The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan on April 3, 1926 · Page 9
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The Times Herald from Port Huron, Michigan · Page 9

Port Huron, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 3, 1926
Page 9
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Saturday, April 3, 1926. Page Nine News of today m the world of sport DASKETDALL BOWLING r BASEBALL COXING HINT LEAGUE SCHEDULE GIVES PORT HURON OPENING GAME THE PORT HURON TIMES-HERALD cX VETERANS WILL RETURN IN 1927 TO PLAY NET SCHEDULE Htfr0 Pitted As Captain; Many Hard ' Canes Listed, With Several New Teams Appearing On Local Court 5 1 ee : -'- - '.s -' ' ",-aa ftorr. : T v i . ... . ... i r i f - - ft . ' . r. . . t..t . r- n :i o ft .-.a : j .'! r ..I .-. at -"' - FV If ' ;; ! ' 1 . '- ;r. i j ! if J- v- &:y- kcwparahle Suzanne Will Be Married Soon To Writer T-' I - .ti'.r.m I.--, i -r. i -.! t t Tr-rril to Itr - c'f"V,rX t"vet n t r.'e.- ratenni I , ' ; 1 1 f-- - c:r. i-t c-T t.-.e t It -it- I td ."!' '" . ' t. .-, r. -4: .4 e? r ,- fV'M !-1 t S.viil . : '-i- ran!. r,f Irrn t'-,-i. t-ut il. 0:fr.v?J ! ,T .'- fr ? f .; .it f'-' 'f !r- J ur-(tr rJ.ra. t a -f I-'- " .---. i , . . t !. M. I.-.(r-n krun 1 irlri the I 4 r ' - ' f .4 .' n-t uf e 'h ( rc ; . of i . c ur ! t r t A" -! . . ' ' I I r" -- - t . t aa ri! r ' . f'uMrr, :: :r j 1 r v' t :t :i. 3-'. f.'r . h . Grand Trunk, Play Third !:-.f i k:i ' tr i 'r.. -n ( ill.'wrj - -! 'T , . ' . - gj-r-e --t a r. . h ; f . h t f ' r "e ' r ' ,i ...- ! T ;? .a t c',: t ' -I I a i i .f . , ,, J f S S "V e l ge- T. . , ' '. !1 f ! . " " r ; ' f :' i - !x--1. J - -A ' i n fi - .. r e- e. or( - !! - I f.. t a .. ' . . s a r ' ! !'Tt the stor.d f t-a tITa , 7 ' i - f fv.. r ' V yra . . . f . iet t e EVAN nx i .rt;r T-st ! - . : ,,"a. ta ail i - n 'r t j t tU- aeTf crl rs -? h a ar y t :- ' !, iMi be: e-ery cn-:;.a fgh'er et he : ' s T s !hr '" S ;'-. r ' c ls bji ry, a . S'ra r .- f . r " e- . : 3 V aa ?:-,- ; s e-ir, ;.e- : : t va VI ' ''! as -x. rt i i -rt : out a.; "a. A tii. ate - :a rt .-" s a rf... ' a a i v t ; i ".:.'r'-i; pat X rr v-has - rrt s I rt T, y fc "" rfeasikn.aU ere m srtpcr-th, ,-.. . , i , j.i..., - -'sa me- I h t. r lir .. """'"W ttvo tM. "! o li front Ron; M MBtTt , J---ir Oa-rr:.-s IS r a h. e t .e ;.r. a tl;h lis .x Vr-ta:"l K-rttg-N-! ... 1 . th it v t-irr, g i'-r I a i f -r - r! 'ct ea;wua-..! ' i Ft-ree won cren at -the , i !- Vh-ii.rt e o !. the c5'y t-ct cf r- v , r, A. ,t h-"'es. .i after f'a'lg -n. a t i r.-jsar th ' Jr-f.w, ... - e-.... "a e e. E.S -ee , , , Vf -c '- at ahctit a fcot and the h.-er. I: t rr'nt. Be- il;l.-vj hat . A th-ea h'm the b'g - ra Ve t. r x - a r . , A " J r a 9. be 3J i .t-t -a area eas-iy. T "t a par threa tole f '"tl a rUHTa to N-et " w n ihe tmtctl 4atra, " tUaif-.n.Mp. . la e . h ho cf the . a ccu-se th.xt Jw t the catt-rial am eharr pi?rsh:p by th. r.. ss "- Ch c'g Evatta av- ho' rrarg . ' I: aas tve CsMt-s. g..-: e. v. t, thajr.r-st a: r--i- t: turttel i;p t :et f.-ens tie cuy.; c;;cr..:t t..-s. , -t Ul, i s--t e-s tf.e rKrli; of th 2J77 High tU; ty 22. via J. Mjer. of a;a- i '? t at I -jrr.. w'X f-rr.tejith rm . .-! A n At r er. 1 With the s:t'.ir g y r. t-: : ;r c r tr. l--, 1 icjrt r l',nif. w.'h t 9-itty ttrr. pro- ' f. 1 f -powt t! lr.i:sr B: Helm j i -4 tt. 1 1 vnktf. if. tr.i to kei ti: torr. ! .-.t '-r. -.:! K bi at th I ;inro 2-l r.rvrr. r- , l.ort. hi i.'r.. .. r.o'f.r fur- r 1. w:.i .mr.' : h v"r.. Irm! 1 jrrr r. !''! !y. ", r" th cr.:r J--S.. XI y irl --i- i;;tif.r.f a l ro- T -,rn r - Carlisles Game Monday r ? r! rf the yo';r.'rs Heri'js . f the lirr -f ;:-! Tru- f-; that .nt t'- i-i at tv r!rh. 't reguTar a ! v r'g t li:r.f s hed-iie cf " . j hn he en p" ? ! r. I 'ii'.l i f'i!.'-.rrf s ee t :;,w f rn sfii.-r i ttr. 1 ia a A r.''."" r ti- s;tl ;i' ij i. a'art.nii T V p m. m '.th ' in in a'tr -'.. n t4 f-.-r T s r'.- l.n'j ': ',nr t "IV": .IMM HU NK I anil ".I if . hi. iwnU rf . e are as . . . Itarf . . I;l. Vnt- .... Matle-e . . . ny.tee . . I il tl. j.)lir Wliie r .. !rftrr I . staling re . It !-"-'e as if thvt remiriab'e : enhTe h: I t win the -... -e'sT s f'ti.t.ofi was r.c re so g-. I. Iu: f-etr r-,ie a fne re-,-xvery art :. ! Is haTl deal two fet lra;ie the e eTTt rn 1 hy L'vtn. He .irorrel the rnt: ar.l E. ar a rr- le I,.'.ri :-..s ho. af'er he s-par- --:y hal it won b a t- he iri. ri ..e 1 : p the Kv ans : :r..-ra.a ard pra.-t;ca'.:y cinched the t.t 1 I'f see. It was th 13th lxlo that et francls ?ini- nlh.r lltle anil iie mr imafrtir championship to Mas lirton. artcrjl years mn when the- lo -tans mot. e OlIMrrs TOll.ll I.ITK Tt sit ' even a hn Ouirrtet is J a r(k. e '-,ot a i ttie rcre -!- a f fr-Ti h. cup Mvr-sr -s :if :.:t a hvv bt'.l on the ' a h ' a a , r e rf II) yard. It - .e J re-'l.l tt wvsid Ire? ;a a iac cl th g.'eeff. Th ! (- tK h-ea". The hs'l h't hoy sc-j .t wor'str s c-t the i utae ar.l ;t w j j s-rei ahout 4' I f -t t h.e. Maratcn, ' : !?: the f i ..-1 tha he h. a 1 a ' i--u:: glcp.rg ;-uit. it i:t a i ; Cv. .e was fthkrr. He I 'see! It's :.-r a ha'.f and i s""r r ,ir.. He tra.led J .Marstca the rt cf tfce we. . Thesa arc il a few of the many rmps.rt.ant maithew that hat b-a destle on t he tjth l.otc. o wotjj,., t -Hers caa it a Jin Dam- ! per. WORTH IH SPORTl ; KNOWING1 Be . a W::, prej-ri-.- ' e-t fa r s-t cf Csh.-, 1 ". Wis. g-t a verr rrurh i Pee !e j h --t-!-c-e I ?; j. ss " her t w. a th.s star titie. as M tir-.Mr;J,'rf Vi.-s O.v.r cf Creen Bay tot a- a? cn i NV. 4. a ev -Z ard he e ira rc 2rse- M at th Bl- M ?- I cc i w aukee. M;ss Wa'.l wot? te I Michigan' Ontario Read AT nY CITT BAT CITT Times Mty :-: May 51-31 j-r.e n - ii - Ju.'y -i-:xi ju;t 2-2i-2; Aug I-ll-l2 Sept. TIS &Gl.VW J 1 3 -1 -1 T July 5-8-4-I juiy 2J - :4 - Ail. 1T-1I-19 S;t. 2-l-4 ITJ.XT i iUr Jf-15-:') ! ( jir. n-::-:i5 ! ju: :--m j-: ::-:-: t Auk-. u-i4-::s i j A-.-. 3 J-II; sn. i ; f)Rl HLK4JN rUtur'a:, I SaturJaya t SaturJaja j S Rtturdajra I SaturJiva Looking Over State Sports With The A. P. B Tie AaeoeSa'et rr ;::chln State co;:e ha ac-iu.rel In Barney Trayr.or aa a- -ar.t foetal! coach who t fortl-T. -.fh 12 yarV eiprience In i'.aSr teacMr-c the sriitrcn ga-re. lUcic tn the da- wVn t. at-enlel Vi: I' echoI. M.;i !i. Trayrtor cn l-ttera lr f'fa:: an 1 tn.-. Kttn the war. whi-h h entere-1 lliaoil aa -n a tn trtint.l frora II. -hfol. roull not tn.h atti-J.- from for he f layej In IVdr.ce en foitba'.l ttimi fr"n arrr-sy rank. For f ;f jearj. bsi.".T!!rc ?n lli. Traynor plaj e l -n the c !- . nn!vera!tv f-rothatl team Ui . h l.e carta Jnel dur:rg h:- ! :ser.:or year. i5J sport wer. not j frstten. f-T he tio two t, .'v( Traynor coached the Una I! W..--.r.s.n In the t o years Imrre- j ,.i'e:y rtucwin Ir rn Co n ite. There, too. he as-.te1 tn coachlrg track: nje.a ant ta :ght baaetbaU theory. I-aat . vear he rnt at irr"jeite ua v'y s'a.iyirtg law. Trtr'r wi'.l begin spring foot h:i wtrk at I t Itna Apr. S. lie takes the p'.urm c f John Taj X r. I row cn a y e r's leave. T.a f rinin cf ornr.ii.! hae- , h:: a return ta J:ngtn this . ar live aroused er.'h'.a ist.C la- er-t r .f r!y ii l.wl.rgton but i n riasy cities an I towr.a near- Hart. ?.! ir .a-ee. Ph"hr. I'er.t-wter an 1 f'-ot'v.ii fare s?;enri he e cf jrof'n!rr,! V,,'.-mr at t.ngtrn l''ji t w:, p"r cnter!rt (!iTera'o-y f- !the h :"lr !a f b.i ' . ii-1 - v ii i "t'ri ho uniTtr ther-Vr;a. ; !:,v;t 1 s been mr sicreea. ful In Lud.rgtjn than In nary M.'-h:gsn cities if Urgr pApuia-f.-n. It ta rer-nte frri cities cf - .epn Michlsm. but Its be'n "i;ned i- a circuit w.'h Grand Kij'.da. l::'il?n arl KdtmtP) .v ! t;ii"e th nitter cf li-.g ar.l irr: road trspa a rr.uch s.m-'prr ere than that of teyrr-e It the M'chigin-Or'a'to levg-;a whl-h In 'past years have !hcret s:n !r the eper.a of ior r- J tr:rs to ir I frti Ontrt cit'es of tj-a circ-.".t Irin the f.ranrial si !e. tb i L'J !:ng-n hts:l enterp-ise s.i. ' start s isrici"".sy. There is a fund rt .-..r g frtm the f-rrer Lu 5 trg'n Central league clih. srl !h.s is be:rg ioi 'ea by a dr;e ft r r-"re fur da. Def n.te ira. t e i j: g cf a !rti - iir and piayers and other de tafs cf haaehtil crrfiat'cn are heing he- t ti aheysree tr.'ii ft has been def.n.te'T t errr th: the new league r. E!evati?n cf terir.'s as a co'.ege sp.rt In Michigan is se-i in op-t:-rVt!C fro-rj several stlte choo:s concerr.isg plans for their 124 net fearr.s. At Michigan Stlte college the rtetrren are be.rg looked to In part GIVING THE a:i T - M " I " . aV V Jk- 7 s 3 vV J K. V - . .ww. av a ' - - sasassw v a. r a ai ;rltTly Pl.. x League, Official Schedule 1926 I AT SACLNAW yu 21:4-2: May tjf) .'sr. --! June S-I; Ju 1 Jul J5--31 Aug Il sept. -4 May jac jur. J!y t:o May Jun jur Aug. Aug. Herald Mty 1I-1J-: j ja ii-i:-t:u July 2-"J-t4 3r.f :r-:-: Al.. ll-!4-tJlS Au. JO-31. 1 ::$ May Mr ju- ju.y AUK. a::j. ray :i-::-t: Juno l$-28-lT Jj!v E-5-4-T juir :j-:4-::s Au;. 1T-1S-1J re1em the r Miwa ej"Jere1 j ry the ta-b:i team. Tne rac-q-t tr.t at Iat Ur!r ia the i tt in eoveral iwaaora and the In'if.ltf cf can I.;a;a for jUcea ! I. l.r.r Most rf the junior co:!i of the etate contemplate hmvlnx ten-r.. tarr.e th e yar. Gran 1 l.ap:d Jjn!T co:ge ht luch a -e.:th of tart th? :t he e on the ;'ate lr.trro;f :ate t;?;-. It a!o : ;a Fronorirg a atate- Junior co'i'.ece jnt which w:i h heM 5!y e-i:) U i.lT.t l-.T-rt la hown 'tr ether jjrir.r cc:s. Inc!u1.r.x ItMee at FS.nt. I'ort'.ac. IVrt lll;rvii, II h:ar.J I'arlc and Day i HOT e!c. Wc-'-rn Prate j N"" IV-rr.a ir;t:iute ar-i Cal-vtT c-llec. aa e!l a rri"t cf 'h r.ik'rc the Mlchl- ,nie n & s.a'.e thl ! 'ifr'.r.g. j The sate f.;. j a wl 1 he tec: led at Kt I i. . . . r ... VCerstty" cf MlchTgan t4m. wV l T)rt tJtk. rt ln thji meet ' c l'se f to ri- sl rree's ar I to tht .V V Z. 1. 1 " ! sihlcli t. ;:i t he'.i early la , . iters, th'.-s are The ;i h.rtin S the former Agi' s hro-An oy otti- 'ial dn-t'-m. meet cr.'y two West- I ern Crfererr s-haoij in baseball tr .s s xxr.t. M.chigan and Ohio Mate. The M S. C. schedule la large! h -! s. th list Including Braj;ey ro'.vte' hniral. Syracuse un:v-ers:y lake IV ret. Hijtier. St. i v'ora Vrno::r T'fh sr. I Western .tate !Nni il I"; !es two garret wsth th ! r.iveraty cf h gn. th , ". a'ejs' r rir e pr-oaith-n w ii; , r-rr. fr'-m Aiti r. O'.ivet. H--p" ar 1 Western a- Th i he ! : training ea f r nt 1'crt :h :itl rg ;rer. l;e.-.r..r.g There are e.ght s.T-foters cr i Tvg'ra' s-,ul ro-.v trtrirg t A'; ('. They are Cobb. I'ip C'"iiira. Si-r.!;! (Jihatsn. Harry ll'iirrar.n. Krftti 11'lbair. Carl H'ih'.e;;. He.rn.e Mr-:ah. Ue'rge Srnith ar l tig K I We;".s, The Tiry T.rn"" t f ti e o-ut".t is Jack Tit"r ah? towers or.'v 5 fee i ir. hs syard srl eighs ;oun:. PHTnOIT Three Mu-h in r-1 -r I'sguers hve - '.! tr J in h t r';i!' ry'rir. ir-pa. l!rn C'sier cf r"'-t r-:rr.s !3 tve I". rates. Charis kr'-rr cf r5in'" w:'l t .h ti.e Tlge-a a-1 Wg'i'e 1" T P. 's-1 Typla. wiil la .th the .r.t.-ryl lie Is. ! Or.lND nrir1?! Amateyjr : hov -g chs rr pio-.h-e a In e:cvt di-;ii'r w;j be decijel here !rch 12 at the f ra'a the s'lte ttur-r.arrer.t. Bevere s'res !t are en-teret from Ptrf!t. An Arbor. .Iv tus'et or:. Kaiarr.aaoo r. 1 Crartd lis. A T.B TON" H,;f rWe-t p'.v.ra turret out fn t f:est s-jua I ca'.iel tcr na ha:i by J 1 Mct:'re c-t. .MvIn cc.ege. h-tl cac a!a.- were me-g t wht responded. -.e i J car.di tates FLAG CHA NCES ON THE nUs W J V Aec - r.. AT rORT HCROX :4 - :s - ?n I-:- :s-:i-::? 13-14-11 Mir u-::-n Jun 4-S-t jur.t 22-23-24 ja:y :-i7-t::i Alt. 3-4-5 22 - T2 - 13 4-3-T 22-23-24 J-4-S it--?:: May :4-:S-tl Jjn 1-2-3 j-- :&-:-;:; July 23-14-1S Aug. -T-Z Aut. 24-2S-2 May :r-:i-:3-i Jure --lJ Jt:r Ju!y 1 July t-'IVtju Sport AT ITIXT Jul 3'-3l Aut tUttx.-'oa or Hi.-ra.'.crx tat It mi:: or - :s-: 31 - 31 n-i-:: 10-11-13 :-'--:i-t::j Columns TYGER PITCHERS nEADTFOR EOi Holloway, Stoner Pitch Eight Innings In Game Ajr 3 Kn ll:ieay t-1 L:l St rep teT re T)itra by -crw:r(t trrr..JCr. an en- t:re e' t-tnn'.n c! :t an;e at ' -!,!. v. liolioaiT l ' tr. t ,rr- in ,nt it.v'a-lf'1 - . . I ii:.-v.,t. roi .t.on .hortop Ha:-V-tt. t!"e eolet.oi w!.-h arorei f.e aero- 1 ar 1 :r.n;r run f r t-e vK-tora. .'.c"e Warr-r. position on the hot corner cf t-e ituwr..!. it 2 ir no -in ' V " Xta t!" J by 11 U - .v,..r,n Manager cc.s g.t . ve.rn.rg rrk-.Jt Wn he settt Into center feil f:r t'.e h:rg tea-n. He got ore hit tn two trips to t'e p'.ata ( Ar.otr 'cr'o-.:t st4 perhaps an ! In'er-ciub g-me is n the program i f jr tiav. y-jndsy be a day cf ret. ar.l Menlae the Tygers. en! route toward Navla !,1 meet t.-.e At'ar.: t team of tre Southern jic at.;n in an eK,t t on game at A t '. r. t x. I"r :i l!n It .1 be a series r f ; i -r ; s rmflha-. f .r ti e 'am. a4'i tte f.njl esh.l.Ulon gume tcieluieJ at Mempi.'. a ek f:om !-' ay. Tre r-a.vis cup comretflon In ter-its lrauguratel In 1J0O. y .r.t then It ha 1 een held every ?nr vitii the ei-ejf!on cf the war peri-1 1 lS-yl. A erir won the first t!le ar.1 Ji n t Mr ouch the ers bss been iju 'e 'j"-ef ul n fia'jrt'.nc w .rt -trs Ij-.r-t s-imrver the f.irr.ous A-rri-an r'irtet. rorr.posel cf 1 i'n. J, i.invn. Ii.charls ar ! M'..iiarrs. gave thl country Its th str.'ght fj--cesa. setting a r.ew :-ir ! f -r l ever.t. It S.a a n?-er ur';a;l fart that rr'.t rrrr, r-urtr'.es cu':e cf the !'- tej K-a-ea l ave C' PT 1 the ct;p Ther are l;iir 1 sr. I Au'tra'a the f'Trrer havrg victories ! '.'a crt.t ar.l the latter seven is's 1 y triumphs.- Iri 1J;4 22 fnt'rn rations entered, ere cf the largest f.e'.'ts In the histcry cf the ( :i"!c. Many farreus te--.a ci'' ''. have re ree! fT the cup. s.rr.e rf the f. -re rrom'rert helr.g Broskea ard W.llirg rf Australia; hh.irr.'i i srd Ha-s'ta. Japan; B-ro- tra art I,- e.. Fnr', ant M;. It!r...r.. V. i,;;r.g l..Jn.j:i.t.!- ten arl Hi chtrds cf Ar.trici. II O L I. T W OOD. raiif T-mrry O V f". rt ; tit't 5 .! g' t -raTi'n. "et a te-'r'.-al k-xl- Tra-k a;:.arTer, C-irago S -tm o - A.!tJ Ckl t-T-CsL i tyA'S. AO t-C3t 1 ' I T - - - CC?3 1 IENMS V ' TrlA'CUieVO C- CL5i - e-- . -r '.Chv ye tr-j a rv er RSS . Jr s J SZT Sportorial THE yUjrlrr ch2u: fsr JJ: of A ih Xiichicn-Onxi ZUMtAlI !ra 1 reA4 t-ir. It contains the r.rnt cf sly fear clvba. H .rri on ind Lor de n r Bfrt ln-c;aiea. It woaM em tht thl is P"tty rvidenc tht tfc Cab ;Ur. w-i'-l rot t measNer ct th . i rtr:ji:u ye-r. T!ie club j t'.i'.l have a. few kourt in hch to ! r-5ce cn thr -vti.i--n for r- 1 to 1. by lk Ji-rf-Jpr last S:i;rd.y tslfel- It Im !cirr. cf t rsuwt n4 tht lh 1 Mint c;r; a fottr-:eia THE j t-ia.:i cm. ! r at r fflcla'tT airii It jwia r.ct nt the rr.ani f the .(. Hut la t r. c cittea have eer.t wori that the rejueet Icr ARE SCHEDULED TO ROLL TOUT 1921 A. B. C. Leaders Last Hope Of Critics To Cop Lead From Port Huron "Tc'.eJo, Ait. 3 row!r who went h:? In their team atrin Krt-Jay right were echedalel to to back on the a:ys today to attempt Jto pet their rarr.e ca the hoard and i IrciJer.taHy to carture a ehare f ! the r" rr.oney la the American ' H wl-.r.c Cor Kress tournament here. ' ilembcra cf the r.arhasol ti ao irsti:anari.. ri't;war-u n red a I ?h best in the country are on the , rropram m double and sintle. : nsroasois cr.tiiiu ethers expected to maVe a show- tt k m the f.-,;nor events are mem-lers of the I lanalr.gton hotel of Milwaukee who alo registered hich. the Bishop Kettelers of Cht- cso an dothers. W. Katrj Kecreatlon club cf i Toronto, Is ore of tha best bets tr tonight In the five men. accord- . :r- ty A. II. C. followers. The ; Karry'a formerly the saunaers iwhk-h won the 1921 tournament with a score of 3.P65 on tha last rifrht cf the meet, are on the f;ret ; s 1'uad. i Tim I r1f1nr j XltC lCtm.Aa " " " " 1I1:-MI".V Uccroatlon No. 2. ln Huron SO.Vt Ulrk Itrothcts, t'hirago 302 K. A. Itivera. Ilochester ....2999 l agies. Toicdo 23s ' Munkfl-Lomr.eck. Columbus 2)t it-ii:v flnrdetla-Tocco. iHtroit llnbert-Ooiey. Ilocheter . .IMln-rodies. Cleveland. itathke-Fucik. Iictroit . 'icrloski-Shiokett IMI IIU ALS cel. rtra-! !k K!t;g. T.,l'.!.i l:hcr, Cleveland ...... M-ier. Newport. Ky. ..... L'uck, Detroit AM, l.YI.NTS , flerloskf. Dtro.t ' r-jonornono. Hochester .. ?!aths, Chicago ; I Vi!", Chirao i Ucholi. Buffalo .1 J5S- .1344 133 1 3.i . 1 3 J I . 731 . 7M . 711 . -oi .1?1 .177 .1942 .1923 .!! Cruickshank Is Finally Champ j Tir.h-.irst. N. Ajr i Bobh j ;"Va!rka.ark. do-.-gMy '.ttie F-oU Is : A g-M cr.a-ri sfrer r.urrero-is re- ! vra. t w .li t of ti e ncrtb snd , ---.trt rri t!t':. lie 'ct til ra'ir.r.i epen In l!lj !o l--' J Jor.s In a piay-o. xh.e ! ;jat aiir'er i las f gursd in the ( me.nev In v'!o;s to'irriameits, rr.:sirg f;rt j iae r r treats. i:s lT'.r. a re s F08MEB CHIPS 51 representing," ,J ,-.!-. a. Ma-Ioeia: I 5.:th. r.-rth snd stuth efamrt'n r . eri-ur i hew Tork ar-a'e -.r. and Tommy Hinr.on. Vo-r.-tre.) you-g profes - "r.i. '"r'". -"- fn- sor.1 i :a;e, t-Cf-'srran. a stroa beh.lDl the HOT TRIV1. ark Cu1r ds ! r-o. I'lt'shurch. scored t rr.!-i kr.irkOTt ever Mel jteter.. Dcs Ante s BALL CLUBS iaS-AT 13 tt.Z ru:n v ? tS A2?Z CM oC04 Z.'J1Z- i i i - - i eTT V tLU keV re -er trance 1-to the circuit was Tr.ere'y a "stAll" ca that so rrcF-res has been rtaie la the rrcro-3 reorr-:tioa tlan. lrelient HaJyraa. cf the lesc-je bats k wi!l F!e the ciub mrr.b-er full use la which to make gc2 their prorr.ia to pv I1.2S8 each and f.'e leral a.rocia:jon rarera before he U cffictaUy aneosnc canc:ia-tlea cf the rti.ioT. r.vst the fact t!vat the !e-ue ffice has cent out a fc.ur-clut oche-Siiie leave little room for Soubt that the Canadians circy. make the grade. PT?OM rather retSab! ?urce In Lcadon. It has beea learned that Joha Anderca ha decHned take itr the Loadon franchise frora W. II. Heard. A week as It aa aid Anderson stood ready to bur the c'ut at baseball figure a. Since then. tur LoaloB lnformt;l a&ys Heard has er.Jeavored to boost the rrlce and that hia efforts hare with f:at fai'.ur-e. ""It t Biy" sail the informant, "that Heard den't care a. rap whether Iocdoa has baiwbaU r not. He Soem't like the gam and he doesn't l;k the American cJtib owner. He a wealthy and he should worry. I beiieve he made omethlnc l;ke fll.CO lat year and he'll be money ahead If he loses prwlon cf his listed play-era and those .n aa'e trial now. And he's bound to Soee them I -caue no Individual can own bail p'.ay era tir.!e he l connected with crgar.lied lwt);i." TF London and Haml'.ton fall to meet the requirements ct the league, as set forth after they had been dropped, both c.'uhs will lose he-avliy on pinyets. Harr.iltnn has a number f epier.dld rccrtiita lut In owns a number cf ethers. Lottdan Is In a like position. Unless these clubs assign the listed players to n ine iiie.i p."."" ip the league and allow It to dispose Jmer.ta. theVll lo. every dime the i P'.avers are worth. For all win be des-lared free agents. This Is an orgs-ntred baseball laar. which only p.ermlts sale or holdings In an authorized league. The Canadians have been duly apprised of this by the league office, but have taken no action to far to ward off a financial loss. IX the rew schedule the renins; r- . . . m r m. fA k. T a - .( fa. Ttlnf ftr,4 t.ort Huron. The Saginaw Aces t,, the opponents cf the Vehics fPn Tuesday afternoon. May 11. and port Huron fans will entertain Bay i,v- Wolves. The Bay City club jil then corne to Kiln!, and Fael- i tiaw will come to I'ort Huron. This is the makeup of the first week a piaylng season. The Saturday. sJnj,,y nnA holiday dates have been as evenly apportioned as pos- ! sible. Tort Huron, lying a little ; outside of the Michigan gone, has the greater miles to cover, or 1,450. Bay City Is next with 1.400. Flint and Saginaw are even with 1.J'.'0. These are round numbers however. They permit one to estimate, however, that a well balanced league should make money on such short 1 mileage. And no one should be- , rrn.U-n all the clubs if they can make a little money after the ups and downs of recent years are considered. Firpo Ready To Face Spall a In Comeback Fight (Vt The AasoetstM Praa Buenos Aires. Apr. J. Luis Ar.gel KIrpo expects ta defeat Erminio . ,v:ia cf Itaiy la tl-eir IS-round bout tonight. "The Will Bull cf the larr p j looks for a hsrd Cght, however, than he hat when be put the heavyaeght c!:npcn of fiurope to s'eep tmo years ( In 1' rourta Fir;o hss teen tra cir.g unter the tufe'aa-e cf F"e;! Burge. rni'.lionalre sportsrran. who was oil rrector when ' Jsrk r-en psey knocked him cut at . Vv Vr.rlr r,Tlf0n f0noarers rrejt-t tl-at h ail'.l send the Italian erraattirg sn4 . krirko, m. v rounds. i rirpo. however, is n-t quits so cpt mi,,iu j -yi e W'l teg'n ht 1 9 p m , Vew Tork tirr-e. Firro it! ant.t tr-e r! w!afc!rjg about and Gre6 Ready To Quit After He Has Won Title Jfarrr Oreb who Ire. t!s rr.ta. d'swe'.f h! hox'rg tit! tr Tger Flowers recert'y. has three rr.hl-flcra. The f rt Is to win hack the rhtrrpiT ship In th return bout w!h F'owers. May 21: the is to meet and defeat psu; Berien-t-arg. 1'ght hesivywetght tttlehoid-er. and the third la to r're after he hae acccrcpiished h.a first two -fm re-rer e!" to let !t h !d that I s-rjrk in the garr fr I ahoti'd have cu'.:." Oreb was ed as sayirc when qiuesord - . .... .. . shonM I? I h a. I the money i :i ever need, mien I get throtsrh with th;s regf FTowers frht I'll bar ec-rr.ethlrg like 2I9,6SJ left out cf rr.y earnings."' 1927 Basketball Card Arranged Jan. T t I. rising. " I W JllxiTtte. IS At . r4 I. 21 t I rrrvlale-. 2S IT. CUiMUS. Feb. 4 May',-r t Monroe. 1 1 Hint. 12 Arthur HUI is t TptlantL It Bay City. r.oyal Oak. March 4 At RirminaTbam. 8 At rratac. Two game wi'.l played la rrr.ber with cotsr.ty High school l teams, while a cmontest with Attn i 1 Arbor fr Xarca 11 U e&w p-tasz. t - . RECRUIT UPSETS SISLER'S PLANS FOR M CHASE Oscar Mellilo Is Making Real Bid For Berth In Brown 4ti Infield Br BlUr EVANS Tarpon Sprlr.. n Apr. t. One Oscar IeUllo has upset con-slderaMy the plinn ct Manager George Sisler cf the Bu Louis Browns. By way et introduction. Mi:i!o la a second haseman. He starred with Mll-auka la the American association last year. When Sisler cam south to cor.di-tlon his athletes for the III race, he feU that his Infield waa one jeprtnnt ct play that waa defi-fcUeiy eettied. In other words, tt -enied a certainty that C.ene Kob-ertson would play third. Walter tierber short. Marty JdcManu eec-tnd. white Manager S;sler would cay on aro'tnu f.rst. It is Just possible that hie Infield will line up that way when the season pens but at present It ta the mot unsettled part f the team. Krom the very start f eirlra training Mellilo has made It apparent that he la a mighty good ball player. He early showed brilliance In the field but did nothing serantlonat at (he bat. When It seemed as If Ma battlrw s as too light to furnish serloua competition for Marty Mc.Vanus. he began to slug the ball alt over tre Jot. Jn a came I saw h!m pay against Itrooklyn. he made lour clean drires for a base or better i1' j Throughout the spring eihlbi- "!! ..... r 1 TJ ,nown va ',. . .w . " " Pt- ie i ? m,!"ht "rl notches ghy vt .M.i'-f 'Cr-. . . - navinsj no worries over his Infiel.J, Manager Sisler has teen forced to dv considerable ea iverlmentir.g. He has been using cwnua and imbertson at third base. That Is Kobertson tegular Job. W hen McManus csm to th American Lergue It was as a third baseman. He did fairly well but waa oon shifted to second and at ence took to th new position. He is now rated as on of th best players in th American league around th keystone sack. Second base has always been Mel-lllo s fort. It Is th on plac In tn Infield that h can play. His great showing In th spring made it necessary for Sisler to shift bis combination. Desirous of retaining the batting power of McManus would much -refer playing second, he Is behav-iric like a good soldier and giving th club his very best at the difficult corner. If Mellilo force McManus eft second and McManus wins th Job at third, it will relegate one f th best men in th league at that bag; to th bench. Gen Itobertson. Mellilo can field and h like to play baseball. 1 would rat him a sure enough big leaguer. His cbiiity to consistently hit big league pitching can only b proved In actual competition. L'ntil that Is definitely demonstrated there is no certainty as th makeup f the St. Lenuls Infield. Iiegardlesa of who win th Job a- regulars, th club certainly hss been strengthened by th addition of so clever a player as Oscar Mel-liTo. Mellilo is sur to b popular In St. Leouts. Th fans will like Me style. Iiegardlesa f whether he wins a regular berth or merelv r'ye utility roles, he will b out there giving hi best. Theie are only a few player of Italian birth In the major leagues. Melliln la on of them A goodly portion of the fans In Ft. Louis ar Itahans. So when Mellilo puH a rood play this summer n mey eiperi to hear: "Vive XJtaMa.- ss tl. id CC-J-Ieg cheer for Mellilo. Northwest Has Strong Grasp On Net Title fnr TVS Pr.,,) "hIcas;o. Apr. J Th aster states) of North and South Dakota, s'and tgck fo hack IMty to hatti Colorado and li.fh-ieti, fnf. lh. High school basket hail title of the na 'ion. Fargo. North rkr.. meets ieMo, Colorado, sr.d Ksiern. S-yyth Dakota, meeta r.t'M.arg, Mass, 1st today In th semi-finals of the Natiorst Invitational Tournamert of the Unlrerstty of Chl-sro for th High echoed Championship, and th winners of the (wo frays ITI corn-tefe tonight for the golden t asket-b:i. th emt fern of s-jprernscy, Th two Dakota quintet marched to th er-t-flr.! round with viotorlea respectively over Gavl'.rd. Mirp .a d Nti An'nr.i). Teg ? whil Kltchhurg was conejuerlrg NsrtScok. B . nd fneMo wss Wire Newton. Kan. The North- th rp of vieory with! resep. ttr h-rh f !' surrlvirg tr. are aerorded an even chance or better t pertKIpat In th final . ' FVHay Night's Score were rr-r. N. D. 2, Oaylord, Minn. 2 4. Salem. B. D. 25. Ttre'lrenrtdg High Pan An'onio. IS. Baehlo. CoU 1. Ne-won. Kan. It FTtrhh-orr Jd, 22; Nantlcoke. Pa . 14. Muravero Picked As Court Leader niehard Muatem, a Hras of two aeaaona. will lwj tft Tort liaron lHzh hoed td-White dsrlng th 127 batkrt-ha II rwmratlzD. At a r-oent mes-tinc f JU IctteT.-aainrters. Msgster) ga'T. ereal nlne of 19 poair4e oew for tb powttton. M orsve-ro has wren taro hall enters, I are, ta ftrwhall and two la basketball. If b th ha will perohaMy win tn behn this pt-to. he will finish M ereod yes r of erapethtow a a High aonorj at hie-to srttb e-ew rnimrrtlt.

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