The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1949
Page 11
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PAGB ETGHT BLYTHEVTUJB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNE It, 1949 Slab Foundation Needs Insulation Bascmcntfess Home May Be Cold and Draffy Wifhout It Floors of A bHscmcMiUes.s house erected on a concrete .slab can bo as \\arni as 85 rtegrpos. yet one may bo t'Olci and uncomfortable 1 if the edges of tlip slab and the walls of ihf- house are act prop- eily itiMihtcd. fnv healing engineers after exhau:-tivp studies of the subject. Heating evperts o[ ihe FHA and of ihe American ScvitHv of Heat- iiifr and Vent Mat ing Engineers tie- da re that to hent a ft;uscmenllexs , hmjse properly, it is essential to prevent boat loss frnm the odpes of the concrete ."-liib ;nui to prevent cold air fjmvin<; <|mvn the waits of the rooms. They advise hoine- buildei5 to include proper insulation vrlien writing specifications for .slab floored homes built on the ground without crawl spare, Unit InsiilAilon KssiMilhil The rilA cxpeii recommends at least 2" of insulation between the edgp of the slab and the foundation walls, with Hie insulation turned under the slab and extended about 2' from each foundation wall. Ho finht that a temperature difference of one decree per foot of height between thr floor and ceiling Mill provide comfort, but thai tin's cannot be achieved unless exposed walls SIT fully insulated. "WMIiout Widl insulation, cold air flows down the walls and one's ankles will be cold even If the floor is 85 decrees," lie said. "Discomfort will he experienced by the rnptrl flow of body heat to walls unless they arc close to room air temperature." i;]imin;Ui>s Drafts Engineers have founrt that when walls are insulated full-thick with mineral wool, they arc within 2 or li decrees of the ah' temperature and drafts arn virtually nltmmalcd. 100% LOANS FOR VETERANS Only 10% Down For Non-Veterans Just think, for a small earnest-money deposit yuu mav now .secure OHR of these new modern Iwo b«d room homts, now under construction. Many are making their seleilitm, so come while you may rhmise. Beautifully designed, sturdily htiill, some have {tit-dire win- downs. In new subdivision. Call or See MISSISSIPPI COUNTY LUMBER COMPANY Holly Development Corp. Carelessness Causes Most Fires In Home Homo fiio.s take a huyc toll In life jmcl property carli summer he- j fniiM* of human rarelr.s.MU's.s, KC- I n»idin» ID fire .safety officials. This lo.-y; ran be reduced 31 rally, they sav, if public attention l.s given to i ho foul- most common causes of homo fires.* of matches and .smoking iiuitoii;ils i.s Lho One match or a lieliteri cigarette butt, carelessly thrown into a pile of uncovered refuse. of ton is enough to si art a con- [liitiration. A ^oorl safely rule to ffillow is to exiinjMiLsh nil matches and smoking ni.ttej'iH). 1 ; before discarding Hiein. For atided protection, all re- Jnse .should be kept in galvanized .stool jjarba^c cans. They have clo-'ie- fittiiM? rovers and fireproof galvan- !/rd sled bodlp.s. Faulty heating eqtjininent is the .soi:ond common (ire c;iusc. Even thoujrh fieattng equipment may be f u«-ed only for hot water during the summertime, it .should be inspected at, least once during the hot months. Third on Hie list of home fire c 1 a uses is the misuse of flammable liquids. Gasoline and kerosene never ;ire recommended for 1 cleaning clothe.s. Their fumes may be ignited by any spark within p radium of 200 feet. Carbon tcirachloridc i.s the only bulk cleaning fluid safe for home use. When flammable li(|Uirts mast be kept near the home, safety officials using galvanized steel gasoline- or oil cnn.s for .storage. These; containers arc designed to give maximum protection. The last major of home I ires i.s defective wiring and electrical appliance*. VVliile electrical repairs can he made by a handy man. it i.s be,st to hire a qualified electrician. 1801 West Main Phone '14-15 Until about 1900 buttermilk WBS used in America chiefly for feeding piKs, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. The National Eurcau of Standards reports that full-thick mineral wool in walls reduces fuel consumption at least 17'a percent, Biggest heat loss from a concrete slab floor is through the edges, according to the ASHVE, and unless the slab is Insulated as recommended by the FHA and | the waits and roof area also in: sula'.ed. a much ' larger healing I system will be needed, fuel consumption will be abnormally ; high, and even with the larger j healing plant, discomfort, will be i experienced. BIG 8-CUBIC-FOOT REFRIGERATOR LOADED WITH FEATURES • Aulomolic Onioning . RoHola, C«limnk«r . M.H. Sloroj. Coldpo.k . Wid. Sid. fmm-lMh. , ,f«;t, • F.rj-»»o, Shell . <aie.FliMlolttiSnrig< • H Sf. II. ol SMI Area . 4 Idly 0«1 III Itoji . SljJU< Mjifnvoif • S.Teor P;o!tdi« Plrx * ticitnivi Mtr-D-riosiE 1 Kefripcrarnr tiaonutiiMlEy turns * i [5C lr uii-ihtn. jfrcr the <Mro*t pcrrod, auiiimjiicaHjr latns iliclf on 2 Tliin film of frn<i on outside *• of frec/cr ii dissoUetl — refrigerator alwaji vorkj M peak ENDTOMANUAI cfticiciicj. watfr rfrafns Into ca(T-to» io\c, -.piLImoof Handtfroucr MHOSIINC HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOMB Of FAMOUS CGAHOS I 126 W. MAIN ST PHONE SIS J ORGE BEFORE YOU BUY 13 Applications Are Submitted for Building Permits Tlilrtcen applications for building permits were placed on file during t!ie p:is t week In Hie office of City EiiRiucer Joe Carney. Tlic tolal of the estimated listed on the permits was $22.150. Three applications accounted for S15.000 in estimated cosLs. Six applications were for additions to and remodeling of existing houses. Two were for business buildings.' Applications were filed by: J. P. Dixon. lo add living iw>m to house at 003 Rnse; estimat- cil cost. $300. Blake Polly, for a concrete block SIlDllnn, Lots 5. 6, 11, 19 and 2o 111 Block •) ol the Bryan Addition, S7C Susan Moore to Willie and Geneva Rain-e. Lot 30 fllock 8 of the W. VV. Hollipeter Second Addition $259. Leo and Katie C. Swift to Eddie R. and Ella D. Anc'cr.son. LoL<i 3 4. in Block 4 of the K. M. Bryaii Addition, 56,000. Millon and Lillie May Bunch to Mid-South Chemical Company, a Plot 417.33 feet by 2083 feet ill Section 27-16N-1IE, $1300 business building on South Highway 61; estimated cost. $2,500. Seward Hasp, for a two-room frame residence on Railroad Street; estimated cast, $8CO. Ben White and Sons, for addition of a brick room to the Red Top Gin nffirr; *>M jitiated cast, 52.000. Dave Williams, to add a bath nnd uorch to house n t 523 South; estimated cast. WOO. Jean Madkins. to remodel store In Cirecmiwid Addition; estimated cost. S500. MlM Eloise Yates. for a three- room frame tenant house on South Howard Street. Cora Seals, to remodel room and pore): on house at 2001 West Cherry. Hu°h Wheat, for concrete block garner at 2228 Carolyn. Alvie Jairett, co add living room lo lioiisc at 127 East Rose; estimated cost, S650, E. B. David, for three four-room frame residences in David Acres Subdivision; estimated cost, 45,000 cjich. Two ol her applications for build- ins permits also were placed on file during the previous week. These applications were filed by: O,S. Rollison, for a five-room frame residence in RollLson Addition; estimated cost, S50CO. Nora Harvey, for a four-room frame residence in Robinson addition ;eslimated cost, 31,000. Inrerior Design Emphasized in Home Planning If you are modern, you will .start planning your home from the inside. I That's the latest word from home i builders. | There was a Mine when major at- j .cntlon was given to the external appearance or the house and the In- j terior was made to conform. Today i the procedure Is reversed. j As a result, interior finishes for ; walls and ceilings are being given more consideration. Paint, and paper arc .still popular, hut Interior dceo- •alors report they have lots of competition. Glass areas, for example sometimes play a dominant role. Walls with fixed panel windows running i' from floor to celling, or a picture window with a large panel of double-pane glass arc commonly used. | When light but not view Is' wanted, a glass brick, wall in the I halhvay or corner of the living room < will .solve the problem. Base trim and other woodwork, decorators point out have been simplified, i Woodwork often combined with .such built-in features as decorative shelves, cabinets and bookcases. Traditional wall finishes, such as plaster, wood and manufactured panels, slid rate high in the esleem of home planners. Among the fa- vnrrd manufactured board panels hardboards. plaster boards, plywood panels and predeconitcd hard- j boards. ! Insulating tlleboards. for Instance. """ frequently used to ceil- • i n solar houses and o'hcr ^s of modern design. Predcco- 1 hardboards are well suited for . iirooms and kitchens, planks and nanels or various types are used In I libraries, game rooms and Infcrmal living rooms, Insulating board is widely used fnr finishing rooms of all kinds, I including those in attics and base| menu. Tt is one of the most ver- i salile of tlie modern buildine walls ; -luri ceilings, H decorates, insulates and quiet-s sound. Real Estate Transfers CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT! .... Ru'nft M. and Mary Vii'pinia Terry to NcM and Alice Ge.sPl]. the east SO feet of Lot 12. Block 3 of the Gosnell Estate. ($1.290. Eva D. Church Miller to Francis nnd Willie H. Woods. Ixit 1. Block a of Ruddle Heights Addition. S!0 and other consideration. C. H. and L. D. Byrn to B. S. New Design- Quiet Operation CRANE DREXEL A handsome, new Crane toilet 10 your bathroom. lifficieoc. l>cpcn«l- ahlr. Sniiirr, close-coupled design. Quiet, whfrlpool jet flushing action. White, plastic-cove red seat and cover. This is hut one of the .tmarily designed, newly engineered CrAnc plumbing ftxtures now available tor re pi a f erne nr, remodeling or new liomes. M.ule in a wide>;c of stylet and jf/ex, the Oanc line inclu'iks tuns, lavatories toilets and sinks to suii every budget. Pete' the Plumber 101 No. First I'lmnc 3731 WALLPAPER Oak Floors Noted For Coloring and Beauty of Grain While durability is one of the principal qualities which have led to its widespread use as a residential flooring material, oak is noted also for its striking beauty of grain and coloring. It Is the only widely used flooring hardwood which has wood rays sufficiently attractive to warrant quarter-sawing the wood. Wood rays are the llaky, light-colored figures which course through the wood and lend distinctive beauty. In quarter-sawing the log Ls cut at such angles a.s to bring oul rays conspicuously. Plain-sawed oak, which is avail-' able at lower cost because it : easier to process, also possesses at- \; tractive pattern of grain winch i cannot be duplicated in man-made [• products. ! ^ A noteworthy feature of bothfjl quarter-sawed and pain-sawed oak ill Ls that the beauty Ls permanent. ; ,fl Should the wood become worrilfe 1 , j marred after many years of ser- :. vice, its original beauty can be re- ; stored by .sanding and refinishing. A light year is the distance wh'cfi : light travels during a period of one., year, going 186,000 miles every second of that year. Light would go around the earth about seven times during just, one of those seconds. Room Lots of Lijfhll'ast and Washable High Grade Papers — Room lols consists of M roll wall and 20 yds. border, enough for a large room. $2 While They Last E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. "Friendly Building Service" 1'hotie 551 Elytheville, Ark. •oiy • »« .conomle. to mak. «,| d floon | 0<)k n . w wIlK Florhio-. Floor Inam.l —th« .loitlt floor f| n ,, h __ mad« ro withstand pounding, ictilfltng fe«t —for In-, „, „-.,_.. .... Com. in today for FREE hoc 11.1 BLAN HEATH CO. HAS IT! Automatic Washer WATIR ACTION Hotpoint's Famous Agitator Gives You Cleaner, Whiter Clothes. You Use Less Hot Water-Save Clothes —Save Soap! » hi Smooth «<tion le lelrina Down PERFECTED PROW!) F-- • -.-.—_ • See how Hofpoinf. amazing Wond-R-Dial controls complete operation.. . how Fluid Drive ends harmful vibration, prolongs washer life ::; how Oexible fill lets you control exactly th« amount and temperature of the water you use. Hotpoint's new Automatic Washer has everything—does everything BETTER1 BLAN HEATH CO. No. 1st Street Phone 828

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