The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 27, 1963 · Page 19
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 19

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 27, 1963
Page 19
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Toddlers' Tale Ansvw to Previous Punl« ACROSS 1 Toddler's food catcher 4Toddler's bed. 8 Toddler's dog · name 12 Mindanao Indonesian 13 Residence 14 Toddler's mother 15 Legal point 16 Unemotional 38 Meaner 20 Wide-awake 21 Charged atom 22 Wicked 24 LcnRthy 26 Roman road 27 Scottish . sallyard 30 Standards o! perfection 32 Loiterers 34 Lodging places for motorists 85 Dins 36 Bitter vetch 37 Birds 3C Clamping device 40 Prayer ending ·41 Middling (comb, form) 42 Ostiole 45 Turned inside out 49 Residence and grounds 51 Masculine appellation 52 Solar disk 53 Genus o[ auks 54 Prick oH 55 Repair , 59 Employs 57 Aeriform fuel DOWN 1 Farm structure 2 Willow genus 3 Toddler's wicker baskets 4 Series of links 5 Lariat 6 Turkish . · hostelry 7 Wager . 8 Odor 9 Despise 10 Prince 11 Treaty 17 CoIHure 19 Garments . 23 Blood vessels 2-i Citrus fruit 25 Aroma 26 Outlet 27 Repelling 28 Greek god of .war 26 Essential being 31 Andenn beasts 33 Glandular organ 38 Genuflects ·10 Rectify 41 NaUyes of Media 42Humbuc 43 Carry (coll.) ' 44 Portent 46 VaUey (poet) . ·47 Assam silkworm ·48 Dibbles 50 Greek letter NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. fire' Seen In Smoke On Gas Board Dispute Sen, Ehgle Has Brain Surgery WASHINGTON : (UPI) :- Sen. ·Glair Englc, D-Calil., underwent brain surgery Saturday arid is in serious condition today, an aide said. · . . ' · The 53-year-old Engle was reported sutlering Irom a "congenital condition" ol the brain. 'Charles Bosley-, Engle's aide, said the brain condition was al- rectinE the circulation in Engle's ri^fht arm and · leg, He entered the Doctors Hospital Thursday; On Saturday an operation \vas performed to remove "a small amount ol tissue" from the brain. ' ' "The operation \vas to all appearances successful," B o s l.e y said. No signs 1 of ft tumor were found by dociors, the aide said. However, the results of a laboratory, lest will decide whether the lawmaker is suffering from a malignant condition. False Leads Pour In About Robbers LONDON (UPD-Police sifted through a pile of false leads today in a Europe-wide search for .liree elusive men--including one cnowri as "The Weasel"--wanted n connection wilh Britain's J7.3 million train robbery. Reports poured in that one or all ot the men had been seen in Carious regions ot England, Ire,and. Italy and Finland. But so 'ar police have been unable to jnd the three suspects whose names and faces were widely publicized last week. Police have recovered ST68,(MO of the record loot. OKLAHOMA CITY (UPI) -- A Shawnee legislator said today there seems lo be a lot of smoke surrounding ihe liquefied petroleum gas board dispute with a Shawnee dealer, and "where there's smoke ihcre is bound to be a little lire some place." Rep. John Lcvcrgood of Shawnee said, however, he would not ask the legislative council to investigate ihe board. But he said he would favor such Rn investigation it evidence was presented to back up charges against the board. The question o[ an investigation was raised Monday after the board revoked the license of Ralph Lillard. operator of Ihe Blue Flame Gas Co., Shawnee. His attorney. Corky Bishop of Seminolc, charged his client was a victim of a "kangaroo court." He cttrliei 1 had charged ;ho board ·with trying to drive Lillarci out ot business because he wouldn't fix prices at a higher level. He said he would ask Level-good to request an investigation. "Bishop will have to put his proposition before ihe council, and then it will be up to the council whether to approve an investigation or not," Levergood said. "There seems to be a lot of smoke surrounding this thing though," Levcrgood said, "Anywhere there is smoke there is j bound to bo a litlle fire some place." Lcvcrgood said he had not talked with Bishop about an investigation. The license revocation was to have become effective at 8 a. m. today, but Bishop said he would appeal the board's ruling to Pot- tftwatornic Counry district court. The law permits the order to be stayed pending an appeal. Bishop said he also would go to the legislative council and lodge a complaint for the sole purpose, he said, of "getting them to put reins on this agency and prevent them irom carrying out this type ot kangaroo court." Ed Sabin. chief deputy of the LPG board, made the ruling against Lillard Monday after a 90- ^ minute hearing. Lillard was accused ot shorting a customer on a delivery "with intent to de- Iraud." He was specifically accused of shorting a customer 24 gallons on a gas delivery Juno 28 to LPG Administrator W. D. Rush enst of Oklahoma City and 40 gallons on | Business Directory · INSURANCE j July 3 to a Max Miller near King; fisher. I Bishop said it might have been | possible there had been an error in measurement but that Rush, who was the only witness, hadn't even attempted to prove fraud. Bishop has charged the board is trying to drive Lillard out of busi- ! ness because he won't ii\ prices j at a higher level. Rush and Gov. Henry Bellmon | .' both defended the board in the li- j cense revocation. i "I am of the opinion the charges by this attorney (Bishop) are a smoke screen intended to cover i up what appeal's to be a violation of the statutes." Bellmon said. Rush said Lillard was proven | i guilty a; the hearing o' shorting a ; i customer with intent to defraud. ! He denied prices or competi- j tion had anything to do with the j charges against Lillard. LEGAL NOTICES DEFENSE FAILS IU.M KINGSTON-ON-THAMES, Eng- and (UPI) -- Peter Jones, an S-year-old laborer, told a court tonday he was swinging from he roof of the Kingston parish hurch one recent midnight be- auso "I have an arrangement with the vicar." He was fined SS.40 for being and disorderly, Published In 'Lie Lawtbn ' ' ConsUtuLlo .'. Aug.. 21, ' 23, 25, 2B, 27. 23, 1963 RESOLtTION NO. 2 ·'STREET. IMPROVEMENT'. ' DISTRICT NO. .119. . · . A ' RESOLUTION- 'ADOPTING PRE LLMINAKY PLANS. .ESTIMATES OF COST .AND ASSESSMENT. PLAT. DE CLARLNG THE .NECESSITY FOR THE PAVING OF STREET LMPHOVEMEN' DISTRICT. MO. 113. AMD. DECLARING AN EMERGENCY: SAME.BEING THE U X P A V E D . PORTIONS OF TliE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED STREETS 'AND A V E N U E S ; . ' · i "B" Avenue, Frorn Hie center-line o ·ill] Street k tile center-line of nth Street. (72 feet wide and .3" thick ALL LN THE CITY OF. LAWTON COMA.NCHE COUNTY, OKLAHOMA. BE IT .RESOLVED BY TRS MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF THE' CITY OF LAWTON. COMA.NCHE COUNTY, OKLA HO.MA. Section 1 -- Thm iho preliminary, Ghowlnc a lyplcnl section or the contemplated 1m provcmcnl. the type or types o: mn icrlQl, nppro.tlrafttc thickness nnd widths preliminary tstlmate of the cost or -sucl mprovcmcni find an nssessmcr.l plni showing the nren lo tc assessed for .he p a v l n j of Street Improvement Din. irlet No: 119, comprising the atreelj nnd nvcnues iu set oul In the lltle ol his resolution as prepared nnd sub 1 -nllled by . HENDRICK A HENDfUCK, SNG1NEERS. nrc hrreny adopted ant npproved and ordered tiled In the Office of the City Clerk. Section .2 -Thru It Is necessnry to the streets and avenues as set out above In the I l l l e of this resolution; to do the necessary rradln?. lo construct manholes, stonr. sewer Inlets, dmhagc pipes, curb and (rutter, and sewers with I h e necessary connections to adequately drain said Improvement, Stcllon 3- That this resolution be published In the Lowton Constitution, rv dally newspaper nr seneral circulation, In said Cl'.y for six (6) consecutive Issues. Sccllon -That If the o\vnTS of rr.orc than one- half the nrea or the lots, pieces, nr parcels of Rrourul liable lo nflsfssment 'or the cost of these Improvements shall no: within fifteen (]5) days a f l r r I h e last publication, file w l l h Uic Cl!y OrH Ihelr protests In vrrltlr.p n g n l n s t such Improvements, said prolc-sln lo he heard at the next ree/jla.- ir.eetlnc of the Cllv Council, a f t e r the e.fplrvjon of the 15 day period, then Ihe Mayor and City Council of Llle City of Lawlnn. Oklahoma shall cause Ihe Improvement lo be m a d e and contracted for. and then shall levy assessments and Issue Street Improvement Donds for the payment thereof as provided by Imv. ADOPTED AND A P P R O V E D THIS 20th day of Aueust, 1P63. (s) WAYNE GILLSY. Mayor ATTEST: (s) n. M. DODSON. City dry* Published In the Luivton ConsLlluMon Auj, V. Zl. 35. 25. 27. 2S. 1«3 HEADS FOR JAPAN' VIENNA, Austria (API--A Bulgarian trade deleRation is headed Tor Japan to discuss the chances for IncreasinR Japanese-Bulgarian trade. Radio Sofia reports. School At Closed Two RIPLEY (AP)--aass« at Rip- Icy schools have been delayed a week, until- Sept. 3, as a precautionary measure- because ot the death o[ 13-year-old Linda Rose TwciKuns last week o! meningitis, Supt. Bob Brandebcrry said Monday. SEE TIIE FINEST SELECTION OF USED CARS GUARANTEED -- RECONDITIONED! '61 Plynioiilh Snvoy Vg ^-Door--Rfldio, Healer, Pmvcrfllle. One owner, Low Mileage. Nine. '61 Volkswnpcn Sun Roof 2-Door^Kadlo, Hester, One Owner. Locnl cnr. Really like new. '61 Ford Falcon 4-Door--Ilenlor. One Owner. A real sharp economical cur. See It. 'S3 Rambler Deluxe 4-Door-- Heater. Economy at a Dnrcnln Priced (o Sell NOW. '37 Chevrolet 6 Cyl 2-Door--HcJitcr. SUindnrd Trann, So clean it looks like new. Drive K. '57 Ford Custom .100 6 Cyl. 2-Door--Itadlo, Healer, New Tire... Soc It. 1'ou ixlll like It. A.UTOMOTn'E REPAIItS -- ALL MAKES EXPERIENCED MECHANICS ADOLPH FIETZ MOTOR CO. 2nd and GOTO Dlnl t;L'i-17D2 OUT OUR WAY THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Tuesday, Augurt 27, 1963 OUR BOARDING HOUSE F L E A S ? Call FOG SERVICE EL5-I078 INSURANCE · Bonds · Rentals FREE · Loans · Notary TARKDCG FOR SALE 1301 E -- 2 BR home and 2 3-room rentals furnished; concrete cellar and all Icnced. This is nice property. Priced 510,900 total. A bargain. TaJk this over with us. Nice 3 BR brick home, bath a V=, double parage. beautiful location N. 40th-- dose to trade center. Nice 2 BR home at 2S19 H; car port, TV antenna, concrete cellar, comer buy equity and balance $50.00 a month. 152 acres, well improvefl. one mUe from Fletcher, Oklahoma; 20 miles from Lawton. 60 acres oil royalty KOCS-- on hiwy. 277. Motels and ranches -- call us. "ROY B. HOOPER AGENCY" 2102 Gore Blvd. - EL 5-3310 Realtor Loans Insurance Bonds Salesmen: W. H. Palmer . UK Johnson EH. 5-2335 EL 7-1004 Television Log Channel 3_Wichita Falli Channel 4 Oklo. City Channel 6.Wichita Falli Channel 7 Lawron Channel 9 Okla. City c--Color Program! 3 -- Fred Brooki -"-- N'ew's And 6 -- Oulckdraw Mc 3-- HunUei'-Brlnkley K-M ll Dillon 7-- Combu; ll Dillon 7:00 6-^-- LJoyd Brldjti Sh T::io 3--- Emplrc-C 6--- Tnlent ScouL^ n Eye 3-4-- DkX T-owpU 5 -- Picture This '-- UntouchHblrj - C 6-9 -- Kecfc Brassclla 7-- TEA 8:30 3 -- Our Miss Brooki Picture This 7 -- Focus on America 10:00 3-4-5-7-S-- Ntwi 3-4-- Tor.lltfct-C B-- Tclc-Bln;o 7_MpvlB 5-- Steve. Allen U;IW G -- Lale Show WEUNSSDAT 0:30 4-- UvMtodc Auc'Jon. 0:49 3 -- ^Kominf: DevoUon «:35 -N'ews and WeaUier 7:00 3-«-- Todoj- «-LI(i- or Rllry D -- Knrtooii Krtpc G -- Ca%per-Krlcnds ?-- Neiv «nd Wc 7:.M ?-- Miss Frsn «:m 6 -- Cjipu Kj^curo 8:13 9 -- Opt In OWa. 3-4--S«i' When 6-9--Calendiir H:±5 . 3-4-- .Vewi 5:31 3-J-- Play Your Hunch-C 6-9--1 Love Lucy 3-+--Price Is JUjhl-C S^-The McCoyi 10:30 3--;--Concentration 6-5--Pclc nnd Gladyi '--Sflve.T Keys 11 :M 3-4--First ImpressIon-C . 6-s--Love of Ufc '--Emle Fort W 'ITuth Or Consequfnc -9--Search For Tomom 7--Father Knowi Ben 11:55 3-4-- -\BC -S«WI 1^:00 7-- Genera] Hospital 4-Wealher 9 -- Farm ^cwi i:-.M 3 -- Best of Croucho 4-- TP Sho\v e-9-- AI world Tum» 7-- A n n Solhem 3-l-proplo will Tnlk-C 6-- Piuinvord 7-- Dny In Court 9 -- Cnylon SUicy I:U 3-4-- Thp Doctorfc G-9-- Housn Pnrly 7^ Jane U'ymAJi 3-1-- Lorella Vount G-9-- To Tell Trulh 7-- Queen for a Day ::3I 3-1-- You Don't Say-C 6-5-- EdBr o.' Nlsr.l 7-- Who Do You Truj'.? :i:i9 3-4-- Mntch Cnmr 6-9-- The Secret Storm 7-- American Itancstand 3:3 3-4-- .Ne\vs 3:3 3-1 -- Make noom For Dn 6-9-- Millionaire 7 -- Discovery '63 4:on 3-- Our Miss B-ooki 4 -- Superman . \1 7-- Movie 9-- Three Sloosei 4:3(1 3-- Mr. Mauoo Forcrnon Scotty Show 9-- Early Show 5:Ut 3-- Hockle ar.d Friends 4-- Supercar C-- Highway Patrol 7 -- Mickey Mouse 3:15 3-- Abbott ajid Costello f,:'M 4 -- Tom Thumbnail Thcali 5:43 3-4-- HunUey-Brlnklcy 6-- Haro' P.rasoncr ' IUNDERSTAHP VO SRLFRIEND HAVE BROKEN Up. VL -·-- L. O , 5U£ WA5 3UST OUT FOR WHAT,SHs.CQUL.D GCT! SHE WA5KTVcRV BRIGHT EliP.ER. 50, BELIEVE I MEIOCHOPHERAMINKfOW/ AMYTHIMts- HAPPEN WHILE 1 WAS NO.SOMETHIM' VOJ FOR3OT TO TAKE OLTT-THE SEEDS/ I NEARLV BROKE A TOOTH/. DON'T FaiJGST.THlS IS ONLV MY FIR5T TRV AT MAKW A GRAPS PIS.'. GOSH, FROM E LOOK ON YOUR FACE, TH£RE MUST BE SOME.-.-., THW I FDftSOTTO THE WORRY WART HMF--T CAM EAT) 5AV, i. CAN! 3FFTHE: )\ REAAEMBER COB VJITK TEETH, BUT IT I* 0 UNDIGNIFIED.' OP A WES,SIR,/VtA-30R,Ti3O BAD SOL) CAN'T (5NAW CORN OFP Trf coe WITH THOSE TUSKS 5MATCH-. ITOPP.tH^-SPOOpJ LIKE rArviGINS IT VOUR WAV A LlkS SIPPING WATERMELON! THRU A 5NAPPEK5/ SOU USED TO GO THRO A 'STACK OF COBS LIKE A CAVEMAM DAV£ O) QJ t O I'/E B^ DOWN ATTHB'V TAKING TWe CCXJ2SS IN JUCO.., N©rr TIAAS YOJ1S5 DOWN AT THS "V/ TEV-me ADVANCED OOUB6S IN JUC?0. S-Z7 C C -1 m tn OJ li CD /AMMWIIFHE'SA MAH, FATH6R-.I CAN HANDLE HIM! ~"t I DOES IT REALLy MATTER WHE5E ' 1 IKIT6RM, F«7HER,AS IONS A5 IT'S A BUT 1DU WILL BB WORKIMG WITH A CESTTAIN RE5IP6MT, A PR.CASEY... MOH DIBU, WHAT OM.COUWTy SENEGAL I? AM I SPENTT TfJO WEEK5 7HERE AT V~ A SEWIMAR I VISITED THE LJMITSP CD a O O - QJ , AND HOW// MOBOCY \ BUT AN ORNERY OLD \ GQKl WOULD EVEK DO I OOP AS YOU HAVE,, j -HE'S BEEN A LOYAL, HARDWOfWMG PART OF THIS LAB FOR YEARS.' DO YOU THINK I WANT AMY WHISTLE-TOOTING RADIO-PUYlNC LUNK- HEADS ON MY STAFF? I 5ONT KNOW VWCT YOU WANT; BUT IF I COULI BLOW A WHISTLE, TD JOIN OOP IM A MINUTE/ MYSOO'WESS.OSCAI?, J PIDMT KWOW YOU WAS A. MUSIC LOVER,TOO; .TJ -TJ Ol ,, -- _ ,, , rvwi pi.-v i ir^s y -\ i n ·'--^j_ riiiv I (^uiui ' H= PCUICD SO,-= \.Mfr'-f 75 AT M. 3UT ·= T ^' V 1 ( rlOWCa1£Y3L' U. T'7AK£IT WH£E£ TM Aua-^Jj'?* ^izs.'^Q'SAXTTI ff-~irouTor isre-L'M MOMMT^W)eoi.-jVBUT^EUEM SKTri' ^TJFST'FWO'TK' J HIS 5Y5T£M/y CA/OA^Y? WHY ri «M LWEOM CME r " «:~1J rU...,. V^^^ S\ on ?ir:£'"."-i I \ nPinv i u^=if AO' to 0 a o U .3 -C to 15 TCO QWRITABLE A W3RP FOR THAT 5LAVE-BRIVIHG OLP PIRA7£1 WHV, I HEAR HE WON'T HIKE M. HOMESf HMj j GZ our HERE. STOP AMD MEET IM 5055.J.1! THAT C»FTY OLP aOAF COKNEKEP THE SUPPLY AVAILABLE IW TIME FOR OUR LAST.TEST POCKET LAuNCHIWS h- * IN FOUR MONTHS'. IF THE SEV / H CAHT...THAUkS TO McKEEl IMPROVE* A MIUBKAL U5E THc EFFICIENCVOpV VANE5IUWI5 MINED IM OMV McKEE'S ROCKETi WHY POESKi'T JDRKIM U5EITIM HIS? WELL, McKEE 5HREWD! · U ~ ., -UJ. i a Nov^ WHY SHOULD. ETTlSlSA'PENaL ·; '.TAKE/.SO.LONG? 1 . / TEP DUMK'S'.PHOME- NUMBER.'? SURtr/- LAUD ^, ; PENCIL?'"·;

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