The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 6, 1951 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 6, 1951
Page 5
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PACK STX B1,YTHKVTLLE (ARK,) COriUKR NEWS THE Bl.Vl'UKVIl.I.l!; COUHIKR NKWS T1IK COUIUKK Nf.'WS CO. H. w. iiAi.\r;;, pnwisii.-r HAKF1Y A. HAIN1IH A'!;ill! I'liWHI'.l'r A A. FHEDUK'Ki'ON. f.'ditor PAUL U. HUMAN. Advii'llslng Manaccr Sole National Advciti im; Rrpnv-enUitiip-: Wallace VVitnier Co., Ni-'.v i\>lk, chli'iuju, LMroll. Atlanta, Memphis.. Entered as scrotKi dass nnu^r ru :.h« post- office at llSyllievillc.; 2:-, unilvr a-', ul Con- press, October 9, 1917. Member of The A;:,vjci:U:'tl SUBRCRrrl 1OM UA'l'KK: fly carrier hi tin- M'.V of Hh !h-'vilie or ruiy suburban town whi-j-j i::r.ior s,eiYu:e i£ maintained, 2.7C IKT wffk. By mutt, within 11 r.nii:!'. <if fill mill'. S:; 00 tier year. ^.50 for six njirhUi:.. f i .* • tut Hun 1 months; by mail out'ide iiCl m:U> z.tiu--. J!.!.^o per year payable In advaiae. Meditations fly faKli .llnMliiini, win n IIF trial, offrrfi! up lM:ir: nitrl ho tli:i1 liru! ncoivi'ii Htr [immiscs of/erot] up his only lii> ; ;.i(lt n MMI, — IRhrrMs l!:17, It fp by f-n'h M':it p^'iv. *•• v Mon, coal's rtlMw this «fii!] f.ciih; rhu! hi iTTfts I hj fjiii;!] iff. rlouri: , ui ''.iJ!i< i and Iht-.'s in a =,nrifr \\i-\\\. ~<.',\\r^. Barbs Too nirtny jifnp!" krrn ih;h». on i.-tiniltiMt- i.-vi'h after fhny are ndinUiccJ 'Jivoiii'n n tni-mi's fJnui. * * * Tlic trst way lo uvniil (lu- doittili* c-hln is to prevent two averse wnini'ii Irnm iiK--:liii>;. * * + v Whf.n F.t><ilcr,f*. 'A-fiU tinttic ft"- nmncy nnw, Hieyll just havn to WUM- liomc f^i niort. Kuur- cciit posfapo o» lc((ri sj . • i Ctarllr (PI rcinMiinrftrfr <( f<j r ff-Ms. ,lu-s| i-,i) H And the pcr.-^m nidi n r'if(i ulll sUy away from you. * * * Deprr*.?ion Is \viiat make;; m\y country r« land of law nnd 310 orflcrs^ 'Revolt' Gives Peron Excuse To Cut Political Opposition The abortive revolt of a jfnnip of nrmy officers n^ainst AvjroiHinn's dictator, Juan Peron, lias some curious nn- glos. Quickly sup])ri?Kt!C(l. il was iicrh.'ips the least Riiccessfu! rebellion in Argentine history. Only two shots were known to have been fivrrl, ami no one wiis hurt. The outside world's sole Itnuwlnilxe of the uprising comes from official government radio Recounts. At 11:10 H.III. on Friday, Se])t. 2B, ihc radio iiniioiiii- ced thfi revolt had linyun. At. I2:f>7 p.m. the same day, it (JcstlHred the affair wua ended. 'Shortly iifior Hie original aniuninci!- nient, the I'yron-doniinntcd labor t'cd- cralion called a Kenernl (ilrike Ui help combat the rebpllion. The liSniiu; sut:- gested advance srtiveniiiicut iiilelliyeiice on rebel jilnns. The govftvnnipnl !,,| ( 'r i-tiiitrird j( l,.,,i f,p\K'i\ a nnnihcr of rfln-Hiiins o|Tii.-,.|-s and that there wi>n> sonv riisuallii':;. T!ii.-i last report vrur. m ( iirci't oonl'liol v.ild others which i\isr : .!.>! (!•,,.. .iluujuni; v, us Jfoj-e fhsn 70 A«'i--i.'iiti!i'> officer.; escaped by piano to lir.;r!iy I'nipuav. i )n e rp.he! leiuk-r aniouj; thrin s . ;1 j,i f \ unf f,, r the revolt lini! Ijt-cn i-oiisitlm-cd "i\«i)- prnof' Init th:<! " f ,,m-i hii^- va-nt wnn->-." Many obfevvirv? wf-nt fa f;if as ttt ar- jruc that Pown ; .t;;.",.fi tlir v\w]r t.tu-i- IIPSS fo oiiri! fyriitistliiy f<,r iuni^lf in the ruvrent c-"fi!(i!i ,•.•impj'iu'M t'm- pvi's- irifr.t. Hove pla-.uili:,- vvfro ttu; hi n't.-; that Peron knew nf tin' !i!; : '!iwl rfhciHo!) l.o- foiThanti. :1! id inHv liitvn rxlvirifil his a;;pn:s to !:t!p t.-skc- -.:••>• it rann, .iff in advant P df c!. f;;.!••:• Whol^tr ,„- ,„,:".!,,, ^v;.-,, ;,;;;;,lly stirs any ,*ypti|r: -i'>- fr.r tin 1 Avi'f>n!itie dictator, it i,;-.r v(\^n iiim c<rl:iin niiirr aiiviinl;,-s. It ], ;i> . |,,-,,vi,(,.f] Iiim with to nn ii-.t'i-focliial nii;'.i:m:m. v^.'i;:!i| mil }i;i i .r Urrn iiis irrcv, it i l-niilt c\c;:',:;,i:jv 'i iii'vi/iiif vi,11;.-! Many officers are in prison. Th« dicla- tor's-rci'ifii in supreme. Knowing Peron for the complete au- locral he is, none of this can realty com* as a .surprise to the world of fr<;e mint. All tlie.y can do is express regret that Hie planx for the revolt were so fragile, nnil hope that another time the forces of liberty will be luckier. SATURDAY, OCTOBEH «, 1951 Wanted: Long-Winded Diplomats A dispatch from Iran any a things arcn'l jtoinif well in the oil discussioriii bill neilhei- the British nor Ihe Iranians want lo be blamed for breaking off talks. On ii;i.vH K'Jien Ihe Kacsontr con- feretici' doesn't proceed smoothly, w« hoar the same .sorj. of stuff. All spring tbe |{i« l«'our jwwera hax- H\i-A in Paris over a more agenda for a meeting. They got nowhere, but the parlieipanls wenl through motions; point- Icsxl.v for woekx because no one wanted the onus of ending the talks. If this altitude becomes a hain't, we can victim; diplomatic sessions going on iill over Ihe world for months. And there won't lie enough diplomats left over to keep the passport division functioning. Views of Others This Senate Action Was Long Overdue In votiiiB 'rliuis(l£iy In eliminate (-he tsx exemption on expense allowances of Ihe President, vJcR-i>rc;;ident and memlMir.s of Congress, tlie Senate did what should have been done lon^ HRO. The Presidnnt receives n tSO.Oort (ax-frca allow- iinct In addition to his {100,000-a-j'Car salary. The vice-president and speaker of the House receive » $10,000 lax-free allowance In addition to tlielr $30,000 salaries. Members of Con- Bii'ss receive $2,500 lax-free itUoivnnccf. Congress voted Itiese tax-free sum.s apparently for no reason otlier than that the Congressmen dirt not want lo pay the tax. It Is special privilege denied to nil oilier taxpayers. At this lime when Congress Is on the verge of passing a new lax measure which will impose .•iUb.-stHiillally higher income taxes on everyone. It Is uurllciilnrly proper tliat Congress itself eliminate this special privilege o i i( 5 members. Ccr- tAinly Hie action will make Hie higher income laxc.1 more palutntile for the American peopla. Yet, In nctlrig as It -sljould to correct an unfair tax situation, the Senate haK fixed the ct- fcrtive date of the tan exemption elimination at. 1053. Why 1053? Why not November 1, 1951, us Senator Williams of Delaware, sponsor of the measure, originally proposed? This In the dale scheduler! tor the Increase, in Individual liicome taxes. --=~T-:::TUB reason, Senator Williams nays, l« Ihat lie could not, obtain sufficient .vote* 1o put |he plan over without changing the effective date to insj. » 1*1 the Senate explain thai bll of selliKhnoss. the Senale explain why it Is unwilling to share the tax burdens with thn other taxpayers now. ATLANTA JOURNAL War and Traffic The millionth .loldinr to die In the wnrs of the tlmlcd Stale* sino. (lie hatlle of l^xintMon on April 19, m5, fell In Korea on or about. September *. The National Association o( Casually and Surely Companies report* Ihat at Hie end of the week in which "GI-X" lell in haltle Ihe tratflr, ri'-i'th toll had passed 083,000. Thr. millionth auto de^1h i.i expected to occur in December. Rut Ihe first of Ihose. traffic deaths occurred lo:-.=. than S'2 years afjo. The millionth man did not me in war until 116 years and 19 weeks after the first, une fell. — ARKANSAS GAZETTE Needless Alarm The United Halters Union Is alarmed. There :s 3 lAd. It obsrrvp.v lor soing bareheaded. Baro- headrd men don't, buy hats. And that means U.-.'i work lor hatlers. Ad-oKliusw (he liallcrs have found comfort in Ihr words of the eminent Prof. T, Lawrence Oliver. M. D.. rtermaioloRisl. and Harvardian: "Ovcrexposure to sunlight Is a cause of bald- But, in Iliat case, hatters have no cause for .ilium, n.-ildhradcd men have R penchant for IviK f>i Ihenv-rlves pholographcd in hals. &'en :'!i-c'p ,n bait, 'tis said. —UALI.XS MORNING NEWS i50 THEY SAY Th? .Stanley^ Slcsmcr has more pickup than ?» v tliinjf on the road loday.—Hiibe Dclanty. 70, <''r. fr in an antiqur "hot rod" race. • • • III my judgment there is only a minimum • if iiopr thai our difficuHies with Russia-will b« n-.'iud ;.hort of ocorgc Mshon (D., l^t a man go lo » night club and throw •'•"iy 340 or SSO P.nd Hunk nothing of il, but I-' him pet a lax bill for $30 and hear him • ; <:ic;tm.—President Truman. 'Quick! Mossadegh's Fainted Again!' Peter Edson's Washington Column —• Congress Sun Drive Creates 'Economy* i i' oiing Expensive Snafu WASHINGTON .NEAl - Govern-.| olli bl|-cau,:rals arc now going u, lip;l),e ainiomcd to rule nrniinil to'.vn ,11; |t,o rn Uixlcnbs. On official business. Hut i whi,-li is. And llicy will be nulliori/cvl lo f,intiiHh. lip tile drivers, lou. p.xpenae. At taxpayer^ 1 I vii'irhcr. It's about a tank chrck- and isn't iitr.'l. But on Form 1012. •:t be filled out cve:-v ry official must list ev- 'iii point uf origin to de.s- J e^iary voucher, of course. "Economy*' C'rcufcit .More Government .lob.s So. by cutting out, the chauffeurs. OonpiTs.s hiis in effect crcaicxl new government jobs for cashiers in ev- Whcn all the government chnuf- fours 1 jobs were abolished by law. Ihou^h these. In k ^Zv*^-'J3 chaulfcuts w h o •^ShT ' SB had b ce ti rid i 11 S^*Jf JH government offi- ^B*^ CTJ ctals from confcr- li&t-i* ff£V cnce tn confer- ' Auyv;. Peter Ed s on encfi in govern- 'fnrm ncnt automobiles. The fantn.stic irtll ; f;.H- Ainoirit l ,',/ C mnZn,| h i'r, 1 I'oT- ''H',' T",'"" i ? ' " " T """ I whirh u ' : " »<»^? ™vc r nr,,er>t of- kiml and nerrree of- aI1 ,W nd unwound Ip sohc this liitcsi HIT tuion; ilhas l.c-cn almost Im- flcinls to drive these cars thcm- ove.nment trims is almost unb.:-; , M ,r ib:,. for «.,vcvnim>nt employes i selves, on official business. approval for t.ixlcab fares I Any official who holds a drivers' tiicir expense accounts.! license may call op his department's tiimli This is the up shot of the great Consres s i o n a 1 economy drive t reduce (he iuim-i over SI—eof tliUv-he may tin onlv 10. inn eased paper work bcr of government | per cent, "lo the nrarest nickel:' 1 ' ''crinir. :"er> to Ihe PetitflfTon. [arc may tip HJ per cent ur .'.. Hut which is the uear- 1— H) (.'em:- or . 15 cents? t} once over lightly- By A. A. Frc4riekMB Science in * mad, wonderful thing. By itself, that il But wfc«» il becomes J:,brcd with the adi-crCislng industry, Ihe mulling mutation •' in » fearsome tiling likely lo drive strong men to drink and drlnUnc men onto the wagon. When it comes to things )ik« n- far and sonar and "electrical brains" and television and such. I am pioperly awed on account of 1 don't know an electronic circuit ' from a short one. Science always manage* lo keep g couple of sleps ahead of me and I'm still Irying to figure out the advantage of a fuse over a copper penny when the nights go out. When that now oblescent contraption called radio was In iU heyday, the hucksters went mildly wild and (he Irick wordage used to Increase tire appeal of a certain net over all others was fabulous Indeed. Comes now TV. and the world must again take time out to be reshaped. Old values have toppled, worn slogans have hit the hell-box and a new study on semantics ii upon us. And I am ready lo concede defeat, for I have barely, brought myself abreast of what Is now old-hat in Ihe field of promot- ' ing the scientific. It seems only yesterday that I was marveling over the advantages of "no sloop, no squat, no squint." This appealed to me greatly, for if there's anything I cannot abide it is an excess of stooping, squatting and squinting. Hard on the eyes anrl detrimental to one's bone structure. Especially the squat. The DOCTOR SAYS By KI>WIN I 1 . JOIHIAX. .M. I). Written for N'KA Service "Please enlighten me on the blood count" wriies Mrs. R. \v. She goes to say thai she has heard of many faults with people's blood when (hey fry lo give it to the Red Cross. "I would like lo know," Mrs. W. says, "if you're nuciuic. which pills are belter to take, a vitamin, a liver, or an iron pill? What are the normal counts for while and red corpuscles?" When blood is taken from one person to be Riven to someone else, it is, of course, most desirable tint e blood taken Is perfectly normal nnd will hr-Jp (he person to whom it Is given later. nlso important Ihat taking blood will not hurt tire first person. For this reason .someone who is about (o give bloort either lo the Red Cross or for some other pur-I nose is tested in several different ways. The most common tests of the blood are for the number of red blood cells, hemoglobin, or coloring matter, and white cells. In order to make there tests only small amounts of blood are nrccssarv, thouuh some of Ihe other tests take more. Normally, there are about five million red blood cells in a measured small unit of blood called militnetcr. in men. and about four and a half million in women. The hemoglobin, or coloring matter, present is sometimes expressed in percentage points, one hundred ner cent being about normal, although often the method of exj: sion is a little more difficult to understand. If the number of red blood cells is considerably below normal, ov if the amount of hemoglobin is less than it should be. or both, a person is said to be anemic, and it is not considered desirable lo take blood liimlion. time date and imioiim of cry department, and so increased ' from someone 'who is anemic to give " i "' ' government employment. I as a transfusion to someone else" ,t. ff lip 'iocs by strcrl ear or bus, What's more, it is now estimated Many Tt-pcs of Pills , he enters tint, ft lie cue., by Usi. that it may cost the government Mrs. Ws queslion about what kind o ho enters Inn'. He tiny tip 10 ccm.s from S3 to SS to audit and process! of pill to take is difficult to an• Dii i-'.> M tare im to 5). on all lares each monthly (ravel voucher. The sicer. In the mosr common type of may be sta"- anemia, an iron pill is uencrally best. there arc several kinds of condition known . .. „ the automobiles which they formerly clous anemia, liver or some similar drove were not abolished. They're 1 substance is necessary. Tn some cases iv. tne tii> is not cntercr] nn > still on hand. Tn order to get some! of anemia, doctors nlso stive vila- S'lll! :i n tip, but us part ot > use out of these cars, new adminis- mins. Tn other words, just what kind ' entered will then bejtrntive orders are being prepared! or pill to lake depends Just as I pretty well thought I had things under control, there i-!cnr hull Ii i-ab instead ot be explained i fry ca:r. nnd sometimes months to p.ud approve these nr-'.v nothoriz;iii for taxi- nble. But II has no\v nil been i to -i>:\ approval fo educed to administrative orders, i i>nU'i rd This Is how it happened: j R,:r.:-ons lakiur: First, General Services Achninis- rator Jess Larson — the govern- •ncnt.'s chief housekeeper — asked it truk GAO weeks impiroller General Lindsny C. •Varren, heart of Ihe General Ac- ouiiting Office, for n rulint; on how le \vrts to move his employes from offii:e to another in WaMiinu-' is cinlv ilic bceinninz of the red on since Ihe 18 chauffeurs' jobs in l.:Ve uhirri the "economy" Ipijisia- GSA hud been abolished. ,.- Mn h;1 .; nmh , ncc .,. P ..,ary. Since it GAO then told GSA how it couhl v,i.,i!d no' be fair to ask govcrnmcn' ' done. GSA can't tell other f:ov- nment nKencles how tn rio it. B'.i! he pattern established for GSA vill npp.irr-ntly be applied lo all other departments. F.very oificial wantinc to sro from A to B on povernmeiit business mii-t upon As lar iis the white blood cells are concerned, there arc normally about seven Ihousancl of these in n cubic millimeter of blood. These cells, like the red cells, are counted tinder a garage, and reserve n car for a government, business trip. The rcgula- tions will of course sny he must be The _. ... .,..,,^ tLll ., u., ll(1 ,_ sober, of pood moral character, and' ^ increases in almost any infec- •- • • • - •- lion.. The count of the white cells is particularly helpful, for example, in t>i jumps out at me from a gigantic a cubic ad Illc5c J nrrm gs words: "No streaks ... No flutter ... No flop-over .. ." I quickly checked my radio, a jumbo-size crystal set with built-in Edison phoncgraph. (I removed the horn to make it more streamlined.) ml, ol- There were, streaks on ii. all right, expres- but I didn't see how those mementos of carelessly deposited highball glasses and still-glowing cigarette butts could affect Ihe reception. The only thing that fluttered was the little door that closes over the knobs and makes a handy repository for dirty clothes and empty bottles. Hanging on one hinge, it tends to flutter some when slammed. But then so does the wall behind It. And I will swear in any voluntary, unsolicited testimonial tot which I am asked and paid a reasonable fee that my personal squawk-box has never done a flop- I over. Not even a slow roll. It leans a little. I confess, but you would pcrni- too-if some one had kicked ofl one of your legs in a fit of pique. All in all, I couldn't find anything about streaking or fluttering or flop- overing that could either affect or the j improve Ihe reception. A few tubes ' to replace the 30-watt bulbs I'm using in some odd sockets and the set will be good as new. So back I went lo Ihe r.d—and I felt a bit silly to nole Ural the big splurge of microscope, number of white cells usual- a. responsible driver. If there's a car free, he may then drive it lo where- ever he is goini; says Ihe Pentagon. ill out Form No. 1012. This Ihe but it [The car will then sit there—idle— til! he gets through his business. Then he drives it back. In, this manner he doesn't have to fill out Form 1DI2 as n travel Ihcir own j voucher. But the mileage he burns ' tmvn on ;jf-! up is chnr;;ert to-his particular bil- :v rash window' rcu or branch. It will take nn un- ery government j determined amount of bookkeeping lo lift nil iliis straight and audited. i' Mho is broke' What happens if the \i or bus fm e i wrecks a government ear on official on: the ncc- j business hasn't been figured out yet. IN HOLLYWOOD IV KKSKINF: JOHNSON NK.\ Staff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD <NEAl ^- Rrhuui n Scrnfn: "My career i? not m;, : e. 1 ' inys Kn'liryn Or ay ami, t>l'<- ie abnui sivAprvnie whisper> t hn' e's liattlms; unh MOM ir.rr In 1 :- . contract and m'rccchfng likr a bu?,-- over Mai in I.nn/ii mid A-, .1 7 T ar<lnrr sieAlin? inarquce honor', j from her in rrtcnL film?. i Kittliryn. whn insists Mir h.« nci ard frclipRs for SJGM or her rn- ar^, sLiitl slic'H give nio llic ri^ht of It: I'vn bfcn a{ MOM tor 12 \(,\\:and I've suorienly realized in.ti :i\" ; career \R not, tny whole lilr. I'J ' to 50 ot\ making films fo. MOM but first Ihe sUitilo will h,r,-: to let me do sonic (hincs I've :V- ys wanted TO do, I hrscJ t •> •• -< rope.Tn courrrf tour offrrr t:r.; yeiir. Thfr sinrtio luvurrt t h o !.< ' ciosvn. I want to rto tclcvi^lmi ant; I want- to travel, ', "If MGM can't Rive inr tl'.r • thing?, r know people who \vi!:.' "To Hrck With Aiiilimrr" j ongwriter - Ac^or Ho:u;y r,t;'- mtchael. who look,-; Hko liiui. i-. • nlx(*d port ravins? the b'r .!-,-! -, Walkrr in n movie biog o( .V;.: :.- hattan's dapv^r mayor. Play,;: • himself In Pox's "Bolirs On Tlv : TOPS," Honiry ccmfiden: I dropped the irien for 1\ soiis. Yomvj people don't k;ip.. yihitiF about " Walker ^110 ^,couldn't KPI * fhii-ri act in Ihe '.--- .o[ a*iy great personal nrcoir.p/i li- nientjt." Holy's prnjorl for Iflsa is n TV stiow. "In niy slm«, nobnily \v in nnij rich I into thr corner:*," ]n shuddered. "I'm HOIHR to prrcrmi H>ft amlicnrc isn't there. To hri^ with them." * * * UT is after Janet I.etch for :» ro-starriiig film with hubbv Ton ("uvtis , . . Dane Clark reii;rn.~ !,: Broadway i)C-\t monlh for "Tlu 1 November." . . . MOM still l:,\-- ,, 5oft spot for Judy Garland. Tiv studio is loanb?': hrr l;ir \\.'i •„;. ^', f art props- frojTi srver^l of i - .film* lor ht'i- act at Kcv> \\:K- . . - The Yvonne de *-rt';i rn-.^rarrer. ••The Story," Rill be the ir-rr-irn:y film about • n"' featuring the , : ;^Ji Yvonne in the making n tlmgnosis of acute appendicitis, in some cases there are too few white cells to rto their job. and this is nlso an unfavorable sign. 75 Years Ago In BlytheYille Rock spent ran Ivne '.he ace of club, 1 :, in which ca.-e he can afford to have a.s little, as l.hree to the jack ot hearts, j little Rock where they attended u There are dozens of hands thatj m eeting of the executive board of T. o. Seal of Little the weekend here. V. G. Holland was re-elected chairman of the Mississippi County Elcclinn Beard ami Basil Segravcs, Osceola, was named secretary at a meeting I his week. ^ Mrs. Howard Proctor and >.!,r.= . Sternberg have returned from ,-ai r,o f [ a lx>i i f re,-!:uirant movie st.irs, ;i:n;,r custom- North can hnvn which mil offer a I inucli belt PI- play for the slam ihan North's actual hand. ^^oren\•rr. even on the acLiiA] i hnnd -Souih liaci a pretty jzood play I for the slain. Suppc.'e \V>st h^ri failed lo take his ace of clubs. Af- WEST NORTH (D) the Arkansas Federation of Worn- type was an effort to peddle TV sets. So science wins again and I lie dormant on the canvas. It probably will be years before I become intimately acquainted with streaks and flutters and flop-overs, which until now I thought were sure symptoms of angina pectorls. And by Ihe time I once more drag myself abreast of' science and its compatriot In persona! bedevilmeiil, the advertising industry, they no doubt will have combined efforts in a move to sell me a sway-less, non-| undulating, self-winding and flop-- ovcrproof atomic airplane. Right now. i! yon don't mind, I'd just like to go back to concentrating on not stooping and not squatting , and not squinting. It's so much more restful. Philip II made Madrid his in 1560. In 10.50. Denmark imported mor» than 16,000,000 pounds of tobacco.- JACOBY CM-BRIDGE i:-. <).•^^v.^I.I) ,f:\(onv \\rhlrn fur .SKA Srrvifc c.Y'in'j / 3 Sound It trinys Results V K72 » A K Q 9 6 J i?i 7 V5 * 7 4 * A 109 Nor I* I * a* 1 V Pass * J 8 2 o^2 «QJ5 SOUTH * A3 V A 109883 * 105 •f-Kfll Both sides vul. Kisl Soul* Went I Y Pass JV Pass S V Pass Pass P.TSS Pars Pass Open in u lixid—4. A Perennial Herb >Answer to Priviou* Puizlf ivninn nl the bid-| '' ;t.-:-^ nil Arlan-jtcr all. aces arc seldom led apainst ''VV< .1 ojvurd the slam contracts, if West opens a i ' -I eirn; ;j;illy; "t'^dc. ' Smith ^in:-. draws two . . i> 'he ;-Um was! rounds of trumps, discards a club | on dummy's third spade, and then •;'.-'> Novl) or;ri;ns Ihe diamonds, ijy the tim^j -i,:!:\ <>: overbid-' En -'-' ruffs. South has discarded all i of his clubs. h. I'm u>t able! Even when Wr.-,t makes the tull- "ii «• l-.ri plr.yrr.jinw opening lead of the club are, '..•• ,",r:iYliy re.ijj South still ha.-: a chance for his j slam. TrutnyK have been known to '.i b:,i tlinv rtla- brc.ik 2-2; or South m.iy find a sin;:.! ' .in. lie ciocs- s lcton honor in the West hand and ::.viil i.n-.I.J. And guess the richt play on the second •>. '" 'Vie heart.-, round of Irumi^. •' r ; 'i s.'mc in j The mere fart 1h:ii .South did j tirtl make the slam this particular :.•- i>:..iLiina from: tine dors nor mean that the hand '. i -A V>:;h can ; was badly bid. The biilciins; should I'll rr hraris'ne ccu. : idcred jo-inn" if it will lend ii.u'e.-.; andjlo .iiircp.'.-f'it r<\si ; :u in the long ,. ^oU;. Or North| run on similar haiuta. HORIZONTAL l.S.Depicted flower 10 Trying experience 12 Mountain nympfcs 14 Born 15 Diadem 17 Fondle 18 Chief priest o] a shrine 21 "Empire State" (ab.) 22 Accomplish 23 Pronoun 25 Withered 27 River in Belgium 30 Palm leaf 31 Observe .12 Card game 33 Measure of cloth (pi.) 34 Protuberance 36 The present month (ab.) 37 Symbol for samarium 33 French island 3&.himbled type 41 Frighten suddenly 47 According lo 49 Indonesian ot Mindanao 51 Weird 52 Striped clolh 53 Basement 5511s —- arc used medicinally 57 Franciscan mission in Texas fo Let it stand VERTICAL 1 Song bird 2 Fish 3 French article 4 Palm fiui( 5 Painful 6 Ages 7 Compass point 8 Short sleep 9 Arabian gulf TlU TlA C 6|P II SET, _g *E 1 IT II Mouth part 13 Pigpen 16 Measure of area 19 Female rabbit 38 Anger 20 Skittish 39 Moccasin 22 PI ays 24 Hebrew 26 Enthusiastic 43 Go by aircrjft ardor 44 Rural rout« 28 Lamprey* (ab.) 29 Pause 45 Sesarrw 3S Aeriform fuel 48 Dregi 47Encour»(» 48 Dance ttey 50 Entir* 52 Hail! 34 Mn5i«l note

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