The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 27, 1963 · Page 20
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 20

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 27, 1963
Page 20
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THE LAWTON CONSTITUf JON; tueidoy, August 27,1963 Strong Role In EDITOR'S JsOTE -- The Political Association ol Spanish- Spcakiiig Orjanizntions -(PASO) claims chapters - In 50 Texas counties and more nuw members every week. TASO expects to lake n strong hnnd in state and national 'politics ne.\t year on the side of President Kennedy's New Frontier. By PRESTON MCGRAW United Press International CRYSTAL CITY, Tex. (UPI)-Negroes call a colored advocate ot tlie racial status quo an "Uncle Tom" and Political Association ol Spanish^Speaking Organization's (PASO). leaders say "Tio Tomas." It means t h e same thing. Albert 'Fuentes Jr.. Texas secretary of PASO, said lie lias never heard of a "Tio To- nias" who voted for a non-Spanish (Anglo) candidate in Crystal City unless he feared losing his Job or economic retaliation il he owned a business. But there evidently were a few Anglo "Tio Tomases" and more Latin "Tio Tomases" when an all Latin ticket swept the Anglo-dom- inaled city council out o{ office in Crystal City last April. Former Mayor Bruce Holsom- ·back, 55, noted that a total o[ 1.752 votes was cast and the biggest difference between any candidates was HO votes. T h i s despite the fact that only 1-5.5 per cent oC the population is Anglo. Fuentes said that at least 45 Anglos voted for Latin candidates lor the city council. He said PASO knew where every Latin absentee ballot was and that the Latin candidates got · 45 absentee votes that were not Latin. Holsomback, who was mayor'33 years, said ..he was caught by surprise. The old city council was composed bE three Anglos, oho Latin and a hall Latin-half Anglo. Holsoniback said it was a well financed campaign, people were flown in-and make speeches, He thinks the whole show was run torn Ihe outside and that the PASO movement is not going to get very far. The Teamsters Un-1 ion of Jimmy Hotla. plays a role j in PASO. "I. think that the fact, that the teamsters are connected with it will give it eye." Holsomback said, "the town is not being rur, by the council. Il is being run by two organizations -the Teamsters and PASO." Holsomback, a banker, said the new mayor has little or no financial experience or knowledge. Crystal City used to have a top credit rating. But it tried to sell 350,000 worth o[ bonds to carry on an urban renewal program.aft- er the new council took office and nobody would have them. PAS'O's officials and Mayor Juan Comejo denied . that the Teamsters Union and its San Antonio business agent, Ray -Shafer, take any hand in PASO's affairs unless asked. Corncjo admitted a lack ot experience. Bui he said he hired George Osuma, 32, from San Antonio's Public Works Department to serve as city manager ar.d to make up lor his lack of experience. Osuma is a civil engineering graduate of the University ot Texas, Fuentes said PASO Slate'Chair- man Albert Pena Jr.- complained that while.Latins are discriminated against, in Austin, .t h e -state capital, they do no belter in Washington: '.-.. · Political : discrimination led to the formation of PASO. Pona, in I960, was the ' only . Latin in the Teras delegation to the Dem- ocratic'' National Convention in Los. Angeles-. He attended a meeting of : the 'Platform Committee. "Every, group was represented --racial,- religious,, labor;: you Tiame it and. it Swa's there '-- ex- : cept for the' Latins," Pena said. Pena complained in a speech before the commitee. As a 1 .result lie "was later 'asked to -organize the Viva Kennedy clubs in.Tex- as; He agreed on .condition that 'the clu-bs gel recognition find that he bypass-Texas Democratic lead 1 ers and report .directly to 'Ihe Kennedy camp. According lo Pena, the Viva Kennedy'clubs turned out the La-1 tin American vote in South Tex-1 as. .For. example, 90- per cent in Nueces County (Corpus Cliristi) and 89 per cent in'Bexar County (San Antonio). Kennedy won Texas by a 46,233- vote margin and Pcr.a thinks the Viva Kennedy movement may well have been ' the difference, Kennedy sent him a telegram of warm thanks'. ' '' In 1951, Viva Kennedy elements helped form Mexican-American Political Action (-MAPA) w i t h Latins from · other Southwestern states and California. The Texas group subsequently- changed ils I name lo PASO. · thinks the Kennedy telegram was the recognition he demanded. Kennedy subsequently appoinled Reynaldo Garza as a U.S. district judge in Texas. Kennedy also . appoinled Raymond Telles of El Paso as ambassador lo Costa-Rica and Homer Lopez as assistant U.S. at- j torney in the South Texas district. Pena said Moises Falcon . of Crystal City came lo him in October, 1952, and asked for PASO's help in the Crystal City election: . It was primarily a. job of educating the Latins politically, lolling them their rights and getting lliem out to vole, Pena said. PASO's leaders believe that a political situation similar to the former one in Crystal City exists along the entire southern border of Texas and that if Latins can be made to vole, they can elect their candidates. Low wages along Ihe border, so called commuter iabor and Mexican contract labor -- the Bracero TV March Coverage To Be Mired Down In Trivialities By RICK UU BKOW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) --' From dawn to w e l l beyond dusk Wednesday, television viewers will be able to watch Ihe "march on Washington" by an expected ! 250,000 desegralion demonstrators. One 61 the chief aims of the march-on the nation's capilal is to try lo gain support -- and bring pressure President Kennedy's civil rights bill. In sheer logistics, the coverage by the three major networks surpasses (he attention given mosl other stories in recent yeai-s. About 23 cameras will be able lo I provide "live broadcasts in the ! pooled arrangement. \Vhal. is remarkable is that, though the'net-works agree on the size ol the story, there was, at last report, exactly one wrapup of Ihe day's everts scheduled for prime lime, from 7:30-3:30 p.m., j EOT, on CBS-TV. It is as if a newspaper were (o give blanket coverage to a story, 'with ils lop reporters,, a n d ' t h e n printed mosl- ly trivialities on Page One. . .It is. possible; of course, thai this situation could change if anything in ihe nature of a calnslro- ph'e, dr-excessive violence, should take place during the day's activities. Throughout the day, there will be frequent spot coverage, which will be expanded if events warrant,- and there will also be a group of special programs. In a relaled development here in Hollywood, there arc some optimistic reports thai Negro lenders and some of the television and movie technical craft unions may have reached a happier stale 61 affairs in their.laiks. These unions had been particularly upset by a feeling with some Negro figures Ihat al leasl one Negro should be quickly placed on every movie and video crew. It now appeal's Ihat this argument has been played down by spokesmen for the Na- lional Association for the Advancement of Colored People. It also appears there may be an increase -- or at least an admission -- of more Negroes in Ihc- unions. The /act is [hat it has always been hard for anyone -- or any race -- Lo crack many of. these unions because of their falher-lo-son hand-me-down memberships. Tlie Clmnnel Swim; "The Golden Age ol Greece," a one-hour CBS-TV special with King Paul and Queen Frederika as guides, airs Sepl. 22 . . . On Sept. 11, same network offer's "Athens: Where the Thealre Began," with Alfred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne as stars and narrators -- also for an hour. Scientist Edward Teller, ardent foe of Hie nuclear lest ban treaty, is interviewed on NBC'TV's Improper Equipment Brings Suspended Fines For Skiers Four water skiing enthusiasts re-1 ter their boats as being the major ceived suspended SI fines in spe- violations here, cial sessions court Monday after- McConnoll said almost one- noon when they pleaded guilty to fourth of the boats and barges charges of failing to equip their I operated on the two city lakes boats with approved lite - saving | have been registered. · OFFICE SUPPLIES · OFFICE FURNITURE Desks - Chairs - Files McCorcTs £*, 517 O Avenue Dial ET- 5-3079 A R T S T U D E N T S One Stop for All Supplies LYONS- HOBBY ART CENTER Cache Rd. Sq. EL 3-8T87 REAL ESTATE LOANS FlIA-GI-Conventionnl Prompl direct service. O k l a h o m a Mortgage Company Security Bank Bide. EL 5-6212 "Meet the Press" Sept. 1 . . . Evangelist Billy Graham is a guest on the season premiere of CBS-TV's Jack Benny show Sept. 2^ ... Hedda Hopper visits CBS-1 TV's Art Linkletter "House Par-j ty" Sept, IS. ' j The new productions of the | NEC-TV opera this season a r e "Lucia Di Lamermoor" Jan 19.; "Secret ol Suzanne" Feb. 23: and j a fresh version ot the annual ; Christmas Day ''Amahl and Ihe i Night Visitors," shown li times j . : . Repeats are "Labyrinth" on ; Nov. 21 and "St. Ma'ihew Pas-1 Sion" March 22. j Program. -- are prime PASO taj gels. Pena and Fuentes charge the Latins work long hours at wage as low as 30 cents an hour. Ost ma said that when he look ove as city manager in Crystal Cit} many city employes made S30 week. He raised the minimum i $40. Latin University graduates car not get jobs in Texas, Pena an Fuentes charged. On t h e 1 olhe end of the scale, many thousand o! Latins are illiterate and wit the increased mechanization o agriculture, there are fewer an fewer jobs for them. To fight PASO, both Anglo and Latins in Zavala C o u n t (Crystal City; have organized political group called "Citizen Association SeA'ing All Amen cans." Fuonles nolcd that "Mcxicano officials of the new organizatio are in assistant posiiions. "They still don't have any idea of treating Mexicans as equals, Fuentes said. "They are s t i l using them." QUICK LOANS Borrow money on TOOT car or other good security No red tape. We'll finance you. M. D FINANCE CO. H* E Avenue Dial El S-WHfl AUTO PAINT JOB SPECIAJC^-Benutiful SIM Baked Enamel Pftlnl Job SC/t Crt lor only J4.JU Any Wreck Repaired--Fenders Straightened, All Work Guaranteed--30 Fears Same Location Wtest 33 Auto Service Ith * E Ave. DiaJ EL 5-33S3 Jack Brock after ihe water ski fans showed they had purchased the proper type of life preserver. 1 ;. All four men received citations by patrolmen for the Oklahoma stale boat registration. "The boat registration is just as important in water safety as the auto vehicle regislralion is to highway safety," McConnell ex- Waterways Patrol durinfj recent i ? laincd ' " The loncr s and numbers chocks at Lake Lavrtonka ' " lhe boat registration indicate the Layton Stich. supervisor' for the · sizc and ^P 0 ° r b 034 - ^e lcttcrs western district of ihe state waterways agency, 'a'nd Kenneth McCon- ncll. education and training director. coniTnended the court for upholding the safety statute and pointed out the purpose of en- lorccrricnl was not to receive revenue but to make the waterways safer. ar "? numbers must bo o! a size tt-hich can be seen easily from a distance. "This is important in the identification of boats whose operators violate the boating safety laws." 3/IcConnell said. "Most people would be unable to give an accurate description of a boat ·whose The suspended fines wore assess-' operator violates the law, but the ed against John Montgomery, O k - j registration number assures that lahoma City; Cecil Lewis, 2703 N. I he can be traced. 22nd: J. P. Rowan. 108 S. 16th, and R. S. Weinstein, 319 D, All were given citations for allegedly using water ski belts instead of Coast Guard - approved life preservers. McConneU said all Jour men showed the court thev had obtain- Stich explained the number is important in another safety field -- search and rescue -- because boats are often found capsized in the water or washed ashore without anything to show how the'inci- dent occurred.. The supervisor said that in cases ed proper life - .saving devices I where the boat is registered, the which, under state law, must be owner can be traced and it can be placed in the boat for each occupant. "Water ski belts are not approved as life-saving devices," McConnell said. "Any preserver which is approved will b e ' labeled as being Coast 'Guard - approved for safety:" The waterways patrol officials pointed to the lack of proper lifesaving devices and. the failure of many boat operators at Lake Lawtonka and Lake Ellsworth to rejis- ascertair.ed whether he may have drowned. Stich said there are many cases in which unnecessary searches were made lor owners of unregistered boats that capsized or washed ashore after being broken loose from, their docking places. The owners eventually are found, usually when they go to look ior their boats and find they have capsized or broken, loose .from their docks. WHEN YOU NEED A LOAN TO BUY, BUILD OR REFINANCE A HOME Visit your locally owned; federally approved lending institution in .Lawton. We give prompt, direct service orv30 to 35 year.FHA-loans-and No . Money Down VA Mortgages. 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