The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 19, 1951 · Page 76
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 76

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1951
Page 76
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All OW. ··* V*M»rM. L«reW Mi*«on *· Mtwr ur- MUM «p*kk ttowl«ta. Cur _. T _4ry, DUi MMtt tr nrrtu T!n««. »O* 1OT-D. FOR DRT GOOM - STOJWB ill around quHilfled mn tor Ifncra: dry food* *tor*. Oo»d work- inn condition* IB alr-condttiowd ·tore: COOft oalary. V)Bttfl. or .com* mission t»t rlfht n«» r Aoply Tb« Kcooomy More, Rtfatto, MAN !«» Up to cacti Mtk iw *=.ui« liw »6 muu. in« I nune. inclu«ji« M «- Uunily .or iwrt ttwt. Kor *MupJe Book, write Jullv. PKOCJUIUS Xh , A »J«tit. *s- »l *. 21--H* ^ MAIO KOft g*«»*i J«r to live on j»l»ce. Nt»t p.rivnte . J-1WS, or . Eel M*r AddiUwn. ^RrJBScJBD fountain *lrl«. Apply in perwo to H«t«(n Johw- two, Ajjumd* Ptutrouvy. 1SML Alt- UttWtK. ·WWOWf WOMAN, 21-*t, frae »o*l- UOc. Dl»aifle« work, «» v»nv»«iBt lotrnat to arwnaUvs htdiiul. ex- iwrlenc* unnecessary. Hotel, mcala. trajuportatlon. plus income rJSO-JSOO mwnlhly. Writ* 1, Bender, MS £»w Building; K»n«s City *. Alo. WOMAN sa-»o,to »s cooaultiuu Customer Service Dvpt. 5-|S5. J1v« day wwli. to Avply IBS i Neat Negro rli«wiaRK~')iSr child i cure. Apply Triple AAA root beer stand, '1WO.. Bruvt'nlW at Sis Points. vith car to tak» over utablixbei WATKJLN'S Rout*. t*rf«« «md eld- fat firm. K y«*r» »«rvle*. Ho . l»y otf» extra boniu to producers. We train you. Apply IJzf 12th St. BRICKLAYERS THE AUSTIN CO. Freeport, Texas KOT canvasslns or diwr-tu-iioor. Seat supearance, Fair cdueutton. selling rsi'eriencc «u asset but cot ausolute- jv cecessary. lutliitlve; honesty, lu- ti-srtty and rellabiJIty chief iu»tm- catlons. J»«rinauent future with national manufacturer. Car necessary. Iw not apply unless Interested In jr.akldK above average earnings and rapid advancement. 2-6839 For Appointment Sunday or Monday A.M., WANTED Jlan with previous experience p Auto accessories In Tire department necessary. Draw plus · commission. Employment benefits. Se» Ur. Srlxev Montgomery Ward WANTED BUS HELP Apply Service Entrance WATER STREET NUECES HOTEL EXPERIENCED WHOLESALE HARDWARE Salesman FOR CITY AREA Transportation Furnished SALAEY COMMISSION Phone 4-6644. Good Pay ing Steady Job Oil Field Service Company needs 2 men with 3 or 4 years of roughneckingjirig running or fishing tool ; expedience. Age 25 to 40.. Slate .3ge,;edu- cation and* f expefieDce;' Reply, to P.O. Box f 4066, Corpus " ' ' " ' Young Man 21' to 25 To tram' as Parts Man in International Harvester, Industrial _Ppwer. High school eSScaBonV must be willing to worK. Apply to Bill Spring, Jess McNeel Macfeinery Corp/, 4345 Highway 9, 3-8577, WANTED MAID - to live in. Must be good cook. Ke!cren«» r*u wired. . Dial 2-28CT. +45 M«r. c«*ni»r, senerii oaicc help. See Mr. Trttnpe between 3 and * V- tu. Auili- tor'j Office, N'uecea Hotel. _ ' , . middle-aged preferred. Good salary., Uve on place. Phoue 'J-MU, «.\teu- aion 35C. - . . »4 K ·wtowou, Cift Merettiw. tivuery, ntl »liJ to your ttxuil boctu d«til on auoruutnt* VH'lfU ne p«rie»t profit. Writ* f*f l!t»r»tvre, Actoai sample* oo KB- »rov«l. KEXT.1N PRESS. 7? .Mtrtotw i. _O». _ ;_ _ _ ' .» Excellent Opportunities With a future for ambitious intelligent young women with pleasing personalities desiring retail careers in selling better ready-to-wear, sportswear anrj accessories. Will consider experienced and inexperienced. Pleasant sur! roundings, excellent working conditions. Good earning possibilities. Apply Mr. Cor! Aeby Joseph Le«n, Inc. . Chaparral 22--Htlp WiSf^dr Male or Female 2-bedrki5i house OA 1 Ray Jtter. Mtl9 EOT^^KpLlSO, "fh-e-rooui tioo Wilier, tin. ut*. Ar«re *. Will trade fwr truck. 2-Mir w - ., JKS ·err. Tfrnu. Miw »*Jv»i. t.r*itw. fcruit*c _ tint «»a»l»M. uilki«K nutl' J jn*m i»!«Mrte ... .._ . _ _ . . . V. S. kUtnrmy. !'i milt* dew* village, S elgh *«bool; MM cultivation Wttoaa land, OtU- wua Mr ««»uMau*. Ftmmct **·*!* »rt» MUU *«··· ya. s-ytrt. ________ "'CK UNITS. furBltitwd. · Corpus Christ! CALLEB-T1MES, Ai*fr It, 1HJ ** NORTH -U2ACH-HWY HIM), corner tot. uat oft Staple* vovn Cofyu« St. Xvcryuiux tow. £l«.vgtt. income 1- I2W » month Call S^4t». re». - DRIVfr KO 9-IXkwn- OA1J I^K JBiutt. Ideal (or 0rlv« 1» or . court*, 3d ace .00. z-usi. _ acr«T"iiid"h(5wr»«tror tv«df Jao 4 room i»u*e «B lot S4.M Also 3 loti «iu r » i r lou»e»- Cu«»p lor «*»b. Whltn- hot»y. 2-OUT. __ MKJi: ' wjjolnltw" lot. « » . Koolild* Addition,, »J,4W- Phone 5-1045. ' lot. 52-1ST4. JouwJaUon, o» 9V* CtUO down, Catt x 150' owner. lion, e u i . «0 _ for K*neraJ. _ -mall cafe. No niKht work. Hall Cwt- £*?«-_"«*_ Nurili sliorejine. Ur _ .-..Booty. __ or Latin Amvrlcannadv to do house work und lor two cnlldron. Care _ _ _ _ _ __ BEAUTY OPERATOR. Pay" salary und comroissiou, call 2-SSS2. Jor ao- larty. - - -. -- experienced sales Brodkey's Jewelers. 32(j N. " 8t. ONE EXPERIENCED waitress, one Times. w*rk Htm. club |r - JOOJ ' cls « 1 ', persoaalltv. rctereaces. Box 1M D. Calle'r- experienced. Apply" "ciiuid'iCt Flowera ' WA.NTBK~Experlence3 "lieTii! Dish", washer lint 3 fountain Kirta No uhorw Calls: Aiiply in person lo Mrs. Stan- fll Arrnf Pnarmayv 1511 Third St. WANTED.' .Pjirt-trinp online clerk Ai* E-Xc-STfiKS. l?.SB r *r' s -_JM5'-L East Fort FRY COpK. mST" f»st7 for "evenTni sdift. AnjSly Corral Drive-In. 11 a.m to 2 n.m J211 Avers. Wanted. Setiled rJatl'n American'cot dishwasher. Aitply In person. 6 days. P'«. to live on place. House furnished. Cafe, Rottstown. YOl'NG LADY. r.cs,t appearance for steady job with good pay -and desirable liuurs. Soe Mrs. SRinner. Bua-O-Beef. Jill jieso.uU'e 51. ExPafiiJESCKD WAJTK£SS"~^"feS weeltly. tips, sis days. Apply in person. VVnco Caf e . _ 810__VVaco Street. WANTEJi -- . "waitress, ·mu*rT)e"nVat and experienced. Apply In person. Mr. CrttrtUi. CloverleaJ sandwich stion 3111 Meaqultt. · · _. _ OJfKJCS - typing re- s!i bills paid Wife h*lp with house work, man feed horses *· cure for yard Salary. Apply BT2n- Highway 9 . or See Mr. Hummock at Hammock l'airel. x W!!i truJn io Mok!:tepmj;. AR " owo haod.wrltuiR. C w H ' put it pfrr For that better Job us. No charge unless »v place , -- , . ., equity in horn*. LOT-itj coed town- will. tr»f« tot- GI OCEAN DrUVE - Waverly Eatatts. IQtr wattrtrout lots f»r tS.150. Heyland Realty' Co. *-Mtl. 10 A5SSS near Uafi«r State ?ark. SOU ft. river front Nlc* home, two cottatei, out buiidlhE, all conveniences. Win increase la value. «1T.5UO Caii 5-409 ot -SS53. · ' . - f 0 " Sfe£nfHAT*LOT-tell" buvers About U through a Catler-TSoict Classified Aci! F|WQ« '.'SiW tor an Ad Writer' - ^ 4602 CHRISTI You c*r't se* Inside uu , toe mtsM« jio cotuo ow Ic. with central hrat'UR, guin-alab » BKDROOMS-2 TJUE BATH* 331 BARTLKTT DR. j BEAUTIFUL 8AXET HEIGHTS -NO. J Tuis lovely fcunio has SOW) ft. o! finest lIvlBj; area In t*st nelghbor- ' ' * -- ,pe Recreation Seom. Terraz« float and Kwin. and IBBK.W - i hood. Huxe _ _ _ I 42 l 36 with I *1n« Bar. . Walk-iti Cedar Room. Maid's Jt*r- 8V OWNER--Qor )ov«i/ lert,. Lxundry and Double Garage, j home *'ito gumce, !· Arc*«[» V' Latin Aiaerlc«« - 1 room. Small 122S Kl«ln. Jtty at tow, 3 Ottttw. S kitchens lo *'« ^l"'* 1 !'«« ; «K. guin-alab door., «nt location. Clow w »Wf«« " ? .^breezeww- corner lot, tile K: excellent iind buwa Fool lour oo Uua tor t W3.000 BTU Central H*atkw. Fnmi- ««fe 150 it, excellently wltt) mature trees and try bouse. . 3-iwm tenant house,', Grade "A" dairy barn. smofcebouse. S emit (theda. combined tool xhed and ! I^MHie; real monty-iaker for rlRht j S-^SfSSHii i«ftaT,ss.AVTM3 ^\*r^:TM~y%_.*$r %*«$.*?«** : ^MtTMl*toTMAM£*TMtUTMW TJ J', W1 " 5» v « T * u » w * wlnt \SrT ?«^£; 2 »*!*?_ "«» »«"*·!. *:· PTMM or »nd lauded are New Drape.,, and FARM AGENCY. *S»-CC Main St.. Kaniuw City 8, Mo. NUECES COUNTY 185 Acres , . AH to cultivation. Also 1W acres wit(i no lo cultivation. Both of Uu.*«e farm* h*ve fsir improvement* and both have producing royalty. Son Potricio County 80 Acres in bras*, black land, lies teve(. This Is » Rood si«c« of Und. One (ood crop could psy for it. One half pi cue elirhtn royslty reserved. IRRIGATION FARM AU furuisW-cTo £t pM^atoo'^l »W- «·***» RKAX.TY.; 4-2^05. fore »chool st»rt«. fl.500 c»sh. Very, «a«y terms t« baUince of Slt.WH) LlNDALE Property in first vl»ss couditloo. _ ^i^j-vi-v. can lor further Detail*. L O U I S Open House 2:30-5:30 P.M. M1CHKLSEN 2-M1*. 4-0501. ! S-11 l l ^ \ f - | - k i A k . l s'ici:~DeHax""soyTH-^rnsr"'tj 600 HOrFMAN down. Good condition, 'doubt* »r. ' "' J v lx " * ' * ' ^ age. nice y»rd «*e to appreciate. | * Iwdroon)!, tile features. lovely Onlv- Sll.WW, Mra. Farrott^ 2-Klfi. | yard. Near Hsber and St. Pittick's Uaitf and Din- Ing Rooms. 5SJ.150-ASSUME tlT.800 LOAN Best Kionoced property in Corpus Christ! us Property )o this Price Bracket FA Finances for only s#- }ercent of Acquisition Cost. SHOWN BV APPOINTMENT ONLV 900 Acres located. T*uants All In cultivation, well w on this Una )tkfl-f win net him SliO.ow Wis ""ye»r. . is teased for t?A per suMivUion at tr*Utr aark. C * 5^ ' AcSJiS-ln :fc(ty ' OHST. feeidy tor juMlvmlnK Into 2f lot*. B«.ri;aiii. Dial- 8-K6J. FESCRIBLUPF · tiMtoen and tour- i*t «lt* on pnveO Onrta. One talocx Pdr* Caunwav K»U. Corner and two adjoining lots Last good site left. Take lati plcK-up on deal. Call 2-9SSO. · i_Id*»i for I.»«» cash. This farm will, stand any 1 1 j investigation you care to- make. "' ' ably could absorb aotne .trade. YOUR NEW HOME would W veil aitUAteo on uu* Itftx24l)-lt lot on Aberda^ti Drive. Pricti ODlv S3I P«i front toot. FRANK .M. U6:ETT » SONS. 215 Wilson Bidi. OWc« 4.96SS Nlshtf 5-ieSi or ·*«»_ _ hutldlnx up with penutllui ttomw. A 'on ten. Ait t«rm» Call 3-ltiZS. , uuMin In. E»«v one fourth of royalty reserves. Frank M. Liggett Sons, Realtors 215 Wilson Bldg. Off. 4-9683 construction -- well located Grotsini; ·SOU * montn Sii.OOO ei«tv U I K K 1 PKQPJT co^y-iisi. RM. :tU» i __i j and oath «crt SMP Income il^Oi fer rnontn. Trice IlU.titlO R. V I COUt.TRR.- KKAUTOR. S-SG3S or Mr« ! Moreniii, S-OSM. PHILLIP ALBRIGHT PHONE ^430J__ Sorrel I .BE5SAR PARK | (3:30 to 6:30 P. M.) J A Ijrxe fhe-room. Jl'e teaturen. ceo- i t r a l hct, ft-nccd varti. two-car £ar- __ ^8160 37-- HwiteT We looted yMra knferc »« unit tuite to l»av«. i*-arm. central ftt fireplace, ts k*ej you eool, «!aUo*s. fiv* U each be* room tiute *tutdy leoced teck yat4, mo«.i Ul« bilk modern Uta k two bedrooms, large livinc ««« Uxikcaacs, seixuAte Ual«( . Hsve our own pwatw. pluin«, onuun* and Itmoas. Total price fll.JW. 9uy eou'ty of 1^700, aa»MJj« GI-FMA toah. »T8,W mvpthly. U tntereat^ *lw lurrl'.u'e. IncludiDt HotixMut and refrigerator. JCemaore ? ?.R . b a t h . larje lot. J ear sear Santa fe Lawnvlei'. w^vtag. Vcr appoinunent tail Kfhfcid K! Yhomasoa ' · R»«iltT Co. 2-1BU3-5-0242. JJBL MAR ADDITiON"-3« Brti-k home. 8 targe roo»«, witli 4isbwaa*i«r and 4 unit apartment. God Income. Can i .. . be bought lor less Uian .replacement) DC-A t T O R R. V. COULTER cost. 3-W77 3-3635 r. H. Parrough. 5 or 10 ACRES With 2 Good Houses Fronting Alarneda and Oso Goll Course. Price reduced to sell. Phone 5-6041 _ ____ -- " TSxpovlw-reed car hon. ahort 'hours, one day week oil. Apply In persoti, 39-ti , Highway 9. IkOTtrytlH "tourist couttTW weekly. Apply (n person, RuyaJ Palms liatel. pply Sa N Sliorelintt. not neeeasary. Apply In person, ISIS South _Stnptea. £3a^itfi:^Eff~~§TW3nTrAFTfRi( tor s^nerat office work, must lake shorthand. US North OPPORTUNITIES OPEN for sales- mdlea witli Ev* stcvvsrt Cosmetic* wor^. Ase no tiatidi- . - - . . - j , _ _ _ _ ' iioff'ann" WttUrtSB.TM Apply In person. Austin's Drive In. liUO N. Ctanparrai. __ ___ WXl'KlrfENCEiy" "isV'neraT liSTiranct. [olicv wHlar · and secretary Shorthand nnd accurate typing. Alr-coo- ditloned office downtown. State eit- psrwnce and personal data. Application held confidential. Box Hl-D Caller- TUnes. . yf E M P L O Y M E N T (COASTAL SERVICE 311 rURMAW BLUU. * Dial solve* Xour Eni[.i«vment ^1 FEMALE Sixjretary. dowptowu ......... .. £!Jt Typist, sales,, exp.. single · is^uu Oertt-u!eno. days .'. . . , »"jiti .J-aat typist, 3-11 p.m }iS6 uiuitsvvMiu^vn. j u a y a , . . . t^-bu Sieno-C!e.rK , , jj^ PosUBK mat*, oper.-stetio :.*!" Asa't booaliet-ptr ,J173-52i» Koceptloalat-typisl jiss Bktir.-tj'pist, 5 diva jns ulKLS; . no more ioD nuntins if you will train tor Beauty Opsretot work. KnrolS today! Corpua Cbrlstl Beauty Co)l«K. Phone 4-WKK). Mtiqulte. Glerk-tywist. 5 Auto P*rw Msr ^filuenrint trainc c i e - ! ilS''-! a .L.-^- -- _ 23---Situations Wanted, Malt ____ WAKfjEE fKa Bouse. Phoa* »51l, or 343. Sintou. Texas.- hou»«work 2 in family. Keferenees required. Apply ' Curtla Clark, 301 Vi Staple*, 1 "~* 1 " S«ro woman to coua aad belp..«iU) housework. Aurally ol 4 adults, ttiit' »!de ol Iowa. Musi live on place. Nice eotuiRe mraished: References: .required.,. WrAt,« i P. 0. BdxAB*. · 'Cornus'-efirlstS. "·'-'-" ' ' ^T . ey*nLns shift. a.Mwii.' ftp-. «ood . SUB »jy ie person.' . .Pharmacy. 626_Old_RoB5town : Road. TWO LADlSS^^to triveC Guaranteed i»l»ry to Uiose who nu»Ufy. AH »p- noiotinents mads lor -you. Our 11)11 people Are HuJilnK up lo $150 per w«tt Ladic« needed for Victoria, Laredo. Browns-siUe. Utssioo and otner terrltoriea, Must speak BpaaWi. Car :ntce»»aT?; Ptal'-._*6Bi ; PULLER BROSH CO offers excellent opportunity to .ladles handUns their cosmetics. For information call s-9lg* "CAN YOU TJSE"W? Sell Christmas Cards, 50.for SI. Mafee S50 on lOOi, boxes: Name-Imprinted days... .J1SS ti.A, scad .jaa . .^00 t^lus conim lli-'.'O-- $100 Ji!S accounts, and tax waiters, ia. Mme._Pfton*_ 2-8270 aiterjii. desires position wiui . . Capable of doing all types of *Hice routine. Good inference*. Utf* 152-1) Ca'ler-Tlaiea. · ~ . position .with 'reliiibie firm-- 18-years experience. 3R-years jsld. married. on« child. Call, 33-7S91 MeropftU. T«nn cellect after 7. p. m. E. fc. Houston.; .' 0oi)MS;S T KTa» ; n and Ifard Service. J uaranteed satisfaction/Don't ·" ~ all today. Fertilizer. Loam. 24--Situations Wanfied; - ; ' : - v -"-'F(Bmale '. ··· '. "·' .Latin American woman desire* 5~half .days .housework. Girt lor baby Ph. 4-8587. competent steno- eraphpr,',.; shorthand or .dtctapuoneaesltes: permanent employmsnt im- medl*tely. Pliose 4-2344. operator connection with gome Shoppe ic small' town. Phone -2-3734 or write 13JO. 19th St. Corpus Christl. WIDOW v.lshea\ practical nursing, cpmpanioh, ^manage touHsj:.court or HOUSE BUILDERS ATTENTION We have some cnolce lots in liiKle»Id« where there is a great deiaand lor moderately urtced homes. Flnsncin.ij can h had. Lois are available at a very low fi£ur». Cad Gordon Stew- FRED QUAILE Realty Co. Phoue -5556 33--Farms iUB fitnns.' raiicliea. " oil lands Jjakoni.-t, \VyomlOK; jfoiutina. priced low, Kood l^riny, vvrtlf, CAUI Kd For- nmn. Aciidynty, S. Dsiwut. Pliune UFi^Kimuiii^ s._Da.kov* % i i '6'H~'i?AL--l£5-iiCre ui' good bUclt Una \ve)i tmiirpvcd irootl'iji un Hisli- way one mile from ^'uU.'i-, A KOO."! buy si you are looking for a Kuod lionie. Write or catl '.j. K, jilcAnu-Hy, 32b~" Acres'" I n TMRTnter"~C'iir3en Area iwur Crystal City, T«xtn. Excettent cotton and vecctaWe land or yisrfect for cattle raising, fenced, irrigated with 1200-foot well. Certainly worth $225 per acre. Write or Phone- Irene Gautrenux, JBox 1786, San Bepito, Texas--Phone 753. JfDSt seii 656 acre'stocK (arm. 20(1 acres under irrigation), river front, good bouse and fences, ai) cabled, two wells and rajllx, pnrnplug plant from river, large reservoir. Sood .fishing and httntine cm paved road. near Cotuilii, Texas, K)7.Si)0. Hoy B. Dosaey Realtor, Cotujla, Texas. SAN BENSTO. TEXAS--Ji30 Bcrps rich sandy «ver loam~3ii-mi|e r)vpr, 'peff«ctly irrigated, . t w o pumps, eiietts. : tenant houses, at- irmlancl availabie... Write_ J5an'Bgalto,'. Texas. Phone 7B3. 235 Acres-'Bee County- 657 ^Acres-near George West- These -and many others-Can DYER- JJASLEY CO. at 4-944L NdgBta and Sundays: 5-5860. J-6415, or 3-3137. COTtjLLA. 1 TfiXAS - t,OM acres, gome cultivation,- 2 wells, large house, 1 mile river-front ISO an men. HOSTUTLER CO. aparimeat house. References. 1 C a l l i r !"h" ioil m-Tatt.vTeaig. ^ S0 f NURSE, anv ho irs. S25 week, one WANTED SALESMAN Office Supplies-- Furniture Machines and Printing Interviewing Hours S to S - 5:M to (:1S ' Apply in person only. * CcanmlMlOB Christmas Curds, Assortments, Address Book, others. Free gifts /or eiisly orders. Get -Assortments on Approval. Imprint Samples FTee 1 day off. Phpae 2-6094 o- Write! Western Art. 257 S. Sprlne. Dept. 13.6. Las Angeles 12. CHP.ISTMAS CARD Samples FREE Big -cash profits easy! Sensational White-Foil Name-Imprints outsells Cole's Office Eq'pt. Til Leopard CLERK-TYPIST " ' for- General Office work Apply BROWN EXPRESS 1102 East Port them all. Others 50 for Sl-23 up. Profits to 100 percent on w new last- sellers. Get leading !1 Assortments on approval. Amazins Gilt- P' 8 -", Creative Cards, 2505 Cermak, Dept. 424. Chicago 8, Sell Christmas Cards BARN BIS PROETTS EUJS BONUS FsmotW Harry Doehla, AttisMc ac.d Cheerful selections' sell on sight- Prompt delivery from Dallas. No waitlnr- Keenest sensational -sample Ht of ire* dtsnlay folders and box assorunenta on approval. COLUMBIA, 3401 Roes, Dept 5r. Dallas, Teiai. - ' CLERICAL GIRL PERMANENT POSITION JScperlence not necessary. Paid vacation and discount oa clothing. Apply }n person . .... _ f j , ^ . _ _ , _ . . _3-3632._ 25--Situations Wanted, Mate or Female 20 ACRES GOOD LAND--ONLX C300, -Terms »1QO dowo and $2S fflontaly, : tand is located Jo the famed Winter Garden-' -District, o! South-west Texas, about, 75TM miles south San: Antonio. Invigorating healtRtui climate, Deep ' ' " suitable for growing all ifretajsiles. fruits and Der- . _ 2008 Acre Farm Falls County j This farm ia located about elslit I jniles of atar'io, oil u good £r.aveJ road, about two miles of the pave- m.esu. Jt lias good tenant ho«se«. } severs! tar4;s. cisterns and wells.. It ) has 1S50 acres of up farm laml. N* level as a Hour, balance in Bis ; CreeK, bottom verv heavy made blaclt land, with about 17S acres in cultivation. It will curry three-hundred head" of co\vs and calves, it is the finest pasture to pe had. The up hind is a heavy black mixed litsd--no better craln and cotton lard can of had anywhere. Of course, it is dry and the crop Is poor thi* year. The price js cheap at J125 per ncre. It will carry a good loan. If desired, on Iocs terras. If you are looking for a real farm, do not pasa this up. Will sell all the cattle, eii-.hl two-row tractors with et!uip««rt. n!«o one Kord tractor, v»ry cheap with this 8»1« ana by niaKinR a cH-nn 1 sweep, we might make you a httlc Iw-.tter price on Uie land. TW» is »n i exclusive listing Write, or phone u tor appointment at once, Derden Land Co. 203 West 7th Realtors Phoue 8-2564 Res. 2-83(54 Austin, Texas INDIANA ST.-Good S-roon house and 4-room furnljiued. carac* xparuncnt. OXLY J12.000. CLOSE IN-Dupi« and " 2 iar*tc spartraenW. Thre funilahcd. Price KS.500. S ALJvMBDA'CorEer lot Suj!«t ami! furnished trarase efficiency. Priced' for lulck sale. NORTH BEACH-lVeU located 7-unll court. NEYLRND Realty Co. "4-7461 if SACRlFfCE * L.UOU.ND FLOOR 1JUPLEX Also UP 4 DOWN UAKAtiS APT. 1803 PEABODY COMPLETELY .FURNISHED , Npw servel« A. IJot Witcr Heatevj Mi's. Morenus 5-0391 OPEN HOUSE ALL DAY Saturday Sunday 3410 LAWN VIEW tsjuuy open for offer. Loan adsuujp- i tion payable at $50 a monut. BJ-'AKKS I RKALTY. 4-2105 or riiKUts JTr. SpruK- Kln. 5-lai'. "· TURKS EEOROOM. 2 tiie"baTha!~:T- car garage^ Ooruer lot, 'In Del 31a.r. Only H6.SOO. Flionc 2-2032. SSUOaoO - y-URNlSHEO 2-b*droom liOJoe. corner lut. Near schools antf. cbwclses. Only J1S90 do\va. Pbone Open House 3 'til 7 1418 Annapolis Drive If 3-bedroojmsi. 2 baths is what you need, see this. Offered by owner, priced to sell. One year old, highest quality construction, close to school. Bus oy Door .Income 5"l".iO Price S13.WO Ph. -'-3333 TERMS Month Ph. I-COOO ! * Ol MAKING SfflS salary. Attractive nvo-bedroom hume. tile kitchen. le- taclicd large sarage. SoutlL New. and ready. Priced SSS50. Only $K!5 down. Ot)LF COAST. 2-ti537. '3-1MS. SOUTHSIDB -- o\v««r 1 «»vInB (.own. flve-ruom home, 1 year old. tile features. detixtcHPd K»r5.£e. s t o ' r " room, puvt-d drlvi'-way. nice yard, hurricane fi'tice. "rte;t»on«ble down .Payment, assume !, J56 laontb. No nj;t!it9. Ola! 52-2103. XO'RA'ROA1N · This "-bedfboru"liomB does not liavt- to be giveu Ms-ay b:it pni:e-I r i R h t lo ono vvishtnK a re"l lionu'. Coot! IOHII, close to tiew Istgti sclmol, nmlt-ln tea*.ur«», central bea,tlnK. barb(-cu- pit double KttraKC-. Immediate possession and Iwin ns- suinptlon. D« xv" it. Cull Mr, Fon- Uri".i. S1,»RKR RKALTY. 4-240.5 or ntKhta__3-f-S65._ _ JSS' 16\V!S, x;»0 nu^i^ly on this lovoiy Ci-rouin liviiiH 1 , just Like new. PU'tiRtt and ttturiiK*' roonv Uir.;^ lot, i'omiilfti"lv furnl.-ilii-d. Located «t 3KJO Cub street. Plwn«_-_,__Ct»l_or_3___"tli. rSiinfiOWK"^-""?!^ monthly on UilS nice, 4-rooiu Uotisv locutpd. a.1 "I-":!" Molina Strin-t Phone 2-B27K or 4-(i5Uti. XluJrt T)O\VN~for~!iltractlv two-bi 1 d, room home. rV,ut,h, PIctMr* w-ui^ow SANTA MO.N'If^ i a '"l douliie alnU. Call 4-o"oij. OPEN HOUSE LAMAR PARK Can b» boujcht tur f If. 000. 1-3 cnxb, Glance oa easy term* frow o»»tr. 'nimediat* po«seaslon. 1 h " " 3-OUlS MICHELSEN. 'i-'. CASH-- Brand new, * room, imrne Located soutlL Balance »» low s» 5«0 per month. SOUTH TEXAS REALTY CO.., 2-9UL Sunday 4lat LlK'OALJEr-- Lovely 3 bedroom. tl)» bath and kitchen. The oclc* to rllfit: Oils will go Ol. SOUTH TTJCAK ALTY CO.. 2-84U. Sunday w. B. BAKER HAS tor toom house and Duplex. AU on Cotner tot. HlilcresL Gl EQUITY- By owner; . two 5*S- rourasr fenced li-ickyard; SoutBald* s*!» five- AtWy, 1 ."! STRJ-.B.T--You this vrli-|Uinuvi lovely borne. Perfect cou'Jivki-D in every r«»»ect. V«ry mrxt !i -voros with lots of bii'lt-ln feature;!. Full tile bath, blK entrance hsll. larse kitchen, and nfbe screen pt»rch. 2 car garage and eeora^e. fjo:nt ucf trees ia beautiful land- scai«d yard. rrtce J12.9(XI. A good KHA Icua can be procttr*-!' FKANK NELSOX. REALTOR. 2-l«2. Mom« plume 4-M40. 16W SO?" VT -»-ie)room8. lJ 2 bath. dou!)'o f:ortti:e, Sam Houtflcn acliool rilainct. Ijti us make an oSfer. £AG- UKTr CO. i-1021. 52-161S. MSAU SIX POUS'lS-cool a bedroo.-a Imnu. Ti.tal price only JS*00. GAii- CKTT CO. MQl'1. 5 ' i - 1 6 1 8 - . 5-rot'ms. , STATB-nl'i* «x'J Jbony Acres home. Largo '.'Mi, BAGUETT CO. *-l(Bl^ ln'se are beaut lul 7-rm. homes \vitli f u l l tllo ballw, electric dlaliwasher d. REALTOR SALE Bandera's Best Rich Man's Bonanza TUfa S35 acna 1$ really a "rich mtm'« bonncia." tt ia otsly abo\it five rayet from Bandera on fine hard surfaced roads without n pue to open, Tlie ranch Headquarters Is n most beautiful iitrly American solid rock, aunt In early AmiiricRii ranch type arcnltevlurtt located bfitfatli MI- trsictlve riecari trct-^ in the vavd. Tills building I* somi- 75 or 90 years o l d but has befn recoudiilont'Ji- uv « rich man and it ims everything now luat money could mnUt- it brftti. t U u l -- ele«trlcll}', tejepliene. (Use spring ^-liter. tt h:t=i ^n\ved aisti «siihttlt strt-eis around tl'.»? house and over the pt-^mis^!i and evi-ryttiinK is In "tlp-toji" shapf. Tills uxvjier htts made roads all over the rjiuch and wtillB It Is In the hills atlll 3-011 CUB drive your sutonioblle anywhere that he has marie tli*« roads. It lias 40 acres of tbe finest bottom farm to b* !md and the native bluestero gruss Is "stirrup WSl." As *· Knme rancb. this is uiwurpassed, U las more wild turkey *nd deer, dovea and eniull ETOG than you can "ahaUf a stick at." He Ws 12 different feeding: places alone the roadway over tile ranch and down by permanent springs whore he has been feeding his dew and turkeys und useless to say. this -w-ou'd be a "Kentleman's Hunting resort," His game has been protected because he allowed no shoolSnK ixceet a t*v spfcla! frinnds, .He thinks lili game than most ranchmen Uilnlt of their fine cattle. The view from this New and moderu Ranch Style Motet. Seven nicely furnished utiits, with private latlis. Three units with senit- l.rlvate Uatlu. Extra large private swimming pool xvlth water well and bath liouss. Kxtra nlc» seven-room owner's residence. Four Otfdraonis: two baths; v«nim h«atliiK and Rir- condltionln;;: lurae inUacaped lot; burbeciie-silf, picnic tables: etc. Has two-car garage witli aervant's ijunr- tera at rear, and nice fuur-rooitt turn- Isliftd a p a r t m e n t nbove. tjOoated in i city limits, on busy highway 11, I n ; Knod SouUi Texas Ol) town. Tills i s ; the ideal plix-e to retire. Will vwiy \ i.e'icr tlian 2U percent on your i n - i ··ustitifii I'fVcd at Sin.(Kin. oomp!«el lor quic.t sale. Shown by npjmlni- tpent only. I. Priced from . to S2ii.5!». Dpea from S P.M. to t P.M. J1.M.MV BAKKCKV CO. 4-Vill. 2-3291. "419' FAIRVlEvTDRIVE' I HILLTOP TERRACS! WEST SIDE I Lovely 3 bedrooms. Tile features. ' Ijtrse renced backyard wltli big pecan trutt Priced rlcUt, $10,150. ' . SERVICE DKSICN'RU FOR comfort -- uttract- Ive Uvo-bn(!rco!U home, soittii. With Kluss loiivcrDd tlen. Cer.ti-al hem. --- See this hcuutilul tjiree- bedroom, two buth home, central !tc«t ued very a;S!«ii Kitclwn, Call 4-57UG. LOOK - I^TIN~~AM'ER.ICANS · 3 biocks from Six Points, larce t-room home with double carage. Needs re- deeoratlnc hut owner will .lacrlfice us Is for JS51HI. MK. LARSON. 2-9092. PHONE OPEN HOUSE 4234 Brentwood 2:30 - 5:30 Sunday $1650 CASH _ . . - . ONE BLOCK inioS OCEAN J11UVE -- 5 rooms, tllft ft-itUltrs. ccr-.tral heat, breesevtay. 3 car gmage. K. V, CGULTKU, RKA1.TOR, - a-3l)35, or Mor " lua 5 ' 03:tl - FOK SAtP - 3-bedrootn. 124J SQ. ft., cyclone lyuce, 4 percent G.I. Loaii, Jlyntbiy iiuyme.nt. $$U.5U. Do«*n pay- 1v\i,*,t **t?'.rt iOftT Vlf Vvr.^A*.h^lt t^v . J3750. 5-787S. W. ONiS OK AKCADIA'S better 5-rooai liuiufs. Over LOW ft. ot flour «pacf. Lurtfe closets, Kitchen paiitry, ouuu- utuliy liiBd»caiei! yard Northwest front wala.H the back-yard nhady In the afternoon. CECIL HA'V'NES, tt:- ALTOR. i-80SS. NO CLOSIKO'CpST-ao ve«l tape. Spaa aasuinpUon. $1500 to J2000 down. Total pnce 15400 sed up. BAOGETT CO. -4-luri, Jtt!-llil*. J.14M. SOUTH fi-roomi on corner lot. Bob Jenkins .., n'.osi-ipicturesque as it is blsli upon'the. bills-overlooklnK Ban- ·dera and" me Medina River below. Besides this excellent tioroo, lie has fins new barns, machine shop, corrals and waterings for his cattle. Besides the raneii headquarter*, be is now completing a beautiful- guest house with heitalator fireplace. Driv- ate Sath. etc,'A large portion-of this ranch has been bulldozed and for ranching and hunting you · *-U) · Had it very attractive. If you would like a "redT made to order" "ranebman's baclendo" do not eat or sleep until C phone' -for an opportunity to L this unusually nice ranch over. This will cost you only SSO.OOO.Ofl. 525000.00 cash, balance on or before. 1-10 equal annual payments. Exclusive. OPPORTUNITIES 3B-Umt court nearby town, 5-roorn owner'* cottaRe. exeelleat return. Boat and motor go with this deal. 17-Unlt court near NAS South Gate, ] Flour Bluff, income over J60» month | with pfrmat--nt rentals. Kverythlng; ic good ccfltltHon. · | across sttt-ft from new park, 3 good sue bfdrooniH. near n«w K r a d e achtio! iind bn« linr. Can btj imntllt-d fix- 51S5H c»Rh ami a»«i«i« loan at Si6 n month. Plionr 4-7aJ6. t'.uiiO-»q. ft. Closing COM only, price , ! only suxomi. Aiso n. S-lwdmom. corner · c'ltfuti 2.b^dixn)m home wiih dcre.'n ' lot. floiibU- car gitruc*. Jl.iHIO ctiah, i poivli, LarEn kltchsn. bit bvdruom', j luilunct- Gl. Let us show you. C. S. ' beautiful floors, double garns(,. Near ] WHITE ~- J. \V. King, M65* -school. Lo«n Inav btr ansumed, 1m- i '·· mediate possession, ' "~ CO. MOVE VOtIR family bciore school I Slnrls. Assume loan o n - l a r g e S-becl- rooro. Roiitli, $7S month. Reasonable down payment. 5-0391, 3-3S35. . OPEN HOUSE 4601 BLUNOELL 4- TO 7 P.M. ^ i V e r y nice 3-bedrootn home, elect I stove connections, (enctd. Just paint- 5-Roorn bouns west of Port. Good rent proper.y. ,, i »*d outfttde. Lovely yard several "niali ige near loouatnal ssctmn. Renti , rees , BS umptlon rfca!. priced to sell. Month. . Small down payment. Drive out I Ayurs to Robert's black artit .yellow BEAU7IVUL LOCATION West Slot-lively three-bedroom. Tile features. L»rK» Staced UMK yard \vtth blK recan and fruil .usese-ric-ae school*. Priced rlKht. $10.750. 5-8279. MAN AND WIFE would like to operate 'restaurant or. JloteJ on commission basis, in city or near Corpus Christ!, nice place, no Honlry-tonKs or Joints; quaufled,. experienced, excellent health, references, ^haracler. Day phone' 4-9616, write Box 150 D. Caller-Times, 26--I ntt ructions , -INTERNATIONAL · CORRESPONDENCE Schools Polfc Sctiaible..P.O. Box 6144, Ph.' . 3-2472 - WANT TO =BS~A: ..-*., ' - DENTAL NURSE? "* -High wages, big need. Interesting work. · Lessons come to you by mail. Includes Glaraotw aoed Personality De- vcloiment Write for Kree information Tsr-ivtif School, Inc., Box 1-M-D · Cailer-'gimes. Mrs. Cook « JULIAN. GOLD 1020 SANTA FE 21--Help Wonted Female . ' Colored ot Latin Amerlcifir~!naWs. J18.00 a week. Apply in person Sun- «i«y morning 3Tand; Courts. SECRETAHt. Local state o f f i c e . Snorthand.'.Air conditioned office, 15- day week. College education preferred. For appointment call Mrs. Araold. 2-749L OIL COMPANY SECRETAEY sin- Kie between 21- and 35, L»ad, legal or scouting department experience preferred. Superior on Co. 214 Kaffie Bidg. WANTEfo:- EXPERU5NCED fountain g rls. Apply ia person Monday Jo sien Johnston, Alameda Pharmacy, 1S01 AiaiflSdo. - ; . , - . · - . WANTED Experienced legal stenographer f lor permanent position. Will pay top compensation, but applicants must be experienced. Apply * v RALPH R. WOOD 1207-WILSON BLDG. DIAL 4-7771 REAL ESTATE ' F O R SALE. 29--Out of-Town Property stocU .raisins. Pure and aDuridact, tfater. Fine, fishlns and .h'untins in die are;i. Address oftjier P. O. Boi 205. Corpus ChrisiL 384·" AORBS: - a.t: Henley. Tejias. . miles from Dripping Springs and 36 miles West or Austin, on HiKhway 2SO, Old nouse, good well water. Spring" in branch winch Hows approximately 9 monthi out- of the year. Sheep proof, fence. Deer, 'squirrel «nd , turkey. Brie* only 150 an acre witu 30 percent down. Balance lOyears · not» new by owner. THfe FLACB IS WORTH THE UONETE. Can "JDICKSON REALTY CO.. -6576 or 4-90SL ' NUECES' icBUNTS - ttdy' »er«s. Well improved, only J300 an ncre. ' , o e a r Corpu* ChrMa.-. ISO-acre ricB blaclt - land tmm. In proven ol! area. 2065 " Brentwood i )ri ve Houston 19. Teias. 19*-ACRES ne«r Tynan. "6-room House, must be sold it once, possession ot olace. 450-acrea of new land. *ne of the best farms eotfacres of new land. 200-acrea new land. 500-aeres. new latid."AU otar"" SJatnis. Teuas Near Kopstown -- two J20-acre tracts ^od a ISO-acre tract U interested in selling a farm call A. L. HAHJEY. phone iS or 335. Bobatown. INVEST IN THE GOOD EAP.TH Now is the time to buj y modern house, small trailer park with hath. House, 6 lots. Will trade tor Corpus Christi property. Owner, Seirard, Box 268, Portland, i S23 WEEKLY for wearing lovely: dresses Riven to'yon as bonus. Just show Fashion Frocks to your frleafls. No canvassing, investment or es terieoce necessary. Fashion Frocks, Sept H. 3783,: Cincinnati. Ohio. : · EXPERIENCED BOOKKEEPER for ciedlt. posting, f-ai general credit office ·work. Better pay, 6-day week. ; paid vacation, employee's benefits. See M. L. Brixey, Montgomery Ward. Ambitious WomSn For Unusual Opening National Organization seeks intelligent, refined Woman. Offers lifetime sales carepr, above average earnings, security, advancement. Experience in teaching,, ciub or j;£nce to N offer. ' Emmert Realty Co. 2-SR2T ' 3-9J77 BANDERA HILLS THE EXACT LOCALITY You -n-ill find this nice 1?3 ranch located just ^vnere you -want it. It Is all .valley land nestled among the. 6eaut!?!i!. ; Band.era .Hills. Improvements consist of a big. roomy 6- .room :house and an excellent barn and pens. Only 8 miles Irom town on good county road. There are two good water, wells and a spring. 417.000 cash necessary/to settle an estate. EXCLUSIVE,^ BANDERA HOMES Nics 5-room rock home with m btttbs; Beautiful ·· view ; overlooking .Bandera, Bis lot witli city -water. JS.OOO and .ONLY S750 down, balance monthly. · Colorful -.home in beautiful -.aettinsr. AU modem conveniences; 2 bedrooms and guest house. Double garage. Per- mastone construction and well-built, pnly S12.500 ind J7.500 dowa, bal- BANDERA RANCHES ! FOR BEST VALUES AND FINEST RANCHES IN HILL COUNTRY SEE US BEFORE TOU BUT. BANDERA ! AHP.A BEST LISTINGS. NO OBU- aete CATIONS , OPEN:SUNDAYS Chas. D. Lovelace , 35 Open Fourplex. cjose in to stores and bus. Permanent construction. "Good' class tenants. 1265 inconie. ._ . · 5-Boom Home and large furnished garage apartment. 3 sarages and storeroom. Mtli and Morgan. Income 1125 month. 6-Dnlt court, owner's home and store, large lot, Lexington Blvd. Sell or lease. Ice Cream Drive-la. Best location In city. Sell or Sease. Owners, -we believe ·** cun »ell your property. Try us. J. E. Hortle, Realtor 1 2541 Santo Tt arrows. Robert's Realtors DIAL 4-0804 :V TN MORNlNOSTnE-biillt by City's finest builder in 1941, ol very vie I beat muterlttls. 3-large bedrooms, ' tilt bums: «rtr:i larci- kitrihcn,- «en- «rate. utility room with many *ur- «Kc ciMfta. Aluo a 1st class maio 8 room and hutii. Fenced yard. Yes, this home h»s .all xou would want. Tlin nrlce 3n reasonable, conslner- lnft f "lW qiMllty. Cult"'Jio*v."CARR ? N I C. E ? Exceptionally if 2822 CLOYDE ^ Lovely 2-Bedroom Home.'- Large Tile Kitchen-Breakfast Areai All Tile Bath Shower. Picture Window, Beaull- ful Pull Drapes and Oornlce Boards. Floor Furnace. DetACh'ed Oaraee, Concrete Floor Drive. Assume nre- ( sent loan, paynb'e Sn^'S a motitli or W (n finance full FH* Fh. 2-SOOO Ph. 2-S335 . . BE ALT V CO, 4-323T. ...MiphU! 4-0108. ASSUME 55900 LOAN - .and: Pay $1150 cash for lovely 5-room home with tile bath. 2-car ixrK9. concrete drive. Near new Wind«nr P"!* school. Tao'll- agree that thl* Is- « bargain when you see it. Call CARR REALTY CO. 4-9106. LATIN AStERICAN - 6-room home and irarftfre apartment i» Hlllcrest on corner. Takes 1ust.S30CO rash to handle. Assume 193TO loan. This Is n fine piece of property, C A R R REALTY CO. 4-3227. Nlphts -9lOS. Bandera Realty Co. Phones 87 "and 944 Bandera, Texas 34--Business Property acres of Bargain in Leopard St. ·business property-well Inside city limits. Dial 1-6508. - " NEAR SIX- POINTS, · modern store building fflXXMn. it. Income non-resident -owner. Brice JL B. SToyrar-co. s-735i. BRICK BUSINESS BUILDING-11 ren- tajs, permanent renters, low tsucei. Price -$52,000. 113,000 cash, balance at 5 percent, terms to suit buyer. RAX HOSTUTLER CO. VVm. How- Td. 2-9093. . PRIVE-IN on Ayera St doiaK ex- (celleor basiness. lot 100 x 365. balld- ,ng and equipment for only S27.nOO. troy Johnson KsaUy Co. 4-5072 " HIGHWAY 161 - 200' Hignway frontaBe. 300' throHgh. Four rentals. Ideal court, trailer parR or station site. Dial 4-7461. Keytend's. six POINTS Ing: quarters. LEB 2-8128. office spsce and Uv- ·16850.. RAS. HOSTUT- OWNER - LOVELY 2-bedroom. South. Pill! tile, large garage, assume l*L $51 monthly. 4209 Cambridge. 2-bedroom BY" OWNER--Attractive home, electric stove connection.. cyclone fence. Near schools and bus line. IMVF' down payment. Assume loan. Immediate possession, 4425 562585 --TBR5S*AC-E-OS feet . w3tb tlOO month Incorn*. r«ir ao- jotns Tuloso-Midway School s? EXCELLENT" COURT . , Full M » bee~hlv«t Certainly O» rKtbt time to buy. OKered -at «· real moneysaving price. FRANK M LIGGETT I BOSS. 215 Wilsoc Blflu OKIce 4-9683 Nljnts M685 or 4-4S59. PARTICULARS. 2-8E27.-2-83T4. . SOJilB BARfiAINS! We nave 2 »eu nj cottases. one S units, the other 9 which are ooth real barKaJn« Properties m eood condition «nd nave attractive meomes CaU Mr Lleeett, 4-96S3, NIsht 5-1685 or W359 Office 215 Wilson Bldg/ PRUE- REALTY- COMPANY, INC. BANDERA, TEXAS Modern Air Conditioned Down Town Building ON LOWER BROADWAY Masonry construction. Ideal location for office building for Insurance Co., Oil Company, etc. * - I 2600 ft floor space. ] Room for ten or more offices, j DUB TO THE HBMVTM Perfect for downtown cilrUC. are on. Three modernistic 3 bed OPEN HOUSE 438 HOMECKEST 3 TO 8 P.M. Cl'.arrnlnf S-room house. 2 blocks from bay. V- Wock from Bolt Course, Jlagnolia wain. In den. all tile features. 2 car garage, MUST BE SOLD, Go out Alarneda to Golf Course. ROBERT'S REALTOR DIAL 4-0804 , REALTOR ^38160 NEW OPEN HOUSES Sunday 4 to 7 P.M. WEEKDAYS B to 6;30 p.: m. BY APPOINTMEiNT 505 McCLENDON- 506'McCLENDON UNDALE'S BEST .BUYS, 3 BEDROOMS.- CENTRAL HEAT, TILE BATHS, 2-CAR GARAGES 210 ROBERT DR. " 2-DOORS FROM OCEAN' DR. END OB 1 4200 BLOCK 3-BEDROOMS, CENRAL HEAT TILE BATH. 2-CAR GARAGE LOWEST PRICED, FINE HOME, IN CORPUS CHRISTI Open House 6 to 8 P.M. Approximately 200 acres about i bottom and pecans,, ninning c r e e k front* :Hve.r at back.- Some.good farm land. Highway front between Gonzales anil Cuero," Texas. ; A good place. Contact before- coming. Several others, large .and .small in this You buy it, we will get you __ ^a tenant and you'll get better ' than 10 percent net on a 545,000 investment. Call Henry Pace. FRED Q U A I L S REALTY CO., Ph 4-5556. Box 4T5 J. Q. SHORT Gdnzales, Phone SOS oburph'work desirable. -Ages 25 to 55. Car essential, ^rite -fully giving phone number to Box 3065, Kleberg Station, Corpus Christi. Telephone 4-6067 from 2 to 6. Monday 3-5055. . W A N . T E - Steno-Receptionist: hours 8 to 5; ability to take dictation; good typist, routine correspondence filing. Experience in an oil and gas office desired. Will do technical reading. Must be able to work with o minimum of supervision. Phon«^3-1052. Corpus Christi, Texas. DAN /ALAN IS REALTY CO. PHONE 66 or 909W1 BANDERA, TEXAS 32--Lots Acreage 15 A. on r road and railroad; water, lights, gas and telephone faailitles only $12,000. Terms or cash. Bridle Rehfeld 2-6509 or 5-0242 now-next vesk will be too late. . ATTENTION BUIUER8 - Wo have two 5-asre tracts ia city limits. These adjoin new FHA subdivision SB south part of town. One nns a small nauae snd caraRe. etc. This combined ae.(e- BRC will cut into 4fi FHA arprnvcd luti. Already zoned and planted. Priced to sell immedlntely. Can be financed. SOTITH TEXAS REALTY CO. Dial 2-a.Ul. Sunday and after 6 dinl 4."3Sij. 420 Acres on Highwpy At $55 Per Acre . Just tfortl!.'of "TJoerne.'Jn!s tract of beautiful hills and valleys' is unimproved, but the best and cheapest .-and fronting on main, Highway 87 we have otlsrod in years. Excellent hunting, . . · " - . - ' . HOUSTON RANCH REALTY Boerne, Texas "Weil Located" 180 acres. Aoout Ml) acres of good mixed lasd in cultivation. Large S- room Dome, tennant houses, barn, implement shed, brooder houses, iind many ouier improvements. On til weather road. J35.000.M. Good loan value. 0. K. CROW REALTY SOi-Clg H'isor. BdR Dial 4-5491 35--Apartment Houses, income Property The choice investment of a lite .time: a beautiful 13 unit apartment on Ocean Drive. Tt would take S125.000 to duplicate today-YOU can purchase for only S85,OQO. Tltomason Realty Co. Dial 2-6509 or 3-2031. -.RETURNS FIFTEEN PERCENT ON INVESTMENT!! Duplex and Karagc apartment: Buildings almost new: rooms large; each apartment three rooms ana.bath; 'annual rent J1S60. Excellent value for $12.500. G o o d terms. Cass.Afdilates, 2-6212, or Flora Price 2-3943. way. i Retnil zoned l»t on bunv wide street ara j"" 111 -. Fsr uppolntmrat , froniHcc. Good fpncea. Well BusTfcBSS . Good barn* nnd corrals, Klcctrlcltv at nonne. Will sell or .divide Into 2 tracls. Lois of d«r DEMAND FOR SKNTALS IS HERE - but the price on this 4-unit brick apartment has been reduced to $25,950. for a fliilck sale. Terms arranged on financing easier than on average horns. Enjoy a nice place lo live in Lindale and )ct others pay for it. MR. LARSON 3-2222, 033. RAY noaTUTLER CO_. $12.500 BUYS THIS-T~UNiT FUP.N- 1SHED APARTllBtvT. close In witli an income approx, J230 a. month. MK. LAKSON, S-2222, S-90S3. RAY HOSTT;TLER:CQ. : ; t'OtlKlST COtJRT. Will take S5IWO to Isnndlc. or will take house in trndo. Csil rooms, I 1 - baths, breezeway, units. Drive out Ocean Drive to 4200 block,-'turn right on Ocean View Place, Phone 3-5112 CONVKNIKi" 1 ' TO EtERT- - close to Ray Hlch school. 2 rir carn. 1 ^. Cool -snd comtortnolo. Tcl;?« S23m fash Cai! r-AT-n REALTV-' CO. J-3227. NiKhts FSTATFS. a r--oom horn" with extrii larce hpflroom, Assume present loan of VifjUO. 'E^celJpnt mr- roundlnee. CAPR REAI.TY CO. ·1-322". . _ _ __ KBAJJTOR is a convflsnteH word. can be used oniv by members of the Heal Estate Board. RKAX observe a code of ethics. .-Deal, a Realtor. __ ; __ TWO-BEDROOM hone with sentrt! beating unit, near Santa Ke. BUT assume loan. By owner, 5-SI25. CHtmcH StSNDY SP' : BENNETT_ REALTY -. CO. NEAE JJENGER SCHOOL. * bei- room, 3 bath home. All tile features. Lovely corner lot. Lots o£ trees," A steal at only S5S.OOO. Call Joe Peeve}-. MIKE PROPST CO. 2-1331. Res. 4-519R. TWO 100 PERCENT GI HOUSES-in Windsor. Park. Call us today. Dial 3-7S92. ; . ..... $1500 down will hsndie 6 r o o m modern home on 2 acres. Largo beautiful T trees. Out Shell Road- Dial .3-7592. NEAR SAXET-- nice 5 room home. Beautiful front yard with f e n c ? d back Win take car or lot In trade MR LARSOK 3-22S2. 2-9093. HAY HOSTDTLER. CO. MOLINA ADDITION--,1-room house. 4527 Earrera St S2,«0. Terms. 4-7716. 4-2TOO. JUST OFF ALAilEDA--51959 casb. Assume loan on · clean 2 Ibedroojn home. TUe features nice lawo. Total price only S7450 Might carry side' note. MIKE PROPST CO. 2-1331. Res. 5-1185. MORNINGSIDE -- Attractive. 3 bedroom. 2 bath horns. Servants' quarters, 2 car garage. Dial 3-3035 or 3-0391. COUNTRY HOME off Highway ,9. Larce five-room home with screened porch on 1.15 acres. Good drainage, two-car garage. This is a very cool, we!' flrranse"'! house, in excellent condition. Only 3 years old. Will trade for city property on west side. Price only 59.450. CARSON TVEATH- ERFOPJ3 CO.. . 2-2115. S-1051, 2-9524. 36--Open Houses 472 DELAINE Excellent 3-bedroora, 2 bath with broezeway and corner lot, in Lamar Park. This may be your future home. Will' be open after 3.. p.m. Sunday | so come and see it, ; 1 Bowman Hafer 502 Harrison Ph. '5-5341 Inspect Sunday .-.: 2 to '6 if 42]A Naples * Perfect 3 Bsarpom: Tile Batii Kitchen. PHA..financed. if 3615 Lawnview if . Prfce reduced. Corpus Christ!'s Finest turkey. fnr nutiW atKh \lftn ftavp ^nrt 1 V *-rtft' i .IX! of graS5. Immt^dlaU* POfl?P!"10n. i°w?ta\?llt^rlM.«2. ? Wd8. 'A" ·ntn«.l. lm»«. Awn.., Inv-lied. ! K r h f c i n a; TtKimn.iiin Rc»lty Co. Jfijo! Pf1i:a 1 4 { J 1 ! ,15 rD rcricr rRANIx RwtQcR or ,Vi«4! )oi»y, FTi7E~C1TOTiTK"Tofs-1 n 1 J.150 c,nch. W»! S-6«fi. ,,.. PROI'KKtV ON Aycra. Will take house or KOCH! bar in irtuSe. 3-1942- ' steal. S- tilr, ,-!o^f 'TOiWrGUR IfA^ n. -- - . down-assume to (lie r.uif in take--- SsSOil dmvn. prlcv ins.fiiHl. Could nut be built .'or Sljfl.nM Pninr unM bumnrsi. Owner rctlrimr. OUUF COAST. AUSTIN, TEXAS I 1)0,00(1. ttlJLF COAST. 2-S53V. 3-151S. ... -,,. -- l.ini*onped. ^·percent loan. Vacant. Corner Naples Norton j .VRoom tnodcrn, tile features, 2-cm' f?af«isc, excollcntij' lo~ j catod for best coolins J. JC. HAttTM? UKALTOR OPEN HOUSE 4129 D I N N STREET · 3 ' t i l 6:30 Five-room Perma-slone house and fcarace. Tile features, 3-walk-ln clollies closets. Panel-Ray hentmg, -- ' » -- " - ~"'\'7' , r, ' , sit nice size rooms, sarbage dis- Conditioninq--Cedar Shingle Root . . . POS M. ,,,« Hurncn,, , CT «a , n rd..__tr ^9^ ^^ DE | iRABL E FEATURES Three Bedrooms--^Two Complete Baths--Dishwasher --Sliding Doors--Central Heat, with ducts for Air- . , $23,500 MARK AN OFFER. Sim Houston Addition, north front. Assume payments OB C.1 loan. CECIL. HAYNES. REALTOR. -SUSS. AHANSAS CUFFti-larKe S-badroom, fc^h jMirUi, double ^urace, near Si. Patrick*, priced to eeii. BAOCETT CO. 4-1021, S2-1G18. MC1S FJVB nOOJJ--South. R»a»on- iihte cash pftyment. Mouttitv paym««ta like rent. Bargain. Owner. 2-3S39. JiSTKA NICK New FHA 5-rooms. IJftaebeil enrage, jiaved drive. B»ld- wla Park. Convenient to Six Points, ;ii50^ cash d«wiu Pja.1 S^SVIZ, rooms, two batlts. Desirable n*ltu- borhmid. i)U toot lot. Dial 5-6g!ft. IJAEuAlN - 6 looms, Pineda 1'a.ik. double earace. 60-lt. h.t, C!ot« 10 »Mpt)lng center, (ictiool *nd cnurch. K.500 total price - H350 down. Troy Johnaon KttMf__).;_4?*ill7.-', _«-2«9. JiSijCi DOWfT *Ka" »nam* loin u Kt month. 2 south bedroom*, z blocks school. Nie« fenced yid. 4322 " ' «·__,,____ , r--»na »·*'««(. pur» »Sr In the Aunaville, Nortb Pole and Calllen C«ni!nunltles Several homes *uid suiuli acrcaKe tracts to choose from. Phone rae and let's ttlk It ovcr.,1 probably oav« just .what .you «'.int 'j. L E. Witeoa. 4-4U11. fWUSE BEDROOM. w»ll-to-ivaj| cttr- pctlng. double'(rarag*. 15150 ft, - fioor .· « . space, floor furnace, .automatic washer ennaection, fenced yard, only' . JJ1,OUO, Troy Joanson Kealty Co.. 4-5078, 4-24A -, _ . ; - · _ ULTRA-MODERN bouises of tomorrow-comfortable and beautiful, 3 and 3 bsdroomu with General Electric refriserator, itove, dishwasher, far- bttyt disposal, air conditioner. Price* range front 110.800 to J13.SOO. Troy Jotjagoo Realty Co.. *-5072. *-2W. tl300'~CoWN aiid assume. loan pay- menu of 153 a month on this B*»t S ioom, 'ceutral beat, fenced yard. Total nrice SS1QQ. Troy Johnson Realty go.. 4-5072. 43449. · ___ BIG SIX --' WeStslde. East of Sixet. Large lot, Bendlx connection, rumpus room, screen porch: Owner wiii,taK« JSOOO. Piione 3-8553. THREE-BEDROOil borne in Lindaie, screened porcb.. SH.OOO. No »Kents. Phone ,52-0309. LOO'KIMCJ. for a 2-bedroorfl kome «'ortb tbe money; See owner »t U JO OaK i Park Ave. S7900 total, price. Sl55qjiown,_about_|59_a.., month. FHA. $1200 CASH-Iovely 2-bedroom. -South, Fenced back: yard, beautiful high terraced lot. Assume loan at only *SS 3 mouth. Immediate possession. South Texas Eeaity Co.v Phonis 3-9411 »fter 6. 3-3630. SOOTH-near Junior CoUegv over 1280 feet of floor space. Two iarct bedroom and den, I4xlg living loom, large dining room. All tile bath and kitchen. Hurrican* fenced !*.* -yaid- $2,250 cash and aswime loan. SoutB Texas Kealty Co., phone 2-9111 -after S phoae 4-738S. TWO 5-room homes on 2 Iota, modern. In''Meadow Parfc." ftlct 17.000. or will sell one. Dial 4-9975 or *-7360. HAVE BBAUTmfi7s-ledrooinTi6m» in Lindala for 116,000 and a lovely 2-b.r. with den on Austin near Morn- fagsjde for $14.750. Also two very good deals with GI equity. Kea McDanieL 2-SS02. VEKY "NICE 2-Bedroom borne, doubl* car garase, on· Floyd": St. .Port Arattr sas Chits Addition. 17750. A real bar- gain.'Pbone 2-1263 or ^-8582.' LOAN ASSUMPTION -- Newly palnf- efl 5 room home." 2 car garage, fenced yard. Located on Bodd St. -Takes $1650 cash, and 5SL50 ra o n t n 1 y. FRAN'K NELSON. REALTOR. S-3642. KOSKBUD ST. Bessar Paik. Attractive four-bedroom, tbree baths, lovely living porch, servant's room. Well landscaped grounds.; Pric* J32.- onp. Call 3-4409. 1400 SO. FT, Tare«-Bed\room.'uome. fxjt 60rl75. Tile bath, central. heat, double sink, large bedrooms. O n l y $11.751) Call 3-4JOS office. S-S55S roj.' OWNEK MOVING, bedroom cottage in Naples St. 3: peneot.: condition- AIl-Tile : Bath and Kitchen. Excellent ArranRemenr, Bar-B-Q. J"Iood- Lighted Yard. Assume loan;payab!s S62.50 per monta. 3-^61). 2-3538. 2-6000. BEAUTIFUL 2-bedroom ·_ :horae, recently redecorated inside and out. Tile drain. Snotty pine cabinets, slab doors; floor furnace , and . detached. garage with workshop are ; only » few of the many "fine features .this home has. ThU-hoine W well located. has a lovely fenced yard sat Is priced at. only $9500' with » loan that can be assumed. GBE3ORT MOORE CO.: Dial 2913. _ BAP.OAIN · In Hillcres: Addition. Large 7 room, 2-story home at 1801 Stlllraan with ' double garage on S largo lots. Drive by: and see then call for details. Will sell for cash or trade In or on . a farm or tourists court. Also available to Latin Americans. LOUIS 10CHELSES , 2-5U6. 4-0501. ·,,:·.. · . '. · WAINRlGHT~gf .-- 90 foot fnjpt lot, 6 rooms. Sx22_glassed porch, jasoo. RAY HOSTUTLEE CO,' Call Wm. Hoaar.1. S-9093. : EBONY ACRES-- large 2-b c d r o w m. home, like new, fenced back y » r d $8,650, With good loan. PAT FIT2- 'iEBALP. S-5.IHa.JHaK. ...... MflRNlNGSnifi-- Large 5, full tile; double garage, servant's quarters. 3233 LawnvievAOpen. S-5112. ~ home, 'lovely location, newly painted. Just imagine, only $10,500. . Air. Mc- AJlister, 3-2222. RAY HOSTUTLEK. CO..' · . · __ _ STOsT BB SOLD-- Near Six Points, 3-bedroom, 2-bnth, gsraga spartment. all furnished. Low down payment. Mr. McAllister, 3-1222. RA^S HOSTUT- LSR CO. Ko More Jiomcs of This Sue Will Be PoniiiUCtl under Government Stcc-.l Allocation. Hukn H, Hunt BUILDER PHONE 5-5311 --..-.. BY o\VSEK^VBTy neat~5-n(droom. built-in features, 2-car- rarafte with storage. WJLL B A' P. G A I N FOR BOUlTY. Phoi-.e .5.1659. ..... _ S EASTER ~fiJ«VT5^5ffiij lor "iSpoVBt- ment to SQWIM* fin*, moden 5-b*1- room lwm« with over 1,190 nq. (t, of floor spucc on » but lot t.l»t f^c^s 2 streets. Also fci.v duscd-in brcczeway. you will tluit ."S.Cfxl down (xiymrnt it wry P.r.ASbNABLK ON" * JtO.OOl) nric*. Ixnns Mlehjljen. !-511(t_or 4-fWI. S6TT'I i fi~'C«r(Si~i fwifi. 'ftuSft^jji- v*Sf. til* fe*ttirf*. rurnuurt. B*TMIX wMh«r, -Wmt, nt«or. itnif tNUttr, kM* .tvorkahop, all for flt,*M *·»« tat* mtMlrl cur 1 wtnok «v »*n*«» i» ir.tii«. AM tr»** MiMt ta «Mf « I

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