Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 14, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 14, 1896
Page 2
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Gladness Comes \X7Ub. a better understanding- of the • " transient nature of the many phys- 4c»l ills, which vanish before proper ef- iorts—gentle efforts—pleasant efforts— liphtly directed. There .is comfort in the knowledge, that so many forms cf alekncss arc not due to any actual disease, but simply to a cpnstipatcd'eonc> ; - 4km of the system, which the pleasant "family laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt ly removes. That is why it "is the only .remedy with millionsof families, and is everywhere esteemed so highly by nl "Who vo,luc prood health. Its bencfieia effects nro duo to the fact, that it is the .one remedy which promotes internal cleanliness without debilitating' the organs on which it acts. It is therefore all important, in order to pet its beneficial effects, to note when you pnr chase, that you have the genuine art! ete, which is manufactured by the Cali fornia Fig 1 Syrup Co. only un'cl sold by .all reputable druggists. If in tiic enjoyment of g-ood health, and the system 'is regular, laxatives or other remedies are then not needed. If •afflicted with any actual disease, one -BQAy be commended to the most skillful physicians, but if in need of a laxative, one should hnvc the best, and with the •well-informed everywhere. Syrup of URgs stands highest and is most largely «sed and guvus most general satisfaction. A^SHORT JOURNEY TO CALIFORNIA IN FIRST CLASS STYLE The Southern Pacific Co "SUNSET LIMITED" TRAIN. Effort Heine Made to Secure prank Jumoti uir&n ExproHs MbffMongc Frank James as a gimrd on express trains, carrying: large amoun ts of money or valuables is one of the novelties the express people nre howu-rrang-mg 1 . Negotiations have been in progress now for several weeks, but tlie possibilities' are t3i:it they will be closed up within n few days. The effect of ,7nmos' name, in view nf his former prowess in robbing- trainsJiiij'.seJJ', is what the express companies are aiming- nfi.er. Thay do not know, they sny, thnl he could stop n determined robber any more than one of their own messengers, but they think the ordinary train robber would hesitate to tackle hira. James is willing to accept the position, says the St. Louis Globe Democrat, and g-unraaitec that no train in his cVirg-e will be robbed except ever his dend body, with but one single provision, and that is that the express people put-up a bond of $20,000, Ihis amount to g;o to his widow in case of his death. The express people- arc inclined to yield to this, though there is some opposition. James has been lirm in standing 1 out ff(g it, and will not £0 on the road unless the bond is fixed lip to his satisfaction. Since he became a respectable, law-abiding- citizen he has taken very g-ood care of his fiunily, and he docs not propose to commence, doing- anything- else now. When the negotiations were first beg-un he was .asked if he could shoot with both ha.nds, "MVII," lie replied, "I used to be that I could, and I g'liess T h:ive not forgotten how yet." .Tames has boon working 1 steadily for some lime, but has never been able to ir.:iko nn isxorbitaiit salary, and for thai, reason would be willing- to take the risk of iihis'venturo. As one of his friends says: "It is r.ot r,s much risk ns he has taken on hundreds o£ occasions before when out or. his raids. The only dif- "ercnoe would bi> that in this he would invc the law on his side," THAT' COMMON TROUBLE, , ; ACID DYSPEPSIA OR SOUR STO-MACH. >f r»!l iin'T is the most disastrous to hr.al.l.h. Now Recognised as a Cruise of Serous Di$c:ise. Ackl dyspepsia, coiuin'ouly allied heartburn, .or sour stomach,'Is a form o£ indigestion resulting from fennentntion of tlie food. Tlio stomach being too went to promptly digest it the food remains until fermentation begins, fllliug tlia stomach witih ig-.os, and a bitter sour, burning taste in the mouth Is often wesont This coudil'ion soon becomes chronic and being an every day occiu 1 - •fiice is gjven but little attention. Because dyspepsia Is eot i'rnniedlately fatal, many people <lo no thing for the trouble. Within a recent period a remedy has been discovered prepared solely to cure dyspepsia and stomach troubles. It is Known as Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets and it is now -becoming rapidly used and proscribed a,s a radical euro for every form of dyspepsia. Stuart's Dyspepsia Xableis have boon placed before the public and are sold by druggists everywhere nt DO cputs per package. It is prepared by the Stuart Chem'icfil Co., Marshall, Mich., ami while it promptly and effectually restores a vigorous digestion, at 1lie same time 1-s peil'cctly 'harmless and will not injure the most delicate stomach, but on the contrary by giving perfect digestion strengthens the stomach, improves the appeMte and makes life 'worth living. CHEERED. Comnmmlrr Boprouiieo* Any Unkind Fcolliit- Toward Olrt Army. 'When Commander Bal'liugton Booth the other ni,«ht in ChicaR-o Centered the doorway of the West Madison street armory of tlm Volunteers and made his way to the platform he mot a tumultof cheering, of waving- handkerchiefs, of "Praise Cods," of blaring, dissonant briu^s, of mifrh.ty welcome from a thousand throats. The tiill lender merely bowed his acknowledgments. He looked worn and pale. When lie spoke later it wns with seeming: effort, "Now let evt'rbody say 'Glory,' " said Drig-ncJier Fielding-. And everybody did soy "glory" with such n will the pillars of the balconies trembled. Mnj. Heron led in prayer. "And bless onr d^;r commander. Amen," she concluded, and there was a chorus of "Amens." Then the commander spoke. He is • not nn orator, but- he seemed, nevertheless, to bold Uint aiirlicnec in the hollow of his hand. Ho deprecated any feeling- of nnJmosity toward the Salvation Army on the part of the Volunteers. The growth of the latter had been phenomenal, lie-said. There were 20 posts in Chicago ur.cl 20.in New York already. The commander was loudly cheered when be concluded. BIG SHEEP DRIVE; Ovnr Forty Thousand to Be Tnkon from SUES FOR BODY OF HIS FIANCEE. Romsirkublo Hearing to Come Op at Over the Sunset Route—New Orlean to Lo» Angeles and San Francisco. Was discontinued April ICth. The •uperlor accommodations given the great number of patrons of the above train during the past tourist season warrants tho announcement of plans for next season of finer service with equipment superior to anything ye! known In transcontinental traffic. Look for early re-innuguratlon of ^SUNSET LIMITED" this fall. For Home Seekers. The Southern Pacific Co. "Sunset Boute" In connection with the "Queen and Crescent Route" are running the only line of through tourist. Pullman Sleepers leaving Cincinnati every Thursday evening for Los Angeles nnd Ban Francisco. These excursions are specially conducted, and the object Is to enable those who do not care to buy the first-class round trip or one way tickets, to enjoy ft comfortable ride with sleeping ear privileges and no change of cars at the Tery low second-class rate. For further Information, address W. H. CONNOR, Commercial -i&t. -8. P. Co., Cincinnati, O. W. G. NEIMYER, .G. W. Agt. S. P. *>., Chicago, 111. B. F. MORSE, G.;P. & T. Ajrt. S. 1. tk>.. New Orleans, La. DR. HAETMAFS Hand-Book of Female Diseases—A Complete Guide for Women, Graham & Morton TRANSPORTATION CO. (TWICE DAILY STEAMERS TO CHICAGO, CONNECTING WITH THE VANDALIA RAILWAY AT ST. JOSEPH. Beginning May 25th nnd continuing until about Sept. 30th the steamers of - this line will make two trips each way HUIly between St. Joseph and Chicago, •n the following schedule: Leave St. Joseph at 4:30 p. m. and 10:30 p. in., dally, Including Sunday. Leave Chicago at 9:30 a. m. and 11:30 p. m., daily/Including Sunday. Extra trips on Saturday leave St. Joseph at 8 a. m., and leave Chicago nt 2 p. m. Banning time across lake 4 hours. Trl-weokly steamers to Milwaukee, leaving SL Joseph Monday, Wednesday •nd Friday evenings. . The equipment of this line Includes the side wheel steamers City of Chicago and City of Milwaukee (the largest and Unest west of Detroit), and the newly rebuilt propeller City of Louisville. Berylce first-class. Connections with all - Vnndalla trains. Tickets on sale at all IVandalla Line stations. Chicago dock .foot of Wabash avenue. J. H. GRAHAM, Fres., Benton Harbor, Mich. A little 111, then a little pill. The 111 has gone, the pill has won. DeWltt's Uttle 9tx\y Risers the little pills that cure (rent Ilia. John M. Johnston 'Cfltc month of June Is peculiarly the uraijtb, of nervous -diseases, especially norvous prostration and other depress- od states of #he niervous system. People wlio are at all inclined to be nervous or suffer from weak nerves dud this month especially trying. Sultry li'oat and eilectiilo disturbances of the atmosphere are probably the causes of tilus. Invalids' of all sonts, more especially females suffering .from some female disorder, Change of Life, 01- rapid chad-bearing, need to be particu- arly careful during -the month of June. Tlwre are scores of women who are not actually sick abed, bub who are tired morutog, noon and night, never dLtig to bo able to get -rested? Men ns apt to suffer toom-more acute forms r nervous prostration fr,om overwork, tudy or dissipation. All of these'pco- le, male and fomale, Cud In Pc-ru-ua a erve rtoniic exactly suited to the rgoncy of thte case. Pc-ru-na relieves iired nerves, soothes over-worked >i'atas, strengithens flagging powers, (hoso wishing further . advice should mite Dr. Haitbrnan a letter, fully explaining full 'details of their troubles, amA a confldembial latter will be promptly dictated by -the Doctor, containing all Khe necessary advice. Tlrose desiring a book on female diseases should address the Pe-ru-na Drug Mami'faqturing .Company, Columbus, O., -uuio wil'U s<sid Dr. Hartman's free book. " : National flowers 'have been adopted in various countries as follows: Greece, violet; Canada, sugar maple; Egypt, lotus, England, rose; Franco, Hour-dens;. Germany, corn llowcr; Ireland, slitimroek; Italy, lily; Prussi:i, linden; Saxony, mignonette; Scotland, 'thistle; Spain, pomegranate; Wales, leek. Iloarlu;- to VT«!at Xo-vvtoii, A rmiarkablc trial will be. heard in Squire Wilson's court at West Newton, in a few days. It will probably be appealed to the common, pious court no matter what the decision may be. John Martin w:us en-fag-cd toMissHatticPhil- 1JRS. The chiy before the wedding the bride, who hcd been ill several days, fell dead while decorating 1 a window. Her death was due to hereditary heart disease. Martin hns on his fnrm a graveyard in which is ;i handsome vault. The lot is Doted for its beautifii I decorations. Martin asserts that as the marriag-e.li- censo was issued {he g-irl was virtually his, a^Kl ho :i,sks the court to mandamus the parents that he may secure possession of tho body and bury it in his vault. Euitorn Oregon to aioutnnu ami Dakota. F. J. Jlygeubarth, who represc-nts tlic Wood Live Stock company of Idaho and 1Jtn.li, is making preparations for a big drive'of sheep from tin's section to eji-s-t- crh ntuges. It will' be the largest baud of sheep ever started on its smrnoer drive from, eastern Oregon, says the Pen- dletoii Knat Orcgonion. Mr. llagcn- b;irth has alreaxly purchased 40,000 sheep for the drive, and will buy still more, so that when the drive begins there .will be about 43,000. They nre mostly yearling- ewos, nnd are destined part for southern Montana nnd parr for Dakota. The sheep will be placed on ranges nnd grown, some for mutton only, and about 25,000'for wool and mutton. The company represented by Mr: Hag-enbarth has headquarters in Reaver cauyoji, Jd.iho, The sheep have been pure.hnsc-d in Umatilla, Morrow and Cook comities. Mr. Ifngcnbarth will employ £3 men and use -IS horses in the enterprise. He hns adopted aividea which wii! bu new nmoiig- men making these cai'tcni drives. The custom has bi'eai to carry all supplies in wagons. It being noce&-' stry to keep the wagons near the sheep the drivu liad to follow the bca.tcn paths, ;in(l often the sheep suffered for want of sufficient food. They were of-'on taken over iong- stretches where dry, '.lusty plains c'auscd the loss of many sheep. Mr. Hagenbarth will carry ajj .supplies on pack horses, and cau,-Uierf- fore, go through the moun/tain^, where the grass is plentiful, ignoring the roads, going anywhere he pleases so lone 1 ai there are trails ov-er which the pack horses can travel. As they can (.ravel almost anywhere, Hie sJiffep can be kept on good feed r.Jl tlie time, and Mr. Hngcnljarth anticipates taking his sheep through in good condition and with minimum loss. HONORS TO WOMAN ARTIST. Miss Trowbrldtrc. nn American GJrl, Ei- Merit Made and Merit Maintains the confidence of the people in Hood's Sarsaparilla. If a medicine cures you when sick; if it makes wonderful cureH everywhere, then beyond all question that medicine possesses merit. Made That is just the truth about Hood's Sarsaparilla. We know it possesses merit because it cures, not once or twice or a hundred times, but in thousands and thousands ol cases. We know it cures, absolutely, permanently, when all others fail to do any good whatever. We repeat Hood's Sarsaparilla Istliebcst— In fact the One True Blood Purifier. Pillc P"™ IlausC3 > '"digestion, Kills biliousness. 25cents. .OLD PEOPLE. Old people who 1 require medicine to regulate* the bowels and kidneys will find the true remedy in Electrtc Bitters. Tills medicine docs, not stimulate and contains no whiskey nor other intoxicant, but acts as a to-nk: and alterative. It acts mildly on, the stom'uch and bowels, adding- strength and . giving tone to t'he organs, thereby aiding Nature In the ^erfoiimance of .the func tions. Electric BWters is nn excellent appetizer and aids digestion. Old people find it Just exactly what they need. Price flfty cents and $1.00 per botkle at B. P. Kceslhig's drug store. "By the holy poker" is a popular ab- breviatiou 'of an oath.common during the crusades. "By the holy sepulcher" was in the mouths of Bng-l'ishmen during the two centuries that the crusades tvent on. Hissing is out oif order in tho.Hou.se of Commons. The rule against, such an Indecent display of feeling dates tack to 1G04, when i-t was decided that "'whosoever hlssoth or distuvbeth- any man in Ms speech sl»ll answer for ft at the bar as a breach 1 of order and contempt of tlie. House." BUCKLER'S ARNICA SALVE. The best salve In the world '01 cuts, bruises, sores, ulcers, salt riheum, fever sores, tetters, chapped bonds, chilblains corns and all skin eruptions and positively cures piles or no pay required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price 25 cents per box. For sale by B. P. Keesliug. THE FABLED GIANT, ATLAS, Was said to -have supported the world •upon hls^ shoulders. If so, he must have been a decidedly muscular Indl virtual. We can't all "be muscular, but we can onjoy a fair modicum of physical vigor If, when that blessing Is denied us by nature, we supplement her deficit by an appeal to the national tonic, EEostattez-'s Stomach Bitters, which reinstates digestion upon a permanent basis, -romedjes -nervousness, biliousness and constipation, and overcomes rheumatism and latlnoy troubles. It also counteracts the poison of malaria tn air or water, and recruits exhausted energy when impaired by un usual bodily or mental fatigue. ' Xho aged, Infirm and convalescent have no more potent and thorough helper than this justly popular invigorant, with a successful*record of nearly half a century. A new use has been discovered for hops, namely, the curing of bacon. It Is found that a sprinkling of hops in the briuo when bacon and hams are put iu pickle adds greatly to the flavor of both, and euubles ttfcm to be kept an Indefinite period. It is a whole day's task for two men to fell a mahogany tree. On account of the spurs which project from tlie ba.se of the trunk, a scaffold has.to be erected and the tree cut 'off above the spurs, leaving thus a stump of the very best wood from ten,-to fifteen feet high. TWO LIVES SAVED: Mrs. Phoebe Thomas, o' Junction City, III., was told by her Uoo'ors she had consumption and that there v as no hope Cor her, but two bottlae ?f Dr. King's t\ Y ew Discovery completely cured her and she says It saved her ll'fe, Mr. Tnos. Eggers, 139 Florida St., San Francisco, suffered from a dreadful cold, npproaohiug consumption, tried everytMng else then bought one bottle of Dr. King's New Discovery and Iu two weeks was cured. He Is naturally thankful It is such results, of which these are samples, that prove the wonderful efficacy of this medicine hi coughs and colds. Free trial bottles at B. F. Koesllng's drug store. Regular size 50c amd $1.00. . One MInuto IB the standard time, and One Minute CoMgb Cur* Is tJie standard preparation for gpery form of cough or cold. It is the only harmless remedy that produces immediate results.—J. M. Johnston. Tom—Why have Dick and Grace quarreled? Hazel—Tliey are both learning to ride the bicycle, nnxMost week they met each or.her in the park. She tried to bow to .him, and he tried to. ral.se-his hat, and each bkuues the other for .flue result—Truth.' . ' FOB OVER FIFTY TEARS. Mrs.' Wlnslow'a Soothing Syrup baa »een used for ov.er fifty years by millions of mothers for their children while teething, with perfect success. Ft soothes the child, softens the gums, allays all pain, cures wild colic, and If the best remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer Immediately. Sold by druggists In every part of the world. Twenty-fire centa a bottle. Be sure and afk for "Mrs. Wlnslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind. eels In Mlninturu Palntlnjf. Speaking 1 of American yiris in Paris, the Illustrated American says: Miss Lucy Parkman Tro<u'bridgx> is the dang-hter'of the late Prof. Trowbridge, of Yale nnd Columbia universities. Gifted from her youth with an artistio perception, it was the earnest hope a«n reaJized wish ol her friends that sin- should have tlie advantages resulting- from study abroad. Technically, .perhaps, quite as much may bo learned here at home, but one loses the valuable environment of the Paris studies. Miss TrowhridgX! has more than fulfilled what was expected of her. Leaving- her home in New Haven, Conn., only about a year ago, she has succeeded in accomplishing: her aim with remarkable celerity and success. Miss Trowbridge's special metier is the painting- of miniatures, and to this walk of art life, less crowded than other highways, she has devoted her attention. Our American Kauffznan, Miss Trowbridge, became the pupil of Mae- monnies, tho sculptor of world's foil- fame, and also entered the atelier of Armand Jean. At the recent salon, of tie Champ d , Mars Miss Trowbridge exhibited three miniatures. At this saJon no medals arc (riven or honorable mention made, but pictures are numbered according 1 to merit, those marked "1" ranking- first na medal productions. Four thousand pictures were entered for this contest Of this lorg-e number but 12 received "Xo. 1," and Miss Trowbridge's miniatures of Mrs. Denton, Miss Catharine Caldwell and Howard Hart were of these 12 chosen art npostles. Evangelist D. T. BlitJc, Peoria. Illinois. Saybrook, 111.. Feb. 19, 1894. Pepsin Syrup Co.: Dear Sirs: While at Cerro GorOo, III, In my revival work, I purchased a bottle of your Syrup Pepsin. -I regard It as most excellent I cannot get rt here In Saybrook. Is it on sale to Peoria, 111. If so, at what store? If not on sale there, if you will send me a dollar bottle there this week I will promptly remit. I will be home this week. Address Rev. D. tf. Black, 1005 State St.. Peoria, 111. Yours truly D. T. BLACK. For o.iJo by B. F. Kcesling. 5oc Bottle, FREE! -OF-FOUR CT • Did you ever think how readily tbe blood Is polsoned'by constipation? 'Bad blood means bad health, and premature old aga DeWltt's Little Early Risers, the famous little pills, overcome obstinate constipation.—J. M. Johnston. 'Soung mothers dread tb£ summer months' OD account of the great mortality among children caused by bowel troubles. Perfect safety may be assured those who keep on hand DeWitt's Colic and Cholera cure, and administer It promptly. For cramps, bilious colic, dysentery and diarrhoea, It affords Instant relief.^-J. M. Johnston. Christmas Is the .ti'tle. of the latest addition to the 'MaJne postoffices. It f^ In Lincoln county. By -the. death .of M. Cernnsehl, • Hie city of Pairis comes 'Into possession of his fine collection of GMnesc and Japan- ',ese bronzes and. porcelains, his early Ibal'i'an-plotui'es,- and his'house,'In the Pare Monceau, which will bo turned into a museum, • • HE BLAMES THE MILLIONAIRES. Tramp Tell* a Convention Why He !• » Waudcror. An anti-tramp convention, under the auspices of the American Anti-tramp society, was held nt Madison, Wis., the other day. Sessions were held in the assembly chamber in the afternoon and evening. W. D. Cornell, of Fond du Lac, presided at the meetings. The sessions were devoted to a general discussion of the tramp evil, its causes and effects and the best means of remedying it. Addresses were made bv Prof. A. 0. Wright, Prof. W. A. Seott! President Cornell, Rev. H. A. Miner, Clarence Snydcr, Rev. F. E. Lyon and others. A feature of tho afternoon's session was an address by a tramp. He said tlint the millionaires are responsible for-the large number of tramps in this country. They encourage immigration'a.nd ti result is tlw-t there are two men for on job, and this brings about an army o tramps. A resolution was adopted urg ing the construction and maintenance of a workhouse for tramps in Dane countv. Tbe following experiment is wonb trjlng; Purchase a bottle of Four • C" (Congh, Cold and Croup Core) at my store, dilute say y of It wltb two parts of eyrap. is reduced If you don't find 1C the most satisfactory remedy for Cougbs nnd Colds you evet.nsed It shall cost you nothing. Our aim Is to convince the public of the true merits of this wondsrful remedy, TRY IT on the above conditions. When taJf«n not reduced 4 C Is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction in' Asthma, Ctonp, Bronchitis, Grippe and all lung or bwn^ cal troubles, . . B. E. KKESLING. ACTT£ LABTXGITIS. Chicago, Sej.t 25th, 18D5. For years back each winter I have soflered with acute Laryngitis. Last winter was so bad I could not leave my room for two weeks or »peak above - awbisper, I tried every known coiujh preparation from cough drops up and down with no relief , then in desperation I was Induced to try Phelps'.Four "C," Tbe first dose relieved my ' cough, giving me the first night's rest for weeta. Half the boltle cured me. I have never been without this wonderful remedy since, It In as different from othar.llke remedies as molasses from vinegar and sugar from Band. Mrs. Joseph E. (iriibb. asis Madison Avenue. The doctor, the snlcsinan— the m.-in \v!:o drives ns a business and Prlom of Ice. Yorkers think that their ico 5s too dear. The price tiiis summer wil | be' 70 cents per 100 pounds. The New York Herald finds that in most othci cities of the country iec is cheaper. According to that newspaper Clevelouc pays 55 cents pcx 100 pounds. Wash .ington and Pittsburgh 50 cents. Cincinnati, Chicago and Philadelphia 40 cents. Savannah and Atlanta. 35 cents, ajid Boston 25 oents. clean. With v.-lip drives for pleasure, know l!-.a •difficulty of keeping linen collars ami ~ ' With ^ TRAOf tUuLO!p *^ A/»flral/ *""' : Children Cry for Wtcher'9 Cattorla. When Baby TTM rick, we gave her Castorla. When sbo was n, Child, iho cried 'or Castorla. Tfbea cho become 31 lss,'aho clung to Castorla. She-n «!•« hod Cbildron, nbe gone them Castorto . In the Spring a young man's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of—DeWltt's Little Early Risers, for they always, cleanse the Jlyer, purify the'blbod, 'and Invigorate the system.—J. -M. Johnston. Ch lldren Ciry for Pitcher's Castorf^ MARK- INTERLINED -rtvljars and cuffs.the driver caa defy tl.ie flying dust and occasional shower. .They ore'waterproof, and when soiled' . they, can be-quickly and cosily cleaned by wiping them off with a damp clorh .or sponge. Look just like linen. One '.'CELLULOID" collar will out'wcarsis linen collars,, besides saving 1 many times its worth-in-laundry bills. '. -^r*kt.lin donlur'for them, or tvtjd direct tons. Oolliim aoc.-. Cuffs *lc. piir, mailmn pnld. Stnto •ixu ami utrle. • Tako noiraititlons bnflnnlstupoa .goodii with -ubovo trade murk if you wish lull (ts.t- TllE CfXZiUXiOID COMPAWY. : New-York. ;.! AFOLIO-''fcrtK-efe". '.' TTho totter C»mo Too Lute. A letter was received the other afternoon in. Chicago with a. check for $300 in it, addressed to 3fax Coldschmidt, the postal official who. killed Jii'rosclf a short time ag-o Uccause Le 'was fearful of the disgrace of nn exposure of Jiis embezzling- $300 from a Royal, League lodg-e. The ; lettor, which came too la.tc to be of any service to GoJdschroidt, was sent by a relative, William Mohjier, a Minneapolis lithographer. The Grout Portland Fire, In 1S38 Portland, Me., suffered from a ' great flre, wJiich dostroj-ed over half the buildiiips in the city and occasioned | .a loss, of $H.OOO,000. Consumption Amonc Arytnns,- : More coses .of consumption appear among- needle makers and file makers than any, other class of laborers. NO CURE. NO MUSTACHE- NO PAY. NO PAY. DANDRUFF CURED. I will tako Contracts to crow hair on the head or faca with those who can call at my office oC at tho office ol myaRcnw. provided flic headi* not glossy, or the pores of the scalp not closed. Where the hend is shiny or the pores closed, there is no cn/e. Call and bo examined (fee o» <:hirco. H yon cannot ctll. write to me. Stito dio cj.-act condition of the ncalp and.your occo- t,«iion. PBOF. G. BIRKHULE. Koo.-.i 4, 2 V>. Kill St. cor. 6tfc Are., Ke* r«t ^f^> vom dniEsrist for n"* '•»•"• .• , Nickel Plitcd Ud Krroien* Oil. The Pathlight A beantiful, ttiorbughly. mad* and' Bntly finiihcd Bicycli Lamp, jolt and cyclone proof. •' Itnt to HUT pRrt of th« cotihti7(«nr4M pr«paltf) •rjoiirlooal dealer forix'jlttlolc&/fukllimj THE PLACE 4 TERRY MFG. CO.. 247 Centre St., tin York.

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