The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 19, 1951 · Page 75
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 75

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1951
Page 75
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it. Reds Charge Yanks Plot To Kill Mao Peiping Regime Convicts, Executes 2 as U. -S. Agents HONG KONG, Sunday, Aug. 19. (AP)-The Chinese Beds, in « deadly extension of their anJi-foreign campaign, j Announced today the quick execution of an Italian and ai Japanese convicted of being hired by the United States toj assassinate Mao Tze-tung, Communist chairman. The U. S. State Department has denounced the Red allegations as "completely and knowingly false" and a "bare- laced lie," Cotton Yield Dip To Slow Retail Jobs Retail trade employment Kueces County is not expected The P«iping radio said Antonio Eiva, 55. Italian merchant, and Rinichi Yamaguehi, 47, a Japanese bookseller, were executed in Peiping at 5 p. ra., Friday. It did not say how, but reported that en route to the execution jground.'the streets they passed m i through were thronged with people l^i who expressed their feelings at originally forecast f O r jthcircriniir,al activities with shouts * - - · |of 'DowfJ with imperialism, 'Sup- Prosecutor Decides 2 Yanks To Be Tried By Italy in Absentia decided Uy --A prevto today an former Both loardi awd LoDolc* have the U. S, De- denitd ch«rte« of tent* Department th*t they jot rid of Holohan, their leader on an OSS partisan ROME ,ml prosecutor i Italian AUrt American *oldi*r»--«ith«r in or in abtentia--for tb* b*hind-th* linie* alayinj «rf U. S; M*j. WiUiamj territory "of north Italy behind the V. Holohan in 1H*. ;G«rioan lines, with tb* help of two Aroldo BorghcM. general " Holohan *ms poisoned, «hot and j dumped into the icy w«t*r« of Lake A1A. r _« _, t, J orrn -lOrta. Th« department maid LoDolce er L.I. Aido icardl of rt*aute*»,i liT rf ^ ffttmj snota to A p i ot raoU . N. J.. and former S«t Carl G. Lo- vatcd in rt at least by Holo . Dole* of Rochester, N. Y., "Chan's reservations about arming further investigations. Communist bands among ti« f ".r- .cUtor of the Turuv district, chanj-. ted nn earlier decision and mid he! August because the cotton yield is below spring estimates, the f Texas P«« market P «p£t rt-tcd today. Retail employment usually counter - revo utionanes. creases somewhat during Au K Usl i man Mao T 2(S 4 Un!:: · "The two American*, if they "are not turned over to th« Italian mag- iatracy," Borghese aaid, "will be trfed In absentia." ' is expected to rise in September, however, for school buying, an gradually continue to increase through December for annual pre-,^ In( j icaUons wcre that the con . Uiistmas sales. idemned men were taken out and Friday, along with those ot tow other foreigners and one Chinese who received prison terms up to life for involvement in the alleged MODEL SPEEDSTER--Jam^s E. Geppelt, 16, of 2933 S, Staples adjusts the jet that set a 138 mile-an-hour test hop speed record. He will be one of the 500 contestants that will vie lor a total of 104 trophies and $4,725 in U. S Savings Bonds as prizes in Plymouth Motor Corporation's fifth international model plane contest in Detroit, Aug. 22-27, He leaves Monday for Detroit. YOUNGER BLOOD executed Immediately. The Red radio charged ''that the "spies" all worked (or Col. David D, Barrett, formerly 0. S. rni!it- Nonagrleultural employment vn general increased-235 in July over June, the report showed, continuing a gradual increase which began ^wKfurinff industries in- «* »««*« *t Pefoing ami now creased a little, but the ' largest! ^itnry attache at Taipeh, Fonno- increases wer* in chemicals, pe-j**- troleum refining and cement Communist propssaixia organs production. At the same tjme. u n - j poured out thousands of w o r d s employment dropped about 300 in ;»*"'· tl July, mainly because, of inei-easwij'ca "fld employment, and some crews of j The Rod cotton pickers leaving'the «ire«. I hnU?-filled articles saying that Unskilled rabor supply is becon».j"thls once again revrnls that Am: Ing increasingly tighter because of! ftcican imperialism. has been le- iKrge construction jobs in this andjliberatery plotting over ft long per- Pope May Strengthen College of Cardinals VATICAN CITY, Aug. 3?. (APi--imors numerous than at any time A trial m absentia is largely for tfle record. A person convicted in such a trial is subject to punishment only* if he comes to Italy. In any case, imprisonment is the top penalty. Italy abolished capital punishment for ordinary crimes in 1W4 and for political crimes in 1948. rilla fighters. Both military and civil courts of the United States lack jurisdiction because of legal quirks: (1) tcardi and LoDolce have been discharged honorably from military service 2 th* killing occurred on foreign Leaving Way Ope* But the United States seems to be leaving the way -open for Italy ij she wishes to bring them to trial, as she is doing with the two Ita- jiians. Former partisans Giuseppe Mannini and Gualtiero Tozzini will go on trial soon for murder. Police say they confessed and implicated the Americans. They have Body of Local Marine Will Be Sent to U. S. Mrs. Maria 1 Andradc, 1727 Howard, has been notified that the| b « e n in jail nearly a year, body of her son. Marine Cpl.Ro- Italian fears that the Americans berto Andradc, is being returned to the United States. He was killed Feb.. 1» in Korea. The commandant of the U. S. Marine Corps notified Mrs. Andrade that the body will arrive in this country in about two weeks. Andrado had served three years in the Marines prior to being 1 recalled to active duty last Sept. 21. He went overseas on Dec. 22. Women Motorcyclists Will Compete Today T e x a s women motorcyclists, about 50 strong, will take part in annual competition on Padre Island beginning at 10 «.. m. today. There will be ncx speed events, . { «» A t-v-*** v f\ I 4\-tf\ii vjj. A J. , fitMfr, 4*,*. ; «^». *· ; i ' J V i « iju-u-ic.1 wua t*«n»' *«v o** V i.J.*iic ·* " ·" «« **-» k?jj^v« \** ^jn^ wse .denouncing AIWM- ^ pjus XI , s expefled , o M . sjnee ,,, d 32 cardinals according to Mrs. Helen'McKen- Bane.t. ster , a , e tn , n ^ a lnj . ranks 0{ _ we, Corpus Christ!, secretary of od press was quoted in , he Col!eRe of cardinals soon withi Wc U1 . eat uons " stor y 01 1H5. the state organization. The Buc- adjoining counties. TEC has a total of 2.538 i'ocl to underrnne our cnuniry." and ColleR new nnd younger blood. The death last month Stefan CnrdinnS Sapiehn, lest free!more thmi 75 and only five are The average age of the 49 living of Adam!cardinals Is about 70. Fully ]6 are. cancer Motorcycle Club of Corpus Christi will serve as host. prince of the Catholic Church bfi-jless than 60. hind the . Iron Curtain, brought j Eighteen of the cardinals arc the number o{ vacancies in}n a lian and 3 are of other nation- jobs JorcrticUng "complete victory in 'he (1'"-^ listed locally during- the month of^trugsle against U. S. H»?erJalismj, h " j^ co ""i l 'g"^ ll "J. o ^'pig~e^ j'^j July, Personnel at the local offjcejand its running dogs," !0 j hours and trophies will be present- led to winners. Events will be held just north of Gulf Park. could not be eictradited under existing agreements appeared clarified by opinions of the legal section of the U. S. Embassy in Rome. Sources there cited the U. S.-Ita- Jian Extradition Treaty of 1868, which Includes murder as one of the crimes for which extradition may be sought by either country. A month ago Borg-hese rejected an application "from the Verbania prosecutor, Antonio Morando, for authority to ask extradition. At that time Borghese was quoted Us s a y i n g Italian-American agreements did not permit such extradition. This was before'the Defense Department made its statement on the case in Washington iasl Wednesday and before, the U- S- Embassy here commented on the international legal aspects. The general prosecutor said in Competition will last about two an,interview today'tb* extradition Intel-viewed 3,772 persons for these!.j»|,,c t e tAileil Sri^,;tfSp r ±s,:!^-* s= u s --£ ! tt -» S5 J,912 during July. This la mi reports c ntnv of a corisis- sources said announce-1 ment of the consistory, if it is toj Increase of 15,R placements July $950. over | Red big shots by ffrinR- n nioHnr 'nnd smaller weapons at the platform during .the'Red regime's an- Trucker On Charges Meat Was Contaminated Ernest VsSdero. driver for Roeg- eleijv Produce Co. of San Antonio, wn* fined 123 «nd $13 costs before Justice of the Peace 'W, A. Gilieland late Saturday morning on, a charge of having meat for sale that was contaminated with flies. It was the first o f f e n s e a g a i n s t the company, Gilleland said, so the minimum fine was imposed. A company representative paid th*.driver's fine. J, E. Paget, state food and drag inspector, signed the complaint. It was alleged that while,Valero was making a delivery, the door of the meat truck was left open, and "big green blow flies" were on unwrapped meat inside the truck. The meat was later returned to San A n t o n i o , where it was inspected by federal inspectors, approved, and resold. The company stated that meat leaving the plant in San Antonio is wrapped, and that the meat seen by state inspectors to he unwrapped must have been.opened after the-truck left San-Antonio., "The fault was with the driver" GlUeland said,'"it does not appear th'at the company was directly at fault," · - . nivcrsary ' celebration Arresls In Peiping in Vatican circles, which that twt French prelates have been notified that they will be . _ _, _ . . _ . . . . . . jmadc cardinals. j September were said to h a v e i They are Archbishop Maurice the scheme. ' Feltln of Paris and Bishop Francis Xnvier Grente of Le Mans, who has the personal title of archbishop. No official confirmation · was available but reports of an approaching consistory, to be held perhaps about Christmas, are . . ,be held in December, probably cardinals w«rej w o u l d be mado ,,, Noveinber tb give the future cardinals time to prepare for their journey to Rome. never at nny time, cither on jmy own initiative or on orders of any agency of the United States government, ever attempted to assassinate or contrive the assassination of anyone," Col. Barrett said m Taipeh when he learned of the Red charges. In Washington, the State Department strongly supported him. say- Ing such false Red allegations "are designed to contribute to the current and virulent 'Hate Women's Federation To Meel in AUSTIN, Aug. IS. (UP)--District presWen-ts of the Texas Federation of Women's Clubs will meet here Aug. 27, Mrs. J, Howard, Hodge of Midland, federation president, announced today. Man Appointed To Houston Jaycee Job |£S? Michael Scorcio, 2935 S o u t h inquiry Staples, has been named secretary of the Houston Junior Chamber of Commerce, Coi. W. B. Bates, ores-, ident of the Houston chamber announced. ' Scorcio wa» manager of a shoe sales department, and district seles manager for an air line here, before accepting the Houston post. request is being delayed only because .further investigation is needed to preseJH a stronger case to !U. S, authoritios, | "The request for extradition must Ibe supported by plausible motives !-which can be in the hands of the is concluded--to a v o i d the risk of it being rejected by the U. S. authorities," he »aid. "When the inquiry is closed, the prosecutor of Verbania eventually will ask (again) for extradition and the matter will once again jo through my hands." Then, he said, he will make the extradition request through Ita_ _ . _ jly's Justice Ministry, for communl- ing m a n a g e r of the Houston j cation through the Foreign Minis- ichamber convention department, 'try to Washington. In 1947 Scorcio served as act- Man Fined $200 For Firing Gun In Local Tavern ! - , Pete Abrigo was fined $200 and $15 costs late 'Saturday . morning- before Justice' of the Peace W. A. Gilleland on a charge of firing a pistol in a group of people. The incident occured at a bar in the 600 block of ftorth Staples Friday nightC It was the second time within a week, Gilleland said, that a pistol was taken from Abrigo. Abrigo told.arresting city police lea' campaign being conducted by the Peiping regime." , This was the. view also taken in Taipeh and Hong Kong. "Frameup" was the uniform reaction from Taipeh, stronghold of the Chinese , Nationalists. First Nori-ChlueRO' Hon^ Kong observers said the, deaths of Riva and YamagucWl were the first known execution of] foreigners in the Reds' continuing domestic blood purge, They pc- pressed belief that this o£ the home-front purge merging and the foretok- of non- fpr lsgr. Tarciscio Martina, Bishop of Tihhsien diocese antS-foreipner campaign ened further executions Chinese. Besides the two men executed, the Red radio listed a life sentence M. in. Hopeh Province. , Others sentenced were named as; Henri Vetch, 52, Trench bookstore operator, 10 -years; Quirino Victor Gerli, 6f, an Italian formerly in the Chinese maritime customs \ service, six years; Walter Genthner. 38, a German trader,! five years; 'and Ma Hsin-ching,j Chinese businessman, nine- "·years. BIRTHS Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Carter, 4414 j Avenue C, announce the birth, of a son Aug. 17 at Corpus Chrisli Osteopathic Hospital. A son was oovn to Mr. and Mrs. that he went into the bar to break up ir fight in which his younger broth«r, Gilbert, was involved. No ! A ' L, Nolle. 2817 Koepke. Aug. J7i one was injured by the two shots I at ' corpus Christ! Osteapathic Hos- from the^,S8 revolver. , Imil Gilleland said he iook a .38 snub] nose pistol away from Abrigo Aug.| Mr _ and Mre . A . c . Pack , 410 i Home Road, announce the birth of a son, Aug. 17 at Spohn Hospital. A son was bom to Mr. and Mrs. p. T. Winters. S617 Chestnut,'Aug. 17 at Spohn Hospital. Mr. ancJ Mrs. Ernest. Roxve. 5613 Highway 9, are the parents of a action was withdrawn. Police Arrest 15 Men In Dice, Card Raids Police vico squad officers raided a: card game at 818 Sam Rtmkin and a -dice game at 3151 Rabbit daughter, born Aug. 17 at Spohn Run Hoad Friday night. Fifteen Negro men were picked «p. They were named in Corporation Court on gaming charges. Officers W. T. Jackson and Ed Lewis conducted the two raids. Seven men were arrested at the Sam Eankin Street address andj M r. and Mrs. T. F. Jaquez, 1108 eight arrested at the other loca..i Bu(tal0i announce Xhe birth of a lia ": ,, ' . . . ' . , 'daughter, Aug. IS at Spohn ' Hos- Eight of those arrested were re- *^ A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. B, L. Martinez, 1505 Lipan/ Aug. 18 at Spohn Hospital. leased on bond with trial set for! Wednesday. cd to the custody of the stove patrol. j pita i A dai!RnUn . WRS born , 0 Mr Rnd Mr8t w f R . Ost . 1T25 odc] , A , . 18 al Sponn Hospital, Wounded in Korea TJit Department of Def*n*« an- rounc«4 yeiterday that Pvt. Lnia Martinet, ton of Mr. and Mr* ExtunUM Martinet, fi«n Benito', woundrt in action ti»httof 1M ROM*. 1 j Mr. and Mrs. H. K. Blair. .Tr, 733 Westchestcr, announce the birth of a daughter, Aug. 18 at Spohn Hospital. A daughter wn« bom to Mr, and Ih Mrs. Billy J. Joll«y, 4m Highway |9, Aug. is at ftpohn Hospital. EXPERIENCE is the best teacher! During the first four months of this yew 107,394 want ads were published in these newspapers . . . at th* same time 1,113,084 lines of wants were published . . . an average oi more than 48 lines of classified fox every occupied dwelling unit in Corpus CkristiL Qf course, all this advertising came from many sources--you and your neighbor, your grocer and your barber, as well as out-of-town individuals, businesses and national agencies. "That ad pulled 'em in," says one man, '1 sold it all the first day," says another. "Run a classified ad^about it," advises a friend. This many ads and this many Lines all added to the number'of satisfied users proves without doubt that Experience IS the Best Teacher . . , advertisers have learned that running a classified ad answers almost any want. By experience^ you know that you can obtain the results you desire with a cfesst- fied ad. Our desire w to give you faster, more efficient service, while still giving you the same fast results. A PUBLIC SERVICE INSTITUTION MORNING · EVENING · SUNDAY 820 Lower Brwdwoy at Twigg CLASSIFIED INFORMATION RATES OAT* OAT* DAW 0*1 ·U.M ta-M ·».*» 1H Ml niu OMB rut* tu ,u H .1* M» t,tt »-J» a.H te« MUM* awj *» ««t rat* «··» i · uHomt. »w turtMr tttonutii* *·»· wet MM ·**·· · the neiarm Phone 2-9404 820 L Broadway LEGALS NOTICE 0*' JJUiHJKT HEABINO- Notic» w b«r*ty liven thai a public neaxiot will M held in the Board Room ul it» Board of £dueauoo BuUdlnn. Sli North Caracaltua. C»i- pu« Cbrlali. Tuaa. at 1 JO P. M., on Jtonflay, Augu»t SOUs, i»5i. on ui« matttr « comidecatlon. correction. itvuion tod tlBai adopuca «( the Budjet toi; UM Corptu Ciirlstl lnd«p«nd«nt School District tor th» «i»cal year betfniilat 8«pteml«r ut. 1»51 aad *ndin£ Aumst 31«. 1932. ^ -8- EKJNEST K. MILL?. Prtsidtnt Board of Trujteea, corpua Chrlsti Independent -S- Mra, Hany Zaton Secretary 2-- Public Nrticti I HAVX REWGNBD a« ieerttary of Catiwu- RIghu Aawclnuon. Verity ealla. Grace Herald. «-050i. Notic*~i* "" a parto«»Mp tntw*«o K. L. Row. and J. «· **Witrlelt bcratotar* known " KOWJ * MT2PATRIOK 8U1LO- KM BUFPLX. wai dl«oiy*d VD to« 31« day ot July. A.D. l»5. All dema du» to to* Mid partncrahlp ar« to b* paid, and ton* du From the ·*"· * r » ,« »» diicbartwl at SJO« HSdway No. ». i» th« City ot Corpua CTirlitL TtxM. wh»r» the buainen wtU t* eontiourt 6y J. R. thlt l»t day of Aupiat J. K. 7-- Lott Found LORT-Brlndle colored femal* rolled LOST - Auiuit Hlh. Sii Polntj arw, K«M and diamond »edrtlnit rmr. Re- watd. Call 4-0088. · · REWARD ; for information leading to the recovery oi thai Boston bull terrier. Answers' to name "Stormty". Black with white under neck' »nd two white front feet. White splash, in' face. Misting 6 weeks. Contact Jack Farren, Farren'i Pharmacy, Woodsboro. Tmcas. 8 -- Pmomlt gro tr wnt» . BOI *TT. Aloonoliot . land aad i«nw«d. Foe Mi ««Umat» «f« Hobby Lobby Stsof. SIS Meaqiflta. 'TWMC-dbll*-e **l». rim a "Batf Wanted" M utd*r UM eor- r«M eiaaalflcaOon la CaliM-THneu ClautflM Mcttoa to reacb today-i utomployad. Pboo*. 2-MM and an M Wrttitr w)ll htlp you! nil hth BABY ____ _ BEAUTin/L BABY plenini taken la your (tome. Ho bttrfit HoodlUhU. Phone 5-S2M. Loot Baby Portralta. ANSWlSBia" TELtPHOTOS is our Job. 24 bour* dally, 1 dayn a week. NlaetMB year* IB budneai. 4-6873. Corpiu Cbrtstl Secretarial Service. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS P.O. .Boa .1294 Ph. 2-8621 1 0~-Shipping Traveling "TO 6filc;AGO-Aiig. ; ia. », M. 'Re- tum-- «ept- S-- 1931. Two passentets, ahars exp«wc*. · C. E. Palmer. Ph. - 5-9588- ·· _ _ lor San Dligo, Stjt 9th. tcln two men. than «xpene« aad Phona 2-2981 ttfort 3 p. m. EMPLOYMENT } 19--Ag«rt» Salttmtn ATTENTION - Xxp*rlMc«d iidinr uid roofing · wlejmea. W* will cuar- , utte ;oa the but -de»l in south Text*.- -Apply 1 to 13 Suad»: ·wrltt 113 Cowling BuUdat. 401 Tiacbuc. «·!*' _____ CkrMi. wtnwi NU.U Oft* tor «UJK. Xj»!«U*JK *l»r:. jrftwH ivcrwwt, Ruwltigu'i. BIGGEST SAUBS IN HUTOJtf lur Rawl«Kb De»lert- Low faciory whoI«M.« pricci ao«M «r praCiU. S'JiH'I.v larc* «UB** «t*»fc" cu»ttuner« trip after trip -HKJ bcuMtuud Btc*»it(««. Good )U« E««rky. Writ* tor »«««*) )·- wits »iit. tale* auiufcr, ' . iitmyfaia. Tr»o. UP TO til lu a d*y tnd suit (or yotirwjtf without ]«yi*|: on* cent. WrlM toe plan. 5t«s»fi*Id Corp., Dept WB-WT. MS 8. Tbroop. CW- cajp jf. IIL _____ __ AMBITIOUS You oi nuu tl»t *ouM Jik » futur* wjtii AuMtlca'i large* group of (wily tho* ctwe*. T» traia a* aHtitaot jnin»i«r. Uifh *cbool education or fe*tt*r pre(»rrwL Alt* nw.d uleuun. part and tuu time. Mr. AB4r«wc. Kmitey t o o * . Unlimited territory, 8**t deal in Soutnwwt (or Bu»tl*r. l»hoD» «-S190 tot ' Rout* la perwa by T:W a. at. «a North fort _ _ *AftN 53P TO flWl » 6ST~^'T3*w iteentt** eoaunlntm plan. CtwdM tralalac with th* w«r» lattcat aul» Insurance company lor tin new (!·* utclal rciHMutbUity lew. 8*t Mr. Suqulit or Mr. Lee. at 1310 av*r« ' INDUSTRIAL SALESMAN Good salary. plus coounlsaioa *oA ctr mlluice.- Must be neat; dfprnd- abl* conscientious. versatile and will- lag to work. Good character. Ace "4 lo 30. Car necesiary. Non» other need apply. Call ..... S-OSTi; _ _ 20-- Help Wanted/ Molt CARPENTER waflled. mostly tenance work around retEU «or». Must b* neit. tl.a per hour. Apply Man. S a.m. 8ia 8. StapJea. WANTED - PhotoKtapoic »!e»man. Wonderful olfer. Kever before sold In Corpus Chrlsti. *"or more Information call In p«rsoo. Vvonne'a Studio. (SOS N. Meaquiu St. _ POSITION AVAILABLE for two alert ftaleamen in the bomv jcnpruvciuent Held. Earmnta JI25 a week whll* learning. Car necessary. Apply 13» Cowling Building. 401 North Tanea- hua a to U Sunday. _ man. Texaco Station, 5430 Highway 9. Corner McBride iAne. . MAN WANT»t-- Hifft-t y P · butcher «xjeil*nee« la »eif-atrvk» mtiu te be worWnt manaser in meai department of larw RJo Grand* Valley food ator*. Want man wno in not afraid lo produce, will be a food deal fw the right p*rty. Store ha» Plenty of volume. References re- ojjlred hut will be sirictly confidential. P!e*se don't answer unles« you can qualify. 'Write Box 194-D. CaUef ESTOi-A'ttltMtfAfl 'fmVR~~ 'AP- ply la p*raoo. K-* Drlvt-ln. 31CB Souitt rort ' · . _ . 'f-- liusTT* experienced on boring bars, ali£» boring, puton trindlng. coidweidine. and them blocX asicmbly work. S^· Mr. (Soorie Moore in n*r«on, standard Auto Part*. $23 Nortn Suptfa. WANTED CISHWASHKRS, oood *«.£ ary; Must be over 30, Apply Oyster Bar. 413 Peoples St. _ ·» " "' of" 2"'ybuns i i Ambitious men deairlng per«in.iient employment wlto, opportunity lor «d- vancement in a National Wlioiesa la Orgnnteatlon. On» posltton involvfj clerical and casnler duties. The otlicr. city counter sales duties. S o m · Itnowlndse of electrical tuppljes and device* - 4eslrn,ble hut cot essential In the latter Job. Apply In jxsnoa to M. fr, ilulUes. We«ti»(;hO(!59 Kleotrio Supply Co. 110 W. Staples fit, WANTED ~-- Kiperlenc*d wa«h and Kreau man for nervlce tution. Mint bt tober and reliable. Oood hours-- cood pay. Texaa Motor Salei, 111 EXPKRTBNCED try cooks, on* com* hinatlOB dina«r coot and fry cook. Apply 1n. ptrfon. 413 People! *U Oytttr Xt- BOY TO DO-- sotin work. 3Si N. ~ tail *ow and dunnf school. J»u»t b* Cast, coctd in : arithmetic and dttXB' anblr Watxr'i Boot B«er *twsd. 22flt c»tta In TaA. .T«*a. Apply Cat* 1m- element Co. 2101 Uopard^t. Stt Mr. FT- WANT between . l« ir J. porter - mo the ,a»« 21 . - Jonea.- dlihwashTr to 40. llutt apply to perion 8 ». m. to '10 t. m. Chicken Shack. 2518 Ltopard. T WAlJTKD -- SERVICB'iBtiition" Operator flnanclTlly abl* to handle itoclt inventory- Apply in person. Crockett Oil Co ottlce. f 2224 North JPort. WANTJ5D-Ne«ro *nJft Apply in Austin"* mnoo, _ North ~' WAirrJlD-Htperlenced _ . . mtendauL Hmmofl Strvlc* Station, fill North W«ter.· · _ . _ EXPEIUENCED-wain iiid. lubrication man.- S day week. -JUWrenMH. 81n- cl»lr Station, Bldwla;i4^LMgrEan. "MAN to drlv* truck, city dftllverie* to drug store*. Five-day week. Must .bavsj. good-, local references -.and permanent : resident. Call IB person, San Antonio Drug Co:. 102 Mesqulte St WANTED-radJo service mim. Top wases. Apply at Port Ayers Radio A Television, 4338 Ayei«. WjiNTED--A good~waslman lor laundry. Prince tauodry aad Cleaners. 208 Hesjult6 Street. WANTED-- M ale clerk-typist -Apply UOit East Port. - ,, OAnKlo- American · Brown,' ^Express. AKGLO tad Latin Amtrlc»n who koow city well. Job open u disabled, also. City Cab Co. 2001 K. Water. BAP.TENBER-»ijwriencel Between 55 and GO. Sober, reliable, not alrald ot work. Steady Jon tor responsible man, Writ* CaUer Bme» Sox 149-P. WANTED--Lttta Am»rlcau or Neitro fry cook. Apply m t»r»on- la. Pal DriTi In on North Batch. M Sottti mSTR PABT.TIMiriNaTRUCTORSin codt-· lag ana t*ttn» and body and leader repair. Mgbt work tram 6 PJD. to ,10 pjn. Apply Conm* CnttattVoe*. tlonal laitttute, Slg. 6SA. Cuddthy Field. No talepooa* calls pleut. fi*» Mr. Johnston. 1,9--AgenH fr Saloimen 19--rAgent* Soletman OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNITY Leading Texas firm needs two salesmen to. sell famous brand merchandise. These are permanent positions and offer very high- earnings for the aggressive man. Oppor- tunity for-advancement for the right man. Come to Room 309 White Plaza Hotel for interview Monday 9 a.m, to 4 p.m'. T6^Heip"Wanted Mot/ 20--Hclp Wonted Mate J ^ EXCEPTIONAL SIGN PAINTER WANTED T.o head Art and Sign Department. Must be expert in hand lettering and silk screen work. Ability in art-and plastics desirable. Must be mature, reliable, sober, able to furnish character and experience references. Excellent' opportunity. Hospitalization, insurance and other benefits, CONTACT HOWARD BUTT, JR. H. E. BUTT GROCERY COMPANY CORPUS CHR1STI Good starling salary plus commissions. Pleasant working conditions. Group insurance available. Vacations with pay and many other employee benefits that can only be afforded by national organization. Excellent opportunity for advancement. Age 25 to 35. Apply in person. 1 Western Auto Supply Co. .423 Mesquitt St.

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