The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1950 · Page 14
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 14

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1950
Page 14
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TOMCAT, AHUL M, MM BLYTKEV1LLE (ARK.) OOURHCR KEW9 PAOB TOOTH U.S.RentControl Employes Get Axe from ONE Head Br MH ROM , ;WASH1NGTON, April 11. (*>— t*« agency which runs the federal rent control program today began widwpre'ad fking of employes .| The offtc* of housing expediter Titjh* B. Woorts uinounced that (MmtiiMl notices already have been •ent to »ome 1,100 workers. This amounts to s one-fourth reduction ki staff and will take effect with- fri two weelvs. • 'Today's firings won't seriously a/feet the nationwide scope of rent control operations," a top housing official said. Moslty In New York > He tolrt'a reporter that most of those given notices are in New York where the state takes over all controls on May 1. • Woods' lieutenants reported, how- •ver,- that "the nxe will swing again about May 1" when "another thousand or so" will be let go in • rent control offices In many parts of the country. Although the cutbacks—and the announced plans for further reductions—were strong Indications that the . agency may be planning to close up shop, there was no of- ftcial statement to this effect. The reason given by Woods' office for the "termination notices" was a shortage of payroll funds. However, key housing officials expressed belief that if Congress votes an extension of federal controls some of those fired will be re-hired. ; - . -; Law Difs Junr 30 . The present national rent law dies June 30 unless renewed by legislative action,, . ; President Truman, has asked that federal ceilings be continued another year but Congressional opponents of controls believe they have .'sufficient votes to kill the measure once and for nil. ; Proposals for extension of federal controls now are before committees In both House and Senate. However, no action Is expected In either - chamber for at least two more weeks. In addition to the 734 workers being, let out In New York state, another 50 are being fired in Vir- FOR HIGH FLIERS-A well- dressed Washington, D. C., paratrooper shows oil the Air Force's new full-blown pressure suit. It's huilt for flying as high as 62,000 feet—at which heighl you'd be . dead without it glnU. Ttw Virslota Hate legislature also has voted to end control In June. « Dropped III Alabama Forty-three federal workers will be dropped in Alabama where ceilings will expire as a result of local action on May 25. About 250 >r« being fired in the various regional headquarter*. Under the present rent law, the housing expediter's office is empowered to lift ceilings in all arras •where "the demand for rental housing has been reasonably met." During 'he past year this has resulted In controls being dropped on some 4,000,000 rental units across the country. Another estimated 2.500,000 dwellings have been decontrolled by so- called "locnl option" action—a process under which local governing bodies can pass resolutions and lift ceilings without Woods' approval. TRUMAN Continued from Page 1 up that this year. There IK no point in going through the same debate on that as we had last year. It would come oub the same wny." The administration was beaten last year in its efforts to repeal To ft-Hartley. Lucas and others were reported working on a compromise which might salvage a year's extension of rent controls, with local communities ordered to decide by referenda within the year whether to continue the ceilings. Tax Bill Is Out - The House ways and Means Committee has yet to" clear R tax bill. Bill all of the signs point to a reduction In excise levies without any attempt to get the extra $1.000.000,000 in revenue Mr. Truman said .should be raised by clos- ~ng some loopholes. 23-Year Old Lemon Tree Uprooted in November CHILI/ICOTHE, 111. (API— The Fred Gauwitz family has been picking lemons off the same lemon tree for 23 years. They tote the tree and the tub it's rooted In clown to the basement each November and up to the yard each May. Marriage Licenses The following couple* hav* received marriage licenses at the office of Miss Elizabeth Blythe, county clerk, on April 8 and April 10. Lloyd Gibson and Mrs. Virginia Campbell, both of BlyUieviMe. Marshall Blackard and Mrs. Lou- Lse Montgomery, both of Blytheville. Herschel Alexander and Mrs. Mary Ellen Turnbow Hunter, both of Blytheville. R. H. Allen and Mrs. Ethel Ma* Clapp, both of Cbaffee, Mo. MUDDY MISSISSIPPI ... IN MINIATURE—At the 600-acre U. S. Waterway Experiment" Station in Vicksburg, Miss., a research worker checks a model site that shows bow a bend in the Mississippi River might be cut off to aid navigation and decrease flood dangers. The slntton has complete miniature scale modek of many strategic rivers, harbors and dams, built in 1929 for the fcirnl'iflr, study of flood control and navigation. Blytheville Alderman Speaks Against Home Rule Amendment Jimmie Sanders, city nlderman and manager of the Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company in' BlytheviUe, yesterday took a stand opposing the proposed municipal home rule amendment. The amendment, which Mr. Sanders said delegates almost unlimited power to local governments, hns been brought up as a passible addition to the ballots In Arkansas in the coming elections, , Mr. Sanders, speaking at the Rector Kiwanis Club luncheon meeting, yesterday stated that the amendment could city Income taxes to be enacted, could ca i is* exce-ssi v« prop crly R-SSC.SS merits and property taxes, and that it could give the municipalities power to issue bonds und assess as much a.s a 15 mill tax to retire bonds /or city projects. Mr. Sanders pointed out thai real property Is now tixeri" .so heavily that * property owner Is penalized for owning his home. He stated further that a one-vote majority in a bond iisiie election could cost the city tax payers great sums of money if the amendment were approved by referendum. Mr. Sanders said today that he represented no particular group in hLs opposition to the measure, but th*t he had previously addressed the ArknnsaA Bottlers Association, of which he is president, on the subject, and that a campaign for educating voters against the amendment would begirt soon. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111., April 11. <iP,— (USDA>—Hogs 16.000; generally 50 la 75 lower than Mon- ciAy's average;-fairly active at decline; bulk good and choice 180-240 Itas barrows and gllt.s 15.75-16.00; moderate number mostly choice 200-230 Ibs enrly 16.10; 250-300 Ibs mostly 15.00-75; 140-110 Ibs 13.2515.25; medium and good 100-130 Ibs 9.25-12.15; good and choice sows 400 Ibs down 1425-75: heavier sows 13.00-14.00; stngs 8.50-11.00. Cnttle 3500; calves 1800; opening trade somewhat slow on steers; some sales steady; medium and good 25.50 to 26.50: high good and choice 28.50; medium and good heifers anci mixed yearlings 24.60-27.00: common and medium 21.00-24.00; corn- "Say It With Flowers" Blylheville . FLOWER MART Memphis Iliwaj Phone 6002 Fish, Like Moths, Guided By Lights, Says Burkey LOS ANGELES (AP)— Fish, like moths, are attracted by light., Taking advantage of. this weakness, Henry R. Burkey lias invented a lighting system to prevent newly natched river fish from committing suicide by entering Irrigation ditches or power diversion channels. Every year millions of fish, particularly fingerling salmon, are lost this way. Burkey has developed a system of moving UgjiUi which fish follow. 'We were amazed," Burkey says, ."to ( find how powerful a lure the lights created. Not a single fish appeared immune to the lure of the glow which piloted them safely past the danger area." .. ^ **r Frigidaire's exclusive Live-Water Actio.i produces rolling, penetrating currents of hot ludjy water that wash clothes fhrooafi and' through with no pulling or yanking. Clothes are in water all the time—not half-ir,, half-out. And the same Live-Water Action that washes clothes cleaner, rinses them tw/ce in fresh, clean water. See a demonstration of Live-' Woler Action. There's nothing else like it! Only FRIGIDAIRE has ail these features I All-Porcelain intid* and out Loadt from th« top Put it anywher*, no bolting dawn Clog-Proof Wator Pump Underwater Suds Distributor Wafer Valv« Dir»cl-Driv« Unimatic M.choni.m FRIGIDAIRE THE AU-PORCIIAIN FRIGIDAIRE AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC CLOTHES DRYER No more clothes lines or weather worries! Dries clothe! oj fast 01 yog wash them, hi 1,5-25 minutes clothes com« out tweet-smelling, »ft, fluff- dried, ready for imaie- diale use or for ironing. AutomaticWasher ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc 206-208 W« r Main J. W. ADAMS, M 9 r. Little Piggy Oink-Oinkcd, Grabbed Quick Meal on Cherry Street Lawn A well-fattened hog turned up on the lawn of an East. Cherry Street residence yesterday and satisfied itself by munching grass while Its owner surveyed the damage to its truck pen. The hog was that of J. N. Erving of Blythevllle Hou(« Two, and It had a good reason for being where it was. A few minutes before It was contentedly riding along In the rear of its owner's truck. That is, Coast Guard Finds Scouts Dead on Raft CLEVELAND, April -11. fF}—The bodies of four boys who had drifted overnight on a little rubber raft were taken from the wind-chopped waters of Lake Erie today. All four were pronounced dead. • A Coast Guard picket boat pulled their bodies off the craft. Crewmen applied artificial respiration while tlie boat sped for Fairport Harbor. But when it arrived, Coroner w. R Carlo pronounced them dead. He said they had died of exposure. • The group had been swept into the lake, at du^k last night as they went after a drifting canoe. Ail four were members of a Boy Scout troop in suburban Euclid. Burglars Get Bad Pennies CHICAGO The Illinois — Vending Machine Company had $75 worth of pennies that were out of shape. Because they were bent and twisted, they were to be retired from circulation. And they were. Burglars removed them. until a traffic accident set It free. The half-ton truck driven by Mr. Erving, In which (lie !»g was riding, was Involved in i mishap with a car driven by Eddie Hagan of Huffman at the intersection of First and Cherry Streets. The truck was overturned and the hog escaped. But the surprised swine didn't go far. It merely shook off the effects of the sudden shake, eyed lh< remains of Its pen »nd nonchalantly started fea*tlng on the fresh green Drivers of the car and truck ste- ed up the damage to their T«hJcl«e, reached an agreement and then •ith the aid of » few spectators collared the porker and put It In mother truck which had bwn «um- noned to the scene. For Improved KIDNEY FUNCTION h a majority o* co«$ investigated m several hospitals and clinics, subnormal Kidney Function was improved. Bladder pain and discomfort reduced after the use of Mountain Valley Water. . ' If your doctor has diagnosed your condition as functional Kidney impairment this natural, untreated mineral water may be very beneficial. Try H for a few weeks. H ii delicious, pure-tasting, and nay b> consumed freely. Crocstown Whiskey Shop Main & Division MotmtainYalley J Water ^=^^ moil and medium beef cows 18.0019.50: good 20.00-21.00; canners and cutlers 14.00-17.50. Call 6911 for Biytheville TIN SHOP 111 North First We offer complete 5hec( Mefnl service. . .gin, oil mill & feed mill work, house gutters, duel work. Call Taylor Lay ton, shop manager. Here's aaswer te I'm Oil's M Puzle ,. 'Whan the pair of Uon OI a4v*ftifittneni« appearing on Miot'her page of th « newBpapar ww* submitted to a group of professional advertising men and women, the majority favored the "Home-Folks— P.T.A. Meeting" ad aa th* uore effective. Reasons given included the interesting situntinn of the P.T.A. Meeting ad, which pictures a full-grown man apparently entering the First Grade in school; nLso the text itself, winch gets across the good which parents can do Ihroxigh P.T.A, work, and which nlso points out how Lion Oil pUys an important part in Southern progress. There's no reason to be chagrined if you picked the other ad. The experts were not unanimous, and several preferred the "Sec a President I-Ierc?" advertisement for its eye-catching use of youngster* in the illustration. Look for nnother l.Ion Oil Ad Puzzle next mouth. LI«N OIL COMPANY o, Artc» FOR SALE W C*nerete culY*rts, U Inch to iS inch, plain or reenforced. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, tool sheds. We deliver. CaU u for free estimate. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Phone (91. Phon« 2071 Will you i3a/ve these to your children? Men nave died to leave you these 4 symbols of freedom: A door key — your right lo lock your iloor against illegal government force and prying. (t'oinlh Amfmtmfnt, U. S. Constitution) A Holy Bibt* — aymltol of your riglil lo worehip as you wish. <Fir,l Amendment, V, S. Canililuliont A pencil — frcnilnm lo *pcn!c or write what you th ink, \\hrlhrryonagrr.c with I tic government or not. (first Amendment, c7. S. Constitution) And a free ballot — yonr right to clioojct ttifi kiml of government you want —your protection againM government tyranny. (Artirlr I, V.S. Constitution) "MKET CORLISS ARCHER" for delightful comedf. CBS, These symliols have no meaning in countries where government controls everything —for there ihs individual man or woman has HO Irceilomi. But there are people who are trying to give the U.S. government more and more control over American life. "Let the government start," they say, "by taking over certain industries and services — the doctors, llie railroads, the elpctric light and power companies, 1 *-, Most of these people—like most Americans — don't want « socialistic U.S.A'. They have other reasons for government control. But when government, moving step by itsp, controls enough things, you hare a loclalist government, whether you want It or not, You'll b« controlled, too. Then what fre«domf wili you be able to pass on to your ohildrsoT, Ark-Mo Power Go.

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