The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 1947
Page 8
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PACE TEN IJIATilEVII.LE (AltK.)" COURIER NEWS Election Board's DutiesareDefined Madison Commission Lacked Authority to Throw Out Ballots LITTLE ROCK. Ark., June 3. •UP) — Thc Arkansas Supreme cou,^ vcsterday dismissed one ap- p * ftl i|j?' 1 reversed four of seven other cases upon which It acted. Dismissed was an appeal from a Madison CouiHy Circuit Court decision refusing to order the Mn- dlson County Board or Election commissioners-to count nil s.l»en- toe ballots In Ihc 194B general election. The lower court decision came after J. H. Dotson, Republican candidate for sheriff, charged that the commissioners refused to count 150 of 200 absentee ballots. Lester Keck, Republican member or the commission, admitted the truth of Dotson's charge. Granting that the ballots should be counted, the Supreme Court nevertheless dismissed the appeal lie- cause the question had become "moot" In that it Is too late to at ford Dotson any relief. The 4 to 3 decision said that | while the commission has the power and authority to hear and determine the legality or challenged . ballots, "it does not have and i: I Blvcn no power to arbitrarily dls franchise an elector who has cnst a ballot." The decision said tin commission's duties are purely mill istcrlal. Reversed was a Pulaskj Chancery Lots of Bounce Southern Pacific President Visits Texas UN Group Rejects Bid to Counteract False Propaganda TUESDAY, JUNE 3, , N. Y., June 3-- A cvcchoslovaklim proposal nsklns for action to counli'i.ict false news and derlimmtury cum- piitKiis was rejected toduy by the. United Nations Subcomnilssliin on Freedom of Information, as It moved to finish Its work tlil.i week. Members of (h e commission siild Ihcy ncrcoa with the spirit of the proposal but felt It was bpya'ul tlirlr Jurisdiction. They ntc plun- iilnt! (he wnclu for H Wciiid Conference on i'Ti'odoin or intormatlon next .SprltiB In Kui'opo, ' Ur. Charles Humphrey, secretary >f the Ki'uup, said thill tin- commission hud no power to undertake Hit' task. The proposal WHS rejected uy n vote or 6 lo •!. Southern Pacific President A. T. Merelcr, now on a swing through Texas, paused in Ennls. >ind while there, bought the first Buddy Poppy to be suid in Ennls. Jlninilc Moore, son of Cerium Moore editor of thc Eimls Dail *' Ncws - Wils tllc l'' ck y CtiU Scout fleeted losell Mr. Mercier his poppy. (NBA TelLptioloi Court decision which had declared a paragraph in the will of the late Sam V. Bracy. Si:, to be voicV The lower court had quieted title o the 20-acre White Oaks liome u Sam V. Bracy, Jr.. Mary Bracy Manning. Alfred M. Bracy and Nancy Bracy. The supreme court ordered the property sold and thc proceeds divided nine ways to the "parental family" of thc late Bracy. Also reversed was a Pulaski Circuit Court decision upholding thc Little Rock Municipal Court in a- wardinjj A. Karcher Candy Co., Judgment for $60 against Ewcll Hopkins. The circuit Court had revised the city court when Hopkins contended that the statute of limitations had run out. The Supreme Court said the Arkansas law allows action on judgments and decrees too be started within* 10 years. Other reversals were in two land •suits filed iii Green and Cleveland counties. \ Affirmed was a Drew County circuit court case refusing to alto-* thc Little Rock Business brokers to collect a commission on a nonexistent theater sale In Monticello Also affirmed was a Gnrlund chancery court decision granting Tom L. McGuire and T. D. Short exclusive rights to operate commercial boats on a one-mile stretch or stokes creek. The men said they urchnscd one lot along the creek rom Ida Levi under the agrec- icnt that they be allowed excusive boating rights along the en- ire waterfront owned by Mrs. jjcvi. r ,The decision upheld an injunc- ion enjoining the Edkewatcr Ixxlgc, Vhilewatcr Lodge. Wigwam Lodge nd Circle L Ranch from oper.itlng omincrcial boats. socialion thai bcundryl inlilblts thc ictioii o( histaminc, a'poison re- cased by the tissues ill allergic •cacllons. Thc doctors point out that hives and other allergic reactions to lonlcillln may constitute a serious jar lo treatment with the' drua. 3Ut that tests have shown that with the addition of bcnudryi, or pryibcnzainlnc, it may now be possible to continue treatments in the drug. those, who react to CLUB 61 (Formerly Mldnitc Inn) TIIK8. AND ritllMY Orchestra NlRhls OPIN NIGHTLY FOR DANCING Under New Management. Call 944 for reservations. - _ penicillin j bond. Gels His Z C'eiils Worth DECATUR, Hid.. (Ul>)—Edwin H. Kaufman, prciilur city auditor, cherishes his military lennlnal leave pay check. It is ror 2 cenls. Thc rest or "Ihc payment, $100, catne hi Ihe form of a government Couples and Parties ONLY! Oarntd & Optrntcd bjr CleorRe Ford and W. A. "Red" BickersUR Candy Kid SeNsfht GARY, lud. (UP)—Police In Gary nrc looking [or » youngster 1 with a stomachache. A grocer rc|X>rlcd his stoic was entered and 800 candy bins taken. Investigators d the IliiBcrpi'lnts on a smashed door were miule by u child. ~~ LEARN TO \Ve will tcacli you how fight easy Icssom. Helpful for "Regulars" as well *s "Hcginners." Single "Refresher" Lessons Complete B-I.cssim . Course SINGER SEWING CENTER FOR SALE Concrete Building Blocks Aquella Water Proofing Paint 12-48 inch CONCRETE CULVERTS plain or reinforced Osceola Tile and'CULVERT co. Deliver Phone 091 T' J «••• • J. • Tired, AlHi- Listkss M$ Brought To HiH Ai Vibrant Energy t» »»t»-rH ' I To Every Muscle, Fibre, CcU Do you tit up in tb* morntnct a*m tired, <e«T down-and-out til da\y? Bart you checked-up on your blood tCremth lately? overwork, undut worry, ooid/tu or other UlnM* often wean down tht red-blood-ceJIa. • • •*;••• Every day—ererr hour—million*' at : tiny red-blood-cell* mu*t pour^'rort^ Irorn the marrow of your boo** 16' r*- .. i)l»i:e thoM th*t art worn-out. A low blood count may aflect you In t*r«rtl -•»y»: no ippetlte, underwelcbt,' no ' wriry. a run-down condition, lick/«* •lUlnuce to Infection and illume , ./ To eet real relief you muM k*ep UB your blood atrenKth.Medical tutlHcitte by analyila o( the blood, have by poal-- live n root nhown thai 888 Tonlclt imnzlnijly ertectlve In bulldlnx up low Mood slrtngth In non-orctnUi nutrt- llonil anemia. Thli U due to tin MS Tonic formula which contain* ipedal mil potent actlvatlnc Inirtdttntt. - . Also, SSS Tonlo help* you enjoy tbt food you cat by Increaelnr tne' itttrle ' attentive juice when It 1* noa-ortianl- cally too little or scanty—thuatht atom• ch will have little cause to »rt.b«Ja-y with gag. bloat and (Ive of that tour food taste. •. • • ; Don't watt) Enfrrvlu your bodr wfth rich. red-Wood. Start on 888 Tonic now. As vigorous blood «\lrge» throufchout tour whole body, greater freshneaa and Strength should make you rat better, sleep better, feel better, work better play bettor, huve a healthy color mow la your nkln— llrm flelh nil out hollow places. Minion* ot bottle* sold. CJet a bottle frum your drug otore. BSS Toolo help* Build Sturdy HetlUi. I Nurse Betty Ditsky attends Joseph I Scouler, 2',4-years-old, who suffer- I ed only a broken left arm when he I (ell from a ledge on the fourth floor I of St. Vincent's Hospital in Pliila- I rielphia. Thc child became dizzy 1 and fell from thc ledge after wan- I dering aroury on it for 15 minutes. (NEA Tclcphoto) BUILD TERMITES OUT with ~~ READY-MIXED CONCRETE Your new home can be made termite-proof and struct ii rail)- modern by building foundations, floors »nd porches of concrete. Ready-Mixed Concrete helps contractors 'lo a top quality job; The "mix" Is accurately proportioned for the use intended by expert concrete men . . . every load ' uniform m strength, density and reliability . ; . delivered exactly vher« and when you want it* - . l»T •• pvi you In tovch wTth rafl- •*»(« contractors who tan give y*» a good home and SCYB you money* Phone us for ln!ortnal!on. HUGHES & Company "Ready Mix Concrete" Building Materials South lOffi St. fc^ Phone 3531 ^ Cure for Persons With Allergies to Penicillin Found NEW YORK, (UP) — Hero Is ;ood ncw s for those persons who nay be allergic to penicillin nnct :annot take this life-saving drug. The news comes from two groups )f investigators In Philadelphia who cport that another drug, hena- dryl, may be given along with pcni- :illin to offset thc allergy. The groups reported in the Journal of thc American Medical As- SERVICE PROTECTION FOR YOUR ttmp* Blythcvillc Steam Laundry-Cleaners *\l M ^ ** Phone 418 Nothing like it for looks... nothing like it for thrills... P EOPLE sec things ihey like in all the I<M7 curs. But ilic low- swung new Sludcliakcrs arc the • cars everybody remembers. linch 1947 Studchakcr is unmistakably a showpiece—excitingly different—thoroughly postwar. Even more thrilling, say many owners, is the way the new Studebaker handles and rides. Sec it now! Only car with "black light" dash dials—self-adjusting brakes—unique new wide-vision windows and windshield! brilliant-performing newposbvar Studebaker ira n The Champion...The Commander The cxtra-long-whcclbasc Land Cruiser Completely new from every view CHAMBLIN SALES Captain of Industry R. R. & Ash Sts. LEX CHAMBL1N * ^,_ IMionc 2 Hi,") CHAM15L1N. Meet Butch—Prcs., Trc.ts., antl Field Force of the One Man Odd Jobs Co., Uninc. Take a good look at him—for Dutcli is America. Butch wants a bicycle. Lots of lawn and lemonade and baby-sitting lie between Butcli and that bike, but we're betting on the boy. He has energy, vision, and our national habit of working hard for what he wants. He's American business—in^miniature. There arc many names for Rutch's philosophy. You can call it Free Enterprise, Opportunity, Democracy, or Capitalism, if you want. But, whatever I : name, America owes it much. For our most valuable natural resource lies in the ambition and initiative of Americans like Butch. ^ As great publications have grown from the dreams of young men •with old hand- presses—and great industries from thc products of grubby little cellar workshops—thc tlcctric industry had small beginnings, too. Like our own company. A few men with. vision strung thc first small lines. People with faith risked their savings. Better and better service, at lower and lower cost, created more and more jobs—and carried the benefits of electric living to more and more people. Free enterprise and hard work will bring Butch and his bike together. They are what built America and thc American way of life, which is the highest standard of living in the world. No nation on earth has found a satisfactory substitute for that combination. • Liltcnto the New Electric Hour— Ihc HOUR OF CHARM: „ Sundays, 4:30 P. M., EOT, CBS. m-MOPOWERCO. ft 3 OitrSuaittm to Stm fyit _ | — OWAttfTO ffWCYWt£TT£*/ '

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