The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1946
Page 5
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MONDAY, JULY 8, 194G BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COUklER NEWS Mother Cabrini Becomes a Saint Catholics Honor FaiHiful Member For Her Work in U.S. , By AI.110 FOttTE UillU'il |> r( . ss «..,., ff o VATICAN CITY. Unuoil s Missouri Qijeen July 8. — Tlie >* had its "first clllai'ii ajiion>; I he .saints of (he Roinnn C/.it.hclic church today ntler tlie ^canonixation ot Mother Frances Xnvicr cnbrln! In one of tlie most | colorful ceremonies of tile chnrcn. p "l'c Pius XII pronounced Mother Cabrini „ saint at the cllmux of four and a half hours or i>ai>- eantry In St. Peter's Basilica yestcr- tiny, I Ins Holiness revealed Dint the Day and Day for tlie Veuer- alion of St. Frances Cabrini will be Ucc. 22, the date of her [loath 111 Chicago i,, 1917. Some 30,000 persons—cardinals and lasser prelates, members of the Vatican City and Rome diplomatic! coins, muny thousand members ot I'flililoiis outers, and the Iny -laith- ("1 -attended 'the historic ceremony Beginning at. 8 a.m, • A fanfare of -silver trumpets echoed through the spacious haJUlica to announce the canonization' of Mother Calnini. Then the iiuse !:rcnzc bells of the church began l>oaling !t message or rejoicing and those in the Hofy City's 5011 churches joined in while Ilie pontiff recited a te deum of fhnriss- Welch Poster Federal Works Agency, Public Premises "de'scrlbci! as 100 Wcr.t Buildings Adniinistrallon, 550 Post Main Street, BlyUii'vlile. This i>?r- Offlce Uuildlnt!. Dallas 1, Texas,' '"It Issued on Hie 1st clay of July. June 27. 1910. Sealed bids. In lilpli- j 1816 and expires on the, 30 day of catc, will be received ot this office until 2 p.m., July 25. ID40 and then publicly opened, for furiiishinu the materials, and pcvtormlns Uie work for interior aiid exterior pointing, miscellaneous repairs, etc., al (lie U. S, P. O.. lllythcvlUc. Arkansas In strict accordance with the specifications ' dated PH-Dlv-C. May 6. IMC, and drawings (If any) nien- tioned (herein: ami the general conditions dated Sept. 15, 1912 and NOTICE OF OKANTINO OK LIQUOR PERMIT Notice Is hereby given that trie Commissioner gf Revenues of the State of Arkansas hiis Issued n permit, No. 180 to Welch Fosier, Pus, tei-'s Urondwny Liquor Store, to sell , , , l.addendmn Uicreto dated May 15. un a illsjxmse vinous or jpli'lluons 1944. Specincations and oilier data liquors for bcveiwo at renil may be had at the office of the cus- •• • • todlan of the bulking or the office of the Division Engineer, living D. Porter, Division Engineer. the premises described as IDS North Broadway, Blylheville. This permit Issued on the 1st day of July, UNO, mid expires on Ihe :io day of June, 194V. Welch Foster Permittee. Notic,- Is hereby (jlven that the nilersiiiiH'd will within (he lime fixed by linv apply l» the Cnuunl'i- sloner of Ki'Vcnues u f (he,State' of I Arkansas for a permit to .sell'bcci f nt retail «i Co. Club. l!lylh"Vllle, Mississippi County. •The undmiRiied slules thai he l:i n citizen ol Arkansas, t>: uotul moral Kliunuler, Hint ln> has never Iwsen convicted of u felony or olhiT (U'lnv? Involvlni- moral turpitude; Unit no license lo sell hcer by tin! imil'M 1 - si£hctl Ims been revoked within five years l;isl past; ami Ihn.l the under- sinned bus 'never been ninv-lrtrd of violating the lows'of tills slate, or any other (slate, rcialint; to Ihr sulu of alcoliolio llriviovs. Wendell Baton. Buljscrlbed und sworn to bpfoir me tills II day of July, 19I(>. Mrs, Marshall lil-u-'Kiinl (Seal) Notary Public. My conunlsslon expires March SI. 11)19. .blonde Missouri, hqs been'cHoscn By Uic Lions Cotton Stales Jubilee Com- inittee as state queen to represent "V™ l ' s Missouri as! a featured model in an all-potton. fashion show at Philadelphia, July 10, during the Lions International convention. • Tlic show is being staged, by- the National Cotton Council and Cbt- ton-Tcxt'ilc In'sliluie . as a tribute to Southern Lions, ;Miss Watkins is a ..senior ; at cqntral College, Fayette, ,M6. or r.KANTiNU or I.KHKUl 1'ICIOHT Notice is hereby Kivcn Iha7 Ihe Commissioner of Revenues «f the i State of Arkansas lias issued i pet 1 ,„,,_ No I(j(i U) Welch Fosa .., p Flis . lcl " s Mi>1 " st - Uauor Store, to s?ll nml <»spciisu vinous or spintu/m<; m beverage at retail on the Sent: The Rev. J.W.Bass Conducts Baptist Meet ' The FIREWORKS Crispy Cold Fruits Vegetables, Watermelons CARTERS Grocery \Market As the throng left inc. basilica, a small airplane flipped low fit. Peters Square. Within 2M feet or *hn heads o( the crowd it dropped memorial holy cards of the uev MI i nl with her picture and sacred inscriptions. Kush for mementos Priests, .children, American sol- rtiers and high personages in civilian life rushc<] eagerly to gather the mementos. The ceremony, rich in pomp and pageantry, opened when the mein- jbera of the holy congregation ol ^"'ites and other prelates, too-other %\Hh all 'the cardinals In Rom?, convened in a hall close to th« Sistlne Chapel and formed a procession. . Mother Cabrini was born at Sant'Angelo Di IjoiM,. Italy, : 'July Ifi. 1850, the of 13 sisters. At the age of 39 she landed tor I he first time in New York to begin the wtrk for which she vva;, canonized. : Evangelistic needing- which _ - tonight at the i First BantisL ovc) . ] Church of Dell will bciconductefl l)y HID-Rev'. J. W. Bass, : pastor of Lamar Heights Baptist, Chinch of Memphis. • •';- - • '- The meeting will c'on|lnue 10 days, with nightly sessions to:l>egin at'8:!r> o'clock. , Ray Morgan will bc' ! in"'chnrisc of special' music. ;• ; The public is invited, ll.wns an- nouncetl." Church Meet to Coniinus Th? Evangelistic meeting now in progress at Gateway Pcntcrost Tabernacle fn ' Pride Subdivision continue indefinitely, L. G. 13or:vh, pastor, said today. •' The meeting is being '.conducted by the'Evnngellst Norman Kent of Trumann.' •Nightly sessions begin .at a o'clock «nd include special singing.' • The public is.invited, it-was an i.nouiicecl.' • She founded the order, of the):—: '• : , — Sisters of the Sacred 'Heart . ol canary bird or what-have-yon since Jesus. She continued her work tire-- ,1940 lossly. cpsning schools, hospitals I , A'complieated clause in a citv or and colleges in New York. New Or-| clinanae covcrinB t sales s f ntc[ f w , , ! C - ag °' sc!xLtl °' Denver and apparently-inadvertently, that deal Philndclphin. and later in South Ie j s co-jicj^ot sell Amenca. Spain .France. Itniy nnd - -,, ct - - England.r-ffi --•:•."••' ';.-:• •• ':•• '' ' Claurc Gees Too Far DENVER (UP)—Pet- shop owners in Denver discovered recently that they had been violating tlie' lau' with every sale of a dog. cat. X WELL KNOWN MAN FELT * LIKE SWOLLEN BALLOON FULL OF STOMACH GAS Recently, a well known man stated that lie used to feel like a swollen balJoon after every meal. He would ulont full of gas and spit up acidulous liquids for hours after eating. Was terribly constipated. This man is one of the hundreds in this vie inity who now praise INNER-AID. He. states he was amazed at the I results when he took this medicine. 1 Now he eats what he wants with- [ out EHS or bloating, and bowels are j regular for the first time in years. He feels like a new man. INNER AID contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from stoirach, act on sluggish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel'different all over. So don't go on suffering! Get INNER- AID. Sold by all drug stores here in Blythcvillc. 'INSURANCE .•:.; ','„,., 2311 I For Complete Protection ACCIDENT & HEALTH • HOSPITAIJZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBItB • UABIUTY . • BURGIJUIY • PLATE GLASS '•TORNADO • SURETY BONDS • AVIATION FIRST iNATIONAL I INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd CM AS. -nrt-i-NKR The self-cleaning OPEN CENTER keeps lugs open nl both ends. Gives each lug an enterini? edije to start the bite. So, the whole lug digs down neeiier, gels more [rrip. Ask- any neighbor now using Snrc-(iri[)s. He'll confirm what tests prove . . . Von get up to 22% more work with less fuel whet> you use Goodyear Sure-Grip-Tractor Tires. DELTA' IMPLEMENTS, Inc. : «26 North Oth Open 7 Days 3 Street Week BIG B2NGO Wednesday Night 8 o'clock At the Armory StJoseph ASPIRIN _ |00 TABLETS 3M WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER ArKX Sponsored by Catholic Altar Society Phone 931 for better TAXI SERVICE For IOIIK lrl|>s—n or mum (n Meiniiliis uv l.lltlo Uiick. Drill train fare fur round tri|i. LOCAL CALL . . . Twin Gables. . . 35c Midnight Inn . . 50c Golf Club . . 50c Manila $4.00 Osceola . . . $4.00 Oliiw places In comparison. /. R. Payne, manager Lake anil Main animals -us - * •. .< .1 • We think it is timely.and right that our friends and customers know our policy concerning OPA, During the war and throughout the reign of OPA it was our policy to buy or sell strictly within the limits ot USED CARS WANflp We will pay you the full OPA CcllU* plus your extra •quipmcMt; .- ,, If you lire rolng to keep jvvr present ear let M glv* you an estimate on reconditioning your Credit termn can i>e arranged. Tires, Tube* a*4 uni! home r:irlios for sale. Lee Motor Sales, Inc., OMsmolitle K:ist Main St. GHCTrwto PlmtSlI CHAMBLSN SALES CO. Sludetaker WE RUY AND SBLJ, GOOD USED CARS , |A>X Chamblin BJK ChuiM^i l'h:me 2195 Railrowl A Ash 81^. RAIN INSURANCE.,. ; i * For Your Freshly Washed Car! 24 Hour Insurance — 25c If it ruins wilhin 2-i hours ofler you h»v« hud your cur \\atthcd at our station and yon lire a holder of our Card, just present Card within 'IS hours and we will wash' it aln— FttKKI SPECIAL! Wash & Grease Job— $1.50 MARR'S AUTO SERVICE Your One-Stop Station . Phono 2611 ASH and SECOND Our Policy Is Unchanged Whether or not OPA is revived wa will continue to protect the interests of our friends and customers by NOT raising our prices. We will continue to charge the same OPA ceiling prices for parts, accessories, labor, automobiles and trucks. We are a believer in economic stabilization We are an enemy of price inflation EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY Top Prices for Cattle, Hogs Short haul — Lets shrinkage and no commission means more, money-,fat your livestock. LEO SWIFT BUTCHER'S ABATTOIR Minnie Lee Jones Music Studio ENROLL NOW for Summer Classes in Piano Phone 2994 : v .•> or Write Miss Jones 807 Chickasawba,'. ' Bljthcvillr, Arkaniu i .'. GE.T THAV SAUPLE" OUT OF ' HIDE IT QUICK WASH TUBES Snapninsf at the JfciH BY LftSLTR TURNEK VOU SAV \ VEP; I MOTICEO _ . TWO MEN \ EVEIN 1 vot) MIGHTY CIOST, WEREPEERISG 1 »,\C, MIP TAiLKW'tto" " AROUHD THE k SO 1 UStt)«D IN... CORKER K ME,/ ^-~ MR.WAPOy?/ HE THOUGHT WO WM A BIS INOUSTRUL ACCORPIN'TO RUWOR. W«K£E INDUSTRIES f OUNO *f«*NIUIA OH SOWS LOCN- FEIUR'S IANO. THESE B1R05 H6UBE YOU'RE M-'KEE. OUT HtRE IN PI56US€ K> BIN IT CHEAP. SO 1HEV MM TO TSAIL VOU, LEARN WHICH THM NOS£¥ MRm OUTFIT. THEV nw/ IAIVK6 IT COST Join the Ark. Automobile Club ... * ~,. *r i. and enjoy it's marry 'benefits YOUR MEMBERSHIP SAVES YOU 20 ON AUTO INSURANCE Ivan R. VanPatten Your Sales Representative •118 S. Lake St. Residence Phone 2409 No Waiting! No Delay! In Arkansas - Missouri - '• • Tennessee - Mississippi 4% LOANS On Good Business and Residential Property in Towns of Over 2500 MONEY PAID ON DAY OF APPLICATION If TITLE IS SATISFACTORY Call or Writ* FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LOAN COMPANY ANDREW J. FLORIDA, Vice-President t>HONE 210 • •••- '' Mississippi CoM.iry Boiik Osceola, Arkoi '

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