The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on June 6, 1965 · Page 25
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 25

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1965
Page 25
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Classified Begins On Page 24 I'M. FiirnishMl Apartments 50. Furnished Apartments 51. Unfurnished Apartments ,70. House» For Sale 41. Business Opportunities FOR LEASE MAJOR OIL COMPANY SERVICE STATION U.S. Highway 82 East Adjoining Holiday Inn PHONE ED 2-6973 FURNISHED ROOMS AND AI'-K L » A " ·,,,«. A D . p. to -«»a ARTMEMTS. CABLE CONNEC-^,, ',[ u r £ « T B7i~r~ u ~A~"»r~iv TIONS, PEST CONTROL SER-|cib (·,·,._m -oi-n 2_ooi_6. VICE, ALL UTILITIES PAID..'" BriT^n. O O V ' M * s B.oodwav. FOR RENT: ICE CREAM FREES ' 00 ° "" "" ZER AND TOWER TOOLS. I Ml MINUTE MARKET. I*5S S- POflAR, Two Jcorn unluin. "'" Ac|1 - "*.W. Call ED 2.M53. FIND YOUR OPPORTUNITY in the "Business Opportunities' column in the Classified Sectim 50. Furnished Apartments 1WO n'ctlv furn. 4 loom Qpli. Pjlvale barh, cr.Ira-x* end garage, IV cob'a. Couolv cnty. 411 S. BroccJwaY. Pha.-:a ED 4-.H342. GREENVILLE COURT APARTMENTS 802 HWY. 82 WEST (Exclusive But Not Expensive) 4 Rooms (2 B/R) Air conditioned $50.00. Completely furnished 570.00 Rent includes water, IV Cable, pest control, landscaping draw drapes. Mr. Williamson ED 4-4085 J. L. McCLENDON Realtors Phone ED 2-8183 Houses for Sale 70. Houses For Sale Good Investment Home Combination 2--Duplexes located in East Greenville. Each of the 4 apartments has 2 bedrooms, living room, dining area in kitchen. Attic fan, carport, wall heater, paneled walls. Close lo proposed ichool (to be built this year). Corner Lol -- Paved Slieet. PRICED TO SELL STAN INGRAM REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE Phone 335-1632 Thomas Shopping Center 2 8 / k C ADI rron!h. 925 FOR RENT I Bedroom unfurnished Duplex 63S S. CAll.'OSNIA. J Bed. wirh beoutilul lo-diraced lo do*n. Ph.' [D 2-0795. 70. U«U»M For Sale Hamei For BY OWNliR 1261 E, John St. This is lovely S ' A A L l Fur.;i(-ed Ac'. Apal. S3. TI-O'JOU. _ 5-1155 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 701 bBIANDO Hl!f\t Fu'-n. 2 E/8 Dupie*. Coble A tarpon. cO 2-BQ71. IURN.SHED APT. 3 roami and balh. Cooa'i on'y. 624 Alexander. :NiSHfD~T~a'r.H~? B/R Atu'l. 550 cry) re* nwnlh Call ED 5-IS91. V..IH1-. wrj'li-g 5- Apt. 322 Beauchomp St. Call ED|3 bedroom, 1 bath home. Large living-dining room combination, built-in display china cabinet in dining room. Screened porch, l 1 ,^ blocks from Em IJoyd school, . Pr.o.-t CD 4-JS03. . TV coble. pa'd HOTEL GREENVILLE J--5 ROOM EFFICIENCY APARTMENTS All UliliMn Pa'd. Plul Mo'd-S«rv(t.. Vc-jr Mwlhly Ralei Ofl Slrglt Roomi. Phone ED 2-8181 NEW LUXURIOUS rX)VVNTO\VN APARTMENTS ? bedroom unlfi, Ktill Ava^tabUi. Fur- riil-.ed aportmenl alio avo'lab't. Art elKirlc. Ft* \utn*r tnfomaHon alli ED 2-5421 or after 6 p.m. 5-1869 Ph. 332-5316 HOMELIKE LIVING H'OU) 4Vi jrl, centrol TOO -ni. y btdt(*y*». prfvaf* , hooting o*vJ a i r cwvJiliDrilf^g. all «l«tl;iC- N«w and M-«J«m. MAIN STREET GARDEN APARTMENTS CALLED EO 2-0964 ol 2-09M 52. Ruoms For Krat FOR RENT Upslairs furnished apartment. TV connection. 905 Main Street. Cull |g^" .. t f' n """ 0 "- '" "' sht ' bv ' MRS. C . 1-. JORDAN, - ~ ED 4-3641 MAY'S RENTALS FURNISHED 625 Al««and«r, 3 room, u'iltliei . .565 00 Ca_']_tp jWWO; JICIIY fum ihed bedroom, orivart bolli ind «nlron;«. Fn. ED 2.26/1 o/_tO 5.2/21. J^e larrje bedrocr-i wirh bain of 236 S. H r i h . P. or.e 7-33JO. 51. Houses For Rent , . 51J.R Ale.ander, 2 BIX. wol 635 Ale'crjsr 2 rofwt. uliMII. 130 tl. Ihecbald 3 im*. ulililic! 603 B. fo-rvie*/, 3 roorr.» ... 613 FoliviEw, 2 B/I? J wnIM . UNFURNISHED 712 Cannon SI. 6 Rmi S65 00 All V/.lli V.dea Cable i. Moving Ph. ED !].6376 . . $65.00'921 RtAR FAIRVlEW, 2 bufroom wifo S5 5. 00 'house. $50 rro-^ih. Fh. ED ? 8670. ~ " B / R ur.lurn ryji-le 432 5. Colorado ;ST LOCATicDMT"?" B/C~ir.f~n~riJpTeT I rorw-n.-.rri Bnvd School diltrct. S60 cmh. Call EO 4-3395. Cc-nploleV (uin. 7 B/R F-a-jje i 1 L-n- lurn. 7 B/R KCL«. bo'ii on CKn'haTM Drlvs. Apply 5651 1.'. B.'ocdwsy 0*1 end ed. 70. Houses For iale Houses ?or Sa!o WELCOME Allen Manufacturing Company 1201 WANDA DRIVE -- 3 B/R, Separate Den $11 ,MD.OO 2M PAULINE -- 3 B/R, l'/ 2 IMhs 12,300.00 234 ST. ANTHONY -- 3 B/R, Enclosed Yard 11,500.00 996 THORTON -- 2 B/R, Extra Clean 7,500.00 2252 E. ALEXANDER (Reduced) 7,250.00 This is but a few of the many listings we have available for your inspection. Kossman Insurance David C. Wilson, Realtor Bus. Phone 332-0558 -- 503 Wash. Ave. -- Home 334-4677 FOR RENT Furn. apt., downstairs, large liv- ^"'^ JTM^,!^"^, EnM 5, ing room, I bedroom, kitchen ;TM; phonn'5.3343,' TMM or Su.-j bnlh. Air conditioner. TV cablep.6K water furn. Ideal for couple. 2tf' s _ 'J E . F L S ^..!" fiTM*"" 1 "! 1 .,. 2 .._? working Indies or men. No children or pets. Next iloor lo Fast Service LaunJry. §50.00 monthly. Dial 2-7C5S. 1x5.ra FOR SALE 271 Primrose aalhi, central Air-condilioning and all byiU Int. Bea.MJ landicap*. SEI US FOI EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS MOVSE MOYSE WASSON JoSo J. Gannon. Keal'or thodei T. Wai»n. Ceall^t I P. Reynaidi. Beal-ot Terd L. Merle, Realrcr Phone ED 5-3558 or Call EO 2-3323 Mill Cape Cod Design This home at 2430 Naples Street is now being offered for a small down payment am! monthly notes of only $62.20 plus taxes and insurance. Four bedrooms, two baths, large lot. Tremendous Buy! Immediate occupancy. CAU WALTER HEHBISON 5-28S8 Nights 2-1S41 Days FOR SAIE 6V OWNER I 5 R hon'a wi-h tcpail* D/2, rear Em l.-ivd School. SIOO.OO ealh c^d norei of ,77 00 per i-on'h Call O*n»r al ED ,.3745 cr ED 2-7292. TERRACE GARDENS 17G9 Holly Lane Four Bedroom Brick. Two Chr ;arage, central air ft heat, two lull baths, built-in range, dishwasher, disposal, family room, patio, laundry- Owner must sell Phone 332-8631 for appointment 719 CAIIFOW1A. 3 B/Ri. I !'i ba' 1 iv.-3-din.rq ror-i, kir., ulillifv ro-ti, ct and s-crogi. 1460 FKANCIS: 3 B / R . balk I V-o tost b'.Q Vil., carocrl and t'grcgt. Fi«iH · COUMERCIAL · BIS'DENTIAt CONSTRUCTION · Re-nodtl ng · Peoojrt TUBERTINI CONSIRlKtlOfJ COWfANY 317 Railroad Av*. Ph. 33; TO. Dclfn Dciuocrnl-Timcs For Sale Sunday, June 6, '65, 25 |7i). Houses For Sale IV OWNER. 3 ted'cc-i. 1 bo*. lo« Atu.~« loan en 3 B/S, 1'/, bold Si"-* ol*i. fat J72 52 do-*."i a^J CTLOV* in Drac«». 2 ol co'JiTioi«rI, carpel Call ED 2-1843 al!«r i.JO ?.M. batlvard. 1210 E. JoSn EO J - I X 4 4 , 71. Colored I'mperr/ For Sale VI. Colored property For SaJe LOVELY BRICK HOME f mott f nl rob I* l-ocolicxi, 1arxJicaD*j yard, IAO D«;UI bearing ireei. 3 txi-J ' rocrrt, ? lull bain. fam-ly IOCTI H It. by 26 It,, 5 1=n ctntral A / C , biarxJ n«« kit;h*n cbinei antf coolianm, d'* enrrxsrt ofxJ fargs Itciagt rco-n. 5Sov*n by on3» ; niiTe^f only. Co'I EO i;n J-n/3. ci EO tan 5-1163 fai ucoo-i:m*r.ti, | 1311 LONGVIIW DRIVE I y j 2 YJi o!-i, 3 hedoc-n. 1 i boih, pcrel twi s, rej-:rd bock v^'d, located: fn Bsyd School fHA $450 dowr,' ocofoi SICO n*orlS TEMACI GAKDPJ* carpal a r d , 2 5 3 Cbver Cir'e lav^ly 3 B / R . ? txsih jbiitk hcme, c^niral heal and oil etwd t.on- ling Cc-nple;e bjill-In-kucl-er: e'ecriK 1114 MARCAXEri 3 8/P*. ? balhi. li^.rwj-'rartyi. e^n, d jovial, aid d thwai u «i. dmirtg icc-i, Id'ge Vi'.. ( a r o o r t ard i'cr- ; Carper lr«!i'deri'. lorgs oai-O, beauhfi.1 1733 W. SUDANi Beaui.ful fcfiiV, 3 ? bnlhi. enlr/ Kail. Wing roo-n, dmmg ·, la-ga k/L, ui'Mv 10-" age. Irr.TitfJ a'o octuoan. fe- ed batk yc'd. J S. WASHINGTON: 3 B/Ri. 1 bmhi, nq rcom. «ii TKJ tco"n, Inrgn kilct*ei. lordic ·2 410 COINEUi 3 B/Bi ba' roc"', li'tKei. lam , liKtd botk yard. 1\ liviixj rocm. 7546 TUIINi 3 B / P i , bo-li, livirvg b q kircr- , cd ready (or iT--ne 662 W. MiCOIKlf! 3 IWRl, bat. 333 CALIFORNIA STRUT baih, Igrqe .. , J72 1 «?t3']. Snc'l dow.T purirtnt, noUi including lanei IniuraiKa o^proxlmole- ly $60.00 morrh. CAUSEY REAL ESTATE 8111 Tcggart -- John Couiav, Jr., Brokt W«iWoyi ED 5.5441 -- N'ghll i Sv-i. EO 2-5397 EO 5-5359 HOMES FOR SALE Close To T. L. Weslon School 1235 HOLMES ST. 3 bedrooms, large living room kitchen, maple kitchen cabinets with formica sink top, double sink, central heat, aluminum wimlows, reinforced concrete foundation, 10 year guaranteed 30 gal. glass lined water heater. Move in immediately. $300.00 down -- $84.0.1 per month for 15 years loan. 919 DALLRIVA 3 bedroom sewing room, large living room, extra large kitchen, inside utility room with washing machine connection, maple kitchen cabinets wilh formica top, completely remodeled redecorated. $300.00 down -- S52.57 per month for 15 years loan. GREENVILLE LUMBER CO. Phone ED 2-2637 -- N'lTE 2-5070 Classified Display Classified Display Classified Display . rec-n din ."g , . In-ao k.lclxn, 73. Farms For Sale Marvin D. Bowen Solllmol »h. 335-3521 ED 2-2355 lohr W. Young, Jr. 8Co Waihlng'cn Av«. 13. Farms For Sale MAYNARD WILZIN BEA1LOR Dial ED 4-4554 T44 N. B.-oadwav FURNISHED 528-B E. Waller J70.00 129 N. Pcolar $50.03 236 S. TheoboU $45.00 UftfUKNISHED 526 Wo'ker $50.00 843 Ca.-niioen S30.00 503 Abraham $*).00 -!35 S. Delia S45.CO 420 Waihingloi S65.CO j\ Abraham . 450.CO Houses tor 7U. Houses I'or Sale ^ $ ^ This Beautiful 4 Bedroom, 3 Bath, 2 Den Home, Central Heating, Natural Gas, 3-car Garage Approximately 3 acres land $45,000.00 See Lawrence Jacobs Sidney Stallings Ph. 086-7255 Ph. 686-7215 51. Unfurnished Apartments 805 MAYER 2 B/R unfurnlihed duo unr. S«Darola D/R. $55 per rr.onlh. New- 1 dc=oroled. Call David W.hcn, EO ?-0558. J. J,. McCLF.bTOON RfAlTOJS 137 S. Harvev -- Phan» " 3-8IM FlPHIbHED APARTMENTS 3 Oilarjo, T BIK rab'd r.eKjl-.borlrood. Availcb!* now. _Sarn_Caro!!o,_6S6.4534_r.e!a--iT. ixii. V1C3. ng. Cu-pcrl and lit., per ir.anlh. 1523 Foi 'hne 2-55^0. 58 HIGH sr. 3 B/R uiFurn. Ircyie. Liv- rxj roa-^. tlkl.en t d rJrKJ rcc-r, icinb. \\i e T e c l r i c . 220 culleli in every loom, ileciri: range. AM ! c Ian, ta-pcif 4 i-or- ;gr. Avuilab'e Jure 5!)i. $100 p«/ rno.nlr. Cull 332-7238 cr 332-6o'.2. FOR RENT 425 Wells Drive 1 Bedroom unfurn. house, living room, dining room, kitchen, carport and storage room. Call 332-6642 or 332-7288. 547.08 B/P $135 001 Grcffrwilla Courl Aon., 2 B/R S70.00 /US Arnold, 1 B/R S65.CO 7Ci Arnold, 1 B/R J50.00 140.00 IJ'U'MISMFr APASTMFNTS ,llil'e, 3 B/R J72.CO _,, __..mon. 2 B/R S50.00 12« Itan. 2 B/R 550.00 RESIDENCE FOR RENT 1236 DANIEL STREET, newly redecorated, 2-bedroom, living room with dining area, kitchen and bath, attic fan. Rental $45.00 per monlh, available now. HENRY T. CROSBY CO. 70J Arr.alJ, 1 B/R 620 . 362 OrloMo. 1 SIP. . S37.50 318 W Alexander 1 B/R 535.CO 2751 N. B:ond«tnr. 2 B/R 515 Delta 12-BRI Cullcy Anl., I 8/R Sbi.OQ 112 Corhcrins 2 B/R S50.0O FOR SALE - DUNBAR RANCH 5,855 Acres Of Bro\vu Lonm Soil, Fronting Yalobushu River, At North Edge of Grcniida, Miss. THIS RANCH, one of (lie in Mississippi for production, l»lh crop [and and pastures, willi its herd of 31)00 cattle, including GO registuretl butls, 30 miles of woven wire fence, 20 miles barb wire. Crossed by four year-nround creeks, artesian wells, splendid residence, barns, growing crops, nnd equipment. Its 152 acres of colton produced nlmost 3 hales per acre last year. 2000 acres of bottom land will produce nbtmdant yields of corn, beans, or ensilage. ?400,000 cash will handle its purchase, balance financed like rent. For full information, or appointment to inspect Ihe property, contact us on this exclusive listing. HENRY T. CROSBY COMPANY Realtors May Building 618 Washington Phone 334-3453 Greenville, Miss. MODEL HOME 2 Til 6 P.M. 192 Lilac Lane In Highland Heights Greenville Lumber Co. Highway 82 East Phone ED 2-2637 Classified Display Classified Display Ciassifiex] Display Classified Display Classified Display 1893 Old Ula-J Rd. 3 B/R AD:S, 2 . SS5.CO $115.00 . , ........ . 112 Beauchamo (DuDffflcl 1 B/R .. 550.00 Greenvill. Co-jil ADI. 2 B/R ...... $5000 517 H. Pcnlar, redeio.-cled ..... $37.50 12? W. Yernai 1 B/Ji ........... J35.00 ffl Reed Rd.. 2 B/R ........... $53.00 B I O H'oVv.oy |, N., 2 B/R ...... SO.OO Classified Display Classified Display Classified Display ABIDE HOMES MODEL LAST SHOWING TODAY 2 'til 6 p.m. FOR RENT Nice spacious 3 Bedroom. 1 bath unfurn house. Near schools, j Available June 20th. Reasonable rent. Excellent neighborhood. Call 335-2187. MAYNAUD WILZIN REALTOR Dial ED -455« m M. Ireodwov 2531 H. BrooAntr 35.00 1232 Fcirvitv, {65.00 2« S. Pcolar $60.00 556 S. B:!i $50.00 1144 S. Motn $45.00 1545 Hwy. I S $60.00 1 3 1 2 Si. JoiDch S S S . O O j 625 R. McAll.inr $40.00 ' WELCOME... TO OUR SiSjii iits;^ ;ii«A t-£sJ RESIDENCE FOR RENT 233 WEST YEJGER, coi=TorteVe for ITo'l \ fcrnil/. All cive.iierwps. TiuV.g rcc bedioam. ki-^F.en, bolht, screened bacV ; pcrib. Renlol SW.OO ce mcnlli. c.oi!ab!e | rov/. The lo:alicn on Highway 02, be- Iween Main ar.d Chy S'/eet, ii **ceirent - f o r off-sueel parking [or e-ft cr rare rucks of lh« tencnl. HENRY T. CROSBY CO. R E A L I O X S ,'.av Build'rg 618 V/c^hingioo 'r.TO 334-3J533 N gSf 335-1559 LIVE IN LELAND futnilirtd Hot!« 931 N.D.C.D.W. 1 B/R ........ J65.00 ?03 Palm. 2 B/R .............. $50.00 509-11 W. 2nd Si.. 3 3 / 5 ...... $50.00 104 S.D.C.O.F.. 3 B/R .......... $50.CO 718 5lh St., 2 B/5 ............ $50.03 207 Willfroy, 3 B/ii ............ $75.00 813 6tK SI.. 3 B/R ............ $83.00 209 S.DC.D.F.. 3 B/R ......... 590.00 115 ftedbud, 3 B/R 8, dn ...... $96.00 SIDNEY STALLINGS At Ice Plant Pho-» 696-7215 GOLD MEDALLION HOME TODAY! TOTAL ELECTRIC It^ 1125 COTTAGE DRIVE IN GARDEN ADDITION Located at the corner of Cottage Drive and St. Joseph Street in the Garden Addition. From Highway 82 drive south on Colorado lo St. Joseph Street. Turn left and proceed to Model Home. Things To Look For: First, note the exterior of our model home. It is authentic French Provon- cial styling, even lo the corbeling of the brick next to the gullers. This design, while different, has dignity which will last. Next in the entry hall, we have installed a new type floor which looks like the finest type Italian marble. It's easier to maintain though, because of its high resistance fo scratches. In the family room, please notice the ceiling light fixture. By installing belter light fixtures, we believe we add a great deal of charm lo our homes. In the kitchen, our Preway built-ins are the only appliances in the world to carry a three year guarantee. That proves something! Another new and better product is found in our bedroom closet doors. The "Eden Roc" paltern on these doors is really exquisile. We are sure will find your lour through our home most interesting, and comfortable, too, since it is cooled by a Hell-Quaker unit. We'll for you this afternoon! ABIDE H Phone ED 5-1163 J. L. McCLENDON REALTOlt 137 S. Harv«Y -- Pkon* 10 2-8193 UNfUINISHED HOUifi WS Pofon, 2 B/R J55.00 1458 Irby 2 B / 2 $50.00 308 Colorodo. 2 8/8 150.00 720 Arnold 4 B/R, 1 BolU J80.0O 2536 Old teTand Rd »50 00 529 N. Shelby, 1 B/J H5.00 1«4I Sunxe. 3 B/R 165.00 703 S. California, 3 8/R J90.O3 1011 Cannon, 1 B/R 565.Wi 6X0 lolul, 2 I/R $65.00 1911 H'ghway 82 E *50.00 317 O'Hen S35.00 519 N. Hindi, 2 B/R i^S.OO 510 Irer. 2 B/R S^S.CO! 1727 r_-een Cily lina S50.CO 1618 Sprite. ? B/R $50.00 fUSNISKED HOUSE 437 Cherry, 1 B/R 550.00 COMMERCIAl nUllDING 3C6 V/o*hinglon J225.00 827 VVaiSfngron J35.O3 K! Mfl' ·Ml *»" ¥-·1 ·' - · --., ' ·nj r "~'^^' 5i. Colored Rentals 3 iocm nou9, eonY)1«la boih. 9X1 Hall Si. ED 2-5221 CI 2.5901. $30.00. 57. Wanted To Rent WAN; TO RSNT- 3 lioned unfu.-n. houle In good locarlon, by r«JDOnnblB parfv. Coll K. Real Estate Services Buying A Home? Let us plan your FHA or VA Loan Cc.-i In Or Coll WASHINGTON COUNTY SAVINGS AND LOAN 3324121 ^ For Sale FOR SAIE: S!ighlly nef 2 B/B SICO coiS arj $50.00 morvS. Call EO 2 · 6563 ofur 7i30 P.M. !0it SAIE BY OWNElir 3 B/S, I 1 /, Iwh. t!d brkk ho~e. bu'li-HM. fov owner'! i oauny i aiiumc nottt of S1C6.55. 113; ^Collage Ofivt. Fhonfl 335.2913. Featuring · Living area sq. ft. lt» _ · 3 large bedrooms (master bedroom 12 x!4, middle bedroom U'8"iH'8" front corner bedroom UT'xll') · 2 full ceramic tile halh« · living room U'4"xH' · Spacious den tt dining area (15'x21'8") · Sliding glass rJuor fo IJ'xIV p'lio · Large 7'xl2' jforage room wlh door connecting to kitchen Parkay oak flooring with vinyl tile In den, dining area SV kitchen HWY. 1 SOUTH · Kitchen H'xl2' wilh Built-in fashion finish dishwasher, oven, surface unit, ventahood and garbage disposal · Electric central heal and AIR CONDITIONING · Beautiful old brick exterior with gray tr'm · Side entrance to double carport · Lot 100'x20Q' · Call 3JM9J1 for additional information PRICE ONLY 18,500°° OPEN 2-6 P.M. TODAY ALSO We have 3 other homes under corulruction. Visit these homes and see the quality ma terials and workmanship that goes into a Palmertree home. HEARING COMPLETION Hwy. 1 South Hwy. 1 Smith 4 Bedroom, Z'/j. Baths 3 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths 1644 MARILYN Just Started Construction On This 3 Bedroom, !',{. Bath Home Register For Door Prize Combination Electric Can Opener Knife Sharpener Drawing Today At 6 P.M. PAL HOME BUILDERS Phone 334-4954

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