The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1946
Page 9
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;j_ MONDAY. JULY S,' 1946 CARK.T. K1EW» --------- SEVEJt ! ADVERTISING INFORMATION E-" "" --------- •<>. ** 1 ? - w " * ot H»*« ' T •Mllj computed (row Ik* >kor« -"fk "**•* ' *« the oa« tint r» poMiblllty will L. uke'a for mon Uwrtloo ol •»/ «>M- For Sale now 43" attic (an. DnrKain. A ;.;l'tlo tlio Plumber. 10!>'N."lint. .'',__ ^^ o,.:u-ck-lf :*JH I'r liu- ni-vv. t\i W. Axli i f „ _, _ ' ' '" >'"" ' ' ':J[<-« l-nirat iliuinimil riiui,' momm-il i, ! 'rii'iB "t!!, *"'' ''' ll "!'.'* >•>'"""• «" w ..i'li'.iif ;ui:s:t. H.CK-H ti'ikTy \vitli p:id. *IO. I'lu • :;•!« C'lu-vroU.t' Hnsinosx (•„„,„ ,-1,-n,,-- •:>!<«iil lire-., ion ,.„„!,„.. Lvil IMilli at !*t*-r li p.ill. c,r .sec- HI fill S. r'ir-u SI : 1 ' ' ' K-pV- It on SOsl-IO 1 Lit. luiii Kl. TJiik is Hl I • «. UL-ny Kl. TJiii. i< :> B«o.l hny |,Bourns wttlj- hath. Lotrnt-il oil- Ituvi 1 ' l.t^'ms'^."].''/^!!! on' ?ur I' jioatic ]iol-w:it,-r liL-iilcr VI •jnu-iliiiu- • i,,,ssi-tsi,,ii. I'i ,-„„ ],,. :i rr: ,i lci .,l AVI1) HKAL KS'l'A'rK AX1) 1SVKKT -tMKN'I 1 C'O.. Plmiu; :iOTJ. ^-i-k-1 [ i~ I' fur rilfs and nplialslcry Hint is n • irrilntiiiR l» hnnili. hill cli- l.lliko, l,,,<in,.. s . ,isk K oiuit nt Donls Tiiiiit A- Wnllpa tor,., 101 K. Hirst Si.. I'.lj-tlii'vill,-. S-i-k-1 Services (.'it'iliiitu; nnj ri'ltaiiiii., r:ill 'h's Orm'vry. 1'hoiie ;:tCil, 2. ( il..|0 ir first clttsli (Irr.^/iiiElkLD liulis si'i> Mrs. SbiTrod. 1'hytiv O^C» or L^'jLi. CH|| -IU2 or uiij \'iiie. luillil anil urclil-sliM i.iii-i i ,,| ,,i,.s. *«);<•*. InJiioi- mill .iiitj.ii.r «.- in! t y.- l.'ius for i-i'iil unil Inr Mill'. II tin-Mill. llmlio S,l|i|.lv, U'liiik.ali. Hilly. |l^ S". First, j.lioiii- .107. Tiick-S;.* louse movinKi leveling, repair of foiindiitions. 12 years experience. Meccs- pary equipment. Virgil Foley, Phone ,'i292. 6-18-pk-7-18 LOANS If you want a 4% f!T Loan <o buy a homo, see MAX LOGAN, LYNCH liLDG. Phone 2034 or 502. 6-14-ck-tC mby-ELttEng, *nj nlghl. Rcfnrui)n.'S. l>cr hour. Call 3430 or 4t>3. ^1-tl Vbcn you oil ituv« ncedl ctbininir or •[.iiriiin Dull »'J9*. All worV icunr- ftwii mower i ikfti:|)«netl acd rc(i»ir«. All tyjiei and kmdft. WB epcclalliA IIL puwer mower iliAr^erf tig , aid tuoi^r ovprbsulmK. Vfi, wf \>!ct gn mid deliver. ttlylbavIUe UacWine Bbup. 4112-ck-tf Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone 864. 3-15-ck-tf Bvv:i|i what you linvo anil .Un't waul (or what we hnvi? you Ju KELILI. Sju- iKfaclluu Kuarmitceil. K)b«rt Huffjium Swap Shop. -101 East Main Si owl. Phontt B5Q. 3-ck-tI ror Rent WHILE YOU ARE WAITING FOR YOUR NEW FORD Bring Yoiir Car to PHILLIPS for A COMPLETE MOTOR TUNE-UP Here's What Vfe'll Do:— • (Jhwk Compression • Test, Clean and Space Spark Plugs • ('loan and Adjust Distributor • Check Coil and Condenser • Check (ienenilor and Voltage Regulator • Clean, Adjust Carburetor and Clean Fuel I'limp • Service Air Cleaner • Tighten Hose Connections • Test and Service Uatlery and Unitcry Connections •fc See Us for Expert liody-Fender IJcpains • We din give ininivdialc Service on the installation of New Windshields and Windows *k .lust Received—a Complete Stock oi Seat Covers for All Makes and Models Bring Your Car In Today far a Complete POLISH and SIMONIZIHG JOB We (live You One-day Service PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blythevllle, Ark. TeL 453—454 lavc house that \vc mns ] move (o build. Located 212 \ North First St. 3 rooms .and hath in excellent con- i|[(ion. Purchaser must vmivc house within 00 days x77i7 Tom Little, Realty, I'hone 86 i'.' 7-8-ck-7-lH -x 170 ft. lot, Ifi s M n. Irousc. j;ro. |i;tC!ry utork nn,l fixlnro.^. ' loi-Mt.-iJ on I'^ouOi 21st Street, south of Cale\v;iy i.-Ktorv. UniiiK fooj l.llslni-ss. Two Jjof tr;i.le colored. Owner's ill hrallli -^reftsoii" for seltin),'. I). A. Smith. Hux ;.i7l!2, lllyltievillc. f»-pk- H! 5uy your Gould's Electric ij Pump now before they bc- r| come scarce a^ain. 1'lant- I! ers Hardware Company. 5-28-ck tf l-eroscnc hot \\-iitc-r he.iti-r. l<il 'S H.-nrn. IJedrooms for iMcn. Fans. Phone 952. 7-S-pk-7-ll room ninrliilcnt with linlli nml sink, iiioru. ' H-pli-i:! l:W Mhster Deluxe 4 door Olicvrnli't. Cnll phone L'Sofi. C-jik-IO I | spotted Shctl:vnd pony 6 years old. | Hriille nuil sailillo. riioiie list. tl-pk-Hl '.sell ic'rlinx. Mrs. .Toe Wn.ldy. OOS >!. •Till, phone :i;>70. U-pk-10 /or Fine Portraits It's O'STEEN'S STUDIO s . 5-25-ck-tt: 'icture frames made to order O'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-tf -room honiio on T.oke. Cnn {.'ive posst-s .sion \vith cleeil. C':nx handliv-\i ith ^loUC ilinvn. bnlanci! ?lli prr monlii. \Vell In rntrd on p.ivrd slrcc-t. Im.s line. Closi in. Vv'orlh tllii limney. Owner Kiiys -sul nt onre. other Uray, solo nKCLlt, phone 51:1. Jersey milk cows vdth young en I VPS. W. A. Junkins. Kleolp, Mo. Phone :i:i inolnr.^. one 3 lit MI-IT fiirnisliril Work i>ff Mni j.lione :lii:iu. ftdjoining bath. Onll 27:10. Nico lur^c hcdroom, close in. : 31fl \Vest Walnut. 2ri-pk-7[2r) lipilroora :ill N. 9lli. Hume 2333. L'li Situation Wanted Veteran, 1 *{. yonrs rollctio, inar rxpi'iieni-tf in oTficy, nl&o salt Cull :JGIO. Hefp Wanted Experienced young lady for general office work. Shorf hand necessary. Write Hox 310, Hlylheville, Arkansas giving' UKC. qiialificalions and references. 7-S-ck-l." \Vliile innn 1o <lriv*> o:ir fivi 1 (ii fix ivcrks;. ^.- <-xiH'n>.-s [i:iiil. C.ivo H^I* in .liivinv, nn'l ri>f«Toi XYX. r\n Conri.T Xc'v :i].ri r: Ill trailer. All ill A-l ' Sytiil 1'liillips. 30S K. Main. a-pk-U NO CASH REPAIRS ON EASY TERMS 'aint Body Work, Recondition motors, Simonixinfj & Seat covers. Wrecker i Service, Night & Day. ; -1'HILUI'S MOTOR CO. ,! Ford & ftlercury Dealer I ith & Walnut Sts. Phone 453 j 7-2-ck-7-U r: WANTED—Young lady, 2i to 28, to contact public and do clerical office work Congenial surroundings ami working conditions. Stenography Iicipful but not es scntial. Must be h i tf 1 school graduate. Pcrmitn ent work. Write Dcpt. 33C P. O. Hox :5SO, Hlylheville giving full informalinn. - 7-G-ck-U Wanted to Rent ; ;— — ] WAXTKil—iinfnrnislied limi^c nr a|i Inrgc lols snilablc (or J f|)r „,.„. |,| v ,|,,.villr family. Coll Con Hiiiilln. , j,. r Xoivs. ].'"""• •""• TIH-ilii [OIIKC and t\ I r lift i-nnl^iing. l.ncnlc.l lilcick off Jiain. .Mrs. Walter Knacli \V. li. Tlioiii]istjii, >Tanin. 2 pk-tl> M. D. TULLOS Refrigeration Air Conditioning Service Engineer 1211 W. Main Phone Day 22(>0; Ni K hl 2SOS If you are troubled with Johnson Grass on your land you need ATLACIDE It's a Sure Killer Get a Supply Today Special Prices On Quantify Lots! PLAKTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. Phone 515 126 West Main St. . ., nl>* of stnrler dm! grower ninjh. | Kcinlch Brain and dairy food. li:il>y chirks nrriving Wednesilnys flnil Snt- iintnvs Fryers nt "ill times, -tla M. Mnin". J'hpiie 349. ' 2-pk-ll) S-.'i I'cxfari'. for inforni:ilion lon.lini; Ki I-; -• or -• of small house .ir •': roni.i a|i.irl,n.-iil Cnll Courier News. plni. 1111. 7'<t-illi-1l Political Announcements Tb* Courier N«v> hM ta«k jtborlted to tuiouuof "*t CuUov- if c*ndld*it«, •ubjQOt to th* Democratic primary- •uriurr AND couxorat JACK MNUnr ROBUmOM WILLIAM UKUBYMAN COUNTY JUUGR Q EN 13 B. BRADUT? ROLAND Cl BEEN rOK TAX AHfiKrirtOB DOYLE HENDERSON W. W. "WINK" WAT8ON -CIRCUIT CI.EK* IIABVEV MCmHIS COUNTY COilKT CLKRK XU'/AUtiTH ULYTHB COUNTY TKKA8U«E» DELI .A PURTIJt •TATR UKI'KESKNTATITB ALENE WORD E. O. FREEMAN USUIE "DUKIE" fePKTK I.. H. ADTBT (For re-flectlori) HTAXr. Kf.NATO* J. IKE BEARDEN JEFFERSON W. SI'ECK . ClKCl'l'T yOifGlt ' ' E. 0. W'Aft'D I. M^ GREEtl CHAKUSS W.' I.I0HT rr VACATION-IZE" YOUR CAR Don't Trust to Luck! Hove oil repairs and adjustments made now to get your car in tip-top shape for a trouble-free vacation trip FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. 01 at Stale Line Hum: Jtlylhevillc 714 W. J. Pollard Agency Safe, sound insurance protection, properly applied. I'linne 3545 Clriiro,; Hotel Illdj. Summer Loy Eich Chevrolet Co. 301 W. Walnut Texaco Gas & Ojls Phone 578 CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blyrheville" Phonographs .-^ Records and Accessories. Ilaltery and Electric Itadios 219 W Main Phone 3443 Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main (Local & I xi n K phtapce MOT In j OonipatoKt Help Mid etiulpmeiit, Art»- quKtflly loin rod, OoottAct IlAQllnf and Mlic. Serilcii. Home Service & Storage C*. PLoni a«01 ftrfrct npalrhig for tod»j> ei- aulslle (antvcar a^rared vhen re- fa nil I in »nr vwdrrm ihap. VH-H»C.T >UflU'TY.SHO€ SffO _.Jir w. M « i N S^t. DON EDWARDS "Tlie Typewriter Man" ROYAL, SMITH, CORONA, rnfl REMINGTON TORTAULB 110 N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3382 (Every Trnnsncllon MOST BE SATISFACTORY) PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Giwnmlecd Hesl Prices Kirby Drug Stores THE BEAUT? CLINIC >Urtmnt Dcen Smith. O.nwr BU(. nwm tflt \ r f" -f* K I fy -of •3»: c« "p* to •I 'I 'i •. .: ; \ : See us about your service on Chrysjer and Ply- moMth. Tune-lips and lubrication makes -your ear function properly and rnpre economically. Hf6yc your brakes checked for safety. W« have a complete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and trucks. T, I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stock* of ParU Far Chrytltr Prodact* ' . I K. Mjtln Phone Z12J | New 3-room and 2-room dwelling houses. Lots 50x100. We.ll located. Priced (o sell. If you want (o sell your property sec me. I have cash buyers. J. C. Chapin, Manila, Ark. 7-l-]ik-7-9 inn .im-ill tnhlo inoilel rnilio. $JS.OO. ">'.*0 N. Dili SI. I'lioiic 2iis.|. Mik-:r r,-ft. McCrny ino.-il lios; 1 Nntimml 1 mcnt block. All Ne«'. Onli 3177. Ipky V'onil llrotlicrs rorn picker, Npw. 10 Ft. li Krnin ilrill. Kr.iJS scnl nltnc!iuii>m. A-l •' ca-.^litinn. Rnliry Iu>p. poiVtl Cfimlilion. ;*t-onil fftrin vni:nrtR; I I.nl7. fortl mill; IT™ fcr<I mill: S tnctal M-filpriiiE tnnlK>iR: 3 s'C"" 1 ^•i 1 < -rm K Ironchp. 3' xfi'xIS'; 2 U20.pp.]. fe-npolinu \vnter pumps: 3 ton slc:im honrt nxri\l ,t mlnrrnl null. Various liorfC .Irnvvu cqninnirnl. n.-irnrss. r«lllc ilc-hnnior. tnllou sot, etc. Phone 2023, Blytln-villF. Krccl Kli^mnn. 7;i-ck-»jl Business Opportunities 10MB AND AUTO SU1TI.V -STOHKS— '•ranrliisc nnil nwrflinniliso avnllahl now for now Associnlp SIDrcs. Invos- llrnlo l.rforc yon Inv«>«l. \Vrilr- m \viro KKNYON L AUTO STORKS. Hclliw I. TOM«. • (l-rli-ll Strayed liliirk linrff nuili- wfiRliini: I nun I!.. anil 1 l.r.iv.ri I.,.1-0 innli' «-i-iL-liln-- 12riO ll» XotiFv (;. -\. Austin Urll, .\rl,. Wanted to Buy DONT TAKE A LOSS. Get (he (op price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. G-3-ck-t,[ Old lodklts ftnd cnmorftt for pi\rt?- O'Rleen's filndio. 417 ck If Ve pK]r c*sh for nsnd inrniturn, ono pTcce nr • toons* fnll. 0*11 230J. Al- Tin Hardy Furniture Co. *HO-cV-tf Radio Service •Tig" Angel ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. J. W. Adams, Msr. Phone 2011 200-08 W. Main DO YOU NEED TIRES! We Have Tires For Your Car or Truck ... the Popular 16" Sizes Are Now Available And They Are U. S. ROYAL See Your Buick Dealer Today! Langsfon-Wroten Co. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIBS. ,'WOULD'VOU CPiEt ' TO SfcC. BftBV i MR. Welcome, Slnuu'er COMVNS . BY EDGAK MARTIN; Personal | »V»nl .n riilo 10 Lou Anglos. Will lonvi dnytinio nnil ivill \if Rlftil lo lif-l|i \vithPh. 87'J tlrlvinK and expenses. 1'honc P72. CITY (3ARAGE & Welding Shop Auto Repairs, Welding •100 K. Main Sales ' Buick U. S. Tire; OPEN 24 HOURS Walnut & Broadway Service Mobilgas WRECKER SERVICK Telephone 553 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Hilda Approves SKIP We CALL ME BUCt! pesr v\t SHOVE DOWM OUR COMBINED TO ' THE HEAVY L4W OF MATHEMATICS ON THE oniER. ENPI . . . r, NIC. U. S. PAT, Off. BY V.:T. HAMILTON ME' ALI-EY OOP HWINQ COLUECTEP 55OO FOR. A C.VRMIV/AL FIGHTER, COP AMD HIS FCIEUPS DO THE Mip'A'AV. &DA'S TH(?OUSH 7HE CCN- KE A FLCKICA PERFECT! THEY'RE WALKIN RIGHT INTO OUR J AHA! TRAP.' /^ FIVE • HUNDR.EP, SACK PAPA The Husiness Slarls N BY MERRILL BLOSSEB

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