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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 14
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The Times from Shreveport, Louisiana • Page 14

The Timesi
Shreveport, Louisiana
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YOUR MORNING NEWSPAPER THE SHREVEPORT TIMES, SUNDAY, JUNE 20, 1943 FOURTEEN 'JOHNNY MERCER'S MUSIC SHOP' SUBS FOR HOPE Drama Tells How Enemy Is Duped 'Hour of Charm' Half-Hour Musical to Visits Broadway Begin Tuesday, June 22 STRADIVARI ORCHESTRA IN HALF-HOUR CONCERT Paul Lavalle Will Conduct Croup in Kombrrg, Saint-Saens and Do Kovcn Selections The dramatic story of a mad scramble for strategic An imaginary trip to many of Broadway's hit shows will be taken by Phil Spitalny's "Tfnnr nf Charm" tnnio-Vir -at 'The Open Door' Is Title of New Drama Five-a-Week Serial by Sandra Michael Will Debut Tomorrow, Monday, June 21 A new daytime drama, written by Sandra Michael and titled "The Open Door," will have its first hearing tomorrow morning, Monday, June 21, at 9:15 a.m. over KTBS and will be broadcast Mondays through Fridays thereafter. Revolving around Dean Erik Hansen and his family, the serial materials by the world pow 1 i. 1... II- Songwriter's Weekly Show Will Feature Jo Stafford and an Outstanding Guest Star Famed Songwriter Johnny Mercer, pal of Crosby and Hope and a recording artist in his own right (remember "Strip will have his own program on NBC starting Tuesday, June 22, at 9 p.m.

over KTBS. Titled "Johnny Mercer's Music Shop," the half-hour musical will be heard weekly, replacing Bob Hope for the summer. ine btracuvari urcnesira, conuucieci uy raui iHvane.ig o'clock over KTBS when flJ fist on the CBS network the all-girl orchestra, with and KiVRH this afternoon at lo clock Eve Y- and Most of the instruments in the string orchestra were ff made bv the great master of violin-makers, Antonio Stradi-J musiCal tomtd u' ers after war struck will be told on "Unlimited Horizons" tonight at 10:30 over KTBS. Authored by Arnold Marquis and titled "Rediscovering Our Buried Treasure," the half hour drama, produced In co-operation with the Stanford University School of Mining, will relate the seizure of these materials by the enemy and what a group of Westerners did in the face of this situation. Gayne Whiteman is narrator and Charles Dant conducts the orchestra.

Van, ailU I11S SUIIS UU Uicu Ul liuilii, uic inn; i 1 til early 18th centuries. Film Newscaster I nomas Dings a Herbert Melody Evelyn and her violin will be heard in "Serenade" from "The Student Prince" by Romberg. From "Something for the Boys," Vivien will sing "He's a Right Guy," then will offer "People Will Say We're in Love" from "Oklahoma." Maxine will sing "Dark Eyes." The hymn of the evening, played for and selected by the service Jezebel Story On Daily Drama The storv of one of his- The Stradivari orchestra has been heard four times previously on the CBS network in thret 15-minute and one five-minute program. For today's broadcast Paul Lavalle has selected a program that ranges from opera and operetta to ballads. Supporting the singing lyrist of such all-time hit paraders as "Lazybones," "Dearly Beloved," "That Old Black Magic." "Blues in the Night" and "Skylark," will be Ella Mae Morse, whose recordings of "Cow Cow Boogie" and "Mr.

Five by Five" with Freddie Slack's orchestra made juke box history, and Jo Stafford and her Pied Pipers. Paul Weston, film studio arranger, will. conduct the orchestra, and the program will bring to its music tell a succession of dramatic stories Integrated by the central characters. Erik Hansen Is dean of a university, and his family includes his wife, his daughter, the daughter's husband, the housekeeper and the boy next door. Axel Gruenberg will direct, Arnold Moss will be the narrator, and Bill Meeder the organist.

Dean Hansen will be played by a clergyman. Dr. Alfred Dort, pastor of Our Saviors church In Brooklyn, tory's first persecutions fori The program will consist of "My 'men at Carlisle Barracks, will be religious belief the Bible at Th' Sweet Voce" of My soul." j. 11 -n i and Delilah." by Saint-' 1 episode of Jezebel will be Saens. 0h Promise Me from Robin dramatized on the Monday by Reginald DeKoven: "WhlielKedl wkelton Is counter each week an outstanding guest star.

N. Y. A lecturer, Dr. Dorf's only Bob Hope and his crew will other venture into the field of drama was the radio role of Pastor Hansen in Miss Michael's "Against the Storm" Whiteman Guest to NBC Sept. 21.

series. Sandra Michael has known Dr. Dorf since her childhood In Den- of the World," beginning "wm You Remember- 01 i iand "Deep in My Heart, Dear;" morrow, June 21, at 1 p.m. Qwn SwePt Song by Over KTBS. 'man, and "Our Love." by Clinton, Elijah, one of the first of the great and Emmerich, prophets of the Bible, was Jezebel's selected victim and it is upon the Noa.

Obadiah; Paul Ford, Neboth; tale of the conflict between these i Irene Hubbard, Lana; Berry Kroeger, remiere or rern FX rmark, and wrote her original Pastor Hansen character with Pastor Dorf in mind. She persuaded him to try for the part. "Pops" Whiteman will delve into the vacationing-star list for his headliner on the "Paul Whiteman Presents" program tonight at 7 long on rause Peggy Allenby, Jehu's Lakar, and mother. Ray Noble Guest On 'Bandwagon Ray Noble, English-born maestro and composer, will give a continental touch to the spinning wheels of "The Bandwagon" when he appears with his orchestra for the third time on the program tonight at 6:30 over KTBS. The batoneer has scored, complete with lyrics, such hit tunes as "Goodnight, Sweetheart," "Cherokee," "Love Is the Sweetest Thing," "The Very Thought of You" and "By the Fireside," The vocal trio of Lynn, Lee and Lou will be heard with Noble.

Tobe Reed will m. c. the musical portion of the Bandwagon, which will originate at the NBC Hollywood studios and Alex Dreier, NBC commentator, will be heard In a five-minute news summary from Chicago. Ned Calmer in New Air Series two that the new sequence will re-Tolve. The cast for the series will be headed by Ann Sterrett in the role of Jezebel and Roger De Koven as Elijah, Other members of the cast will be David Gothard, speaker narrator; Karl Weber, Ahab; Claire Niesen, Judith; Lester Damon, Jehu; Julian Ladies! Do You Need Quietude? One of Victor Herbert'.

most rousing melodies, "Tramp, Tramp, Tramp Along the Highway," will be sung by John Charles Thomas on 1 his program this afternoon at 1 :30 over KTBS. The Ken Darby chorus will assist Thomas in this rendition. A song from the heart of a war-material producing company, with words by W. R. Mason, will have Its air debut.

The. song, "Men of Iron," is dedicated to the U. S. Army Tank corps. The music is by Larry Sherwood.

It will be sung by the Ker. Darby chorus. Fibber McGee's Myrt Off to War Fibber McGee's 'faithfvU telephone stooge, Myrt, has gone' to war. The "OOoohhhh, haf you, Myrt?" of NBC's "Fibber McGee and Molly" airshow who is only a name will fly in name over Berlin one of these days. For the U.

S. Army Air Forces' 552nd bomber squadron has the name of McGee's famed operator painted on each of the planes. "Fibber McGee and Molly" are heard every Tuesday night at 8:30 over KTBS. Bill Adams' 12-year-old daughter, o'clock over KTBS. Diana, arranged a surprise birthday Red Skelton.

the guy' who parlayed party for her father, the "We Love "I dood it" into topflight ratings will and Learn" actor, recently. It really visit Whiteman and Dinah Shore was a surprise: insisted on along Johnny Mercer. Whiteman hiding the guests under the piano, alumni, another guest of the star-in baci; of chairs and behind cur- studded- half hour, tains until Just the right moment, Bill Goodwin is m.c. Believe it or not, a trip to the country isn't the only Jimmie Fidler, who began his career as an actor in the silent film days, went from motion pictures to publicity, to writing, to radio, to become Hollywood's top movie commentator. His weekly program "Jimmie Fidler From Hollywood" starts tonight at 8:30 over KRMD and the Blue Network.

I KWKH KTBS KRMD CBS NBC BLUE 1130 KC 50,000 WATTS 1480 KC 1,000 WATTS 1340 KC 250 WATTS Jan Peerce, Metropolitan Opera tenor, and Andre Kos-telanetz will present the world premiere of Jerome Kern's new song, "And Russia Is Her Name," a tribute to the fighting Russian soldiers and their mothers, this afternoon over KWKH at 3:30, on the "Pause That Refreshes On the Air." Kostelanetz. who has conducted two other Kern premieres during the year, was selected by the composer himself to give the first performance of "And Russia Is Her Name." Peerce, who also is the tenor of CBS' Wednesday evening "Great Moments in Music" programs, sings "Macushla" by McMurragh as his first solo on the program. Kostelanetz conducts "Oh What a Beautiful Morning" from Rodgers' "Oklahoma." "Don't Get Around solace for jagged nerves these days. Mrs. Ernesta Barlow, who has been visiting war plants for information to use on her "Commando Mary" programs every Sunday morn YOUR PROGRAMS FOR SUNDAY MORNING ing at 8:15 over KTBS, says Invasion Preview that many women, formerly employed in noisy, nerve- 6 A.M.

NEWS Sunday Morning Serenade 6:15 Sunday Morning Serenade 6:30 iNEWS On to Victory 6:45 jOn to Victory By the People Ned Calmer, noted news commentator, will be heard on Saturday and Sunday nights at 7:55 over KWKH, beginning next Saturday, June 26. This new series will present Calmer each weekend in two five-minute discussions of latest developments ALL NEWS PERIODS ARE LISTED IN CAPITAL LETTERS wrecking jobs, are going to work in gun and munitions factories because they are so 7 A.M. NEWS Organ Fantasies, CBS 7:15 lOrgan Fantasies, CBS 7:30 Musical Masterpieces, CBS 7:45 IGolden Gate Quartet, CBS NEWS SUMMARY De Monfred Avenir De Monfred, Organist, NBC Boone County Neighbors, NBC Boone County Neighbors, NBC A preview of the coming quiet and restful. "Why, you can almost hear a pin Organist Paul Carson relaxes nerves of "I Love a Mystery" actors between rehearsal and broadcast by staging impromptu pop concerts. Sunday Morning Concert invasion of Europe, with various authorities discussing and both on the far-flung fighting fronts Much Anymore" by Ellington "Chloe" by Moret.

drop," she reports. and here at home. the many angles of co-ordi 6 A.M. jNEWS OF THE WORLD, CBS 8:15 E. Power Biggs, CBS 8:30 E.

Power Biggs, CBS 8:45 English Melodies, CBS WORLD NEWS ROUNDUP, NBC Commando Mary, NBC The Melody's the Thing, NBC The Melody's the Thing, NBC NEWS ROUNDUP. Blue Bethal Pentecostal Hour Church of Christ Church of Christ A mixed chorus is heard in "Trees" by Rasbach. David Ross is master of ceremonies for the program. nated attack, will be presented on "We. the People" to night over KWKH at 6:30.

A.M. (The Voice ol Prophecy 8:15 (The Voice of Prophecy 8:30 jThe Religious News Reporter 8:45 jConcert in Miniature Highlights of the Bible, NBC Highlights of the Bible. NBC Words and Music, NBC Words and Music, NBC Fantasy in Words and Melody Bible Lyceum Sunday Melodies Sunday Melodies Among the experts to be interviewed by host Milo Boulton will be Air Marshal Sir William Welch, of Varied Tunes on Merry-Go-Round the British air command; Major Dale Savage, of the amphibious engineers 10 A.M. NEWS Men's Bible Class jNoel Memorial Men's Bible Class 10:30 Tabernacle 10:45 IGospel Tabernacle Rhapsody of the Rockies, NBC Rhapsody of the Rockies, NBC NEWS, NBC Melody Time Dinning Sisters Four Square Bible Class, Remote Four Square Bible Class. Remote Life Tabernacle, Remote Life Tabernacle, Remote division of the U.

S. army, and Rear Admiral Howard L. Vickery, U. S. deputy administrator of the War Shipping Administration and vice- ll A.M.

Services, From 11:15 Mark's Episcopal Church 11:30 jRev. James Owens 11:45 (Officiating Pastor Morning services From First Presbyterian Church Rev. Wade H. Boggs Officiating Pastor chairman of the maritime Highland Baptist Church, Remote Highland Baptist Church, Remote Full Gospel Tabernacle, Remote Full Gospel Tabernacle, Remote YOUR PROGRAMS FORSUNDAY AFTERNOON KWKH (CBS) 1130 KC KTBS (NBC) MHO KC KRMD (BLIE) 1340 KC WEEKLY WAR JOURNAL WEEKLY WAR JOURNAL 12 P.M. Church of the Air, CBS 12:15 of the Air, CBS 12:30 (BILL COSTELLO AND NEWS 12:45 jCol.

Stoopnagle's Stooperoos, CBS The "Manhattan Merry-Go-; Round" will turn again to a group of popular melodies of yesterday, today and tomorrow on the program tonight1 at 8 o'clock over KTBS. "Don't Cry," "Kinda Peculiar Brown," "Johnny Zero." "Speak to Me of Love." "You'll Never Know." and "Femmes D'Espagne" are included in the ride. On the Merry-Go-Round. as usual, are Baritone Conrad Thibault, Soprano Marion McManus, Barry Roberts, Alan Holt, Dennis Ryan, the Boys and Girls of Manhattan and Victor Arden's orchestra. Rupert Hughes, NBC Variety NEWS REPORTER Governors Conf.

Postwar Problems in the States, NBC Melodic Moments MARTIN AGRONSKY, Blue Now assigned to Washington. Sir William has been a member of the RAF since its founding and is an outstanding authority on air attack. Major Savage served with the amphibious engineers In the Invasion of North Africa. Rear Admiral Vickery, one of those making the slx-ships-a-day play a success, will reveal how the United States will get men and supplies across the Atlantic for the Invasion. Oscar Bradley will direct the musical portion of the program.

I University of Chicago Round 1 P.M. Orchestra, CBS 1:15 Orchestra, CBS 1.30 jWORLD NEWS TODAY, CBS 1:45 WORLD NEWS Muff et Show Chaplain Jim, Blue Chaplain Jim. Blue Sunday Serenade, Blue Sunday Serenade, Blue Table Discussion, NBC John Charles Thomas, NBC John Charles Thomas, NBC BATTLE FRONT Business Review UPTON CLOSE, NBC The Army Hour, NBC The Army Hour, NBC 10-2-4 Ranch Wake Up, America, Blue Wake Up, America, Blue Wake Up, America, Blue 2 P.M. jN. Y.

Philharmonic Symphony 2:15 N. Y. Philharmonic Symphony 2:30 Y. Philharmonic Symphony 2:45 Y. Philharmonic Symphony P.M.

N. Y. Philharmonic Symphony" 3:15 N. Y. Philharmonic Symphony 3 JO jThe Pause That Rerfeshes 3:45 on the Air, CBS 'Medic' Story The Hour, NBC The Army Hour, NBC Young People's Church of the Air Young People's Church of the Air Varieties MONITOR NEWS Green Hornet, Blue Green Hornet, Blue Al Jclson is telling about the soldier who rmde a visit to an aircraft plant near Burbank recently.

He walked into an assembly room where the employees wore 90 per cent women. Thry turned, took one look, and several hundred strong, gave the drug store cowboy whistle. Irene Rich on war urama 4 P.M. jThe Family Hour, With 4:15 Gladys Swarthout 4 30 Deems Taylor, CBS 4:45 WILLIAM L. EH1RER, CBS NBC Summer Symphony Orch.

NBC Summer Symphony Orch. NBC Summer Symphony Orch. NBC Summer Symphony Orch. Where Do We Stand? Blue Where Do We Stand? Blue Musical Steelmakers, Blue Musical Steelmakers, Blue Tuneful The Catholic Hour, NBC The Catholic Hour, NBC NEWS Here's to Romance, Blue Here's to Romance, Blue 6 P.M. EDWARD R.

MURROW, CBS I 6:15 Rich in Dear John, CBS 6:30 Sgt. Gene Autry, CBS I 6:45 Sgt. Gene Autry, CBS Zhath Myrl Symphonic Swing Free World Theatre. Blue HIGHLIGHTS OF WEEK'S NEWS Free World Theatre, Blue The Medical Officer a "medic" to the serviceman a family physician who left his practice in some small town to battle injury, infection and disease at the front line will be the hero of Columbia Network's "The Man Behind the Gun" dramatization tonight at 9:30 over KWKH. The production by Columbia's ace director William N.

Ro'oson will de YOUR PROGRAMS FOR SUNDAY EVENING KMKH (CBS) 1130 KC KTBS (NBC) 1480 KC KRMD (BLIE) 1340 KC Blue "DEAR JOHN" ONE OF RADIO'S MOST BELOVED STORIES STARRING IRENE RICH TODAY AT 5:15 P.M. Tune in for another exciting episode of this popular CBS series this afternoon at 5:15 p.m. In today's chapter, Niles Chandler, a secret operative, dines with a pretty woman agent, presenting an amusing jealousy situation. Faith Chandler, Niles wife, is played by Irene Rich, star of the show. 4 P.M.

Davis, Commando, CBS 6:15 (Chips Davis, Commando, CBS 6 :30 jWe, the People, CBS 6:45 jwe, the People, CBS Supper Melodies EDWARD TOML1NSON, Quiz Kids, Blue Quiz Kids, Blue Those We Love. NBC Those We Love. NBC The Bandwagon, NBC The Bandwagon ALEX DREIER scribe the reactions and experiences of one of the soldiers who "wears oiie ROY POPTER. Blue Paul Whiteman's Orchestra and Dmah Shore, NBC P.M. jCalling America, CBS 7:15 Calling America, CBS 7:30 jCrime Doctor, CBS 7:45 jCrime Doctor E.

SEVAREID, of them funny torches wrapped in snakes" on his collar. Neighbors, Blue Inner Sanctum Mysteries. Blue Inner Sanctum Mysteries. Blue One Man's Family, NBC One Man's Family, NBC CBS The officer's men ate "pill rollers" to that grim, rugged gang of infantrymen who have a deep affection PM. jTreasurj Star Parade 8:15 IMuslc Aircraft Training 8.30 jFred Allen's Star Theatre, CBS 8:45 iFred Allen's Star Theatre, CBS First Baptist Church Services First Baptist Church Services Jimmie Fidler, Blue DOROTHY THOMPSON, Blue Manhattan Merry-Go-Round Manhattan Merry-Go-Round American Album of Familiar Music, NBC and healthy respect for the Medical Corps "soldiers without guns.

There is none of the clinical "white Jacket" atmosphere in Jungle war fare. These men don't wait in some Hour of Charm, NBC Hour of Charm, NBC WALTER WINCHELL'S JOURNAL Music Soc. Lower Basin Street Good Will Hour, Blue Good Will Hour, Blue Good Will Hour, Blue Good Will Hour, Blue base hospital miles behind the lines. They go wherever the infantry goes 8 P.M. jTake It or Leave It, CBS 8:15 (Take It or Leave It, CBS 8:30 Man Behind the Gun, CBS 8:45 jThe Man Behind the Gun, CBS JSH-'u.

news everett" hollesTcbs" 10:15 Fashioned Revival 10:30 iOld Fashioned Revival 10:45 Old Fashioned Revival and every time the "outfit' movies forward, half of them re NEWS REPORTER Music Story Behind the Headlines, NBC Unlimited Horizons. NBC Dr. M. E. Dodd Dr.

M. E. Dodd SINE Unlimited Horizons. NBC 1 M. CDS WATTS main with the wounded, while half of them move up with the fighters Tonight's broadcast will be parked with grim realism.

It will have the same lusty "blood, sweat and tears" atmosphere whirh has signalized ail of the award-winning "Man Behind the Gun" programs. 1 For the Best in Radio News, Read The Times NEWS Claries Dant's Orchestra Charles Dant's Orchestra, NBC Down in Dixie, NBC Down in Dixie NEWS, NBC SINE WS XyN tes Lovely Beverly ahr, who is heard Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 12:35 p. ni. and on Saturdays at 12:00 noon over KTBS, sings them low, and torrid. The little girl who made good in the big city is a home girl at heart.

She loves horses. ll Old Fashioned Revival 11:15 jWoody Herman Orchestra. CBS 1130 Ry Pearl Orchestra, CBS 11:45 Ray Pearl's Orchestra, CBS la Mid. 'NEWS, CBS-Midnight 13:1 sMidntbt Frolic 13:30 jNEWS Midnight Frolic 12 41 Frolie TIB. MEMBER SOUTHCENTRAL QUALITY NETWORK Horace Heidt, the "Treasure Chest" maestro, observes that we're making It so hot for Mussolini that if a drop of water fell on him it would hiss I.

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