The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 26, 1960 · Page 7
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 7

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 26, 1960
Page 7
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Delia Democrat-Times Need Vacation Money? Sell "Don't Wants" Through "For S ale" Ads! ' " ' ' ' ' ..... On Page 6 23. Costs, Motei. -EPIlC tANH _. itDllt tank drafting ttl HeoV)n. rhoni (D M7.1 tt (D 4-4M4. rot lAlt, IV40 Mtre-400 Ouiboord Molar, prCciirolU l»w. Ph. tD ,-_!,. ATTCNIION wo. Una mtthtn, will t-Vl '· ol yoyr chlldurv ll my hortl. XllbbU hilt lady. (0 5-16*1. 13' Bool, l«8 5J H.P. JoSnl.n 1 liallll »530. Pti ED 2-0878. rO« SALE, M' C.dor Stile Cool, 1» 30 II P. ElOln Moloi I tr-lltr. ED 5-1362, «! »· l t_:e c. w.nda. F0» UlE, U ft. Hvmjbw/l wiiii ss H.P. EvIrUwd, «l*li,e itgitti Moloi, and TjalUf- Can I* n'w ol ni Groom.. _ COMPLl-l-fWrBOARD BOATING OUTFIT 14' Arlitcrnft Plywood Runnbout, 30 K.P. electric starting Mercury Motor, (tiscd less than 10 hours) kll controls, 6 gnl. gns can and 1 wheel Trftll.r. $778.00. Call 438-M2 Boltonl, Mtss. J7. Form Equipment SPRINKLER IRRIGATION SYSTEMS FOR SALE On, (roll lyt!,:n will ocndl. 40 atr*i SI500. Ork laig« lyilim Mill KovJI* 200 acui. »,_00. THE 61 SHOP Next to H.llar-ia?« Sted and Supply Co. Hollands'*, Will. 28. Farmers Market Produce WATER MELONS WATER MELONS Wholesale and Retail. One or one thousand. Kwy. 1 South, 1 mile South of Wayside. F.D 24)778. 10. Pels, Poultry Livestock lered Crxler Seen:,I F i old, fh. EP 2-7.167. Hous-hotd Goods 52. CASH FOR voun USED FURNITURE APPLIANCES RAILROAD SALVAGE FURNITURE CO. 139 Wash. Ph. ED 2-7718 3 ROOMS FURNITURE ALL NEW $299.95 1 PIECES T--»fD btd I--rr.gtchlro Chak 2--4tfD Icbln 1--oFlM TaW* 2--(ampi 1--^ftxibl* dr*ii*i i bed wnt iprlng matt.'in 1--III l.ringt I D- ch.-cmi dlnelti i*r 3 TO DIAL SPRINGTIME ANYTIME Dial ED 2-0513 KREMSER'S SHOP AT THE SIGN QUAltTY 713 Mflln St, Phooe ED MOVING Call ED 2-2685 DON EWBANK Moving Storage SPECIAL Auto Paint Job, Dupoht Enamel. Guaranteed. $39.60 TOM'S BODY SHOP j. ____ t- urnUhcd Apartmcots 534 N. POPLAR fu.'n. baih. IS 50 w««V, Ftx 21 WallhoH SI. Ph. EO 4-4048 *V» hov* OA rxwvl VphWiitilms lahtki re citvcit a eomp 1 *!! itfecilon tot fix* fh« brgiil it'tdton Ifl and orojfyJ Grt*n- cilia. Ai wi ma'nlatfi tKe kirqeir ivhal- I'trr iSco wi Of* ·QulDped lo tutr ow) TH tvon el woifc- Fttt EiFLrrat*!- GREENVILLE AWNING UPHOLSTERING CO. PW* ^ 2-7033 *+wy 81 I. Y E S We Install A U T O G L A S S (Curved Windshields In Stock) * BURK HALL - TAYLOE Paint Glass Co. Hwy. 82 East (Next (6 Aiar'i) Phono ED 3-MM Bryan Wilson «3i Phw*i tO J-1543 U. Pianos, Radios, Television PIANO FOR SALE Bargain in lovely Spinet and small Upright Piano. Terms available. Can be seen in Greenville. Write Allen L. Silk, P. 0. Uox 947, Monroe, Louisiana. Insurance ROCK-DOTTOM RATES Call John Worthy STME F1EU U'JTtU. \_ Slot. Form nuiucucvpurtl Ph»ni ED -* 50. Furnished Apartment. C)-|« NICF FURNISHED aporlrr Ph. ED 4 4297 af'ir 6 p. St. Building SlalerlaL- L U M B E R Cypress $75. up Hardwood S-J5. up Chatham, Miss. Ph. ED 2-S5Gs! Timbers, Boat Lumber, Flooring, etc. Special Orders Cut E. G. NELSON Oio'Ko-n. M!ii Ph fD 2-B569 COMFORTABLE 1urn. act, 3 (OOmi bath Jlihifel oa:J. !i5 rro. Ph. ED 2.2163. fUSN. APr. 3 r--ur, ro-d. Ill S. Harv*y. a-wj bolh. Uhl.liCf Ph. ED 2-6333. ;25 n. POPIAS. j ,..-, _l. $10 w f - v . Fti CO 2 SUKG way to check (or t h . _st available Job for you Is reading Delta Democrat-Times "help wanted" ads daily. 20. Articles For Sale 20. ArticL-s For Salo Engineer. T. J. Williamson, [ells Ruth Otto how he brought the train load of Frigidaire Appliances to Greenville. The Frigidaire Appliances were sold at Wlwlesale Cox Car Prices by Rosella's, Frigidaire Dealer. Rosella's still have some I960 model Frigidaire Washers. You save up tn $!OQ CO on. Come in now and save at -ROSELLA'S 712 Wash. Avc. F R I G I D A I R E APPLIANCES Ph. F.D 2-8191 MAY'S RENTALS PRICES REDUCED Lorgi fcoomi ft Boil All -ilium i/*. (6*.00 30 H. mtC Nni. Act. MOH WASH. AV(. -BiMH. I .;« Fw« All. All UljIIJUl |nt, tSO.OO -nr.,nl-Hd $60.00'fyrjUtud ps.OO · 731 MY L-rj, M6,,in 9 B.«. Ogpll, -f-yintlntd IM.OO f\UB1in«d fM.OO 71J CANNON, Uhj. MoJ.rft i -.«. -flaiolg njjrv ADI. $70.00 4U FAIKVIEW, E»lfo 10151 Irodon 6 Bm DvDlM, -nluiri. 175.oi f.fn Jss 00 SO. MtXAN-D-B, N«»ly dltcrelid 2 6.6 Furft Apt. 160.00. A6KAHAM COURT, lorcl wodt.-n 0 6/S BuplM »PI. -.OQ Aowtrtg SfrVie*, Cabl. connlitlryu and »«il Ctr-tol i»M« IM. Coll Mn. May ·r Mil. Brady, to _-o3?o.4._lot---.-l5. 1 SHOULOA SAID! JI2 Ora-a, 2 B/L ^ ,,,.,,,, WS Pollon - B / B . t,l _ ilov. _ 170.00 IMS Qv-«n Cry ten 1 tit JMOO 12 Mill SO. 2 B/R L__H ]£;$ 01] Ca-nofl 2 B/« __ .65.00 JW A-rtoH SIOOOO 639 S. Ihtcbal. ' B/R":"~T-. .65 00 ?", v ;-f'-d.". 2 B/R --:::. ....M H I S liby 1 BK _ _ Its 00 . FUSIIISHED HOUSES 3 Doom fum Apt. llgSli, 0.1 v/al_r _ Ulft ol finor-. 144 1*0. ED 4.49.3. 722 VAlllANT ST. 2 Britoom FwrTshed ApaftinMI. Fh.jP j'grgl. FOI Real 1.1 Ufahdi Forrt. coll. N^ily detorat»d. Fh. 60 ol 164. NEWLV DtCOJAKO J (Don Fum Aw. Walei paid. Ph. IV 2-1360. 1 8 y R fwlftlltad ...rlmlftl 346 Orlando SW mo. Call ED 5-5«J. CONDITIONED 1 loan Fvfn Pflvatfl bash, enlrcne*. Oafogp. Cab!l. Q47 Arnold. Pti. EO 4.9944. KICE1Y locoled. 156 N. .ico-»ar. S50 5.4 REAIt SO, MAIN, ' . apl. Coll -15 ci Mill. 51. UnlarnJshed UN(U«NI5HED APAR1MEUT. er. Apply neil dccf. SlA. I bedroll r\l rede wood flo:n. ·riih5'J dunk,. laiue taan-i, K! porch, leoc.d 10'3ge, ;n eot!C'n l«f oft :hoo'l. Phor, o!!er 6 o.fn. Com- hat-- MAYNARD WILZIN Dial ED 4-4J-4 125 N Hindi _ 1717 Soiut« 12» W. Ytrott . -22 E. fearlmrj . 314 Wol.rr 359 Mcorr _^ -SO; N.TMBro-d« Blood jva 540.00 SM.CO . sao oo --. J3S.OO . 550 00 (S5.UO $45.00 Olal EO 4-4954 3?6 Al.xarw 310 Road, '4« Pollock . 511 Meqgetli 941 SHelJ, 32. Room] For Rent Nkely furr.rihed 4-rocfn ana, valt tnlrarx*! ba'h lm gafar; rrtoth!.'i« _ TV conn. C-vale o .toad-ray. Phwn ED 4-4342. , !y. 411 : BEOROOM, .··. Fhon. ond pri. E. Moorf. Ph:"a ED 5-M94. .CDROO.M FOP. GFN7IEJ1WJ. prfuo', bsl -- ' En!, Evlnf comfoil. US N, ttndi. MAYNARD WILZIN Dial ED 4-4J54 144 N. 125 N. Hindi , -ED3OOM, Allil tan. i-o'd ittvlc S. WcihV.glox Ph. !0 4-3630. 2JI-A N B-ocd»Tiy _ SJ1 AlKand.i ^-^^ 319 S. Broadway JSS.OO « «O.OQ , !S.OO -- Jxo.oo sw.oo J45.00 $50.00 SJ5.CO BEDKOOM, balh i 5. Krdi. Ph. ED 2-8140. TO SmiED WOUKIS'Q lodln ! dl. bath, L/R and kitchen DrivlltaM Mnafdtl. fh. ED 4-4981. AIR CONDITIONED FURNISHED APARTMENTS. C A B L E CONNECTIONS. PEST CONTROL SERVICE, A L L U T I L I T I E S PAID, CALL ED 4^738 OR COME BY 7-11 MINUTE MARKET. FOR RENT ICE CREAM FREEZER AND FLOOR POLISHERS. EDROOM In Pflva'l l»m. M-l Mail an. 5lo Jffhnion. fh. (D 2-6134. Housoa For Rent Ho-_ie. On* blotk fro-ri Con;, J-aol. Hi. EO 5-;240. _ 203 ALEXANDER. 3 B/R Unlui S50 r---r:i. Cc J ED 4 3 * 3 5 . I'^ln IfCL'i* en CHar, a': rrcy. Fh- ED 4-9903. A BARGAIN FOR A COUPLE Fun. Apt. Nice, clean, convenient comfortable. Utilities furnished s _ '''"·· '*· to -inr. Including telephone. T.V. Coble' 2?', v '_," A ,. t . l " = °' 4 B ,',. 10 4 n .' u '"pj, Ha connection and pesl control. H3 N. Edison. Ph. ED 5-1215. Allur 5 p. m. ED 4-9.78. J. L. McCLENDON 137 L Ho*vey - Phcn, .0 2-819J FUSNISHEO 745 S. y-l.hY 2 B/R .75 i 507 .. f.'a.n I 3/J? $40.' 1M N. S^elb/ 1 B/R . ,, i5s'i -.nlral 2 0/8 '_±*1? «.' ED 2-7jea. 412 CALIFOSNIA J B/B u.-.l-j.-n. ht*u. IV iabl» turn., alilc fen. (igc-are ga, Fh. CO 2-5350 a'ler 5 p.m. 514 f Co'(;» '.'.i. ^. 2 l»! Ui(u.-n H_-|». N, i e-o* Colhol;c Sthool. (75. Col n '.rt-..o'd. £0 2 6516. 3 8/8 Ur,(_.-n H^t,. r.,ar Eo Boyd Sthcol (_*nrral I »cl, 2:0, ftnctd boek yard. 5S3 per rcnh. Ph. FO 2-1129 nil. S-IE AUO in. 3 ?M,i.-n API. 1 B/R _ J75 03' rlnndo I B/F. ISO'OO 8 S5000 122 Ytrg,-, 1 t / a SI. Unruniish-. ADartments 5 rooti unfum. apl. $35, wo1«r 'd. 619 S. B:ocJw.y. Fh. FD 4-3335. Unlvrn. 2 B/R djrle« Icxalt-d'. J5Q rno. 202 2 B/« Unlu-n H'.TC with C( 25IS Ucol.i 5!. J70 Ph. ED 2-2637. 1 /.'.ICHIGAN. 7 B/H Un^jrn H=i A - I C fa-,. 2?0 ,-..-o. Ca.porl _ 5'crcg, KG..^. Pri. ED 2 - - 4 - ci alu.- 5 , CD 2..S;-. S. PCPIAP t 2-0 CFtirRAl Unluini2£_ t 'i_l 0 --Z^2 ! i " Both. »j t.ii_.^,t. ??0 witKg ^.'^».ly dp:croltd 2 J20 Alf.nnJ,-. SiS . FTi. ED 2-6053. .UNFURNISHED APAtFWENI 3 talh CoiDM t Slorarjl !0 .Ph. EO 2.6642 ct ED 2-72BS. Ro«mi i ir monlh 633 Vol- FOi! RENI. rvVO UTJFUHNiSHED APF'S 3 Room, i Bath »30 and KO o;; manlh 814 Ko:n Si Coll ED 5-1155 8.30 a m * 4:33 p m J. L. McCi,ENDON 137 S Harvey - Ph=r^ ED 2-8193 UWUJNISHED 556 N. Poplar 1 3/R . ^. S25 CO 420 8. Woth'ng!^ 1 B;j . 114 Orlando 1 B/R . ! 1" S-. "!?» ' . » . » · 337 4 343 KtNIUC ·j« I P r.rc^fn 155 Coll ED - .059 O f. p , 6 n m Houses For Rent ·OS 6Alt, PrcKHrotly r.,w 1 S/K Horn.. «5. l »«". »"·» o« wnlR, Ph. [D J-.S.i ofiti t o.n. 1221 irWIJ fVEMUt It IHI ADOKESS al Ihll nkt ) btdlOMi horn., low llytng -lo. l«tK»d bacV ..... . . v i v v v j lwlrv«h* r^, nv-KW.WK - fo»|«T.J» *e*t wiiino Ccr. t» hdnd f*d lei J400 down on-f oobfflxImaUfy t?! pw rnonln Coll tw _ipfKlriim*nJ locfoy fMjmon Rtoliwt SO 2.0SSB, ftlflhr* EO I -3143 FOR SALE BY OWNER 3 B/R Home, 1V4 baths, utility Room, svork Room, fenced in Patio, ccnlra) forced air heat. Pay equity and assume FHA Loan.. 1659 Genie Fairway. ED 2-8553. J. L, McCLENDON I. Harviy -. FTmi ED 2-B19J Trailet Park . S83.00 FOS BENT. AID CONOITIONFD Furr, Hoblt IroMe... Loknidt Irollr, P 3 ,v ,, i ol , Fenuicn. fh ED .«3i «r FD J.j;j| 55, Colored Rentals MAYNARD WILZIN I N. Bt..d*at (21 it . .13.00 . iiooo - H 2 5 I i^'KTd' rzzurmr: "III 494 Pench . ___ 435 ^ 533 S. .,,. _ "~. $?Q.tK 56. Business Rentals SIO»( SPACE FOI UASEi If X Jf t 15' X.4J* Jn dgwnJOWn ihopp-ng oiuil. Coil u* l« dataid. Koiinxin Eeolttjrj 2-0558. r!ghr, ED 4-3UO 67. Wanted To Rent WANT tO «NI lo-gi wilh t*r-a nle» vaH, onlrol pit tord-lltmln, Con oHif } y«m HQI,, 70. . oinf 3 btdrpc^i 5-0109 Homes Far Sale FOR SAU, 3 bedrotrt homt o^d (urnllur 13J5 Jr. -Mary'* Clrcft. Fh. tD 4 . 3 S L B . 3 BEDBOOM hcui» lor ic^t. 170 7-"-?v Ol loa-^. Coll ED 2-2770. tWO «!0 «OOM HoW, oit.-n pay irraN o*»r»r'l 1273 ol»f 5 1 3-3 p.m. i FKA Leon i^uily. Pn. a»d/cto.n Horn*, iiporali Q.lng ftoon Largt Coraort lo). JTKI!! rfown poy m«nl oitt,m» FHA Loc... Fh. ED 2-6176 "' -e* 01 2242 HavraFt. OWNER. 3 BidrooT, K«ri. CoipM Stoia« teem. Euil!-in Oven i Hanoi 2360 Ha/ciofl. Ph. ED 2-IV92. IMMEDIATE OCCUTAUCY. 12« sio'l Colortxia, 3 Etdtcsn Kttri. Fcr ic'e o Pen) wilh onlion ro b-^y. Fh EO 3-2796. B/A BSIC': HOME, I-/, ie/ «qvilr orxl onuiri Conol Aye. Ph. ED 5-1352. borhi. FOR SALE BY O'.VKER, cay rr« $JOO Oi- t-jrr.o noie-i S^l.SC fcr rire 3 B / P H--I Si* at 1260 S, Cc'crado 4-3103 Avaifabft Auc 3rd Mot-.. Lrjrv. _ tnr. I'l'l north. 4i loon at ntln BEOSOOM HOME, CONVENIENT TO EM BOYB KHOOl P 0r -n»Ai. mlv Ul.t3 Per «av.llv A. aiiunw ihli 4% fBgn Foftced batfc »ard, rr«i corpc.1 itoragi Cnll todav Jo* apooln-fiwnt (Cc..mcn R M I K»I. t( 2-055.1 nlgKrt ED 4.31*) FOR SALE DY OWNER 327 RIDGE AVENUE 2 Bedroom 6 Den Home. Fenced back yard, SOOO equity ant! assume loan. $51.99 monlhly payments. Ph. ED 2-8227 or apply at 1102 McArtliur. 1152 IE\VIS 51. 3 B/R Mild.nrt, i300 eeih ovJ he* HlA loon. APJMQX. 56688 p*i mo-ih. 852 JFFFEP?CN DR.VE, V, b'«k ol Err Bcrd Sc'-coJ, 3 B/i, I 11.41 bfllh. Sna! down fcayT.e.-r cn-J osiUfrn nt«rtl fHA "REYNOLDS AGEN T CY . iWraiKi Ptol Ei'ols 1. P, Rirneldi, Jr. ED 5-Lit7 Rrl. EO 2-S323 «i.i- »'« $250.00 Cash and $60.00 a month buys this duplex on a large lot with beautiful trees on South Broadway. For f u r Iher details, call or see For Further dal-llt call t i,t MAYNARD WILZtN D:O| ED 4 4554 114 M. ood«nv T W O B I D V A L U E S FOR SALE NEED AM ORCHESTRA?. Enjoy the music of the 'Notes of Rythm' Keaionnblc Rates Just Dial ED 4-4795 After 5 P.M. 1350 Sq. Ft. Enclosed Area 3 B/R, L/R, Separate D/R, [Separate Utility, Fenced Bade I Yard, Excoll-nt Locallon. 1284 JOHN Only $13,500 BRAND NEW! 3 B/R BRICK 83? Ashburn L/R, D/R, Family Room with Fireplace, Built-in Appliances, Compartmented Baths, Aluminum Windows. ?-8,000 Convcndonal Slightly higher F.H.A. ALEXANDER SONS Select The Home You Desire Near The School Of Your Choice MATTIE A K I N S Your children will have an all new modern school to attend if you buy this very livable family home in Terrace Gardens. Centrally air conditioned, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, built-in range and oven-all brick home that will be completed by the middle of August. c- call -DJ.IJJJI TJOYD, buiu in .. r.edialelv. Pa/ It it inert owr.flf'j ood 0111,T.O rvoiej. loi 178' X 433 Ca ttfmarctd FK-\ Coll ?i^' E D 2 - O i B 8 , n!rjrTi call fQ 4-31dO !H«it BEDfOCMS, 7 RAIKi. dwilf tn kir- f-mn, ootth eloied on thri* ikJu. lfX»d bo( k va rd H 39 NOD'M 51 Now ha i 19.700 4V, X 0 I. bacrK«. V/ill takt rtuclmalelv (4.000 eqully W f*!!nafC* C £_a. 1 ",i'7v! T ""'= « still time lo pick your ' ' t|ot and have us build you a three ' o r (our bedroom home in Gordons Addition, three blocks from Em Boyd with free bus service!^""' "' to Junior and Senior High'ia^iiv' roi Schools. Ph ED good n " ft. 11 :nd 2 ti. A * :dlerd Dtly bath wilh Si Auc.itii trill. . Ceil ED Since 1893" ED 3-7245 ABIDE HOMES SOUTH'S BEST BUYS Wdo Selection In All Price Ranges. Just $350. Down crvg ihi n-anir horr.ii svi iri ftilfaii Si t «ei in Ihi Pucn f a ,k , o *.· hov* two i r l l l avollabV Th' buy at .10.000 »kil. to!ot Ih ptltti Irwlud-^ lot ai two hoft-«! i Hill avail. $10,000. to 510.240. Big Shade Tree FULWH.ER SCHOOL FO* S*. 1 ? 3 b«dre.-n. tiuhin-^ nio All sold out in this area but we still have lots across the street from this elementary school, and ond.b,*.,. A ,,.,, »ood b., 01^0.900 ym , stj || h _ v c ,),,,. ",,, blli]d - your !.76 CASH 4 ASSUMt 155 23 MONTH- I (ion day 11 PAYMENTS. 3 6/B III. bo'ri c!Mn.d' ' rcgi end draan Induced e- o bfaj-: "f l-ndico.ed eotret let 109' t 107' 29) Rldg* Av. Call loa-r fot osDolnlm?^ Kc.irnon P.-ttor,. ED 2-0558. n'gn. EO 4.31X0 family a home before registra- It-ErJT. U'.'fL'Jf. SHfD 7 3/R rx, D ! * Direr C i - t ' - - SfcS ? ?/R *-Kb, . S-5.C-Q ...... . B/e j 3 1 B Afeicndu I B/8 12-2 5. Alo.1 2 B/K 112 Corl»rfn. 2 B/P. . ·119 H. H-toboU 3 1/8 130 OrlcYxlo 1 8/R 1052 Margor.l 2 B/J» 231 S H ndi 3 B/8 1317 Dan^li 2 t»i 124 Co-hrin, 2 I 1X3. A Co. 353-A 12x0 : 363 Orlando . 52] W. P.rcy 161-A U TKccbc'd 557 A-no'd 2 B,'R Day...on BU1LP1H© MATERIALS Use our Cash Wholesale Plan for all your Building Materials and Supplies . . . and cut your costs -HOMES FOR SALE I N V A R I O U S L O C A T I O N S V E R Y I. I U E R A r , T R A D E - I N S O N Y O U K O I, D H O M E . Steel Co. 815 Main Strcot Nile ED 2-2794, ED 5-21f.B Phono ED 2-5421 ra s SH i.o,o 3 t I lor.i J !»li^o 16000 iy!. 1 -a:h iT50 00 - S65 00 i Si5.00 Iv S..OO ./«"___.._-_ 555 OD MAGNOLIA PARK 1515 FRANLO D R I V E ' owner, S Bedrooms, l 1 ,^ b.ilhs, Rhodes T. Wasson Agency USED HOMES CARUIE STR11N An older home directly across the street f r o m Carrie Stern. Living Room. Dining Room, Kit- This charming .. bedroom, o n e chcn, Carport storage. Cyclone'inth home, completely redecorat- foncetl yard. Only 2 f ,_. years o!d. ( cd with an all new modern k i t Pay small equity anil assume, chen Is completely surrounded with large shade trees. ELLA DARLING f O n l y S-JOO moves you into this ^c one year old three bed- loan. Ph. ED 4-4009. ASSUME G.I. LOAN -LOW EQUITY lo-oi orl/ S63 33. in.k-a r- 5 rat* a- nv;fcrv:t. Ccrr-c' b'. 3 5' crd fr.'C3H 16/3 K;J = I lia.'M i^rtading pi con 3 DR. I '/, barh becury. Brick J O-IyninLri wlndcwl rreOJ 1 ^Hh ro uaVeep. Cionl klftren- . mem tMin#lpd wiih "rock mcpV blrcK, wilh .cbVeti, clenTy cf .he.-n, ·:okh Caloric h-^lll-Tn even and ro *c* "buin.-! v/:ih a hfcln 11 . SlkJmg g bor liom fa-nily rsc-n 10 inc!cud pa ^.ew coV carausl flcai crt tfi..«i*nT, LeaL.ri'J, o-vd oracrkal. Cs.-.i.-cl oni h*a!- ro, and nlrrad/ pre-V-ired for two o1r :ond.ikrji.o i.n:n L«t w .how ycu haw Ti^I. :J« t"-. = d« and full iniuloilon rrtor, n Vf-ppi-g ih'» F-.3ITB toe I. I Hi rto-rc icw bt rg to-rcli:*. of 1 2 4 4 ilreel, a hapDY family lo.aiJcT. £$13,900. Veterans Jusl Pay Closing, About MOO. ALL SOLD OUT - .Ivori K-hy w« jru_t lell you a .. re.v, tonDU'e'y d (.irerl ihaf · c-e i'c-lirxj loon. Th.j» hon-ii svllT Ifn ccnrp!*:t (·tiro) oU-co-vdl1iorlr.g r.d bi .fc vfrx*' a! r.dlculouily lo-*f rifrl V/e |,,i! hove 3 VA locm. lift. it i ivre gsod n d / l c « a-vj loV til o!o~-i ct i h e i a Ifprre^rf-^t va'uei now ': *'/ c r i c j r ' ^ i room Ulclget priced home. Month- WE ALWAYS PUBLISH OUK PRICES For S.1 B fJ" CK ^ er i EE " W| TM ADI tEEH, tU* bo'K, IKj.r-1. . En» Bovrf School d^tlfM. »300 down plul tmoll (losing coir* ofrd mi- leu ,to« J77. Coll lo tit Ihi, ^'"^ to I2K WAXHAW IjK. l/R. D/R, .llcruwi, 1% bo»hi. rdl hrul i alt .ofWKllort, nrperf ( '?''-r,"irj««l, Hliltan. ' °** " 8iS MAV-8 2 B/-, d;n. l/R. D;R. kkh.n, I y, bolhi. Win IJr»ploc«. rcjir^tov* tloi*i. t la/ge ii-i, lovsd botk yard. (HA llmi. MI (italic Oeo-tlfv! 1 e(K, 1 l.Ui. Alt londinwid Hoy. wild lovllv loslly rr»n _ kl!eh«n cVfbllxirCW. B'.H[t r n O/«n orvj Rorgi ! l« WQ!I urpiri. Fint^td Urlhty atyj 9.1 r««rti, car_.rt. C.T^Iit.V f«v«d back wl!)i (orvk* vflrd fHA T.nni. HIE8S moHPSON RlAlTr Cf). MIERS PRATT Mutual Im . Ell Mortgof* LMftt HVV ."Jo. 1 fxxjih Dial t6 J-.546 ib*t MLS ^QK tall EO ?-21W Shapley,.. For Your Custom-Built Home and Get the best tn workman- ip and materials. · Lois Available In Most Any Location In Greenville Find The Shapley Sign And Inspect For Quality! I FHA, 01 Conventional Financing * PLAN SERVICE FREE ESTIMATES S H A P L E Y Lumber Company 5K 6th Si. Ph. ED WI88 Id-a l k-ik^in, .vNt oDp^^ia al tiaVoo' *.fl ill! t oi 412,500, FHA, Gl, ar' «4 i"h6' MiK ftr Mih oM^arxl ho'n«4ge!! e^r-priH-y j(r thrt» bljr.or^ 'ii Ij Oy * l1e **-'"fl lh « rtvnlrv t'cb. lire nvy!*rh. ^noi.6 ^Iftor ift fee- J'^ng (#nn.-«j i!r_rp!o:i, d'A : i.) fto-i i-ir-7 toc-n, hvo balhi, Ond terrtrMi hgj HWM btt-iwAi. b^ili In kti^ei !i*hj- e « ccmplHtly al; echdiric^ed, wall r» w-*i eerptl. Q'ott dwri Irsm tf,s^ 3 fotun h P 8i: 0 . rv^ t .i« bg'J-.., d6vb'» ferpert. In T«irota Coorlrv Jlf» Nvllri city »AvMft:ei t ,l lh. d'nng room. | crg , l: » ing , c placs, rfin, two balhl. a^r br:k will, f t ...b'. «,,,,,,, i. On ocrl Iftt. Greenville's Best Quality Home Buys 918 W. Lynn Circle Brick Kc Clapboard siding, 3 bed rooms, tile bath, paneled kitchen with rriFiple cabinets, Chrysler heating system, Hardwood floors. $450 Down -- F.H.A. $400 Closing Cost V.A. 1521 Marilyn Ave. This Is a quality home at an economical price. 3 bedrooms, carport large storage, gliding doors on closets, aluminum windows, large tree on lot. Attic (an, top, dressing Formica counter table in bath. n. Houses For Sale SEE THE BEAUTIFUL HOME Ucaitd t.. )2?4 Oarden O. In Corrfii.* A__f-f;ibr. f earurlngi 3 lo-gt bedrccn-.i, * iVt aramfe tM» borhi, Lorgt ktkKfn.fortMy fft«m ,c-b, Cater I c Ixj'lf-lfl oven rang a Sirding olau doori I*-.ding on lo Ocs'o MM* fn ftoyrf 5h{fll Of.'i- 115,000 wit}. WOO Down P. G. PALMERTRES, trglltf.f i, tO J-X?S4 EO MM FOR SALE Oy«t CircU, 2 b*_footTi, scfiaralt a ni-g i. l.'gi \Mill lonr_K( l.i. Ol, F.-u, -on fcn.moti.n. $13,500. W.nda Drivl b^ilr bY of ^ r . - , con wolk doo, o«d bl trn lk» O , O o ; , n , = hool fro-n Ihll !h.-,, fc 1 J~e ol 329, well iSosljJ w'.'h i^, ing a twa.-au dWng t^m avi S3 . Pi« up thfc cetani and DOy VO-J l o l h i . lh,ti f c t i holf bolh her., r.tai nnll ''»- MV , utlM, loroi. 1 hody , 4-d tii all l^^'rk Cltcl. I, htitfc, t.,, ,h,, k(-. TO/bfrdrccm, twa barKi, nc.rare ti -i. "XI reoffl. gaid.t launcfry i.;r-, cr it a B^cuiiFul Tcf, .T-uch h.-gtr th.a c\f-fl.rr ?ft9 Waih. Fli. ED 2-I53B Nit* ED J-iir-j ^ V.4-nb«t al C»rmfll llilu\g Se^-; : » · Call or See John Gannon RHODES T. WASSON AGENCY 3« WmK Ph EO S.I5JI. nil, ED .4179 Ljjyj«' o* C«nlKII Llillrto hivli.. I. Colored Property For Sal» B/t Home. boiVi 4 ihowlt. Caiost, FOR SALE Several very desirable Houses and Duplex Apt'j. Practically new. All rented. Good Income proparty (or Investment. Ph. ED 2-0517. 72. Lois far Sale "The Price Is Right" On one of thq best commercial lots on Stata Highway 1 North. Ideal for Service Station, Garage, or anything commercial. ERNEST WALDAUER AGENCY Ml S. Poclo. 51. --Coll 10 J.65S4 O 5.1555 $400 Down -- F.H.A. $400 Closing Cost-- V.A. 213 Fava Drive rnmily room and fenccd-ln patio included with this 3 bedn»m Korne. Located in Highland Heights, the exclusive all brick addition near Mattie Akins Elementary School. 114 tile baths, 2 largl closets in entrance hall for slorape. $750 Down -- F.H.A. $.00 Closing Cost--V.A. $15,600. G R E E N V I L L E . L U M B E R CO.. "MISSISSIPPI'S MOST COMPLETE BUILDING SERVICE" 77. Acreage For Sola rot SALf. JO A.-*|. line Icr t.l Irxoie. on Eail .t»d Rood. Ph land. Add lorndlno money la rour~~ Uvl rti» Dflllo Oe.-nocr.l-rrmei Wa PSor* fD 5-1155 '37 Marajry Mon1er«y. lurnailil -fxjlrw. ED 583. Mobile domes SALE, 2 B/Ii 1954 An.,:,-3n H^,. 'lir, XI* jt B' wl'A ar:o:r!-d PO=.TI Ph EO 2-177?. ' lOt SAIE. 1955 1 Sit 8-.35 1 Po7^S7r Houu Trallir i Glider B : d« Tra.ler Hil-K. Ch»oo. S» af M94 Fal(v;«v/ E*l«rdeJ The Boss Is Gone -We're Going Wild, We may get fired when he gets back but right now we are selling at terms and prices never offered before. RICK'S TRAILER SALES, INC. IWoNri HOTK* MAYNARD WILZIN 0:cl £D ~.4554 Mi N Ar-a 2 B/R unfurn- house, r.cnt. large n, 220 voll gas, TV c.ible available. $G7.M. PHONE ED 4-3395 REALTY GO. Phone ED 2-2$37 ED 2-2687, E» 2-83.3 NUe Garages airing Call ED 2-5421 and lei us give you a tree estimate on all yoar repair work . . . No Down Payment 36 Months (o Pay. 1514 LES e3 Large Bedrooms el. Ceramic Tile Baths · Large Living Room Dining Area e Central Heat 9 Panelled Kitchen With Vent-Hood · Large Carport Storage e 110x137 ft. Corner Lot · Walking Distance To Em Boyd School LOW FHA FINANCING $450 DOWN - WILL TAKE TRADE-IN TRADE-IN HOME 1427 Highland O 2 KI-DKOOMS O LIVINT. KOOM - D I N I N G AREA, 1 HATH O LAKRK KITCHEN · COMPU-TEI.Y REDECORATED O NO DOWN' I ' A Y M K N T 9 LOW .MONTHLY PAYMENTS * FREE ESTIMATES * PLAN SERVICE JOHNSON LUMBER CO. p], |; N i l e Cnll Doric AMriclgc ED 2-6M2 6M S. Thcobnld J-51IJ SPECIAL 2 W E E K S O N L Y 35 * UP 12 Months Guarantee EXPERT BODY WORK A M , WORK G U A R A N T E E D ic Total Wrecks Rebuilt -A- New Used Parts it Wrecker Service S J BODY SHOP t * Jimmy Phillips, Owner · Municipal Air Port Rd. Ph ED 2-S2_S m Nile Phone ED 2-2930

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