The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on June 6, 1965 · Page 18
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 18

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 6, 1965
Page 18
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Delta Democrat-Times :8 Sunday, June 6. '65 Along The Waterfront Eight inboard and outboard boals, driven by members of Caddo Lake Cruising Club, Shreveport, La., were scheduled In return lo Greenville about noon today enroulc upriver. The vessels arrived at the Marina nt 4 a.m. Friday and left at 6 a.m. Saturday to continue (heir down- river, voyage. P. B. Griffin said at the Marina Saturday some of Ihe members of Ihe club spenl Friday night aboard their boats and others went to the Down- .lovvner Motor fnn. Cm. Grotll lo'd lh Mlulutppl Rlvtr at lr* Gr*»rwlll..LaV. Vil- loo. Brldg. 24.00 litl o! 7'30 O.OT. SoU-rtlay. d 24-hour foil of 0.15 fl. .1 FJN1SH IOADING BARGE OF UMBER: '.Cot. Mi I ion Bouchdorf, pail direcfcr. said Saturday unlocdT.g of a baiga cl ireef laittecdi !o b« nucfccd to Cleveland (or Lawrv Fim Co.-nocn/ wai schedj'td lo fcsg'in M.o.iday oiltt con-pleiioo at r.rjan iahirdcv of load rig a bargt of lim-bor by lowed lo Chicago. ALONG THE MAIM CHANNEL OF THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER me 101 veneli pcu'ng ig!u-cby aid fi'iday n'ghr w e r e - recwl- by Greenville Midi-ream Service to lude Ihe Valley Voyager, Een MtCocI Yaioo. al joulhbcvnd. AUI!C.T 5. lll, Waller Wil!:omi3n crJ Fine ^looiwillc, ociThboUfiif; c.iJ iH* Bullfrog J^vai indued 10 pan al 11:30 a.m. Sal* '-3£vrday en rouie north. : S MIDNIGHT PASSING ol Waifittd point. :iS5 mile i south of Gteenvilfe ci the rr.ain · -3.trn-.rH of iht Aliii : «ir3i Rivet, wai it- -3%ort«f 'Saturday by Greenville Towrrg ~Co-npany boon. Ihe Wclrw W.llianwon -wd'ced ot 5 c.m. Salurday at mils 555 ~"bnd rorthboura' on ih« lower, 25 mllci n3frr of Greer.ville, onj the 8«n McCocI, (oulhbaurJ, paned Waif eld at 12 n'phf frkJov . . . KGW 7cwirg Com- pa.ny'i rrotor veiie!, Jaq, icd'ced al Thebes. III., mile 42 era 1 ( ou-hbwnd on th« i-pcer Mirn'ppi River a I 6 a.m. . Saturday o-.d ih* Wealhcrj Tcwirg Com_ pony'i Geoige Wealr.e.-i radioed at j. Kirwji'on Minei, III., mile 504 ar.d roilh- * bound on trw up^er Mi*viu : pD. a I 6 0 . -*· m. Sa-crday- . . . Valley Icwirtg Sen J« v:t*. dry of Greenville, \vci ithidu!ed a 1o recch Delta Refining Con-pony in 2 Weiwhii at 6 p.m. Saturday alter re- ·* portira oT mi!e 651 end nMlhbo-^nd on jj th« bwtr M : t)iit : ppl cl 6 a.m. c r j ih« -i Olo Wiji radicea" sh« wai dtcjrtino t Merrnh't ot 6:30 a.m. Sotjrdr.y en 10 ·· i=utK en the Icwer Miimt'poi Dt a-vd Vklters Tcwiix, Corrpa-.y'i J. E. Vi en, mile «5S nnd ranhbaund on lower Mrulivppi, Mi la Dean, mile i ana" roithaouiid on th* lov^r Miiiixtlp David Vickeri indited al mile 103 en lh« . Icwer Mhiin'ppl at Bed Eye Be.-v^ help- Ing to get th« E«o Getryibu.'j -oil ojcund, Jcck T., rr,l?e 565-a~d ecubo ·«.T fn'ercoaitaI Ca-wl . . . Towing J£onpany'i molai vciid, A-^i Brenl, i;«d at mile 795 .and- na.'ihbaimd on jpw«i Miii'irppl, Baib^^a B-ent, · 858 and opbourd .on ll-.e Oh'» JJi'ver, Eeny 'Brenl. ml IB 965 r.oiihbavnd on th« b*et /.liuiiiiDoI, . C'.ana Eient, mile £64 and no-ihbou-vd or» the lcver MiniM'ppi. Margaret Bi«nt, mile 65 a-,3 1 unb^ind on thn A'chafa'cya Rivsr, .Carole Brent, miTe 918 a.Td uplxxjrvd en ihe Ohio Rivtt . . . Watch Them Build OFFICIALS of the First National Bank begin construction of tlicir South Main Street Branch as they loss shovels-full of earth at this week's ground breaking ceremonies. Pictured with shovels in hand are (left lo right) Frank Hall Sr., a FNB director whose associate designed the building; LeRoy Percy, chairman of the board; and Wade W. llollowell, president. Behind them are (left to right) director Dr. Cameron Montgomery, Frank Baird Sr., Frank England Jr., W. F. Carnahan, Jack Baskin, and Jcre Nash Jr. Not pictured was director Nate Adams. The traditional Southern Colonial building al the corner of Main and Reed Road was designed hy Joe Weilenman AIA, of Frank Hall Associates, and will be built by S. F. Sarullo Construction Company oi Greenville. The branch bank, firsl in Soulh Greenville, is scheduled for completion by Labor Day. . (Photo by Dr. Dan duravich) Congressman Says Car-Buyers Should Demand Tax-Break Be Passed On WASHINGTON (UPI) - Hep. Charles A. Vanik, D-Ohio, advised new car buyers Saturday to insist on a tax break when (hey trade in the family buggy. To help (he buyer, Vanik inserted into the Congressional Record his version of a "new car purchaser's guide" which he said contains information on car prices never before disclosed. the excise lax on new cars according lo the chart, from 10 per cent to 7 per cent, The congressman said that by looking at the chart the prospcc- ive cuslomer can calculate how much the dealer paid for (hat fancy item in the showroom. *· * * FOR instance, the Vanik price list shows that one model of Ihe Ford Mustang, with a suggested retail price of $2,178, cost the dealer $1,710 last month. Both prices are factory charges in May of 19C5 nnd do not include taxes, transportation and extra accessories. It was inspired by recent House approval of a $4.8 billion reduction in federal sales taxes which Ihe Senate also is expected lo pass in a few weeks. This retroactive lo last May 15. Vanik is concerned lhat the cut on new aulos might not be passed on to the cuslomer. "Because of Ihe very great importance to the economy of Ihe automotive industry, Congress should keep watch on the results of the excise tax cuts," tie said. He added t h a t the federal sales tax on autos was put on thfc list of levies lo go with the understanding that it would result in tower prices 0:1 nev/ cars, and if this docsn'l happen, Congress ought to put the tax back on new cars. The chart in the first column shows the manufacturer's suggested factory retail price Ihe hare charge to the custom er without taxes, transportation or other extra. Tlie second column shows the '- -ax paid by Here arc some examples from Vanik's guide: (May 1905) with figures listed representing. in order, manufacturer's suggested retail price; 10 per cent tax based on manufacturer's price to dealer; new lax when reduced to 7 per cent, (if passed on): Ford 6, 4-door sedan $2,198 $177 $124 Mustang, 6, 2-(1oor HT $2,178 $174 $122 Mercury, 4-door $2,586 $221 $135 Plymouth. Belvedere 8, 4-door $2,081 SIM $118 $51 Dodge Dart 6. 4-door $1,969 $158 $112 $)7f Imperial LeBaron, 4-door HT $6,057 $160 5322 $38 Corvair 500, 4-door $1,952 $160 $122 $1S Cadillac, Calais, 4-door HT $.158 $251 $107 $53 $52 $66 Delta Council Opposes Proposed Cotton Acreage Cut STONEVILLE -- Delta Council joined with 11 other cotton-producer organizations at recent hearings in Washington in opposing a proposed two-million acre cut in the national cotton acreage allotment nnd Ilie imposition of direct payments to farmers in liew of CCC loans. Frank T. Brumfield of Inverness, president of Delta Council, nr.d 15. F. Smith, execulive vice-president, represented :'. the Council at Ihe hearings which were held by the Commit- ;· tec on Agriculture, House of Representatives. '[ C. B. Ray, Et Paso, Texas, chairman of the Cotton Pro- j ducers Legislative Committee, presented n joint statement ·i and representatives of (he affiliated organizations joined him · in answering questions. * Spokesmen pointed out thai the proposed acreage cut -j being supported by the USDA would reduce farm income in ; ! collon areas by $300 million annually at a time when cotton ^| farmers have already absorbed $17.35 per bale, or approxi- .' mately 5250 million in lower prices in an effort lo reduce '·J government costs and bring about more competitive prices -« for U. S. cotton. ;1 They also said that acreage cuts in (his country would :1 give the green light for increased production abroad. 10 per cent excise the manufacturer when lie snldj the car to the dealer. Since the tax is based on the price to the dealer, the consumer can find out what the dealer paid simply tax package includes a cut in^by multiplying this figure by IB, IOOKINC rot THB . . . . RIGHT Choice of Gifts? 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District Court in Greenville against the Carroll County circuit court clerk and registrar and the state of Mississippi for discriminatory practices in registering Negro voters in Carroll County, arc 2,70-1 Negroes of There voting age, nnd 2,S(if whiles of voting nge in Carroll County. According to Ihe complaint, approximately SO per cent of (he whiles are registered and less than one per cent of the Negroes. The suit filed Friday charges lhat Self, 4. Unreasonably delaying the receipt nnd processing of appli calions for registration from applicants. Subjecting Negro appli- · Dcliso Debs · Rhythm Step Sandier o£ Bosfon · Accent · Regular values to $13.95 $Q95 · Regular values to $16.95 $1195 Regular values to $19.95 Special Group FLATS Values To $10.95 $£95 6 Choose from black patent, red patent, navy calf, red calf, bone calf, green calf, or bone patent. 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