The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas on August 19, 1951 · Page 73
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The Corpus Christi Caller-Times from Corpus Christi, Texas · Page 73

Corpus Christi, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 19, 1951
Page 73
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Comb Has Dry Hole, New Venture DOUBLE FEATURE--Movie-goers at the Corpus Drive- in Theatre on Highway 9, just outside the city limits, can watch a wildcat drilling if they become bored with the picture, and the crew on this Kirkwood and Co. rig can get a rather distorted view of the current movie. minus sound. The rig, right foreground, is drilling the A. W. Gregg No. 1 C. A. Richter, Corpus Christi 6,900- Foot Field area wildcat. As yet, no loudspeaker has made its appearance on the rig. Paisano To Try In Northwest Part of Webb Paiaano Trading Co.. Ltd., of Ban Antonio has scheduled A rank wildcat S3 miles northweit of Laredo in Webb County, *t No. 1 Mrs. Anna L. Connevey. This test will be up in the north- vvjst part of th« county, where there is no production of any kind- Location for the proposed 4,000-foot jjrV Wildcat of Briinl and in John H. Gibson Survey 117, A-1,231). is dry ami abandoned. Total depth was 2.S78 feet. In Zapata County, Gorman and DeLanjje No. 1 San Juan Ramirez, wildcat 2 miles southwest o! Ed- lasater Field, was around 2,700 feet, shut down waiting on water test is 1,400 feet from the northeast line, 2,701.1 feet from the northwest line of Mrs. ; Georgia Schwartz Eurvey 10S, SF-11,332, and 2,799.6 feet northwest of McBrido and "Mid-Continent No. 1 Connevey, -dry hole. Elevatio'n is 532.7 feet. Humble Oil and Refining Co. No. 1 G. B. Vergara, Reiser area wildcat in Walter O'Meara Survey 1 · 172, was drlulng Friday at 4,250 £««t on an 8,000-foot project. 0. W. KiUam No. 1 Garcia Heirs, nrfidcat in Los Ojuelo* Grant, 1 3 ralkw south|ast ,of Mlrando City, wai drilling yeiterday at 2,415 feet on a 3,OCKVf*)t try. Seaboard OU Co. of Dela\vare and Sunray Oil Corp. No. .2 Mary K. Withers, drilled, ag a dry hole by Humbl* ms the ; No. 1 Wither, was rigging «p yesterday to clean out hole and attempt completion at 6,455-75 feet This test is 4,544 feet south of No, 1 Withers, Maguellitos gas-distillate discovery at 0,478612 andr 8,500-10 feet. ^. The Chicago Crop. No. 1 Boinl Estate, \rtldcat 9: miles southwest John F ( . Camp and Sons No. 1 Hector Vela, ZHpjtta County wildcat s miles west of Rnndado and 3 miles southeast of Cuellar Field, total depth 3.2E2 feet, was dry and abandoned. It had cored 2,350-430 and 2,61040 feet, no shows. In Tal Vcz Field, Webb County, The Texas Co, No. 2 O. G- Kirk- twtrlek total depth 2,300 feet, lesf-ted. pipe line oli, set 1-inch cas- ng at 1,872 feet and Friday was waiting on spudder for completion. On 22-minute drillstem test at l,S7SVj-8T feet, there was strong surface % blow, recovery was SCO feet of pipe line oil and 10 .feet of oily mud, On,test at 2,298-306 feet, recovery was S feet of pipe line oil and 10 feet of oil mud. 0. W. Killam No. 19 Floyd Billings, Billings Field, pumped 25.89 barrels of 31 gravity oil on open Me potential test from a sand topped at 2,406 feet. Total depths 2,417 feet and SVi-lnch casing is s«t at 2,402 feet. OIL BRIEFS Gem Oil Co. of Dallas has staked location for a 9,000-foot Lavaca County wildcat at No. 1 O. R. Borchers, 20 miles northwest of Edna. This test is 700 feet from the southeast line of John Footman Survey and is 330 feet southeast of the Kutheaat line of Des- pallier Survey, but in Footman Survey, and on a 5,237-aere lease. . . Haule Hunt Trust Estate No, i W. B. Appelt, Lavaca County wild- «*at underway on a 9,000 foot test, Is 487 feet from the west line, 467 feet from the northwest line of a 40-acre tract in Luke J. Presnall Survey; A-355, a mile north of HaUetsvflle. Kirtarood and Co. is contractor. f. B. Wraiher, Jr.. No. 1 Hugh JJ. Jordan is a new Victoria County wildcat, slated to go to 6,000 Jeet. Location is 330 feet from the Boutheast line, 2,114.7 feet from the northeast line of the 194.24- «cre lease in Patricia de la Garza Survey, 6 miles south of Victoria. Q, W. McCarter of Houston also 3ias scheduled new Victoria County wildcat. McCarter No. l Alec Angerstein, contracted to 4,800 feet, 58 467 feet from the southwest line, 330 feet from the southeast line of a 43S.S9-acre lease in Zepeda Survey, A-12, 7 miles Southeast qf Victoria. OIL NEWS PortiUa Wildcat at 16,590 Feet; Phillips 'iPt- Abandons Deep Hole South Texas deepest test, Superior Oil Co. No. 27 Minnie S. Welder, In San Patricia County's Por tilla Field, had recovered s t u c k drillpipe, which held up drilling, for about 2 months ,and by Friday] was pressing for the depth record] for the entire state. ' Tills tost had drilled to J6.?81 feet "when pipe was stuck. Friday, it had drilled to 16,550 feet and wns conditioning mud, preparing to drill ahead. The state's record is | held by Phillips Petroleum Co. No. I Schoepa, 18,355-foot dry hole drilled Jn Brftzoria County in 1948. Superior No. 32 Welder spudcted Aug. IB, set surface casing and was drilling ahead on a 8,000-fcot project. In Refugio County, Supcrwr ,V'j. 3 R, H. Welder, wildcat 8 miJ^s south of \Voodsboro, lias derrick up for a 10,500-foot test. Also in Refugio County, Phillips Petroleum Co. No. 1 Trap (F. 0. R o o k e ) , wildcat near La Rosa Field, was building roads for a 9,000-foot Frio project 11,000-Foot Failure Phillips No. l Fllnn, San Patricio County wildcat 2V- miles southwest of Taft drilled to 11,016 feet, after extensive testing up the hole, and was dry and abandoned. Republic Natural Gas Co. No. 6 John Hancock Life Insurance Co., wildcat in T. T. Williamson Survey, 10 miles north of Tatt, was coring Friday at 4,850 feet on a possible 6,000-foot venture. In Harvey Field, La Gloria Corp No. 1 Leo A. Miller, wildcat norUi- st of production, was abandoned. Total depth was 9,527 feet. La GJo ria No. i' Kay and Harvey, northeast outpost to the field, spudded Aug. 14, set surface casing Karnes County Wildcat Has Gas Show in Luling Horrigan and Fobs No, 1 Mary Pargmann, Karnes County wildcat in Victor Blanco Grant, A-3, 5 miles southeast of Runge, cored gas sand In the Luling at 7,16371 feet and Friday was running drillstem test in that Interval. The Chicago Corp. No. 1 Rob- HEAT Pipe Ii06 construction workers building the new Service Pipe Line out In Northwest. Texas probably w o u l d Welcome some of t h e s e 99- degree days that have kept Corpus Christi sweltering re- cenily. The pipe line crew for Smith Contracting Corp., is working near Jud, which js in the nortit west part ot Haskell County. The men had worked for several w e e k s in temperatures ranging from 105 to 112. But Jast week when the mercury climbed to 114 one day, and then 116 the next, s e v e r a l members o£ the welding crew collapsed. \ The crude line will provide an ouUst for expanding production-in Stonewall, Haskell and Knox Counties. ert E. Goetz is a new K a r n e s County wildcat 2 miles southwest of Green. This test, contracted to 4-000 feet, is 467 feet out of the southwest corner of a 2i2.8-acre lease in C a r l o t Martinez Survey, A-6. Kirkwood and Co. and Weaver and Sharp No. 1 W.-,Boyce, wildcat in Victor Blanco Grant, 10 miles-south of Runge, was drilling 1 yesterday at 2,968 feet on a possible 7,700-foot test W. Earl Rowe No. i Mamie Tom, -wildcat in Vlctoriano Zepeda Survey, A-13, 1% miles southwest - o£ Runge, -was at 3,500 feet Friday, running final electrical log. This test had found no -shows. Buzzlni Drilling Co. No. 1 Rohan, wildcat in Erasmo Seguin survey, A-10, between Hobson and Falls City Fields, ran electrical log to 6.S20 feet, t o t a l depth, cut sidewall cores, and was abandoned. Magnolia Petroleum Co. No. il Jeffryn Hilbrich/ half-mile east j extender of- South Porter Field, jwas testing- yesterday on 24-shot separations at 4.15S-57 f«et In 6 hours, it had flowed 4 barrels of oil an hour throujrh 10-64- inch choke, under 250 to 300 pounds pressure on tubing. Gas- oil ratio was 600 to 2. Trankline Gas System Finished Two Months Ahead of Schedule Construction work is nearly com-(daily from the Taylor-Mayfair in- plete on 2 new outlets for South terests : j a toe huge-resen'e Me- Allen gas field. The Texas Illinois Natural Gas Pipeline Co. system, r u n n i n g from La Gloria Field near Pal- furrias to Joliet, HI., also is nearly finished, main construction work remaining being on the 5 10,000- Trunkline Gas Co. last week completed pipa laying of its 1,775-mlte transmission line which originates at McAIlen and runs to Tuscola, HI. The South Texas part of the line had been complete for a couple of months, and the entire project is about 60 days ahead of schedule. Deliveries will start i n September, 6 or 8 weeks so-ner than yriRinaJly expected. More than half of TrunMine's system has been cleaned, and most horsepower compressor All South Twcas work stati is In addition to La Gloria gas the Texas-IHinois line will take g a s from a 72-milo gathering system connecting with the Hagist Ranch Field of North Duval and south. McMullen Counties, a n d from the Clayton FleW, Live Oak County, The main line is a, b o u t 1,331 miles long. at 1,627 feet and Friday was drill- I n g a t 3,563 feet: . . . Kule 37 J. M. O'Mclveny Production Co. of Houston has asked Rule 37 exception for a 5,000-foot West Sin ton Field test at No. 8 B. F. .Montgomery. Location is 100 feet from the northeast line (center of Farm Highway 630), 185 : feet from the east line of-Lot 24, John Pollan League, and 375 feet north northeast of No. 4, oil well. Arnold O. Morgan No. 1 Merrill G. M. Kilpatrick), old West Sinton Shallow Field well deepened and completed as- a West Sinton 4,400-Foot Sand well in Segment B flowed 131.2 barrels of oil on : potential test from 27-si»t perforations at 4,445-5912 feet. Test was through 10-04 inch choke, under 425 No. A* Ctrl* Qcwnty **Mttt to ** O. ft. Kit lUil to t.MI tad wu Nwd. The «nly abmr was a «M at M* 1**t to tW» teat, to 7.0W i«tt mrtheaat ot II ftwC v* if « mllM north of ' ' Ktrkwood and Morgan, Inc., No 1 T. A. K**r, LaSalle County wildcat * cotipfc of miles north of toe Ctoquat fluster, set surface A yesterday was waiting on ce- nwnt. this test, in IftGN Survey n, Block J, A-8W. in contracted to MOO teet. In th* same general area, Ectaob No. l Ben Alexander abaixkw«d in mid-week. T o t a l dtptb va» £,7*» fwt. FH» WUdeat Kftts No. 2 E. 3: Simmons; Krio County wildcat about rallti north of the LaSsJl* Country line and 7 tnilt« southwest of Hinder topped a 7-fopt «il Mnd at 879 i««t, recovered a few of oil on dtillatem test there and Friday wa setUnj; caving on top of the sand, Pumpinp unit will be installed for completion. This well I* In BS*F Survey If, A-143. George W. Graham and F. William Carr No. 1 T.P, Nowlin, Trio County wildcat in John W. Crawford Survey 3, A-l.080, was moving a Davis and Davidson rig yester day for a proposed S,600-{oot venture. Milam Drilling Co. No. 1 M. M, Davis, Atascosa County wildcat in Adams, Beaty and Moutlon Survej 13, 2 miles south of Davis Switch was drilling Friday at 8,710 feet. no tests reported, on a 6.000-fool contract. Two Oilers W. W. Carter No. l L. W- Stieren. Atascosa County -wildcat 5 miles northeast ai Charlotte, 7,500-foot venture in IGN Survey 1.753, A-482. Buzzini Drill- ins Co. is contractor, In the neiv South Imogene- area, Martin, Shelly and Thomas of San Antonio were completing a pair of wells, giving Use field 3 oilers. Their No. 3 T. J. Davis, in lot 4SS, Section 27, total depth 1,814 feet, set pipe for completion in open hole, and their No. 1 J. J. Ball, Lot 458, Section 29, set pipe to bottom, 1,836 feet, and was com plnting on perforations. Martin, Shelly and Thomas No 1 A. M. Smith Estate, Wilson County wildcat in A. M. Highsmith Survey 359, 2 miles north of Stockdale, was drilling Friday at 3,620 feet on a permitted 5,500-foot venture. Earlier in the week, this test had cored sulphur water sand at at 2,682-748 feet. Causeway Wildcat Below 9,900; Bay Test Starts By KAKCT HAND CaJfer-Tla««a OU KMtot : R. Smith and F. William C*rr No. 1 Medical Professional Building Corp., San Patricio C o u n t y wildcat on Indian Point, just off th* Nueces Bay Causeway, yrss drilling *t ».8W feet, yesterday morning. The wildcat, on the Corpu* Christi Bay shore, has had no shows except a minor one up around 3,800 feet, indicated on sidewall sample. It is half a mile or so northeast of the nearefet Nueces Bay shoreline. The Redfish-Dagger area of Corpus Christ! Bay had a new wildcat spudding on Stedman Island, just Suit Water ! A mil* or so to the northeast, and a mile south ot Atlantic No, 1-396, RwJliafc oil*r, Stanplifld is preparing location for the No. 1414. A mile west of iti No. 1-396, Atlantic's No. 1-433 made salt water on driUstem test on perforation! at 7,»9C-8,01« feet, squeezed, reperforatwl and again made salt water, squeezed, perforated at 7,994^,002 feet, flowed 100 percent salt water, squeezed, and was waiting on cement. Sunray OU Corp. No. 1-352 was testing on Sand 14 perforations at 8.217-30 feet. First perforations in the top of this sand werjs at 3,21725 feet, where the well showed 9 off the Harbor Island Causeway pounds working pressure and re- drawbridge. This test is the Aran- covered 4,680 leet of raUsole mud sat Dock and Channel Co. No. 1 Fee, beiny drilled by a. T. F. Murchison rig. Contract depth is 9,000 feet. Southwest of Redfish production, Stauolind Oil and Gas Co. was taking potential on its No. 1 State Tract 421, perforated at 7,285-90 *eet in the lo\ver section of Sand 10A. It had tested about 130 barrels daily here. Stanolind's No. 1 420, northwest of this well, was drilling at 2.950 feet and. oil--95 percent oil--fln drill- stem test. This is the sand discovered by Sunmy'a No. 1-3W, oiler 1,600 teet to the west. Liimar Wildcat Earlier in the week Sunray's No. 1-52 had made gas cut mud, no water, on test on perforations at 8.270-78 feet. It also had flowed ing pressure was 1,828 pound*, Humble OU and Refining Co. No. l State Tract US, Aranaas Bay wildcat 1% mites south, ot Lamar. ran electrical log to a,7M. fe*t, cored hard, ahaley aand, no abow, at 8,791-817 feet and *raa coring ahead. Sun Oil Co. No. 1 St. C»ark« State Tract 387, wildcat 2 miles southeast of Lama?, was drilling in. shale Friday at 10,110 ft«t. , Over on Blackjack Peninsula, 10.3 miles northeast of L a m a r . Western Natural Gas Co. No. l* St Charles Ranch .Co., wildcat in Isaac Dowess'Survey, A-33, was drilling Friday at 10,350 feet The No. 16, a mile to the northeaat, was drilling at 5,600 feet. In the new West Fulton Bea'ch Field, Phillips Petroleum Co. No. H Copano Bay State, in Tract 45, tested gas and distillate on perforations at 6.61240 feet, squeezed these perforations, and yesterday was preparing to perforate a n d test higher, in aa oil sand. On the test, the well flowed gas and dis- at an estimated million cubic feet daily, with a barrel of distillate hourly, .and no water, on test on I perforations at 8,^29-31 feet. Tub- London Wildcat at 9,300, Luby Area Test Is Failure Atlantic Refining Co. No. C- J. Horne, Nueces County wildcat in the London Deep area, 12 miles soutliwest of Corpus Christi, was drilling Friday at 9,258 feet In a 9,700-foot venture. Atlantic No. 1 Lehman Gas Unit No. 1, in the same area still was 9,774 feet, fishing for diamond core bit. . . Seaboard Oil Co. of Delaware No. 17 J. 0. Chapman, between London and Chapman Fields, was drilling j at 7,803 feet Friday, dus to run correlation log around 8,000 feet. Contract depth is 10,000 feet. Dry Mole Seaboard No. 53 James P. Luby, wildcat v.'est of Luby Field, nan electrical Jog to 5,147 feet and was abandoned. Jackson Test Spuds Starr Has Two More Wildcats Starr County yesterday had 2 new wildcats scheduled. Paisano Trading Co., Ltd., -No. 1 Marcos Pena, new wildcat 2 miles south of San Ysidro, is contracted to 4,700 feet. Location is 467 feet nut of the northwest corner of the 98. 64-acre lease, 467 feet from the north line and 2,059 feet from th'e east line of Share L and of Santa Teresa Grant Elevation is 301 feet. Thft Chicago" Corp. No. 16 Slick Estate, new wildcat contracted to 5,000 feet, is 12 miles north of Suk iivan City, in the Flores area. Lo- grees and gas-oil ratio was 352 to 1. Tynan Well Makes 12 Million CF Magnolia Petroleum Co. has staked a norta offset to the recent new. pay Discovery in Bee County'* Hummer Wilcox Field at its N. 4 W. E.' Erp. The No. 4, Erp, -contracted to 7,200 Jteet, is 467 feet from the south line, 593 f,eet frora the east line of Brooks and Burlesoa Survey, A-513, north of Midstates No. 1 Zeno Barber and is 933' feet southwest of Magnolia No. 1 Erp, field discovery completed as an oil well in I9i5 s but which recently has been tnaking considerable water. The Barber was only the second ofl well in the field, Newman Brothers Drilling Co. and Alaska Steamship Co. No. 2 Charles Mengers, discovery 2 miles northwest of Tynan ^,3 m Q I Q^. cia Survey, A-167, made 12.4 million cubic feet of gas a day, calculated open flow, from 120-shot perforations at 4,800-20 feet. Bridwell OU Co. No. l 'Ben F. Hirsch, a mHc Southeast of Yougeen Field and about 7 miles south of Beevffle, was at 2,770 feet yesterday, shut down for rig repairs. This test, in G e o r g e O'Docharty Survey, A-49, is contracted to 5,000 feet, Bridwell No. A-5 H. C. Wood, South Blanconia Field, was rigged up yesterday, slated to spud today on a 6,000-foot test. A new Brid- v ,vell rig will drill this venture. of Los Maguelles Grant and 8,100 feet east southeast of Chicago's No. I Slick. Sunray Oil Corp No. 1 G. G. Zamora, Flores area wildcat,, made salt water on 'drillstem tests at 6,216-27. 6-190-95 and 6.180-85 feet, where sidewall cores had indicated possible oil sands, and was plugging back to complete in the 4,350- foot Sullivan pas sand. Sun Oil Co. No. 2 Bias Eequenea, Wildcat in the North Sun F i e l d area, was -at 4,575 feet Friday, running electrical log. Gulf. OU Corp. No. 1 William Gardner, Yarboro area wildcat in Grimes County, was drilling at 7,416 feet in sand and shale Friday on a 10,700-foot venture in James W, Darwin Survey, A-171. Investment Co. No. 1 Herman S. White; Estate, Jack-|J son County wildcat in Stephen F. Austin Survey, A-5, a mile north of Lolita, spudded Friday on a 7,700-foot venture. This test is about 2,700 feet south southeast of Hankamer No. 1 W. H. Clement, 7,711-foot dry" hole. In tho Hollingsworth Ranch Humble Oil and Refining Co. No. T-2 East Flour Bluff State, Laguns, Madre wildcat in Tract 31, made salt water on drillstem test nt 8.S32-39 feet and at 8,441-48 fee and was drilling at 8,793 feet. Arkansas Fuel OH Co. No. 1 Alfred "A. Theis, wildcat 5 m i l e s southeast of Driscoll was at 8,400 feet Friday, fishing for stuck -5rill- pipe. New Test Skelly Oil Co, No. 1 0. B. Atkinson, wildcat 3 miles west of Robstown, is due to get underway m about a week on an 8.500-foot contract in Section SI. George H. Paul Subdivision of the Driscoll Ranch. A. W. Gregg No. 1 C. A. Richter, wildcat alongside the Corpus Drive- in Theatre, just west of Corpus Christi city liir.its and on Highway 9, was drilling at 5,013 feet Friday on a proposed 7,000^oot venture. Seaboard Oil Co. of Delaware No. 5 Charles R. Martin, new South Clara Driscoll Field test contract- to 4.0QO feet, is 630 feet from north line, 2,553 feet from, the west line of Section 130, George H. Paul Subdivision of the Driscol! Ranch, and 933 feet east southeast of No. 2, oil well. area, J. M. Huber Corp. No. 1 L. R. Holiingswortn had gone to 3,616 feet and was preparing to run drillstem tests when pump went out, and yesterday 'was shut down- .-^or-r yopairSi"^. This test, which may go below 4-000 feet, is in EH Mercer Survey, A-54, 5 miles east of Morales, Huber No. A-l William Classen, in James Kerry Survey, A- 39, North Collier area, S miles north of Edna, was rigging up Friday for a proposed 3,500-foot test. .··:·.· Round Lake Test Below 3,100 Ft Lonnie Glasscock No. l R. B; McGIoin, San Patricio County wildcat 1% miles west northwest of Old San Patricio and about 1% miles south of Round Lake Field, was drilling Friday at 3,017 feet on a possible 7,000-foot test. In LouEHa Field, over on Lake Corpus Chrifiti, A. W. Gregg No. 11 City of Corpus Cbristi was drilling yesterday at 4,133 feet on a 5,100-ioot vneture. J. W. Gorman No. B-2 B. W. Cox, LouElla Field, was preparing to spud on a 3,5QQ-;toot contract on the northeast edge of the field. Saskatchewan Gets Gasser RECJINA. Aug. 18. (AP)_A ma or gas find has been made at the Royalite Albercan No. i Smilev 4 miles soutii of .Coieville and :120 miles west of Saskatoon, Resources Minister J. P. Brockelbank of Saskatchewan reported last night. Brockelbank described the find as "By far the largest: strike m the current exploration program." He estimated the well produced an open flow at the rate of 10 million cubic feet a day from the Viking Sand. The Well is 3,000 feet deep. Golf Oil Corp. No. B-l Mary Vineyard, Hawkinville Dome \vild- cat m Matagorda County, was drilling at 10.858 feet in shale Friday on a possible 12,000-foot test. Gulf No. l H. B. Hawkins Sheppard's Mott wildcat, was drilling in shale at 8,014 feet. Victoria County's Coletto Creek Meld has a new test at Bay Oil and Gas Co. No. 9 John Zammer. contract dearth 5,000 feet This test is 220 feet from the northwest line of the 125-acre- tract in R. Manchola Grant and is 440 feet northeast of No 4. Mosser Makes Dual Gasser Of Orange Grow Wildcat Alcoa Mining Co. -No. 1 C. M. Foestcr, Calhoun County wildcat 2 ys-i miles west of Magnolia Beach, was starting yesterday on a possible 9,000-foot venture. This test is 2 miles north, and across a fault, from Melbourn Field production, and is about a mile northeast of gas-distillate production. of the long lin now is being tested j lil nwrt spring. piste except for a lateral which will connect some \Ves Natural gas wells in Live County, and this won't be built I BERT W. ROSCOE with gus. CompreMor station con struclion is in'tutal Wages, and will be complete in 2 or 3 weeks. Trurikltnf, with a capacity «f 280 million cubic feet daily, win talM around 100 million cubic f«t Texan Illinois deliveries are duo to begin around Dec. l. The J120 million line wi'il have an initial capacity ot about 383 million cubfc: «*t daily, and can move up to 500 militon. GENERAL INSURANCE J. ROSCOE CO. DIAL 4-6625 H. J. Mosser No. 1 Charles Reynolds, Jim Wells County 'wildcat in GHH Survey 107 A-1S6. 5 miles southwest of Orange Grove, wss running casing last nigbt for dual completion in the 3,200 and 3.300- foot gas sands. This discovery bad drilled to 5,252 feet, then set plug at 3,380 feet. Paisano Trading Co., Ltd., and G. Ray Boyd No. 1 Bruno Goldapp, wildcat 4 miles southeast of Orange Grove, had set surface casing for a proposed 5,600-foot venture. .Gust Tsesmelis No. 1 Otto Goldapp, gas discovery west of Ben Bolt Field, southeast' of Alice, was shut in yesterday after completion on perforations at, 3.480-5QS f e e t . Tsesmelis will drill the No. 2 God- app about 660 feet northeast of the discovery to test oil sands found near 5,000 feet in- the No.-1. George W. Graham No. 1 Martha E. Dilworth. a mile northeast of Amargosa Field, had run a second driEstem test OH perforations at 5,720-28 feet, squeezed for the second time and.was preparing to reperforate the same sand. On the first test, the well flowed hot salt water through 12-64-inch choke, under 1,900 pounds pressure on tubing. On the second test here, the well flowed fluid, just under 10 percent oil, through 3-1S inch choke under 1,800 pounds pressure on tubing. Water is thought to be coming front some ether formation in this well. Oil sand also had been sidewall cored at 6,484 and 6,360 feet. Down in La Gloria Field. Magnolia Petroleum Co. No. 1 John Minten, total depth 11.002 feet, had plugged back sm tested gas and distillate on perforations at 7,92535 feet It had run electrical log to bottom with no shows, and plugged back. THE EUREKA LAUNDRY HAS SERVED CORPUS CHRISTI PEOPLE CONTINUOUSLY FOR 44 YEARS · STILL the BEST Laundry In the best town in Texas "THERI MUST BE A REASON" ONLY LAUNDRY IN CORPUS CHRIST! USING IVORY SOAP EXCLUSIVELY Every Iton Steam Sterilised . . . No Extra Charge till Btacner DRY CLEANING, TOO Dial 3-445, Dan L. Clark Rupert Cox The DAN C CLARK Drilling Co. DEILLEES OF OIL AND GAS WELLS POWER AND STEAM KIGS Wilson Bid*. -- Corpus Chrtitl 4-TiW -- 4-1747 1U4 ASamo Natl. Back BIdt. San Antanlo, (55872 Complete Oilfield Transportation Service * TRUCKS ·TRACTORS ·BULLDOZERS · MOTOR GRADERS Heidi Bros, TRUCKS Sullivan City PHONE 11 Alice then* 1376 Freer Wwiw 66 sure on tubing. This test is 1,320 feet north of No. 9, F-2 Sand ,oil discovery at 6,660-70 feet. Oakville Test at 7,500 Sunray Oil Corp. No. 2 H. C. Dilwortls, Live Oak County wildcat 5 miles northeast of OakvUle, tried several drillstem test* at 7.334-38 feet, but had packer failures, cored to 7.366 feet and yesterday resumed drilling in sidetracked hole, slated to go another 200 feet. This test had cored oil show in the Luling:, where it found about 6 feet more sand than in the vertical hole. It is 3,200 feet south southwest of Sunray No. 1 Zamzow, Luling oil discovery at 7,248-50 feet, and 2,320 feet southwest of No. 1 Dilworth, gas-distillate discovery at 7.173-24 and 7,543-57 feet. Nearby, Stanolind Oil and Gas Co. No. 1 Maude M. Weed, was drilling Friday at 7,081 feet. Fred W. Shield No. 1 Jack A. Gurwitz, a. mile south of Kittie, total depth 8,520 feet, w abandoned after running 1 log to total depth. Delhi Oil Corp. Ho. 1 Maxina Means,. southwest of George West was drilling; at 5,550 feet yesttr- day morning on a possible 7,700- foot test. Atlantic Refining Co. No. 1 San- gcr Heirs, Chapa Ranch area, 14# miles southwest of George West, was drilling Friday at 8,589 feet. SOUTH TEXAS PETROLEUM DIRECTORY Oil Well Drilling C. G. GUSSCOCK DRILLING CO. Drilling Contractor* Oil Producers Wilson BW S . Tel. 2-4 Trucking Truck* -- Tractors Jess Edwards, Inc. Draglines --- Maintained OLD FIELD HAULING GENERAL CONTRACTING McBride Lane Tel. 3-8441 Oil Weil Service THOMAS HOPKINS INC. Oil Well Servicing Shallow Drilling 5410 Hwy. S Tel. 4-6538 TESSAS PIPE SUPPluY CO. Port Antelope Phone 4-9051 RENTAL LINE PIPE DRILL PIPE TEXAS PIPE SUPPLY CO. Port Antelope Phone 4-9051 LIST YOUR OIL SERVICES IN THE SOUTH TEXAS PETROLEUM DIRECTORY IVIRY SUNDAY! V

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