The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1949
Page 17
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' THURSDAY, BBPTEMBBR f, OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willioms Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople PAGE. SEVENTEEN IF HE'S A TALKING HO* COME HE'S AS MOM C.TAT.A.V \ --""itfS WORM. . STATlO^-V YOG DIDN'T HAME A .. . ..-_ UP THERE IN THE- VJOOOS.OtD voo ? LOVES ERY TK>0/--~ SAY HELLO •£> rue IADS, PLATO/ FOR SALE Concrete euJvi-rts 12 inch lo 48 inch plain 01 ret-.nforced AIs« Coittrele KuilrJmg Klocks chrap- ei than lumber tni barns Chicken huuses- [lump houses, tenant himses ton! slJtds We deliver Call us for free estimate I'hone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. . BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS' That's why you'll save yourself many a dollar by Having your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try us Hfl LTCRS QoflL'TY SHO€ SHOP . 2 • w M 0 • si s T Steps & Copyright bv ^•Hi««o»-C«H, !«,; By Adelaide Humphries TIIK VTOHYi K. »<•<-•<•< «nu*« H h« U .!.• ( UH ^ O r J- r«> •IIIB, m y«mpK •«**»!*• ' )»«•!, her «)r*r »U- For the Finest Prescription Service » - With Kluwer* THE FLOWER SHOP (ilencM rtnilrtinn Phiine «4»l or tW Hmrrj XVI OUT it was som« time uutil Pat was entirely well. There were those anxious weeks when she could think of nothing except her little sister, for Pat had a hard lime of it Had it not been for Doctor Carile she might not have pulled through, though now— thank God — she was home again and making a rapid recovery and the world was back to normal once more. Emily insisted this miracle was due entirely to Barry. Had it not been for Barry, Pat would have died. "To think," Emily said eloquently, rather enjoying now her tragic mother-role, "that hnd it not been for darling Barry I would no longer have my precious baby with me." "You may not have her with you now," Gaynel said brulally, "unless you get Melvin out of this house, iMother. Pat can't bear the sight of him. You'll have to discontinue this Little Theater business until Pat's entirely well." ^ "But darling," Emily protested, "just when we've made such a lovely start! Melvin says he knows we'll make money on the next play. This time it won't be so frightfully hot and trying, with summer nearly gone. And besides, darling, 1 really cajn't see how we possibly can bother dear Pat when everything is away oft on Ihe third floor." Gaynel said, "That's just it. Everythins isn't." Her mouth set m its stubborn line; she was not going to be run over this time. "When I came home yesterday, I found Melvin outside Pat's door . . ." "The dear boy! Always so thoughtful. He'd stopped, I presume; to inquire about the sweet child. And if he was outside, 1 really can't see . . ." "He wa? outside," Gayncl said "because Pat threw a shoe at him He can keep his inquiries lo himself, or make them when Nurse Johnson is present," * • • SHOE!" Emily's arched brows were incredulous. "I do think, darting, that both you and Pat are a bit unfair to poor Melvin. I can't see why you don't like him." "I/ you riiusf know," Gaynel enlightened her, "it's because your precious Melvin hat too many ideas." 'Dear me," Emily said. "Why should he? I can't understand Melvin. Pat is just a mere child " "Pat is 14. it won't be long before a lot of men—Mclvin's sort —will think she'i grown-up. That's why, Mother, you should be more particular as to whom you bring into your home. But now the point is that Melvin and all the rest are to stay away until Pat's well again." Of course, darling, since you're so determined. . . . I can't understand Melvin, though. When I've done so much for him . . ." Emily gave in graciously, but she still wore her pained, bewildered expression. There were olher matters pertaining to Pat's illness Ihat troubled Gaynel. Besides the terrible anxiety, there had been the tre- mentions expense. At Ihe lime Barry had taken care of cvery- Ihing. insisting she leave all that lo him. But now that anxiety was alleviated the cost remained. Gaynel said to Barry, "1 had no idea sickness was such a luxury. Hospital bills, day and night nurses, consultation . . ." "See here," Barry interrupted, "1 didn't ask you to dinner to talk oboiic all that. I thought you agreed lo forget it for tonight." They were dining out; the first time Gaynel had had dinner out since Pal's illness. gHK said, "Bui I can't forget it. Or how wonderful you've been. I don't know what I would have done without you, Barry. Or how I'm ever going lo repay you." "There'll be plenly of lime to settle all (hat. Would you like champagne wilh your dinner? They've got some thal's really very good." "You can't put me off wilh champagne, sir!" She grew seri- ' ous. "I meant il, Barry. I want to pay you back. Kvcry cent. It may lake a long time. But I must repay you, Barry, you know thai." He said, "1 don'l know anything of Ihe kind. Why must you?" She did nol answer such > question, except with a reproachful shake of her head, "r shan't slop talking about il, Barry, until you give me your word to do as I ask. You must give me an account of everylhing. There should be a slalement, too, from Doctor Carile. J'lJ be a/raid lo open it when it comes. Promise, Barry." Gaynel's eyes would accept no evasion. "Of course I promise. Anything you ask. At any time." The statement had cbmt to Barry's office that morning. He already had senl the check. Hi* own personal check for S1000. (T. B« Continued) In England It's tht Chcmitt Shop In France It's tht Apothecary Shop In Blytheville It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service Mote than n hundred kinds of birds have become extinct tn the ajt 200 years RENT A CAR l>rlve Anrwhrrt VOD Plrast Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 "Oh, I'm not worried about my wife. She can get a loan on th< ear from CfNfRAL CON. TRACT PURCHASi CORPORATION!" SHRUBBERY We offe' a complete Jlne ol Stark Landscaping plants and treej. Order now foi Tall planting Stark't 131 years experience In this field assures your gettlnt the most for yoin money Allow us to give you « free estimate Telephone 554 today BLYTHEVIU.E WILLYS SALES COMPANY Nichols Drug TERMITE AND PEST CONTROL "<w»re of frjurtnlenl (penton! UM the protection •fTordtd b; the State und demand a lieenwd •ptraUr. Kiperienced, Reliable. Termltei Household rest*. IMjthrvlllr', onl; Heeni*4 •perator. WALLS CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE «U. 1. B«, J-W. Ea* Mate »t rhorte 37tt •STUDEBAKER 1 Hove You Seen The 1950 STUDEBAKER Brilliant New Styling Increased Luxury No Increase in Price You'll Agree lt'» th« Cor for You Chamblin Sales Co. "Your frltndl, Slndeb«l(« A Ash •STUDIIAKI FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MKKHILL BLOBSEfl M'e Know You , fECk-, MOW WE HATES MIMSELF/ "What does Mr. Boswbrth see to smile at in the boss's vacation snapshots? They're all just little pictures of him fishing!" PRISCILLA'S 1'OP \Vhal Kvi-i-y llushand Knows HY AL VKIlftlEKH PLEASE, WALDO.' WHY MUST SPILL ASHES OH WE FLOOR WHEN THE ROOM " BECAUSE YOU KEEP THAT V ONE FULL OF BUTTOI-tS... )fi . AND T M\ t'omimxlore Fanwm's Slory MICHAEL O'MALLJJY and RALPH LANE MERES THE STORY, FLINT. MY OAUGHTER IETTI HAG FAILEN TOfi ,, A WINS CHARTS* BO4TAWN ^ 1 BUCK STAL1CUP/U H4LFWAV HARBOR. THAT'S WHERf SPEND MOST Of THE . VDU OH.YE5-QUnE.wtLL.SrAU.ajP \ SEEMS TO BE GETTING INVOLVED WITH A \ \ VERA OARKUW6, WHO 15 IJVIN6 ON HER • YACHT THESE. IETTI THINKS THIS DARK- /I ' UNG CREATURE 15 UP TO NO GOOD AND \ I •• >HAT BUCK IS SOMEHOW IMPIICATED. / I f, j- -— •»- _- ~_ _^ 1 BY LESLIE TURNER FURV L HAD TO SEE OU A MOMEMT, WKM—/<3I<J,..TO WAR*. WU ABOUT J4W! I HME TO SEE \ M| CE <Y Bur r CAWT GUV LIKE VOl) SUFFER FOE \8El EWE SH/S HEE IMSftME JEW.OUSV. FOR VlKE Th TWO NIGHTS IVESATAIOUE IDvfT IN MOVIES TILL CLOSIUG TO ESCAPE H£K BICKERING HOME (kFTER HELPING AU MEMBER, SHOUID MEUllO IT. UOW HOP tl . KUkJ HOME BUGS BUNNY I'rclly Far In ONE SUPER HAMBURGER COMIN' OP AN' I HOPES YA ENJOV IT/ I CAN'T At RESENTS VER FIND THE ^INCINERATION, HAMBURGER/ I'M GONNA SHOW VA THERE'S PUHLENTY OF MEAT IN THIS SANPWICH BY V. T. HAML1N .' HED DO SETTEE TO ... CCMFINE »,$ ( V.C HIMSELF.^ > - HURT "^ HER BUDDIES HY ICIHiAIt .MARTIN

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