The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 27, 1963 · Page 16
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 16

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 27, 1963
Page 16
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THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Tuesday, August 27, 1963 Banter Exchanged During Rescue SHEPPTON. Pa. (UPH-- From tho lime communications were established unLil Uie momcnl o[ liberaiion. Henry Throne and David Fcllin kepi up an exchange o[ Roori-na lured banter wiih their rescuers on !he surFuco. Kven in Ihe lasl agoni/.ing' mo- nimls when Ihc iwo men were boi'.is hauled up (he 309-fool-lonp. IS-indvwidc channel 10 safety from ihoir iwo-weck long emomfo- nieni. they shouted encouragement, insl ructions and wisecracks lo llie rescue crew, As Tlmmc bc-psm the ascension lie shouu'd, "\Vliai a ndc lliis is. I feel like a banana. "I'm gonna lose my gunibool. I lon't \\Tinl lo hit Davey," (FVllin). The suruu'c wm-ned Fellin to {Tfi out of liie way. Throne: "Keep her going. Keep her go ins. I'm coming up. All i-ishi felloes. Go ahead. I'm coming up." Surface: "Just like the chutes m Coney Island." Throne: "Yeah. How far am I lip?" Surface: "Oh. away up." A shoil time lalcr Throne was or.l. He did a son of little jig before ho was flown by helicopiev 10 a nearby hospital lov exami- n a t i o n . Then it was Felh'n's Him to make the perilous ascent. Surface: "Wo used Henry fen- a tesi run: now ii's your T u r n . " Foil in: "Lois of room. Beautiful. This couldn'l be no bener," "I'm comma. Okay boy?, lois ol room up here. This is the lite. I'll bolL'ha -when you're coming down in a p.-irachuie a couple of hundred I'oei ii 's a hnrri job. Nice. Bcvuiiiful. Couldn't be no brilor. B e a u t i f u l ride. Nice down here." Sin-face: "Was i; like a tunnel of !o\v down I here?" Fellin: "Thai's what 1 was t h i n k i n g down Ihcrc. Now. I can see light." Moments laiei Fellin was free find was whisked away to t h e hospilal. Third Miner Bed Wailing Classified^ Ads Lavvton Constitution and Lawton Morning Press CLASSIFIED RATES One insertion.. ir.eiuae.1 punllcivuc-n Ui 1 wit-. ihc L'onill'LUlluc and Momlnc Pi-ess Sunday insertion counts as 1 'Jmc. Is con^trjLlnc tP.e colt of youl ad, couni each wi-rd, · number, aborevlali'jn or Ir.jLla: ns one word: eacn word In [he ·iildTL'ss BS one word; tt:cphim o-xn- bcrs as one word. Capitalized ticadhics ar.ii words are counu^l double or 10 ivurds Per unc. Exu-u service charge m 5U cents rcjll bp ni;i(Jc on nlJ fid.1 rcqulrlr.j: "blin-l-' box n u m b e r s Minimum ad-- 10 words One ui wo continuous '-sarlions, per word per day . . . . 5c Three or four continuous Insertions, per word per day For Rent--Apartments _ 3, For Renr-^Miscellanebus VERY n i ' c e ' r f ^ b c d r o a n i ivith "sepanile LAHGI-:~trnl7cr~.s;:icc for 'rcn:.~^5' liiitli. llvlnc imtl lilldicn. 1615 Irwln. | prlvtr.c. Lias Williams.-' 5'Musical Instruments 9 Automobiles 11 U l i l l . EL3-TMO 1 AND'2 BEDROOM FURNISHED DUPLEXES On Taft and Baldwin EL 3-6895 or Inquire illl Laivton. FURX1S1-IKL) ;j rnoni apinlmcnt, L-uiicllLlunod. .·u-my.cumJlc. J.PJU .D. KITCHENETTES. I n q u i r e lit Mold Glenda. 1U2 Cliche I.u:id. . . ' A nk'L', ckmn 3 rnom . KT!i. wiiiL-i- piilil. rTM 20L11; Phone EL:i-l(j!U. 2 ROOM ru.-nbhcd. $Bl) Blll.s- picld; cou- |i[c. EL3-HIMB. 1711^ Qql;. 4 Vic Five or more conunaou* insertions, per word per day . . 4c TVemy-SLN continuous insertions (one month) pes- word ........ 60c Minimum charge . . . . 9 0 c iubjecl to chaneo '.vllhoin nodce roum. iirlvmc liath, ulll- IUi'S f u r n i s h e d . DJ3 Soulh Sill. N1CKLV f u r n i s h e d duplex, couple only. SiiT.Sll, ivuk-r iKild. EL5-;.1i)S. F'i:R.\lSHEl? ·) njbm d u p l e x uiuirtmcnt; T i l l B e l l , $Sl M. \viucr ana eiLrljURC In- ··ludi-J. Clll EL3-J-7J. P R I V A T E Iruilcr spate w l l h shady lawn, In AlJUchc. ELT-3SW n f l c r h". HARDY SUGGS MUSIC CO. your complete muj/c srtcpplnp center. Plunos and nrjrfina. rent or sole, Sana I n s t r u m e n t s rcni, sell, reculrs, EL5- I'ltH'ATE lot for i n i i l t r . 912 Ferris. EL5- i 235S. i i v u l l n b l c September . TRAILER SPACE FOR RENT B.'c: .'ots. lou- rates. School, jfioppln* «nic." : block. K i t Carson Trailer ! qnur 1 .. J2p5_5oiJih_JlU»__«id__ _LSB_ L ^ ! LARGE t m l l o r ..^piicc far r e n u -15' 10 : iO!. iH'.VJUc. 112C5 Wirinrns. FOR RENT · Television Sets · Refrigerators · Washing Machines · Rollawety Beds · Air Conditioners HOLSEY'S APPLIANCE 4-115 Cache Road Dial El. 3-S655 SEWING n-.achlnc reninJs, W.OO per month, f r e e nlckup and delivery. Phone Singer. Sen-ins Knc.llnc Comnnn?. EL3- '9CIJ. 353 C Avenue. Lu'vion. furnlshi-ii ; i p n r l m c u l , S73, Ljllls p r i l i l ; Grral Lilki-x house trnller. U lii-tJroom. N'jitti of C u d l c R u n d . EL3- 1IJSS. For Rent--Houses Mike Rank . . . lie fashioned final escape hole for miners. hie Of MJnsrs Rested (iss-i 48 Cnrd oi ma-iK* unfl ir. Mcmortani . M u l l e n s milt rates (LI above. Minimum Rrac vnur do, r.cpurt any crrcr )m- r r p t i i n i c i v The Consiliuilon nrd Mom- Iru Press will nal be i-cipunslbfc for more [fern anr 1,-icarrfC! insertion or any JtdvcniscmcrH. Ail exira Inscr-inn i v i l ' hi- nintie w i t h o u t Chnrc*. DEADLINES: Wrrl: D:iys 5 D.m. da.' Drlarc O'JM- en Lion. "KILL"" D E A D L I N E S : 9 n,m. Day or Publication. wrjk duy* .from S a.m. lo S:30 p.m. RaLurtJAya S n.m. Lo 15 noon Clo^ea Classified aclveriisemenls arc due and payable on ihe last day ad- verti.wrncnt anpcars in die paper. IT'S SO EASY TO P1J\CE A CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENT 'Dial. EL 3-0620 and a.'k tor "Classifi'd" "Al:M lunise, L v hcdruom. ffood 'garden .··IMJl. imr'.ly m o d e r n , tin .tchuol bus line, close in, W i l l ::nl for nr.e vuar. I'cason- I | iili'i-. EU-1.155. . I C'.'-EA.V. l 1 ixtSriium un, r LTnJ.^ht'd, b l o c k , n n d '.; from sdiiw!. EI-Kf7S6. j | 1.AI1GE I'urnlfhiTl 1 mum. iilso ·! mi furnlshei!. ^1)5'.-; E. ELS-.^ni.. WE RENT BABY BEDS High Chairs COR WIN'S--916/2 B Diol EL3-2S33 MODERN l:nl!rr ronccs. SIT. iv.itcr Dili Inoul.-e 2U1J S. A V A J L A l i L E NOW. :i bedroom / u r n l h - rrl, F.LS-IJPS?, EL3.JS33. -1 J1OOM utifurnlslicd. IK 6 A, phone OOM u n i u r n l s h c i l , 1S1B WlHInni.". Oclnbor l- K t- KL5-3S1S Tillt-r C, 2-BEDROOM HOME GOOD LOCATION Close to School and Post, fenced ysi'd. aliachcd garage, cxira clean, \vilh i'nnTMe and m n n v ex- Iras. JSf/J Taf(. Call EL 5-OS11. r N F i : i ! N I S H F . I ) ^ Itfllroam. b u i l t In ]:l!dKT. 1 : ; lm:Ji. ilouliK- L:nrnxt-. -1.^ PJll^M-l-n-Sl, A v J l l l f l l l l c l-p!CIIll)L-r I H I , .-. I'.ooji EIJ-4SI.1. L/C7U v v u i i i i i y EjSJ* f n n« nt*f In Hospital W/Wl K05CU8 KI0 Pf/0? PON SHOP Radios, ?uns. Dsliing tackle. jewelry, coins and suoplies. B L U N T ZORGER 525 E -- Nexl lo Ruick Co. Dial El. 3-2238 Pa. r..\Pi -- " I - HAX1.KTOX. know Mike inches noai'ly drove me out of :ny mind." : SpKikinc; \v;is Nelson Siaiiffcv. Al S:13 p.m. Monday. Kellin ' nf any i-onipai"ibio said ho would pull t h e plus m (| y n.^..^.^ hlln v. ,,t ·an |)«-1 iin nrniisp ihe hntinm of Ihe cscnpe hole. Ai i,',,, ;,',,',. i-'i'.-|-',i!j'i i.\ ?.:1T he sfiid il \vas :oo lichi 10 ijoi-si;.«. ~Hil,r.i),"."ni~»«5 i he pulled oin--and ]\atili's nerve- -·'"" ' lr ^ lk ' less drilling resumed. lie stopped ihe drill every few I^PIIUOMS. mi n HAXL1CTON. Pa. (CPU - Tr, the h o s p i t a l iwoi oeeupieil here do li\ David Fellin and Homy !·; Tili'one. is 'A ihij'd hed. nn\\ unoc- \\-ji etipied, htil pr,Ti:ireri lor l.oii:s Bova. ·!-'. ihc miner who s l i l l is iindefsrotind. Rene\*.'ed of^orls lo lorale Bova ·he^;in lorla\. close !o liie hole tlii'OUL'h which Fcliin and Th:-one were rescued. Though I'.ox-a has rioi heen he,-ird ffom since las: Tuesday, l-'ellin believes his col- . t |i-illins riff, for the final hours of . ers heard Kellin shoui league may be nlive. icnrnpielins the escape hole f o r ; up! Take it up:" H. Bcccher Ch;u-mliuiy, sia;e , r ;iv id Fellin. 5:. rind Hcnt-y I The lime wn.s fi:! 1 ."--Rank's d r i l l secrelfiry of mine, plodded new Throne. 'JS. Monday nishl. I had c-onipleled the rsospe ho'.o. p f f o n s lo vench Bo\-a. A ihi'^e- j,, ii,-|;|ish was ihe work I ha I I Rank, a solidly-bnili six-footer, inch diamond bi: drill had nr , ai . ;] lc C n,l ohsci-voi-s could.' is employed l)\- the Gill Drilling :·' reached a dopili of 160 fpri in Ihe · 0 ,;in; ih,- rovolulions and foire Kquipmoni Co.." of Norlli Branfoi-d .seavch foi 1 Rov;i. bin in ihe peri-. ,,·, inches just how far Kank had ; ' Conn. Ho WH.X on :i s-i-vice call in . bored in ;-.n hoiii'. And this \ r i i h - n e n r l i y Carbondali- wlien his boss an IS-inch b'n on the. end of more ' asked him 10 slop by the cave- ihnn MOO feel of sleol lubins while i in. oporaiins a 65-lon machine ih.'H Al'lov Ihe iniiial hroakilu'ou^h can cul n ; lS-inoh hole liivoush r:d:iy, he weni l:oiin- lo keep a solid nick. 'donor's apixiintmeni ihen eamo The lasl seven inches look a l - ' hack bec:u;se "I lisd lo \x here."' most an hoii) 1 . , "This liiie w;,s f.vo anrl Throne, bin work also w i l l ; ··] jus: fell ihe last few min- ilvtn ih. L -- fji-sl," he siiid. · conlinuo on Ihc T. inch hole. ' utes 1 would ,70 out of my mind." ; "Von lir.vo lo ho more c a r e f u l -- I said Kellin's wife. Anna. j Hic-iv are a loi o| Ihinss involved." i "li riidn'; bolher me n bit uniil . Gordon Smiih. deputy siaie sex:-1 1 \ \ a s th-ouch--ihen 1 qoi a linlo veiaiy of mines, uiniod 10 R a n k : BILL SMITH AGENCY 2G23 Cache RfJ. EL 3-4983 3 BR, slove rpfi-igeratoi'. atlpchcd i;arage, TV anlcnna, Sill, available Sept. ]. .'! I3R, fenced yard, covered palio. T.i batlis, S1]G, available Scpi. 1. BR, completely fui'nishod. available Sopi. 7. S12G. All m'nr sthwjls. FOR RENT · Redroom Suites · Dinettes · Roll-A-Way Beds · Air Conditioners · Television · Antennas · Automatic Washers · Refrigerators · W r i n g e r Washers · Gos Ranges · Living Room Suites We Install and Maintain All Rental Units Dial EL 3-4300 SOUTHWESTERN Furniture -- Appliance 4th and E Avenue HEnoU.-sF: fen- rent. I'lPO square leeL Snnih LJirra-'tcc Cull EL3-SS5U lLEI: splice";. Inrcr. Inrlh'idu.-i! rliv ^rw. ncn-s*: i'mm ci;ija! ,-inft olh'T lrj\; m'.r.i Pitl- 205J South Sher- . Mciliil Home'k. n m n l h n n J I n t f l l l r t - n - n t , movi 1 I n . JHV for L* "(C 5oul!l I l J h , IL16 Because Our Fall Shipments ol NEW HAMMOND ORGANS PIANOS Will Start Arriving'Next Week, We Need Tlic Space That These Instruments Are Occupying. All Instruments Are In A-l Shape With Beauiilul Cabinets. Ij Earlv American Maple Finish ELECTRONIC WURLIT- Zj~R SPINET (ViMtli Spectra- Tone Sound) Bought New Less Than A Year Ago. 2) LOWERY SPIi\ 7 ET. Walnut Finish. A Beauiilul Instrument. Many Others That Space Will Not Permit Listing. Key's Hammond Organ Studios No. 6 South Sheridan (2 Doors North of Little Mexico RestaurantJ EL5-6440 Hours: 9:3*6 Mon. thru Fri. 9:30-3 Saturday and by Special Appointment ;?61 CADILLAC -1 iJ'ior h a r d t o p , wiillr. ]fi\v mllcri^f;. loadrd, S.XfJUO. 7:tt North IIGth. WL'cl:dnyy. KtoL.v's Dress Sliop, Er"'ln Ac-re.--'. *''" ""''' s ''"''CASH $ ']· '.: InstaUmeni Loans On '·.-: · : · Automobile · Furniture -."' · Real Estate g ··;'. FEDERAL FINANCE ; 4 " '· LOANS '-: 151.4 Gore Blvd. EL 5-5S30 ./: VANCE-MOTORS Sheridan Bell EL 3-LS-19 S P E C I A L S ! '62 OLDS Holiday power, a beauty, only . . . . . . . AC, all S 2695 '63 CKEVY Biscayne. Many ex- Iras, like new, ~ S I 6rr\ onlv I VOU '61 VW. Looks like new, only . . . . '61. FORD 500 V-S. Overdrive, clean . . . S I095 S I095 Pmno.i «nc Onjans. S.i!e.« anO rental.*. Leister M u s i c Comoany 3!.| Sou'Jl 5!h. EIJ-23J5 rjAN'D Ins'.rumcr;^: S^le.i. P.mLils, nKlr.", AcccNSnrics Gmydon M i l l e r rjrtncf lnstrun:cnls. Al LrlslT Muile (or :TM Souih 3;h. E Machinery 1 0 ; 61 PONTIAC Starchier. AC, all power, like new. S I OOC only I 770 '60 BL'ICK Lc Sabre. All power, a cream- S I TOT puff I J 7 D 'Si FORD. A-l J195 '54 RAMBLER HT. slick . . S!30 '.^! CHEVY. Bel Air, stick, clean . . . . . 5195 "ii FORD Vic. Runs .eoocl . , S9j Many Others To Choose From! rnt- : fOP. S:MK OP. T M A D E . H c m c Uiry rjr.ip ;L\|C. ^'Ith s p r i n p i-L up, IG.Wtf jiound sjiokc \vhc(-[ .i\)c. F.L7-3S59 ft.'icr .-,:3'i vvwkclny.1, 1^)2 E^r-llil. A L EQUIPMENT CO. For i i i l f . 1?5!) C h c v r H t - i Dump, Port:il)lo ivtJldcr nn'l c c n c r j i l r i r f i m b i n . V i M n . .Mririk-. KOHD f-l'JI. Cd wii.i fijlcr 5. Sporfsmen's Items IDA l-T [JOAT. ifi H o r ^ r - M e r c u r y rriolor jmd "VOLK^VACEN". Min'ntor. "?:[ SLAVIC'S SHOTSHELL SUPPLY Pr;/ncri'. «hrj;. \\'ft(J*. /«mviltT. luadc Sl'Ol'.TSMAN r n l l n g c Ijih K i l c p i v n l i T I'irk A i l d i i i f i . n . TJ.TJ. EL.1-J.|ja. r Ellsiwnll. Phnnc EU- ?POKTSi;P.AHT. _ _ t trm:. .Ill HP Mjrcur}-. Cfir.ili!ion, 5^^j. EL5- who linri rhrirpe of ctnllinK opera-· miiuilos. Al .::;(! p.m., nv.'ii in linns for ihc rrscuc-of iwo nvippi'd · Hie commimioaiioiis ic:il exiiniiii- minri^. ' I'd six indies In so. Mil*' is Miko P.nnk, M. ol B o i h - J R a n k ivsunicd rtnllmj; at 3:37. ol. Conn., who oporiiiitl Ihc sifint Then -- dr.inialieally -- ivsru- "Takp il Ions last ten' bom's of iho Kollin- Throiu 1 rost'iK-. woi-k slopprd on the Bova probe. Il \\-as fflt Ihc \'ihra:ions miL. r hl onriiinKcr Ihc m;iin cllorl. Thr now iry will tip a 17-inc-h hole 1 , si\ fcrl u liir rasi of a six- inch conliic: hulf drilled lo Follin Charmliiiry decided on Ihc now localion for drilling ;ifier a bficf ' convc'rsfil ion wiih Fellin osn'lv ic- day he said The hole ihrouKh which · shaky. the two men were rescued will noi be used. "Ifs not safe for anyone to jo down iliorc." he sjiiri. According lo Charmbury, he and opened on Friday. Both limes ho olher officials will mc'C-l shortly . faivt! I'hi' pcssiir.lily Ihnl a \\Ton; villi Fellin itnd Throne lo find oui ; RKHV c-o'.ilrl send Ion? ' said Riink. "I ihink I'm ; :"!IT Fcl.:in's dramaiic "Hike il ' nho.ii! as pleased as anybody." up, take up" ciy. ; Hank also was a I ihe conli-o!s · "Take i! up. lake il n i l i h p way; wlif-n the oscapo hole was firs! "P- Mike." said Smiih. "you did ' a £Crod lob. Mike." For Rent--Rooms vii rurnMH'il Hli_T\|_imli-nn :t ni:Tiiiiji-iM~ : In "inc.: c n r m TRAIIJTR SPACE For Rent CaU Free Delivery and Pickup EL 3-2S33 B 313 -i H K n i i u i A M u n r \ I Olll KL-,-7"- C L E A N h.'Oramn. scnlk'miin only . ., R. IvUVl-i. 1 ! F.UI-KIH" Mr n p l i n l r i l m c n l . I V." . r -;-_';'-'" For Rent--Apartments KLj-TWi II-"-' ttJdM l u r n l v h i ' i l I it,:, s,,\iili isiii. Wonted to R e n t'SK. nnri -'in. ..... . ...... _____ i:,T,;nl crn'lcr :rom Pioneers l.i Propcny cnvncrs nrlns JIII Kftnnrtl.v A Cn.*ni.nn. HOOM luniMlnl. I7I tcn'.nl M n n n c c m f nl Donaed tt Uliuroa. CjlJI R(,y B. AC'-nc-v, KLS--* 1 . 1 ) r n r 1ftall.i ROOM k l l r l l L ' l l i M I i ' , ill ooililil |,r,,i\ iiriviilf' L-lu ' :' ItOOM -Till '' riHtm f u n i l ^ h c t l itpnrt (ilWs- lilrn:. lllillll'-i 1 Ml A. Wanted to Buy U'ANTKD. low iirlc-rcl, : or 1 l:i,ll*»- I r i i l J r r . f(i»h f u r N i r z a l n . W,-,;-nc iri:OSMV n n i l Cum ;L-,lii. :i lu-drnf,7Ti. N o r l h L',i:t; w^sh-y. SL!^ ncr month. Avjilliihlc Sciih.'mli.T Isu A I) HI. El.i h:,«rmciu. ^ p -" [nr ned ,'urr. i air ccnrtutonpm. Tor jodd used fufflllu. I- e, iiir condlLinncr, 1-: FOOT o f f e r KU-, n! «nd 10 h p molor. M-il-'c ·c 1 .\ronpnEw I I P Johnson El nllcr. M n ; *r 'in C'rulspr. Iv.vj .10 io Motors, custom n-.Ft^f 1 o.'for. Phor^ p f l o r 6 p.m. Automobiles n Furnished 3-Room 1 Bedroom Apts. S" and .5S5 per monlli. bills pjtid. 1-100 block Taylor and KiiiEsbury. EL S-lyOO El- 5-101S ; !".·..·; r.L'ICK H c m r l m x I i T . .-ill pmvpr Jinil M t p . i - x f o l l - ' n : r - - i n ' l l l i " i . S.-il'- VTirt-. SVi~f or u l l l Tube- tr/i'lr find r(|Uity. f-:U-;^l. D E P E N D A B L E USED CARS TRUCKS 1961 FORD Galaxic V-S -l-Dr. Power. nlr. autoniiilic, R .t II, a real sharp one owner car SISo CHECK OCR PRICES . . CHECK OUR TRADE IN ALLOWANCES . . . YOU WONT F I N D BETTER D E A L S A.NVPLACE I N TOWN': 1961 DODGE Scnocii V-S 4-Dr. R H, atiro muiic. ^'ood tires, lop condition. Special SJ.'I.'G 'GO STUDEEAKER -I-Dr. . . S6X3 '60 FORD Ranch Waijon . . Slffin - 3S PLYMOLTIf 3 Sealer . .ST.S5 "COME fN - TAKE A LOOK" KNOX-JENSEN DODGE-DART-CUSTOM SSO DODGE TRUCKS NC-.V Car Service--201 E Avenue Used Car Lot -- 21C1 E Avenue BRAND NEW factory Fresh '63 FORD J/2 Ton PICKUPS Kquipppd with ai! standard factory equipmonc. DELTA'LPJ-:D IN LAWTON $ 1747 HOWARD SMITH rORD 3rd ,t B EL 3-5050 '62 Automatic, P. KL'II.MSHKI. 1 ' huil.«e Tor ri'ni. 1 hrilnmm, rlu.,- In I-'ort SHI bu, line, :LMJ57 fis much as possible aboul Bova's er.'ishinj; down on Fo presumed location. Throne. \\ f* S Interest Conflict Bill To Be Studied! OKLAHOMA CITY (AP'i--Gov. i ilenry Bellmon's rcquc-sl Jor a | conflicl of inieres: law will be i sludied by ihr stam Lo5islaii\-e Council'.; Judicial Cbmniiliee. ·Mousp Speaker J. D. McCarly said Monday. | Mc-Cariy s.-ud hp uill susscst thai ihe commillee headedi"«v P.c-p. John Lei-ersood of Shan-nee hold public- hearings on ihe pro- _ ;i IJtul'.OO.M r u r n l y l l i - d . JHLf. i M-.itiT D u i i i . jl« munlhly. onc BUI- I EXCEPTIONALLY lively 1, 2, 3 bedroom Iurr:!s!icd apartrnenti. Al! ;tiliiies paid, tt'ash-ns facilities. 575.00 And Up! Office 2302 Williams Dial EL5-2663 om^. s lc(l- condition If . -):? . LJinIy. 3 Vr.viT Jlii-li. riiciln}:. rt-friccrn- u. f ' ' n c c t l : 'Jl-JH O ^ m u n , Glrr,r1;ilc Drive. Cull SMALL R / i m m e r c i n l mmprr*wr and non b l e n d e r oainl oulflL -BS WaininrJin, I n: Am: v.'rrrl. nnverlihlc, C/i(1 Drc .tinnifarrf shi.'L. i v.\\ r-f-Mi* Pawn Shop, X*si Fort SHI iiip.t in r. Kennedy IliGHEST orl«s ;i.i!d for u^cd ture, aJipllnncps, aJr condlconcri. " _ "CKT K i a i " Ql'ia-C: for Q i i n l l i y lujnu-s. l.'nriirnislH'iI ·''. iK-drmims; ·:KI? A f t m . -tl-i N'orih W t h . -J.IDS J^Mvp^ 1 :TU; NtirLh -Jitli. ."^09 Kcrrl.s; cull Dcn- vfr K i c h , F.IJV^l, ____ _ - A N D ','. U^'ilronm houses nv;ii|hblR. un- f urn! shod l l u u s n s »Jui Cfounds clean. ELTi-POO]. EL5-G-5-19. 7 TIOOM !iou.w. I.1H9H- Euclid. J3P. pa:d. I n q u l r i - KLTi-ITFG. Bellmon's recommendations said, "many sLaips have bene'ir.ed by Ihe passage of a trions con-up', ati. A siudy should be made lo develop a workable luw elirninatins iJie use of undue and unhealthy influences on all public officials." MuCarly said some s!;iles have i adopted 1 conHicl of iniejtsL laws, i bill said mosl 6r iheni were weak. ] liEUl-X'Oi'.ATfcD .1 room, prli'jile holh. ; ni'u- furniture, n d u l t s . I n q u i r e 6^3 t~. \ MILITARY PERSONNEL i Clrnn 2 nfdrnr.iT* lurnl.slitd i l u n i e N x v l t h i i H t J c fiui. n e u r K!. Sill u n i t nrudc rchool. J Inquire 30"! .Smt'.ii, EL/»-ri773. . - . Inrb,.,-- Kfli"/i2L-. fpnrcd y.inl. ;iulom/illc ii-.-isliiT f n c l l l l l o s . iroill r-nrmlnon. l i n e r r ^ k l o n l l ; i l AU-Q. iH-nr .scl-oo!. 191-1 Ouk, Si.'. Phone Kl-l-i,!·''. or B1J-M13. : liKDIiOO.M rurnMicd. Ti^ii Cncrr;.-. n v n l h i l i l o M Angus'. "If the judiciary commillpc ean come up with an\1hi.i^, ir «'iil help everyone in office," MeCaily said. "I believe some progress could be j *made." ' |:. FORT SILL GARDENS APARTMENTS Bills Pair! 1. 2, 3 Bedrooms Free SwimminE Pool For Tenanls On Premises 2235 Hoover Si. EL3-74.19 CJorc- __ AN'I3 3 loom apnrimcnl.s, b i l l s psld. FJEIXIN WHEELED INTO HOSPITAL. David F^Uin, 58-year-old miner trapped two weeks in a coal mine-near Hazleton, Pa., is .wheeled into Hazleton hospital early today after lie and .a companion .were brought to ,the' surface. - ' · ' · . · - · ' · (AP'Wirephpto) 120,000 Needed To Help Harvest Big Cotton Crop OKLAHOMA CITY CJPI) About 2C.OOO workei-s will be needed lo help harvest Oklahoma's estimated 300,000 bale colton crop. Hie slate employment service said today. · . The agency said about 3,000 mechanical sU'ippcrs may handle SO per cent of Che crop this year, causing a 'sharp cut in the number of workers 'needed. The employment service said it appears .few put-ol-area harvest' workers will be needed until about Sept. 5 and urged, workers wishing jobs not t o ' g o ; to Uie harvest areas unlil notified. · ' Cotton is grown in-'all'but six .counties in .Oklahoma, put most 'is in the southwest, .put-of-area work- .ers are expected'to be needed 'at Altus about iSep t.-. 3 · and. at · Oin-. Ion/by Sept. :; 25.'.'.".-'.: -·:"-··'! · ' · ' . ' ______ __ I t r n t a i v " 510 Lcc. ?H9 B. HM Suuih '.'6lh ELS^IilfJ. _ NEW MODERN EFFICIENCY A P A R T M E N T S Rates by day or week. Refrigerated air conditioning In each room, television, dishes and cooking utensils [umishod. LaHOMA MOTEL 302 Ferris Dial EL 3-5906 L' ROOM, r.t-nr Cnmoror.. bus Itnc. C.lll KU-ia.")!. · .il-l Jefferson, 3-Pjii- furn.-- SS6.50 BP · 2-112 C, 'J-I3R. SSI. · IjOT',; Kinp:sbury. 1-BR, $55 B P . ' · · 207 Columbia. 3-BR, $TG. · 2123 Gai'field. 5-Rm.. S45. · 2GOS Pollard. -1-BR. S121. · laoSTi C. Trailer, S55 BP. · 21G Summii. 1-BR, $,16. · 1 ft 2-BR Furn. Apis., J-15- · SI OS BP. - - - WE BUY djid sell used ru itj/pninces. Ili^ V n l u e Uspd 13:S Lcc EoitJ«vrd. EL3-243 5S3T, Wcnted to Buy GOOD USED FURNITURE CREMER FURNITURE 514 D Avenue Dial EL 5-0357 prlcps paid for used Curnl- lurc. n o p l i n n c c s . air cundi'.loncrs, Was- pnncr's 1503 GiCP.f Iload. EL3-2U-.I- I N D I V I U L ' A L w n n u io ourchas r.:frlK»-THtor In ^-ood cur.dillon. 11 o:.pSltot;II.K Hardtop. SIW. Bar- i l . K r,r trail.' IKn Cl'.pvm'.c: Irap.iln r\ W i l l !:ik,.- J^.v; np t?r,7 C h o v r i i l r l I r i u l i ' . i;i,"i-Pr.r.? I|MV.- or £1,3- WHY PAY MORE? VALIANT V-L'OO -l-Dr. . . S I695 ''1 PLr.\lC)UTH Fury -l-Dr. Power, factory air. automatic., only 1-1.000 S I OOC '6! PLVMOLTH Valiant Sig- nci 2-Dr. HT. Auiomatic. R i H. PS. Was S I A I f| $1-103. NOW . . . I i I U '61 CHEVROLET Impala -I- Dr. Powci'ijlidc, factory air. power. R i- H. S I QOfi Was S1395. NOW . I O / U '30 a-fP.YSLER Saratosa 2- Dr. IIT. Autonialic. power, swivel seals, immaculaie. Was S1595, S I OQC N O W I J 7 O '59 PLYirOLTI-r Bolvedtfve -l-Dr. V-S. R i H. automatic. Was S10D5, SOOO NOW . . . ~ ' ' '37 CADILLAC "62" -I-DOOI-. HT, Facrorv Air, S I I O C I I / D Furniture .1 PIECE siTClonat. bedroom suite. ^ I rhlilr, - coTfro rnblo. CK washer juid I '-; Ion nlr c n n d l l l o n c r . ELj-l33o. 16 South | DOLLAll WL-e. 1501 South !icrldfU1. 1 iilocif South uf Lee on Sheridan, is never under sold. We sunrantee to bent itny price, unywnere. rinyllme on anything l l H i t \ve have In stock. We hfive com- pi-rloi-. A!l:ins, l l y - i f i n . KlnRsIey, N'GLlle. kn(J\, O'Keefe nnd .Mcrrltt. GlI'Min.. IJinehes. M i i u l e Cra.'t. aiwnv m;iny utners.. Dollar V.'lse. 1301 South SiteridlUT. a block .south n r I,ee on Sheridan, ; lo 9. T duys ^'eek. Put New Power in Your Car TRADE E N G I N E S ·L'p to 2S5 Brand N'cw Parts ··1.000 Mile or 90 Day Na- tionwidc Guarantee. ·247 Other Alkrale Engines to choose from. PHONE EL 3-^351 LOV;LV V A 2 BH lirlck OUDIPXM. Rcll 1 t . 2 BP. tmiCK DUPLEXES BUI; 'KM I Pirt sill Rental L'nlu. Inc., S Nurm Z VOGUE. APARTMENTS ''·· . .ING..; .. ' 2108.Sher:dan Road : , Dial El. 5-5S8U . . . . ',;;· 1 and 2 Bedrooms ·!:'" · ' " Furnished' ; . ' . , . REALLY CLEAN :j ; Lovely Yornigsroivn' kitchans, new 'Electric Refrigerators.'These'are Uie" 'apartments your friends': · recommend. / .' .' M11JIJI.I-: nycil ivurklllf: vvomfln i,r \vork- I n t irouiilc t n Hiuiri: :i Iji'tlrodm liome. Hunn: lihiinc KLS-TirjJ. worn BL.7-WJ7.1. · G O I N G HVLTMMIS, li:(i!jr ni'itt 2 ImdrooTi I'.oust: chonn 10 reliable put'ty, I n q t i l r e 2707 C. A V A I L A B L E Lowtan's Finest Rentals- Carlois Housing Coif. Nea.r Gate 4 3 BR..Furn. . .: 5120. 3 BR. U-Fura.' . 5100' · Buck -Duplexes--Waler Paid Close LO" Parochial Public Schools '··· . · · Call ' ' ' .'STEPHENS AGENCY = ... . ·' ' EL 5-5330 EveJiihgs-EL- 5-5524 ' : ·'· Office'1(121' N 22nd · NOW MILO r : GORDON :.. MOTOR COMPANY ' . «m.omnD MMU. tf fe CHFIYSLER' Wja M3TORII COftPOUIlOB OUTDOOR SHOWROOM Sheridan at Bell EL5-i;)07 ·': ..···,..·····::...:.. ····".;·::'-./· f-f'. '!'·". : .4 GOOD 1S-I3 CIICVTulel nlckup. EU-CSif. COMPLKTt; tiuuiolul new [urnlLUiv. nolh- |n« iiou'ii. yi5. per monih. ELo-S-iS^, · H O U S E F U L complete, 3 roo:n w\m re- j ^ frlsi-'rtiior and slo\'f, all new. S59X. ] .-;. MrjnLl'Jy p n y m c n u 321.6?. Wagoner i ^d Mom* Furnish Ires. 1500 Cacne Read, I. open et*cnin(js uniU i' p. m. Ei'-iSirsr^ USED CAR TRADE-IN FAI.R | . Buy Now and Save! ! t '63 CHEVROLET Bui Air -1- '61 VOLKSWAGEN Dr. Powerglide, STiQC R H, air . . . . ^O7O 'K2 RAMBLER American -1- Dr. Ezi-Slick iransmission. R H, air, S| 495 "i ROOMS all new turnllure"-- IMnj room. bcOroom. dlnclie. No down pay- ment'necessary. Nelson Furniture Company. Downtown, 413 K Avcnua. Gati 3. Mn fort Sill Boulevard. Musical Insfruments IANO k-ssons Llnily. EU.US65. for beginners. 1G10 PIAXO lunlns ;intl repair, sallsfycUon d. J i m m y Gold ZLTj-ISTl. LLj- i'RIGH'I pl.ino. 26 Williams. · ciondltlon, ST5. PIANO Lunlnc and rop-ib-, work KUnrnn- 1, LclsKr Music, 11-V. South 3Ui, EL3- b'L'RXISHED . rcnluls. palJ rr.QUIri! S1S-G. ..-. :S25 lo 560. bl'.U _ .3 EEDROO^r house: unfurnished. Ncnr Gali:"5,.. Sec "Xlts. Atkins at UPS Lcc. CO^^PLBTE houst^ul new turnliurc, nolh- lllBTdoiyii,,, £35. v per. month', 1 ;' EL5-848i. -. '". PIAXO -- Klirio.-lll Spinel, French Pro- I'lllClal, rt-ulla-ood finish. 5575. £U).6S:0. :'. ACCORDION 'GUITAR LESSONS 8 Week Course--Beginner's Instruments "Flamished Free REASONABLE-RATES . Dial EL 5-7402'·:''." . real economy . '.- '62 FALCON 4-Dr. Low mjlc- ;j.ase, extra S I iOC ?. nice I U 7 J if' 'El CHEVROLET Monza 900 p- Club Coupe. R H, S ·5 bucket seats . , . , t- '! MERCURY Meteor SCO 4- K Dr. .Iercotnacic R. H, p^ t o r y . ' 5 I795 S '60 FORD Galaxie Converd- f ble. Fordomatic, S I j.-; R' H . . , . i* '59 MERCEDES - BENZ ISO ' : f . 4-Dr. A . ' y bargaui . . . . . 5 14-9 c; i 2-Dr. Exfra nice . . ' ~ ' ° - '59 PLYMOUTH Deluxe Sub- urban Station WUROII. Aulo- ,, matic u-ansmis- sion, R H . ·5S CHEVROLET Bel Air -l-Dr. Hardtop. Powerplide, r power, SOOC · R i H Y y O t; '5S HILLMA.V Husky Station " Wagon.. Real. $O /I r -J eeonomv-. , . , . '57 RAMBLER Extra clean . . . . $94 r * , . ^ - - J 5 Super 4-Dr, 2'j GOOD 2ND. CARS. · '57 Models Down-- · Fords. Chevrolels, Buicks, Etc. Priced Irom 5 5Q to ' s 295 SEE THE MAN JN THE YELLOW VEST!' BALDWIN pianos and oiaais,. close out prices. Hardy SUKKS. Music,. CampaJi.v. ' ' RECORDING 'Olds 1 ' iroitibono,"· tvccllcnl condJllon.. Call EL3-Z79. . ·' ·SEE: . Jirnmic'Wade' Mil Ion Stinci' Speck Lawrence Lloyd Massad Clotus Hill Everett R. Hale Bill'FaiTJs . Ray GriUin · Spencc. Hankiiis: "LOW COST GMAC FINANCING CHARLEY g.-;;2nd..qnd.;A.; · . · QLDSMOBILE; ^ Dial. EL3-3221 ^^^

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