The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 8, 1949 · Page 15
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 15

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 8, 1949
Page 15
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THURSDAY, SmTTvfBKR 8, 1949 BT;TTHEVIUJB COOTIE* Broiler Provides Tender Steaks Evenly Cooked Lamb Or Pork Chops Best With Direct Heat Evenly cooked and welt browned steaks, lamb chops and slices of ham are the result of proper broiling methods. This simple, direct heat cooking method is also Ideal for bacon or ground beef and lamb patties. . For broiling, Reba Slaggs, food authority, advises beef steaks cut at least one Inch thick, lamb chops 3-1 to 1-inch thick and ham 1-2 Inch thick. Corresponding pork and veal cuts are cooked by braising. This i.s because fresh pork needs more thorough cooking to bring out fjMtjuU flavor ami if broiled may no3me dry tjy the (ime it is cooked well done. Veal is the young animal and not covered with sufficient fat for broiling. The broiler rack L- adjusted ac- coiding to the thickness of the meat. One Inch cuts are placed alxnit two inches horn the heat, two inch cuts ihree inches from the heat. This low broiling temiJeraune insures meat shrinkage, therefore, more meat for the homcmak- er to serve. With the oven regulator set at '"broil" the meat is cooked until the io)> side is browned, then sensoni'd. (Steaks nnd chops brown better if seasoned after browning.) The me-'t Is then turned and browned on th? other side, seasoned arid .served at once on a heated platter. For the homemuker without a broiler, n heavy frying-pan may be successfully used. This method of cooking meat is called panbroiling. The meat Is cooked slowly without \vater in an uncovered pan. Pal Is poured o!f as it accumulates and the meal turned occasionally to in- sui'o even doneneAS. Younq People Rate Fall Picnics Best Out-of-Doors Fun ^Spring picnics are exciting: jimi- Hrr oulings are refreshing. But. to many people, eating out-of-doors is best of all in trie fall of the year. There's something about Ihe crisp Iresh air that whets Ihe appetite and makes the cheery circle around Ihe fire a welcome place lo be. Some families like to prepare most of Ihe food at home and carry it to Ihe picnic spot. Others insist thai food tasles better when mosl of it is cooked over a glowing bed nf coals. Tn either case, porcelain enameled utensils are ideal for cook- Ing many picnic foods. They heal quickly and their shiny glass finish is easily cleaned after Ihe feast. Prepare stews, barbecue dishes, rhili or : baked beans in enameled Dutch ovens or sauce pots. Cover tightly and wrap, piping hot. in several thicknesses of newspaper. Pack Inlo a cardboard carton. The food will slay hot for at least an hour. Tf necessary, foods can be reheated over the campfire right in the same enameled utensils. _ . When cooking over » campfire. II Is wise lo use a grate to keep the. utensils from resting directly on the coals. Rubbing bar soap over the bottoms of utensils before placing them on Ihe fire makes them easier -/"or making coffee ovr the lire, a porcelain enameled eoff* 1 " boiler is ideal. A jumbo size is a good investment because enormous quantities of coffee are usually consumed at picnics. To make boiled coffee, measure fresh water into the enameled coffee pot. allowing one cup for each cup of coffee desired. Heat the water to boiling. Meantime, measure tne coffee into a cheesecloth or muslin baz larse enough lo allow ample room for expansion. Allow two level tablespoons of coffe to each cup of water. Tie the bag whh a strong cord. Drop the bag Into boiling water in the cr'fe- pot Stir thorouKhly and cover. Remove from heat and let stand about 12 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove bag and keep coffee hot rnot boil- inei until served. lilies who enjoy eating oiil-of- fns will also favor the new picnic s of pnrcelain enamelcdware Snarkhng clean and easy to keep clean, the plates and cups of Mich a set pack easily and do away with the annoyance of sogB y paper . plalrs and cups. Chow Mem Early Foil Favorite Is Satisfying, Delicious Dish CHICKEN' CHOW MKIN WITH CIllNI'Si: \OOI>l.i:S-A delirious dish easily prepared al hum,.. Liver is Served Numerous and Unusual Wayi If liver with bacon and onions is the homcmaker'.s automatic combination, then there's a whole new field of cooking nnrt eating enjoyment In store for her ami her fnm- il.v, points out Reba Staggs, home economist. French fried liver stands out In the parade of unusual and delicious di.<hes. Either beef, pork, veal or lamb liver is cut Into 'i-inch wide strips, rolled In seasoned flour, then 'riecl In deep hot lard at a 300 degree F, temperature. When ric-hly browned and thoroughly cooked Hie strips are remove • from the lard, drained and served, for a slight variation, the liver may b« cut Into Hi-Inch squares. Liver casseroles present even more variation, For preparing one tasty combination the liver Is sliced, simmered In water for about 10 minutes, (lien cubed into bite-sized pieces and combined with cl^pcd celery, sliced olives. hard-cooked PKKS. Paprika and Worcestershire sauce add n distinct taste lo the liver cooking liquid which ix thick- Plied with a [lour pa.slc and added to the liver mixture in a baking dish. Buttered bread crumbs are sprinkled over the toj> and the casserole baked in a 350 degree F. oven for about 20 minutes or until the Ingredients arc completely : heated. I The average size i Ihe United Stales I about 148 acris. of in farm In 1920 was ?AGE FIFTEEN By CJAV.VOlt MA1H1OX NKA Staff Writer The warm we.ither oi late summer and early fall su^ests turning to Chinese recipes. Their type of cookery supplies satisfying fond with least amount of exertion. Chicken Chow Mcln (4 servings) One-half pound green brans. 2 tablespoons fat. 1 tablespoons finely dired onion, j cup sliced celery. 1 teaspoon salt. '; teaspoon ginger, dasj, pepper, one 3-ounce can sliced broiled cooked chicken. 1 cup chicken broth, 2 tablespoons cornstarch. '.•• cup water or dry white wine. 1 tejsimon kitchen bouquet. Chinese fried noodles. Prepare the beans for cooking, cutting diagonally in 1-inch lengths. Cook until barely tender in small amount of boiling salted water. Meanwhile melt fal in 9-inch Irv- ln« pan uith tight cover, fj' i onion and celery and cook about 2 minutes. Sprinkle with salt, gin] ger and pepper. Adci contents of can of mushrooms, cliikcn and chicken broth. Cover and bring to a toil. Cook over low heat about 5 minutes. Drain and add the cooked beans. Blend together the cornstarch. water and kitchen bouquet. Add to chow mein and cook, stirring constantly, until the broth thickens and comes to boil. Serve immediately over heated Chinese freld nooil!r.<. i;, v the remilar Chinese fried nouuics that come In cans, or sr-rie over hot cooked rice. Here i^ a wonderful soup If you h.'.pivn to luve chirfetn broth on hand , lsc l)mt tol . |)iu ., 0) - (hc water and omit the bonllon cubes. l'«"k and Watercress Soup M -servings) One ihjtk pork chop. 6 ounces, •i cups water. 2 chicken bouillon cubes, ') tablespoons finely diced onion. 2 tablespoons finlcy diced i celery. 1 bunch watercress. Cut lean meat from chop and I dice finely. Place in 2-quari suace- jian. Add water, bouillon cubes, onion and celery. Trim fat from chop bone and add bone to soup mixture, cover tightly and bring to boil. Cook over moderate heat until meat is tender, about 20 minutes. v..Me!imvhtle cut stems from watercress in riii-inch lengths and arid lo soup mixture. Coarsely cut the leaves. When soup is ready to serve remove chop bone and correct seasoning if necessary. Add watercress leaves and serve immediately. plump and tender FRANKFURTERS MIMPHIS PACKING CO. \ i that ' s fMayrose ij SUGAR-CURED BACON *''* I", r rea " y fi ne ba<:on • • • llnir °™, choice slice* /.? ™H °f flavor... tlie brand is Mayrose. Enjoy it ,»| with eggs or griddle cakes at breakfast... in f 1 dozens of tasty dishes for "aftcr- * 1 K!iool"sandwichesforthechildren::.andfor ^ ( your own lale-at-night snacks. >$ Just get a whiff of that grand aroma as Maynwo * Bacon fries in the pan! It's a promise of s,//«/-6 flavor. Yes. Mayrose Sugar-Cured Bacon u n' good! Combined In September Dessert A good September partnership l.s inrt plums and Juicy pear*. Pul thetn togcdipr into a itcwed (mil compole ( or all fllK j de.wert the family will love. Cook the fruits in a porcelain enameled saucepan because Ihe siiiny gliiss surface ol en- , >iiielrdw:irc cannot alter either (lie delicate flavor or the bright color j tit (lie frrsli fnilis. I'l'ini, I'tzr Compote 3 ripe pears 3-4 cup SJamiliitccI sugar 1 cup valor 2 slices lemon 1 stick cinnnnion 6 ripe plinns I'cel, core and nuiutCT pears. Put i into :in enamele<l saucepan. Add '< watei, lemon slices mid cin- niunon. Brln» to boll »nd slmruer gently for about 10 minutes. Add Plunis s'hlch have been washed, nil In half and pilled. Simmer until tender. Chill and .serve plain or with .1 lopping of soflened vanilla ice cream. Makes 8 servings. Jfoan irenn rresn frean rr«sn rt sh frosh fresh fresh fresh trtth tressn fresh Irtmh tr sh fro^h rresl, fruah rrBih fresh r.'iO Sh rr<131 ' fl '"«|r»li tr sh fresh fresh frean rr«sh fr..l. fieah fresh fresh fresh freah fr :ili frean fresh fresh fr»sh fr.sli fresh f rn«), rr^h rm,v,. fr.,>, „ ' SUGAR 5 ib bag 39c Yellow American CHEESE - 2 ib box 59c For cakes and pastry Wicklow SLICED BACON !b.43< Rolled Boneless VEAL ROAST Ib. 59* Fresh, All Meat GROUND BEEF Ib. Fresh Dressed HENS and FRYERS Ib. CRISCO 3 Ib can 75C Super Suds—Oxydol—Rinso DUZ-TIDE large box 25C RECIPE OF THE WEEK Meat Succotash tV>»p. <li»,llu.«k V, ,„„ 1,1. ..'"'"'<•<"<•> liquid I ',, l.l>l«|u,. n> '/, ,,, p |>,, Mill hoi ihoruiuni 1 '/, cnp. .l.ot. •*, >'>on. ![„,„ k ,, n ,| „, ,_,„,., 'f K.ipoon ..It y, cup Inn, b..n., ii7i" P °° n Jir <*»n,j Brow,, mot jlowly i n Hot ihort.iijng Mil flour, j^lt n ,,J ,„„„.,„(. Sprinld, over mtat, .!„„ h|,nA in. Slir in ve K «. **M« Jtqitid. fioft (lowly' jind jttr Z minute.. Slir in milk. Add <l,,mr<l vcgtl.iblei i lt.« thorou G hl r . but dr> not boil. Malcti •< iervni 8> , furtcri or -A-,;nrri b« uied! 1V>» Will A'.Wi PET MILK 2 CANS 25' Lima Beans en 19c Corn can 15c Meat, en or Ib 59c Michigan CELERY stalk 10c California ORANGES - 5 Ib. bag 43? 49? No. 1 Washed Red POTATOES „:-., Fancy No. 1 TOMATOES - 1lb.cln.19? The Dainty Cooking Fat HUMKO 4 Ib. ctn. 79$ Salad Queen SALAD DRESSING Qt. 350 C'Ville CATSUP Hoz.botllelOc Assorted flavors JELLO Searchlight MATCHES - Assorted flavors GUM - - - Rex - - pkg. 8? - - ctn. 29? 3 pkgs. 10? JELLY - - - 5 Ib. jar 55? Your favorife P'NUT BUTTER - qf. 49? Kingdom POTTED MEAT-2 cans 15? Prince ALBERT- - - C fn.$1.15 Gerber'i Baby Food - 6cans45tf White Corn MEAL - 25 Ib. bag $1.15

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