The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 28, 1963 · Page 1
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 1

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 28, 1963
Page 1
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Clear to partly .cloudy this, afternoon through Thursday.':: not', quite. so liol through Thursday; high today 102: low. tonight . 77; high Thursday 99: Vrw -Tuesday.. '74;high Tuesday 101. · . Temperature-Chart. TIT 3:00 nrtOn -- !H 3:011 p'. in. -- lo I 2: (Ml p. 1:(HI p. J:n(i j). "f.Wt |». !:(*» ii. 1:110 ji. K;IKI [).' n;iNl p. 0:1X1 p. J.:«M. ni. -nil. m. -- Iflt m. -- i«J m. -- HHJ m, -I(Mt m. -- !W ni p -- 9S m. -- Wi in. -- 87 m. -- K6 r...'.- nnl.II Kntjlnc TodW ]2:0f) nlphl -- 94 1 ;(H| n. m -- S3 2:Di( ft., m ;ciM) n, m ·1:0(1 n. m r,-.nn n. m fi:IKi a. m 7:«fl ». m fl:lnj n. m !t;(MI n, m Jflrtm R. m ~~ nj -- HO -- 7!t -- TK -- 78 -- 77 -- *CJ · -- tff -- !',T II :(IO ·. m -- ; x Lnni-ffB r*n . (Conrn-sy r u M I c J^ri-vlcf! Co.) VOLUME 62--NO. 17 ·UP) (UPI) (AP) WIFIEPHOTO THIRD AND A AVE:, LAWTON, OKLA., WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28, 1963 28 PAGES SINGLE COPY 5c--STREET EDITION Everybody's Extremely Polite 110,000 Chanting Marchers Jam Capital Tor Freedom' Mass of demonstratore (left picture) leave the Washington Monument, background, for the March on Washington parade to the Lincoln Memorial today. At right. Constitution Avenue appears to be filled with marchers, carrying placards as demonstra- tors move to memorial site for speeches and demonstration. More than 110.000 showed up for the huge rally. (AP Wirephoto) BY HARRY CULVER " ,,,., A Ra P s Congress Can Halt Rail ? 5i !" d ? hers Nine Reported Alive rike Access . I ^ Get Welcome; ' Roads Delay Strike, McCormock Says By shoemaker In Utah Mine Blast _ WASHINGTON (API-- With the slrik-c deadline only H houre away. | Apartments Go To FHA "I would think the railroad bill would pass, and pass with a reason- · t,iv. Speaking this morning a! I h c . general teachers meeting in Law-' any such request, The governor strongly defended able degree of rapidity," McComiack told newsmen, the Henryetla to McAlesler toll. "I would think that it would gel through very quickly." ' road project and the construction · He did not predict whether the House would accept without change . , nt , i,;..|, r hool siicvm-il-pr of SU.S million in access roads a measure passed by the Senate Tuesday, or make chances which ' K ' ' leading 10 it would necessitate a compromise. But the effort was to send a bill "I am in "favor of getting the '. 1 uiek ). v ; ° President Kennedy. pastern toll road built and 1 am "TM c Houso ° rflCTal -' ; said tliat if the House passes the legislation change, a copy could be The worker, one of a down rescuers who braved deadly gases and lHO-dr-giTf heal in search of rm- rescue ' aster will have been the worsl in I The Federal Housing adminislra- t'nr West mines since 171 coal : lion locla . v acquired Ihc 108 Evans miners- died in -in undercround n P' l r t m P n t ""it* °. v submitting , " . · , ,, ' . ,, · high bids, totaling $316.900 in a pub- explosion at Castle Gate, Utah, , , ic HU ^ on (o dispose 0 , ^ }5 about 100 miles northwest oi here, I buildings located on A. B and C. in 1D2-1. j An agent for the FHA was :he In today's rescue a t t e m p t , about i 0711 - 7 biddor in a mortgage forp- , J-. ,, ,. j Closure sale conducied at t h e . a do/.cn men. Honcinc Jn three i cour . chouso by M i k e McCrcw , cnk , r UK? Inipppd men sjiid h^ madr ' , , . I h p ^-n: -o ,TM,,H ...Win ,-vnlnHn. : S 1 U " tls - WCrC m u k l n X Prcpardlions Vast Throng Stays Orderly; More Coming WASHINGTON 7 fAP'i -- Softly chanting fr»edom songs, a multitude of Npgroos and while sympathizers estimated at more lhan 110,000 moved on Abraham Lincoln's shrine loday in a great civil rights march. A small army of police, national guardsmen and police reservists had little to do because--up to noon at least -- tho massive gathering was one of the most orderly on record. The police estimated the turnout at 110,000 persons at noon. And still more were on ihe way. Deputy Police Chief Howard Covell reported in early afternoon there were many buses still en 1 route through distant avenues in j northwest Washington. | Advance crowd estimates had ningcd as high as 250.000. The inarch of less than a mile, from the monument to the Lincoln Memorial, actually got under way in impromptu fashion nearly half a hour before thc 11:30 scheduled time. Inny Placards Some of the placards read:. "Before we'll be d slave, /e'll be buried in our grave." "Segregation disunites the United States." "No U.S. douah to help Jim Crow." "In freedom we were bom, in freedom we must live." phasixecl the teacher's responsibil- · lllr voi TM w " llncl w h i l p exploring : : df puty U.S. Marshal (or ihe west- i not in favor of changing anv salct - A spokesman for the railroads "We have what appears lo be a . said that as soon as thc bill be- very favorable offer on these i comes law the railroads will act bonds and 1 would like to see the : immediately lo cancel proposed sale brought to an early conclu-' work rules"changes which thc un- sion." lions have said will cause them to UnjiKtlficd Few ix I strike. Bellmen said fears were "unjus: ·'"'' Clumji tified that building of the access: Notices of thc Aggie Workshop:-: I Begins Thursday ily id Ihc community, and noted, "I( we arc not truly dedicated lo our I ask of leaching, we have failed .this community." debris deep in ihe miiir. to explore Ihc mine. The first : ern district of Oklahoma. Usl. IJ Cameron college faculty members return to Ihe campus Thurs- tions of great responsibility. ; w |,, n oflen has a way of not Thc demonstration was a giant demand that racial discrimination . be abolished, roo: and branch, ii" said the nien were behind j step was to lay air pipes so lhe . : '!'» Komiim As Manager ' throughout America boulders. He asked how many j rescuers t h e m s e l v e s could I Following the sale, it was learn-1 j us; about everybody. Negro wpix 1 alive, imd the answer was j brcsthe. i cti Ltlc FHA haci 3Ccp P ted a bid ; and white, was polile, "and evi- "nlne." : , , . · ' ' -, H .v, i v, i ' ' o m Go TM Jcn Winkelman. who has denily intent on proving false There was no immedi;ile word! J M l i l s reported Lnal huge quan- | served as receiver in the mort- some advance prediaions that ns lo the fate of Ihc other 36, | LiLics °f carbon monoxide were : gage foreclosure cases, to con: ihere might be an explosion of The ITU-CUC worker's mime was j flowing from the mine. Hc said ' u n u e l o m *nagc Ihe apartments disorder. not immediately available. · lhc carbon monoxide meant that ! /0 u,. lh |? , f c d c r a l ; " en ^'- v ot all ihe marchers were som- All of the trapped men were ' A , · . . . . i IVinkelmen said present tenants bor. by any means. dPhr, e probably was still smolder- , will not be affected by Ihe sale. ; Someone started the yell "Jim in the mine, designed · adding that the apartment units Crow must go" at one point, and have observed." he said, ! " l h a t boys and girls who were; perhaps no! very rcsixjusibli 1 d u r - 1 ir.g lhe rime they attended our j conslrllc . tion vvorkers , Thev were \ ~" schools, have grown up lo posi-, j n [he m j n c Wedn( , sd;iv a f| Prnoon , ing an explosion rocked thc j primarily for commercial fcrtili-' hav . c niirl a n '" h occupancy rate this wris taken up for a ame with multi-million dollar potash facility work TMl CS .da,. for a nvc^ay workshop in : g^TSSf 1 ^ ^^ 7'««. - .» TM**» ^^[ roads would slow down thc rest of changes have already been posted preparation .'or Ihc opening of thc . ,j m c nlx ) icachin" thorn t o ' b e -e- vallcy ln } ° 1T molo soutneast the free road program. He said i t : to become effective just after 1963-6J term. sjxmsible ciiizens.'he added. "This TM''"'-''' of ihe stale known a.s the would create "no noticeable de- midnight., bul the mil spokesman Keynote speaker at the confer-' is why we arc professionals." Uwh: Badlands. lay. 1 ' · said Ihc carriers arc standing by ence will bo Dr. James \V. Rcy: The world, he noled. is "In many j Kiiinn. Kncdiiiiiirri-rt From a lone range standpoint. lo ca , ncel l n e notices. nolds. junior college consultant ! ways, in a bad situation." 1: is a ! Rescue zer production. dtirin;; the pail two years. , The Fl-IA agent. Paul Bowcn. ! Cnu.,i: Unknown . submitted bids of S"5 700 each in However, Hatsis conceded there ; throe of Ihe live cases: a bid of ·was a c-hance some of the men S5!»,700 in another case and a n : he enthusiasm crowd. were in an air pocket. three groups -- :ofler of S30.700 In Ihe fifth case. a shop ihree ap; Cameron . he said it would help thc freo road A senate Labor Commiuee spe- from Ihe Universily of Texas. Hc leachar's- j-esoonsibility. he added, i l»n monoxidc fumes as they went . ;ll . ea near the base of [he shl ^ · ^^ bloc |. ' A _ ]orlh ^ of (ho program because construction of clall f' said fnactraent of the bill will speak on "Teaching Aids -- . - t o lu?li his students gi-ow up a s : imo the charred shaft, bul they ; Juld , h c othors in lhe lwo hori .; slree , w hi c "h'received a bid of the turnpike with bond f u n d s ' , l TM^° TM ar 7 u ^''j^ ll:n , c 10 hls r ^"' Use and .Misuse." good cilinens, equipped to handle ' J ' ' """' *""~ ~~--' " -- · - · " - - - ' [ho s j l u a | i o n s thpy v jl] f a ( ; 0 . Plenty of ClinllPiices There is no lack of challenges. · , · . r t Memorial Student Union build- i lo teachers, he continued. The j The ve -"" ca] mme sh ^ 1 P'u-iges ing. i dropout problem, training the slu- 2,703 feet into the earth, and two The morning session includes an : dent lo deal with Ihe technological | d r l f t s or wnnels branch out Irom . pressc d Oklahoma Education association , age and the problems caused by i lhe bottom. One shaft is 3,300 would tree money to be spent knowledge that Congress has ever j D Pjchard Burch elsewhere. " : scl U P procedure for compulsory . ^ re ^' dcn , W - H ODer| .i The highway commission voted :: ' al '£!, lration : ' last month to build the acce: at S;30 a.m. in the Clarence Da- ] roads and complete them at the same time the turnpike is opened, about April. 1966. Last Friday, ' commissioners were reported to have voted to ask the bond buyer? for permission to delay four-laning of 25 miles of U. S. 73 between Hcr.n r clta and Tulsa for two years. No Formal Actiun Thc governor said today that no i quested then, formal action was taken. Highway Frank Lyons said thc The measure would force arbi- to settle the rwo big issues i work ruk'S dispute: The { of 32,000 firemen's, jobs and how manv men a r e ' , . , , · . needed 'o run a train" business session, demonstration o f . automation, Under the Senaie measure, i n o w audio-visua] aids, announce- j constanlly p. menls and distribution of faculty he welcomed air nockels may have been ; ; .. on lal passageways tunneled in S30.10Q formed in the mine, permiiung , O p pos ii e direclions from the shaft, survival's of lhe explosion to Tn 0 aj. ea in ^ mine and of the blast were not known. Operat: breaihe. of. a /ootball ·· Tone The religious tone was reflected in signs which proclaimed "God of. justice. God of power, can America deny freedom in this hour?" Shortly after noon a group oC Hollywood stars including 'Marlon Brando, Harry Belafonte and Sammy Davis Jr. arrived on the .Memorial. i un: JJJ u i j i u u l a uuua^u uv I -- -- ·*,,..... *«v ,,w. ru.v^^rx V U L inc , ^nre*^ O U J j U i n ion,', and other situations \ long and drops at a 10 per cent j lines. Above ground, the mine and ! A ^ u ^ sid , Iv present themselves. : grade while the other, 2,^00 feet | plant buildings, sprawled over a : an pr-LA bid The second group consisted of steps The blast did not knock out lhe!three buildings lhe system's % lon ?i is leve ' ^ or a shorL distance there would be ]SO days for arbi: You I and then goes, downward at a !·) i on the program are Gordon | in tho library, he said, and Iherc i Ihrough a plywood wind shield L ' ne . registrar and dean of.! will be no Bible readings or pray-j while standing above the mouth ·' some other proposals'and pushedi; admissions, enrollment procedures; | cr-s in the classrooms, j of thc shaft said hc doubled that '· through the emergency measure ! Charles Elkins. dean of students. ; Doi-s Not Appmvo ! anyone could have survived Tues- becausc of lhc funds being spent! which is similar to one lha: had ' Ireshman orientation: Bob Butler, 1 "This does not necessarily r.ioel ; clay's explosion. measure and speed it to President commission asked the turnpike j Kennedy for signing before the authority "to explore the possibil- ; strike deadline. ; ··' ily" of a delay. ' with the walkout threat just]TM Commission members were re-, around the bend, the Senate! · ported to be concerned over Lhe · inched out the throttle beat down : L possibility of a slow-down on work.' ' . . . . on U. S. highways GO, 70 zind 69 '· through the emergency cnt i for the turnpike access roads. i "This is not going to paralyze j nr delay the roud pi-ogram." Bell-; mon said, "There is not going be any noticeable delay." Bellmon said Ihe access roads I *f i. J 1 f\*) were highways that would be built! / Q l\rjQre I \)L. anyway. | ! When asked, "doesn't ihis mean they will be built sooner' than,! i struction" during the afternoon j particular-job." House leaders hoped to pass the j P rior to biology', physical science i superintendent also - - -.-j j :. -- ·"--·= . I anfl business depanmenI meetings. ! discussed Ihe recent Supreme Personnel sen-ice managements ; Court decision banning religious ex-. discussed by Friday morning. Dr. Rey- i ercises in schools. All Bibles in he dramatic rescue of two miners trapped more th;*n two .weeks by a cave-in 300 feet below Ihe sur/ace of. a mine . at Sheppton, Pa. To Explore Mine j ihe various schools will be placed One worker who was blovm . iiAJl , STIMKI;. -. cm. i ell- ; / f , -p *** i to i / f P C T T ' / O C..OOI w w l ' *^ v^w\^i counselor, intramural program, i w i t h my norsonal approval." hc i "The way the explosion knock- Afternoon sessions will be de-; added, "bul il: is lhc law, and we · c d me back. I'm sure it mist voted lo departmental f a c u l t y : have no choice, as teachers, hut. meetings in the .fields of m a l h e - i lo obey i t . " matics. language aits, social sci- i Mayor Wayne Cilley also spoke ence and home economics, cngi- j lo the teachers, t e l l i n g Lhcm of the neerinij-technicaJ-induslria! and music. Broiling temperalures of 104 de- ( (hey would have?" He replied, "If i grees'in Lawton Tuesday should, cool to a baking 102 today and a i rsimmering 99 .tomorrow tinder | dear to partly cloudy skies; ! The temperature range will be j lour degrees ·' above normal in | j'southern Oklahoma through Monday, 'with preripiial less than .10 .inch. " · . ' . Oklahoma .was proclaimed ,the .hottest' place in the nation-Tuesday with a 107 degree mercury reading at McAlesler--the second day in .a row .that'city-'has claimed the highest .'.temperature, Low. temperatures ;are steadily rising;'A 77 degree reading is forecast for tonight compared with 74 ·degrees Tuesday. .acd 70 degrees Monday. 1 Lows across the state last night ranged from \65-at-Guymon to.79-at-McAlestex. - - . ... lhe turnpike wasn't built, the traffic wouldn't be there so quick," On another mailer Bellmon. said hc won't appear before civil righls Jcmonstralors who. have scheduled n march on the Capitol 'this- after-, noon. Bellmon said he .has a dental appointment in Tonkawa, "I've had a hard time getting iliis appointment," Bellmon ex- pluined. . . . . When asked'why he didn't go to a local dentist, his said "this guy (TonkHwa .dentist) has all my X-. He sajd "most likely" a repre- fcentative of his .-will address Lie group. . Sponsors of .the Jocal march?aid they bear.a casket containing ; dummy labeled "segregation' :o the south steps of thc Capitol, lee GOVJBRNOK,-r«ii-»,.-OoL ·»·· Woman Sentenced To 6-Month Term For Selling Child A six-month jail sentence was stalled .today by a Lawrton wom- ·an who pleaded guilty at her-.arraignment. on a charge, of "trafficking In children." · . · · ;, Judge Jack Brock .assessed.'the ·senlence in Special Sessions. 1 court ..arraignment for 'Inez 1 Marie' Prock, 38, of .308 f,. who was arrested! by local officers, during the past weekend. . .. . · .· . ..,«.- The-woman was 'accused · of .sell-, ing. her .eijhl-monlh-old daughter for 5200 lo a- couple believed to- have been en route'to.'.California. Identity of . the. couple /was not known, and officers, said.- it-may ·be impossible to locate -them'or' .the-baby. · .a r t s | imsl which Lawtonians .have placed in them. ' "I'know each of you will be fin asset to lhe''teaching profession," he ndded. The mayor noted lhat teachers' are., never fully compensated for j lhe job ·· Ihoy do. "Nevertheless, teaching continues to a l t r a c t Iho ' finest; mon. and women in America,", he' concluded. · .· Tiilks By [iisiiriiiicc Men Other highlights of today's meeting included the reading of lench- er assignments 1 by John Klkins, as- sistFinl ..superintendent in charge o! personnel.", and lalks by reprcsen- 1al.ives of Blue Cross and Blue Shield~ and · American Fidelity Insurance companies, which write ·policies-for the,local system. . .Shoemaker also ".introduced Hug,h Dish,- .assistanl-'.superinteiident in have come from the bottom of t h e mine," said Halt Rauhala, '17, a bucket dumper who was not of the street, with : an FHA bid of 575,700. wide area a half mile from the ; Th e tourth group cons isted in the 1-100 block baseball, told the crowd: Colorado Paver and situated in a ' · of ·e buildings Ln the 1-400 block "I know all of us are going to go away feeling . .. We cannot turn back." Negro songstress Lena Home. · . I I r _ J l - | L I L l l _ , _ --V-.J..I., , o ., _,, U..V. j . i u w w i w - _ i | - - J - 1 - - -- -- "i^tjti.. - - ij XJi;i|« AJ.1_T1 I J U , picturesque valley formed by steep.. B south sidc ot thc streeti , rith a wearing the yeDow legionnaire dills, was bustling with rescue op- ; bid of $75,700 by ;ho federal agen- ' The blast occurred less than 24 cy. me [ULh group were three hours alter the dramatic rescue I buildings in the 1-100 block B. north of two Sheppton, Pa., miners who were trapped by a rave-in more than' 300 feet below the surface. Rescue worker are still trying to reach a third man who was trapped in the cave-in 16 days ago. Communications Knocked Out side of the street, receiving a bid of S59.700. cap of the marchers, shouted: "Freedom!" into the microphone and got a roar of "freedom!" back from the crowd. The march leaders met 'vith i Democratic and Republican L;ad- "The number of men has been j ra Evans, who built the units, definitely established at L'5," re-1 . -^^---ported Frank Tippie. general man- tiger of. the Texas Gulf Sulphur Co. plant. "Thc blast knocked out Refrigeratoni. ranges and wash-, ers of the Senate ind House. Son- ing machines were included in the : are Democratic l e a d e r Mike sale which was ordered in U.S. : Mansfield of .Montana said no District court last month to satisfy : commitments were asked or giv- judgments obtained by the federal. en ir. the session with him. government against D. C. and Ned-' R°. v VVilkins. executive secre- l "r Commander Quits the seriously "Tile explosion ] we 'arc' not certain of the men's communications and UNITED NATION'S, N.i'. (API was so strong I really don't I h i n k location." have stn-vived if." II the. men are dead, the dis -- Maj. Gen. Cad Carlsson von j j tary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP1 said Senate Republican leader Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois pledged support for all of the. administration's civil rights program except the pub- Horn of Sweden has resigned as \ lie accommodations bill. This has rhat anyone in the bottom could Three rescue squais were sent to | commander of the U.N. truce ; been Dirksen's position all along, h.ivr Kin-vhioH ii " ! Hip minp Inratprt IS miles west force' in Yemen, effective Satur- Wilkins said House GOP leader thc mine, located IS miles west I force' in Yemen, effective Satur- of'Moab in'lhe rugged Badlands. ' day. - ' . Suspected Cop Killer Shot To Death NEW YORK (UPI) -- One of two men wanted in the killing .of. two New .Jersey policemen was shot lo death today' in a violent struggle with detectives in a mid-;.Newport, E.I.' .office received .a."tip late. Tuesday., that, iralco wasjhiding o u t ' i n the hotel where he had .registered '.under -the- 1 name ;of J, -.Relic, of town Manhattan hotel .room. The dead man, Frank Falco, 23, hnd been sought .-since.-early Monday .when :lhe. two. ; 6rficers were-JofCed to' disrobe : and .then, were shot .'to .death in'., the ."Angel, Lounge, .a ..nightclub in Lqdi, N.J. charge.'of inslruclion; Miss Thelma Thomas.-.(Rabbi.-..Tpm),-.Tranano, i Talli,. elemehtai-y coordinator; Ed | 25, Falco's.alleged", companion'.in. '·Hennessee, president.of the Class- 'the' .New · Jersey; shooting, sp room vTeachers.. association; Mrs. was at large. ' · · - . . · . ' · ' Wilma Davis, president of Lawton ' Lawrence MoKetu'ney,.-"Manhat-. TM..fco.Tji.\cjua«-,..E«e.i, .OOI...1 tan chief of. detectives, said his A. Det. Thomas Quinii said, he used an · emergency .key .· to · enter Falco's roDm ajid.'found .the sus- .'pect ; :asleep ,bn a' bed. . ' . ·' ;. Quinn..saJd he took outhis gun, ·placed'.. : il-'!;against Falco's throat and ordered the' suspect;' to. .get up..;;,He said......Falco.'-'woke;-up screaming, ···grabbed.; the-'-; detective's ·· gun. and : .a.';-hand-to-hand were' holding, on to his revolver during the. strusgle. The- office: said 1 he., emptied his gun..' ' "I don't know-how, many, times I- shot' him. I. was mainly infev- .csled in holding o n v t o my gun," Qulnn .said, . . ' , : · Seconds; lateiv/foui 1 .. other 1 , detectives- .raced· into' the..TOom and Wilkins said House GOP leader Charles Halleck of Indiana told | them he was "holding conferences | (on the legislation) and the Rei A'.. JLAIICH. i-Ksr :. cm. ^ i , \0klahomans Sing Near White House WASHINGTON;cupp - A busload of Oklahoma City Negroes, mostly teen-agers,-started'singing at the ellipse opposite the While House today as the massive civil, rights march on the capilol began.. one of them'shot .'three .times a t 1 . The" Oklahcmans, about . ' 4 0 the..suspect,;.Falco fell dead, on'l strong,, joined hands in a circle the .flopr.- j.near t h e ' b u s and saiig, ''Medgar Police, said later' Talco.."had |.Evers, we love, you.' been..shot' seven times. · . Traatino · and Falco 'were ac- battle' followed during ·which,six- .cused .of- slaying Det. Sgt.. Peter shots, were'fired. ·· , : ];Voto; .JO, ; a : father of three chil- .. Quinn'; said:.both:he.; ; and-Falco.| SDO COP KUJLEK, ru«o 2, coi. i They also clapped hands. ;and I sang ."I .Want Freedom." · : Negroes from,.. Oklahoma;"City, and Tulsa are. in^ \VashJnEtpn ; ,,Ior the'demonstration.' "· . ' ' ' . . .

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