The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 27, 1963 · Page 13
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 13

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 27, 1963
Page 13
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THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Tuesday, August 27, 1963 | 3 craw/. / //·ora J BILLBOARD MemoriesOnger Oh For Garla Wallenda THE FASIKU name of \Vallcn- *· d'B,- known -tln'oujihout Circus- dom, will be liiijh on banners again next week 'when the Clyde' Bcatty-Cble Bros: c i r c u s inlo town . for 'a oneway stand. Flying high above, the downs, the. sawdust, the kids-and -their, cotlon candy, scakini;. up the applause or hundreds of excited fans below mil be Carla - Wallenda: As the you\iffc:;t daughter 1 of Carl Wallenda ,of tlie lamed circus aei- ialist family, Carla is typical of Mai'io is high' wire craiy. too Little Rietta. (named lor her aeri ulist aurit) coaxes her mother into holding, her hand while she walks on a wire beiween the.: stools lo practice. : If 'the 'chiiBi'en do enter circus life-as a profession, their mother probably would-never'watch their act wilh'ease. Garla's mother could never, ivalcli her perform. CARLA DECI,AJIEI thai would rnl.her "do it myself than H'alch ailybody 1 love." Her mcrn- ( 00 v j v jd of the many circus people, who. thrill to the : dangers which aerialists -- and excitement of blie open road, which i members of her family - have en- also holds ti'agcdy as it has for her [amily. There's" probably not a day that goes by but that the performer --mother of three -- doesn't remember there are not now so many Wallendas left alive or able countered. Circus life is aJl that Garla has known. She was'born in the circus winter quarters at Sarasotn. Fla,. on Feb. 13; ]93G. Her dauprhliir was bom in the same spot on the exact dale in 39SL Hailed as-the largest traveling bi£ lop and menagerie on Ihe road lodav, the Qvdc Bealtv-Cole to climb that rope ladder she'll ascend on Labor Day at -Mth and Cache Road. · Her Uncle Willie toppled lo. his j Bros. Circus Iroupe includes 500 deaih in the big top 25 yeai-s ap;o · persons -- 150 of them pcrform- in Sweden. And then came the I ers. ' nip;lit of horror in January. 19G2. j Featured attraction is Clyde; when a living .pyramid of seven r Bcally. famed for his liger liglit- ' of Ihe \VaJlenda' troupe wobbled ] ing. in tlie "rinj of fear," on the high wire and plunecd to I Three herds of elephants and ah the ring of fear below. (The? Wai- j extensive menagerie of 200 ani- lendas have not used a net f o r ! mals, including a giraffe and a their act, except in New York and j Wood sweating hippopotamus from Wisconsin, where it is compulsory ; the river Nile, also are part of by law.) j i.he circus attractions. ,,...,,, ,,... .... , i . Advance tickets are on sale at THAT T A L I , a year ago k, led : _ A . B D c Tra(]r M a r t a n d ENDS WEDNESDAY Box Office Open ].:-15 Starts at 2:00, Jfcntures at J:35. 3:50, 9:00 Admission 23c - 7.3c RIPPED FROM THE ' BATTLE SCARRED PAGES OF MARINE CORPS HISTORY: f A T Wlr^-phnto) J a y c c c I Cm-la's cousin and brother-in-law . ^^Dun lp tv and left her brother crippled f o r : ^embers life from the waist down, II frac-! ' _ lured her father's hip. However, he ^ _._ it-covered and now is back home j J tfl t6 I 0 on the wire in n New York show, j In March of this year, ihe name ' of Wallenda hit the headlines ;iwin j as Cai-Ia's Aunl Rietta plummet- \ WASHINGTON I U P I 1 - Okla- ed GO fret to her death al the Tan-! , loma w i n rec( , iv( , $790.^3 u n d e r Sicr Shrine Circus in Omaha, | a bj|1 ])asscd Monday DV , h(! Sell . " II?' ,, , ,, ' ate. exlendins for three more Twemy,seven-yeaTMld Carla «nll; v c a l , s tn(? cu ,, cnl authorization of appear hc're next Monday with | i-the "Sensational Jordans" in a se-j ries of reckless anlics on the high I wire, which is bound lo attend t h e ; throngs expccled to sec the Jayccp .sponsored 3-rins circus. Two performances are slated at 2 p.m. and S p.m. In a reconi interview. Carla spoke wiih reservation when asked if her three children would follow in the family tradition and become circus performers. Ricky, ?: Mario. G. and sister Rietta, 2, will have to make up 'Miss Oklahoma' chats with Rep. Page Belcher during stopover in Washington. Sooner Beauty Jours Washington I - WASHINGTON -- Clieryl Ann ·* S e n i r a d of U'aukomi.":. "Miss Oklahoma" of 1UG3 siop- pi?d off in lown .Monday on lier way IQ the Miss America paE- p.'iiil in Allanuc Cily, N.J.. lo visit w i t h iho sialc's concres- delegation. and her sisler raise Hereford cnl- lle in their spare time, she said. The Miss America contest begins Labor Day and ends Sept. 7 iviih the selection of this year's Miss America. ENDS TUESDAY Box Office Open l : l . » Fcalurivs :ic J :30. S.'.'IO, .5:30, 7:30 and 9:30 Admission '2~r - "i5: r rne Parking Across Street-Ask Attendant tor Special Ticket . mj||ion a n n u a l l v in fcderal a i d The funds will be allocated lo ; Oklahoma and other slates on a '50-50 m a t c h i n g basis, in each of f t h e nexl fiscal years bejjinninR i Julv 1. ]94. CARLA WALLKX.DA AND DAUGHTER . . . I'd mlhiT do it njysflf thnu wnlcli anybody I love." School Postponed 5y Girl's Death RIPLEY (UPH -- Opening o.' ·'·'.····: schools in Ripley. scheduled Monday, has been posl-poned week because of rhc death lasi ·.·ok of an area jirl stricken with .,;,-).:.-.-.;; meningitis. Supt. Bob Brandebcrry said the ·;ii,-jn VIMS a precautionary meas- ., Meallh authorities said ear, there WHS no danger in joins ·'··viCi u'rih school as scheduled. Linda R.OSC Twojims, 13, died ; "-i week of epidemic mcninfrius, 1 -.!-;inrlebciTv said "o new cases had developed in Ripley. but he Ml ii bcsi 10 postpone school :, to make sure there wa5 "- spreading of the disease. He ;:·":! some parents had expressed vioncc-rn about those «'ho attcnd- rc! the stricken girl's funeral last i uesday. THIEV IJ-IAMJS a.UK ! CORBV. Enpland (CPU -- Mrs. \ Kilecn Saunders said today a I i h i e l ransacked her home, stole ' $20.40 and then cleaned up Hie i house "like a new pin." "The thief musl have been a : woman." Mrs. Saundcrs sain. i Aboui 750 English craftsmen continue to practice i he Old World ; art of Thatching roofs. Nightly 6:30 SWIM Doily 10 to 10 Rides - Golf (heir own minds as lo whether or not they wish to make (lie circus their career. "AFTKR THKV have finished; hiirh school I hen I hey can decide · if they wani lo 50 to collece or Into the circus." the young aerialist moiher said. The only pressure she applies now. is to nuke sure her children complete hif-h school. Carla finished her hich school education by coirespondcncr courses through a school specializinc in irislrucline; cliildren of show business people. The young Wallenda descendants alrcad.v have become so Ihorouch- ly exposed la the thrills of C\r- cusdom lhat they probably will carry on in '.he family tradition undrr the big top. Ricky is considered an accomplished acrobai. even al the ase of cieM. He can do forward and backward somersaults on the trampoline. ZODIAC ROOM -- Motor Inn Motel -- Now Ploying Nightly . . (except Monday) "THE DIMENSIONS" Sodntc En«( Con.ut Sound*! 10 til f -- Mi'Milier* nnd Gimit« -A v n l l i i l i l c Tho 18-year-old GarQcld Coun- ry beamy was eivpn a lour ol the capiiol by her Con^ressmnn. Rep. Paue Belcher of Enid, She was accompanied by her diaper- OMP. MIT, Dolly Hoskins of Ok- Inlrama Cily, Ihc sialc's Miss America director. Miss 5cm rad Idld rc;xrlers she plnns lo give an "oritrinal" talk lo ibe judsi. 1 ? al A t l a n t i c Cily as her l a l e n l conlribulion lo Ihe liagonnl. She explninet] iliis is a t a l k which ?hc wi'oic on her am- b i t i u i u to be a SL'hool leacher. The uiTcn-t-yeil. fii-e fool-seven inch hiTinelln w i l l l*?:jin her freshman year a t O k l a h o m a Slate University this fall. Sho WANTED! Always On Our Drive 1 More Customer Marvin's Burger 321.1 Cache Rond For Orders To Go- Call ET. 7.001J L A W T O N MON. SEPT. 44th and Cache Rd. AUS. LAWTON JAYCEES WORLDS LARGEST PI^NS U.S. VISIT TAIPEI, Formosa (API--Gc-n. i Liu An-clii. commiincler in chief of tho Chinese Nationalist army. ' is scheduled lor a three-week visit TO the United States at the invita- i tion of the U.S. Army, a spokes- \ man announced in Taipei. SADDLE HORSES S1.00 Per Hour Dally 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EAGLE PARK Cache, Oklahoma ' On \VlchJta Mt. Hiclnvay , · DLal HA 9-3238 SOUTHWEST TEEN HOP TUESDAY NIGHT AT THE NEW Southern Club "Home of the Start" --preienti-- "THE PLAYBOYS" Featuring Vocalist Charles Borrough Club Opens 6 p.m. Dance 8. p.m. 'til Midnight 900 Rogers Lane Dial EL 3-9798 STARTS THURSDAY AT V A S K A T H E A T R E ! F WM \( I- 01AIUBH E15 1*444 DRIVE IN SMtaiDAN MUD A lAKf Opcn 7--Sl:irls nl Dusk Admi.v-'ion (H)c. Kids Under Vi Krce TflNITF Knd I W i l l I t Wednesday llBLEWW NEVER SO MUCH FUN/ SiiaiiftESHEnE-cuiisitoi SIiSF Xlir- Boldest B i b l i c a l Spectacle of All: "The Story of Joseph and His Brethren" +CLYDE BEATTY* BATTLING 40 LIONS AND TIGERS 600 PEOPLE 12 ACRES OF T E N T S 150 CIRCUS ARTISTS 200 WILD ANIMALS 15-ELEPHANTS-15 $8,5OO DAILY EXPENSE $1,75O,OOO INVESTED TWICE DAILY 2 t g P. M. ? ADULTS J1.90-CHILDREN $1.00 1ESERVED AND ADMISSION TICKETS "N SALE CIRCUS DAY ** A. B. Drup Co.. 401 D Ave. Gen. Adin. rickets on sale now at Trade Miirt, Iliimpty Dumpty and .liiyceo. · Air Condltiontid DlMir« Room · Informal Atmonptiere · BriiiK the Chlldreo · Plenty of High Chain Cache and Sheridan Road Ordon to Go El. 3-HU SWIM at Twilight Beach Duncan, Okla. · UJfcfruard · Suudy Beach · Picnic irea TRY OUR 20 FT THRILL SLIDE Open 1 lo 8 p.m. Choice Charcoal Broiled Steaks Cooked Over Open Pit In Our Dining Room Delicious Sea Food Complete dinner-, from SI,75. Come as you are. Weekdayj 5-U. p.m. Sundays U:30 a.m. til 10 p.m. S107 · Cache EL S-52S6 Come Out To Our Old Fashioned ICE CREAM PARLOR · 24 t'lavors of Ice Creurn . · · .Unliclic-vublc Ice.Cream Sundacx CHARBROHJID STEAKS-- ·HAMBURGERS Privalc Parties Arranged .JOHNSON'S "GAY MNETIES" Open HI U p.m. ID Cache Rd. .Squar* Home of Fine Italian Foods · Choice Broiled Stebki · Sea Food. ·Chicken Complete Kalian and American menus. Private dining room . for small parties . · FROZEN ITALIAN DISHES TO TAKE; HOME ·Open 3 p.m. ol 12:45 a.m. '; Sat., 3 to 1:45 .;---.-:...· Ordei, To Go 113 N. 2nd·': - EL3-9543 BIG LABOR DAY SPECIAL Southwest Oklohomo Chompionship STOCK CAR RACES MODIFIED STOCK AND JALOPIES SATURDAY SUNDAY, AUG. 31 SEPT. 1 AT 8:00 P.M. i Jj':-i J; $600 PURSE TROPHIES AWARDED IN EACH RACE Thrills! Spills! Speed Galore! . Southwest Oklahoma's Race Drivers Will Compete CRATERVILLE PARK STADIUM '..' ·,,".. ... 16 Miles North .of Alfui o f . v ; · - · ; . · Quartz Mts. State Park: Entrance, DRIVE IN SOUTH OM tT. SIU. HVD rKa»« fl S474 Opens al 7--SUirln at Du-ik. Adml.osion 60c Kids Under J2 Free Ends Tucday TONITE Glenn Hope nmiicsunr/nuuvnioir Rtltaci If ru USIIED H ARIISIS ' PLUS Ui. THE FURY Or THE OLD WEST... U1THC COLD.STtQ COURAGE OF ONE-MAN t DOC8LE FEATURE ADUT.TS Open 1:15 Adm: 7.3c "Lust for the Sun" --plus-'Wayward Girl' VASKA -^^ -gEHH C7 -^^ 19 TH g FERRIS ENDS W E D N E S D A Y Opi^n 7 p.m.--Adm: 25c. 73c (Continuous Slioivs from l:4o Saturday and Sunday) 312 $. FOURTH CALL EL3-M71 ITALIAN RESTAURANT FAMOUS FOR PIZZA AT ITS BIST! DRIVE IN AUSTIN THEATRC DOUBLE FEATURE ENDS TUESDAY Open 6:30--Starts at Dark Admission tiOc Kids Under-13 Free LIZand ROCK! ^M nmm H \m\, ,n\* n'l'^A ^^jfalj-M GIANT' -VtMRCOtQR- Re-rdiased by. WARNER BRflS.B '--plus-- , Ewry [iaoe fin J5 wu'll be kfting about BMOO. 'DET KENNEDY-DONAHUE

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