The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma on August 27, 1963 · Page 11
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The Lawton Constitution from Lawton, Oklahoma · Page 11

Lawton, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 27, 1963
Page 11
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SAY.IT WITH LETTERS. A helicopter swooped low over the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Perkins of Gig Harbor, Wis., as the couple put the finishing touches oh the 10-foot high letters announcing their 50th wedding anniversary. Perkins created the yard billboard by mowing around the letters. · (AP Wirephoto) toard Reaction On Ending Jeath Penalties Many Protests In History Full Of Contradictions And Ironies By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON" (AP) -- Wednes- ous "Civil Disobedience" essay. Thoreau had an effect on Loo MCALESTER (UPI1 - A new xrporatinn known as "Abolish Capital Punishment. Inc.," has .·awn m'uced reactions from theJQJ^., .ate pardon and parole board. ! j.^^ .Member Charles Chestnut of ; " liami said he thinks capital pun- shmenl should stay on the books day's civil rights march in Wash- Tolstoy and. later, on Mohandas inpion by perhaps 100,000 Negroes Gandhi. Tolstoy went to extremes and whites--to protest racial in-! m h s v 'e«' of non-violence and ! civil disobedience. He made no exception for the use of violence by justices and to try 5s into bill--has an pressure » h eri-' a man lo defend his country, his teaching of justice and genlleness. But behind Gandhi's thinking was the long religious experience of India -- Hinduism, wiih its peaceful acceptance of the caste system in this lite as preparation for moving up lo the next caste in Ihe next life on earth and i life, his family or even to save' complicaled prohibitions against md be left up to the discretion ol jury. Bob o[ Durant in- Bleated he felt the practice of ex- should be done away From antiquity--by thousands, millions in fiction, fact, society from lunatics and criminals. Because he looked upon all ____________ ........ _ _ ..... ___ ...... literature,' mythology and religion j Rovemmems as immoral, he ad-- people through disobedience and I vocatcd payins no taxes at all. doing violence to others; Jainism. which forbade killing anyone or thing and required lhe wearing of a g^uze mask so insects wouldn't Dr. John Montroy o[ Oklahoma ,lty. the third board member con- non-violent resistance have assert- It was Gandhi who achieved ilie bc inhaled and killed: and Budd, ed themselves against what they most sensational results in history I i s m , originally an ethic protest ! consider unjust treatment, laws, I with his policy of niii-violcnt re- ] fRainst Hindu religious practices, icted, ?n Ray or edicts. i sisiancc against the British to end I stressed love of others, . . . , , non-commital. «ar- Yet. the history of their protests: their rule in India, Millions of I n - 1 In ilia depression of 1894 Jacob a R c declined comment. i s i uU o[ contradicdons and iron- i dians went along with him until '·Although generally not a strin- les. promm , ' T^nt advoca c of capi al punish- 1 firsl ac( Qf disobedience b ' Adam imt, Chestnut said, ' I cenain- ; - _ . · J and in eating from the for- :«*!L^ w ^^ Mta- bi^^ n "^^: "original sin" which, instead of corrupting man. "set him free to become fully human." Four hundred years before Christ. Socrates defied lhe gov- Athens by refusing to types of cases, Swing said he had not received single letter criticizing the ward's commutation of death sen- :nces mered out to Richard H?n- i Dare and Gerald Pate. i prTlrn » nf The pardon and parole board!,TM 116 " -ecommended paroles Monday for 'no inmates, including two men jrving life sentences. The life termers were W. A. Bol. g. who was convicted of murder Carter County in 195S and sen- ?nced 10 life, and Delbert Rati- 'all Cornell, 33, who was convict- .G and sentenced 10 life lor homi- :idc in Grady County when he « as 16 years old, 0;her inmates recommended lor parole were Marvin Pappan, Kay serving three years for dcdded He acknowledged influences on him from all directions: ihe Sermon on the Mount; the Bhavavad Gila, pan of the Hindu epic which Gandhi called his spiritual reference book; Thoreau: Tolstoy; and even John Ruskin who ui-Rod the S. CoNey, Ohio businessman, led an army of 400 unemployed to Washington to peli'ion Congress to create jobs. In 1932 Congress ignored the army of unemployed veterans of World War I who came here to petition for a bonus. Those that stayed were driven oul by the regular Army. YOGI BEAR By Hanna-Barbera question the ideas of their elders. While it was wrong to disobey a superior, he said, he would obey the gods rather than the government. He was sentenced to death. Then he refused to escape his dealh cell. To dp that, he said, after ho had been condemned, would injure the government. j It was civil disobedience, but i non-violent, when Sophocles' Antigone defied King Creon's order Zandt. Washington County, five years for larceny of livestock: Dale Leon Warren. Oklahoma County, five years for burglary; to a rock for lhe vultures to gnaw on. In the New Testament's Sermon on the Mount. Jesus, who had driven the money changers from S^r.t^^ndS ^^S r* Mental Hearing Is Set By Judge TULSA (AP) -- County Judge Whit Y. Mauzy ruled Monday that he has jurisdiction in a case seeking a mental examination lor Rosemary Shcppard. He set a hearing for Sept. 5. Mauzy overruled a motion filed by Rosemary's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Shcppard, askin dismissal of the action seeking an examination of the 16-year-old girl. The parents contended Tulsa County court did not have jurisdiction because the family now lives in Wagoner County. Mauzy held that he did have jurisdiction because the girl is still a ward of Tulsa juvenile court. The sheriff's office filed the petition lor a mental examination alter Dist. Judge John Q. Adams in Vinita reversed an order of Ju- veniic Court Judge Dorothy Young commmitting the girl to Eastern State Hospital. Adams held that action should have been taken through county court. Judge Young then said she was stepping out of the case. Rosemary was released to her parents Friday. She was not in court Monday. She left home last August because, she said, she wanted to enter public school instead of continuing classes at home. She went to a public junior high school, but returned to her parents last fall. They now live .in Wagoner County near Broken Arrow. anyone compelled you to walk one, The ascetic Essencs. a sect ot pre-Christian Jews, took an oath 10 injure no one. And after Chris: thousands of Jews used nonviolent resistance against the Romans. So did the early Christian martyrs although the Christians gradually moved from pacificism to the just war to the Crusades. The Quakers, whom Merle Curtis called the "conscience of the ISth century." were pacifists. Ralph Waldo Emerson, in 1S43, theorized on civil disobedience live years before his friend. Henry David Thoreau, did in his fam- Space Key Item If March Occurs Without Trouble By AL KUEl'TNER UnKed Press International Space'will be ore of the major factors in favor of pulling off that "·march on Washington" Wednesday without violence. The elipse, staging area for a marching crowd estimated by planners at more than 100,000, is as big as six football fields, Even If it became completely filled with humanity, there is plenty of | spillover room across Constitution Ave. on spacious grounds of the Washington Monument. Constitution Ave. itself is a wide thoroughfare, with six Iral- fic lanes. When demonstrators get the signal lo march, they will fall in behind A. Philip Randolph, head of the Negro American Labor ' Council, They will have a straight line of march with only one -iS-degree left turn just before they reach the Lincoln Memorial. Boom At Memorial There also is plenty ot room at the memorial, including a large park to Lincoln's left and a grassy area around a reflecting pool lhat is four city blocks long in front ot the memorial. Plcnly of loudspeakers -- at a rental cost o! S18:000 to march sponsors -- will amplify voices of [he speakers at both the start and finish points of the route. March leaders are expecting some ruffled feelings as Ihe day wears on, panicularly if it is hot and humid. They hope their own marshals can deal with such expected problems as elderly persons, lost children and demonstrators who can't find the way back to the railroad station after ihe show is over. "This is not going lo be a fist-shaking march," Roy \Vilkins of Ihe NAACP, one of the 10 march leaders, lold a reporter. Note Conlrssl Veterans of racial demonstrations in such southern cities as Birmingham. Ala., and Jackson. Miss., could not escape noting the almost open-country setting of Wednesday's event us contrasted wilh (he confinement of earlier demons tra lions. Another advantage in Washington is the absence of buildings along Itie line of march. Rooftops often have been used as vantage! points from which troublemakers j pelled demonslraiors below with I rocks and bottles. ! THE LAWTON CONSTITUTION, Tuesday, August 27, 1963 f f The Lighter Side He's Out To Stem Tide Of 'Creeping Euphoria 1 Long Delay Due On Link Roads For East 'Pike By DICK WEST I President Lyndon B. Johnson 1 OKLAHOMA CITY (UPI) -WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Dur-' scattered some of it around in a I Construction of 25 miles of COTI- ing recent Senate hearings on the j speech before an AFL-CIO con- nectinR roads lor the proposed lest ban treaty, a couple of wit-1 vention at Houston, Tex., Monday, nesses cautioned that there was " l -feel good today." Johnson said. "Our nation was never stronger. Our economy was never healthier, I am here in my home state. My friends are in this room. It rained last night in the hill country. And tomorrow's my birthday." If Johnson has that much eastern turnpike and needed improvements on other highways may be delayed for as long as two years. Highway Director Frank Lyons said the highway commission will seek .the delay in construction ot 25.6 miles on U. S. 75 north of Okmulgee. The highway now has two lanes and would be converted to euphoria even before the treaty ( our | anes is ratified by the Senate. I shud-1 Lyons said the mrnpike aulhor . der to think how well he will feel; ity wm bo asked to amend a pre . vious agreement which cal.'s for ihe state lo build SM.B million when it is in full el/ect. some danger it m i g h t lead to '.'euphoria." At first, lhat part of the testimony didn't make much of an impression on me. That was because I had euphoria confused with Ethiopia. I thought the witnesses w e r e warning thai Ethiopia might start nuclear testing. Which didn't seem very likely because Ethiopia had already signed the treaty. Besides that, I wasn't aware that Ethiopia had any nuclear weapons to tesl. Upon reconsideration, I concluded that euphoria must be some kind of atmospheric condition: lhat when you tested you got fallout, and when you didn't test you got euphoria. CURIOUS to know whether euphoria was as harmful as Jail- _.-,, ,, ,, out, I consulted a dictionary and I lhat wasn't killed by" the drought. "-^ S3,-153,000. Srale funds make leai'ned that the word means "a ! The rest undoubtedly will sue-' U P Sl.731,000 ot-rhe amount, feeling of well-being." Thai c o n - j c u m b to an early frost. | The highway chief said it would firmed my worse fears. Since then I have been keeping a close watch lo see if I could delect any signs o[ creeping euphoria. My vigilance may have worth of access roads. The agreement requires the connections be open to traffic by April 1, 1966, and completed within the ne.xt year. The turnpike is expected to be open to traffic on April 1, 1965 if bonds are sold this October. i Lyons said the new proposal would begin construction by the pay dirt. Assuming lhat I can recognize euphoria when 1 see it, then Vice CLEARLY, some sort of counter measures are called for before euphoria begins to run rampant. Let it never be said that I'm not doing my part to stem ihe tide. I fee! lousy. Also apprehensive. The · lace bugs are ruining my azaleas. Over the weekend my son, who is home from college, banged up the car. It hardly rained here at all this tlr " e ' he turnpike is completed summer. Then came a flood and I a n d nave " °P en '° traffic 24 washed away nearly everything months later. The project would There is blight on the tomato j greatly care the financial problem plants and mildew in the base- of building ihe connecting roads ment. The furnace needs fixing if the U. S. 75 project could ha before cold weaiher comes. I stretched out over a longer period, think the house has termites. | Of the S14.S million to be spent In short, the way it looks now! on access roads, $5,626,000 will I will be able to stave off euphor- come from state funds. The re- ia indefinitely. Russia Says Chinese Reds Advocating Racist Policies MOSCOW (UPI) -- The Soviet Union accused Communist China today of advocating racist policies aimed at dividing the world on lhe basis of color. An article in the official Communist party newspaper Pravda said the Peking regime's approach on racial questions is "rather in accord with the spirit of Ihe time" of the 13Lh-contury Mongol despot Genghis Khan. Tlie article, written by commentator K. Noponuiyaschi of the olfinial Novosti news agency 1 , was Uie latest Soviet attack on Peking in the deepening Sinc^Sovint quarrel over ideological and politicaJ mainder of !he total would he in federal funds. Lyons said the department will have abou! 15 months ro obligate the full SM.S million under the present agreement, if turnpike bonds are sold in October. He said the department will also e about $34.5 million in state d ... ._. ., . ' I J r t V L f.lfJUL OO t.tJ J1J1I11U1I 11 ^Lall. inferences. The soviet press has . conslnlction fllnds ,, spmA dur . been full of such attacks in re- : i and it wi n ing , nat same cent years. j take 16.2 per cent ot all state con- The Communist Chinese have ] strjciion momoy to build the con- expressed support for the Negro I " ectin S TM ad -'Ll h ? c° m TMssion will cause in the United Stales ! have about $109.5 million in fed- i eral funds for this period. The con- LIVE IN THE CHAUM OF A "HIDDEN VAtt[T* LIVE IN SNIED ACRES have sought lo identify the Amer- j neciing roads will take 13.6 ican Negro's struggle for equal : cent of this, rights with the internationl Com-! Lyons said the accelerated munist movement i - q P endln S on the connecting roads Today's Pravda article fol-' wil1 moan some oth(?r J° bs TM" be lowed 'recent indications the Red : delayed but he could not state Chinese are using race relations i which ones lo appeal to have-not nations in Asia. Africa and Latin America in their struggle wiih both the West and Russia. T E R M I T E S Call FOG SERVICE E15-2078 INSURANCE "NOW THAtS WHAT I CALL A REAL HANPUBAR 900 00! 11 SWAMI Floor Stripper Super Gold WAX Southwest Chemical Co. 302 F Ave. EL5-5926 VACATION ACCIDENT INSURANCE J-DAYS TO 6-MONTIIS Hood-Donley Agency 810 "E" Ptio. EL S-UU Let us IUI your ixecier with FROZEN FOODS AND BEEF Cut and wrapped here ... . n o .down payment with 4 to 6 months to pay.- Call EL 3-8076 or EL 5-5268 .LIBERTY HEIGHTS FOOD STORE 17th and Fcrrin' The more you split an advertising budget, the more you water down -the sales impact! Are vou spending your advertising money In too many places? 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