The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 27, 1960 · Page 5
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 5

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 27, 1960
Page 5
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Designing Woman Dy ELIZABETH HtLLVER BIG PICTURES FOR WALLS 1-HOM SMALL PICTURES IN BOOKS The size 6f (he picture lias n lot lo do with how decorative it is; -- arkl when a Wg anil bold die is needed, it May hot be so easily found. But perhaps it can bfc found -- in a book that has strong black and white illustrations. The picture that's small 011 the book page can be blown up by a commercial photographer to exactly the right size that makes it a striking decoration. This idea is used in a smart new motor hotel in'the heart ol Chicago. The photographic blowups are of old ejigraging.s, nnc very effective the} 1 are, as the sketch shows, with the hotel's landsome, specially designed fur nllure. Tho sharp black and while s crisp accent that needs no tram ng -- the photographer simply nollhls the blow-ups on photographic Mounting board. Unique ilUislratlons in valuable books cai x reproduced without removal o lie illuslralions from the books (Sketched at tltc Oxford House Motor Hotel.) Mrs. T. C. "Tlie cefamic tile un the walls, lavatory counte lops and floor and the fixtures in our larger bathroom arc all on color, an apricot beige. I had Ih upper walls painted the samc- co'or and I don't like the effect al all. I can't seem to find a co!or MPL Womah's Club Holds Picnic Meet Entertain Husbands F O R A L L Y O U R FURNITURE NEEDS Come (o our store and browse iiround our three floors of rurnidirc and you're sure to find what you want. SENOJ FURNITURE Compaq "Serving Greenville For 26 Years" 300 Washington Ave. Phone ED 2-57G1 or tire towels and mats that en- Ivcns tho scheme enough. Whftt lo you suggest? I'd disc likb an dca for curtains," Why not use three colors lor the owels -- perhaps Jeep apricot, a medium brown bnd turquoise or blue? Triple color Can do much mbre titan a single Color. Curtains might be patterned In three Colors on while, anil the towels' colors could Inert match tho colors In the |XMeril. Have you thought of a brightly colored' Woven shade for t h e balliroonT Window? Or a striking accessory or lw lit a bright schemb color? Mrs. M. W. W, "My Itusb6nd refuses to give up hid favorite Intge lounge chaif, but agfte's to having it reiipholslercd. What sort of cover do you suggest for a chair with out-of-date lines, to improve its looks?" Good quality reupholstcring^lhe only kind worthwhile, almost rebuilds a chaif, and the lightening of sagging [rarts will improve Its looks somewhat although this also loses lire too-relaxing softness that may be just what your husband likes ubout the chair. The upholsterer can sometimes change the lines of arms and backs allc reduce (heir size -- ask his advice Members of the Mississippi Power and Light Co., Woman's Club entertained their husbands and oilier guests al a picnic held recently at the blue Flamo Lodge on Lake Ferguson. The social replaced the regular business session scheduled for the month. During Iho evening bingo, music and dancing was enjoyed by the group. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Loyacono, Mr. and Mrs, Jack Hall, Mr. and Mrs, Claude Neves, Mr. and irady Goodson, Mr. and Mrs. 0. i. Touchstone, Mr. and Mrs. 3iick Beams, Mr. arid Mrs. Pat \Villian Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Jacks, Mr. and Mrs\ Don Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Martin, Mr, and Mrs. Jerry Miller, Miss Linda Powers, Paul Whit field ami Joe Oltfemari, Hostesses Were Mrs. Grady Goodson and Mrs. John Roper. Personally Speaking Community Center Weekend Activities The Senior Citizens will meet at the Community Center Thurs- PL! about what can be done for Ihe day at 2 p. m. On Friday and particular chair. Don't count on'Saturday nights, 8-11 p. m., the a cover lo solve Ihe problem. Re-jCommunity Center Will have Op- jbuilding will do more, but choosejen Housfr for the teen-agers. a good fabric to match the wall Mr. and Mrs. Fred Drownstcin color and the chair will blend into Ihe background (o look much less bulky than it does in a contrasl- ing color. Mertlphls, Term,, are the guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sinai Brownstein. 4 D A Y S O N L Y ! Thursday · Friday - Saturday · Monday I N A L Entertains Her Circle St. Martha's sawing Clfcl« irtet recently «t Ihe horn* of Mr*. S. j on F4 | rview Avtij | or a iient, I Dalift _ _ Thrips - Slender, hairy, yel-jWadncECUyi Jujy J7, '0 \ Owish to brownish pests that """ leek, discolor and deform (low- MrS, S, J. AZQI" rs. For control, 4pray weekly /ith nicotine sulphate or DDT. dispose of blooms that have readied their prime. Japanese Beetles -- 0 v a 1 - lapcd, with melallic-grcen. shln- ng bodies, liicy are About one- uartdr Inch wide ami twice as ong. Adulls feed on foliage, and he larvae on roots. DDT will ·tnock out the old folks and Chlor- .ar.e the babies. Caterpillars (fall webwonn is me) -- They feed heavily on fol age and wrap it in webtents. hey are hairy, grayish - brown vith orange and black spots, ·pray or dust with oO per cent )DT. wettable powder or Lin- dane. Laccbug -- Flat, oval body with lace-like wings, They discolor foliage by sucking plant Jiccs from the underside of foliage. Spray weekly with nico- ir-.e sulphate. Mealybugs -- Tiny, with a white, covering, and general con social meeting. Mrs. ftichard Haftibllfi W 4 9 awarded the grand ptil6, 4 Sit- in Covered luilt. It ttis announced that tht elf- Cle members will iltcnd ?:M 4. m. Mass Friday rnttning, with a breakfast afterwards it tha Greenville Hoftl. Also announced was that (hft nekt meeting will be htld at iho home of Mrs. J. A. Crawford. Approximately 50 guettl Attended, including several out of (own powder. Onion Thrips--Ytllow or brown, these tiny, (ringed-wing lftsect« , g a d plani along veins of leaves, and En the crevices and at the bass Of leaf stems. They stunt and distort leaves. Nicotine sulphate mixed wilh white-oil will beat them. Qypsy Moth--The male is brown ,vith black markings and the fe males hr« nearly while with black wing markings. They defoliate plants. Spray with an oil solution 6f DDT. Some unpopular vegetable gar den invaders include: Stripetl-Cucumbcr Bee-lie-Yellow, beetles with three black stripes over the wings. Thty afe about' one-fifth of an inch long and feed. on stems, leaves and fruit, bust 1 them with or.e per cent Rholcnone " liM " ls ls «*»M««W. Tomato Ffuttworm -- T h e s e are comparative giantl, lM fn£ht3 long, ranging from grten to brown or pink and itrfped, 4P.d ugly. They eat holet in trait and buds. Dust with DDT. ' Bean Aphid-Covered with whitish wax, they cluster on itsmi and undersides of IftaVt* liid luck. Spray with nicotine sulphite. · · ^ M ^ « ^ . d U » ^ « ^ J ^ Non-Cartcelltbld Hospital Insurance YS--Hn'.'al E«(!eAi» J j ' i t J f t V I--\ 6=1S'I Cslll cVt ty.'it-.l 6+.*in«t OSly t*« Co^ C4«c«l rJi Ai* Ll^'.T Causey InJUratlce AgWS «» (0 S'CSJi *w/ 1 *» VKIISATILE --· These versatile separates are equally at home In the water ov on shore. The cap-sleeved swifn suit and matching button-front skirt are styled in a tuli]printed birdseye pique, which has a Cranston wrinkle resistant finish. Take one along with you on your vacation. SELECTED GROUP OF SHOES feed in clusters. Their favorite menb IE (towers, ispecially pe6h- ics and Iris. Rose leat ftoril dusl or DDT is ths prescribed treat ~££f 395 Pairs $ To Select From -Values To $19,95 BUY TWO OR THREE PAIRS AT THIS LOW, LOW PRICE m M: r.cvuiu IHT.I 5g GROUP OF WOMEN'S SUMMER Including AVhifcs s /2 PRICE GROUP OF CASUALS V A L U E S T O $ 1 0 . 9 5 $ * * * i * * * By EARL ARON'SON .cr.illy these tiny insects are found Al' Newsfeaturcs |on the under side of leaves. When ;they attack, foliage pales or turns Let's turn our attention tod3y^to; h r m v n _ Rcd 6po(s fjrst ap pj, ar on the insect kinpdom. While we're , hc uppcr 6Jc i es Q[ in f este ) i eavcs making you acquainted with some ,|. cn (t]e enljre i ea { ^dens, curls of the be.isls (as Iho'jph yo-.i did- Hn[) dropj Spray with 50 per c«n n't know most uf ihcm already M^ad,!,,,, an d was [, 0 [ (cn w m, a I through bitter experienced we'll strong stream o[ w a t t f ] i loll you about some o! Ilieir weak- i'nesses. | 1ose LSafhoppers -- Slende Jl , , ,. ,,ar.d soft and about the size o nphids, these bugs are yellowisl white. Thev cause leaves to whit Aphids--These are sifi-ixx: insecls aiwut onc-cipli:h of | inch [or.j;. They ran;;o frn;n j;rt 'p:l'.k, red or jirmvn in color i ilv arc found a: lips p , nn( ,, draining plan «f, j u i c c s Spray rcgular iy with nic ONE GROUP W O M E N ' S H O S E CHILDREN'S DRESS SHOES Nationally advertised brand -- Broken sizes. Values To Mostly all whites Some Pastels. Values to $8.95 Out They Go At Only -- $ llyminj- shoots in clusters. Theyi l ) ( i r l c 5ulpha(e or i. in( ] anei d ous sap the plant vipor. curl or dis-L ^^ Mef o[ the |eaf _ tort loaves and buds, cause inal-j [ormations of flm\crs liy 5\trking| Rose Chafer -- These hard-she! plant juices, (live llxrn n dose Ictl beetles have long legs ar. of nicotine ?-j!p!;n(o or I.indnne.jare grayish-hrown. They arc one Keel S p i d e r m i t e s -- GUI-. quarter to one-half inch long Easy Wsy lo Kilt Ants and Roadies ALL SALES CASH AND FINAL "THE SHOE MEN IN GREENVILLE" Phone ED 2-7583 343 Washington Ave. JOIIN'STON'S NO-SOACII: Simply brush Johnston's No-Roach cbo.mU and rahincls to control cckr.iches. Brush the colorless 1 odorless liquid on window nn:l door sills (o stop nnt.s. Stays cffcctiv for mouths. No need (o move dishes or breathe h a r m f u l sprnys I Jolmsion's No-Ro.ich is preferred by good housekeepers. S oz. 60c I pinl 1.G3. AP Food Store S A L L I N G E R I E D E P A R T M E N T SELECTED ROBES GOWNS SLIPS PAJAMAS PANTS GIRDLES BARS

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