The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1946
Page 8
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FAG* HI Wynne Awards Gas Franchise Arkansas Western See&i to Serve BIjrriteviMe, Too. kg! The Arkansas Western Gas Coni- Rgpanj, or Pasetteville, has been ?S granted a franchise to serve the I* City of'Wjnhe .with natural gas. | J An ordinance to that'effect lias * sbeen approved by the city' council. £ It ?as Announced Uy Mayor Harold h Fills who said the company pro- jP poses to dlstr'bi^p gas to residents •? of Wjnnc bj January, 1948. £ Tins company Is one O f two seek- .1, i»ES T rnnchfie»to serve the CHy || of BlvthcuUe toiii arc being con• sldercd with no action expected !o ~, be taken linmeuiaicly, it has been f nnnoimcd ' The Aikansas Western Oas Com y panj his announced it plans to ^ bring gas into such Eastern Arknn- ? sns cities as West Memphis, Earlt 1 , * Tunell Mmion, parkin, Wilson, }, Wviine, Hu.jhc.5, Brinkley, Helena, t West Helena Harrlsburg. Osccoln. Forrest Citj, ParaBOuld and lilylhn- ville. BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Medicos' Prexy Osceola Society —Personal Miss'Emily Mason. Is spending 10 days In Mnryvillc, Tenn., 'with friends. Harlan Starr is attending Y, M. C. A. camp In Mpmmoth Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hydstrom liave returned to their home in Syracuse, N. Y., after spending 10 days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 11. A. Ramsey. They were accompanied home by Miss Pollyanna Ramsey nnd Miss Betty Nell Bobbins, who will visit there for two weeks, Mr. and Mrs. John Miller had as their guests several days last week Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Miller of George * West. Texas; Mrs. C. O. Brec'-cenridge nnd children. John p.nd Ann, of Houston, Texas; Mrs. E. A. Miller ot Washington, D.,O., .and Mrs. J. Paul Baird of Dyer, i'enn Mr. and Mrs. Rny Young have returned, to , thoir;„. home in Cnpe Girardcaii, Mo., after spending 10 days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Ramsey. Harry Miller III has returned home after visiting relatives In Helena. Mrs. W. R. Snundcrs and son, David, of Starkylllc, Miss., are visiting her sister, Mrs. H. J. Lcveu- steln, nnd family. Mrs. Levcnslein and Mrs. Saunders spent three days of last week in Camdcn, with rclii- tives -J '^.:;;''>-'r-'.tr'"-'•:-••• Mr. and Mrs. Guy Bobbins and Di and Mrs. M. S. Nichols le" yesterday for. a 10-day vacation 'at Lake Geneva.. Wise. Condition of Mrs. Charles Hampton v\ho .underwent a major opcrr tion last Monday at a Memphis he-pital Is satisfactory. Mr and Mrs. K. V. Sanders~and diughter Miss Ada Parris, are In Kennett,, Ark., as guests of Mrs. fa aiders parents, Mr. and Mrs W ^ Baskett ,„ Bcmon ]l!lrl)or MJc) with her brother. V. D. Hamilton. Mrs. Lillian (Innira «f Pulton Ky., has returned to her home ac- l*<1rll.*4..1 — ,J .... .. . •"••", »*• Dr. Harrison II. Shoulders, iibovc, of Nashville, Tc-nn., took office os president of the American Medical Association at tha organization's annual convention at San Francisco. A veteran of World War T, he is a noted surgeon. Steele News Mrs. James Perry and son, Jackie, spent last week with relatives In Rldylcy, Term. Mrs. Vcrnon Threatt has returned from Fayctteville, Ark., where she was called to be with her sister, Miss Dorothy Mixnl. who was recently seriously burned. Miss Margaret Thoiien c>[ Alton, 111., who has been the guest of Miss Miu'tha Lou Alexander for the pa.-il three weeks, left Saturday for her home. Elizabeth and Mary Nell Casey, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Casey of St. Louis, are spending :i vacation with their grandmother, Mrs. E. Casey. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Shelley Jr., and family and Mrs. /Ultc Copelnnd and son. Earl, have been spending n vacation In Ashlabula. Ohio, :is guests ot Mr. aix| Mrs. Jimjny Hecves. Mrs. Florence Fisk of Cerro Gorman, Tenn., is < the guest, of Mrs. Gordon Southern and family. ' Save Money Today, Any Day STOP AND SWAP KLBEICT HUFFMAN'S 401 E. Main rhmie 059 You Slust Be Happy or No Ilcal Mrs. Ocle Turner Is (spending two „, rf and Hnmra, whom she visited In _ Mr. nnd Mrs. Islimacl Cope arvl family me spending their vacation In Delroll, Mich. Mrs. Lolu Wlnlock of Flint, Mich.. .Irs. Samls visiting relatives imd friends In Steele. Cooler, Haytl and Kennett. thing can happen In Colorado. Residents of this town put MONDAY, JULY 8, 1946 Snow »i It Degree* WHEAT RIDGE, Col. (UP)-As Boby Chicks, All Summer Heavy breeds, 3 to 30 days old. Prices reasonable. Good supply feciln jind Poultry supplies. North "4th nt Elevator Feed Store. Read Courier News Want Ads. ••••«»»•• '»»::*»::o:»»:x»; Farm Lands For Sale! Locations in Northeast Arkansas and Southeast Missouri. All sizes Tracts—40 acres up. On Good Rroads. School bus-'and mall route. Power line. Good buildings. C. E. GOLLADAY Ram ho Hotel Hayti, Mo. -******* » »"•>:»:»:>::»:>::«:»»::•: MILLIONS TO LOAN 4 % Farm Loans "G.I." City Loans F.H.A. 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Army engineers devised n Bui . when they turned out Iut o the snow Hide truck :jj- In rice iracLors. for use of Japan, thai cf getting stuck or turned over Track was made of planks four liichcs thick, six «>c:iR5 wide, nnd live fEel loiif. practically climina'ied the danger Read Courier News Want AO«. In His Bid For Re-Election Laney Says He Will "Stand On His Record" --LET'S LOOK AT LANEY'S RECORD! In 1944 Laney Made These Promises to the Voters . . . , ROADS— "When the money is available, 1 think every foot of road' poKsililc .should lie paved an quickly as possible* ***|trmils should not lit hiiilt or maintained in any county or any section of the stale for the of political fence building." ' — I.ancy's Operiiii;,' .Spccrh, Gazette, June II, 1911 '"Hen Laney is Ihn one man for Governor who will really -improve ffirm-to-niarkel roads . . . not jnst talk about it'." —Ark. Ga-«l(c, July 2, Iflll "Ken Laney is pledged to a program of farm-to-market road construction regardless of political expediency." ' — Ark. Gazette, July ?.\, 1911 , SCHOOLS— "Do you waul a Governor who deplores the grave problem of underpaid teachers, curlailod school terms, unequal educational opportunities for run- boys and 'girls . . . and a Governor who CAN and WILL do comulhintc about it? Jten Laney is the inai:." —Ark. Gazette, June as, 1911 "Hen Laney is the one man for governor who will cooperate with school officials to improve- the lot to teachers . . . not jitst talk alionf il!" — Ark. Ga/ctic, July '>., 1914 * VETERANS— "Hen Lnncyis a former service mail and will sponsor rehabilitation of our service men and women." ";. . . , — Ark. Ga7et(o, July 21. 1914 "Ben Laney has made a definile pledge to provide FIRST for our gallant righting, sons and daughters in postwar Arkansas." " —Ark. Gazelle, July 2, l!)ll "My administration will cooperate to I he fullest extent with all agencies rendering this service of gratitude to our veterans." — I-aiicy's Inaugural Speech,' !!)!;> v OLD AGE PENSIONS— "T am a friend of the old people, (he distressed and the needy. I am i, ; favor of bringing old age pensions up to a higher level. I intend to do somclhing about this." : — I.aney's Campaign Speeches, July. 1944 FARM GASOLINE EXEMPTION— fh-i that for BUT - Here's What the Record Shows! | v ™ ml » ca tllc formers of Arkansas he would work out a plan whereby iarm- ' St '! to V 1X " c ^''"l> li «'> «>« K«»«>Iinc used »'« lotJjcr farm e,,uipmenl usetl for ' NO POLITICAL MACHINES- "A jrovcrimi- who will put a stop to the Iravestv ot Stale coMtroled polities . . . vho will put. an em! to '>!«• c-litl) lactic.s, to Ihrcats and coercion." .MI , .. —Ark. Ga/cllc, July 29. 1911 Uincy will take stale employees out .if politics and I »e l)i s shot politicians out of state alTair.s." —Ark. Gazelle, July 21, 19H * ARKANSAS RURAL HIGHWAYS DISGRACEFUL! "During the past week T had the pleasure (?) of riding over miles and miles of highways in the rural sections of Nrth Arkansas. For months these roads have lieen grossly neir- lected ... A farmer in one county sail! he could have fattened a cow rijjht down the middle of a road . . There may be a reason for the existence of such deplorable nnd disgraceful conditions in Arkansas. 1 am simply staling they DO exist —at:d in great abundance. I've been 'there!" —Itun of Ihe News. Ark. Dem., June 4, ISHfJ * LET' DO SOMETHING AKOUT OUR ROADS! What- .state in the whole United States has worse roads thnn Arkansas? What state pays higher taxes than Arkansas? There just ain't any. Why can't wo have better roads in the state? Is it that we don't have the need for them, or is it that; the money that .should bu spent for roads is spent for trier things. Pcrlwps we have the wrong people looking after the interest of the citizens. We, the people, pul the officials in office; the officials are supposed to look after the interests of the people This is election year. LET'S DO SOMRHING ABOUT OUR ROADS!!! —IKcrks Runner, M:iy 2, 1916 * TEACHBRS HAVE PROGRAM FOR SALARY AND SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT "Arkansas school superintendents anil teachers voted to. place the decision (on promoting a separate program of teacher salary increases ami school improvement) in the hands of Marvin Bird, A. E. A. president, at n Legislative Committee meeting nt the West Side Junior High School. "We arc entitled to the support nf the Governor and Ihe A I" K. C. tor at least 52,000,000 for the teachers' Mr Hini said." ^ —Ark. Gazette, Jan. 13, 1915 * LEGION POST DISPLEASED WITH GOVERNOR'S VETO Brinkley—The Legion post has expressed dissatisfaction over Governor Laney's vetoing parts of the Service Bureau Bill that would ii.ivo provided for a service officer iu each coiinly. liotli houses of the fiSilh General Assembly passed a measure lint would have made possible a county set-up with S!MH> allotted each county from the slates general revenue fund. —Ark. Democrat, March 23, 1945 * GOVERNOR LANEY DEFEATS OLD AGE In 1945, House Bill No. 284 which would IILIVC appropriated 52,000,000 to Ihe slate welfare Tumi to increase welfare grants to include all eligible persons on the waiting; list, was passed in hoth houses by a big majority. Also House Kill No. 20!) which would have made it mandatory for the countv wcl- * GOVERNOR VETOES HILL FOR TAX- USED ON FARMS House Bill No. 60 (Erwin)—To provide for the refund of taxes paid oh (he purchase iif gasoline by Ihe C'omniissconer of Revenue, where gasoline was DELEGATION CRITICISES WAY MAINTENANCE HIGH- "To a large Southwest Arkansas delegation asking for all-weather surfacing on 28 miles of stale Highways 1G anil ?.& between Arkailelplua and Delight, Governor Laney declared he "steadfastly refused to Imild a road" unless he knew it could tie Jjuilt, denied .charges of discrimination made by the delegation's spokesman. Highway maintenance also was criliei/ed hy the delegation." ; —Ark. Gaz. June 2G, 1310 *'coLiiMi!L\ COUNTY ROADS DE- PLORARLE "There's hardly a road in Columbia county that «-e ran point lo with pride. It's a deplorable condition, but this election year . . . Candidates ou;ht to he asked: Wh'at is going to be done to make these roads passable . . . and Columbians want more than campaign promises—they want action. Our mails are the biggest liability we have, ar.d now is the time to do something about it. Time is not going to make them better, hut worse ; if that's possible." •—Columbia County Journal, June 17, '1S4G * EIGHTEEN MONTHS OF HAD WEATHER. 'The .slate highway department has stepped up its road maintenance program throughout Arkansas. Kaker said Ihe maiiilenancc program HAD BKEN" I>KLAYK1> BV I'OOK WEATHER DURING THE LAST KIGHTIWN MONTHS, but that needed repairs now are going forward." (Could this sudden activity be "political tfence building?") —Ark. Democrat. June 14, 191C if NON-COMMITAL ATTITUDE UY LANEY TOWARD A. E. A. PROPOSALS "The Legislative Committee of the Arkansas Education Association reported a non-committal at- lilude by Governor Laney when il presented its l>roposals to him for a program of teacher salary increases and school improvement." —Ark. Gazette, Jan. '13. 19IT> Is this the "cooperation with schools officials lo improve Hie lot of teachers" which the Governor promised in 1944? if STUDENT VETS COMPLAINTS STILL STAND Fayettcvi'.'c (AI P )—E. W. Johnson, president of Gamma Iota (GI) fraternity, veteran-student or- gai:i/,ntiou, told a mass meeting of about 250 University or Arkansas students last night that most of their grievances against the University remained unsettled. Mr. Johnson said that lirig. Gen. II. L. MrAlister had told him that Gov. Laney had promised that the prc-registration fee system would be abandoned. "Then I read in the newspapers that Gov. Laney said lie would make NO recommendation." —Ark. Democrat, June 20, 1916 PENSION HILLS fare direclor to investigate all claims for assistance within 00 days of the tiling of claims, was passed in both houses. Governor Laiiev treated these bills in such a way that it defeated the cause. In 1915, 2336 persons were stricken from Ihe welfare rolls. EXEMPTION OF GASOLINE used exclusively for agricultural purposes; denning Ihe [|iiaUficatiiins of persons, firms or corporations seeking such refunds. I'asscd by House, 8S-0. I'ass- k V LANEY ADMINISTRATION CIVKS VIC" MACHINE OVER VETERANS "Mayor Leo P. McLaughlin, Garland County's powerful political boss, is still a power in Arkansas governmental affairs. He came lo the stale capitol yesterday und obtained from Acting Governor J. L. Shaver Ihe appointment of one his henchmen, liar- ry I,ewis, as county asse-ssor lo succeed Hoy Gillcn- watcr, resigned. ".Mr. Shaver made the appointment of Mr. Lewis in Ihe absence of Gov. Laney, disregarding the request of Mr. Gillcnwaler that he appoint his chief TORY TO GARLAND CO. deputy, F. W. Uowles. to fill lh c uncxpired term." —Ark. Gazette, May »9, 1946 ' The appointment of Mr. Lewis was considered i triumph for Leo P. McLaushlin's Garland County maclmic, opposed by a veteran group headed by bidiu-y McGralh. Gov. Laney said, "I see no reason for interfering with Lieutenant Govenor Shaver's action." . .. .. . —Ark. Ga/ettc, June 1, I94S Isn t this just another case of the lieutenant governor "washing the dirty linen" of a governor? The People of Arkansas Are fed Up With Gov. Laney's Broken Promises, Failures and Weak Administration! They Are Turning to the Man with a Constructive Plan * that Moves Hand in Hand with the Needs and Problems of the Greater Number of Our People - They Will ELECT JudgeJIM MALONE GOVERNOR OF ARKANSAS

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