The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 25, 1957 · Page 7
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 7

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1957
Page 7
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Mineral Matter Answer to Previous Puzzle [ ACROSS 3S Indolent : Whitish metal 36 Sticky black 4 Place deceptive minerals in a mine 8 Sad cry 12 Mineral rock 13 Toward the sheltered side H Insects 15 At this time 16 Neck ornament 18 Entrap 20 South American mountains 21 Pea container 22 Grade 24 Musical symbol 26 Hireling ; , 2 7 pie- -- mode 30 Cancel , 32 Foot part 34 Ancient Urfa 37 Baseball's Musial 39 Noun suffixes- 40 Union payments ·41 Individual 42 Lance 45 Ship 49 Dish producers 51 Girl's name 52 Century plant 53 Small island 54 Correlative of neither 55 Mind 56 Medication 57 Golf mound DOWN . 1 Musical quality . 2 Heavy metal 3 Periodical 4 Dinner course 29 Mimics 5 Wing-shaped . 6 Pries 7 Beverage 8 Straighten ^Falsified 10 Measure of. land 11 Observes 17 Hidden 19 Memoranda 23 Negative ion 24 Worry 25 Mother of Helen of Troy 46 Narrate 26 Gladden 47 Cry of ' 27 Amends bacchanals 28 For fear that 48 Unusual 31 Guarantee. 33 Former Italian republic 38 Italian community 40 Timed 41 Estonian island 42 Gaiter 43 Rod 44 Famous English school DOCKET NO. 4588 NOTICE OF VACATION AND 1 RESETTING OF PUBLIC HEARING BEFORE THE BOARD OF RAILROAD COMMISSIONERS OF THE , STATE OF MONTANA . IN THE MATTER of the petition of railroads for authority to increase freight rates and charges, WANT AD RATES PER LINE MINIMUM 2 LINES MINIMUM CHARGE 70 CENTS 1 day 2 days 3 days ..,, 4.days .,, 5 days ...,, .35 .45 .55 .60 ,_;..;-.. .65 1957. WHEREAS, by order of f h J s U d a v s 7r Board the above-entitled matter! 7 . "* *' has been set for public hearing at " a V s ------ .-~.-, -75 50 Tear 34-· 55 50 35" 51 9:30 o'clock A. M. on the 3rd day ' month of December, 1957; and WHEREAS, the Montana Citizens Freight Rate Association, which represents the interests of shippers in the State,of Montana, has filed a written request with) this Board for postponement of the above-designated hearing for the reason that Counsel for said association would be unable to appear at the appointed time and place; and '. . WHEREAS, good cause appearing therefor, this Board has by its Minute Entry No, 615 ordered the public hearing in the above- designated docket continued until the 21st day of January, 1958, and further ordered that the previous j setting be vacated.. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board has reassigned-the above entitled matter for public hearing in the City Council Chambers of the City Hall, Billings, Montana, commencing at the hour of 10:00 .o'clock A. M., on the 21st :day of January, 1958 _. time and place any person, firm or' corporation having- an interest herein, may appear and offer evidence pertinent to the matters 23 RENTALS - MISC. SEWING MACHINE SERVICE AND REPAIR Guaranteed Work On All Makes PFAFF SEWING CENTER 106 Glacier Bldt,'. SK6-3922 NEWjNECCHI SEWING MACHINE For Rent -- $5.00 per month GRAHAMS Ph. SK6-3312 46 PETS 1 REGISTERED small Chihuahua pup- Pics, $50. Shots given. Kay Mlze, Box 1172 Columbia Falls. Mont. REG. COCKER Spaniel puppies, golden black. Fincher's Kennels. SK6-5851. 53 POULTRY YOUNG Chinese Geese, S3 ea. J. F. Meyer. Bigfork. TE7-3742. 25 WOMEN'S REALM REMEMBER Dorothy's ?2.50 bonus on any permanent, good anytime. 7th Ave. E.N., SKG-3491. 382 2 25 ~.-». 4..^*?' 54 LIVESTOCK AD-VISOR EXPERTS ALL - IN A POSITION TO HELP YOU HOLIDAY SPECIAL $2.50 off on all permanent waves from I now through December. Call SK6- 7797 for appointments. CONTINENTAL FOR SALE one young Guernsey cow. Fresh 0 wks. W. Brimmer, 1 ml. So. Kalispell, SKO-7995 evenings. THE INTER LAKE, Monday, November 25, 1957 778 ROOMS, ROOM A BOARD | 86 REAL ESTATE WARM sleeping room. Ph. SK8-4513.! 434 5th Ave. E. j 79 FOR SALE OR RENT 4 ROOP.t mod. house, shower, full lot, garage, fenced yard, Va- blk. from Super Market. SK6-6090. 3 BEDROOM home. Inquire 1224 4th Ave. E. Phone SK6-5614. 84 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES TWO Registered Hereford bulls. Dial SK2-9478, Charles Hull. BEAUTY teed). SALON (all work guaran- ELECTROLUX sales ana service. New Thrift model. $59.75. Factory rebuilt, 548.30. diet Mahugh. SK6-3385. STANLEY PRODUCTS -- MANAGER'S OFFICE. Box 835 Columbia Falls. CUSTOM SAWMILLINO YOUR LOGS - YOUR PLACE Bill JRoyer.JMeridian Rd. Kalispell DRY CLEANING DRY cleaning brduKht In by 10 a-m may be had same day upon request Kallsoeli Laundry ana Dry Cleaners. PUBLIC STENOGRAPHER Bookkeeping -- Stenographic Work Notary Public. Your office or mine. SK6-4Z85 ; SAND GRAVEL ]home. Reas. Rates. Excavation. Kali- |SPeU 5c P tic -- Ser ^ SK6-5880. SEPTIC TANK SERVICE Flathead Septic Tank Service, sold, instld, cleaned, etc. SKB-3552, 6-65S4. STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS 212 7th Ave. W.. SK6-6251, SK6-4417 FOR FULLER BRUSH PRODUCTS Call SK6-4812. MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS, free demonstrations. SKG-4S17. 617 3rd St. W. 27 SPECIAL NOTICES LIFE will be just a bowl .of. cherries lor the salesman at Ryes Ford oh Nov. 29 and 30th because any one ought to be able to sell cars the Ryggorama way. I will not be responsible for any debts incurred by anyone other than myself. William A. Sterner. WANTED, fish to smoke, any amount, 5 cents each. Call after 3 p.m. SK2-D333. KALISPELL Septic Serv Septic tanks and cesspools cleaned. Free est. Ph. SK6-S8BO; SERVICE . . , - FOR crane service and any haxiling at Which, needs, call City Transfer and Storage. Ph. SKG-3G70. SERVICE STATIONS JYSTAD'S UNION'S FINEST Complete Service Wheel Balancing 103 1st Ave. W. Kalispell, Mont. WATER SYSTEMS The Daily Inter Like Presents RADIO for TODAY KGEZ - MBS, 600 ke Monday Afternoon 5:00 Special Wire 5:05EZ Listening . 3:15EZ Listening S:30 Special Wire - 5:35EZ Listening 5:45 Sports Digest 6:00 Special Wire 6:05EZ Listening 6:15 Mercantile News 6:30 Special Wire 6:35E2 Listening 6:45 State Sports 6:55 EZ Listening 7:00 Special Wire 7:05 EZ Listening 7:15 County Agent 7:30 Special Wire 7:35 True Detective 8:00 Montana News 8:05 EZ Listening 8:30 Special Wire S:35 Magazine Review , 8:45 EZ Listening 3:00Special Wire · '.' ' 9:05 EZ Listening 9:30 Special Wire 9:35 EZ Listening i 9:45 Square Danes Time 10:00 Special Wire IO:05EZ Listening 10-30 EZ Listening 11:00 Special Wire 11:05 EZ Listening 11:55 Special Wire 12:00 Sign O f f - ' TUESDAY MORNING 5:30 Break the Day EZ,, 6:00 Special Wire 6:05EZ Listening 6:25 Farm Shorts 6:30 Special Wire 6:35EZ Listening 7:00 Special Wire 7:05EZ Listening 1:;30 Special Wire 7:35 Montana News 7:40EZ. Listening 8:00 Frank 'Hemingway 8:15 Art Baker 8:30 Special Wire 8:35 Montana News 8:40EZ Listening 3:00 Special Wire 9:05EZ Listening 9:15 Hymn Time 9:30 Special Wire 9:35 Queen For a Day 10:00 Special Wire 10:05 Women's News 10:JOEZ Listening 10:15 Dr. Paul 10:30 Special Wir« 10:35EZ Listening 10:45 Friendly Philosopher 11:00 Special Wire 11:05 Whitefish Time 11:30 Special Wire 11.35.White£ish Time 11:45 Say It With Music 11:45 EZ Listening TUESDAY NOON 12:00 Special. Wire 12:05 EZ Listening 12:15 Texaco News 12:30 Special Wire 12:35 Weather News 12:40 EZ Listening 1:00 Community News 1:15 Christian Woman Speaks 1:30 Special Wire 1:35 EZ Listening 2:00 Special Wire 2:05 EZ Listening 3:00 Special Wire 3:05EZ Listening 3:30 Special Wire 3:35EZ Listening 4:00 Montana News 4:0?Penny Arcade 4:15 Frank Hemingway 4:30 Special Wire 4:35EZ Listening 5:OD Special Wfre King Spotted By West Lead WATER WELL DRILLING (Nov. 25) HOMER McCLARTY LICENSED INSURED . Phone Kalispell SK6-40-54 JACUZZI PUMPS AND PIPES KALISPELL MERCANTILE CO. JACUZZI DISTRIBUTOR 2 DRUGGISTS and things here involved. The issues, as set-forth--in the original _. n n t i p p nf n n W i n Vinai-inff of Pin 1 WATER SYSTEMS AND SMALL GAS notice ot puonc nearing 01 uc- ENGINES competently repaired. tober 29, 1957, as amended by.BILL'S REPAIR, SK2-9403, Bill Duden subsequent notice of November 8, 1957, are not to be considered changed or modified in any manner except as to change of plade and date of hearing. BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF RAILROAD COMMISSIONERS PAUL T. SMITH, Chairman AUSTIN B. MIDDLETON, Commissioner ORY J. ARMSTRONG, Commissioner ATTEST CLINTON J. HANSEN Secretai-yvCounsel (Official Seal) Helena, Montana November 21, 1957 30 PERSONALS WANTED -- Canner Horses. Papoose Pony Ranch, Dayton. Mont. Ph. 321. CATTLE hauling to MIssouIa or Spokane. Will buy or haul 3 r our cattle by truck or truck trailer. Eddy Norucome. Ph. SK2-9131. FUEL oil business -- good net. Buy for price o£ equipment and inventory. Montana Realty. Phone SK6-6212. SMALL 2-bedroom home, oil heat TV cable, phone. $35 mo. Inq. 1036 6th Ave. W. SK6-4185. EARN SPARE TIME MONEY with vending machine route. Lease or sell. Ph. SK6-4883 or 6-7011. BUYING hogs Nov. 15 and Nov. 29.1 STEBB1NS LIVESTOCK COMPANY. FLATHEAD Shipping Co-op will haul your livestock. Hogs on consignment Nov 11 and Nov. 25 at City Scales by noon. SK2-98BO, SK2-9406. CASH for your livestock, any kind. Will call. Joe R, Stevens.'SK6-6834. 59 -MACHINERY ay lYiMimrccKT 86 REAL ESTATE planer . supplies. Tulsa It Beebe winches. V-belts and pullys, Industrial Supply Co. 175 E.N. fc RR St, Dial SK6'5900. TRADE -- TRADE -- TRADE YAH We're swappin and tradin at Seller's WELL take a nice 3 or 4 bedroom home in the Evergreen area in on ,this exclusively lovely 3 bd. rm. late' "·"T'bilt strictly modern home, 3 fireplaces, and m baths, wall to wall, separate din- room, large lot, art. garage. Con- Beller Realty, he'll get you a swap on a home you'll be proud to MEMBER Of MLS !»ellin_ for less ihan the appraised price. Is this home with warehouse rental, close to main part of town, property now renting for $105.00 per month and is priced at only $10,500. 2 bedroom home on 75 foot lot in good location, large living room carpeted wall to wal), sawdust furnace, double garage. Selling for $8,500. 3 bedroom home on full lot, hardwood floors, full basement, oil furnace. Assume GI loan. Priced at $8,500. AGENCY 318 First Ave. West Phone SKS-5780 Evenings: Call Oliver Sundby SK6-5580 60 HAY, FEED, PASTURE own. Lovely 3 bd. rm. home in Cameron, , new and very convenient, nice land- 9 TON loose alfalfa, first and second .fcaping. trees, cl_ose to school, inside cutting. 1613 5th Ave. E. WANT to pasture horses for- the winter George Arndt, Hot Springs, Mont BY BUILDER, beautiful 3 bedrm hoj= Ideal eastslde location, att. gar. din. rm. Loaded with built-ins *= cabinets. The home you'll love to live in. For details, call SKG-3895. 91 AUTO REPAIR :the money $13,650. Get On the Phone and HOLLAR FOB 1 FOR SALE 25 tons alfaffa. $10 ton. Call E. L. Brown TW2-5295 Col. Falls. .- CHOICE alfalfa hay $20, 10% discount STORM windows up. -screens down. on 10 or more tons. Also barley i= Windows, walls, upholstery and rugs cleaned. Ph. SK8-6057. STANLEY WINDOW and FLOOR CLEANING. 32 WANTED TO BUY STEERS t heifers feeder cattle, 600700 Ibs. Call SK6-B972 after 7 p.m. . · P|ANQS . We'll buy, sell cr trade your piano for sewing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, washers,' - * -- · · ' -- oats. 51.70 cwt. H. W. Hem, WhHsh. Ph. UN2-6312. CHOICE hay'r all kinds. SH GREEN . STAMPS. Ken Hall, Wish. UN2-34G3. 64 FUEL, OIL COAL PRESTO LOGS, Al Clark, Plu. SK2- 9743. B. C. Ottwell. Ph. 8X6-7980. dryers, freezers, ranges, furniture. MtlNTOSH MUSIC HOUSE ·JO_Main_ St. USED doll'"buggy Ph. SK6-G232 chest. Dial SK6-5972. or crib and toy BUYING 2x4 8's. Fir-t Larch. Montana Saw Service. Ph. SK6-BOG4. 34 SALS OR TRADE ALL modern two fridroom house On one acre, drilled weal, wood furnace, full basement. Ph. SK2-95B7. EQUITY in '37 Ford Station Wagon, less than 2000 fniles. UN2-4853 Wfsb. '41 CHEV. panel, 4-sp. trans, gd. cond. '46 Int. pickup %-ton. Will trade for beef or pork. SK6-6392 after 5 p.m. "Personalized Service" ADAMS DRUG 1958 Emerson TV, Hi-Fi and radio. Call or visit Pratfs Radio TV. 170 7th Ave. W.N. Ph. SK6-7992. 31 2nd St E. SK6-4103 10 LOST i FOUND REWARD 38 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS HOHNER Morlno accordion, like new, It. wgt. 5850 new, S300. iiK6-5387. DRY ^standing tamarack fir wood. $12 a cord, 16 t 24 in. Immediate delivery. Dutch Turner Rte. 4 Kal. FOR SALE, Slab rick wood. Phone SKfl-6868. SELLER SELLER REALTY 128 Main St, Ph. SK 6-6239 Residence SKS-3496 BY OWNER, new 3-bedroom home on Eastside. Ph. SKG-3341. Be Eatlsfleo. Dso Inter t,aica want AOS. CONRAD AGENCY MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING THE KIND OF HOME YOU SLOW DOWN TO ADMIRE. Sitting on a beautiful acre of ground with creek running through the back; this new home For any kind of auto glass installation. See us now before cold weather gets here. We feature overnight service on windshields that we may happen to be out of. KALISPELL GLASS PAINT 34.0 Main St, SK6-7134 or 94 TRAILERS TRUCKS 1951 International =!i-ton pickup for sale. Ph. SKS-7485. 1S55 H-ton long wheelbase Chevrolet pick-up. 3 spd., transmission with overdrive. Excellent condition. See at 811 3rd Ave. W. or Ph. SK6-6253 after 5 p.m. FLATBED pup trailer, 900 rubber. Vac. brakes, ex. cond. $750 SK6-4117. TOO AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE A Byggorama Sale of used ears will be held at Hygg Ford in Whitefish Nov. 29 5: 30th. DRY standing tamarack. Delivered any time. Dial* SK6-7095. ' nas 3 large bedrooms, bath, large'liv-l USED CARS Many of the~late model ing room with raised fireplace, sep- cars for sale at Hygg Ford in White- PHESTO-LOGS, WOOD AND COAL LAKES FEED FUEL, SK6-5S98 PETE'S WOOD YARD - SK8-4393 WE GIVE S.H. GREEN STAMPS PRESTO LOGS Phone SK6-6374 or SK6-5746 Prestbye and Smith WISHER'S WOOD YARD Pbone SK6-4718 MILLWOOD and SAWDUST FOREST PRODUCTS CO Phone SK6-4765 or SK6-4248 68 MONEY TO LOAN arate dining room. A modern dream kitchen with breakfast nook. Full basement, oil furnace and lovely attached garage. $19,500 terms can be arranged. Older Home With A Personality. Just out of the city limits, l bedroom and bath downstairs, 2 large bedrooms upstairs. Full basement with oil furnace, i On large lot, 75x150 ft. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. 310,500. TERMS AVAILABLE. A Beautiful Little White Bungalow On A Corner Lot In The Best East Side Location, Spotlessly Clean And One May Move In Immediately. 2 good sized bedrooms, living room and CASH for your contract or mortgage. Ph. UL7-2302. 72 BLDGS., OFFICES FOR RENT 124x40 building, easily heated, ideal for By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service Obviously-North and South must NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of EMMA O. MONTGOMERY, Deceased. Notice, is hereby given by the undersigned, the Executrix of the estate oE Emma O. Montgomery, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said"deceased, to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice to the said Executrix at the offices of Murphy j and Robinson, ,217 Conrad Bank 1 Building, Kalispell, in the County of Flathead, State of Montana, the ^ . .same being the place for the trans- was not going to be shut out. He actioa of the business of s ' aid es _ 11 HELP WANTED-FEMALE WANTED working girl to live in my home help share expenses. Room ior 2- or children. Write Box 104 c/o Daily Inter^Lake. offered for recovery of Polaroid · TWO fine old mellow toned violins, Camera lost in either Kalispell, W h i t e - ) 24 Woodland. SK6-3843. fish, Columbia Falls or Poison. GEN- " ~ EHAL TELEPHONE .DIRECTORY CO., So. 11 Monroe St., Spokane, Wn. Call collect Spokane MAdison 4-4336. 43 BUILDING MATERIALS PLYWOOD concrete lorm for rent. Also backfill and leyelin " OFFICE space for rent. Inquire Room 317, Conrad. Bank Building. BUILDING, 25 x 60. See ROBINSON RADIATOR SHOP 74 APARTMENTS FC'A RENT timates. Call collect UN2-6093 Wfsh. 3 JJ. OO JS "" uniurn. prlv. ent. 44 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE 12 HELP WANTED-MALE did not know if he could make five clubs but he knew that he wouldn't be hurt since his partner have'known what they were doing ilad guaranteed lel)gth in both mi _ nor suits. West opened the ace of spades and continued the suit. South NORTH 25 V 3 * A Q 9 7 6 * A 8 6 5 4 3 WEST D A A Q 10 8 7 V A I O EAST A K J 9 4 3 V K Q 8 5 · 108 2 SOUTH * Q .7 ! V J . 9 7 6 4 2 * 5 * K 10 9 2 - No one vulnerable : West North East South 1* 2N.T. 4 A , 5 * . Pass Pass Pass Opening lead--* A WESTERN. OLD LINE LEGAL RESERVE INSURANCE CO. has openings for Agents in Kalispell, Libby, Eureka, Thompson Falls and Poison Areas. Selling experience preferred or comparable experience. A part or full time opportunity to make substantial income. Free Train- Ing bv Home Office and in the Field. Life annuities, accident, sickness and hospltalization. Write Associate Mgr., Box 162 c/o Inter Lake. trumped in dummy and led dummy's singleton heart. This play gave him a chance to plan his complete, play later on. West won with the ten and led a third spade. South trumped in dumrny, discarded a heart from his hand and considered the significance of West's play. ^He decided that West would surely have led a diamond if he did^not hold the king. Hence, the diamond finesse wo\^ld work. South played the ace of dubs from dummy, led a club to his king, finr' essed the queen of diamonds,' trumped a diamond, ruffed a heart in dummy, ruffed another diamond tate. FLORENCE MONTGOMERY CUTTING Executrix of the Estate of said Deceased. , Dated at Kalispell, Montana, this 13th 'day of November, 1957, MURPHY AND ROBINSON Attorneys for Petitioner. 217 Conrad Bank Building Kalispell, Montana. since they landed at a .very satisfactory five club contract. If the bidding appears peculiar to you' it is because North and South were Using a modern gadget known', as the unusual no-trump. North''s two no-trump bid did not indicate any desire to playj no-trump. All it did was tell his partner that he was loaded with diamonds and clubs. East's four spade · bid made tilings'-dificult for South but he his last and claimed NOTICE OF PKOBATE OF WILL In the District Court of the Eleventh Judicial District of the State of Montana, in and.for the County of FiatHead. .In the Matter of the Estate of ARTHUR N. -BESSEY, Deceased. Pursuant": to -an Order of said Cpurt,. made ;on the 15th day of November, \1957, notice is hereby given that the 2d day of December, 1957, at ten-O'clock V A. M. of'said day at the; .Court Room of said Court, .at the Courthouse in the County of Flathead, has been appointed as the time and place for proving the Will-.of said Arthur N. Bessey, deceased, and for hearing the application of Harriet Lorraine Anderson for the issuance to her oi LjStters Testamentary when and where; any person interested may appear and contest the «»me. Dated November 15th, 1957. , JACIE WILLIS, Clerk ROGNLIEN AND HASH Kalispell, Montana. Attorneys for Petitioner. (Nov. 18, 25, 29) the balance of the tricks since dummy was now eritirely good. Q--The b'idBing has been: North East South West J * Pass , 1 * Pass · ?. A . Pass 3 * Pass 3 * Pass . 4 · Pass 4 V Pass ' ·»'- · .You. South,.hold: : 487 V K J 6 + Q 1 0 9 6 5 * A Q J . What do you bid? A--Bid five hearts; You Have bid very mildly so far. This is your {jrst real show of strength and shows second round heart control. TODAY'S QUESTION North continues wjlh a bid of six diamonds. W h a t V d n you do NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of Harry R. Force, De r ceased. . : ; Notice is hereby/given by the undersigned, the Executrix of the estate of Harry K. Force, deceased, to the creditors o£ and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to ! exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice to the said Executrix at the offices of Murphy and Robinson, 217 Conrad Bank Bldg., Kalispell, in the County of Flathead, State of Montana, the same being the place for the transaction of the business of said estate. MARY FORCE Executrix of the Estate of said Deceased, Dated at Kalispell, Montana, this 31st day of October, 1957. · MURPHY ROBINSON, Attorneys for Petitioner. now? Answer Tomorrow. NOTICE TO CREDITORS No. 6144 . Estate ,o£ HATTIE J. KIRGAN, Deceased. . . Notice is hereby given by the undersigned, the Executor of the estate of Hattie J. Kirgan, deceased, to the creditors of and all j persons having claims against the ODORLESS, soaplcss, gentle and kind, no foreign substance left behind in carpets cleaned with Blue Lustre. Mam Street Funiirure. WANTED truck with boom to haul large, 16. ft. logs. Ph.. SK6.3933.. T3 HB.P WANTED-GENERAl WANTED AT ONCE -- Have you been affected by layoff, sh6rter work week, smaller pay check? Part of Kalispell now available lor Rawleigh business. Keep your job and sell in spare time. Write The W. T, Rawleigh Company, MTK-21-793, 1000 N. Third Street, Minneapolis 1, Minnesota. HANDYMEN -- TYPISTS, Earn rent money by spare time work. Ph. SK6-4883 morn.. 14 INSTRUCTION INSTRUCTION, Male. Learn weld. ing now! Big demand in well-paid industries. Spare time training In spare . A r c you quickly. Write Heliarc, Gas, Arc Welding prepares ..... util f ties Eng . Lake. HOTPOINT elec. range, push tmtton control. Hotpoint refrigerator, Norge automatic washer,' kitchen' table 4 chairs, play table chair, chrome high chair, TV chair. Zenith TV, 2 nigs with pads, 2 chest drawers, 2 twin beds, 1 crib, lawn swing, Swede saw axe, garden hose, clothes drying racks, ironing board. 623 2nd Ave; East. FOR SALE, RC Allen, adding machine, operated 8 column hand SK8-4897 after 5 p.m. S95. Ph. Swivel Rockers,' all colors Special price 44.88 GAMBLES 1G FT. Express Cruiser t Trailer S40C. 25 H.P. Johnson motor S275 194D Chevy 2-dr. $95. 1940 Jord 'Panel $100. Ph. UL7-2371. COME and get it, you won't regret it. Plastic type ,- . 6 tile. Kalisp Plastic type Glaxo is tops for asphalt Jispell Glass i= Paint. _ UNFURNISHED 3 rmT~ apt. 625 1st fish carry a one year warranty given by United States Car Testing Co. and good anywhere in the United States. '57 MERCURY Monfclair 4-dr. Like new, small trade. SK6-5703. 1950 PONTIAC, 4-dr., RtH, defroster. Ph. UL7-2153 evenings. 851 MERC., R., H., O.D. Excellent condition. Must sell, owner going in service. 405 3rd Ave E. SELL EQUITY in '57 Ford Fairlane 500 cheap or will trade for equity on Pickup. Ph. DU7-4921. 1952 CHEVROLET Suburban, S350, Good condition. See at 1044 Third dining"foom~ combmationrKitchen Tnd _ St., Whitefish. or call UN2-6345._ bath. Full basement with a finished · 1950 BUICK, good condition. Clean.- bedroom. Garage. FOR IMMEDIATE SALE. $11,750. Conrad Agency NEW LOCATION S E Corner MONTANA HOTEL BLDG. AGNES H. CONRAD Realtor · , Phone SK6-3807 . Reas. Jean Berkqvics, B45 3rd Ave. E. '5K8-7657 1957 VOLKSWAGON, evenings." Dial FOB SALE, '55 Ford V-8 2-door Cus- tomline, standard shift. Heater, directional signals, seat covers, new spare, new battery. §1,300 cssh Ph. SK6-677B. 1957 Chevrolet Station Wagon 6, standard shift, Model 210. 4-dr., 5,000 miles, S2195.00. K. Wojan, Seeley Lake. Mont. 1951 BU1CK Super Station Wagon, new rubber, 5495.00. 5K6-4Q09. WANTED TO BUY, equity in late model cars. Must be clean and priced right. Phono SK6-315S or SK2-9096. VERY NICETfurnished 3 room, work-! .; ipS couple- or man. Ph. SKS-73B7. ' WARM Mi*, living rm., kitchen, bd'rm, .bath, nicely furn. Auto, laundry fac- llltiej. 231 8th St. E. 1 2-rm. mod., furn. apt. Close in. Lights -water incl. 535 mo 1 4-rm. g round floor apt. close in. $45 mo. _ K6-6087. ____ '_,_ 2 ROOM furnished fcil apt. .. 540 All utilities ___ ________ 2nd Ave. W. UPTOWN- 3 .-runs * bath," completely furn., clean, steam heat, TV cable, suitable for working couple or single persoh. SK6-3427 or 6-3938. 100 AUTOMOBILES $ 00 TWO bedroom unfurn, apt. for rent. Phone SK6-5476... 1ST FLH. 3 rm. furn. apt. Close in, adults. 110 4tb Ave. E. SK6-4067 3 ROOM furnished apartment, water lights furn. 387 4th Ave. E.N. Ph. SK6-5618. Large living room, 2 bedrooms, bath, kitchen, utility room-and garage, un- furn. except electric range and refrigerator. Eastside location. Mrs. Wilbur Graham, SK6-5978. AUTO. Maytag washer and dryer ln|- _,,_ good condition. Reas. Ph. SKG-5378. 2 KM. furn. 5.2o.. 3 or SECOND grade Xmas trees. Victor Bays. Spmers. Ph. UL7-2587. CIRCULATING wood heater, cast iron firebox. Ph. SK6-6777. TEENAGE girls clothes. Formals. Poplin jacket. Coat Wool suit. Misc. 434 1st Ave. W.N., SKG-4504. Be Satisfies. Use Inter L/aKe want Afls. TM a . ; SC HWIN middle weight bicycle gd. 18 POSITIONS WANTED U. S. CIVIL SERVICE TESTS! Men-| cond. new tires. 812 9th Ave. W. women. 18-52. Start high as S72 per week. Preparatory training until appointed. Thousands of jobs open. Experience usually unnecessary. FREE information on jobs, salaries, requirements. WRITE TODAY! Western Service,^Box No. 163, c/o Inter Lake. MAN"wants work, any kind. part, f u l l ' time. Write Inter Lake Box 163. ORDER NOW! Decorated wreaths, $1.50 to ¥5.00, also Xmas trees, decorated or'plain i Xmas rope, R. E. Young. Hte. 1, Bigfork. TE7'^3370. SINGER ; Sewing Machine: Demonstrator, slant needle portable, may now be sold at greatly reduced price. Trade'and easy terras. Singer Sewing Center, 248 Second Ave. W., Ph.. SKS-7188. EXPERIENCED teenage girl to live in home and care for small children. Dial SK2-9775. IRONING, pickup and delivery. Tenth- Ave. W. Ph. SK6-4854. 36 CHILD CAHE, my home, hour or day. Close in. Ph. SK6-3296. 12 Piece Living Room Group 177.00 GAMBLES home, day or night. . -- _br working mothers. SK6-7743. 910 7th_ Ave. W. INSIDE house painting t basement. Very reas. Henry Peterson, Gen. Delivery KaHspell. HOTPOINT elec. range, $360 new, used one year, perfect condition, $200. Custom-built 300 HH Magnum : rifle. 4 power scope, extra receiver sight, box shells, S125. Ron Munter, Bigfork, Mont. WILL do your.-ironing in my home. Free pickup, fc .delivery. SK2-9593. 17-YR.-OLD boy wants work. Licensed to drive. Ph. SK6-3473. 20 DAY CONTRACT PAINTING, Paper hanging A Wall cleaning. Free estimate. SK2-9839. EXCAVATING - Water and Sewer Lines, Footings. Any type digging. " rates. PACK said deceased, to "exhibit them, «... «,....., ·*»««.. . . -- wlth the necessary vouchers, within TOE rDAILYJNTEl LAKE four ·nwh.ths after the first .publi- Published dally (except Satur- Jay)' and Sunday by Inter " " Publishing Company, 410 day)' and Sunday by Inter Lake Publishing Company, 410 "First Avenue West. Kalispell, Montana, W. B. SweeUand. WltoTBndP«blUh«^ ation ' Of th!s n ^ ice to the "'Executor at.offices of Murphy and Robinson, 217 Conrad Bank Building, in Kalispell, in the County of Flathead, State of Montana, th« sanie being the place for the transaction pf the business of said estate. OSCAR JOHNSON, Executor of the Estate of ' · Entered at second class matter at Post Office. . Kalispell. Montana. Member of the Audit: Bureau of Circulation* Subscription Prio«s Carrier .Rates Dally k Sunday, one month I i.7S Dally * Sunday, one vear . 11.00 MAIL RATES PAID IN ADVANCE. said Deceased. Dated at Kalispell, Montana, this 2Ist day of November, 1957. In Mpntan* - where carrier service MURPHY AND ROBINSON, ! Attorneys for Petitioner, ' 21.00, one month 1.75. . - M Kalispell, Montana. BROS^ EXCAVATING, ditcnlng," water, sewer lines, septic tanks installed. Any type of digging, loading- or grading. r lsher Yard SK6-47: grad fe. 22 REPAIR SERVICE GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIR WHEELERS JEWELRY RADIATORS steam-cleaned. We cure overheating -- clean nnd repair all types of radiators. ROBINSON RADIATOR SHOP 314 Ut Ave W. Ph. Place Your Classified Ad TODAY! barrel and connections, $35; daveno, $5; chair', S3; library' table $10: Norge oil heater, 520; Northophonic Console Phonograph, $5; 1020 Fifth Ave. W. .,, .. _ __ 4 rm. unfurn. dnstrs $35. 345 7th Ave. W. SK6-4517. SUNNY 4 rm. i bath. Furn. upstairs' apt. Close in. SK6-4583. ALL MODERN FURNISHED 2 rm. downstairs; 4 room 540; two 3 rooms. Haytou Apts., SK6-G810. FURNISHED apt-, all ul Close in. Ph. SK6-S657. utilities iurn. TEPEE Lodge I fc 3 bedrm. kitchens. Utilities heat funi. SK6-4455. FURN. heated apt. upsfrs. Adults. S05 apt. up KG-375: 4th Ave. W. SKG-3753 after 5. 300 F R E E To Be Given Away at a Drawing on Dec. 23rd at STOCKTON MOTORS -USEQ CAR LOT on The Strip » No Obligation-Nothing to Buy DELUXE furn. 3 rm. apt. Auto heat laundry. Pli. SK6-5095. ,7t ; Just bring your Title or Registration in to Stockton's 76 HOUSES FOR RENT 1 BDRM. furn. house. Automatic oil furnace. Ph. SKG-4G20. ' 2 BDRM. homo, ful] basement, furnished, good location. See Lou Anderson at Palm Restaurant. 4 ROOM modern unfurn. house near Courthouse, attached garage. Inq. 1020 5th Ave. W. 1 BDRM. modern completely furn. $30 nith. Ph. SK6-5188. . '· 3 ROOM house, shower bath, ptly,, turn. Close in. SK6-3178._ MOD. 2 bdrm unfurn. house, Meadow Lark Drive. Evergreen SK2-9900. \ 2 BDRM. modern unfurn. house. Automatic oil furn. $55. SK6-4317. 1 BEDRM unfurn. house, 1 bcdrm, un- furn. apt. SK6-4402. FURNISHED "apartment. Adults. 820 New: automatic Zig Zag Sewing Ma-1 Second Ave. West, chines, starting at 179.95' PFAFF SEWING CENTER Glacier Bldg. -- Kalispel 1 4 8:25x18 tires, tubes 4 wheels, like new. S100. Nbrthside Mobile Station. HOT POINT deluxe el«c range, 2 yrs. old, owner, left town. SK6-3895. TREES for truckers, premium quality, SK6-4195. 1038..6th Ave. West. BENT: Singer sewing macnmes, S3 mo. Singer Sewing. Center. SK6-7188. Davenport t chair, blue, ' like,:new so.oo GAMBLES ROLLS SECOND HAND STORE Household articles, tools, guns, elec trie appliances, etc. Guy anything, sell everything, aas 1st Ave.^W. «-4375. NOW IS THE TIME TO GET YOUR W I N T KK SAWDUST TIRES at TAYLOR TIRE CO. . . LEE'S CLASS SHOP. Pictures. Plettn* rrantin*. Mtrrora Ave. Phone SK6-7S72 RICK slab, wood, in a vines, sawdiut You hauL Montana Saw Service. 45 MISCELLANEOUS FREE CUTE playful kitten need* home. 820 1st 'Ave. -.JE. i ·.".''·'" ['·.·.,:·;..:.;. ' ' - 1 · 46 PETS HOUSE trained Siamese kittens for sale. Ph. SK6-8723. CASPER'S DACHSHUNDS BIGFORK, MONT. 3 RM. and bath unrurn. except oil heater. Comfortable fc clean. Walking .distance to town. SK2-S541. Used Car Lot and Register (Register at Used Car Lot Only) INT ADDITION TO THIS Everyone That BUYS A USED CAR WILL RECEIVE 25 00 CHRISTMAS GROCERIES FREE ONE bedroom unfvim. newly dec-| orated. Good location, reas. SK6-5378] FOR RENT, 2 room modern house,! furnished. Ph. SK6-6794. j IN WHITEFISH, 2 bedrm unfurn. hse., dble. garage, Youngstown kitchen, fenced yard. See at 104* 3rd St. or call UN2-6543. SMALL fum. hbuse for rent. Inquire _633 2nd Ave. W : 1 3-ROOM furn. $23 mo. fe I 4-room P"y turn. $35 mo. Ph. SK2-9350. EARN'EXTRA HOME INCOME roomers, bbarders. Lease large furnished home. Ph. SK6-4883 or 6-5492. 2 BDRM. unfurn, mod: house. Phdnt SK6-4120. 2 BDRM. unfurn. modern house. Redecorated. Eastside, Ph. SK6-5706. COZY mod. fum. cottaje. Ldry. fac.' Children allowed. SK6^817. ; _ RENTAL BUREAU."SK6-4883 or 6-7011 for list of houses, apts. rooms. , ' BUY A USED CAR THAT IS GUARANTEED FOR ONE YEAR BY GENERAL . · ' * There will be 3 Drawings all at 3:00 p.m. Dec. 23rd 1st-$150.00 2nd -$100." 3rd -$50.00 This is all being given to you as a Christmas Present from 1 BDRM. home, auto wasner, dryer, nge, refrig. drapes, auto oil , _$70.00._SK6-6243. FOR RENT, · unfurn. duplex, clot* to school. Ph, SK6'6027. . . . '·.... ' · NICELY fum. 2 bdrm. mod-cabin. Warm. Ingulated. Ph SKS-3O53 2 BDRM. house; Partly furnlihed. Dial SK6-7093 or SK6-8184. - , \i : :3 BDRM. mod. turn, home Oil heat. Auto washer * dryer. Ph. SKM4W. 237 6th Ave. W.

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