The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1951 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 6, 1951
Page 6
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WKOTT HTj 1 fHJIV ILL! (AUS.) CWW • ATOUUY, OCT&m t, t#« CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily T*U p« lint for coimcutln Insertion: Minimum chargi *ti" 1 lime per line >•'•• 15c 2 time* per line per day 120 J time* per Una per dn/ flc 6 time* per line per da>- ~° 13 lime* per line per <Uy * c Month per lln» ••• ««> Count llv» a?er&ge word& to the line- Ad ordered for three or Kit umefi An* 1 • topped before «pir«Uon wlil oe cliarg- •rt for th« number of limes the fid Appeared and Adjustment of hill made. A\\ classified advertising ropy AUO- mltttd by persons residing outside of iha city must he accomijanied by casli. ButM may easily b* computed from thi above t&ble. Advertising ordered for lrn-s;'i»ir Insertions laKef ill* 1 on? tun* t^hl*-, No reMwnsLbUltir v.-lll be i»t,<m inr more tliAti one Inrorrcoi Inawlton ot any classified ad, Alt ftds are restricted to thmr j)toji*r fllasElflcaClon. sij'lf unit type. Th* Ooiirlfr Xews reserve* the rlpht to crtU or reject niiy «d. Apartment tor Rent Otialr. cheap. 1004 8, ijik«. »fter 4 p m. !0;1 pk T T-h. Accordion 130 hn*« Hohner Baidl MJR. mother pearl nnl*h. »00 Including cn»e. 42" Cabinet baK« ^1nk, \Vt- Ph. a3B«. 101 pX 1 Cypress, Cottouwooii lumber. 2'/s mi. N.W. of Half Moon. l j ri. B3«3. G. G. Flowers. 10-1 !>k 11-1 Save Money When You Buy — Sell — Trsd« Used Furniture GI.IN HARRISON & SOX FL'RNITUKp; CO. 517 \\ r , Ash I'h. 2552 8-2 ck If RESTAURANT H. A: M SiVles Co. 117 R. Main. Mi fiftf!) 9 20 cV HJ yi USED~COMBINE BARGAINS! __ ^ All mako.s ;iro here fur yon ' ) rm. unfur. upl . private biUh. «oo-l ' (.0 rlllMlSP froiJ] . . . priced HS • locMl^. Pn_ 3 32y _ 10,6 ,* ^ a , owas$ISO ; Srp l|S ^ folT , j rm. fur. apt. Eire, kltcrien. Adults j - f V m ,'r - - Ou\y. ioa w. Ky.. Ph. 3309. ir>;s P v. 12 »">; p M Oil J Modern n healed apartment In Ingrain Building. llrR5O[iahle rent. r"r« «rn Apt.. 3 rooms and h«tti, decorated, good fnniliur$. feas Tient. Ph 3373. F. Simon, S 21 clc It J room fur. apt., prime tialb. 3 wwri unfur. Plion* 4267. 10 i pk 7 X room tur. »pt. Close In. Newly Modern 2 rm. upt. Ph. 45fiS or 0^7 fit If 4 rm iinltnr. apt- In «oort condition. Clou I". Ph. «65 or aSBi. B t 19 C* if 4 rm. unltir. apt. newly d Ulto. K.W. heiter. ph. 33M. . 3 IS pk iOrll 1 room tinfurnllhtO »pt.. redtror«teit.'Ph. 3350 or 6086. Small Apartments, furnished. $8 up per week. Hctlrociina fi up single. 114 West Ash, PH. 2»»3. 8-4 ck if Auto Suppritf S«rvic«f AUTO GLASS N«w or Us«<:l AUTO SALVAGE Fhsnt 3785 9-26 ck tf »og*r your f*ml»T with -AtJT I.HI TISB8. OSAPMAH SBHTIO* STATION Mvltt and DiyUlon Phone 346j 11|18 ck AWD rURVITURK LOAN* «ti*r*l Contract Purcbaae Copy. IM »outh ith. Phone 9302 I WORK—T*ay »n d fin Luri »ld I nibb*c til* And linoleum, Call 6767 fr<« wMinata. SHELBY SHLF. fl U pk 10,14 DKLTA LNO^ 322 So. 2nd. I'hune Ifffl Kelfar |»pnra, 9E)c JUT bii. bulk Morris Fisher, CentraLla. Ell. Phoiift my j iliuiue. 10'3 pk 7 1 CLOSE OUT SAI.K JnleiiJBtloiiHl. wan tHD,7!V, now 193 Vlcom;Uic, wftji J10X now |i>s I. 0. ROBINSON LUMF1KR CO. 1(1.4 rk I (.4 USED COMBINES If it's a used comliinc ynii waul — sc?e u? first! VV« have a. very wide splection — All Mnkes & Modclti! 61 Implement Co. N. Miw»y 61 Phone 2142 8-31 ck tf 6 Late Model JOHN DEERE A's WORTH SHOUTING ABOUT! '49 Ford $1095 '47 GMC . What a value! Imagine » g<mri Fur :i good deal o looking K.ird Tuiior RccUn fr>r only JlftiJriJ When you gllmpsr Hie shining maroon finish, you'll know ll's * fine IAT. Ka* <H» and healer, l-io. $645 ]f.g-Ti>n Iriuk. sr<! j-hllllnt Alnlnr xlirl t>V> a ImA al lhi« 191? (.MC. CiiaiiK it Cab. l Vtiu'll jcl « heller truck (ami rimrp f'jr yunr lr;ulf j w}irn ynu f<in\r to '47 Ford $595 Tti;t('s rl)-Jil — ynii rraH It r«jr- wily. Thlt i« A nhnrp IWH f'nrfl 'I'Uflor SecLui fur onljr IMJ5! K*|Nip|Mfl Midi a K unri hraler, this Forrl In the P«PH- ]«r tun mplal grey color. '39 Ford $195 St) me ln>* » Is a h '48 Ford $795 v » fo r»k 1 1 1 f tnr a Hnper-hjirKitlii — ami Mil* )* ft! For >«t I4.S hirckfl T»D ran pick Hp Ihk 193ft Farrl f'nupe. TtUck r»l<Hr. fitt • '46 Mercury $695 Wrirn 50 ti com* U I'liilHps' lot on the corner r»f Rronilwjiir A Cliirk^saurM, a*k In ire (Mi .Mfr<nry. 10-tfi (-rloor ^f- Jlan, maroon flnhh. , . &nd lorh mrfts amt h rater. Hr-r^'s r|inlp a hiiy on a I'ick- U[i, Tills '.-Tun iiKulet It ' * gnrnl -looking trurV (li^^ new rrram pnlnl joh). It'll j?ivr yon a Int of service a( -jnr low [•rip* .)f $ir>5. '47 Ford $445 .\J*kt A twt(«r Iruck tr:iile br cnrnii>jt lo Phillips .Mnlor ('n. In Rlvthevllln. ThU 11,-Tnn A Cha^ls Trurk hi pHrrrf &t A low, low $*i.V—*o 4rir* '46 Ford $645 This Is the pltkvp vnn sJinul<I veJ A Vi-Tfm Forrt plrkitp for SGI',. f>riYr. li vnn-l! J|V* It. Anrl voii'll Ifke Uir rtnr IrnrU Tori'll x «i 3 | P|i|]Up« Hr»Ur Cu- linpltm tlon<d tomorro lor jo u W» On. Thov'r* • f Sl UllBCO all iccondl- ft roadway & ChJckenawba ompnnij Phon. 44S3 Donl Wait Too Late for your SOYBEAN TRADER. You can now get a MAYRATH Loader from Jack Robinson Implement Co. t, Dial 520 — Blytk.vilU, Di.l 2371 Not/c* Sty tn\\i. nvold lh« ruih. hare your nil stove rleaneel and r«acly for wln- ler, call Harry Mycra. «49. 94 pk 10,1 WHAT TO DO IN CASK OF AN AC- O[»FNT- Jt yum i-«r 1* damaged ' < irJfin hr-i ld *no». On [»»!ni Job on .i hQui*-ihLng yi : -ti wJlt Kl»e you a rfiiy repair work of who!* c«r U paint- ' c<i iit.t J'm ih* dttnm'^d pans. Fre* p*=!ln«UM. I'or wi^rher service, t-»ll 6P91 days - ^IIJ>: nlphl* BURNKTI' HUDRON SA1 ES, 513 KBSI Mftln WALKER INSURANCE Glencon Hotel Rniklinif Phone 4;«>0 K i re—A u I o—Ca s i j a} Ly Protection al Low Coat J. C. "Boli" Barties \V. I,. "Hill" Walker 7-16 ck tf for Hollywood Oonllmud Piotu P*it I Me »ftd: "1 never knew I had eye.s until i SKW If hi color. TH«y An A lot o< (slicing /or RIP." . Incite MI the afrc*uie;tit *f .VlArio l*nm* U make "The Hi e I'tui" tor MOM k t|i* Kluiltci'i ftlv^-lu t« Ma.rlo'> demand t« buy "CaroaMi" f*r him. There will «l^* W major sirrlpi changM In "Th« M( <;»^i" ttorr lln« about a Hi»r wh» (nMbrick* h( 9 way through IK* »r m .r. Jean Arthur )ias (fie Inn mag IP riser* bcillnr. When they ttied to snap some candidtTof her on the "Shane" set. Jean jtcresmeri «nd fled to her dre.vmig rmnn. Hfndli ronn unfiirnlsheri. 1 » •tniAnt In modern duplt •cl Ion. Ti-a 11 f i irn RC e. 15 call 2113 or 4350. 9.-JS ck Bub Stack, who it a* r^fuACtl a j labor pr-rmit U) play in the British I film, "Tlie Gilt Hor.^." is heinp lt j repl&ced ~ by ,lame« Donald, w h o oil i was replaced by Vic Matnr* In heater. t(-[ipilan blinds Turn, !d«al lo- i ' Androclex and the Lkm." Coil- cAtion, 1134 Holly, NewU dfcoraisd. fii^jnc p>i > CHll 4<lfl, " 105 pk VI \ Bl I lnpi»4r»Mo« fttnra^r ipnet nonr-nlenllv locnted, < Ph SMB. ib-4 pk. ii;4 I * acreeiiwritisr wa* relathiK WIP - - - - -- |p]«t of * story to * producer. Hr ^Uctrie'.tol^'Wwalin!** 1 W ' r ' nB ror reached th« point ai which a Ranga' rui * rnrnivtied RI>I, wlih nLpctrie 1 ster rflke * over a counrry siore. storo a/id friKidmrf. Tis chink*flnwha IJ A »re«t swiwh." rh« scribe «u- "*- ^ M lo ' a tf jthu.sed. "A Ran K flt-er and til these rural rhuraciera. I wish r h*d a Htle for It." "Why." (trinneri it n fur house snd huth. Sf, T. Call nftt-r * p.rn, 40.W. U*ri)lju Ph. 4.m. < ronra hou*«, 2'UB 2 Forma!I "M's" Rice & Cane tires. Oat moro vftlua tor jnnr riollar In * u*er! tTAclor anri pqulpment . . . get H realty GOOD irnctor »it MISSCO IMPLEMENT CO. S«. Miwu.r SI, Blyihevillc nmpl* drop leaf ilin- mg table in perfect condition. *55. Call 2786. 10-5 (III tf Washing Ulachines reimired, 1 makeB. Blytheville Machine! ins. '. Phone 2828. 3-fi ck if "Intrrnnllonal pr. nmuntpd on Wlll«tt Wilson. 1 Watch and Jewelry Repair *er?Lca on Jewelry—R rturi •«r*tchf» fcnd clocks OuivTAnirtrt work done h/ expert repair men. Lowest "PAT O'BRYANT Mabi Ic SeconH 10 J rk (f "TYPEWRITERS'" DON EDWARDS CO. H2 W: Woluxil Phone ma Plenty of Parking Space Custom Soybean Cumhining M. C. GRF.KNWAV Blj-theville, Ph. fi.=,n:( 9-18 pis 1D-18 rRrt*«l*r coltoti iilrh- M tractor. Ramaln 7 OLt KnU GBR Rnklri- Honstnn, TPXA^. Pbone PHcston ]!).« pfc 13 I BALE— K.XCESS OFFICE DnSKS C11AIR3. WIL.I, 3KI.I. TO HIOH- EHT BIUDBIl AS A OtlODP OR 1N- DlVlnUAIl.V. UNIVKRSAt. CJ.T. TH- 10;« ^k ID FOR SALE uild i-r«o«t h(iu»* *«d t>».tri Wnn!rri« l>iiv«, cloae t" ;Mitral Wirtl school. ?300 t» ;800 uush will handle, balance S5.80 p«r month. Price $5,310. This properly is now vacant —move in tomorrow. 5-niom house and bath .lust o/f Hwy. 61 Sonth. This house « one year oM. Price |4,3CH). SI .200 i-BSli,-..balance r. H. A. .5C per month. Sn« or Call JOHNNY MARR Kenltor Phone JJ11 bsri. lil chAlr. rllo, Inners lt>;fi Goo*i vised Singer mnchines. lini^ boliin. nuniher on hand. Come p»rlv. SINGER SEWING MACHINIC CO. Ill \V. Mnin St. Blytheville, Ark. !(>-.=> rk ft For Salt, Real Istatt For Salt, Misc. Kough lumber lioxii.s.' A di- mftn»inn? stock. John C., Brig-ht, Bi? Lake, in-:? " FARM FOR SALE I have iii-cidcrl to sell by No !l fjirin, which 1 think is one of Ihr ln'?t in Miasifsipv l!niii.!y, Ark. Consisting of 48 acn's. (,r,,,,l sovon rnoni lump liffin?. \vnipi 1 and bnlh, jjara^ anil utlior (nil biiildinKS. Stone huildin.k:- One lar^e lmri>, one in county. One Imuranc* 25!>« 9-10 ok tf ,, 0.1, ™- FOR .' Jnrdnn. Ol'l V OH J^_ P !L 8 &. Krnn Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 124 W. Ash St. «L*NCOE HOTEH, DIIILUINO it« Room* hadrooms. Pts. ^Rls b^ck hnttm and localed .lit. Onnd TOonn bj ilnv »i 3tO W. Wain or weed. ajri. nforfft hie bedrootn. o. fiirnaoi heal. Pb. Nlc»ry CUT Hlc« betliaom. prlynte bu nnr;«. O!f>«* in. Fh. 44^1- FOR SALE Motion) dm>lox 4 V(MHT15 nncl bntli un oarh si<te. A real buy on i.oihi vs niftrkot, very ^otid con d it inn. ('?ui lip financed al 1 'v . See or call MAX LOGAN Ph. 20X1 LYNCH Rl.l>fJ. 10-6 ck 13 Real Estate Farms- Cily Probity I.O'VNS Noble Gill Agency RRAl.TORS — Ocil KarU — Glrnroe Rldg. l»h. «8fi8 N'l 1 : Business F^rop- i« corner of \\alnut - • r> . i -,, ^ in. in RlylliDville. S sizes of buildings to fit a.ny linsiiios» area now offered I'nke one or nil. For informs. Lion, contact I'AUI. HVRL'M 9-26 ck tf For Sale, Cart and Trucks WP.STKND AUTO SALT* wmpr fun h. S7.1*. pfc 9 t* . r.oet ROT • lift r* 11U5 lisa Tfith fafcth, ir Jll^ W. Ash ioj:i pic jo the ri ucer. "don't y«u oaH it Hooo-Urm and Abner'?*' Mai* Rita id lip. Apply la IOJ1 ck tt TaTiT'cKPisTMAs CA"RDS^! EARN BIG SPARE TIME PROFITS Harfv suleiii . OorhU. ArtUtlc unrt Cheerful mua. Ovnr 1UO Money-maker* sell phi, Be* i high rojit of llrloK. &p*r« tlnn Into CP^h. Bl»f jtelllnic , rlRhr- now. Direct d*H?err trnm i N'o -wflltln^. Rush riiqu^l Inr hit or Tree Display ringer, in concentri'tinK en TV film* with * contract to 'sr»r In H dor.ew half-hour pict\iv^R fo* 1 the Hl/l-l- small screen. ^« look-alik* taboo ^^"i-^Hi - U TV " • • • D *" DiUey'j sudden K" ^ Jl! ahsr-HBC. CtOjn th« Rlitrei- rieilK is a -'oiunt Uem >Hioni; Che night- Arlene Dah! tnd John will uo-tiUir for Pin«-Tho«ias in musical—"Time and Afrain." . . . New wiinkU i«. Hollywood tnusl- c»U; The 50 T>«r cenl, plot, iO p«r IT'S YOUR DOLLAR !| Get the Most For lt!^| nilY THK BKST WHBN YOU ARK BlIYINR A IJSK1) CAR Oil TIUJCK.. .it cosl* no more ajnd it do en in.sure salisfaclion in Die long run. SULI.IVAN- NK).SON'S cars are priced 'low. . .and gtiaraniMd (• b« in the beat mechanical condition. ; • 1HIH (,'lu'Violel Slylelin* 2-ii««)r Sedan, beautiful Xifcn color, deluxe railio, C10QC healer xnd licfrosler. Only yl&ifU $1295 $895 • MM!) Chevrolet Kltt-Mint- 2-rinor Sedan, grey finish, healer, defroster, seat covers • i:M7 Chevrolet M;uk 1-cluor Sedan, has healer, defroster, it's a really fine, clean car • IH 18 Kurd V-8 5-1'asseiiKer Coupe, grey <t«l- 0AAC or, radio, spol li^ht, *eal covers, healer & Def. V'**'*' • 1!»II1 MvBHiuth 2-dtMtr Sudan with lie«te-r and seat cover* $385 $895 $845 • 19XH ChevroW red W-Ton fickup Tr«ck (,'htvrok'l bin* VI-Tun I'k-kup Truck GMC '/i-'I'oti Viekiip with talll* rack g4t3 • 1M47 Diidffe I Vi-'t'nii Truck, body new, fac- CCAC lor.v-rebuill motor, healer, spotlighf, cah lights $*»WV Easy GMAC Payment Plan ' Kfmcmtirr, Y»« C»n Always Get A Go«H Deal »* Open Nights Until 9 p.m. SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY ML WM! Walnut rh«n* -iA7g PU COLUMBIA, 3401 Wf- will p»r 10e for the 10 complete coptes of owr- i^r N'ews of Moiutaf, Oct. ;i. l!*ol t>t WacliiMrliir, Oct. S, 1951, bicntjrhl to tlm »ffic«. Courier iS T «w* Company. 10-5 ctt» W For A«nt »r < rm iinTHr. Kom-. Wl lAk«. I rm. unfits hou*«. Ph. fl04«. 10'* pk vH'-p'r, nas. el (tct rlc I IT. On p».Tnn jssn, Ownnr. C. A. Frti-, NcrTl*Ton. 'vrK. 10 « pk 10 cent ruii-^iu cycle. It. sturtpd with "The Great Caruso" trnd cnntinnes in "Aaron Slick from Pumpkin Crick" »nd "Somebody Loves Me." ' Jack Benny about tht five TV aerial.- on Jits home: "Everybody In'tlit htnisc. indud- help, lock's at TV Coal furnishert 89 per cent of all eiu-rgy c-oiisiimed in t h» United States In 18&9; hy 1938, U providect only 4fl per cent. ( FIT S PJi. *7 niodf>) Rtndf concllllon. Ph. Lost and Found BAU.ARAT—<* •I,f u. s. .^i,i her* thai th« gr«»t-| ! esi (X)fUi ibnlun: tbnt th* Hritisili p*o- | '* ' | pie omit!.Hi»k« to vurld j,ic*c« would • tr^irk I be to coiiMuue frieucilj relations, ir wai^ I n'uii the Amerii:an5. Th« comblnm- IUJK uf tiip British Cummouwf^K'h anrf the tl. S. L« the .tt.ronft«At (na- : tor in pre.^erTing world p«*et, )«^ That's What Good Service Means! ffi«vtne, Nir.- !orarir>n. rras. »inrt hath, sioy? rio net.* but rs,n he mcr«jv*e to »tckne,i!'. Will give Fhon* 3T51 or 4^i6. snd Atyl -p*. ph. 0-:^ pk 10 j small st.ofk liarn.nne gor>d hay HOM»* "ha?'.i!alfalfa. 280 acrf* cotton, 15 REAL ESTATE P-nrtanl JIITPT r op. RRWARI) Ph rrliir K-Vth !«; L22A 10 * pt Wanted to WANTED: 3.S flu op truck HoselRTic If 'pRte<l in a home or papturo. balanced rornjfanti. see us. We linvc any- iiTiti boans. '1>rni5 <vn pwrt ifjthinjr from a vacant lot to a Irlii. Wanted p riMrhlrte ll RII (1 NOiJ Arlt. i rlosircd. V\"il! h( • market if n-»i , ( lays. 1aken nff Ihn »iri within Ihc ten E. 0. ADAM5 9 15> p> :*» :*, boust, close in, on p hom» for rmiplp or <n-i ftr<-e( Nlfe am:K Pttonp 1^5 pk 7 Tour n)d r,**xer Ir^prrt^fl trpe Om]1 tor tiff rtrrnonFTpnon, J. R. H^rria. SH X. In*.. Ph, '^03. P7 pfc 10 T ont 7 f'nrnp M 4 l J IrVi arr-^ IR Ir^lnM Tn ? 6R19. ,Mtr«.ctl7i'. n cM ^1^> or trt< rk 7 NP.W home localod to )iu.=iiipss ^istrici. .Mvr'Mdy fi- na»ico«l virh \'"< Nian. *(tnO will |wy Hi! -!'A>i; twymrni and clo^iTi)? i-fi«r«;i i 5!. .Stv nr rnll MAX LOGAN Ph. 203U I.yiidi Rl.lir. ,«.. iO-6 ck 13 plantation. CITY & FARM LOANS CATES-WIGG5 REALTORS 1 l.i S. Srd. St. Hlytlievillp. Ark. I'h. 2751 or 42fiS . JO-R r.k tf FORSALE ~ li!S ai'n'f ft tuilcp fn>m Hly- HIO aiTps lit n\ile* from Hl.v l!io\ ille. ' GEO. M. LEE 120 \V. Main f }'h. 69C.1 . W-# ri ^ i VOTK:K OF .ACCOUNTS or i| I KXKCCTOKS ANI> ' j{ i ADMINISTRATORS FII.KI) |l j NorU'e ts hereby given thai rtur- I inir the n^onth of September 1M1 : i t.hc foll(»wiii}f ancouni* of Executors' smrt Artiuinlsirators have, been Iflcd j for se'flenient and confirmation in | jihe Prohnr* Court Tor Ttir Chlckn- | "<ii;*x ^'o^''V B ' ; '*^' H Uiiuirit nf Mississippi Conn-f n>6 pis 10 'V- Arkansas «nri that- such account* ; j iviTh thetr rr.sppc-Mvr flJtni; dntex ( *•!-.; Concrete Culvert Tile Sifn up In 36 In. Corrugated M«tal Culverts Strri up In !14 in. tnlr.niJtir Klnnil (i>tr< ('nnrrclc Srptif Tanks .Melal Soptic r l'»nk.« Sower Tile Bn< VH.-fi W« Drllvrr A. H. WEBB No. 1433 Wm. C. Potter, Oiiftrd- ; )^u?.hip Final mx-oiiiit of Anrvp. fl. HamSltou. C«»ia-rtiiftn filed Seplem- »H-T 10. ltt5I. j No. 10« Or. C- C WHwn. F^t#t«. F\rf\ and Ttnul report of .Ruwell NfniT filed Koptembfir 10- *M1- " i | No. 7fili i.utlior Gr*.y, E*(R(P K':i s( sud final report- of Rnby P. tiray (tlfd ^plembcr H. 1P51. i No. ?0'/3 Harvej" Andrew H«ye^. ! Ksial*. KirM And flnul report of Roy M. Slc-Aii Ain-iLlnrv Artmlnlst-rAtor Heiiipnt of any of U»e above e.stfl(*» are wjunpd tn file exrcptinni rhert- to Lf any have tli^y on or before tht sUtieili May rollowing thf filing of 'he if--.u«H'ii\ f mcinnn-i. la Hint w Uich thry u HI he \t,\ n erf [oreTftr ; FiOni e\re(H IHR tt» lh? Mvoitnl i. • AVntipw: tny hand and seal M such ', CierV and .v-ai of Aatd Court this \\\t. <ih day of Oc'tobPr, IJ51. ; KMftABHTH BI.YTOE PARKBR wifl b« fM »* » fiddl*. »fl*r Horner-WiW »nn'» m»chanic* h»v» worked (W H, \Vhnltvw kind »f c«r >•»« drJT*, whatever kind of Irnck .vt>w havc...M cnn )i« correct It nircd-for »( Hi>ri\er-\Vilni>n. Remember—when you 1'AY fur s»rvic« y<m par for the best. Why not CRT th* H*st? Come 1« Hnrrtor-Wilson. . .»n Kitsi Main StrctH hi Blytheville! S* Horner-Wilson Motor Co. /

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