The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 26, 1939 · Page 4
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 4

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 26, 1939
Page 4
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THE DAILY MESSENGER, CANAN0AIGUA, N. ST., WEDNESDAY, JUtY 26,1930. i^^HMBBIlll"""""""^^TM I *W ·- » ·%» r* "· ^ . , - . , . - . -, . . ,, .-- . , ^^^^ ^^ Paying for a Home is like paying rent Buy a Home this Summer! PALOOKA By Ham Fisher UH'H-NO THAN'KVOUSE ^ APTER SUPPEttf HOW ABOUT A LITTLE WALK TO DIGEST OUR MEAL, JOE? NO THAN'KVOUSE I THINK I'LL C»O IN AN' READ A MAGAZINE. DOES VO' PEEL AWRISHT SUM? AH WISH NOU'O LET MITAH KNOBBY IT HURTS BLAZES --QUICK OR MISTAH RAX KNOW ABOUT DAT SIDE SOW6BUDDVS COMIN'--GIMME A MAGAZINE (y) McXtught Syndicate, Inc ^ H'LO KID. WHATCHA OOIN 1 ? WANTA SEE A MOVIE? HUH-OH-NO v. THANKS KNOBBV. I WANTA READ THIS HERE ANNOUNCEMENTS Special Notice 1 B3CPBET repairing on l\a coats; also dressmaking, 25 Gorham St. comer of Court St. EXPERT HAIRCUTTING - Wade ft Volt Barber Shop, 4 Niagara St. 61-96 WANTED - Amateur Jitterbugs to compete at Playhouse dance contest. Apply Asst. Manager, Playhouse, before Friday, July 28. 43-74 ~4U BADMINTON SETS, $6.95. Terms. HtFfTON'S BOOK STORE. 53-73 SIMONIZING, $3.50; washing, 75c. Maurice Badger, Sinclair Station. 22-83 FOR SALE - Sand, gravel, cinders; hauled. Phone 468. James Vitalone. Wanted to Buy WILL FAT cash for all kinds of used furniture. Tel 77-W, 687 or 620. 46-31tf ATTENTION MB. FARMER! WANTED - 5 cars of good alfalfa or clover, also 2 cars wheat straw. Phone 137 or 538. W. S. Buck, 18 Niagara St. 3l-61tf WANTED - Horses, cattle, dead or alive. Philip Cuddeback. Waterloo. Phone 225-J, reverse call. 84-87os BUSINESS SERVICE Repair Service 17 HOW'S YOUR ROOF? For repairs, all types, or reroofing. call Pontius, 505-W or 195-M. Free inspection service. 59-73 WASHERS and CLEANERS repaired. All makes. Bradburn Bros. 38-710S FARM SERVICE ELECTRIC FENCE, 110 or 6 volt, $8.50. guaranteed. Stanley Wooden X24-75 COMBINING, reasonable, oats, barley, alfalfa, beans, timothy. Wes Collins, Cheshire. X24-76 CHINA CABINETS, davenport tables, stands, kitchen ware, glassware. Carter, 24 Coy St. 47-72tf (BREAKFAST SETS, davenport suites, wicker chairs, gasoline stove, radios. Klingman, 29 Bristol St. Phone 687. 45-72tf FARMERS ATTENTION - The David A. Platt Co., buyers of hay and straw, will open a new office in Canandaigua soon. We are in the market for a large quantity of first cutting alfalfa and clover, second cutting out of the field. Temporary address, Canandaigua Hotel. Phone 970. 40-73 MERCHANDISE Articles For Sale BICYCLES. $23.95 up. Bradburn's. 38-75 SINGLE and extension ladders, a few odd extensions at bargain prices. Davidson's. Phone 69. ^ft-71 t"f WANTED - Leather collapsible car- _ _ _ I _ riage in excellent condition. Phone j GrLENWOOD and GRAND ranges, 103-B. 48-74 45955 up . installed. Bradburn Bros. WANTED - Pigs and shoats. TeL 134. X24-73 BUYING wheat, rye, beans. J. W. Walker, Phone 292. 23-60tf 38-710S ELECTRIC FENCE UNITS - Insulators, bulbs and fuses. Coy St. Hdwe. Phone 325-B. 60-74 MERCHANDISE Typewriters 24A TYPEWRITERS and adding machines for rent. HUTTON'S BOOK STORE. 53-73 Daily Messenger UP-TO-DATE Summer Patterns, 15c. Household Goods 25 DRESSERS, beds, stoves, etc. EMERSON, 16 Coy St. Phone 438- R. 36-71tf Auction Sales 38A East Bloomf ield MRS. EDWARD MCCARTHY Staff Correspondent AUCTION - Sat., July 29, 1 P. M., Mrs. Rhoda Begy will sell at her Fall, residence 410 N. Main St, Canandaigua, N. Y., a full line of house- Concert Postponed The annual lawn social and band concert sponsored by the Methodist Ladies' Aid and scheduled to be held on the church lawn Aug. 2 has been indefinitely postponed. To Attend Wedding Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Steele and children, Stanley, Jr., and Margaret will attend the wedding of her sister, Miss Helen Esther Sackett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James L. Sackett of Churchville, former residents, to George Stewart, son of Mr. and Mrs. Craig Stewart of Churchville at Clifton Baptist Church in Churchville Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock. To Form Piano Class Mrs. W. Heber O'Hara is planning for the formation of a class of piano students in her home in the hold furniture, dishes, beds, tables, dressers, chests, upright piano, electric sweeper, antiques, including old dishes, cherry chests, cherry tables, mohagany and Boston rocfcers, hair cloth fruit carved chairs, 4 poster beds, curley maple chairs; there are good manv antique pieces in this sale. Arnold J. Emerson, Auctioneer. 55-75 1940 EMERSON and BCA-Victor radios, $7.95 up. Bradburn Bros. 38-710S RENTALS Apartments For Rent 30 Antiques toric-brac, a'll old '2 ATTRACTIVE 5 rm. heated apt. - Complete, j Unfur. 28 Greig Terrace. 42-75 Foods GOLDEN BANTAM SWEET CORN Roth's, 453 N. Mam. Phone 805-J. 44-72 APRICOTS - Ready now, 50c pk. Washer, 1 years' supply of soap, i ironing board, electric iron and cl twin metal tubs. Be sure to come w in and see this exceptional buy. PECK HARDWARE CO., 120 SO. MAIN ST. 37-73 PHONE 818 for auto or home radio service. Bradburn Bros. 38-75 4 RM. APT. Inquire Anna B. Pearson, Chapm, N. Y. Briefs Mrs. Hugh Havens and sons, of Troy, Pa., were Sunday guests of her brother, Sterling Melville and Mrs. Melville. Miss Grace Meagher who is attending Summer School at Geneseo Normal was a weekend guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Meagher. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Reid of- West Bristol Valley Grange Charts Picnic Aug. 5 BRISTOL -- The Bristol Valley Orange picnic will be held Saturday, Aug. 5 at Times Union Park, Honeoye Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Fran- (Tiine Is Eastern Standard) RADIO PROGRAMS FOUR BLIND DATES By Edwin fom cis Hatch will be in charge of the dinner at 1.30. Misses Oneta Hayes and Eliza- Chapter 39 IluurU And Dowers R I C H A R D CRAFTONBURY ADAMS was pleased. That was what he wanted Saltair Acres to be, a home. Not a showplace. The fact that the Chiseler had looked over his abode and cate- roried it correctly flattered him. "Well," he said, "I'm glad you felt that way. Too many people mistake my place for a picnic ground. They drive out here from the city, eat their lunches and litter the place up with newspapers and tin cans. And I'm going to put a stop to it. A stop to it. dammit." "Quite," said the Chiseler, bending this declaratjon to suit his own ends. "And nothing would give me more pleasure than to be of assistance to you." "Assistance to me?" repeated Richard Craftonbury. "How?" "I have," said the Chiseler smoothly, "what I believe may amount to a modest inspiration. Perhaps, Mr. Adams, I could offer you my services in the capacity of a kind of overseer or bailiff. Without, of course, having gone deeply into your problems, it would seem NEW YORK (ff)--A cast that runs ] an excellent arrangement. My wife the gamut of other fields is to be t. £~SL^ .111 to In r.h«r«Tnf tumed OUt for lf l Had A CnanC6 beth Rogers will be in charge of n ^ Tu v/hen thafc the sports. Pastor Plans Vacation The Rev. Harry Wright will take his yearly vacation during August. This Sunday will conclude the services until Sept. 10. Communion j will also be observed this Sunday. Bristol Briefs Mrs. Harry Rudat is spending some time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gilbert, while her husband, Harry Rudat is convalescing from an appendicitis operation in Memorial Hospital. Leslie Case has returned to his home here from Highland Hospital, where he has been recovering from injuries received in a recent automobile accident. Jack and Joan Terry are spending some time with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elwyn Terry of Ontario. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Jenks, of Cleveland, O.. have been recent visitors of his sister, Mrs. Oscar Hayes and family. Tuesday night when that pro gram puts on its third "amateur" minstrel show. I Mort Lewis, who runs the broad- as housekeeper and myself as a steward, as it were." It was his trump card. If it took its trick a peaceful and comfortable vista stretched before him. Goodby to scheming and plot- ties as to their secret ambitions, has selected these to do the black-face and other acts in the minstrel: Walworth were Sunday guests of j Jackie Bowers O f Holly is spend- mK some time with Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Nettie Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. John Henry White of Buffalo and Mrs. Alice Anderson of Rochester were weekend suests of Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Day. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Dibble and son and Mr and Mrs. Milton Dibble of Fairport were Sunday guests of their mother, Mrs. Gertrude Dibble- Miss Katharine Meagher has been spending a week with her uncle, 3 BM., heated, fur. apt., reasonable rent, near P. O. Phone 27. 9-69tf FOR RENT - Lower bedroom and kitchenette, fur.; also 3 rm. fur., upper apt. 57 Gorham St. 51-75 ROOMS or two or three room apt.. also cucumbers. G. G. Foster, Hope- j BIND ER TWINE, $3.20 a bale. We cen tral, heated, garage. Phone weU Rd. 54-7o se u nay rope _ Get our price. The 1027-W x36-75 58-75 c nar ies Meagher at Conesus Lake. Mr. and Mrs. D. A. McCarthy and daughter, Madeline of Rochester were Sunrtav crests of Mr. and Mrs. John Klinefeller. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Corbin and daughters of Buffalo have been guests of his mother, Mrs. Ella Olmstead. LOGAN BERRIES. Phone 794-J. 190 Granger St. 52-75 i EMPLOYMENT hay rope. Mather Seed Store. 80-56tf Female Help OUR clear cedar screen stock when you want to make screens. Priced low. Davidson's, 64 West 3o-7itf Houses For Rent 3 RM., apt., fur, pri. bath. pri. entrance, heat, hot water, newly decorated. 64 Bristol St. 27-95 BALED HAY TIES - Binder twine. 35 Bristol MRS. JOHN B. GILBERT Staff Correspondent J W. Walker. G3-54U" I YOUR OWN DRESSES FREE and -- -- _ -- - - - -- . -- , up to $23 weekly showing famous Fashion Frocks. No experience needed. No canvassing. No investment. Send age and dress size. Fashion Frocks, Dept. S-1509, Cincinnati, O. X56-73 8 Male Help WANTED - Experienced solderer. Apply Lisk Mfg. Co., Ltd. 46-76 Agents Wanted 9 ·WANTED - Man with car for profitable Rawleigh route. Must be satisfied with good living at start .Sales way up this year. Write Rawkigh's, Dept. NYG-100-101, Albany, N. Y. *41-74 AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale 1M7 CHRYSLER 4-dr. trg. sedan HOt CHRYSLER 4-dr, trg. sedan 1996 CHEVROLET town sedan 1W5 CHEVROLET sedan ins OLD6MOBILE sedan 1937 PLYMOUTH deluxe sedan 1935 PLYMOUTH deluxe coupe 1934 PLYMOUTH coach IK* TERRAPLANE coach im FORD 4-dr. trg. sedan 1936 FORD tudor trg. sedan ins PONTIAC sedan 19M PONTIAC f cyL sedan 1932 DODGE 1 1-2 ton trk, stake 19J2 CHEVROLET 1 1-2 ton truck OGOROE D. McGCTRK, Short sville LEHIGH CEMENT - Beacon feeds. J. W. Walker. 63-54U GENERAL ELECTRIC refrigerators, $69.50 up. Bradburn Bros. 38-71os 1-2 94 Adelaide Ave. Tel. 896-M. 5859-64tf Miss Annine Neilsen and Betty Jane Neilson and Miss Rose Pul- kowsky. of Rochester, and Benton Cartwright. of Holcomb, were recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Roy CLARK ST. - 1-2 dole, house, mod! Case and Mrs. Ella Case, ern conveniences, gar. Inquire Zack j Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sherman Auto Supplv, 225 So. Mam. 57-75 ! were Sunday callers of Mr. and iMrs. Charles Hicks at Centerfield Radio Sales Service 29 Business Opportunities 40 ! ««* Mr. and Mrs. Harr Norton, of rr , acf THrtrtrnfloln. FOR SALE - Cabinet radio in perfect condition. Cheap. Mather Seed WANTED - By exper. Businessman, j chance to acquire partnership m or , to buy outright, some small busi- ' East CO-ED COERCION LONDON -- At a university Store. 35-73 PHEUCO ATJTO RADIOS, brand new. $1955. Pay weekly. MUTTON'S BOOK STORE. 53-73 , nes» Address Box A-2. x5-75 mock trial here two pretty co-eds ---- _ - j we re fined 50 shillings each for THE CLASSIFIED Department i "making alluring gestures at the exemplifies the Golden Rule. I: | magistrate by blowing kisses to serves you as you would be served the embarrassment of ttie court." NEIGHBORLY by Oscar Hitt Itn DODGE sedan 19N im 1*17 1M1 19J7 in? 1IM IW* DODGE coupe DODGE coupe HUDSON 6 sedan PLYMOUTH sedan PLYMOUTH sedan DODGE coupe FORD deluxe sedan CHEVROLET 2 dr. fcr. sdn. HUDSONopiip* PLYMOUTH deluxe sedan fORD 1-2 ton pick-op GRAHAM sedan DODOfi coupe USED CABS TO FROM AT US M* ·*. A. w. wore NOT WITH ALL THE TRAFFIC IN THAT TOWN. 1 I'M SCOOTIN' RKaHT AROUND IT/ DR1VIN 1 THRILLED/' IN A LITTLE WHILE WE'LL NEW YORK !! Carlyle Fuller. Mrs. Lillian Gracey has returned to her home here after spending some time with Mrs. Jennie Parsons, Canandaigua. Carl Johnson has returned to the Adirondack mountains spending some time at his 4 door aeten ft mrniAWAY I AND WTH4 A NOTE OF FINALITY STILL REVERBERATING THROUGH i Wf WHISKERS TH£ OLD BOY POUND HIMSELF HEADING RIGHT INTO ft new VORK ON AN EXPRESS after home here. Mrs. Prank Stahl and family attended the Vanvolkenburgh-Diegart reunion held at Taughannock State Park, Keuka lake. Sunday. Over 80 members of the family were present. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Claude Richardson, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Killips and son, Gordon, of Honeoye; Mr. and Mrs. William McMuilen and daughter of Rochester; Mr. and Mrs. Harold Chapman of Livonia and John Lambert of Bristol Center were recent visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Case. Mrs. Demerrill Ingraham and daughter, Lois Isabelle, were recent visitors of Mrs. Georgia Ingraham at Clifton Springs Sanitarium. Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Ward were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Metzger at North Bloomfield. Mrs. Marion Pestle and Oliver Travis have been guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lead at Honeoye. Mrs. Jennie Parsons of Canandaigua was a Sunday visitor of Mrs Minnie Case. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Francis of Sinclairville, and son. Charles, of Flint. Mich., and Mrs. Guy Raymond and daughter, Dorothy, of Jamestown were recent visitors 02 Mr. and Mrs. John Gilbert. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Anderson and son, Raymond of Scottsville: Mr. and Mrs. Greigg Francis and daughter, Patricia, and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Benedict of Canandaigua and Richard Babbitt of Orleans. were Sunday visitors of Mr. and Mrs. C. R- Reed. Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Bond were recent visitors of Mrs. Jennie Parsons. Canandaigua. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Miller and Mrs. Viola Wales were recent visitors of Mrs. Addie Briggs of Honeoye. Mr. and Mrs. Roland Bliss of Canandaigua. were Sunday visitors of their daughter. Mrs. Charles Cook and family. William Lockner of Lockport was a Swndav caller of the Rev. and Mrs H. M. Wright Mrs. DeinerriJl Ingraham and f aiaghter. Loi. Isabel!, were Sunday dinner guests of Mrs. Herb Case. Canandaigua. Mr. and Mrs. William Campbell, of Rochester, have been guests at the Ingraham home. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Olmstead, ol Si ram 1 * and Mi K HazrJ Ohn- sU-ad, of Allen's Hill, were recent cast which for the most part con- j ting with the ruffianly characters centrated on interviews of celebri- j O f the underworld. Goodby to association with mobsters of the Coletti ilk. Goodby to this perpetual game of hide and seek with the Artist Peter Arno, Ben Lyon and i forces of law and order. Instead, a his wife, Bebe Daniels, of the movies.' roof over his head, good food, lux- Comedian George Jessel, Cartoonist! urious surroundings and, doubt- Ham Fisher, Orchestra Leader Tom-1 less, a vast library into which to my Dorsey. Editor Frank Norris and | dip when the scholarly mood was Announcer Graham McN.amee as uell. Who will be the interlocutoi basn't been determined as yet. upon him. And a soft job into the bargain. And, the Chheler told himself earnestly, for these things he could put up with the some- Bettv and Bob, veteran daytime; ^ h , at v ^ uo " s Mrs. Dipsang He serial of WEAP^NEC-in fact it had no doubt, either, of his ability dates back before 1933-is moving its! J^^JMM. "ELPfc locale from Chicago to New York next week and at the same time is · him If Mrs D i ps ~ang "^ u*" 1 .*, 1 * 8 C ,f L NCW ,^ e ,le ^ S exposed him yet, she wasn't likely will be Arlene Frances of ^'WhaU My ^^ SQ now He stole a CQVert glance at her. She was standing to one side looking vacant, as one in a trance. But the Chiseler flattered himself that he noted a faint glow on her face, a glow of exhilaration no doubt. Richard Craftonbury A d a m s had been weighing the Chiseler's suggestion. Acceptance w o u l d keep Mrs. Dipsang in her job and Richard Craftonbury wanted defi- I nitely to retain the services of Mrs. ! Dipsang. He smote his left palm 1 with his right fist. "That's a brilliant idea. I'll make you a bailiff. Can you keep accounts?" I "I am," said the Chiseler, with j modesty, "something of a mathe- 1 matician." j "Can you handle men?" i "With tact and discretion," the Chiseler assured him. | "Well," said Richard Crafton- I bury decisively, "you're hired. I j need a good man around here. Saving your wife, a lot of dunderheads | have been running my house." He glared, for no reason at all, at Matherton who quailed. Then he Name" and Van Heflin of Broadway. . . . Appearance of Mrs. Paul McNutt and hsr daughter in Let's Talk It Over on WEAF-NBC Friday noon hs been indefinitely postponed. In their stead. Mrs. Ruth B. Shipley chisf of the passport division of the si ate department, will be interview guest. Dialing tonight: WEAF-NBC--NEW YORK 7:00--One Man's Family 7:30--Tommy Dorsey Music 8:00--What's My Name 8:30--George Jessel Celebrities 9:00--Kay Kyser's College WABC-CBS--NEW YORK 6-00--People's Platform "Education for Citizenship" 7:00--Phil Baker 7:30--Paul Whiteman Band 8:00--Knickerbocker Playhouse 8:30--Lewisohn Stadium Conceit 9:30--Rep. J. Wm. Ditter on "Lend- mg-Spending Progiam" WJZ-XBC--NEW YORK 7:00--Ransom Sherman Presents 7:30--Hobby Lobby 8:30--Idea Mart Finale 9:00--National Symphony Orchestra 9:30--Public Interest in Democracy" What to expect Thursday: WEAF-NBC--SEW YORK 12:45--Words and Music 3:30--Vic and Sade 5:00--Southern Baptist World Conference CBS-Chain 2:00--U. S. Army Band 4:45--March of Games 5-30--Four Clubmen's Songs WJZ-NBC--NEW YORK 11:30--Farm and Home Hour 3:00--Smile Parade 5:00--Popular Melodies Some Thursday short waves: OLR4A Prague 6:55 Musical Program: TPA4 Paris 8:30 Chamber Music: GSI GSD GSB London 11:15 Character Sketches. TODAY WHAM--ROCHES TER (Time Is Daylifht Saving) 400--club Matinee 4 45_"MidstreanT 5.00--Charles Barnett and Orch. 530--Let's Waltz 5.45--Buck Rogers 6.00--News Reporter 615--Your Family and Mine 630--Bill Rogers, Sports 6.45--Lowell Thomas 7.00--Easy Aces 7.15--Mr. Keen 7.30--The Good Will Hour 800--One Man's Family 8JO--Hobby Lobby 9.90--Horse and Buggy Day-"; 930--Idea Mart 10.00--Kay Kyser 11.00--News Reporter IMS-Lawrence Wclk and Orch. 1130--Richard Himber and Orch. 1200--Dufcc ElJinglon and Oroh. faced the Chiseler again, lobbies?" he barked. 'What?" said the Chiseler. 'Any a mi tori of Henry _0taistead. J J^j^ C ]inton and Orch. Mr. and Mrs. 'Vcliner Henry, of the East Lake road, were Sunday %!.]tors of Mr and Mrs. Frank Fcmn Mr and Mrs Elmer Mfther. of Cmandamia. were roc-Tit visitor*, of Mr Manon Pestle and Olnt-r Mr and Mr-.. Arthur Gmnfifld and .von. Walter, of Rochester, and Mrs Samuel Wallace, of EaM Bloomfield. have been guests of Mr and Mrs. William McKee Mr and Mrs John Rowlev. of Bristol Center and Mr. and Mrs. F. C Perry, of this place, attended the nageant held at Mormon Hill, Palmyra, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Elwyn Terry and sons, Robert and Richard, of Ontario, were Sunday visitors of Assemblyman and Mrs. H. R. Marble. 1.00--Sign Off THURSDAY WHAM--ROCHESTER (Time Is Daylight 30-Mornane AlUr 7 00- N'WA 7 15 - Tonic 7 30 j 7 4 5 - f* OTf -y i Sf, 3d -Swing Serenade. NBC 8 45- -Tourer Clocfc Pgni 9-00--Vass Family 9 15--Women Onlv fir 30--Young Dr. Malone 9:45--1 Love A Mystery 10:00--The Man I Married, NBC 10:15-Joh Higglns, HBC 10:30--Tom CMerson--Organ "Hobbies? Like to do anything in your off hours? Play any games? Cnbbage.for instance? Well,speak jp!" "Shiver my timbers, yes," said '.he Chiseler. "I fancy that I am Dne of the finest cribbage players .hat ever sailed the seven seas." "Hey?" Mr. Adams jumped. He had not been prepared to have his bailiff speak up in such a big way "Do you think you could beat me jt cribbage?" "Unless," said the Chiseler, "you rank with one of the few grea masters." "Ho! Is that so? Well, answer me this: Do you play chess? Think before you speak, my man. I'll have you to know that I'm the best chess player on Long Island." Peace "IF YOU will permit me, sir," said * Mr. Austin Sebastian Dip- sang, nee Chiseler Jennings, some time crook and present bailiff o Saltair Acres, "you were the bcs chess player on Lonj; Island." "What's that?" roared Richard Craftonbury. "Say that again!" "I am merely pointing out," sau the Chiseler, with subUety, "tha I am on Long Island now. Richard Craftonbury wheeled on Mrs. Dipsang. "Dipsang, my eribbag» board. My chess sets, Dipsang. Til show this -- thi bailiff where he heads in. I'll pin his ears back. Coine on you, you bailiff. Well sec about this." The Chiseler addressed Mrs. Dipsang. "I shall sec you Jaler, tny love, he said, giving her a melting look Richard Craftonbury grabbe his arm. Richard Craftonbury hai completely forgotten cvcrythin? except that his proficiency as i cribbage and chess player na Hnpn jimnuwifvl And bv hi* ow« aillff. Everything else could wait ntil that matter was cleared up, "Come on," he roared. "Don't tand there mooning at a woman, fou're in for a rough passage, my man." He dragged the Chiseler toward the door. "Make way, the est of you. We're busy." They went down the hall, the !hiseler's red-and-white under- iants billowing in triumph. Peace had descended upon Salt- ir Acres. The party was over. All was quiet on all fronts. Mr. Wiliam Steele had departed, taking he East brothers with him. Miss .uella" West and Mr. Jumbo Cutler ad driven away, a couple of moon- truck lovebirds. Mr. Van Rypper larkness, a much mystified young man, had gone home alone, completely at a loss to explain the di- jression of Miss Dorothy South. To ILS credit, it must be stated that on he following day Mr. Harkness made a pilgrimage to Miss South'j apartment house. He was in-j ormed, however, that Miss South lad returned an hour or so aftei he previous midnight, packed se" eral bags and vanished. Where ha he gone? The superintendent of he apartment house couldn't say. Vould she be back' The superin- endent didn't know. Miss South lad rented the apartment furnished. It was the superintendent opined cynically, highly probable hat she wouldn't be back at alL Running out on the rent, no doubt. Mr. Harkness thanked thp $u- erintendent and forgot 1 Misit Jor- othy South within five minutes. After all, he couldn't worry about he idiosyncrasies of any one girl. tfr. Harkness knew many girls. And they all had idiosyncrasies. At Saltair Acres, in the little den off the library, Richard Crafton- ury Adams and the Chiseler, a bottle of brandy between them, were locked in a desperate, drawn struggle. The Kryckiwynski gam- sit favored by Richard Crafton- bury was a rough, tough, two-fisted egg. But the gambit Cascadilla y Gomez, pet of the Chiseler, was proving that it could take it. Lite Begins UT in the driveway Mr. Tacks Adams stood with an arm around the waist of Miss Patricia ^orth. It was remarkable how quickly Mr. Adams had attained proficiency at putting his arm around the waist of Miss Patricia Worth. The observer would have seen justified in concluding that ic'd been doing it all his life. As a matter of fact, Mr. Tacks Adams wished that he had been. But after all, reasoned Mr. Tacks Adams, he ladn't ever done any living before tonight. For Mr. Adams life was just beginning. "Tell you what, darling," Mr. Tacks Adams said now. "We'll slip down to the garage and borrow the snappiest car my uncle owns. You're going home in state." Packy held back. "Do me a favor, Tacks dear?" she asked. "Do you a favor?" repeated Tacks. "Anything you ask. Want the moon? Well, just wait here on« minute." "No," said Packy. "I wouldn't give that for the moon. I want to go home in the ambulance." "What? That old crate? It isn't fiMlng. It isn't proper. You belong in a Rolls-Royce smothered in green orchids." "I want to go home in the ambulance," Packy insisted. "But why? In five minutes I can conjure up a chromium-plated chariot that'll do a hundred per." o 1 "Ambulance," said Packy firmly. "Okay. But I don't understand " 'You wouldn't. Men never do. Don't you see, Tacks darling, that it was in that ambulance that I-that I first began to--to..." Tacks goggled like a kind oi ecstatic goldfish. "Hey!" he said. "You wouldn't be casting about for a four-letter word meaning a hatful of affection, would you?" She moved closer to him. Well," she said softly, "what da you think?" "Bless that ambulance," sa Tacks reverently. "After we' married, darling, I'm going to havt it stuffed and put in our living- room." They crossed the driveway. Tht ambulance loomed large before them. Tacks helped her in. Then he was up beside her, starting th* motor. "Honeymoon Special," he cried, still with an arm around Packy. "All aboard." They moved. But Mr. Tacki Adams, in his fine fluent enthusi- , asm, had forgotten something. He had forgotten to still the voice of the ambulance. "Clang" said the ambulance. In the little den off the living- room of Saltai* Acrei Richard Craftonbury Adams raised his head from the chess board. The Chiseler raised his head. "What," demanded Richard Craf- tonbury Adams, "was that?" ». "I don't know," said Chiseler, , "but it sounded to Jnc like the ena j of the raund." THE END 30 45--Hnu-e1; r '.ii Ilaunah. NBC 3 ] 00- Mary Marian. NiJC 31-15--Vir and :Sade. NBC 31 30 -Popper Yoiinp ·, Family NBC 11.45-Mwl Miv. Julia 12 00 -Hat oi the Da 12 05 -Neivs RoporlCT !i 15-- Finger takes Pgxn 52 30- Farm and Koine Kmir. NBC 1 30-Al SIR] 3 45- ROV-J Ijcc. Songf,. NBC 2 00 Bellv and Bob. NBC 2 15--Arnold GnmnVs Daughter NBC 2 30--Valiant Ladv. NBC 2:45--Hymns of All Churches NBC 3:00--NBC Dane* Orch. -Hoosier Hop, NBC 4 30-Khv1hm Auction, NEC 4 4,S "Midstream."' NBC .S 00 - -Jimmy Dor^v A- Owh . 5 30- F^hc.mT'r.V; Conici 5.45 -Social Chronic!? 6 '00-- JJc^-.s Reporter 6:J5-- Your Famj] Mim fi 30-- Bi]] Rogers-- Sports 6.45-- Lowll Thoina;. NBC 7:00-- Easy Aces, NBC 7 15-- Mr. Keen. NBC i 7 30-- N Y S Troopers i 8 00-- Symphonic Jazz Band, 8 30-- It's Up To You, NBC 9 -00-- Promenade Sym. Orch :0:00-- Bob Bums, NBC 31 :00-- News Reporter 11 -Jan Savitt Orrti . NI NBC 3 so--Hoosier Hop, NW; j n n -««» o*...* «,. .· «DV, 4:0~3unbnt* Smile Parade, NBCj ll:30-Tommy Dorsey Orch., NBC

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