The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1950 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1950
Page 11
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TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 1950 BLYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Tfi« Nation Today: The Government's Medical Program, Hoover Group Would Combine Government Hospital Services PAGE ELEVEN (Editor*! -Nate: This l» the *M- onj of five florin explaining the "ghl over the Hoover Coramis- ilon's proposal to lump the VA hospital program In with-other (ovmunent hwpiUI programs.) By Jamt* Mario w April 11. (IF) — Briefly, thU U what the Hoover Commission, headed by former President Hoover, thought should be done about hospitals run by the Veterans Administration. It thought they should be combined into one government hospital system together with the hospitals run by the Army, Navy and Public Health Service. The commission said: The federal "government Is attempting to give varying degrees of direct medical care to 24,000,000 people. is.500,000 Vtterans This Includes about 18.500.000 veterans. At one extreme of those receiving medical care are members ol the armed forces, their dependents, merchant senmen, and other lesser groups totaling upwards of 3,000.000. They are eligible for almost complete medical care. At the other extreme are about 2,000,000 employes of the federal government. They ore eligible for medical care only for Industrial accidents and out-patient service of the Industrial hygiene type. The commission said: Agencies Compete "More than half of the departments and agencies of the federal government conduct medical health activities. These .agencies compete for doctors and other tech- nica^«rsoi!nel, and funds. "TB^e Is no central supervision of trTsr activities; and they operate under diverse policies with respect to qunlity of treatment, types of beneficiaries served, types,of research, and areas of authority." The. government has around the country various Army and Navj and VA hospitals with a total about 175,000 beds. The VA alone has 131 hospitals with 113,000 bed: and 98,000 veterans in them. (VA is building more hospitals and, when finished, will have 131,000 beds in 174 hospitals.) Crowded and Empty One Congressman recently said that,'under the present set-up, i veterans' hospital might be crowded, with a waiting list, while a nearby military hospital has empty t»ds.\ Can a veteran get into one "o those beds, .since It's-not In a VA hospital?-He can if VA has a con tract-far.a bed like that. VA no\ has contracts covering -5,300 bed in hospitals of the armed" services Next-year it will have only 3.00C or Th^^Hoover Commission recom mended that all the governmen hospitals — except the prison hos pitals-—be placed in the hands the United Medical Administration. The head of this would be an appointed administrator. He'd have the help of a board made up of representatives of the Army Navy, Air Force, and VA. But— Board to Be Adviw^ This board's power, under the recommendation, would be advisory only. For that reason former Prest- Bent Hoover dissented from the recommendation to the extent of sug- esting such a board have power ?oy Scouts Save Air Force Veteran from Swamp Death to set policy for carrying out the medical program. Would there be any future connection between a veteran and the VA, which was created to look after his needs, If VA's hospitals were taken over by a new agency? Under the Hoover Commission's plan the veterans still would have to go before the VA to be certified —that is, to.get approval or clearance—before being admitted to the hospital. HOMERVILU3. Ga., April II. AP)—An Air Force veteran, pluck- d from death In the dread Oke- enokee Swamps after a plane •rash, slowly regained strength on hospital rations today. Until a troop of Boy Scouts with Explorer" ratings lound him yes- erclay, James Douglas Stewart of Weston, vv.Vn., had wandered atm- c-ssly for a week through the tang- i' "land of the trembling earth." His diet for the week was,made up of bamboo shoots anrt Jungle mush•coins. When founa, all Stewart conic! do was shout. The Virginian disappeared Tom Jacksonville, Fin., in a rented light plane April 2 on an orientation flight. Twenty miles north of hla airport, the plane crashed into the swamp and burned through Stewart escaped with minor injuries. Last Thursday Stewart heard the "putt putt"'of the Scouts' motorboats 'as they entered the . wild,' sometimes beautiful, sometimes dismal swampland on a camping trip. Stewart, whose clothes v/ere in shreds, followed the sound until Saturday when he faltered and fell oii Billys' Island, too weak to do anything but shout. The scouts, led by Robert Shivers of Atlanta, followed the yells until they came upon the weakened Stewart and removed him to a hospital here. Physicians said Stewart was in "fairly good condition" and that had he not been in gcrart shape physically he most certainly would have died. School Cancels Debate Date So Three Girls Can Make Prom GREENSBUHG, Pa., April 11. (AP) — Greensburg High School gave up its chance at the state debating championship yesterday so three pretty :>irls can go to their first and last, high school prom. The bright girls and equally bright male member on the school's debating team are just too good for their own good. They are Kitty Jo McColly, Bonya Ciiin, Jemma Del Dnca and Albcnt Schoepf. All are seniors. They've mtsed the prom every year up to now because there was always a debating contest on the same day. This year's prom will be held Friday. The girls had new gowns ready. All four have dates. Then the Pennsylvania Music and Forensic League set the date for the Inter-scholastic debating tournament for the state's southwestern April 14. district championship— "But that's the day of the prom!" the teen-agers- walled. Ruefully, the girls put away thoughts of wearing their prelty dresses. Al& brand new agency to be called bert said he guessed he could ask his date to take a rain check. They told their debating coaches, Helen Barren and Julia Brunelll they wouldn't let the school down, they'd do their best to' win. But the teachers wouldn't hear of it. Miss Barron suggested to principal Siumial Jacobs that the school withdrew. Jacobs agreed. Ford to Close For Union Meet WINDSOR, out., April 11. (>p)_ Local 200, United Automobile Workers (CIO), announced today, the Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd,, will close tomorrow afternoon to permit the local's members to hold a special general membership meeting.for discussions of-their pensions dispute. ' Union officials sail it was one of the few times on record when a major auto plant has been closed for a union meeting. tfr 4 CARS- The Studebaker Champion is one of the 4 lowest price largest selling cars in America! A> IMOWH STUDEBAKER CHAMPION 6-PASSENGER, 2-DOOR CUSTOM SEDAN $ 552 27 Delivered in Blythevitle Jf«« <W heal u*t,, If ««,, titrm frfe** may T«rr ifaMr In nvarby <ommu«W*i dM lod'-ff»r«fK«ilfi »roniportt!rfoi.t>HjrQ«» . Bhidctakvr Ch«Mplon Cuitom Hodvlvi Vdooc ^d.n. 3-p..,. Bl.tligkl conp^ builn«*« coup* Hollywood Continued from Page * Deverly Hills dross designer Wll says she's introducing buttons . In the shapo of popcorn on the gowns she's whipping up for movie queens. "Grained" Ills Neck I stole Howard Duff's radio a gas stove with five Jels open. Two of the children, Diane, six, and Sandra, five, were found dead In one bedroom. The other child, Barry, two, was found in hb crib. Dr. Uosen said the Golas home had been sold and the family had been given an eviction notice. thunder, wienk that I am, and gumshoed after Jeanne Croln at one ol Hollywood^ open-air markets. Hubby Paul Brlnknuui, who forgot to shave, had Ihelr youngster in tow while Jeanne bought the groceries. Jeanne went up to the chicken counter and asked for a. nice stewing hen. "What size?" the clerk asked. "Medium," said Jeanne, as fle^ on the trigger as any housewife. Brlnkman and hts heir were nov: in an argument about Ice cream. "Do you or don't you want an ice cream cone?" papa asked. For an answer he go( one of those 'I-ain't-talklng" looks, Jeanne swished off In her gray skirt ami green sweater to the counter and her husband called after her: "Do you need nny money. honey?" Small Fry Brlnlunu wa* •*• being a holy terror. "Okay," Brlnkman said. "Ton won't get the Ice cream cone. Mama will get the ice cream con« Instead." I didn't wait to find out who tot the Ice cream cone. Sam Spud* probably would have found out but but i lost, interest. flake Punched in Plotter INDIANOPOLIS, April 11. UP)— Charles plake told police a hoodlum hit him In the stomach. It didn't hurt plake but the thuf ran away, blowing on an achlnt Plake, who suffered a back la- jury recently, Is wearing t plaster body ctist. "BIG TOP'S" LOLLIPOPS — Lucky Astrid Franklin, circus performer, con have her candy and eat II, too. She's the picture of contentment riding (he peppermint stick wagon in the circus at Madison Sauare Garden. New York. Financial Troubles Cause Deaths of Family of Five PAIRHAVEN, Mass., April 11. CAP)—Housing and financial troubles were blamed yesterday for the deaths of a family of five. Medical Examiner William Rosen said Walter Golas, a 30-yenr-olcl machinist, bludgeoned to death his wife. Barbara, 27, and then asphyxiated himself and his three children. Dr. Rosen said Mrs. Golas died icide and suicide after nn autopsy on the body of Mrs. Coins. The family was found in its gas- filled cottage Saturday night. Dr. Rosen said Mr. Golas died from blows on the head by a blunt instrument either Wednestlay night or early Thursday. A four-Inch piece of pipe about a half Inch in diameter was found near hei foody. Golas' body was founrt lying near STOP! LOOK! FREE INSPECTION! i Do You Know if Termites Are Ruining Your Property? Government Statistics Say Termite Damage Wa* Second Only to Fire in the United States. SUPERIOR TERMITE CO. Will Make Inspection nnd Estimate, If Needed, Without Cost or Obligation. OUR WORK IS LICENSED AND CONTROLLED HY THE ARKANSAS STATE PLANT HOARD—WE HAVE 12 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE TO GUARANTEE YOU SATISFACTION. H. C. Blankenship CALL 2350 or 3579 309 E. KENTUCKY L. J. Z.ller THERE'S A COUPON WITH EVERY POUND - Wr WHOIE YfAK 'KQt/W0 e • CO* 3peH jcb flavorful Admiratie* there's an extra dividend—a volnobU eaupon — with every pound. 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