The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1944 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1944
Page 4
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ncsroui BITTHKV1LLB COUlffl* HS8 * THB OODBODt MBWI OO. H. W. HJUSW, PubUibu BAMOTCL P. NORRIB, Mitor JA1OE8 A. QATENB, AdurtMm ltt»M«« N»UooiJ Wltaer Oo, Htw Tort, ChlMfl*. D»- IrUt, ittutt, Hetcphi*. _ Iterr Altermoon »uixUT «nUrwl u KOQBd clu* m»tt«r at ttw poft- •Hlc« »t BljtherlUe, ArfcuuM. under ut at OM- October I. l»n. . . . . _ ' Berred bj tin Prea SUBSCRIPTION '., By curler In the city of BlytbtTlUc, Ml ptr ut Mo per UKKIUL •} anil, within • radius ot « mllw, M 00 p*T r, POO (or ilz month* 11.00 far three mo«Uu; • to mitil outalde 60 mile lone 110.00 ptr jmr In advisee. SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 1944 army are daily .••strengthening Premier Stalin's ability to demand what he wants. Polish Mission to Moscow •t ^ The mission to Moscow of Polish premier Mikolajczyk e;ui be motivated only by Die hope of n, compromise scL- >t!emonl of the long and hitter Polish- •Russifin dispute. The exiled Polish gov- 'ernmcnt in -London is in no position to demand. It' can only ask, and hope Hint 'Premier Shilin \\-iH see fit to give it ;t Jplace, along with the Russian-supported ^Polish Committee of National Liberation, in the, new government of Poland. * It would be to Premier Stalin's ad- .Sranlaee to do this. To ignore the pre- ,'Jvar Polish government undoubtedly 'jjvould alienate the sympathy of ninny i>olcs, including members of the umler- 'ground army, whose support would be •of great < help in the present fighting. -It would also be a contradiction of the •avowed .self-determination subscribed ,to by the United Nations. " The Polish government in exile is '(i coalition of the Socialist, Peasant, .^Christian Labor and National Domo- Ifcral parties which existed before the Jfjcrman invasion. Communists were ex- Icluded from the prewar government, Jjvhich 'certainly complicates Ihc present "Situation. Blit Russia now to impose a Jjjovornment distasteful to the majority *t)f Poles would not offer much' hope * * $or future peace.' . , , 2 On the : othor hand, Premier Stalin •.obviously, \will not consider the . exiled ^government's desire 16 create a Poland 4.whicb can play off Germany against Russia, as it tried to do in the past. t{The actual attempts to do that seldom aworkcd to. anyone's advantage, least of ••all Poland's. For years the -Poles were Bunder the domination of Russia or Ger- Jmany, when they were not actually 'Jjeing ruled by one or the other coun- Jivy. So the 'Russian solution may be ^best for Poland. >1 Mr. Stalin wants no "buffer stale" jnext to him. Hi^ evident goal is close •co-operation of the Slavic countries, T-aimed at suppressing any growth of -German, power and aggressiveness. This Bought to meet with (he approval of ^everybody except the Germans. Even 'jthe Polish gpvernmenl that has opposed -Mr. Stalin's plans shouldn't object on ••that score. i- Whether the Russian premier wanl:i -io sovictiyw;" Poland remains to be seen. £A. fair guess might be that lie does !3iot. For, one thijig, the Cominlern is "officially abolished, though it might l>u ^revived. For another, Russia is goinj; jto be faced with a tremendout postwar H[ask of rebuilding and readjustment. -jMr. Stalin won't court trouble. ^ Most ir;; ortant, Russia '.UIP no apparent neotl to ancx more IcrvHory. •-Vast lands and vast resources \K lo Ihe Oeast. We arc always being to-d that "^Russia's future is in Asia, :ind that is Jjndoubtedly true. Rut Russia -doesn't Svant to be locked out of Eurov.e, either. ^Closc tics with Slavic and Balkan neigh- *faors would keep the door open. And jjthe prodigous triumphs of the Red Compl imentdry-Abuse Evidence Introduced in the Wash-* ington sedition trials reveals that Governor Dewey as well as President Roosevelt has been the, turret of abusive articles in buiidist.'anti-Sumiiiu and ultra-isolationist publications. Defense attorneys protest the "insult" to the Republican candidate. Actually, of course, the abuse was a distinct compliment. All patriotic citizens, regardless of party, should rejoice that both candidates for our highest office have-experienced the cleansing process of being denounced by these un-American c!e- ments. SIDE GLANCES Reproduction ID this column of editorials from other newspapers does not nectMarlly mean endorsement but fa an acknowledgment ot Interest In Ihe subject! diicuued. On New Guinea On the fnr tip ot New Guillen, where the Vogelkop Peninsula tlirusUi out toward Ihc Philippines like the hcntl of n hungry dinosaur, units of the Sixth Army have effected the lust of n series of surprise Inndiiujs. Sunsnpor nncl Us collateral coral Islets of Amslcrdntn nnd Middleburg arc 200 uillcs beyond the hitherto westernmost point seized by Allied forces nt Nocinfoor. They Jorni tlic flnnl link hi ft chain of posts extending, from Milne Bay along the entire northern coast of Ihe huge Island. Mindanao, southernmost of the Philippines, lies (iOO miles away across tlie sen. within easy bombing range, nils is Uic sixth major landing since the invasion of Netherlands New Guinea began at Hollandla a little more than three months ago. The requisite amphibious Icchritnue has been reduced to nil exact science. Well 'lit advance,' Allied planes neutralized the Japanese base at Sorong, 00 miles to.Ihc west, and cleared the sea nnd air. They hovered over the beach, ns the troops poured nshorc, nnd Allied cruisers and destroyers stood by.' ' ~ As usunl, a force of Japanese was by-passed. Some 15,008 men under Lieut. Gen. Sliiinklclil Ikeda were left behind at Maiwkwarl. They can advance 150 miles westward against the prepared Allies nt Sansnpor This has been tried without success by lour times their number similarly isolated at Aitape. The alternative Is to strike south through the jungle. Their dllcmmn ilhis; (rates once again the bankruptcy of Japanese defensive strategy In the Southwest Pacific. Lacking .support from the sea nnd air, their strong points wither nwny. In the lace-losing futility. Little has been heard of In re- cclnl months. More may well bo heard of Sansn- ]X>r, which marks the farthest mlvnncc yet achieved by General MacArthur on his return journey to Manila. —NEW YORK HEAULU TRIBUNE. "Oh, ('icorfje, your shirts.-didn't come back from Ihe laundry! You know, I'mjtempled lo do Ihcm myself, even at the risk of wear and tear on our clcclric.iroii.!" _ THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson A Few Bod Ones Could Ruin the Lot • SO THf* UY There is nothing lo fear in the Ititure, there Is plenty of work for everybody, automobiles and airplanes will be Improved nnd farming Is due for Us greatest expansion. All we want to do Set along with the rest ot the world—plenty of trade on equal terms Is the answer.—Henry Ford. • . • We hurt 32 fresh eggs for supper last night. We got 17 for brcaktiist tills morning. It ain't a bad war except on occasion.—U. S. sergeant In Normamty. • « • 11 would be a crime to deny the situation has become very grave—very grave.—German radio. » » « Where matters ot iwlittcs arc concerned, it is unfair to expect too much of the expert— Dr. Everett Case, president Colsnte University. • i . We seek no territory, we dc.slre no oil fields, we seek nothing that is not our own. But what Is our own in the Commonwealth, we don't want any other pcoiilc to express an opinion nbout. That we will (irmly retain.—Winston Churchill. CONSTITUTES- MOTHER NATURES PLOU// THESE BUSY CREATURES AERATE THE SOIL, FERTILIZE IT WITH THEIR CASTING?, AND PROVIDE IRRISATiON INLETS WITH THEIR. BURROWS—AND MANV 6ARDENERS NOW SHOULD FE06S AND PORCUPINES GO SHOPPING TOGETHER THESE DAYS ? TENDER FRONDS OF CAN PUSH UP THROUGH CONCRETE. 8-5 .; .>. _. , Ihe greenbacks, porcupines the poini.i NEXT: A state governor's last wish. In Hollywood BY KUSKINE JOHNSON NEA Staff Correspondent the ladies' room nl night club," said Jonn. Don't mention the servant problem to Joan Crawford. She'd probably iiit you right over the head [ram Cleveland, O., say- route to Hollywood "movie slur. The .friend got and the girl, whom we shal Paramount." "Mildred Pierce" will be Joan's first picture in nearly a year and B half. "It's the first story I really liked," she said. "I'd rather sit tlian make a bad picture." 'Itoiiuliriil Mcndow' CAMPOBELLO ISLAND, N. 15. (UP)—In normal years, tlie President of the United States spent his summer vacation on a Canadian island with tin Italian mune. president Frankiin U>. Roosevelt's summer home is located on this bit of Dominion soil thai hius a name It's A Fact- Thai The American Legion has the eligibility for membership to include honorably discharged veterans of World War II and tlmse who remain in the sen-ice after cessation of hostilities. , • - - ich in lialiiiu means meadow." "beautiful KfflciciU l'o.stm:istcr DUNCAN, Okla. (UP) — Duncan citi/.cns don't know how it's being done, but they love it. Posimasler Tom Cray milled more than 700 families lo Duncan's mall routes by extending them into outlying ureas ol the city, an ( | with a manpower shortage on, too. Courier Dr. J, L Guard Optometrist at Guard's Jewelry 209 W. Main FARM LOANS Present Loans Refinanced. Liberal Property Valuation. COMPARE OUR SERVICE i NOBLE GILL AGENCY v.- *K:{"Conip/etc-lnsurance Service" GLENCOE BLDG. PHONE 3131 Kewiml Party Loyally Ro-Elect MRS. E, W. FROST Democratic National CommUfcewonian v.'lili an Ironing board. Or a mop. For eight months—between scr- vnnls—llic glamorous lady of screen has been dusttnp; furniture, washing dishes and ironing, taking care of two children, looking ami .J Irying lo be a movie star. It was ftutte a problem. Servants came anrt went. Most of Diem were Incompetent. One didn't like the fond. Another said she was underpaid. Another., quit in a luifl when Joan reprimanded her for eating part of a cake intended for company. "II wns awful," Joan Crawford said. "Tills Is about the first time I could sit down longer than 15 minutes for altnrxst a year." La Crawford \va.s kniUhitf a pair Insulate Your Attic with BALSAM WOOL FILL YOUR COAL BIN NOW! E.C, Robinson Lbr. Co, MS. WES & NIES OSTCOPATHIC PHYSICIANS RECTAL DISEASES a SPECIALTY /EXCEPT CANCER; OFFICE HOURS: 8:00-12:00 and 1:30-5:00 CUnic 514 MalH Blytheyille, Ark. Phone 2»21 ork. "It wa vondcrliil." Joan said, "We h-i( o BO to the Hollywood Canlcci hat night and I wax really turncc out, in a fox cape nnd all tba ;ocs with it, Including some fcalli TS. The yirl arrived Just as Phi ind T. were leaving. She just stooi here—\vlUi her mouth wide opci When we got to the car I told I'bi 'Well, 1 hope wo gave her enoug of socks for husband Terry. Pbil wns playing with their two adopted children. Christina. 5. and jphll. 21 months. A recently hired I couple were doing the housework. "I not them through Ihc girl in lur Boarding House with Major lloople Out Our Way By J. R. Williams r JUST TOIO HIMTU F.-tCEOP w OO ^/OU MEPxM i \ 45.000 FOR OWE- 60,000 A DOZEM H6 WEMT DOWN ?> JfXP <3MlPER/ 6E.T GOME WATER AGUVCODLD SET HlUQSZLr A PEVM PLEASE HOLD A MET UMDER. IF X tUt TRAPEZE HOW jo EWJOY -1FG"--WHV. VOO CCSJT Ht\VE TOTA.KE" A COURSE 1W IT TO tX5 THAT.' J|S <3O ULTIM' THRU TH' A&IF THER&'S MORE TO IT THi»M THW- IT'S OLJnE A STUDY TO GET THE MOST OUT OF LIFE /I np^DUGHT IT NICE'KJBE HARRIED. THEM L THO1J6MT IT Kitce ^o BEF^EE. BO \ TOOK TCntf LIFE OF A HOBO, THEM .\PA1ACE LOOKEP BETIER TO ME.' I'VE FUMBLEP AROUND TILL I'M MWETY AtJ ' iV SECRET O' PtR- CT CC;>nEUTSM K WEVER LOO^. glamor.' " But Susie, the ntovic-slriick maid, 1 l to l>c an obsession with her. Joan said, "I was nhvays \vorricd about whelhrr we were giving iier enough clamor." As a gag, Joan got nj> one morning and sot all drc-wed up. "Where arc YOU go- lug?" askct! I'litl. "No placo," said Joan. "I'm Just trying to please (he help. Dn yon iliinl: I look Bl.imorous (.-iiougii tins morning for Susie?" Susie finally tiult nnd went back [o Clm-claud. "I guess, slic didn't s i,ip insure. get enough gUnwr." said Joan, repaired. ''She wasn't very good sit housework. anyway." NK\V KOI.K Joan exp-c's lo return to the canicr.-is In September In Warner Brothers' version of author James Cain's highly ccnsorable novel 'Mildred Pierce." It Is the slory ol a mother and her icm-agcd daughter. When mamn Is divorced, she pocs to -work to further daughter's sin?liiR rarccr. 'i'he daughter is an linfiratcful wrclrli who finally murders mnnui's second husband, The locale Is Los AtiRcles and social Pasadena. 1'rodncer Jerry Walrt is paging Joan's ex-husband, Franchot Tone, for thf role of the second husband. It would Iw 6»«l sliowmaiijshlp but I doubt It Joan will approve. She'd like niana Lynn, though, who played the brat In the Ginger Rogers picture, "Tlie Major and the Minor," for the daURhtcr. I ! Hut Diana works for Paramount. I «! doubt,"' said, "whether Warners will let her have the role. They'U -'JiiBl. lie building a star for FOR BALK CONCRETE HTOKM SKWER Al,l, HI7K8 (;he»l»:r Than Wrld^c l.nmfcrf Osceola Tile & Culvert Co. Phono «91 O«ccol», Ark ALTERATIONS! Come to Hudson's for alterations of all kinds. We have three expert seamstresses on duty at all times. HUDSON Cleaner—Tailor—Clothier Shoes arc cosUy— It ;i v e them renewed ivhrre r.v- sictiiip raro cnm- hhml with supcr- lalivr ivorhmnii- thclr being properly Every slvlc of repair Is made li —KTG1ITI Roaches, Hals and Mice eliminated. Contract service In pest control. Biddle Exterminators Free Estimates, 115 8. Third Thone M51 WHISKEY On Hand At ALL TIMES MARTIN'S WHISKEY STORES 112 W. Main 420 W. Ash WE F1M- AM' DOCTORS' PRESCRIPTIONS UNO SAVE TOO MONB1 S T E W A R T' S Drag S I »r t Main A L>k< Fk»> t SPECIALS! RUM—Pints 1.50 —Fifths . . .2.50 BRANDY (values to 5.50) Fifths $3 GIN Fifths 3.50, ARKANSAS GRAPE WINE 40c PER BOTTLE GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Repair WADE COAL CO. N. Hwy. 61 CEILING PRICES Phone 2291

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