The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1967 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1967
Page 11
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(ArV.) Courlr , B«c«mfc«f W, MST - OUR BOARDING HOUSE — With Ma|er Hoopl* OUT OUR WAY «y J. R. William* 'CHBISTMA* LEW'S ArtSU'-T 1 MY WORD,PATA. YOU'D V, ELIMINATE ALL THE SOy-S/ OP CHRISTMAS PREPARA-j .. -. v —1 "TOM'S AMD •*• ,n^«x 8E t)ESI6MEO FOR YEAR- KOUMD USB/AND R9S5I8LY W6 X ..„„„,, „,,.„„ COULO USE SEVERAL PROJECTORS TO V I'VE FOR60TTEN 6NE A WOODSY FEELING WITHOUT J^~lTO SHOP/.? THE BOTHER OP AWee/ WITH THE RIGHT MUSIC AMD PINE ASCENT IT ! COJLp BE ATOTAL-ENVlKOHMEMT/ ,..1 NATURAL I OVER<5I6HT» TFORVOUTOTAKE SUCH PAWS IM V WRAPPIMGUPA 1 GIFT 5O FAMCV, IT'S OOT TO 86 FOR A SI EL FRIEND.' WHO SAY5 9Or V WO SALE, CHUM/ IF ITJUSTHAPPEUS II KWOW VOLI.THE I LIKE PReSEWTS/AUMTAM'SRAMD- TO LOOK MICE- f MOTHEK GIFT THIS COULOBE I PRICE-RAMSE 15 FOEAW ALWT; /SOMEWHERE BE- MVOtlAMD- \TWEE.MASUCKAMP MOTHER, AWy-J A HALF AkIP TWO XBUCKS-AtJ'THISPjjICE TAS VOU TOOK OFF OF IT SAYS* 8.71." AMV COM- trziv by Kate Oiann BAZOO, HftPPEr jiil^ TOYOU? IW£K-SOtO MVSELF OM posm^f , "yeijEe SONMA "THlMKINQ/ / BELIEVE IM YOUR So wneri I STOOD c*j \ • Trie (SAuAss POOF, L ' \f DO . SAID '•* BA200,yOU CAfJ I W/JW DO fr-You CAM DO irA f) IW hT Nti. I*. TM ti«. U. *«. OK - — "I'm going to have them put It on lay-away. Sooner or "My father has no trouble communicating with our later George will say something he'll wish he hadn't!" generation—you ought to hear him yell!" HOLD IT/ THERE'S A PENADY / Television—Tonight, Tomorrow^WRIC Chan nil 3, WMCT Channel 5 and WHBQ Chann«l 13 WREC— *.-, D80, IS 6:3S Blktari 7:30 Rea skeltofi ,S:3a Obod MofHihS .9:00 CBS Ne«» fleur 9:30 FOCUS Ofi M'fci» o:oo 10 o'clock fte»a 0:20 Lftte MUVle 2:00 N«vs A: WeSttHf 2:0! alun Olf = Wid., Deo. 30 ,«:16 SUnnst sentfifiief fi:4K Above ttie cloUd^ '7:00 Good Mol-nlttg c Fl-dtn Menliihl* 1:50 OBS Ne«» 8:30 CftUtaln feStlgafod 8:dO CHhdid Oftmetft 9:30 Beverly iiillblllies 10:00 Alidy of MiijUetty 10:30 Dick Van D.Vk» [1:00 L^ye or Life 11:25 OBS NeWS 11:30 34MUH (or tilffiet" 11:45 omainB light 15:01) IJBceittDef Btitt 12!36 Mthe waMd'trtm 1:00 ta* 6 1» & Mftiiy i:fjo iftiu6& £&fty 2JS5 CtBS li&WS a as Edge or Night 3:60 Sncret fitm'ffi 3:88 Hull MO»IB S:M WSSO N6WS 6:30 Waltef droliklH 6:00 Highway tkttol , y MnlnlllleB Ffletlds 7:30 8:0d fl:00 t3tR6h Ai!t-es S:3I) He liid 8hfe D:00 Slaf.v of a M»dm»n 10:00" 10 o'eloeS Hsw» 12100 News & Weathir I!:OS Sigh off 10:20 LS16 Movie VV,MCt-Cti«hnej I •rues,, Bee. IS 6:06 ejo'ewdk Hepo 6:au l~BMam of B:0tl tilei. Hits Ma-te 10:10 Ne»8 IOI1B KofU BtEWM loiSd Toaay Ifi sparts IO!3B Weatnel- ftellott id:?o foftlsnt show 13:00 Hews 12:05 TelevlSlob dhapel 12:10 filett off Wea., Bee, 50 6:26 fslevlsloh Otiapel j:3(i Eco.iuhiicH daurie 7100 ToSay SHOW 1:JJ Toasy in Mia 7:30 faday Shaw 8:Z61'oday In Memphis s:ao Todsy SBaw d'OO Siiiiti JUdgtileat 9d5 NB6 NeWS 9:30 (5otl6e*itl-aud& llty d s quares tin dues* NB<3 News HOOh Mews ISiUO LeVs' tha'lie" & l:0d flnfe at mil' ilssi 1:30 file Boiitbis 2:00 Another World 2:30. You tlbU'k 8ay 3:00 Mhteh d&me 3:30 Mike Botl§19« 4:30 Heft OrlttlB 5:30 JiUhtleV'HHllitlej 6:30 *lli Vlljtlol/n Bioo Kiaft t3ft«- - UMfi EiU 8:06 him ror jour lite lp:00 10 o'oiatik ftwti 10:10 Don Hkknian lOili Nor Brewer 10:30 Today lit Spnrl* 10:85 WeSther flebbft 12:00 New* 12:10 SlSfi off 10:30 Tonl|ht 8H6» WHBQ—C^tatiAel U Tues., Dec. 1ft 5:30 Cheyehfi6 6:30 Gnrrfaaii 1 * Gorillas 7:30 A ClirlntfflaS Memory 8:30 N^Y.P.D. 9:00 H'woocl Palace 10:00 Mld-SOUth Ue»S 10:15 Moving Weather 10:20 Sports 10:30 Joey BlfehoO 12:00 News Wed., Dec. 90 6:30 Univ. MlchlgMl 6:55 News 7:00 Cartoon Time 8:30 Donna Reed 9:00 Topper 9:30 Dateline H'WOod 9:55 Children's Dr. iO;dd Honeymoon fine* ld:30 Family .Oain» 11:00 Everybody's Talking 11:30 Bingo 12:00 Fugitive 1:00 Newly wed qsm» 1:30 Dream GlH-NeW» 2:00 General llosHitSl 2:30 Dark Shadows 3:&() Dating Game 3:30 Fnnhause 4:16 Aoventure Tl»« 4:4S News 4:96 Weather 5:00 t'eter Jennlngl S:30 MnVerick B:3d CUBter 7:30 2nd Hundred Years 8:00 Wed. Ntte 3oecl.11 td:0o Mid-south' News Idils Mo»lne Weather loizo Sports loiao Joey Bishop 12:00 NeWS THIS PK105LS6S \ yotl INPISPOfABLE /Hue DYNAST/CLOCK. \ FASTER OF PS car; T6LL5 ME THAT i \HONORAeLB MUSHfm NOW COSfROL KOBIH AWLOTES MILLIONS ff HISHeSr K6TUKWS &JSR PAIP OH wvesrMEwr IM THE HISTORY CMRISTMAS )/CHEER IS NICE... /UF? HAZEL! BUT. 6i-!, so *\ IT'LL SOON SXHAUSTINSilBE OVER! TIME GOES PAST. FIRST THING VoU KNOW IT'LL BE .SPRING-,', » ^—( OH, . > GOOD HEAVENS! There are 277,000 kftdWn Spe- Georgia is the largest State des of beetles. east of the Mississippi RiVef. Utrrtf MrMt-blilltrlMi (MlillttltM Try before you buy I SKIDMORE PIANO CO. 101 E. Main St. Phtme PO 3-7971 Lest We Forget To Remember ". . . and Please, fi/«s all of Daddy's Laundry and Dry Cleaning Customers" MII.WA Laundry-Cleaners II u iin ' .~£*s$& OPEN NIGHTS TIL BlOO EVERYBODY BRINGS THE TOUGH MACHINE JOBS TO BARKSDAIE ^sSCtac* 325 South Broadway PO 2-2911 RENT An Instamatic Flash Camera At • BARNEY'S • HIWAY • OWENS • MALL DRUGS Complete Supply of Film & Flash Bulbs SPECIAL! enter R °" ° f K ° daif cohr i Kct ° r B&w I?ilm with each roll of film developed Barney's Drug Store Hiway Drug Store Owens Drug Store Mall Drug Store EKFKl TERIORO smws. «.,»!<" tf O QQ $5.90 M>» 4>A.77 *•'*• GALLON Far walls and Woodwork V Scrubbabl* On* Coat Coytrs V Driti in I Hour V Nowott FRESH Colon Oar MASTER PAtNTEft Vinjl l*UX to IDEAL FOR BASEMENT WALLS M well »• ev«iy room in the housr. Far superior lo ordinarr inUrior or exUriol piinUI No irimir AMdtd. Fondren & Sons Hdw. & Gifts And Plumbing 311 W. M»In Phon« PO S-4520 FREE PARKING IN REAR OF STORK YOU WEK£ BXPECTIU5 MAYBS 'SUIRLBl' TEMPLE ? 1^1 IT'* ABOUT 1 HURRY1 C0MT \ TWO MIUBS I DEPEW5B RflME. ' SOUTH OF /WILL RAPID PATROL H6R61 X PLANE? ABOUT WHERE ' t WiMk: IT'S TIME ) WE GAVE SOME THOUGHT TO CUE STWUS'Af , OFTHIS1 RO/AL msHWfesaes,! aoot) ABOUT in HE NEVER EVEN KKIEW WHAT Hit HIM. DO WHEN 10U SET '£M!N1H£ BACK. £S>- n-rf. O'NEAL Q lift b ""- '«• TJi 1^ UJ. t* «t ife* 11-14"

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