The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 8, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 8, 1946
Page 3
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JVIONDAY, JULY 8, 1946 Mother Cabrini Becomes a Saint Catholics Honor Faithful Member For Her Work in U.S. '!>• A] no FOUTK Uniloii i' r( . s .j S(:>ff C<>rrrspon<lr:it VATICAN CITY, July 8. — Thi uintod slates i,. l(i u s ~fj rs i r .aiium:. ,], P Knint; . of U)( , Pi0mn)1 Cuihciju church ttxlny niter l!ie 'c.'inoniKiiiion of Mother Krancys ' Aai-]cr Cabrini in one of (lie most I coloitul reranouSrs or the cliurcn. p "!>c I'iiis xii pronounced Mother Cabrini n s r >im at the climax of four and a half hours of pag- a! . U ' v '" SL p el«"s msilicii yester- liis Holiness revralocl thai tlic roust Day rnul Day Sui the Vciior- alion of St. Frances Cabrini \\i\\ l»> ucc, 22. the date of her deiitli In Chicago i,, ii)t7. Some 30,000 persons—cnrdir.als ami leaser prc'lites. members of Uic- ' \iUicnn City nntl Rome diplomatic ! coips, many thousand members of : ''< liKi'ius uKlorti, :ui<! the lay .laitu- ' ful—iillemlctl 'tile historic ceremony kruiiniiiig at », A fanfare of silver trumpets echoed through the spacious haSilica In announce the canonisation it Mother Cnbiini. Then the iiugi! bvctixe brlls or tho churcli ncgrin IK'alins a message of vcjojrriny nnu tiff vcclled a le clr.uni ni thanKg- Missouri Qijeen BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)_ JOUJUKU NEWS Ises -tluscrlbed as 100 Wont 1011. Public premises - described as 100 Wont it) Post Mi\lu Slreet, myl'.icviile. This p?r- uilt Issued on Ihe 1st day of July, Federal Works Agency Buildings Adiiiinistrallon, Office liuiitliii^, IXilhis 1, Texas, *.,..w. «.. • ••*• .«. «..? v . ^«.^, I June 27. 19IU. HnaU'd bids. In tripll- ( 194li mid expires on Itie 30 clay of cute, will be received at this olflco Jmu -'. lp*7. until 2 p.m.. July L'S. 19-IG and then Welch Foster publicly opened, for furnishing thi.' materials, mul performing the work for interior ni'ul exterior psiliilimj, miscellaneous repairs, cte.. at the U. S. P. O., Hlytheville, Arkansas in strict accordance with the specifications dated P15-niv-0, May li. 1946, and drawings (If any) men- NOTICE OK CHANTING <>!•• I.KJUOK 1'KHMIT Notice Is hereby given that the Commissioner of Revenues of thu State of Arkansas has Issued n |ier- . • — • — . — ... ... ».n>..i..i,a ..n.> |:>31]VU II [Jl'l- tioned therein: and the general- mil, No. 18!> (o Welch I'os'er I'os- eonditlons dnleil Sept. 15. 1012 and tor's Urtmdwny Mqiuir Store to -s"ll indctciidiuu thereto dated May 15.'mm dispense vinous or tnlrltuotii 1914. Spccilk-iiUons and other data liquors for bovennsi- nl rel-ill on may ue had at the ofnee of the oils- the premises described as IWi North todinu of the buik'ing or the office Broadway, BlytheviUe This permit of the Division Knglnrer. Irving D. Issued on the 1st day of July llHli . Porter, Division Kngineer. . , and expires on the lit) duy of June. Welch Foster rVrmltti'e. 'ill-Til NOTIl'i; SToliiv Is h.'iHiy isH'i-n Hint the »mdt'i'(.|y.m'd will within Hi,- lime llxwl by law ii|iply to the Coillllll'i- Bioner or iicvfiuu'.s of (In- ( Kiule of Arkansas fi>r a penult to Wl' 'l)C"i at retail at Co. Club. lilyih»v!lle. Mississippi Ciiunly. 'I'lic 1 undersly.tini stales Ilia; he ;:; a (lllven nl rtrkansus, i cliarjuti'i-. llr,I li,. ha convicted ol a fcli.m- n Involvliu; mom! lurpll license' lo sell l>cer b> si'/ned hus been revoke violnlhiu Ihe taws of this siiilo, or any olher state. roi:Uiiit>. to llr. 1 sale of alcoholic hfpiot's. Wendell»n. Snbricrlbcd and svvtjrn I.] bufore mi 1 this I) day of July, l'.)l(i. Mrs. Marshall ISHr^inl (Ki'all Notary ri'bllc'. My conuukslon expires Mar.-li [I. IIHSL tlu< Monde Betty Jo Wau;:iij been cliofcn By the' NOTICU OF (il<ANTING OF I.KiUOK I'Klt.MIT Notice is hereby uiven lha-. the I Commissioner of Ueveime.s of the i State of Arkansas h:is issued i pr>r- |mit, No. llili |o Welch Fosier, FIA- Missourl, has been cliofcn By the' tl!r ' s Mi>Il> S1 - U«l"or Store, to si-ll Lions Cotlon Slates J:iuile.c Com- 111 " 1 <lis!'i'iis« vinous or spmlU'm; mittee as state queen to represent 11( l»ors for bi;vcrn(se at retail on the Missouri as' a featured model in an all-potion. f.-iK\iioii show at. Philadetj.-hia. July l(i, <lurhi[; Uic L-lon.s Intevnational convention. The show is being staged by the National Cotton Council and Cdl- loii-Tcxllle Instltule ns a tribute to Southern Lions. Miss Walking is n senior at Central College, Fnvcllc. .Mo. ! . The Rev, J. W. Bass Conducts Baptist Meet The Evajigcllslic mecllng which Ihe Iliroii" left the basilica .begins tonight nt the Firsl Baptisl a small airplane dipped low over | fjlmrcli of^Dcl] \vlll be.conrtuctujUjy St. Peters Square. Within 200 feet """ ' "' " ' <" 'ho heads o[ the crowd it dropped memorial holy cards of the ncv- Kami with her picture and sacred inscriptions. Kush for iMe.nienlns PriesLs. children. American sol- FIREWORKS Crispy Cold Fruits Vegetables, Watermelons CARTERS Grocery At Market (i2fi North filh Street Open 7 Days a M'cek sinned has 'iii'Vc!- been i-onvletrd mxtstacirtim BIG BSNGO Wednesday Night StJoseph ASPIRIN |00 TABLETS 3St WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT lOt 8 o'clock At the Armory 50<s Sponsored by Catholic Altar Society Phone 931 for better TAXS SERVICE j For lonjj Irlps—f> nr iiinn» to Mt-in|ihls or l.lllti 1 Itock, nriir | train f;ire for numil trip, LOCAL CALL . . . Twin Gables . . , .35c Midnight Inn . . 50c Golf Club ... 50c Manila $4.00 Osccola , , . $4.00 Oilier places In cDmriarkiim. J. R. Payne, manager Lak<! ami Main you Hre you un ;uul [minting. Crcilit terms n nd home nulios the Rev. J. w. Bass,- pastor of Lamar Heights Baptist Church of Memphis. The nicclini; will continue 10 days, with nightly sessions to-begin nt'8:!u o'clock. Ray Morgan will be : in 'charge of special music. Tlic public is invilcd. it.was nn- noimcell. diers and high pcrsonai;?s in ian life rtisued eagerly to gather the nicmcnlos. The ceremony, rich in Pomp and pageantry, opened when the mcsn- lier.s of the holy rniwregation ot ^ilcs and other prelntes, Ui^elher ^ith all the cardinals in Rome, convened in a hall close lo the; Histine Chapel and formed a procession. Mother Cnbrini was born nl Sani'Angelo Di Lodi, Italy, .July 15. 1850, the yountfCEt of 13 sisters. At the nBe of 39 she landed lor fhe first time in Now York to begin the work for which she was canonized. She founded Ihe order. of the > Sislcrs or the Sacred Heart nt'canary bird or what-hnvc-you since Jesus. She continued her work lire- , 1940 lossly, cpeming schools, hospitals j A complicated clai, FC in a' cilv or and colleges i" New York. Mew Or- | <iillano ,, coverinB pet ™lcs stated" leans Chicago, Seattle, Denver and al) p nr ently innclverlcnlly, that, deal- Huladelphia. and later in Spuihj ci . s c(nll d not sell any. animals ns America, Spain .France, Itnly and n e t. .'..::•.:. . ... ..^.j :). Church Meet lo Continue ThS Evangelistic niccling now in progress al Gateway Pentecost Tab ernacle fn • Pride Subdivision will conlinue indefinitely, L. o. Borah, pastor, said today. ; The mectlny; is being by Ihe Evangelist Norman Kent of Trutnann. Nightly sessions begin .at a o'clock and include special simjlni;. • The public Is invilcd, it was an nounecd.' C.'lau-c Gees Too Far DENVER (UP)—Pet sho]> owners in Denver discovered recently that they had been violating the' law with every -sale of a dog, eat. ,WELL KNOWN MAN FELT (LIKE SWOLLEN BALLOON FULL OF STOMACH GAS Recently, n, well known man stated that he used to feel like n swollen balloon after every meal. He would bloat full or gets and sjnl. up acidulous liquids for hours nftcr eating. Was terribly constipated. This man is one of the hundreds in this vie inily who now praise INNER-AID. He. states he was amazed at the I results when ho look this medicine.' Now he cats what he wants with- \ out gas or bloating, and bowels are j regular for tho first tinifi in years. He feels like a new man. INNER AID contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse bowels, clear gas from ston-nch, act on sHi»gish liver and kidneys. Miserable people soon feel different all over. 5o don't go on suffering! Get INNER- AID. Sold by all drug stores here in BlytheviUe. 'INSTANCE 2311 [ For Complete Protection ACCIDENT & HEALTH • H CAPITALIZATION • FIRE • AUTOMOBILE • LIABILITY • BURGLARY • PLATE GLASS '«TORNADO • SURETY BONDS • AVIATION FIRST NATIONAL I INSURANCE AGENCY 108 N. 2nd G«t 6 days plowing in only. 5 day* ] Tlic self-cleaning OPEN CENTER keens liiss open nl both ends. Gives each lug an entering cdKC (o start Ihe bile. So, the whole lug digs down deeper, pels more grip. Ask any neighlior now using Sure-Onus. He'll confirm what tests prove . . . You get up to 22'/,' more work with less fuel when you use Gooclycnr Sure-Grip Tractor Tires. DELIA' IMPLEMENTS, Inc. We think it is timely and right that our friends and customers know our policy concerning OPA. During the war and throughout the reign of OPA it was our policy to buy or sell strictly within the limits or OPA ceiling prices Whether or not OPA is revived we, will continue to protect the interests of our friends and customers by NOT raising our prices. We will continue to charge the same OPA ceiling prices for parts, accessories, labor, automobiles and trucks. We are a believer in economic stabilization We are an enemy of price inflation LOY EICH CHEVROLET COMPANY CHAMBLJN SALES CO. Salos Rturfebakcr , 8err1<* WK RUY ANP'SRLJj GOOD IJSE1) CARS Li-x Chamhlin . . HiH Chwnb1|« I' '/I<I5 Railroad A Ash 8t«, RAIN INSURANCE... For Your Freshly Washed Car! 24 Hour Insurance— 25c II it ruins within 21 hours uHer you havC hnil your cur xvnshcH -nl <uir si a I ion and yon nre it linlrler of our Card, just present Card within 'IS hours and we. will wash' U ' SPECIAL! Wash & Grease Job— $1.50 'S AUTO SERVICE Your One-Slop Station Phone 2611 ASH and SECOND Top Prices for Cattle, Hogs Short haul — Less shrinkage and no commission means mor* money far your livestock. LEO SWIFT BUTCHER'S ABATTOIR Phone 3458 Minnie Lee Jones Music Studio ENROLL NOW for Summer Classes in Piano Phone 2994 -\ • •• or Write Miss Jones 807 Chickasawba. ' BlytheviUe, Arkniuu , RED RYDER A5 RED BEGINS , WE H^LF-CUT SADDLE ClrtCH BREAKS-' A (liisnallv RY FRED HARMAt* WASH TUBES Snapping ;il the Hail BY I.ESUR TURNRH VOU SM X VET. I MOT I CEO TWO MEN \ E>(EIN' VDO MIOHTV CiOST, WERE PEERIH3 »\C. AND TAIKW so i US^NED w... CORNER KrfHEt . Wc«e INDUSTRIES VOUMD WRANiUtt ON SOME LOCAL FEUER'S LWO. THESE BIROS FK5UHEYOU'RE .VKEE. OUV«R£IHP156WS£K>6lNlT CHEAP. SOTHEV AM 70 TRAIL VOU, LEARN WHICH LAND, AND GRAB If THEMSEW65| ~ CONFOUNP THhr NOS£V MRKIW OUTflT. THEVdW IT COST 'ME PLENTY! I Join the Ark. Automobile Club and enjoy it's many'benefits YOUR MEMBERSHIP SAVES YOU 20 % ON AUTO INSURANCE Ivan R. VanPatten Your Safes Representative '118 S. I.nko St. Residence Phone 2-109 No Waiting! No Delay! In Arkansas - Missouri - •: Tennessee - Mississippi " 4% LOANS On Good Business and Residential Property in Towns of Over 2500 ' MONEY PAID ON DAY OF APPLICATION IF TITLi IS SATISFACTORY Call or Writ* FLORIDA REAL ESTATE LOAN COMPANY ANDREW J. FLORIDA, Vice-President PHONE. 210 Mississippi County Bank Osceola, Arkansas

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