The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 8, 1947 · Page 5
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 5

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 8, 1947
Page 5
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C H T R C I f OF THtf "ADVENT ' ( E P I S O O l ' A M J O J W. K H / i i l r t h Ht, T»i* H r \ . II. K. Mciri-liiml, H e c t o r jd .i in Holy c o m m u n i o n . FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Talm HlvcJ, a n d Elizabeth f):45 n. m. Sunday School. 11 ft.m. ?/lornln« Worship, sfrmon Hiibjcct. "InwiMrmtlon vorsuH H o v o l u I 1 1 1 H o l V l - O m m l l M H I I l . H l l U J B C l i l l i m * i m » n « « » · » V . , C n i r r l , Hc-i'ool. Holy C a n - , lion." H. W. Bonforcl w II proiioh In , ....... ~r m\r nnut , l \ « u h K n t i ! f t f i r cult. H l l l K I O L O n . f i n m u l o t i a n d I n r . t l l u U o n o f o u r n o w T)ic ilx Rev, E v o i c l H, Jones, D. D., ·Ml! be our K i i f s t t o d n v , mid will prcivr.h lit t h e 0:30 n m. M U S T M i r i l l O I H H T C J U ' K O H \ S . I x l l l l l K t o i l « M l l M i l l H i s . T h r I t r v . r . l m r r J . l l l i « r h « l / . * r . I ' « « l t r 0 4,s it in. C h u r c h ..c)ior»l. K) r-0 i\ :n M o r n i m : w o r r . l i l p . H e r m o n , Vv i i , c na'.u.r. -nod's K t c r n u l i'ruyor." 'l p in V o u t n Frllo'A'.ihlp K roil p. B p MI K ' . c i i i u t \ v o i - N h t p , r i - l l u l o i i B trto- 11'. n p H U i r o lo lc show. Open huu'ic for Hi.- y m u i K pcoplo ixt t h e h n m c of Mr. u n d Mr*. H. W. 1'urkor, I'm i KOIU!. w i l l lollop c v r n l n K norvici-a. C I I K I . V I I A N A M ) . M I S S I O N A R Y A i . i . i A N c r ; \V. A « l ; i n n a n i l H r v r n l l i I I , T. K n i u ' l » . I M M l o r \V. ('. D a i i i r o n , S u n d n v School 10 « m Hnm'.ay School, "MftlcInK Kerm!v jjuccrril." . 11 A ,n. W o r s h i p . "Thr V a l l e y of the . ;..;() P i n . Ycam* ·; -10 ' . :*«rvlrc. H« . ,- . h u l l e n d u r e f o r e v e r , " Psivlm . is th.- t e x t for the c v o n l n w mcs- p;v. W o d . u s d a y . p r a y e r service and " ; u n i l a . u l U.-HJI.T d u r i r m t h n noon T h u r s d i i y , ., .-,. ,, m lo -t P . m . I'TUIar, Ladies Ml»- ' l -nn *"!' u'"a'u'.. C h i l d r e n ' s JUble i v r !»·· u m h T b i u m m u i . and I ahali . . , the ubRonco of Mr. SliiKloLon. 0 p. rn. Youth fellowship. T R I N I T Y L U T H E R A N ·101 S. E, YVii»hln*ton Tap Ruv, C. A. DiuirlMcr, 10 n.m. Huiulny School aiul Blblo (\\\\t~ B l 'li n.m. M o r n l u K Worship, sermon topic, t h e Truth, ho It I'lciiuunt or n p o u i Our i n u r n h m , w o r m o n s arc broiulniuil over KVAI., u v o r y Sunday n t 11:15 n.m, No vcfipor ncrvlco d u r h i K Summer on FuiulnmcmlalH Wodncaday at 7:JO p.m. I Q I . K H I A K V A N O K M O A I.UTEKANA M K X I O A N A 1!lh and M o n r o e H u r r y 11. S m i t h , iiimlor r n r n o n u i r r : M.'l'i K. . I c f f o r H o n T«lni»l»one: HUI.-J 9::i(» n.m. Sundny School a n d Bible class. . 10:30 a.m. P r o u c h l n K norvlca. 7:3f) p . m . Ulblo cla«s. h p.m. Pnuiohlr.K norvlco. H p.m. \Vednem:uiy. JUblo Clans and ( L U ; 3 0 a.m. Satiu'duy. Dlblo School. O H H I 8 T I A N PCIKNCE SERVICES W. Kqcoml and Ellzahoth "God U\e Only Cauoc find Creator" 1ft the BUbjiuvL ,of tho Losson-Sormon whlcn will bo road In all Churcho.s of ChrlRt. SctonllHt, today. The CJoldgn ToxL is: f n l l h we u n d e r s t a n d IhaL the o worUUi wore rramcd by tho woTtl of Ood. so t h a t t h l n i m w h i c h , arc aoon wore not mnclo of thliiKB which do appear. (HcbrewM 11:3). _ . Government Sets Up Insurance Plan For Rail Workers Under a new 1 system financed through taxes paid-by the railroads under the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act, railroad employes in this area will be eligible' for sickness benefits effective July 1, Claims for sickness benefits will cover periods of 14 consecutive days after the seven-day waiting period. Depending upon the earnings of an employe, the sickness benefits will range for $12.25 to $35.00 for the first 14 clay period and from $17.50 Lo $60 for each subsequent full 14 day period.' The maximum that any worker can draw In a benefit year ranges from $227.50 to $060. Under this plan, railroad emplo- yes will become one of the first groups In the nation to be insured under a government plan against loss of wages from temporary disability, according to P. W. McCoy, field representative of the Railroad Retirement Board. The benefits will not be paid to those .who continue to receive their regular wages, vacation pay, or pay for lost time, nor if the employe receives unemployment insurance benefits, sickness, maternity, or'un- employment compensation . under some other plan. P. · n J fw*^ Pastor Reassigned State Board dives i TO Lo cai church Rev. Elmer J. Hlcrholzer was re- Rockwell Approval As Water Expert F Rockwrll, city engineer, has been jiwarded R "surface wntcr Kiip- plv operator's certificntn" by the T(-xas State Board of Health. Mayor H. K Stokely announced S a t u r d a y . The letu-r, in which the ccrUfl- r ; ( l ( . was inclosed, was sent to Mnvor Stokrlv and said In part that Rockwell had qualified for the certificate by tho a t t a i n m e n t of t r a i n i n g and experience ami the passing of an examination showing his"profic:.ency in the waterworks operator's field. Rockwell took the (-y.aminatl.M-i. a four and a half hour test, at Texas A. and M. Col.. It is believed that tho issuance of t h i s cci-tificaio of competency," Dr George W. Cox, state health o f i i c i - wrote, "guarantees to the employing d'.v that Its wate.rworks prrvonnr! have the qualifications which w i l l help insure delivery of wife and high q u a l i t y of drinking water to the public." A recent test made by the State H e a l t h Department indicated that Brownsville's d r i n k i n g water is K the purest in the state. ____ appblnted pastor of the Brownsville First Methodist church at the annual Southwest Texas conference of Methodist Churches held recently In San Antonio. The Rev. Hlerhol'/ur has served the local church for the past two years. During his pastorate 225 new member*.: have been added to the church role, Extensive preparations are now underway to provide additional educational facilities for the growing membership of the church school. Construction of 'tho new school building will boRin in the near future. _ _ _ Rex. Cox Is Assigned Raymondville Church nAYMohDViLLE -- The ROV. Theodore O. Cox, who has been pastor of the First Methodist Church In Slnton for the past three years, has been assigned to the haymondvillc church, He will succeed Rev. Wesley O. Butcher, who will become pastor of the Slnton church. It ever end Cox is married and has three children. He will preach his first sermon at the local church today, but Is not expected to move his family here until next week, Painters Set Plan To Organize Local A m e e t i n g of those engaged in the painting trades has been called for Tuesday nt 0 p.m., at request of the local workers, who are interested in securing a labor union diarter for this area. Thad Hoot, of the Texas Federation of Labor said, According to Hoot, local painters who are a f f i l i a t e d with the American Federation of Labor, are members of a charter obtained several years ago at Harlingen. The meeting will be held in Room No. 7 of the Rio Bravo Bui'ldlng, 438 13th St. Interest in organized labor increased with the Hod Carriers and General Laborers Local No. B39 when that organization at Its last meeting voted to affiliate with the State Federation of Labor, accord - tmr to F. C. Gar/a, .secretary-treasurer. Announcement was made of the n n m m l convention of the State Federation of Labor to be held at Dallas beginning June 3. A del- rtrnte may be selected to attend the convention, Garza Church To Sponsor Lyford Bible School LYFORD, June 7--First- Methodist Church here \vill sponsor a daily Vacation.(Bible School frotp Monday through-iJuno 20 for-.children from three Lo 14 yours old. Instructors will include Mrs. W. M. Clarlda, Mrs. George Teetcs, Mrs. Tom Elders, C. O. Carter, Mrs. Cecil Roberts, Mrs, T. W. Coleman Mrs. Fay Duncan, Mrs. D. H. Jones, Jr., Mrs. H. L. Singleton, Mrs. Bert Brown, Mrs. Ivar Fredricks, Mary Alice Albers and Kvang-ellne Johnson. Valley Students Win Honors At University AUSTIN, June 7-- Three Valley students were graduated with honors from the University of Texas nt the June commencement exercises. Orrln Wendell Johnson, Harlingcn, was among fi2 students to receive Bachelor of Laws Degrees. Twenty-nine doctorates and fif masters' degrees were conferred, mcludimr on for Master of Arts to Marian Lcnorec Cramer of Phnrr. Cecllio Homero Gutlerre/, of IRo Oninde C i t y was amoung Customs To Auction Seized Sugar Monday More than 000 pounds of sugar will be offered for sale by the U. S. Customs) office in the Federal' Building here Monday at 10 a.m. Ration stamps will be required. The sugar will be auctioned to the highest bidder for cash, or certified checks. The sugar is in lots of from two kilos to 220 pounds, which has been seized by customs Inspectors. No guarantee of quality or value will be made by the government and no allowance will be made for any deficiency found after the sale. U.S. Sees Double On Lost Weekends, WCTU Group Told ASBURY PARK, N. J., June 7--(/P)--An increase of more than 100 per cent in the U.S. liquor industry between 1041 and 1946 was reported to the world's Woman's Christian Temperance Union convention Friday night by Rep. Joseph R. Bryson (D-SC). Bryson said the liquor industry was valued last year in the United States at $8,000,000,000 as compared to 3,500,000,000 Mn Ifl'H. Recruiting Shows Increase In Area Enlistment in the Regular Army through the Valley recruiting Stations has shown a marked increase since school terms expired, Major William Curry, in charge of the Valley offices at Brownsville said Saturday. A list of those being/sent by the Brownsville office to San Antonio for enlistment the past week shows 36 names, representing 13 towns. The largest number was from Pharr, Lt. J. P. Ford, said here. Those going to San Antonio included; John H. Bridges Jr., David P. "Gonzalez, Alberto Guillen, San Benito; Frank B, Pearson, Antero P. Trevino, Peres Antonio Garza, Juan R. Escobedo, Harlingen; Fernando Toribio, Ramiro V. Ayala Jr., Mercedes; Eapiridion Z, Flores, Ruben G. . Garza, Jesus J. Saenz, Oscar R. Smith, Fidencio R. Barrc- ra, Rodoifo Z. Rosales, Roberto T. Garcia, and Juan Sanchez, Pharr. Others include, Edward W. Scott Jr., San Juan; Alfred P. King, 'Lynn H. Mace, Martin Ramos Jr., Jaclnfco Ramos Jr., Rio Hondo; Jesus Rodriguez Jr., Juan Melucci, Humberto Garza, Rio Grande City; Aclalberto E. Pena, Rnymundo .Alvarez, Leonel L. Pena, Jaime Guer- rn, Roma; Antonio L. Sosa, Escobares; Hugo -C. Gonzales, LOvS Ar- rleros; Raul G. Gonzales, Rosita; Ecluardo Suarez, Weslaco; Hinojosa R. Aaron, Mission; and John W, Williams, Uvaldc. ' ^ Tn the symbolism of heraldry, gules--red--is the color of courage and zeal. CHURCH 6th and Elizabeth Rev. E. G. Gregory -- Pastor -SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:45 a, m, MORNING WORSHIP 10:50 a. m. Subject: "Blcssctl Are The Persecuted" TRAINING UNION 6:30 p. m, EVENING WORSHIP 8:00 p. m. Subject: "Keep Thyself Pure" Please note new hour for evening services. A Sunday School Class or Training Union for Every Age Group. Public Cordially Invited the honor v e r s i t y of Texn» tnncy. of Collctfc. the Uni- of Pliar- INSPECTS FORT AREA Dr. C. A. gelby of the U. S. Public Hen 1th Department of Dallas, with the War Assets Administra- t i o n . l i ' l f f u r Dalln.-, Friday niorn- Di:' a f t e r .penriiiy several clny.'i in Brownsville. While here he Inspected the Fort Brown area In connection with putali^ health interests. Doctor Selby will made recom- m e n d a t i o n s to the WAA eoncnrn1m: a c i t e proposed In Fort Brown f r i r ti'.e of public h e n l l h . tin did not (I IM- u ' l m t hl.s recomiwn- d n t i o n . ' , would be, Ht-.v o f f i c i a l s OK A NTS O I L U-'.AHE 1-,'LSA. J u n e 7 -- Ulo Farms, Inc has pi-anted an oil and mineral lease on 1(3,920.05 acres of land to the Mntrnolin Petroleum Company for $ The 10-year lease provides for an a n n u a l rental of one (."nllar per aero. The land in located in HUlntao and Wlliacy counties. 5-Yrvir G u a r a n t e e ANTS - KO A Of IKS Ahlr F.xlrrminjilors. Ine, fhomt J.9D7 -- 143-it The First Baptist Church 6th and Elizabeth Vacation Bible School Daily, Monday thru Friday 8:45 a.m. to 11:45 a,m, Monday, June 16 thru Friday June 27 REGISTRATION FRI. 6-13 4 p.m. A CLASS FOR EVERY AGE GROUP 8 to 1(3 Beginners Through Intermediates Everyone Cordially Invited TUITION FREE HARLINGEN, June 7--Pryor DU- ard of Harlingen, who won the honors and premium for the first bale of cotton harvested in Texas ast season, thinks he'll get a big- jer thrill if he wins the same lonor this year. Last year, he ald Saturday, he lad not the slighest. Won ho'might be the prize winner. It Just happened that his cotton matured early, the · bolls ."popped out," and he surprised even himself when he won the '"tot bale" honors. When he discovered that no cotton yet been taken to market, he .Trine fl, r *mi5 Dillar3 Seeks To Repeat Harvesting First Bale Of Cotton This Season; Crops Are Late put R crew of pickers In 40 acres of staple and in no time at all the prize mone5' was his. Starr county for years held the distinction of getting the first bale Hockaday To Receive Degree In Denistry HOUSTON, June 7--Bill Burns Hockaday, of Port Isabel, will receive his Degree of Dentistry from the University of Texas School of Dentistry Juno 0. There will be degrees given 35 seniors nt tho exercises. of cotton out of the field, and Dillard snid he worried some about that area this year until he went to Grande City the other day and saw crops which looked a little late. Cotton all over the Valley is late this 'season, he said. Growth has been delayed earlier by dry and cold weather. How much rain falls between now'-and "cotton picking time" governs to .some extent how soon fnrm hands will be able to get into the fields, Dillard said. Dillard snid he believes his cotton will be ready for harvest about June 25, and he doesn't think any- one else's will be much sooner. He has 350 acres planted to cotton this year. Work Nears Finish On Highway Section PHARR, June 7 -- Work was approximately 75 per cent, complete today on \\ .section of t h e Rio Grande Cit.y to San Antonio Highway and District Highway' Engineer J. W. Puckett said contracts for two more sections will be completed this Summer. He predicted the farm-to-market highway will be finished in about 18 months, including asphalt Starr City Seeks Ringgold Property RIO GRANDE CITY, June 7-Port. Ringgold will be converted into a veterans' housing project, a school, a community center and a Starr county hospital, if the War Assets Administration accepts the county's sealed bid to be opened Tuesday, according to Starr County Judge M. J. Rodriguez. Rodriguez snid he feels surr the proposal will be approved, because t.ho county has a priority. surfacing:. The section under const-ruction now extends from north of Rio Grande City to the Jim HOUR county line. He nlso said that the floodway bridge south of McAllen now under construction will be opened to traffic this week. W^®^%*^A nif 13V -,\m ·^M \ ^ fif- I i?;t£-S *!?$ . '-:· : V-'^ i'-lVVifj $89efr*h' vitf !£7# \i m' :' ± kSt'-V A ^Mt ff SoN of Man, whenever I doubt of life I think of Thee." So wrote George Matheson in his blindness. Whenever you and I doubt either God or man, we should do well to think of Jesus. His Cross js a symbol both of what God is and what we may become. The proud Roman at the foot of the cross was compelled to say, "This man was a Son of God." JESUS was supremely a man of faith . . , knowing what; was in both man and God he had great faith in both. We have faith in God largely because we must have Him; we are not sufficient unto ourselves. Faith v can overcome the most miserable circumstances , . , overcome despair. LlFE becomes a radiant thinff for people of faith, since they see deeper into the secret:? of life. The universe opens its heart to eyes of f a i t h ; closed doors swing, ajar when faithful steps approach; loving spirits smile their welcome to trustworthy souls; laten powers blossom in the presence of fidelity; young children 'and wise old age give themselves with abandon to those who offer them confidence; God waits to shower His blessings on men-who trusted. Of the Pilgrims of yesterday, guided by the Divine, it was said, "They were MEN OF FAITH AND VJ3RY SURE OF GOD." /; 1"0£; Iff *HB £rr * or '°^r^^ "^^^^^r^saSf Copvrijtlx 19-i 7 ly W i l l i n t n s Kowsp.ipcr IVniui Boa ·»' I Ji l : ort Worth, Tcx THIS SERIES OF CHURCH ADVERTISEMENTS SPONSORED Bf THE FOLLOWING BUSINESS FIRMS Mclnnis FLOWER SHOP Say It With Flowers ,,,,, * * · .^ MANSKE Nash Sales dc Service 1 ' * * * *""" La Perla Bakery \ Surprise Bread Compliments SHAPIRO'S SHOE STORE --. * * * --~ Null's R.G.V. Grocery 1223 S. E. Levee ' Phone 401 We Deliver Pan American Bank · · * E. Manautou Department Store * * * Pipkin Motors Your Friendly Ford Dealer * * * For Better Pprtraits Alex Studio 1107 S. E. Wash. Ph. 1674 * * * Brownsville Federal Savings Loan Co. Finance Your Home Through "Us Heaner LUMBER COMPANY ~~. * * * McChesney STORE _ * * * --· Cisneros DRUG STORE + * * Clark Auto Electric Shop Anything Electrical For#Your Car 10th Adams _ _ * · » * ' . . - . Harry Roberts Insurance Agency Complete Insurance Service 407 Eleventh St. Phone 183 Hughes-Tuggle LUMBER COMPANY _ * * * -Valley BUICK COMPANY * * * Brownsville Transportation Co. Your Green Buses Central Radio Licensed Radio- Electronic Engineers . 610 W. Elizabeth Camero's Frozen Food Locker System RED WHITE Self-Service Stores The Vogue Always Something Now * * * _Brownsville Tailors and Cleaners Hardware Your Red Chain Feed Dealer Champion HARDWARE CO. 1219 Levee St. Phone 1146 * · * Eagle Pharmacy 416 N. W. Elizabeth Phone 26 Graham Ice Cream

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