The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 27, 1960 · Page 7
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 7

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1960
Page 7
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Capitol Gets First Bath In 99 Years By JOHN AVERILL WASHINGTON (AP)-The U.S. Capitol is getting its first real bath in 95 years--ami tire results are astounding even those who proposed tho clcenvp. Almost a century of accumulated grime is vanishing under the combined assault of high pressure water and sand blasting. Emerging for the first time in decades is the dazzling while surface of the Massachusetts marble used in conslrucion of the House and Senate wings of the Capitol. "The results are absolutely amazing," said D. Stafford Kelley nn official of the Capitol architect's office and project director for extension of the Capitol's east ARSON WILL APPEAL WIGGINS, Miss. (P -Attor neys plan an appeal for Julian B. Campbell 62, of Wiggins who has been sentenced to five years in prison on nn arson charge stemming from the burning of a two-story house lie owns. Five-year sentences went also to Hersdiell Smith, 21, and W.O. King. 52, in the same case. ront. After being accustomed for so nany yars to the dull gray that enveloped the Capiol, he said everyone is astounded at how shim, mering white the House wing Is with the grirr gone. The Senate wing is next for a cleanup. It was because of the approxl mately 25-million-dollar project to extend the capilol's east front by feet that the need arose to clean the two wings--both com pie Id in 1865. The east front is being rcoori' strucled in white Georgia marble. s a Capilol elevator opertaro aptly put it, 'if they hadn'l cleaned up the wings it woulc have been a like leaving a dirty ring in the bathtub." The New Look The new look on the Capitol also is extending to the dome and Hie building's west front. Both are being painted a sofl off-while in place of the battleship gray which in the pasl matched the grime of the house and Senate wings. The west front is being painlec instead of cleaned, Kelley plained, because it is construct of sandstone and could not with stand the water and sand blast ing. AIRMAN OF THE MONTH -- Ma). Charles J. Mlon (right!, commander of Headquarters Squadron Section, Montgomery Air Defense. Sector (SAGE), at Guntcr Air Force Base, Ala., presents the Airman of the Month trophy recently to Airman Second Class Jamos A. Mathcws, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Mathews, o{ Arcda. Airman Mathews was selected by a board of senior non-commissioned officers on the basis of his military bearing, job performance and off-duty interests. In the Air Forco almost three years, Matheivj recently re- lumed from a year's tour In Iceland. At Gunter AFB he is a member of tho Comptroller's officer. (USAF Photo) For the family that has everything --and Is now paying for it A Payment-Reducer Loan If the payments on too many instalment purchases are catching up with you, take these two simple steps to get ahead of them: 1) Arrange an HFC Payment-Reducer Loan; 2) Pay off all you still owe on your purchases. You come out ahead because you pay HFC much less per month than you're paying now. And our rate is less than the [awful maximum. You'll also appreciate making only one payment a month instead of several. Drop in or phone HFC--America's oldest and largest company specializing in arranging instalment cash loans. Life insurance protection is included on all loans Plans Made For Visil Here Of Steamer Avalon lirnest Waldaucr, chairman of he Elks Club arrangemcnls com- milteo on sponsoring n visit of tho steamer Avalon to Greenville on August 28 said today he Bunch ol grapes--Tvino chop. Square. anS plane--ablnetinttke^», Flcturo In frame--picture framing. Pulr of gloves--glovo shop. Tolscd pens--.stationer's. itclicr, lorlr, spoon--silversmith's. SHOPPER'S GUIDE--Believe in signs and it's easy (o shop signs such as these. Danish craftsmen originated the custom in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, even if you don't speak centuries ago. the language. Many of the stores arc identified by symbolic ''"~ ' Slafe Retailers Plan Meeting In Jackson Aug. 10 JACKSON -- The fourth annual meeting of the Mississippi Retail Merchants Association will be a jam-packed one-day event, August 10, at the Hotel Heidelberg in Jackson. Richard McRae, Jackson, is chairman of the convention, which over 300 Mississippi retailers and their wives are expected to attend. Business sessions hnve been planned to cover retailing problems affecting all types of merchants. In the morning, a panel of lav,- enforcement officers will iring the retailers up-to-date on the ramifications of the shoplifting and bad check, laws. During a noon luncheon, the retailers and their wives will see a preview of fashion trends in styling, colors, and fabrics. ' A unique program format is scheduled on the operation of a retail establishment. The retailers will work on a true case problem ad will try to devise a solution under the leadership of Dr. William T. Hicks of the Department of Economics and Business Administration of the University of Mississippi. Classroom Teacher Leadership Meet Friday, Saturday UNIVERSITY - The Eleventh Annual Leadership Conference for the Department of Classroom Teachers of the Mississippi Education Association will be held on | the campus of The Universiy of Mississippi Friday and Saturday. The theme for the conferee s "Professional Growth for Qual- ty Education," and this theme will be the focal point for the fol- mving topics: "Department Activities," "What is Quality Educa- ion," "Legislative Action for Quality Education," "What TE PS is Doing for the Profession," 'How Teachers Grow Professionally," and "Professional Organizations Develop Teachers." Participants for the program Include: Miss Mary Mobbcrly, president, Department of Classroom Teachers, MEA; J. M. Tubb, state suprintendent of education, Mrs. Nell Thomas, presi- R A B I E M A N U E L R A C K M A N HABBI HAROLD SCHT'l/A'EIS RAB31 LOUIS SILBERXiAN of Far Rockaway, New York of Oakland, C a l i f o r n i a ci .'·-'·i;hvi31c j Tcnne iseo B'NAI B'RITH SPEAKERS -- Rabbis Emannel RacVman, Rockaway, N.Y., Harold Schulweis, Oakland, Calif., and Louis Silbennan, Nashville, Term., will help celebrate the tenth year of the R'nai BViln institutes of Judaism in District Seven by a discussion of great personalities July 31-Aug. 3 at Stafford Springs, Miss, and Aug. 4-10 at Villa Camile, Hunt, Texas. Some of the personalities to be discussed will be Moses, David the King, Jeremiah tlie Prophet, Philo of Alexander, Akiba, Saadia; Judah llelevi, and Moses Maimonirles. dent, MEA; and others. Registration will be conducted n the Lobby of the Mississippi Tenter for Continuation Study rom 10 a.m. - 2 p.m., Friday. immediately following registration the first general session will held in the Auditorium. A banquet is scheduled for Saturday evening at 6:30 p.m. The University Cafeteria will serve as host to this affair. ADVEBriSEMENI FO2 IIDS ^ed bidt will ba rtc«iv*d for The -fclP'JCIlGN OF EXPANSION TO THE f.'.EIrtOD.ST OfJSCH. GLMJNISGN. MISSIS- IPPI by Mr, F. B. Scrvggi. (Mf Hall, (kif;n'i;jrt. Mivjiivpci tr.M 10.00 A.M., 5 inl 1^60 cr v.Sh Hrre orxJ place \viU bfl pjb!.;lf opmed ond read. ing (o.~i!n,:«icn, y«r 'rcur-d air ccnditic.-.'ng, janl'ary end elecMica] worV oi« lo bo Included u*xj|r b'd foi err tra! coi'rnct. BKJdirtv docvnunli may ctlained frvn Mr. E. B. Scruggi, nlici. M'li'D'ppI end IIC.TI Biqgi, r crd Chaidler, Arh ii-Eng : r«er Pci i;» B:K 99C4, JajLici, f,' uiuippl-. A-n an l.-.Hilu'o of Ar:h'e:-i eon I will ti«d w.ih irw iw-nlul ccm ft' f. B. SCRUGGS, E. B. S-jgg*. Cha'-n»ai\ Eu«:rf-.T3 Cc-"--n si Gu"r,,t;-i ^ 1 e·h?rf^: Chvrch PUBLIC NOTICE 'TO THr PU3UC A:^3 TO THE TAX- PAVfPS OF \VASHIN'GIO.N CCJrrTY. f.\IS- i'SlSSIPP: : "Vc-j ora hfl'iby na-,f f j Ua! lh« reol bov« tvjr-*J c o v - - / , f c r :l"i y*^ f - a - e L c e i CCJQ red a:co.-rfrg To ;D«rvho-i, crvd that all cueiir-.enti Is Inch cbficn \\ rr.adt. end wh ch -TGY cor ret red and properly d*le'"i"*d by ii Board, will b* rrvode I .-cl by tMt card cf S-_'cerv.scn, orvj ir-31 13 id iclli ncprovtd by rhit Boa*d ef E-.pfrv ion; that, ard will BY /*/ W. ?. POWERS Prtl /!/ A. O, fl=, CleA cJ'vdycd ih'i July 13rh. 1960 /i/ V/. P. TOWER hopes to make the excursion nn event of coin munity-wido interest. The boat will hnvo an afternoon cruise from 2:30 - 5:30 p.m. and en evening moonlight ride from 9-11:10 p.m. The Rhythm Masters orchestra will play in the Avalon's marine ballroom on both rides. The Avalon is the only large Dcltn Domocral-Tlmes Wednesday, July 27, '60 1 traveling excursion boat remain ing on tho inland waterways Id this area. It has four decks, Is glass-enclosed, carries 1,3/0 passengers and has a steel hull. The Elks plan to entertain about 50 children from the local Cerebral Palsy School on the afternoon cruise. cl CIEPK'S CERririCATE D. bfcoll. Cle^c cf Iht BcarJ ic-t cl V/aiKingicn S' * : « : pp(, do he.-eby rtriify 1hat th« cryj cone:t ircr-icrlpr I. TVi Board will ts in uu'on. k rh» Cu:po1* cf hewing ob t:1i;-t to llu I ciseiiTinn »Wl!l ir.ay be liltd. ti ccu::houit in !*·» Cilr cf G-tt^V''^. ''-tt'ja ~*3 11 o irve crxj corieci ircr.icriprj f County end S'c'ff. on 1he III do/ c f i c f en c«df/ ol so d Boaid of Sjp*rvHovi, Augui!, I960, a.-d, pcued on :r.a 13ih day cf /ufv, I960, at' "2. TKil Becrd ol S^pervlnn w:U if- !-e lo-na ocoecn on Face' ACB o^ fAIn-1 mc'n In teurafl l(o-i day lo day v.r.-.l ·.: E:tk 33 o! »aid Board, i.ov/ en filB oil abie:irom hw'wITy filed, iKoll hc.e! ; n -hfl o'frt, of told Clerk \n 1h« Cilv been d.iooiM cf a-d all crcrrr cc.-rtc--'cl G-frnkille, in laid . modo in the ia:d -T)''!. "Wilreii lh« Ii9nc!u:e and (Eal cf Ihc akJ Boo;d of Svperv'iori iKii llw 13 dct if July. 1960. "THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF WASHINGTON COttJlY . h-jnd and o'ficic! «ol, tfili c! July. I960, {tl A. D. EROOKS Clcil- f.t ih« Bsord of Soperviicn cf 53 id ci-d i any ob:rction» it !hf.'"in eon'o'neJ, tha'l b* r;2dc Tn [iig orvj fil-d \vi-t* Ir-a r'fk of the rd of Sipprvi}:! of u : d CC'-TY, CXI t='o-d Ih. Ill o! Awi.!'. 1960. ol Cdib You (M $100 500 1000 2000 2560 MON1 16 fxytti ! 00.69 HIT PA\ X »«»' MS. 33 52.91 114.58 MENT F 14 f*j"lt S 5.91 29.58 50. GO 10958 135.41 LANS n P«y** S10.0B 50.41 98. Si 192.91 23958 Many styles added to this group and further reduced i' ofow t'nifvdi inter at an4 tfi cfuirffi (cmfAfitd ?* /W cdjft ye* tei *t rtro- t«!r ttft of i^i% f; tfit faa two, / tn tin nixl SlOOt) end 1% A/ any r«xn OUSEHOLD FINANCE i ton iir" iiciisii it Hi sun 01 iiitmim 245 Wathlnglon Avo.--EDiion 2-0987 BOCli 9 fo 6 Honioy Are FiUoy--doud SotvrJiyi £o77W nuxfe to residents within a 100 mile radius Now! Give Your Old Watch a New Look ALL STAINLESS STEEI. HIGHER $ New Modern Caic as low at Here's your opportunity fo get o new look tor your wotch at Sears' low price. New Modern Case custom-fitted by Sears experts. Only Sears gives you a nation-wide v .itten guarantee. Included Are DRESS SHOES 6 CASUALS O FLATS New Spring Shoes at Only a Fraction of Their Cosl! SEARS 517 W.isliinplon Shop Saturday 9-0 - Daily 9-5:30 ENTIRE STOCK WOMEN'S 55,35 lo §24.95 Values REDUCED TO $2.98 to $12,48 SIZES 3 TO 15, id TO ZO, IZ'/, TO 24 - SECOND FLOOR -ENTIRE STOCK SPRING SUMMER r S SKIRTS BLOUSES SHORTS PEDAL PUSHERS SLIM JIMS -- SECOND FLOOR -GROUP SPRING SUMMER Girls Sportswear TEE-SHIRTS BLOUSES SKIRTS SHORTS PEDAL PUSHERS SLIM JIMS - SECOND FLOOR WOMEN'S and GIRLS' Summer GOWNS SHORTiE GOWNS BABY DOLLS PAJAMAS - FIRST FLOOR - ALL SALES CASH ALL SALES FINAL!

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