The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on June 8, 1976 · Page 9
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 9

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1976
Page 9
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TM OM* Mir UM, Variety n «T«Mtor 6UWC4W* ,. ItMounMn 44 Off* Mb 75 OMc «*J tM SO Lodgv MGodilmolh* 62 r-ortatu dawn c*4r* 17 Sanctified on* 53 UoOwt KtTU MUY WHEN I SET BACK I WANT IN TMr OFFICE NEAT .ANP ZERO 2Z Prior*, (p,«(*) 23CoUfi« 55 Certain 24 Pew Gvnt'» Scandinavian motrnr --_,. 25 Breath, OOirN 2' Male Ottpring 1 Burrotms 30 Metal 1 InlerstKe 31 First woman 3 Rtntai 32 D«s»e (Hang! ctocixtws 33 Diamond : 4 Young»«r 5 Frui* rfcjws ments 12 Fastener !3 Integrity 18 Boy's name 21 Arid region 23 Transgressed 2 Pastry 28 Eggs 43 Pilny 45 Theow *f HOfJ» color 49 Knock 51 ouan Indian WtNTftlOf f co au SEEANYTHIt-*? NOWADAYS, BVB?TBOCiYS3 ACCWEPIAN. OWMi-I IttCK O'SHAY WIN AT BRIDGE THAT LITTLE THE WAOOM ROGER AN' TOI_E HIH- TAIL. I AN' TELW THE UkWl tJUT FIRST.. Cayne squeezes six spades AUEY OOP NORTH * A J S 7 3 * 9 7 2 * A 8 5 3 WEST 4 1 0 5 2 V A J 8 5 4 2 EAST V I 0 6 » KQJ10653 * Q J 9 2 SOUTH (D) » A * K 8 7 Both vulnerable Hsl Noctb Eul Pass ' Pass Pass 34 6^ Pass. 4 4 Pus Pass Sntt 14 5 * 6 4 Opening lead -- 8 * OK * MEBC By OiwaM A James Jacoby Billy iJisenberg, a member of the last American team tc win the world's championship, finished second in the Cavendish invitation with Jimmy Cayne of New York. Oswald Jacoby captained that championship team and Jim Jacoby was a playing member. Billy and Jimmy were one of the pairs to bid sis with today's hand and Cayne one of the very few to make the slam. The dummy was disappointing and there was no ap- An' Ohio reader wants to know what you rebid after you open one club and partner responds one diamond. You bold: FRANK AND ERNEST F05KETT3 REACHED WRAP HIM UP AMD SHIP HIM 5OMfcWHtRt. SURE... Small Space Ads Attract Attention. ann landers parent way to avoid two losers, but .Cayne handled it nicely. He led a spade to dummy at trick two and continued with the queen of hearts lo West's ace. West led a second diamond. Cayne ruffed, cashed the king of hearts while discarding a club from dummy, raffed a low heart and had a count on the East hand of two hearts, seven diamonds and four clubs. . This led to a simple'squeeze against East. Jimmy led a second trump to his own hand, ruffed his last heart, led dummy's last trump to his own hand, played out his last trump to leave dummy with one diamond and two clubs and poor East with ho discard. He had to bold a high diamond and was forced to unguard his queen of clubs. Your hand is a trifle too weak to jump to two spades. Just bid one spade and plan to bid again. ANDY CAP* YOU WANT IN THESE PLACES, } IKNQU YOV'CM-AN'YOU CANBUYBtERyTHltf YOU DONT WWT, AS WELL.'.' CAPTAIN EASY SCOTT: THE MIRACLE FIGURE «CEIIFT FOKMUL SrRflkJK HEK TISSUES 50 TISHr rr's PUUEO HER BONES BUT WHPT'lL YOU PWPIEHEAD! VOtTVE RUIMEP THE GREATEST LESS iw MOWS HISTORY rj.i_ sue McKEH 1NPUTRIES FOR MILLIONS- CUR.TAIU VCUVB SOT TO flPWT IT'5 GIVINS H* RROflOCAST A SEWSATIOMflL CLUAAX! W«Jr«d»y. Jun« 9, U7B ARIES (M*reh Z1-April 19) Your adventurous spiril could lead you astray today, if you erxjage in any lorm of speculation. It's not a someihing-for- nothing day. TAURUS (Aprfl 2Q.M«y 30) In making an importanl agreement today, don't be more generous than your counterpart. The deal won't hold water untess eacn give equalfy. GEMINI M*y 21-Jmw 20) VCHJ may volunteer to do something for another today, hoping you'll (a'er reap more than you've sown. It just won't work out that way. CANCER (Jtm 21-Arty 32} Waste not want not is an oW and wise saying. You probably won't heed it today, and wW be e x t r a v a g a n t w i t h y o u r resources and those of associates. LEO (July 23-Aug- 22) You may set targets for yourseil today Ihal far exceed your capabilities. Be realistic in assessing your lalenis and sfcrfls. VIRGO (Aug. 23-*«pt. 22) Today you'll be tempted to play ihe game of one-upsmanship when olhers te,l you of their achievements. You wont appreciate being upstagad by anyone. LtBRA (Stpt. 2J-Oct. 23) Your expensive whims could get the better of you today, rf you tet yourself go you'll buy things Dear AM Luden: No* tot ·wry *mi#tt ta America ha* decide*) Ac to pi* I* fate m tOMto, i hope jroa wiU print tfete totter for km to MC He«»e, ]*di«, teani* outfit* «w MppMtd to fee won oo the court*, not on bwef, ta --prmirtjft, to te beauty shop ami while roBiug nei|bbortood errwto You do not took f etchlof with vow fMa'ii IM.IM: out of the ruffled panties and a Uoe MtwotTof varicose veins exposed for the world to s«e. Would you consider gob« marketteg ta yo«r wv derwear or » bathing suit? Well, why parade arowd to something that shows just as much? V you don't care bow you kick, consider ptetse those of us wtio ha veto look at VOM. Thai*j a Joe--Mr Joha Q. PubUc DM* Mw. Con't wy «W h» MM · fiMt MI^ tm- iri outfit* *n fh. IMM, but rim I Iw In KM Iwwt «f f»wn and I havwi'f b*«a n rf Hw tho* frit, girh, , , - w * Dear Ann Landers: I am a fairly intelligent woman (or so I thought) in a state of shock. Why? Because I didn't know toe first thing about inheritance lawi. I sit here dumbfounded at my ignorance sod angry *t my deceased husband for not educating me. (Maybe HE didn't know any better either, bat be shoald have.) John and 1 were married 33 years. We haw two children. Five years ago our son ran off with a gtri we never liked. We haven't heard from him since. Ov daugner is living in California with some hippie -weaving baskets. We wrote her off in 1ST: when she wrote us a nasty letter about our "crass materialism " Two weeks ago John died of a heart attack. He waa 57 and in the best of health. No history of a coronary problem, ever. He had a physical in December and was pronounced fit as a fiddle. John left NO will. When the lawyers told me 1 am entitled by law to only one-third of my husband's estate and our daughter and son will divide the other two- thirds I almost keeled over. Yes, that's the way the law in Illinois reads and I am helpless. I am writing in the hope that you wiH print this letter and wake up others who are as stapM as I was -Don't Know What Hit Me DMT Don't Know: Hom'» your kttw end I hopo It got* a few mWlon pooplo to thinking. Oo YOU wonwn out thor* know what wouU hnpn»n H your ftutband dnppod do6d fwnon*wf If you don't, caH a lawyer «r your bwiranc* agont and find out. Nobody Bk* to think afaeur death, but If« virtvwtry tho onry thing you can count on. Dear Ann Landers: Today I found out by accident that my mother had a marriage before she married my dad. I don't know if any of my brothers or sisters know. (They are older.) Should 1 tell my mom I just found out about her first marriage (which was a bummer) or should I act like I don't know anything? Would it be better to ask my brothers and sisters if they know and maybe get the details from them? I am really upset and need your advice. -- Bolt From The Blue Door Bolt-. Why ploy gomw? What you DM**] iMh/ot may not bo truo.Go atrocity lo wwrnwriw atrfaoVhor. I boliova chiUron have a right to know about pmicn nwriagM of thoir parent* and tho Infoimulioii thouU com* from Morn or Dad -- not from itionytn. ·» SURE . . . Small Space Ads Attract Attention. i Dr. Lamb. Weight gain after baby byfen-iceBecteQ/ol you don't need at a price you can't affofd. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) If seeking information today, be sure to get it from the proper source. Things you get second-hand are likely to be distorted and exaggerated. SAGITTARIUS ftov. 23-DK. 21) Treat Ihose who are deserving with charity and understanding today. But by Ihe same token, don't lei yourself be taken by someone who is just a sponger. CAPRICORN (D*c. 22-Jan. 1») Be (Jemocratic in group activities today and let everyone have a say. If you try to dominate (he show, you'll soon be playing to empty seats AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Ftb. 19} You may support an unpopular cause today, not because you believe in it, but because you don't want to be lagged as one of t^e herd. P.'SCES (F*b. 20-Mwch 20) While you may be excellent at graso*ng small details today, sornefcow you (end to miss (he overall picture Don't overlook what_s_hould be obvious. Your Birthday Jun* «, 1«79 You shouW have a fair share o opportunities heading your way this coming year. Exolore (hem all carefully or you couW pass up one of the better ones. By LawraKt E. Lamb, M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB -- I am 25 years oM. In March 1975 1 had my first baby. I ani only 5 feet 1 and weigh about 130 pounds. When .1 had my daughter I had to have a section. Because of the section my doctor told me that 1 couldn't doanyexercise.SoIjust went on a diet and went from 140 to 115 pounds. From my middle down I still looked as if I were about five and a half montts' pregnant. I got so depressed Uiat I went back up to 130 pounds. I know 1 am overweight. 1 am back on the diet to lose weight but f need good exercises to flatten my tummy and rear · i.nd also slim down my hips and thighs. f know now that dieting is not enough. !f you can, please s e n d me a b o o k l e t or something with the right kind of exercises for me. I went to the book stores around here and can only find books on dieting and none on exercise. DEAR READER - It is discouraging to suddenly pass from a small woman to one who has to fight to keep Uw flab off. Smalt women really have more trouble because they don't have a lot of muscle mass to begin with, so they use a small amount of calories at rest, compared to larger women. Immediately after a section 1 can see why your doctor would not want you to do too mu^h exercising that would put a strain on the scar. However, if it is a good scar there is no reason why you can't do ordinary calisthenics now to strengthen your abdominal muscles. The exercises will not be as big a strain on the healed incision as another pregnancy will be and women commonly have additional pregnancies after the first section. Obviously you do need lo diet You know how sine* you have been successful in this department before. 1 recommend that everyone who goes on a diet also use an exercise program even if it is just walking. The exercise will help keep you from losing vital body protein and muscle. Without it you will lose so much- muscle that it is even harder to avoid obesity after the diet than it was before. That is what is wrong with those fad and crash diets, among other things. You -heed exercises to stren. 'hen your abdominal muscles, t am sending you The Health Letter number 3-7, Girth Control: Avoiding the Big Middle. Others who want this information can forward SO cents with a long, stamped, self-addressed envelope for mailing. Address yrjur letter to me in care of this newspaper, P.O. Box 1551, Radio City Station, New York, NY 10019. This will tell you how to do set ups and teg lifts that will tighten your abdominal muscles. Most people think that sit-ups will do the job. but they are just for the upper abdomen and will not help that lower pot. A good daily w a l k i n g program, built up to an hour a day if you nave time, phis the abdominal exercises and weight reduction should do the trick for you. Men arc too inhibited usually to use them, but bumps and grinds are very good for i m p r o v i n g the strength of the seat and pelvic muscles. They might help in that department. t also like to recommend swimming as a good exercise to lose weight. But you have to swim, not lie in the sun and gobble down snacks or cold drinks. if the water is oo lh« cool side it will help drain away heat, which means losing calories. The exercise doesn't strain your joints as your body weight is supported. It is a great exercise for many wfco have knee, ankle and foot problems and is a pleasant way to exercise in warm weather.

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