The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 8, 1947 · Page 11
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 11

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 8, 1947
Page 11
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Rookie Yankees Shea Wins 7th Browns 3-1 ST. LOUIS, June 7 (/P;---Pitching with confidence and poise of a l-eteran, Rookie Frank Shea mis- tered his .seventh consecutive; victory, a sterling three-hitter, as the New York Yankees defeated the St. Louis Browns 3-1 Saturday to even the two-game series. Shea's only loss of the campaign was handed him by the Boston Red Sox 1-0 in his initial start. The victory cut a half game margin off the first place Detroit Tigers who now lead tho Yankees by one game. The Browns mn ringed to hit Shea safely In only two innings, combining doubles by Paul Lehner and Al Zarllla to tally their lone othor safety, a single to left; field in the fifth inning, Now York AU Ii O Potter, defeat two wins, garnered .the run In tho fourth. Nels who suffered his fifth A-H Plays Santa Rosa In St. Joseph's Park A Valley baseball team that hasn't lost a game in nine starts this season cornea to Brownsville this afternoon in search of Its tenth victory. The Simla Rosa Veterann are the nine-time winners and their Brownsville opponents today will be the A. and H, Package Store team and Robert Champion, slow- ball fireman. The Veterans and the A. and II. t-oftrn will clash at 3:30 p.m. in 8t Joseph's Park. Admission will Earl Stewart Texas Amateur bo 60 centa, Champion, newest addition to tho A, and H. pitching corps, will get his chance to try to break tho soa- fion'H pin-foot record of tho invading Sana llojwna, Manager Shine Cantu of the A. and H. team said that Nievcs will catch Champion's slow and hard-to-hit twirls. Pitching and catching for the tfanta Rosa club will be tho broth- c-rs Eubank. Santa Rosa last Sunday whipped the Harllng Southern Select B l.oum 0-0. Wins itle 3 1 4 1 ·i n o o a i St. Louis ' Dilliuu- lib 13ami no lib L o h n o r cf Heath I f Ab H O Hcnrloh rf Calm»n If Llncloll If DIMaK uf M'Qulnn Ib 4 0 BlHltchal? HR Juclnloh 1 Early o Pollor p Schultz z Zoldivk P Johnson Bhen p Totals 4 l :$ 1 a i 31 7 27 3 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 jsfow York a|, at, Lovila (8) Drew* (lo) * ml Johnson (3-a op wonslod to-pi u o 4 1 4 0 1-- Struck out for Totals ln 8th. 30 3 37 8T. LOTUS . ~ honol mind" -- EHlrmvoluu, Uhou, b o h n o r . A«nlnl« -'.!, M n C ) i i l n n , IllviKUUi, Bhan, a. n«nirdlno, illtohoook ii. J i u l n U i l i ;i, I'ol-Ui- 7. -liHI -- · Hwnrliih 'J, U l M a w K l c i . /.iirlllu. :i-M -. Hhoti, J . n l i n u r , 55iu'Illn. l l o l n r l d h . ifoino run ··- D I M u w Klo, Hue -- atlriiwtiliin. flhoft. Dl 1 --- Hltoh- oook, DIlMnttor. mirimllno nnd D l l l l n u o r . LOB -- Now YorX ·!, St. LoillH B. I3B Shorv 3. Struck out by tor a. 7,olclfik 1. HI In (I, Pot- off Pottor 0 In n J n i i i N H H i off Zoiclak l in 1. Hit by jillciiw -- by roUor ( D I M a n t t U H , Clippers To Face Runner-Up Lyford Twice This Week VALLEY MA IP Ml A 0 UK How They SUncl W Brownevlllo .............. S ,y;rorct .................... B WICHITA FALLS, June 7 (/*') -Earl Stewart Jr., Dallas, won the 4Ut annual Toxas Golf Association tournament championship here Saturday in whirlwind fashion by defeating ttufus King, Wichita Polls, 10 and 0. The new chumpion, successor Bobb who was eliminated in the second round Thursday, was eight under par for the 27 holest it took to knock out his opponent. Stewart's round of 35-33-68, four under par for the morning round, and his four-under-par 33 during the nftrrnoon wore believed to HOI m-w t o u r n a m e n t record for Wichita Fnlls Country Olub. the winning the first three holes of the morning round, collecting a birdie and an eagle, and appeared to be away on another spree. After going 3-up Saturday however, he failed to best Stewart a(?ftin until they came back for the .first hole of the afternoon round. Meanwhile, red-haired Stewart, playing In tho TGA for the third time, turned oven on the morning round and was 6-up at the midway point of the battle. Final results in other flights: First flight--Doon Bllbrcy, Wichita Falls, defeated Orion Danidl, Wichita Falls, 4-3. Second fllghU-J, L. Hall, San Anfjelo, defeated Jack Good, Wichita Falls, 2-1. Third flight-- John Marklmm, Lubbock, defeated Prorl Cone Jr., Wichita Falls, 1-up. Fourth flight-- Dan Winters, Abilene, defeated M. Samples, Wichita Falls, 1-up. t,prtnted out in front by French Nag Beats Favored Minstrel In British Derby EPSOM DOWNS, inngland, June 7.....-MV-. Thr clnrny distance and Gordon *l c ^«»«l^ Bomber;* of r n u R h t up "llh BrU*m» TM "L^ La Fci'la Thursday niRht whfln the ·lucior rvxinfiiiL.! ~m , _._ . u,.,,.,i~ tv^,...^^,i^ n rTM, . Julia Burst Due To Hurl Against Mercedes Team ·Julia Hurst, Brownsville's Klrl softball pll.cher, Is expected to the century" the 168th running of England's ancient, classic Saturday and he stag- f "reel homo a faltering fourth, as a 40 to 1 French outside nurgocl out of nowhere to win. Bombers Invade Mercedes for a softball spat with tho Queen City gii'ln' team. C. E. "Toady" Vail, manager of tho Bornbcus, said Saturday he had nowhere to win. contacted Mrs. Burst in request of Route-Koinpc Pearl Diver, foaled | hm . twlrllnn: sorvicoa In the game A v i . ' « t « - r»^...r» - - . . - - Tii I 1 H 1 U W J I 1 U 1 H .v durlnp tho war in occupied T r a n c o ! w U h MercedM. rind given an ftllns to hldo hl« Ident i t y from tho Oormrtntt--and un- hcrnlded find prn.otlfcnlly. uiihorvrcl nf before Bflturdiiy--act the strotch Afire in the final rivmrtor-rnlle to roll in by four lonptthfl to tho com- pieto astonishment of close to half- R-million folks, IncludinK tho roynl family. The Minstrel hRd never ovon boon challengpd before--hiul tievor been less thnn four Icnpths in front in Rny of the six straight unbeaten Marts of his en root up to Saturday, nnd practically ovoryonc had conceded him thw $38,604 winner's paycheck, and wondered why any "f the others in tho field of 1 ovon bothered to nhow up. He came home n-wcarylng back of Pearl Diver and the Aga Khan 8 Migoli and the Mahnrnja of Bn* roda's record $117,000 yearling, Snyajlrao, who wan second choice m the bottlnff, in that order. Pot - 714 .086 - B0 ° -143 Kirllnson ................ 1 Guinea This Week Monday--La Pcrln (U Ilnrllwfon Tuoaclixy -- llarllnBOii nt La Forla Wednesday -- Lyford at Brownavlilo Friday -- Brownsville at Lyford o » * The girls of .the Valley Maid Softball league swing into their fifth round of .competition this wook with four games scheduled, iach team, playing another twice. La Fcria and Harllngon tr/v:UJ fields on Monday and Tuesday nights while Brownsville and byford face each other Wednesday in Brownsville and Friday In the Willacy camp. All homo games of Harlingon will be played on Monday nights, vs Wn»Ulnjrlon (4-a) mul and K r a m e r (4-3 (2) va nt ohUdan (0-») 5nc Boston v» Tonmu-- ... (4-3) nt DetvoH--Ferris (0-fl) How They 8tm\d W l. 3ft Now York CloYolawl Boston 18 3t 31 22 »V,"'Lou]»"".'..'..'.'.'., r/ 17 19 n a j 94 (4 T 4) Vfi Pot, .605 ,fU4 .ROO ,4Hfl .416 4'4 Nuw York a Ht, Lioui« l ChioM.KO 4 W A i h l n r t o n ' 0 Uonton at Detroit ( p p d , v n l t i ) PhlUtlcJphln at Cl«v«li\nd, r u i n ) N A T I O N A L Today'* rlloherik Loul* ftt Ni»w York (2)- -Mumror (4-1) a n d l 3 n l « (3-3) v« konlo (S-S) ixntl Kennedy (4-1) or H a r t u n u (4-1) ChlcivBo at Brooklyn -- Lade (3-a) vs Burncy (3-1) Cincinnati ftt Boston (3)-- Vandcr Moor (P.-3) and Hetkl (2-3) or SJriuit (1-Q) vs Cooper (2-4) or Barret -(:i-3) PlttaburBh at Philadelphia (2)-- Sowcll ( H - l ) ivncl Strlncovloh a-3) VB Jurlslch (0-1) and Howo (7-1) How They nnlng relief pitching stint Satur- lay as the ohlcngo White Sox do- foatecl the Washington Sqntitors 4-0. *It was the OhlcaRoans' seventh straight win ovor Wash- ngton In as many meetings this Brooklyn Ufl IB Now York 2fi 1R ChlcfiBO 24 10 Boston 35 20 PhllfiClolphlR 20 2fi Pittsburgh 18 S* cinolnnatl so a7 St. Louis :. IB as Kenultii S a t u r d a y Boston 0 Clnnclnati 0 Chlcngo Rt BrooJelyn (ppd. r a i n ) 81. Louis Rt New« York (ppd, r u i n ) Pittsburgh at Phllftdelphla (ppd. r n l n ) Pol. Ml ,581 .558 .55(5 ,444 ,420 .420 ,41!) a u IVi 7VSi TQI; ins-Houston ... Shrovnnort Port Worth all of La nights, all games on Ferla's on Tuesday of Brownsville's home W e d n e s cl a y, while Lyford stays at'home every Friday niRht. Brownsville's Packard CllpperB continued to lead the league, although the Lyford Red Birds TEXAS LEAGUE How The/ Stand W L 36 10 30 2R 20 20 30 27 211 20 24 1)2 24 33 33 Uctaiinont . , , , , . Tulsa , . , Oklahoma City San Antonio 23 RerfilUn 8»tvirnR\ Houston 8 Oklahoma City 3 Tulsa fl SMI Antonio 1 Shreveport 6 Port Worth 4 Dallas B B c n u m o n t - 3 * * * SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION RvNUlln Satiinliiy Now Orleuna 14 Lltllo Rock 'A Nashville 10 Birmingham B Memphis 12 Mobile fl (Only games scheduled) Pet, .0411 .6-15 .527 .520 ,500 .4'JO .421 .'111 bounced back into undisputed second place, drubbing La Forln 7-2 Friday night in Lyford. The Birds scored their seven runs on five hits and three La Forla errors, whllo tho Graham Bombers crossed homo plate twice, on four hits mid four Lyford misplays. Batteries for Lyford were Vllla- rroal and WoBt; for La Forla, Thnxton,' Enndirm Oava?-o« and Strickland. Oavazos, a 14-year* old schoolgirl is the latest addition to tho La Forlu staff, In her first mound start last week she struck out five of the first six batters. Of her first 37 pitches, 35 were called strikes or hit balls. Boston Braves Buy Lefty Clyde Shoun BOSTON, June 7--(/P)--Purchase by the Boston Braves in the National League of loft-handed hurler Clyde Shoun of the Cincinnati Beds was announced Saturday by General Manager John Quinn. Sunday, June ?, 1D47 THE BROWNSVILLE HEKALD if Mrs. Morgan Wins State Fern Golfin AUSTIN,, urie 7--(/P)--Mrs. M. W. Morgan of Bnytown Saturday won the Hth annual championship tournament of the Texas Women's Public L4nks Golf Association, by defeating Mrs. J, R. .Bradford of Pallas, n and 9. The scheduled 36-hole match ended on the ninth hole of yie afternoon round. More than 200 fans watched the title match, windup of a solid -- ; weeH of golf; that drew 63 of tin w | | 'III 11 state's feminine sh,oi,mak.ers Joe Haynes Wins Seventh; Chisox Blank Nats 4-0 Spahn Ties Reds With 3 Hits As Boston Wins 9-0 OWIOAOO, Junp 7 d 1 ) ~ turnotl in a four hit Joo Ab H OlChlcftBO season. Wnsh. . . Chvstmn BH 3 0 4|Bi\koi Lcnvls rf Qrnco If 4 0 OlPWlloy U 4 1 Vernon I b 4 0 O J o n o H Ib el 4 0 fllKcnnedy Robrl.Hii :ib :i I rf Ab H O 4 0 0 4 0 0 3 I 1 1 10 2 2 prickly 3b H n e f n r )i JixncUni P -Travis Knorr p Totals 2 o 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 31 4 24 Tuclcor of Trash c Rlffnoy P Haynes p Totals II 4 ·1 V 3 :\ \ 4 4 2 0 0 0 0 3 1 2 32 0 27 1--Qro'undort out for C n n d i n l in 8th, VASHINOTON 000 000 000--0 'HICAC1O 000 031 OOx--1 Hrrorfl -- Prlddy, Kllloway. RBI -- Appllnff 2, Jonos, Haynos. Runs --· Phil- cy, AppllnB, Tucker, Hnyncs. Assists -- ihrlstmnn 2, Vernon 2, Robertson 2, Tiddy, Hnefner, Baker, Appling 6, Jones . Kolloway 7, Haynes 2, 2-B -- Jones. Sac Haynes. DP Applintr to Kol- oway to Jonc/i. LO13 -- Washington 5, 3hlci\RO 9. BB -- off Hnynes IS, H a e f n o r !, C t u u t l n l 1, K n c r r 1. S t r i k e o u t s ~ I n o f n o r l, K n o r r 3, Hnynci; 3. Hits -off H n o f n u r 0 in 0 I m i l n f f s } Camllnl 0 1; K n o r r 0 in 1: Rtenoy 0 in 1; n liaynns -i In 8. Ha of nor, state's feminine s h o t m a o r s to Austin's municipal course. It was the first trip to the publinx finals for both finalists, though not their first; appearance in the statewide ovqnt, Ohmnpionshlp consolation honors wont to Mrs, Holnn TJrunnar of Si\n Antonio, who dofondul Mrs. William HolmcH of Dnlli\,s. Mm OharlOH Two of Dulin.s BOSTON, June 7 --Cf) ~ Warren Spnhn turned in his 1047 !masterpiece, a three hitter against i t he Cincinnati Reds, while chalk- iintf up his ninth win for the Bos- iron Braves with a 9-0 shutout Saturday night. ! Leadoff m 0 n Tommy Holmes i sparked a 12-nil attack for the j tribesmen by belting a two-bagger : a n d four singles in five tries Wains a pair of the Hods' mounds- ·' men. : O l m i i n n i i l l Ab H O j H o M o n Ah H O rl 4 1 il 1 UolUMih '( fr ^ capturod tho first fllffht with a 4 lliilun If and 3 viotory over Mrs. O, A. P o r - j M » o U o r « V o H m c r cf 1C null P 4 0 1 ^ o n 4 I 'Jt :i i o 0 0 fl|H)Ml I b of San Antonio, and the first flight consolation went to Mrs, W. M. Miles of Seguin, who defeated Austin's Joanlo Heathor- ington, (3 and 4, Mrs. Betty Oonnxds of San Antonio bested Lena Lamme of Austin, 3 and 2, for the second flight I 3 title. Mrs. A. H. Ater defeated Mrs. Dorothy Thronoberry, .8 and G, in the all-Austin second flight .T fl l ! S p n h n p u n ill x 1 0 O ' T o t n l . s Uvoly P 0 0 Oj .1 .1 4 4 n n .1 n a 3 0 2 3 0 0 3ft 12 27 Partain TTianks Contributors To Tigers 9 Baseball P. E. "Red" Partain, manager of the Brownsville Tigers baseball team, Saiurday night issued hii "grateful thanks" to the Brownsville business firms and individual! who contributed to the team's campaign to put bnscball on a firm footing in Brownsville. Through the efforts of Partain the Tipovs have been removed froru out of the shadow of fonner baseball misconduct in Brownsville and have set themselves up as orfe of the Valley's most acceptable semipro teams. Financial contributions to put the team on an' oven keel were mad by several firms. Manager Pan nil Saturday announced publicly hii i thanks to Hafi'ty Glass Company i which furni,'»hmt a oomplnto wt ol now uniforms for tho team; Fin*' NiUlowO Hunk. Pan Amorloru Bank, Porl nrotht-i-Fa5.hion. Valentin's Department Store. Unioi Meat Market, Pastime Parlor. Bel Loan Company, Oscar Sommers, th City Drug and others. Tot n Is 30 3 2-11 * - S t r u c k out for Eranil. in filh. C I N C I N N A T I 000 000 000--0 Boston 103 100 OBx--U consolation. Austin's Mrs. Marvin Wesley won the third flight with a 7 and 5 victory over Mrs. Blair KCIT of Dallas, and Mrs. C. N. Dilling- 1mm, Austin, captured the consolation of the flight with a 6 and 4 win over Dallas' Paula Loichliter. Helis' Elpis Wins New Castle 'Cap STANTQN, Del., June 7 -- (/H-Coming from off the pace in · the final sixteenth of n mile, William G. Hells' Elpis, R 23 to one shot won the $25,000 added New Castlo Handicap before an estlmtacd crowd of 18,000 at Delaware Park Saturday, _________ Errors -- Lively. Runs -- Holmes 3, Hoim, H o w c l l , Mi.M, Ststi. R y a n , Spnhn. HH1 --- ICUIoll 2, H n w o l l . Uolinoa 3. S p n h n . ToriifiMW 2. Asi,lf,|.s ··- Blunt u r n 4, ! Datum :i, Minor :!. isrnutt a. H. isniou, i S I M l . R y n n , Bwihn 2. 2-» -- K l l l o l t . Rowcll. Holmes. 3-H -- Tortjoson. SB -M i l l e r , Mahi, Rixwoil. Sufi -- Spalm, DP -- Miller n n d H U H R ; Miller, Z i o m a r a n n d H:\ns. LOU -- CincinniUl 5. Boston 7. 13B -- E r a u t t 3, Lively 1, Spnhn 2. Struck out --· by K r a u i t I, Lively J. Spnhn 7. H i t s -- off KriUlU 0 in 7 i n n i n g s ; o f f Lively 3 in 1 I n n i n u . Wild pitch -- EnuiU. Loser -- ferautt. SCHRE1NER INSTITUTE SUMMER SESSION College Department -- Two Six-Week Terms June 9 - July 19 -- July fcl - August 30 High School Department -- One Eigrht-Week Term June 16 - August 9 Pall courses of study in both high school and college departments. Unexcelled recreational facilities in the Hill Country of Texas, Non-military during Summer Session. Separate quarters and special rates for Veterans. Reservations now being received for both Summer Session and Long Session. For bulletins and information, write: THE REGISTRAR, Box 10, Kcrrvllle, Texas Complete Optical Service Eyea Examined -- Lcn*e« Duplicated -- Frameg Repaired R, L. LACKNER Jeweler and Optometrist lilt EilMbfth Ph«»« Br«wnsvill» Faster Ships Lower Freight Rale* Weekly Service T I X A f * L I N E THE T E X A S LINE N E W T E X S T E A M S H I P CORP. B A L T I M O R I · NIW Y O R K * MOUITOH * M O W N t V K l l MAIDS WANTED IMMEDIATELY Contact Mr. Ledbetter, EARLE HOTEL 1147 SE Levee St. Phone 1920 City May Form Summer League Of Basketball Plans for n Hummer basketball league and other Indoor compe- t i t i v e sports on a city wide basis as part of the summer recreation program were Indicated Saturday by Recreation Director Hob- Martin. '.Director M n r l l n .said that Memorial G y m n a s i u m will be available throiight the .summer months for the use of Brownsville's sports rnlnrlcc! v/ho to compete in .summer basketball, volleyball or other indoor league sports. With the entry of more Juvenile teams in the Ward and Junior league, t.wo more weeks of practice sessions have been scheduled before league play for keeps begins. The practice- .schedule for this week in the Ward League Monday --Monroe Cubs vs Clearwaler; WHtnesclR.v Southern Pacific VH Kcnnelly Sea Foods; Friday-- Clearwaters vs Cubs Den 2. The week's practice schedule m the Junior Lnagut 1 : Monday- Tourist A U to vs Sinclair Ollc-.r:.; Wednesday ----- Daredevil.') VH Washington Park; Friday-- Kennelly vs Sinclair. The practice games are scheduled to besln at 5 p.m. oh the hlnh school playground. Brownsville's lighted li-nnls courts are open for the Use of all tennis enthusiast.'!. Director M a r t i n a n - nounced. A M I L I T A R Y S C H O O L THAT PUTS EDUCATION FIRST! 62 YEARS OF C O N T I N U O U S UNIVERSITY AFFILIATIONS TEXAS MILITARY INSTITUTE 800 College Bird. Phorn* T4366 Foi 1 boys ol hloh ichool ag«. GradUaloi a d m i t t e d lo all ocprodlllng schools, col- logos and U i U V w m l t l e s , Strong faculty lo: s m a l l cla«9fl» lo feormit i n d i v i d u a l ai. l o n t l o n . M I J o r m » oi alhlollcs. Splendid l l b t u r y and laboralorlos. Moderate rate*. ANTONIO ACADEMY II. Phono P-V331 Senarol* school or young boy*; lo 0 inclusive! Constant juporvlilon, aU»ntlon. Modorale CATALOG FREE ON REQUEST, WRITE OR WIRE SAN ANTONIO ACADEMY 1335 N. FLOHES ST. BAN ANTONIO. TEXAS a ii · i ii ii Nl n III III and this is the Car Compare th» cars in number of QUALITY FEATURES MOST HIGH-FRICID CARS HAVI tow-PRicto PLYMOUTH H * s LOW-PRICED CAR « HAS LOW-PRICtD CAR #* HAS ) 21 2O t _ 9 8 OKIY. SOHOQON SAN ANTONIO Mjeiifetitaffi/Mi/ttari/ 'BY WAR OEPT CHRYSLER, MARINE ENNES mo MTATI: Hostilts W i c h i t a Falls 5 Waco 3 · Advertisement) « ! ? n ! i . - i i s 'Ih ould Cleopatra Drink A -arl W i t h Stomach Ulcer*' m i ru'iitnit n t o r y ul C l r o i m u n IB lln , ·· liiTt- AH i u l i i i l i o i urul.'K.-cl (.hi- Ooftillr. ' , V ( j Ol hlM IX'HI'lS. W I H T C l l p O n S I H - Mpprc' oiif I n t o a «iu.'..s of w i n e ' t i ' 1 i: I! H h c v.diikl liiirdl. 1 . D:ivr» d i ) , t l i f ( i shf M i f f r r e d i i f t r r - r . T i l n t t n u l n a t \ v l i o n r j d i a l rcH.srd v l t ' h f i t o n i n . - h j i c M u u l f i r . i i u l i k ' c s l l u l l . ·:!!· IHllll.-t. i b i n n . b u n i i i t ? .icii.'iutUm. b l o n l n i u l r c o n d t t i o n s i - f x i i s r d l»y exec;... a r l r l id try U t l K R C i c t \ ~'". riox t (Jdi'ii cu f r o m y o u r d r i i K x t . ^ T'lrM r l o s p c o n v U K O o r r e t u r n hox t n us n n d DOUBLE VOUR M O N E Y BACK. TAKI YOU OUT AND BRING YOU BACK - SAFELY! Boat owners get all-weather safety witn starter, generator, and regulator all buitt of corrosion- resistant rpaterial and sealed : ACE · C R O W N · R O Y A L ' V " '. ' · V 97lo t-il Mo»inc"»i B»ol«v M. f * fl 0 I i 1 r O I I V f I W T H fc* W A; T.f « ' ' BENNETT MARINE ENGINE CO, H R O W N S V T L L E , TEXAS f its fs PLYMOUTH The new Quality Chart shbws yoU the 20 features of high-priced cars found in low-prided Plymouth. It pfoVs that neither df the other two leading low- priced cars has hali as many of these features* Your nearby Plymouth dealer will be gldd to show you the Quality Chart. He'll accept your order. And he'll take good care of your present car while you're waiting for your new Plymouth. PLYMOUTH Division of OHKYtLER CORPORATION

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