The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 26, 1960 · Page 2
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 2

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 26, 1960
Page 2
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Dciu Democrat-Times 2 Tuesday, July 26, '60^ . . ' Polta Farm Weathy ; Hot, Humid Weather Continues STONEVILLE -- Hoi and humid weather will conlinuf today urtd Wednesday.-Widely Mattered thowCri «te'for«clut t» fall on About i fifth f t the Otlla today «nd about « tenth tomorrow. Radar has shoivn a few showers in the north Dclln (his morning and a tew: scattered over (h« Doltn yesterday. However none ol tilt showers Fell over the 14 reporting stations in the area. The only (font of «ny coMtquenco il (n Wisconsin, I«W» and N«- bnski nnd is not oupcclod to mov* much further nsuth. Th« Mid- South Is under the influence ot general high preuure ind only widely scillMMl jhowtrs are likely the next tew days- Temperatures yesterday afternoon ranged from 100 at Nitta Vunia to 95 nt Roscdnle and Scott. Low readings this morning were in the mid 70s. Litlle change In Ihc hot humid conditions is expected for the next fe* days. Ihlin to C.ll« Fom WlBlhlT, lef.t Halt* WDOr, Kol (0, ' K, ll:)l Kit iN National Convention is being hoM. The trailers were assigned to Rep. Charles Halleck, permanent PORTABLE HOMES t!UCAGO ; (AP)--Some Republican Icudorj- end others have homes away from home in the International Amphitheatre. Ten house-type trailers, c«h 10 chairman of the convention; Republican N a 11 0 nn I Chairman Thruston B. Morton; Vice President Richard M. NlXon; OOV, Nelby 50 feet, liavo been rolled into son A. Rockefeller of New York a wing dt tho hall where tho GOP|atul other). endr Methyl Parathion Follow local rtwmnwndiUjM. Atwqrt rud Ids libel on UN ewttlnu. SHELL CHEMICAL SHELi; COMPANY AGRICULTURAL CHfiMrCAt-S DfVJSION tlO SouUi Oalborne Avenue, Now Ort«nn» 13, Louisiana BOY! OH BOY! DAD SURE GOT A TERRIFIC BICYCLE FOR ME FROM THE? CLASSIFIED ADS' Lucky fella! And there are thousands just like him who have found just the hike, the ntito, the home or the job they have wanted -- right here in the rlasi- fied ads in this paper! IT PAYS TO READ AND USE THE CLASSIFIED ADS FOR QUICK ACTION Sfte BeJJa lernxxmil "The Favorite Rending of the Alid-Ddta" Herbert Hoover Bids Goodbye To COP For Fourth Time ST. JAMES IS CONSECRATED -- Following a service of consecration the mortgage on St. James Episcopal Church was burned Sunday Seen art those Mho took major parts in the ceremony; Hubert Crosby, senior warden when the church was built, behind him Is Hoddlng Carter, senior Warden at (his tinic, the Rev. Harold Martin rector, and behind him to William Jones, junior warden, and the Rt. Rev. Duncan M. Gray, Bishop of Mississippi. Staff Photo) Sf. James Consecrated, Mortgage Burned Sunday LOUISE CRUMP !n a solemn ceremony conduct' A Sunday by the Rl. Rev. Dun in M. Gray, Bishop of Misslss- ipl, St. James Episcopal Church al consecrated, and the mort- age burned. Taking part in the ancient rites tett the Rev. Harold Martin, eclor, tha Rev. William D, Keller, assistant, and both past and resent wardens and members of he vestries. First Cons«ration In his sermon Bishop Gray told tat this was the first consccra- service he had ever conduct- be filled with prido that we iave not been insensitive to our debt to God. In consecrating [his building we arc reconsecrat- ing ourselves." The ceremony of consecration cr^was filled when struck by a Included the chapel dedicated to the memory of the late Phil May- 'I care not for the dollars I ·d. tat have been spent but ive praise to God that you have iven to God that which belongs to im. "There has been nothing small i the planning of this church,' le Bishop said. "But this day, s we burn the mortgage, we ust not boast of our stewardship Sen. Lambert Is Hot Surprised At Barnett's Denial BELMONT (UP1 - Slate Sen. r lavous Lambert said today he was "not surprised" that Gov. "toss Barnett denied telling him IB expected members of the Mis issippi congressional delegation a bolt the Democratic Party in he presidential election. "I am sorry to see the governor has seen fit to deny Baying all the congressional delegation will bolt the party," Lamber} aid in a statement. "But I'm not surprised. In fact, he has denied saying many things he said during he campaign las summer, especially the fact tha is promised teachers a $754 ·aise." Lambert had reported that Bar nelt told him last week that hi expected the state's two U. S senators and six representatives to join him in supporting an in dependent presidential ticket. Bar nett told UPI he did not maki the statement and said he wuuU not speak for members of Con gress. Bloody Japanese Labor Dispute Hears Settlement TOKYO (AP)-One of Japan' bloodiest, biggest and longest la bor disputes * headed for settle ment by arbitration today. The Mitsui Mining Co. agreei to accept labor board proposal for a truce in the 182-day strik at the Miike colliery in southwest! Japan. The union already had ac-| cepted the truce proposals. The union struck in opposition to company plans to streamline operations and discharge some! 2,000 miners. One person has beer killed and hundreds injured in violent clashes. The labor board's truce proposals call for suspension of picketing, withdrawal of management's demand for application of n court injunction to curb picketing, and acceptance without reservation by the disputing parties. of the settlement to be worked out by the board. Management is not to undertake coal production before the settlement. ' hall, Bennett Gordon and Lcla Jdyne Holtz. Following the service the congregation witnessed the burning oi the mortgage with Hubert Crosby, senior warden at the time the church was built, setting fire to the document. Lunch was served on the grounds at the close of the ceremony. Firefighter* Die PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) - ThrW fire lighters died Monday, raising tha death toll in the Welt's outbreak of forest and ranee ilrei lo nine. Two men died in Washington from burns suffered earlier while lighting blazes In the UmatllU National Forest. Near Kamloop§ in British Columbia, a fire tight falling tree. Nfnny of the fires, which hive charred a total of 275,000 icrts in the Western stales and weilem Canada, remained out of conlro today. WIDE OPEN SPACES CHICAGO (AP)-Vicc President Richard M. Nixon's party is oc cupying 49 rooms and suites in the Sheralon-Blackslone Hotel. President Eisenhower's party ' due today, has 21 units. CROSSWORD - - - By Eugene Sbeffer il 3s" 54- HORIZONTAIi 1. bewilderment 4,«pot fear IS. asc«nd 14. manner 15. deduced 17. Joiner's tool 19. Greek god of war 20. support 21. abristlo 23. climbing; an il plant 37, occurrence 29. crafts 30. correlative of either 31. cushion 32.CeJUo 34. natlvo Hawaiian food 35. source of tho ego S3. asterisk ST.hnvinga ledge frankly 44, candle 48. stationary portions of a dynamo 01, female sheep 52.rldgBOf glacial gravel secretly VERHOAL 1. current crazo 7-itf ' u.cognltaat 10, pallid 64. drollery 65. everything 68.napWn placed under dished . unit 3. rotated 4. rescue. 5. ringlet of hatr 7. exists 8. ancient potion ro- putedto banish 16, Mldctta Eastern country 13. young fallows 20, oxcludas 21.thoaiUIo- fish. 22, avoid 24. capital 0{ Answer to yesterday's puzzle. 26. slipknot 26. attempted 28. giggled S3. predator; · 34. American 39. act of cliarglne with air 42. was In debt 43.ple«lout medicine men 86, Jspaneaa beer 38. source 40. rebuff 41, pertaining to birth 45. diversify 46. beverage 47. carpenter'* tool 48. runner used on snow 49. tear CO. pen for Annra lta» ot KTn«m S4 ntairtrt. O J960, Ktae Features Syni, Inc.) S3. tHereTOI» QUESTION'S-.ANSWERED By WHITNEY StlOBMAkER CHICAGO (AP)-All the chair- mn could get out was, "Ladies nd gentlemen, ! present to you « o! th« greatest hurrtSiliUr- ,ns--" The ladies and gentlemen knew ho wai coming. They hXrcd, amp«d, dipptd and rnlrched. Htrt he Was again, th« indent epubllnn, and igtln h* wit aying this would be the last time. "Unless some miracle comes to i» from the good Lord, thli Is fin- .ly It," Herbert Hoover told GOP onvenilonw'ri who teem to like Urn more n the yean go by. Certainly hoping he was mis- Along The Riverfront RIVER BULLETIN tatlons Flood Prwent M-hour t*g*« In ft ilag* »tag« change MISSISSIPPI t. Louis 0 6.1 0.3 Fall rlemphll ieteni rk»n»ii 'rill* Bd(. ftcksburg 'itllburgh ''inclnntti Cairo M 7.0 0,8 Fal U ». 0.7 Fal City O 9.8 0,8 Fall 4J H.S4 1,W Fall O 12.3 1,2 Fall OHIO U pl«.7 0,1 Fall t2spl2.2 0.1 Fall 40 18,8 0.0 ARKANSAS ,itt!a Rock 23 8.1 7.0 Ris S-Stage yesterday morning; P- 3 ool stage. R-Stage day before tsterday. Both Greenville Towing Corn- Any motor Vessels tre enroutc 0 tha home port. The Walter Wit nmjon. southbound on the lower lississippi, will pass V/arfiell J oin(, 5 miles south of Green- Hie, late Fridiy. Then Ben Mc- 001 is scheduled here tomorrow Ight and at 6 a.m. today radioed t mile 810 and downbound on the hio river. Snnt fow:rg unt, rcdiord towbcol, . . lodey l al NaiKvillt. utargirra coraa al NaiKvillt. Ter\r,., f\ Ihi Cuffbirlend i!v«r. lh» Barbara rtfl Balcn *»voi. lo.. al ? ( ci.'Aur* north with 10 octM. orol Bre.-il mdiaed of n-ile 90 and *jnd on lJ-e Alchcfalaya river. m.T.i» Jr., radio*J al mi'e 32? e-d %^iil. x^d on V» Immooi'al Carol. Motel vultt Er-a Marie. a rtx Part Itv Towing CorrDcnf, redleKJ lha elF.'c* lit al 6 a.m. taddr al Chiiur, IU.. will* 09 o"d n«rthbwftd on Ih* ucpef Mlllii- IPD! ri'tr. Shloa^ Marir.t S«TMlc* ladaf rvxrlrd bjah pautng Waifr«ld rclnt irx'udtd r-.» Ouachilc, Borwjj H.. Dl^.faaund boc'i irxtudfd Cl!*tll, Mode fouin, Jcrt How^'ond, Solly Polk, , Jo* ChcTirx o*xj Andr»w taken, the Grand Old Man of the GOP'h'ad announced in IMS. 1092 and 1956 thtt-those ware hts farewell conventions. He repeated the announcement Monday night. No" shouled the people who salute him . every four years. Jumping at their first chnirce to make noist in Chicago's festooned convention hall, they relished this kind of talking back to father. Hoover cmllcd his peculiar smile. His tighl lips curletl down. his eyes twinkled. Hoover is the Republicans' Harry Lauder. That Scot singer wn) forever making farewell lours. This wai Hoovcr'a eighth convert lion tour. And Republicans who love the light of the once reject' cd leader, now a living portrait of white-haired patriarch, were out to see him again. Hoover's Voice Is thinner than befort and lest clear. He talked of a moral slump in the land he Onco served us president. He spoke against tho hum ol a crowd half listening and half wandering. There was appropriat applause. But there were those in the flock who were not so worshipful of his words to hear them out That's not really offensive, In the ways of political conventions Hoover, 85, knows the ways of conventions. "Age ha) skill," he was told by a young man who heads the Young Republican National Federation. Ho preaented Hoover the national convention medal. They cheered again in the hall, and they prompted the man who has been living out the memory of a great depression, the man who now speaks of moral slump, to recall: "I, too, was once a young Republican." Search On For Downed Weather Plane In Alaska ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) Search planes waited for im pl*ovel weather today before heading into the vast northwest interior of Alaska on a hunt Tor missing U. S. Weather Bureau aircraft with seven aboard. The plane van I shed on a flight rom Anchorage across the interior to Nome, 5W miles to the northwest. Last word from the craft was icard 34 minutes after it took oil from here when it crossed over Skwetna, a check point 100 miles A/r.*i!«n Sivtf ItMT vtucl. W-lli . bo/nut, (i **p«tt»d lo orrlv* ol Sf. Mjii al 6 p.m. todtiy and radierJ ol k!l 9? and downbocM on thi Mlnovrl Valltv Tcr^irtg Cc-npany'i motor VIMll, 'olio, tad-ot^ Eodov al Harmony Lending A lh* Ohio rlvtf. 6 m'lti north of lcu-1. :llt, Ky. Tht City ol Gr««nyilli rodiotd ot A a.m. al mil* jll and nonhbourvj tn IS lowtr MInliiIpDl rivlr. TK* O ^ru r«porfd al Joli*!, Mr., «m tf pctr Min:ii!ppS rivtr. S:h*djt*d la pan Grr«nvilr« en Dtlla lowing i«f. Jarrtl. radioW arr^ll* 473 orxj dowrbsgrv^ orv Ihi OHia c Am V«l Towt/sg GETTINQ TO KNOW YOU - "What's your (rouble?" a kitten appears to be Asking a downhearted puppy (top) at the county animal shelter in SchenWtcdy, N- Y. At bottom, they rub noses and hope that some kind master will glvo them both a home. Soviet 'Freedom Leaner' Is Dead NEW YORK (AP - Oksana Stepanova Kflsenkina, whose "leap to freedom" 12 years ago formed a melodramatic chapter in the cold war, died Sunday in a Miami, Fin. hotel, friends here reported today. She was 03. FLASK GOLDWATER CONVENTION HALL, Chicago (AP)--Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona mode a speech at the Republican N a 11 o nal Convention Monday night, posed for pictures, and then hurried out on the floor. While Rep. Waller H. Jmld.of Minnesota was making the keynote speech, down In front was Goldwnlcr, busily taking plcturei of JucM with a tclepliolo camera. A onetime Russian schoollench- -----~----" · · · · · ·jff^ff er, Mrs. Kasenkina in IS48 jumped. DoFALSE TEETll from the third-story window of the Soviet consulate hero to avoid being returned lo her homeland. The case stirred an international sensation. The Tolstoy Foundation, Inc., an organization to aid While Russian! exiles from communism, sald : that Mrs. Kascnkina diet) al the; Gralynn Hotel in Miami from' natural causes complicstd by a heart condition. : In recent years she has iiv«!| in seclusion, the foundation said, changing her residence often lor. fear of reprisals, She become an American citizen in 1957. ; State Solona To ! Get Expense Money JACKSON (UPI) -- Mississippi! Rock, Slide or Slip? FASTEirrH. an Imprortd p*-dcr to b« iprlnkled on upptr cr lower nlles. hold* fklft« II ten ifiorf nnnly in pitce. Do not KUda, dip or rock. No gummy, gooey, put* tafctrj or fXllni.FASTEETHUllkrilnclllCU- · -- -- - -- ' ''nlfet A odor breath". our ChecVa KfiTfl 24-HoimX \ 3 E R V I O S \ N A T I O N A L Funeral Home Phone ED 1-1519 Hwy. SJ E. adav irchsdi 1^* Borol* D., ^iTa 695 on )· OK-'o rrv*'i Co'Hron D. ^3'* nboL-nd al nil» 4DB en rH« Ohio tint and Carl O., upbound al n-JFc 259 on Iht 1 . -d M. Towing Cex-ocnv't r^olo. veitl, Bttrv SIM. radictd al Xontai City, loday »heie iht i* lood^g cargo.! l«la Janff nixnd OT mile 35 orc takes about four hours. Foul weather Monday forced planes to turn back soon after they had left here to search for the missing craft. George Brewster of the U. S. Weather Bureau in Washington, D. C. was piloting the plane. His passengers included Walter Brandstetter of the Everett. Wash. Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization, and five members of the Anchorage Weather Bureau. The others aboard were Bertj Lindley, Harry Carl, James WV Grant. Charles Belcher and Tom' McDonald. · north of Anchorage. It had fuel legislators, who passed a bill au-| for six hours^for the flight, whichi t n o r i z i n g themselves S100 each for expenses each month while not in session, will receive their! first checks Monday. House Clerk Roman Kelly said! today the checks, staling S1S.SOO | lor July, will be mailed Monday.Mf The legislative expense money,! will cost taxpayers 5225,600 Iori| Ihe fiscal year. ,* 40 Years Of Know How WHY EXPERIMENT GET THE BEST Ernest B. Lewy STORAGE TRANSFER 553 S. Broadwa; MovflowM Agtnt rlh Lclcft port f« boa) Ari-Ciry ;guion hortor 01 at TodoY. Non-Cancellable Hospital Insurance Dotlo-i Coin Out Poi:*i! Benelm CW» You Con Contl No Agi Li^ll Causey Insurance Agency =in £D 2-0334 H^y 1 So^ih The Parks Chiropractic Clinic Specializing In NERVOUS DISORDERS and H E A D A C H E S 127 South Harvey Street Phone ED 2-1809 Home ED DR. 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