The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 27, 1960 · Page 1
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 1

Greenville, Mississippi
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Wednesday, July 27, 1960
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^ hoi thiovgK TKvtKkv. with wld *cqttir*d lhorvj« rtSowt 11 mainly In cfltrnoont o«d ·v»nJn!gi, low- ·tl tjn!oK fn 70i, Kightit lhu;|. day Jn 90i. ARKANSAS - P o r t l y cloudy through Thurtrfay whh vtdily »cal!*:«d Ihyrtdiritom-i, no Im. potkxif tempirolvit sharvge*, lo*. «»l Tonight 66-76, htgHtil Ihurtday flint/ally Jn 90t. .O-lSt OF IMfo RED STREAK FINAL 71st Year Associated Press (AP) Unite'd Press Internationa! [\JP\] Nixon Has Firm Grasp On Party By JACK DELL les. But because of the two-term CONVENTION HALL, Chicngol limitations imposed upon a presi- AP)--With an iron grasp on its dent for the first lime, he could Greenville, Mississippi every significant activity, Vice President R i c h ard M. Nixon aw-.ite" today the Republican convention's nomination as its presi-l denlial candidate. Around the fringes of this un- precedcntcdly controlled p a r t y meeting dissident voices cried out in the political wilderness against a Nixon-dictated platform and hisl prospective choice of a running mate. But behind his legions of dele-! gate votes Nixon had the solid, still glamorous figure of President Eisenhower. To roars of thunderous applause, Eisenhower told the convention Tuesday night that his administration had "employed the whole might of our military, economic, political and moral strength to prevent war and to build a solid structure of peace." Passes Baton Then, in passing the baton of GOP leadership to Nixon, his specially trained vice president, Eisenhower added: "if we can be blessed with e x p e r i e n c e and steady leadership in Washington, the possibility of the outbreak of future war will be minimized and we can eventually win the peace." Nixon was in full command of a convention as perhaps no other nomi nee-to-be except a White House occupant ever has been. In the past_a few outgoing presidents like Ttieodore Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson have controlled conventions, dictated their nominees, and hod the final word on platforms. This convention listened to and cheered President Eisenhower. It might bend somewhat to his wish- Stale Delegates Unhappy With Rights Plank CHfCAGO (AP) - Mississippi's GOP convcntvn delegation leader isn't particularly, pleased, nor particularly fcspleased with the new civil riglfi plank in the plat- from due to Xc adopted today. "Our people are not happy with it, of course, but it's less objectionable than what the Democrats did," said Wirt Yerger, Mississippi Republican state chairman and also delegation chairman. Yerger commented after the convention platform committee re-drafted the civil rights plank in face of a demand by Vice President Nixon -- nominee apparent --for one stronger than an earlier draft. After the night's convention session ended Yerger participated in a caucus of Southern delegation leaders who decided that they could take the civil rights plank. As a result they concluded they would seek no roll call on adoption of the platform and to file ro minority report. In Greenville, S.C. Wednesday, July 27, 1960 Price 5c not threaten or entice the delegates. He could only try lo persuade. So it was Nixon who wore the general's stars for the first time. It was Nixon who told the platform committee what to do. It would bo Nixon who chose his vice presidential running mate. Although he put off a final decision unlil after his own nominal lion, the odds were very heavy! Ihat Nixon will pick telegenic! Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., the Soviet-baiting United Nations ambassador, to run with him. There was no certainly that Nixon would get the top nomination without at least the formality of a challenge. Backers of Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona, who has made himself a spokesman of the conservatives in the tradition of a Robert A. Taft, were uncertain whether to post his name for a roll call. But Goldwater lold a reporter that if his name were offered as a presidential candidate, he would ask that it be withdrawn. This seemed to eliminate the last possible chance that Nixon would be challenged in any way for the presidential nomination. Demos Belittle Progress Halleck Tells Conclave CHICAGO CAP) - Rep. Charles No. 282 ; Moeller Manufacturing Will Move To Greenville Soon WEATHERWOOD TO RESCUE -- Beside the canoe in which they are going down the Mississippi to New Orleans, are Dorrie Brunner, left, and Mary Lou Germann, right, with "Stinky" the cal. The scene is on U. S. Gypsum boat, the Wcalherwood, which rescued Ihe young Wisconsin school teacher team north of Memphis over Ihe weekend. (Stall photo) Rescued By 'Weatherwood' Canoeing Down River Cheery Despite Adversities A. Halleck Tuesday night deliver-!therood, for ,,_.,.,, ,, ed a blasting attack on thc Demo- j "Stinky" at Richardson's Landing cratic party. Its leaders, he said,.north of Memphis over the week- are "belittling the progress of a people they seek to lead." Hnllcck's hammer blows drew partisan roars from Republican for vvltom they plan lo write a children's book on their conventioneers packed inlo thel river adventures after the trip International Amphitheater, wait- is over. ing lo hear President Eisenhower later. The occasion was Halleck's assumption of the convention's permanent chairmanship. "Ihere are not crying towels in] this Republican convention," the House GOP leader said. "And there are no panic buttons. There will be no wringing of hands--no shameful attempts to downgrade Ihe majesty of America." Republicans know, Halleck said, j dollar that the Russians "are not sud-'Jr. By DAVID BROWN |Wisc., High School, and Miss Ger- The wealher and river in lhe|mann leaches English and lyping at Spooner, Wise. -- have made previous trips, to Alaska by car, and in the Canadian lakes, in ca-; noe, but never before have been on the river. j Paddled 450 Miles They started oat June 10 at Bemidji, Wise., and used road maps to paddle to Minneapolis. They learned two things about this-road maps don 1 ! have all the river bends included and paddling is too cxlmusting in the summertime. So after going 450 river miles Ihey borrowed a !'/ horsepower outward motor from Miss Bruner's "rcle and secured some U. S. Engineers maps of the river. "They gave us a lot of mimeographed notes along with the Miss Germann said, "but South may have seemed some-; what inhospitable to two Wiscon-' sin school teachers who are canoeing down the Mississippi to New Orleans, but the people are definitely not. | The two young women, Dorrie Brunner of Mcd'ord, Wise., ind Mary Lou Germann of Spooner, Wise., were brimming with grat- tilucjfi lo the crew of the U. S. Gypsum .Co., towboat, the Wea- rescuing them and end. "Stinky" is their cat mascot, maps. i.i The traveling schcolmarms--jthey seemed too bulky to take Miss Brnnner teaches physical!along, so we threw them away, education at ' t h e Cumberland,We later found out that the En- Le!and Police Uncover Driver's License Rackel LEI.AKD -- The numbers game worked every time for Willie Turner until he accepted four marked gincers' maps were dated bad about ten years ago, and the mim eographed notes concerned chan ges in channels and so forth on the river since. So you might saj we didn't study maps too well.' They bought provisions at cit ies along the way, mostly cann ed and dehydrated foods, had the most trouble keeping up with good water supply, camped on folding cots under a tent on sane bars along the river and bathet in the river at night. "You never really feel clean bathing in the river but the soap and water makes you feel bette said Miss Germann. Brown From Sun Both girls are as brown as ber ries and their noses are TC! ing slightly. They have no canopy overhead, just enough tarp to cover their supplies. And Ihey have their lent and cots. "Stinky" has been good company, they said, but admitted they did not qualify much, better ui cats than they did on maps. "We just found out last week that Stinky is a. malel" Miss Brunner said. However they ran into no real Committee Votes To Reconvene State Demo Convention By JAMES SAGGUS and DOUGLAS STARR JACKSON, Miss. (AP)--Missis- ;ippi Democrats set party boll machines in molion loday after Gov. Ross Barnell condemned the Democratic national plalform. dates as obnoxious lo all Mississippians. Under the plan approved by lhe i executive committee after fervent appeals from the Barnett Moeller Manufacturing Company, Inc., of Racine, Wisconsin will move its entire operation to Greenville around the end of the year, Moeller Executive Vico President Richard Peterson announced today. T h e i n d u s t r y , which manufactures stoppers for thermos and other beverage bottles, is expected to employ initially 20 to 30 people in its 20,000 square foot Greenville plant, Peterson said. The building will be financed by the company and will be located on five acres of land donated by the Greenville Industrial foundation in the Greenville ,,.,,..,, , c a m P' thc stale convention willjinduslrial park. The plant loca- Thc state executive ammiUec^f^ n ^^ 1 «| d = ( J^ hc ' ta]sllale jtion is just soulh of Carrick Products near Highway One north. voted unanimously lo call the of , ' on the ballot. state convention back into session Aug. 16 to consider the nomination of presidential electors free to reject the Kennedy-Johnson electors should go Rep. Williams Joins In John Bell Williams CD- Miss) joined Barnett in overrid- ticket in the electoral college. i ng opposition expressed at the The action came after Barnelti committee session, ami other leaders condemned the the field some" accepted fees of; trouble until Saturday afternoon S3 or $4 from each of more than 130 Washington County Negroes bills from A r t h u r Wade for giving them a fictitious driv. - -- -- -- -- -- ers license number and telling denly 14 feet tall. We do not pro-1 Turner has been charged today 1 lncm to srck renewal of the K- pose lo operate from a posture of fear. We are not mistake slick." conspiracy to defraud thc censc licre going lojstate by conspiring with Wade big mouth for a big to falsely represent him as one who had obtained a slate drivers' Halleck took his biggest club to the record of the past Democratic- controlled Congress, in which he serves as a veteran member from Indiana. The fermer, he said, "is the low man on the totem pole of our economy" and he charged the Democrats in Congress put him there. Thought L'p Numbers Turner apparently just thought license. Trial is set fnr August 2 Justice of the Peace L. L. Hub- 1 bard's courl. i Turner was moved to the County Jail in Greenville last week and is now out on bond, according to county officials. I up the numbers and accepted his Ifec. Wade Fisher, who issues driv- rs license temporary renewal re- jceipts, became suspicious when so many applicants said they had lost their license but still had their number. It lakes the Miss-jj'^,i'~ 1 '"f or "t'r,e night" only lo be issippi Highway Patrol a month! nr more to process renewal. near Richardson's Landing, about 40 miles north of Memphis. The sky got dark and a brisk wind whipped up. They pulled over to shore, where they believed they Democratic platform and candi- 3 More Game, Fish Employes Are Fired JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - Three more Game and Fish Commission employes have been fired recently--one after 15 years service. Commission d i r e c t o r John Camp confirmed the firings yes- tt 'day. The Uiree were F.. L. Simmons of Osyka, Pike County game warden for 15 years; William Pittman of Meadville, r e f u ge manager; and Harry Hinton of Waynesboro, project assistant. Meanwhile, a scheduled hearing sought by Van Covington, fired Wayne County game warden, was postponed at his request. Of the more than 40 commission employe! fired since Gov. Ross Barnelt took office, only Covington has called for a hearing authorized by law. Some were discharged for what I Sen. Frank Barber of Halties- burg. a national convention delegate, led the opposition to a walkout, saying "It wasn't all that bad in Los Angeles even though we got a damneable, horrible platform." Robert Oswald of Pascagoula, Jackson County Democratic leader, described political platforms as "not made to act upon; they are made to run upon." Rep. Jerry O'Keefe of Harrison Count} said either a Democrat or a Republican would be elected President. Impossible Hope "We know we are not going to the commission activity. Camp listed new employes hired to replace discharged personnel. The list i n c l u d e Ihese game warden supervisors: Travis Aultman of Seminary, fourth Lester Welch of Laurel, f i f t h district; William Johnston of Mantee, ninth district; and Calvin Negotiations Completed Peterson, who is general manager and executive vice president of Moeller, said in his official statement this morning that his company "has completed negotiations to relocate its entire operation in Greenville. "Changes in the company's product and markets were the main consideration in the move, 1 he stated. "Furthermore, favorable location and tax considerations influenced the move. T h e Mbeller Manufacturing Company, Inc., located at 2335 Durward Avenue, Racine, Wisconsin, was organized in Ihe late 1330s and incorporated in 1940 by Axel and Irene Moeller and N. C. Holgard, all citizens of Racine at the time," he said. "The basic product line con- company s elect a third candidate." he said. sisted of stoppers for vacuum and beverage bottles. The line has "and we cannot throw the election into the House of Representatives" (an often-voiced desire See -- COMMITTEE -- Page 2 been expanded over the past several years to include closures for industrial and marine purpos- Barnetl To Speak Brady Won't Sign JACKSON (UPI)--Circuit Judge Tom Brady of Brookhaven, Miss-} Issippi's Democratic n a t i o n a l com-! mitteeman, said today he would! not sign a loyalty oath lo (he! Gov ^oss BarneLt will address QTt '- Ithe 2(Hh annual Negro Delta field . Br ,l yj _.!_? ?J°!!T u ?!TM n i Da y al thc De31a Bratich Ex ^ r[ ~ ment Station, Stoneville, next Negro Field Day at the recent national conven- called political ( j on who re f usc d | 0 s i gn the oath of loyalty to party nominees, said, "as far as I know, I will be seated" on the committee, · He said he would inform the committee he had not been authorized to sign such an oath by the state party convention. "1 went oul there under no false prc-j Wednesday, Charles H. 'Burton, Negro county agent'announced today. Gov. Barnetl wilt be introduc- would find shelter under the Wal)(er o , Ackerman, tenth dis- bank and trees. They had barelyi, r j ct put up the lent before lhe w i n d j was whipping a fine powdery sand aboul (hen;. The lent pole broke and cut a long gash in the tent. | When the storm abaled. with only a small amount of rain, they : sewed up the tent and repaired; Ihe pole with willow branches and' ed by House Speaker Walter Sill- who will 'be introduced by Clay Lyle, director of the Ex- Negro field day was organ- that damn thins," he said. Russia Rebuffed U. N. Plane tenses, and I'm not going to signj i z e d 2 o years ago by Burton and . -,,,,,, i , nn « r-,. jollier agricultural leaders to acquaint the Negro-farmers of the Delta with Ihe work of'the experiment station and to help them jlcarn belter methods of farming. County Agenl John Fulcher will' Race Tension Brings Police believe lhat the 55 year old Leland Negro who "goes to app | ica , i( , n5 am , i n f o r m oUkers t h a t a fictitious numer is phoney. Meanwhile thc BO applicants drove merrily on their way. po- lico said. I One of (hem had failed a leg-l GREENVILLE, S. C. (AP) --.ding loilering al any public place;and Monday nights when young'Another ha.rha.Miis license"re- Greenville County officials today;bctwcen the hours of 9 p.m. and gangs, bold while and Negro, were considering following thVe a.m. The curfew is for an in-jgaged in brawls at while drive-in: t : m city council lead in ordering a definite period, in this city of 65,- restauranls in thc Greenville area.l, curfew againsl all persons under 20 years of age in an effort to stem recent racial friclion. 000 people. Affecls Teenagers They apparently are an outgrowth of recenl anii-scgregalion sil-!(; rei C( i The curlew stipulates all per-. t!own s by Negroes in Greenville. | s. Others were just afraid · couldn't pass lhe test. of the racket spread to po: 'cnville and two persons opcn- s service" to Turner's See - TEACFIF.R -- Page 2 Violence Lurks At Gulfport Dock Squabble GULFPORT (UPO - A dispute . By WILLIAM N. OAT1S i l o t a l to 83 in the council's his UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. (AP) ton,'. --Security Council debate on Ihei Chief U.S. delegate Henry Cabol periment station members of thc Delta Station staff who will discuss production problems. There will be barbe- plane shot down by the Soviets,Lodge said the Soviets by blocking cue lunch at noon, ended Tuesday night with a 9-2,an invcsligalion showed "Ihey dnj W. E. Ammons, leader of the council vote rejecting Soviet!no! believe their own charge";Negro men's work, will introduce charges againsl the Uniled States against the United States. He'special men guesls and Mrs. Es- between Negro ami while and a Soviet veto of thc U.S. proposal for an international investigation. The Soviets also vetoed an llal- , m e m ational * ' termed the Italian proposal for i h e ' i h e r Reed, district home agent Red Cross to conlact Ihe captured for north Mississippi will intro- shoremen's local unions crippled » J r cl Cr05s fliers tion. j He told (he council: "It is a sad'.irv! Dr. W. I-. Giles, superinten- (tiLng when a people as warm!dent of thc experiment station a "compassionate resoluxdiicc the women special guests. JThe Extension Quartet will sing. two sumv- ^carted as ^0 Soviet people is will welcome the visitors. the American , , · i . e i UK C1 v w i D C i l Ui t i l r s\ ' rpnr/r;rntp; work here lodav amid reports ofi . b . . . . , , , , , i represented . , . . . - ' plane, who are being held by lhe mM-hpirtrd o possible violence. · · . r . · i · com nejruu ' Soviets for trial as snies. ,,..,-;o.,i Qe il. While 79S o[ t!lc I n t c r neighbors get! nati o" a l Longshoremen's Assocb- - Soviets for trial as spies. Official Impasse Despite the official impasse. | . r p n r n^ r . n tp,i i,t n fmtTmmn i represented uy a goicrnme brutal, hard as. Governor Barnetl's address will and.close the program. cynical as tlicy showed themselves: All Negro farmers in Ihe area lo he tonight." are invited lo atlend. Greenville city council yesler- white people and Negroes. The day passed an ordinance forbid- racial incidenls occurred Sunday -State- City- tf em Brief$- DQlia ATlhougli no serious injuries \vas fined on similar charges plus the charge lhal he nr.i have suited, cily officials have cx-ja drivers license himself, pressed fear lhal lhe situation! Fisher summoned Police Chiel might get worse. Vernon Underwood when Wade Elsewhere in the stale, some applied for a license and Wade young Negroes singed a quiel sil- !t ' c '-^ cr 'b"d Turner's part in the in demnnslration at Woo!worlhV sr ' l enie. Um!erv;ood gave him HIRE FOUR WORKERS '" Spartnnburg. They sat for:f° llr marked dollar hills and JACKSON (UPI) -- J o h n Camp, director of Ihe Game and Fish;^ mt an l:0 ' Jr without service. |whcn Turner icccnicd Ihrm. Un- Commission, today announced the hiring of four game warden sup-| Five Negroes pickclcd in Iron! dcrwood arrcslcd him al his: crvisors. [of stores in dinvntown Columbia borne, 113 McGce Slreel. They are Travis Aullman of Seminary. Lester Welch of L a u r e l . ' w i t h o u t incident. William Johnston of Manlee and Calvin Walker ol Ackerman. truck drivers have refused cross the pichet lines and remove 1 Ihc cargo from the pier. Police Seek Glues In $50 Burglary TRYING TIMES, FARLEY SAYS OXFORD (UPI) -- Robert Farley, dean of Ihe University of Mississippi Law School, says these are trying times. Farley told a civic club Tuesday he is constantly hearing "lhe Supreme Court called un-suprcmc, Ihc law called illegal and Ihc Constitution called un-Constilutional." Ir! BARN'ETT, DF.ARMAN TO SPF.AK JACKSON (UPI) -- Gov. Ross Barncll and Highway Commission Chairman Feldcr Deannan were scheduled to speak l«lay al ground-breaking ceremonies for a 22-mi!lion dollar Pearl River Reservoir. Authorities expect the reservoir, lo be financed with public funds. 10 be completed within three years. Ceremonies were held in nearby Rankin County. it die-in. wo. 76 do.; and Poland opposed by all nine 1 non-Communist members of the ; council including Ceylon and Tu-. jnisia, which usually abstain f r o m . However. Negro Local 1303 jg.-voting on cold war disputes. ! nored thc picket lines. 1 The vetoes brought the Soviet Ryan and Walsh stevedoring companies, who hire the long-, shoremen, wrote a letter to' ·Port Direclor Richard B. Swcn-i son and said there were "threats: Police were working today on and overtures of violence." Ithe $50 burglary of Jack's Cafe,' j 3ut no violence was rcportcd:826 Nelson, early Tuesday m o r n - j today by cily officials and Gulf-|ing. | port Mayor R. B. Me.idnws Jr., Thc burglary was reported |o[ NATCHFZ, Miss. (AP) -- The said none would be tolerated. Ipolice yesterday aroud 11:15 a.; : m a y o r and lyiard of a l d e r m e n , "We are going lo protect port m. by Jack Taylor, owner of the' cily's black,property and lhe lives of both.cafc. {Natchez Reduces (Black Market Tax have reduced (he m a r k e t lax on liqunr. Negroes and whites," Meadows! According to Chief of Police W . j Wholesale distributors are here- said. "I do not plan any direct^C. Burnley. Ihe burglars gained j a f l e r absokcd from thc city re--negotiation al this time. ' t a i l lax if they bolh retail and inter-union squabble." It is an \ entrance through the back door 1 lot lhe cafe, then removed a lei TKv 1 ?4-9l. - i l h w , J t «». HigS IctM. 9?-9 70. 7J. H g'. Thjrtef-f vc.iobli 4-10 n p h oi F,id3,- \V .'- · - r. ih.r. low 70-71. ;°£ .wholesale si:cli products from the; A city official, who asked not to board from a locker buill under i-ti» 's.ime building. ' ' "' ' . O.i- -'.t4 H a h be identified, said. "Il is a wild- a counter. Mississippi is the only dry stale: cal strike backed by Ihe while' Two metal boxes in the locker 1 n the United Slates, but liquor '.'iti-ons' Council. ITcy want lo! containing about $50, a strisl is s - l d Md tv:H b^ih by lhe lt'ie over and r u n Ihc Negroes walch arcl a po'kn wilch were lutc and certain cities. oul." [stolen, Taylo;- said. I WiNTF.R CARNIVAL -- In case Ihe July heat's gelling you down, here is a cheerful iceno From the cool of winter. It is a scene Ihe Christmas Parade Commillee and 28 civic cluhi cooperating with il hope (o see repealed on schedule Ihia winter. It nil dfpcndi on (h« residents and how they respond to a door-to-door campaign Ihis Friday afternoon and even* ing, when the civic club members will be asking lor donations to support Ihe parade. Over J.SOO has beon collected Ironi among the clubs themeslves and from miil-in checks (o Chr's'mas P.T.vIe Fund, Box 1019. Yesterday two more came in: 51 Irom Mrs. Addia Mafl Campbell and $3 f r o m Lawrence R. Prjor, (Slaff pholo) es and is nationally distributed under, the trdenames Snap-Tile, Twis-Tite, and Turn-Tite." Peterson said he expected manufacturing operations would continue in Racine until about Iba end of the year, and that the company hoped to be into Iheir Greenville plant by' the first of 1961. ' - ' Peterson said three-to six families would move from Racine ."to Geenville wilh the . plant. ... . Norwood and Kenney, a Greenville firm, has been retained as local architects, Peterson said. Frank England, chairman of the Industrial Foundation, said that he was "most happy Moeller Manufacturing Company has decided to move to Greenville. It is one more step in the stabilization of our.irea's economy.". He said that the first Mississippi 'conlacl made wilh Moeller was by Fred Plummer, manager of the Industrial and Community Development Section of Mississippi Valley Gas Company. Faubus Assured Of Fourth Term; Rep. Alford Wins LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) -Gov. Orval E. Faubus, an unprecedented fourth term in his pocket, rested today after a snrashing victory over four opponents in Tuesday's Democratic primary. Faubus, central figure in the Little Rock school integration crisis of 1957-53, faces Republican opposition in the November general eleclion, but Arkansas has not elected a GOP governor since Reconstruction days, . ' Returns from 2,242 of the state's 3,353 precints showed: Faubus 226,7-18; Joe C. Hardin of Grady 63.609; Ally. Gen. Bruce Bennett 55,444; H. E. Williams of Walnut Ridge 29,051; and Hal Millsap Jr. of Siloam Springs 11,520. Faubus' total was about 60 per. cent of tire vole. He polled 70 per cent when he won a third term againsl two opponenls in 1953. Reps. Dale Alford of Lillle Rock and Jim Trimble of Berryvilla; easily won renomination' in fha_ ; . slate's two contested congress:oiv'; j: s al races. ?' '...' Reports from 225 of 22S p r e - - j i cincts in the 5th District give Al- [·' ford 43,441 votes to 31,051 for State I Sen. Robert Hays Williams of. : ' Russellville. Trimble bad 47,133 votes and open lhe meeting at 9:30. PerriniDonald Poe of . Waldron 16,833 H. Grissom, agronomist at the ex- with 475 of 503 precincts report? introduce ed in the 3rd District. '. ?· Lynda Will Help NATCHEZ, Miss. (AP)-Lyn-h Lee Mead, Natchez's own Mijs America of 1960, has telegraphed her sponsorship of one rtudent in lhe local American Legion drive lo send the entire Natchez High School band to the Legion's national convention parada in Miami next November. Thc local Legion is conducting a campaign to raise $7,000, or $50 per student, so the band can accompany Miss Mead, who will head thc convention parade. Miss Mead's conlribution will finance one sludent.

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