The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1947
Page 10
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TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 1947 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION »r't' J o U " U *" ""• '" »»»c.UT. 1* Ullulmuta ObMM MM 1 t!»w (Mr Ua, ._ ~ — 72 I IlK.i p.r lit,. ,. r ^ !XJ 3 HUM p»r llo* £«E d«"~ w S^li«« per UM p«r d*y ™" 7C Mouth jM»r line goc Oouut flT<i neng. wura, to"t£« line. Ad ordered ror threo or itx tltu«« »ud •tnpDCil before «1)li»tloa will be chilj- «d for tl» nimUr or tlja.i the »i »u. 81 Vn J!" d « d l ust went of bill mid«. -j AH Classified Advertising copy .ob >JkiulltcJ by petsuns rcllding outside of the A? t n MCMa *"l«i >>» cash. tutei S^J be easily computed from the »bof« Ailverttsluii order for Jrretilu )DMr- tlonn tikes tie cue time rtu tlo resiJOEfilblUty will k> Uk» for more ttan ona lucorrert Inurtlot .f «nj cl»»«lflej ad. POWER LAWN MOWERS. Se« the last word in a power lawn mower—the Pathfinder—the one that cuts to any height and under any conditions. Blytheville Machine Shop. 4-12-ck-tf KOII.KI> liUn spol, ,||»i|,], Mr |n, t .i,tlr u-Ju'n odorless Fijm Kuani Is usi-il l>t-ala I'ainl Si \\'o]\ii^ t -r Store M2S-CV-OI28 For Sale A few used show case* and flat top display titles; and KliL'lvinjr, ,1. Mi'll Itrookf Jr., 107 East Main St. Phone Sll. (> 2 t-k tf l'< fool In.a! anil Iraik-r. $11)0.00. ,, farm Irailar*. W.i.l,. Aulu Salv:i K .-. llwy. Ill .Vi.rlli. l>l,r,,,,, S7MS. 5!3 1 -ilk-Ill;! 1 /LE' (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS For Sal* r 'u;!iv.''"oo?i''' n w™xi"'i',', l ,''''i'.|,! J ",<.' J " 1 '.^. ; Several good, moderately priced homes, ({nick possession. F. II. A. and G, I. loans available for liuvint, 1 these places. See or ' call Mux I.OK'an, Realtor. Phouc 20*1 lynch JJIdg. :u ck '1 Living nmm, lie.)room, t-l.-crrlc MOV,-. Ifm.i, (t^i* Lo, 1'Jiwiiu ^BOi .t :n-j,t-7 Siiitf> of bedroom fnrnhur? 1n< lit.Ui M'rlnK* HIM! Jin.ll r.-ss. K)l2 JK.IIy Complete stock of Softball equipment, including flashy colored, uniforms. Price Price $6.<ir>, Jli.flS, $8.95. Planters Hardware, Inc. 5 5 ck tf nlc. 1'hnno 11072. Toil (Irren. RATtY •f,<.lrii]ilg A S13.75 l Slore kaudred. Jim SlS-ck-tl i, 40 & 52 gallon Norge electric heaters arc now available at Planters Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Elements are available for any power lines. 4-21-ck-tf Have soiiirlliioK you don't neeil I Trails or s<-ll it in .Sivap Slioji. 4CI1 E Main, I IKIIIU 859. 4130 ck-lf I'ati-li ( ..... sn for. Kali-, uiuar Wai- l.i-r. SliuCfner. Ark-. I-nrritsliril .Ai»rlinoril. I rnum -in,] l,.,ll, «.»s l',,;^,,:,,,.,,! „,,,[ ,.!,.,.,,.],. r ,.( ri ,.,. r i,. tor. MIUIM; K. Kiniuji. ;i|U-^ 0! Ti rnoin ino.lrrn hoitjfp on Ihvy. 01 in i-i-ntiin! fur $l.'i IIIT inoiilli. I'rlw.l lo J-'O ;n-i.-fi of first rlnss Ininl on H>vy. 01. l':iir ini|irov>Mni,|iu. This farn I aa \'i mil.- frfinliiiL; Hip hrf;]iway, Coiue M. 11. KAiiltlS Slf-flc .Mo Hc-.lrr.nm. I'll. 9. r ,2. lOtlA. F.. Mnin :if) f,-i't of storn sliolvi r.iinly rjiso. I <'l.'<-lr Cull C,-ril I.ovve tl roi-.- . I fi foot rr-frTKOrntnr. I'liom. f.07. Neat 5 room house. Possession today. Large lot. Pro- s i v c ncij;hhorhood. rtffily financed. See or Ciitl Max Logan, Realtor. Phone 20.'M. 'Lynch Bldg. 31 ck '1 Loans ' t VI>1 ins'ir:.lil*-; C.irs 'l"riirk? Tra--l<iT!:. I|I,MF,-K :,n,l Kiirnihirr. Also V.ll.A. loans fi>r ri-finniiririr rc|i:ilrin; anil ImililliiL- .-"ill t..nn-- r>u Vimn .a! l'>\v rr*ti-« nf inlf-r.'sr. Sco - A F llif- Irii-li ruil.-'l IliFiirnnrr- Avr-'Tiry 20!l". W M:iin SI. nvc-r (inaril's ' .'pwrlrr Slni-p. . f,|2 rk-71'2 Swedish Jurist Expected To Head UN Commission I,AKE SUCCESS.' N. Y.. June 2. (UP) — Appointment of Sweden's former chiof justice Emil Sand- strnnm ,TP ch^innnii of tlir: United Nations. Palestine Commission- was forecast l>y ctip!omt\lic quarters to•P.- as tho committee met for its m-st full-slvcngl-li meeting. Tn addition to Hie appointment of n chairman, find vice-clinirman. (he committee will decide whether to inctdflo European refugee eamps in its^pvcstlgnlioii or the Palestine' proTilem. nnti discuss n proposal which would allow Jewish. Arabian nnd British representatives to accompany the group. . 3 blailr M',-,-| n,!i<'l S ' ( |r,i^.''V'!(l J.lci-1 wu|,. r lall)i |,, 1(1 miul |,, r '"•'"*- | lli.r«. f..,,lli t ,. r jj,,,.,. "I'";; 1 linrpc Jfn«-n Innls -1IIIKI { «r Jr,0^,71 a'if'A',-,0. 1 ,',;^ .H,,,l,,.p .1000- r- ()., k l,,,,,brr 10 ,, M' Xr" I .s™»m, ( .,|'t <K Y l ,'V S - '° '" K»ir ".nil t'flll 0 .».-r.- fiir.n. W.-II i "KM. I-or |i:Lrli,-n1. nl - Mni.Kh.1ii. .llli \V,. S , ! ^^-i^^l fill ",;.,'l!'t'i'ii For Rent ,\ s |, SI. 2-l'k-S Vrinl Ijp.lronin. i-nnvi-nlpiit M |,.,||, -Mi-Ji only. (103 W. Main, |.]i.,,,,. .); I2 . irc lioilronfii. MP,I niilv Attli' 013 Wnlnut. 1'lionc 2I!IG. t'a-iurft Mr roulei, hordes «n«l rfttllc rim no SCO. 4|2!)-til.--(i|2!J Ili-.lrnnm. ronvnnlBnl to Imtli. I'lion :i32f,. oil W. Main Ho.troom 311 y. Oil, 2:!3H !i|l'4-[ik-(i| I J __ ___ llfilroinit. Closo in. HIO W \\'j»]nti( __ 5l22.,,k-C|2'-' . Kilcl.r-n Ilr ivilr-j;i- .ilr fiiri,l«l,r,l. «,,arlm«iil. Xortli «r Iticc . Slix. 21 2S Ih-nlc-v SI " ' , '2-i.k-s Business Opportunity nionl Diflrilinlnr in I his lr>rnli(y W,- nrc lookiii,: for n u-iiti> n«-nVi>" liini ni-ssiiinn or v-nmnji M Im il f! >ir»J 1,1 Kft mlo n very prfifilnUi. l,n*irii>«< «-iln nn invo^lnirnl of nlinui ?2",no (to To Inln ailt-nntn!. r i> of Iliis < orhini- IV. »••• n.U-iso ynri tt-irr UK tfi.l.iy. -IB our frmirriip.': diroftor it nt iirpsfiit in Arknn<nK. ami ti». will r-ml.^-1 yon n« Kfifin ns pnBsjIjp,, Allif.l l-if!:i'.ir'i'-<! Fnr.. .|?n S. Mnio. Moin|,iii< :i Tonn " Wanted to BUY Two tr.iilrrs. 22 lo 2L fool, in cooil i-iiinliliiiu. rrh'ii mint Lt- rik:1i( Sp. r rail Jp.sse \Vc-bb. phone 2<JI7 in nntcil lo Ijuy from ownor nrtialT 4 or r> room Ijoiiso. \\VII locnleil & ]no<loro. Must l)p i'rioi-0 1 rcnaonnlilc. Answer to 1)1.W faro Courier .New... 6-10-K J.ot or Rmalt acre ago 1'honc SflCD. Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wadt> Auto Salvage, North Hiway 01. Phone :$78r>. 5 30 ]>k'f> 30 City Radio -Service- Dial 2407 For rxiwrt Repairs M4 Fast Main St. Felix A. Carney Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1014 Chickasawb* LADIES Do Your Wash Automatically And Save! 35c up to <1 Lbs Dry Weight We Furnish Soap IJleach & Hlnin^ Free! THE Washerette Crosstown—Main Division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! 1. Place clothing in Bcnclix 2. Add soap, wait or shop 3. Take clothes home in 35 minutes. Monday, Vnesday, Friday Open till 9 p. in. on Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Site T. L MABRY «S MISSOURI ST. PH. :(627 Paint Your Car! Chevrolet*, Fords, Plymouth! Other Small Cars $50 ANY COLOR Make It Look Like New We have the latest equipment and skilled workmen for the job! We hove Leatherette to cover the upholstery. New seat covers for a!! models —Fender and Body Work . . . Drive by for estimate No Cash —Easy Terms PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. -15;i—3715 PACK ELEVEN 1 Wonted to Rent or -i room furnlsliril or nr.fiirimli-xl I'urti n. Hot o[ n'f.-re.ic,!a. \Vii[c> W.L.I). o|o Courier .Vows. 1 or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone 35091 4-23-dh-tt Wanted to lease space ,'MK'IO or what have you. Call or write Ed Roleson .Ir., 120S Haiiis, .Toneshoro. Ph. 2HJ.2. 5 30 pk (i ia Cliildren should have thoir first tiinallpox vitccinalion Ijcfore their first birtlidity, nccordini; to nn eminent, physician. Water drunk immediately after the eatiiiK of candy and oilier dry sugars is an aid lo 'digestion, according to tests. for Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W.J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldq. 124 W. Ash St. LADIES---Come to U-DO-IT LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our modem MAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 A. M. . . . Close G:M P. M. Close Saturday at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9pm 32.'i North 2nd Street R10NKY -IX) LOAN ''<> you need • lotin to repair or rt-rnoiiel? No down |«iy- nient, nomor(«age, no red '*!>«. I''HA «i)proTed raJe 6"«. Ask fo.- details. Mai I.«K»n, Iteallor, phnoe 2034. HlylheTlile. '•ft us sharpen and reuair J'our lawn HH»V\T, re^ar<l- li'.w of kind or size. (!et yours ready now, mul' "void (he rush. We pick n|> "iul deliver. lilylheville. iMachiiie Shop, 211 S. 2m) I Kt., iihonu ^828. '1-3-ck-lf' n.I IroilNnr. Kiluch-ilrv or '.'.'.'.'.I. ""'I ' .-I". <!',l.,l Help Wanted Mfll Wliitnl "j" I:.MII f Inn Oil . ^IMi.ilii '"(.-..klv """• vl'i.- -lit ,.-,vn-,. «ill, M 1-ii-l '- .(i^M il.orni ^ rill.I t.-ivi,- -iiinM 1 "f I- . ti:i1lnn. \\'r I. ;i. li VMI '"-.'.' ' nil iiM.I ».-i-vli-.. Ml n,,,l...... ''I in ,.....! *i,,-, n. l,-|.»i,.:,s '".^.il fu» lln. !:,.•!, nf 'r.'i-.-ii I Ix.j.l. .\iillini i/i-.l vi-i niiii;..- i.T NYAXTHO: Iti-iiuly oppralor. I'xporiciK'cd and with rc^;- ular ciisdniH'i- I'dlltnvinii, (!ond salary and fdnnnis- sinn iiri'ani;eni('n(s. H(i\ I 'i Courier News, li •! cU II We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkmson Treads i ' Lcf Your Next Tires Be 1 GENERALS 1 i Cost More — Worth More' Special Vacalion Check-up Don't lot car trouble ruin your vacation. Drive in today for our special vacation check-up cmd conditioning service. One stop docs it — then you're rcody for uninterrupted, carcfrco driving. LOY EKH CHEVROLET CO. 'I'KXACO P1IONIJ S7S Diiv and Niglit Wrecker :KH C TIRES T ST. MODINGER TIRE CO. I1C I-'. Main I'hnnr '^'iOl Lost PRESCH3PTIOHS Fresh Slock Gnaniiiteed Rest Prices Kirby Drug Stores AS A NATURAL AID FOR HBGH BLOOD PRESSURE IliL>li hlnncl prcssiiifi: a^sociittotl wilh kidnoy diM-Ciius may be reduced by kctjphu! kidneys funclfdiiini 1 ; rnii>- erly. For 75 ytunr.H cltjclnrs luivc prr.-uiTibJHl Uil;, iniu- rnd \valur frtjni Hot Hprinus, Ark. I'IUT Instills' • . . nut n litxtillve. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main nntl Division Hlyllicvillc, Ark. Clinic 514 Main, Illylbtvville, Ark., J'liinp 2911 DITCH BANK teyitiN RRIVATE RC»C) ANY. We have 'em in plastic and fibre —fit any make car—any model! Only $18.75 up Langston-Wrofen Company Walnut at Broadway SAfF CASS SAVf LIVtS • GOOO CAKS BRING 0000 PVICCS LYNCH BLDG DON EDWARDS The Tyiwwrller Man" ItOYAI,, HMITH, COIIONA >l,il HKMINGTON PORTABLE 110 N. SECOND HT. PHONE ,3^ (ISverj Tninsrictlon MUST DK SATISFACTORY) T.i.SEAY MOTOR CO. ' . Radios and Hcaten / . Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parrs /or all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors Batteries Tires and Tubes Puint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT T31 E. Main St. Phone 2122 -'*"+rtt~*~ww^ . I Save 50% Chopping Expense 1 ' :*: Plant Chemically Delinlcd, Fiizz-Frcc COTTON SEED $ * >! Save Money — 0 to 10 Lbs. per Acre. Any corn, pea or$ bean ulanlcr will plant these smooth, slick cotton seed. !*! v Can he plowed 5 (o (i days after planting. >; >• KOWDKX •!!]! — S'l'OiS'KVIIJ.E 2C — D P & L M >! >: >: For Sale Ry IBLYTHEVIILE SOYBEAN CORPj PRIOII-LA'S POP Phones 856-857 /^ Great! Did you ever listen to such delightful music, _ l\/aldo: That's not fair Haze// \ It's made up entirely 5imply great! \ Never heard You shoL'ld hsvs told } AN—,"<? better

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