The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 28, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 28, 1949
Page 2
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PAGI TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS THI NATION TODAY Wage Scales for Government Employes Get Congressional Attention; Some to Get Raises By JaniM M»rtow WA«HIXGTON, Sept. 2*. (*>)—Congress lias approved a pay raise lit Bwrt of tht people In the armed serricej. Now it'« in the midst of rating OB « wa«* raise for government employes. Wot »U people getting government* L^ Just those in the executive branch of the foverninent. And not all of them. Just these: !. PocUl employee. The House jMterdijr voted to raise them by as much « $ 160 to $400 a year, depending on grade and yeai» of service.. But they get no raise unless the Senate also approve*. •J. White collar civil service work- era making under 110,000 a year, such M . clerics, stenographers, scientists, professional people, and so on. Average pay for people in burn U In the legislative branch. Besides EOA'« Hoffman, with his $30,000 a year, the pay scales for the other top executives runs )lke this, although the list b not complete here: »17,500—David ijlienthal,. chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. »15,000—The nine cabinet members, such as secretary of state, secretary of defense; the three members of the President's Council of this group in »3,352. . " Economic Advisors. Today the House was to take up $H.OOO—J. EdRar Hoover, head of a. bill giving them an average raise the FBI : 512,500, four members ot of |130 » year. Even though the House: approves, they'll get no nits e unless the Senate also approves. S. The executives who make $10,000 a • year or more but less than *2S,000. This group includes most of: the top people in the government, ^such as cabinet members who are department heads, like the secretary of state, and the heads of various agencies and bureaus. The.House has passed a Dili to Ifive them* raises ranging up to a top Mlary of KS.OOO a year. The Senate .today-was; to'take up their case. Unle»; the senate approves, they get no raise. President Truman has been pressing Congress to boost this group. Pay for the various. Jobs they hold has not been increased since 1925: Oh* the other .hand, Congress raised pay for the postal and white cottar civil service workers in IMS,' 1916 and again in 1MB. Few'In JB5.090 Class Only four people iri the execi.tive branch m'ake'*25,000 a year or more: The ambassador to' Britain and the ambasador to France, each of whom geti »26,000 a year; and, the president and vice president., In January of 1949 congress raised the president from »75,000 a year to $100,000 and boosted the vice president's pay from $20,000 to WO,000 a year and gave him a tax-free expense allowance of $10,000 a year.' Next highest paid man in the executive branch Is Paul Hoffman, head of the Economic Cooperation Admiinstralkm (Marshall'plan). He gets $20,OUO. Conngress la not considering raising p»y in the other two branches— legislative and Judiciary—this year. In the legislative branch—member* of the House and Senate—con- grew raised its own pay in 1946 from »10,000 & year to $12,500, plus a tax- free' expense allowance of $2,500 a year. In the judicial branch—the Judges of tii» federal courts—Congress raised all the judges' salaries $5,000 each in 1946 This wav: Chief justice of the supreme court, from $20,500 to $25,500; eight associate justices of the supreme court, from $20,000 to* $25,000; judges of th« circuit court of appeals, from $13,900 to $11,500; and judges of the TJ.s: district courts, from $10,000 to $15,000. Speaker Geti $30,0«0 (Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn got Ms pay boosted to $30.000, plUB a $10,000 tax-free expense ai- • lowance, in January of this year when Congress was voting Vice President Barkley the same pay.) The highest paid men In government, therefore/ are President Tru- nun, Vice President Barkley, and Speaker Rayburn, although Ray- the Reconstruction Finance Corporation board; $12,000, eleven members of the Interstate Commerce Commission. 410,300 — Some undersecretaries and R.s-istant secretaries, v,ho are chief assistants to the big dep.irt- me'nb heads, like the secretary of slate.' ' • ' • . $10,OCO—Most heads of independent* agencies and commissions, like the five members ol the Federal Trade Commission; three members of the Civil Service Commission. , Official Deplores Living Standard df.-U.~S. Farmer ATLANTIC CITY, K. J., Sept. 2R -A government housing offic- '<«' says only one in six farm (J'Jellii'ss has. things city families consider a bare minimum for "adequate, helthful American' living." Dillard B. Lasseter.. administrator of the ; Farmers Home Administration,, made . the statement yesterday in outlining leaturcs of the 1549 federal housing; act. In a speech prepared for the National Association of Commissioners, Secretaries and Directors of Agriculture, Lassfter emplisizcil that federal loans will be made "where they are needed most" and "where other forms of credit can't do the job. 1 * . -"If a farmer needs .new housing and can get the money from the bank, then the : bank should have the first chance to make the loan," lie said. ' This jiew act makes It possible to see that a lot of country folk will now have the same good American standards of living as their city cousins," Lasseler added, "and It's probably the only way most of them would hsve had this opportunity." WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 28, 1949 UNITED NATIONS' HOME TAKES SHAPE-On the east side of Manhattan, the modern skyscraper that will be the UN Secretariat building begins to assume its final shape. This picture was taken hy a UN neighbor, James Rath, who is keeping a record o[ the growth of Die building by photographs made from the fire- ' escape of his First Avemtc apartment. That's Mrs. Rath doing liic knitting. Death Takes Mother and 3 Of Her Quads CHICAGO, Sept. 28—</r)—Mrs Bernlee Ecker, S3, and three of the quadruplet babies born to her lut night were and yesterday. The remaining infant, * tiny girl WM given « 50-SO «urvlv»l chinte by phy«lci»n$ at Holy Cros* Ho»- pital, Her hu»i>«nd, Vernon, a. truck driver, «id his wife was not »ur« she was pregnant. He had planned to take her to t doctor nett Friday to rind out. Mrs. Ecker, mother of three children in an earlier marriage, became 11 last night while she wu listen- Ing to a radio program in her home with her brother, Francis Fitzgerald 30. Fitzgerald took her to the hospital, and the (irst baby was born shortly after she arrived. One of the quadruplets, a boy, w»s stillborn. A girl died less than three hours after birth. The third child who died was a boy, kept alive until 7 a.m. <CST> yesterday in the hospital Incubator. Mrs. Ecker had worked as a label- ler in a paint factory until last month when she left her job because of severe Weeding attacks, her husband said. It was another s»eh attack which preceded the delivery of the babies last night. ' The surviving baby is an abnormally small girl. Her weight was not ascertained because of the necessity of getting her into the incubator quickly. Sfopy Church Members Awakened by Firework t , ' . .y : DETROIT, Sept. 28. '«>)—Boom- boom-boom! The calm of a Bunday morning was shattered In an eaststde Detroit neighborhood, . Rresldent complained. Police Investigated, They reported yesterday It was an enthusiastic group at the Holy Joycees Sponsor Showing Here Of Reproduced Famous Painting Bull in Boudoir LOUISVILLE, Ky., Sept, 28. OFj- A 1,600-pound bull broke from a truck here today, loped two blocks down Market Street and bolted Into a bedroom at the home' ot Mrs. Leonard Ashcrafl. Mrs. Ashcraft said she had up a "room for rent" sign hilt hart no Idea she wouid receive that sort of response. the Courts Circuit Court: E. E. Stevens vs. Floyd Simpson, suit to collect $510 judgment given by Circuit Court in Ounklln County, Mo. A reproduction of Leonardo da* Vinci's painting "Hie Last Supper" that lias been done in a new art medium will be on display in Bly- thcville tomorrow, Friday and Saturday. Sposored by the Blvthcvlllc Jun- »'j lor Chamber ot Commerce, the B ine C''s have tackled the Job ol painting will be displayed free In S e "lng the 10,000-ton battleship a special van Jn which it is on """r^ste, lowed here upside-down tour. The van will be parked on from off LhK Sardina coast, Into a Italian Navy Engineers Have Big Salvage Job •ROME —M>— Italian navy en- Mnln Street'during its three-day stay. Tlie rciirndiiction, painted by Jules Cannert or Paris, France, has been done in a medium known as "black-light art." it was painted with speclai pigments which, when displayed under ultra-blue "black- light," give off n 'phosphors'ben I glow and provide a three-dimensional effect. This painting is sxi feet high and 14 feet long. It required 18 months to complete it. . Cnnnert reproduced "The Jjist Supper" because dn Vinci's o'rlg'innl oujjyyr necanse ail vmcis onguiiu -""M " l " ue IUWUH nuo a OOCK painting, clone in HOI, has deterlor- llle tol>s of water filling liic hull* nted beyond rcstorntlon. Da Vinci wi " lj e pumped onl. Then cfforta painlccl his niasterpiecc on a plaster wall, and dampness and seepage over the centuries caiised the 'plaster to crack ^and peel. : x - Mexicon Named Consul To Serve 3-State Area MESIUHTS, Sept. 28..(/!>)—The np- poilsltncnt of Rdben M. G.ixlol.i as Mexican consul here was announced yesterday. Gaxiola's district wili include Arkansas, Tennessee and North Mississippi. He already has arrived to set up nn office. He Is former vice consul at Los Angeles. . A Red Cross field director In Cuba serves U.S. navy personnel stationed at defense bases there. dock. It will bo a task of many weeks, Ihey sflid. The Trieste, sunk by British bombers In (he Mad- daIfna harbor In May 101:1, wu s lowed across the Northern Tyrhen- ian.sea, In a daring operation. The ship is now at mooring, tied to a buoy off the military harbor of L« Spczffl. Three of the Trieste's four lur- rels. reaching 45 feet below the water mark will have to be dis-' mounted before she Is: put into a dock. The short fourth turret" will be left where it is. When the stiip will be towed Into a dock Citizens of Oklahoma City to do Kail Jobs ' NOVVATA, Okla., Sept. 28—M>— Civic leaders here yesterday volunteered to man strike bound equipment of the Missouri Pacific Railroad in an effort to ward off a growing economic pinch. .Charles A. Whitford told the company he had recruited 'a number of volunteers, io p.-=v:d= service between points at Coffeyvllle, Kas. and Clarcmore, Okla. Whltford said several persons had agreed, to help run the trains. He has received no word fron the coinpany yet. The Missouri Pacific service;. Nowata and this northeastern section of Oklahoma. Whitford said that the strike* had caused noticeable affects on commerce here. Cattle shipments are being held up, ar trucked to market. This is the big marketing season for cattle here. Most' nails today are made of steel. ••' ivill be made to recover bodies of the sailors still .inside. The hull of the Trieste 1 Is In good: condition, as the large 'quaritV Ity of oil in the tanks spread* nil over and kept liic 'steel plates from rusting. bake, b&tter bistwits with HUMfij 1 THE (Dainty 1 COOKING, FAT Head COM Stuffiness .•si ef, put lew Vicks Va-tro-nol Nose Drops in each nostril Va-tro-nol works T i ght where stuffy trouble isl It opens up cold- clogged nose . . . relieves stuffiness , . . and leta you breathe again. Try it. ROCKET EH6INE + HYDRA-MATIC DRIVE! This Exclusive Oldsmobile Combination Adds Up To The Most Thrilling Driving You've Ever Known! "KJCKn"-«OS HTDRA-MATICI That', the power-team that gives jou brilliant response —Telvet smoothness—amazing gat tconomy; too! And it'» yo«r« in tiro great Oldsmobiks Ihe "88" «n<! th« "981" UNO JO* A "ROCKiT" RIDE! Your O'dsmobile deafer inriles you to call him for a "Rocket" riemonstcxion. Every "docket" car is t Dyifra-Malio car—and* ^e two team up for «inoollnic 6 j, ease and economy that just can't he hcitlFully automatic, litne-iesled Hydra-Malic Drive* tr.nsmin that brilliant "Rockel" power iwtantlj. Hydra-Malic smoothness co/n- pkmenu the "Rocket's" silken operation. And Hydra-Matio'a oiilstanding gaj mile- «ge i> now beitcr than ever, thanks to the . 'BocletY! high-compression cconomyl MIVINS IS BitlfVINGl Thousands of .. word« can't match one trip at the u-lirel ol • "Rocket"-Hyara-Malic OWsmolnle. Drive one yourself— see how much j,, n motwnng c*n he- when, you go the Vutur- •mic vr»y... iht "RorW-l/ydra-Motic uayl j. OLDSMOBILE ttNUAl MOTQtS VALUI r>HONI YOU* NIAKfSr 6 i D i M O B * I [ Phone 2056, LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc., or visit 309 East Main Fulbright to Address Municipal League IJTTLE ROCK, Sept. Senator Fulbright will speak to the Family church' setting' off explosive charges on the front steps. They had decided this was a good way to wake members for services. Arkansas Municipal League al a banquet here the nlgiU of Nov. 15, League Executive Director Glenn Zimmerman said yesterday. ' Other speakers at DIP association's annual convention will Include Governor' McMatli and Carl Chatters, executive director of the American Municipal Association, Zimmerman said. Go SOFA and CHAIR by Here is a truly unusual design . . . tailored in an entirely new, exclusive French-Knot Mohair Boucle. The lovely crescent shaped sofa and chair are specially priced for modest budgets. Kroehler's own long-lasting Cushionizcd Construction gives unmatched comfort. Exactly as nationally advertised. SOFA ,, A S SHOWN 19950 Matching Loungt Chair *99?° - } Small Dcnvft Payment. HUBBARD&SON FURNITURE Phone 4-109 Bb'lhevi'le PROFIT By Reading the Classified Ads Every Day! PROFIT By Advertising In The Classified Columns When You V/ant lo Buy or Sell ADS PLACED BEFORE 9 A.M. WILL APPEAR SAME DAY All Classified Advertising Payable in Advance PHONE 4461 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS

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