Studio 807 Chkkasawba Phore 2994 .STUDEBAKER, A Fine Selection of Good Low Priced Cars 19.19 Chevrolet 2 Door. Looks and runs perfect. 1939 Kord 2 Door, Body and Motor in excellent condition. .4 1937 Chevrolet 2 I)o«r, Mnlot overhauled and _ new paint. 1935 Kord 4 Door, Radio, Heater »nd Good Body, " Used Pick-ups in Excellent Shape * 1917 Sludeb*k«r 1 Ton Pickup in A-l Condition. > 1917 Studebaker Vi Ton, Radio, Heater and Slock * Rack. m \94f> Chevrolet Vi Ton, Radio and Hester. _ 1942 Dodge Vt Ton, a good low priced truck. 1911 Kord i/z Ton, Nice und Clenn. Come In Today and S«t T.hct* Valutt Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Stwfebtkcr Demhf* Railroad *• Ash Phnne RR •STUDEIAKER* BUGS BUNNY Needs Tougher Windshield OO CANT SO WSON& ON THIS / HOP IM, TAVCE A RIDE. SHE'S EA1Y ON TH' mOTOR'« IN SWILL IM «LAO YA ASVCEO M& THA.T / ALLEY OOP Those Are Bullets, Boys BY V. T. IIAMI.IN VI THEICK WITH ( WHWfe THAT I MAvYBE. He TH' PLANE-I FOCT.TKVIN / T<3 TELL US BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES News Is Popping BY EDGAR MARTIN

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