The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on June 6, 1965 · Page 24
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 24

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1965
Page 24
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2-J Sunday, Juno 6, 'C5 DeTIn Democrat-Times £ SI6H WeVE ONLY BEEN ON THIS WS FOR TEN AWTES, ' THESe CfW BUSES ARE PRETTY MICE, I 60ESS... Special Notices Special Notices Want Ad Information Copy Cancellation Deadline til 4 MX. Sotwdoy 'til 12 H..n 1. 1 Monday FiMoy 4 P.M. hi J.m«Wl PotM Cn«n tn Clolilllrd arfvirllilnf iHeulii be MOVING SIGNS « TO « TIMES FASTER ATTENTION GE'lTERS A check on the advantage ol moving signs against stationary models shows those with motion get attention 6 to 9 timts (aster. Get buyers in motion to buy the rugs, bedroom sets, cliairs, or other furniture you aren't using. Inexpensive Delta Democrat-Times Classified ads can do the Job when you dial J-M21 for a helpM Ad Writer. tiaf-Tlniei wilt nal be reiponilbU for wore hon on* IrutrrKI falttllan. SPACE IAI» ON IEOUESI I0 E.lio In Ulntf tei Nurrben Gor Quick Action Satisfaction Use "Tried and Tested" WANT ADS Say "Charge It" Dial ED 5-1155 INDEX JOHNNY FISHER Specializing In Home Repairs Remodeling For 15 Years. GREENVILLE LUMBER COMPANY F*mal» rUl k ft AftnN 14--IHgotLorx Want*d M-iU 15--Tihralient Wonl»J F·**··* Phone ED 2-2637 Night 4-3448 to. Articles for Salo 20. Articles For Safe QUALITY TROPHIES- Lcirge or Small See Them All on Display Priced From 10--Artltt* f«r ta* II-- Ait!r«. WonrW 32--Cool Weed on4 fled 73-- PgII: AvclleRt ( 27--Farm EvJlomvfll 21--Fomwtf MarVel A Pro4» JO--tat, piulliy 1 llv««o«e toA--Wanted U i»y f«*e 33--Henehelel Ooo* 33--Plnnei, ladlgi. T*l«vW« IjJ--S*rvU* Dlreri.ry 14-- Dft-il-YeurMM J1--lutln*i 2--Aut* L«arv« -- Hortgag* L ESTATE-- tiNTAU 417 WASHINGTON AVE. -- DIAL ED 2-0311 "Home ol Mississippi's Most Complete Bridal Salon" 51 -- UnfiwnUJttJ A*! rtm ·* 12 -- t»*m f*M I«nf And t*mt JJ. ll If--Jwmraef Cottage* I U--t«ol Eilo4« l*r»fc L in ATI-- in ULI KowtM ftt «·!· , -- » WonFtd Loh Pw S«h _ - ttA-- Farm 74-- Com* A Jh*r« rj-- »a itei* xtan.i. f5A-- Cut el Town Er»»»if.i f7-- Atr*»«#» Fot 77A-- A(r«ag* /7t-- · Atr»ag» r/-- Acriaa* T| -- MJTUMDTIV1 KJ--C.'rt F.. ««· IA--Cm RtAfori Bt--Atna AetMtftrfM ·i--Heuii Trolien «3A-- Tneilet L«l 84-- Molerrrclei A !S--Tnrl» fo. Ial I5A--Tnnki Wrnl U--Trucki Wan«j«l 17--Grrroae* M--AlrplonM F 19--N««vv ' Buildup IMnlerials 31. Building Materials 34. Building Materials NEW SAVINGS ViRDEN LER. CO Your Complete Home Building Dealer Has A New Limited Offer EXTRA SERVICES if ONE STOP SHOP if DELIVERY * FREE ESTIMATES ON REPAIRS REMODELING if EXPERT ADVICE 0\' BUILDING TECHNIQUES '/ FINANCING Guaranteed Products! * * * CHECK OUR LOW - LOW PRICES TODAY . . . SEE FOR YOURSELF HOW YOU CAN SAVE MONEY. CASH CARRY PRICES National Brand Materials! I x 8 Econ grade shiplap random length pine Per 100 bd. ft. 1 x 8 Econ grade SIS random length pine Per 100 hd. ft. 2 x 4 Ecnn grade pine Per 100 hd, ft. 2 x 2 =1 random length fir Per 100 Lin f(. Vi" sheclrock 4 x 8 shes-fs Per p c . 4 x 8 '.'" A D pljwood P e r p c . 3/8" Interior AD fir plywood 4 x 8 sheets Per pc. 4 x 8 !i" prcfinished GP Cafe Laurel paneling Per pc. 4 x 8 !i" prcfinishod mahogany plyH'ood Per pc. 2 - 1 x 4 - 6 4 horizontal light wood check rail window Each 2-1 x 3-2 4 horizontal light wood check rail window Each 3020 Alum horizontal slider with screen Each 2-8 x 6-8 I 3/8" I j u a n Interior li.C. flush door Each 3-0 x 6-8 1 3/S" I.auan I n f e r i o r H.C. flush door Each 2 - 6 x 6 - 8 1 3/8" Two panel door Each 2-8 x 6-S 1 3/8" Two panel door Each 2-8 x 6-8 T Bar screen door Each Mortar mix Per bag 32 x 2] Coppcrlonc sink Each 233# Ruberoid Shingles -- 15 year bonded guarantee Ptr Sq. GOOD FOR ONE WEEK 7.73 7.71 7.60 E.70 1.60 2.43 3.34 7.2S 3.JJ 4.05 3.93 7.80 4.70 5.H 7.10 7.30 5.10 1.15 9.13 6.25 LOW-LOW PRICES For Dopcnclnbility And Money Saving Prices . . . Quality . . . You can't Beat Virtlen Lbr. Co. in Building Materials - Repair - Remodeling - Custom Built Homes - Homes Ready For Occupancy In Select Locations. "SERVING THE DELTA IS OUR BUSINESS" eof II] Main it, Open 7:30 A.M -- 5.XI P.M. Classified Advertisement Lost ft Found CO'JIID V/riil V/alcK on CxuiV - Ten-it Court. Idenrilv and pay (cr ad. Call ED g./?06. Special Notices PO.'A THIS DATE June 6, 196S I w.ll rot retDonnblc for deal! r^cde by anyone ;r l^.an myie'F. Signed: O'AttES C. MiXANDER L O A N S To Five /.lillionl. Anywhere. !l, Hclelj. Aixirlr-eni. Pel! Hcrrel. VHAT DO YOU HAVE?? P.O. Bo 10S«, Jadioi, Mm. POSTED II land !-al I own In ·ia 16. Rcnae 6. II land t i a l I ha«a I v*:nHr 16. Panqfl 6. II land t^al I o^n In _ 16, Roogt 6. II land Ibcl 1 o^.n In Seclion 18. 16, £ 6, In Waihinylort I Sediar. IS, Town- SetliO!. 17. To 10. Male Help Wanted Sales RepresontatSve * r « r x e J cl rcn-e«Der-.ced, fu'l 3lel* lir-t of cdvtrlii ng irjecialriei. . i g i f r t . Every bulintit a paid weellir dori u r -d bi 3roip«cl. Too Y.utl/ born, t-o- Full J«tu«ll v,ri!e G I F F 5 CO., P.O. 6o 1347, l y l i ' , T AD COLLEGE STUDENTS Can use two college students who need Summer work. Write P.O Box 53M, Greenville, Miss, for home interview. Opening for general serviceman Experienced in service work tire mounting, age 22-35. 48 hour week, paid vacation, all company benefits, good starting salary. FIRESTONE STORES ED 4-4534 NEEDED AT ONCE A-l line mechanic, must be wel 1 experienced and willing to work Good working conditions, company benefits, salary open. See Chad Oxncr at Chad Oxner Moors. inly- L. W. STEPHENS POSTED ill tancls owned, leased and oper- itcd by Dcun and Company, Deandale Plantation and Faith 'lanlalion arc hereby posted gninst all forms of trespassing, 'iolntors will be prosecuted. J. M. DEAN AND CAMERON DF.AN School! -- Instructions MEN WANTED To sell insurance. Leads furnished. Salary open For appointment call ED 2-2264. SALES MANAGER TRAINEE AGE 21-34 Company expansion has created opponmiies for (2) two men who desire a career in sales. Men chosen must have late model car, present a neat appearance, have at least a high school education and be able lo pass a rigid character examination. For interview appointment call 33J-226J WHS WANTED (or DJU. riori. Call Suiwi Rhl /,*o[crel* Ini. 2-6304. HAMMOND ORGAN LESSONS $1.00 Monday, Wednesday Friday Mrs. Manning, 332-2451 HEWITT - SILK PIANO CO. [2 Doori from Slt'n Mar!) HIGH HOME SCHOOL If you aT^n't finish Hlon sbwT, why conllnu* under IMs handicap? WfiFa (odiy fcr FREE BOOKLET. TellJ how you can cam H High School Diploma Ihrough apar* tl/TK itudy. U monthly Include* ill bookt ind lnllrucll«n. Ocr 67Hl year. AMERICAN SCHOOL Dwt. o. P.O. BOX toon Jo.lion, MI». Coll 395-MM 10. Male Help Wanted 20. W / U f . Ag. 1{ .XO ;li nhx,- grad-^ore. lofiw co'lece crel. Articles For Sale rJ3. Pianos, Radios, Television! Uted fr.r, doiri WANTED iOBI LE SA I E SMAM on ope.-ii.-ig (or who he i cl-aracrer, .niclli ob lity and wi"lingne« ro I »!· bv»in«il, rrore irrpciFa e experience- P ricf it men who pfan nee, nlti in nulonx rhan M «TOff v/oiS«r. Call edd-in Ccnicle -- Sove HSO -- He by 7JSJU, IY ^|. j n f ] V HewlJ-S:'-.*. 737 V/ain^nqtoo Wnker cXoiri, roblel. Ph. JO 2.5198. NOVI Aulo Air CoArJi»k!n*r for rrcit r-aVej tari._Coll_33S.wn. I ' S A I C , Car'AVCondhlnner J t l S O O , einwac Coniala -- SfJvi JJOO -- l **, Piarvci 237 WatVrs GIBL'S 20" Bkycf?. $ 1 2 . 5 0 or.d Mela! Se*-Sa.v. $4 00. Coll 332.2415. end d irvie* Moloi*. I. TM?H! Pay CUSTOM mod* draDtl. ccmp'e'e ieleclio- privole rl-'i'T Spinet -- l H i , Y i i $ ' k PIOICI, C i - e n v i l l e . ___ new -- Sav» $200, 7 Wailrngro/1 Avt. ... S*« C1wd Oxrir at Cbod Oxret DOMESTIC LOANS ias opening for branch manager rainees, This large consumer finance organization needs young men, 21 to 28 yc-ars of age with car. Position offers opportunity for advancement and al! modem company benefits. Apply in person to 635 Washington Avenue. 11. Female Help Wanted · ECRETASY WANTED Full hand ciJfilifit n' etr . lo Eo 500 C/O The D*lln Crpe.iv.1le. Mill. , F ir-ai-eiToli and colon. Day Ph. ED 5-2431, night ED 7-748? SAlE: Beau.iful So'Ht* Pioro, Ptife:l tcndilio-i. Olid Wi gi br pri»art Itacfclf. USED Refrigemior wirS freeier oc'on I In ged working eor.rJ.Hw.. J35.00. Call ED 2-7970. 4. Building Materials 7V» Ton A!f Condition unit, 8 If. Do'iy Cos*, LfpflgHt Fre«ef and lc« Makti. PhllHp V/alVini, ED X 4736 01 ED 2-3415. FOR SALEt 21" Big Wrs in Real Good CcrxJirron. tttn or 8? Raoair Servk*. PK. 332-2312. ] Yaioo Mower $35. Ccn b- 32" x 21" doiblt bai' wilh la;nl*it «lr.g (auce r.g, ba iV*t Afio tw . iant c.iKu!aiir-3 goi Natir, SI2.50 and re:*»ed wall h«alir for bolJi room, 17.50 Plonc ED 2-221X. DUE TO DIVORCE S'nger Zig.Zag S«^:rg Mochlrt, rwk«* lenry deiigm, b-jifon holts wirh-out oi- "m-enli. Cot I $300 n*w, want reliable pony lo pay ba'cn:* 178.68 x $10.00 per me.iiK To tea ir\ yo-j^ htxr.» cell H-ghei, 332-098*. vork pan SAFE FOR SALE 4 i3.oo' m ll irV.' e'er Safe, large size, $350.00. Avon Cornell. V;r'l« Call 332-5872. Mrs. Pearl McWhorter 1419 KiiklorxJ St. . AntweiirK] S f r ivllle. Mill. 21. BRANCH MANAGER Pnftrably wirh parly-Dlan cKaeri- la erablish, and head local braj".;h of loiys nal tonal firm wh : I| enlflied ll^ party.olan la'ei lie'd di_i.r,g ihr pai! yiar, v/ilb a d.v |, fied lin« of loih'cn p icd ix* i. r-icdt-c! lin» ornJ pro- j:ain lltora^-g^Jy lei'ed to iutc«u- kl cterul.on in 6 1'aln. Wclionol nBaniic.T prcqrtj.Ti requiff i fri» t«.'v:c.ei of e'psrienred 1 i *Y mcn- age:i. Eioec ally lilersilei in WANIEO. Rolorv l,p« mower. 3 pi. w:ih reo; wheel guu^e. Mull be in qcoc condilion aM reaw.-.ab'e. Co!l 334-30-J9. 25. Boats, Motors .Supplies LOIQQ inboard boi 511 U. Hinds. 16' Kbeiglait Boat. 75 H.P. Evlnrude Motor. I V 6 3 model. 20 gallon »o tont irtO.OO, 2651 N. Broodwo/ E^'d. who to prcrrohcn in thi* . !or inured iafe peno~a! in1«ivi*'rf wiire giving full car:icu!an Tnclud- inq pSace- rurrbffr. P,« 232 C/Q Th« CeTta Ptrroc-ol-Timev WAITRESSES WANTED WANTED Seed Processing Foreman! Well established Seed Farm Supply Company needs a man immedi- itely for permanent position as varehouse ond seed cleaning oreman. Prefer someone with experience in this line of work but vill give consideration lo man vilh agricultural background who us willing to work and learn. Apply in own handwriting giving age, experience, etc. HOLLANDALE SEED SUPPLY CO. HoUandate-, Miss. Mon. Only qlrlt and wo'nen cF Qooc ara neat and attractive ... need oosly. We will ccniider^ Irexperienced gfrli · . and 6 for interview. MR. ROY'S STEAK HOUSE HIGHWAY 62 EAST 8. AIRPORT ROAD Male Help Wanted Permanent position open for experienced colored trailer truck driver. Good pay and working conditions. Write Box 160, giving references. ATTENTION BOYS AGE 12-15 School vacation will soon be here We will have several good news lapcr routes open in your neigh borhood. If you are interested i earning extra spending mono this summer call Mr. Young o Mr. Morris at EDison 5-1155 Cir culation Department, Delta Dem ocrat-Times. Fo woiV ir» ll-e D*!lu'i Pi*o i a 'it i'j.-r o-jnd ng i , ccnditioni, end ex;epri r.ei 1 Ret 'cu rait. cellent wo i V. irvg lly g.acd earn- on. Only fjlrl arade;, who n ^ f r ^ ^ r e d Arp!y a(!«irvoon birweer 3 CAREER OPPORTUNITY IN FINANCK .:LOANS Expanding -- Need Inexperienced Or Experienced Men Immedialelyl Because of our expanding operations in the Mid-South Area (Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri, Mississippi and Illinois), Murdock s seeking young men who desire a career in the Soles Finance and Loan fields. Whether you have had previous experience or not, opportunities for advancement will come rapidly to those who show aggressiveness and ability. Excellent starting salary, free hospitalization and life insurance. If position requires, we furnish car and expenses. Age 23 to 35. Replies strictly confidential. For personal interview call or write Deane Smith, Murdock Acceptance Corporation, 816 Washington Ave., Greenville, Mississippi, plione ED 2-2678 or Tom Shows, Murdock Acceptance Corporation, 128-B Main Street, Indianola, Mis- {sissippi, phone 1820. 12. Male Or Female Helpi Wanted Men or worrnn wonled lo v-Tply Rew!«lgh urodvcli !o consiOTe'i In Deft of Creel I. or S. Bolivar Co. Good tirre to itant No ccpiltil feq-jiied. Sea or wiilo Field iron J. f. Pu.vij, H32 Marilyn. Green ville, Mill., or wriln KawleioS MSF-340 815, Mempnii, Teon. Articles Wanted er. Jl 00.00. 28. Farmera Market Produce LEE SOYBEANS seeds cleaned sacked, 80?o germination or better. CALL: TOM BUEKER Hollandale, Miss. 827-5490 anytime 30. Pets, Poultry Livestock FOB SALF. Gem PONIES FOR SALE. JSO.OO and ay. Cal Choil-. Tllley. ED 2.1017. Bendix Decorative wood moldings ALBRAS nnodized Expanded aluminum "Greenville's newest hardware" COYER HARDWARE LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL Cypress, Pine, Hardwood HOUGH OR DRES5EO SPECIAL ORDERS CUT E. G. NELSON, INC. Pho»i« ED 2-B568 or CD 3-749I Service DIrcciorv We have Bags, Filters, Hose, Cords, for any moke Vucuum Cleaner. Expert repair service. Call ED 2-53G8 DELTA VACUUM CLEANEP, SERVICE DELTA APPLIANCE SERVICE A - r Conditioning · felrlgeiafic Cc-r.meicial Prudential All Major Appliance! Serv'cs t Repai.'i · V/oiher Pant In Slock 250 S. Wonul Si. Ph. 5.1U34 O(lk» 0( 2.I93S I! J5. Service Directory MPTIC TANlk or f«Dtle lOJ-Jt cfeoflvig can Hodgai Plxx-a ED 5.|72v or ED i-UM. TAKE ADVANTAGE -- O) Out -EXPERIENCED SERVICE DEPARTMENT For Service on Typewriter! and Adding Machines Co* TOUCHSTONE BUSINESS MACHINE 16 5. Iroodwov fh. ED 4-MoV PEOPLE DO READ WAJfT ADS! YOU ARE! BATTERY RE-CHARGE 29c Rental 25c Per Day GUARANTEED USED BATTERIES 6 Volt--$3.38 12 Volt--$4.88 E*cHar,e« OTASCO Oklahoma Tire Supply Co. ^12 Washington Ph. 335-2691 it. Business Opportunities 25c WASH WAX Coin Operated AUTO-TERIA, INC. 5335 Winthrop Avenue, Indpls, Inil. AT3-2I32 AT3-7W8 AT3-J300 FIRST CLASS UPHOLSTERING I CUSTOM WORK REPAIRING WE BUY USED FURNITURE PEFIMI?HII:G SEE COOPER HALL HALL'S UPHOLSTERY SHOP '· F R E E ESTIMATES · lien and Shelby S'l. Ph. 335-?9^ Classified Display 144. Insurance I t A I I F A « M P 6 4 ] [6 State Fain FAMILY PROTECTOR Call; Jnlin Worthy liD 2-I05S S l o f c Perm Agtdit i life Insurance Company 14. Building itfnterials 31. Building Materials 10 week old IhoroughbfOd mo'e ChlSua huj pupcv. H5.00. Call 314 3359. F02 SALE: 2V, year old male Greot Dona tlocl. Coll Andrewl 5-2332, lat Villnt-B, A.kamoi. 31. Antique! Male Help Wanted 10. Male Help Wanted DELTA PERSONNEL SERVICE 104 H. Poplar cl WaiVInUm Mum 112-1471 Nix «J.KU · Manaf*f-Trarn*« |2 Yn. Cille 9 e| $335 · Crirfil Msr-Traln.. ffi Cor eprx l!» · Jr. Accoujitanl (0«gree] Otn · Cr.dil Manoger (.»»..l.n.d) 4350 Start · Near Soleiman fwlll l/oln) }J73 ll.rt · Tniib Meihanll (Eperleflc«d| Opin Member .f N.C.A. end M.P.E.A. CMFIt. Heure 1 . 1 . C«II«M 1 Junior Collet* Grade «r* welcom* l«r courtttllng. UMA1 S1LVEY--Owrm ANTIQUE CLOCKS Bought, sold, repaired. We also repair electric clocks, 400 day clocks, travel clocks music boxes. We buy sell used furniture R. C. FOSTER 7« Washington Av*. Greenville, Miss, Ph. ED 5-2572 HouseboU Goods M PATTERNS IN STOCK · ARMSTRONG QUAKH I VIWrT. · GOLD SFAL LINOLEUM 3 foot lo 13 foot wkfrh. !·· DoMe Griffin Alto For Al YOUR rURNITUKE NEEDS DELTA TRADING POST 745 Wnihlnglon Avt. 10 5-257 Articles tar Sale 10.000 B1U Chryiler Airlemo Air Condi- -C-A-S-H- FOR YOUR OLD FURNITURE 6 APPLIANCES · HJT · SILL · TIAH RAILROAD SALVAGE FUlNIIirll CO. 721 Wcnnlrxtae rk. ID 1-2711 Service Directory Servre* Directory DRAFTSMAN D r a f t s m a n needed by national manufacturer of pre-engi- neerccl mclal buildings. Previous experience in field helpful, but not necessary. Must have technical drafting education beyond high school or several years drafting experience. Excellent advancement opportunity. All normal benefits plus profit sharing. Call or write Engineering Department, Varco Steel, Inc., P. 0. Box 781, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Phone JE 4-6030. SPACE SAVER -USE OUR- BOX STORAGE FREE -- FREE T*r Molh Proof ·k Deodorizing SO. Furnished Apartments 50. Furnished Apartments 81. C A R E F R E E L I V I N G CAN BE YOURS AT MAGNOLIA ARMS if Fully Insured it Guard Against Mildew NEVII AN [XT!* CHAIGI FOII ONE HOUF. SEIVICI Phone ED 5-1325 Auto Accessor!** 81. Hwy. 1 Soalh Ni» To The Hew Sunflower Grocery Auto Accessories Sears Has All Types Fences 7 · jjConunertial-IiHlustnal-Residcntial · Chain Link Fences · Wood Fences CALL ED 2-7211 517 Washington Ave.--Greenville Auto Accessories 81. *.ulo Accessories Do Not Repair,.. Replace with Allstaie Remanufactured Engines Chevrolet 6 1942-60 As Low As Per Month NO MONEY DOWN On Sears Easy Payment Plan Other Assemblies Available at Similar Low, Low Prices. E X P E R T I N S T A L L A T I O N SEARS-AUTOMOTIVE DEPT. PHONE ED 2-7211 YOUR WORRIES ARE OURS · No Maintenance · No Yard Chores · We Do Your Painting · Locked Gales · Private Swimming Pool · Private Parking · Covered Parking (Optional) · 1 2 Bedroom · li/j Bath WESTINGHOUSE APPLIANCES AIR CONDITIONING 529 MCALLISTER Fb. U2448J For Appointment NEW LOW PRICES ON CUSTOM REBUILT CAR AND TRUCK ENGINES NO MONfY DOWN 42-60 Chevrolet 6 - $118.00 Monthly notes as low as $9.00. 57-64 Chevrolet 8-283 $164.00 Monthly notes as low as $10.86. 57-60 Ford 6-223 $149,00 Monthly notes as low as $11.25. 56-62 Ford 8-292 $174.00 Monthly notes as lo* as $11.50. 46-59 Plymouth 6 $157.00 Monthly notes as low as $10.22, Call Us For Prices On Other Engines Automotive Supply Co. Highway No. 1 Greenville, Miss. Ph. 335-1152

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