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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 1

Brownsville, Texas
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Sunday, June 8, 1947
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Weather Partly cloudy, warm SUNDAY EDITION Serving The Rio Grande Valley For Over 50 Years J55TH YEAR -- NO. 291 (/P) MEMBER BROWNSVILLE, TEXAS, SUNDAY, JUNE 8, 1947 36 PAGES PRICE lOc EUROPEAN POLITICAL In The News Today NATION DEMOS SPLIT ON ACTION WASHINGTON. June 7-- (AD---The White House inner circle of Advisers was reported about evenly split between those urylny President Truman to sign the union-curbing- labor bill and those favoring 1 On the other hand, those who have been in touch with the President are predicting confidently that ho will veto the Kepublieim- Kponsored $4,000,000,000 Income tax reduction bill STKIKF THREATENS BIUGGS DETROIT, June 7 -- ( A D -- T h e Briffffs Manufacturing Company Saturday faced a threat by thr: CIO United Auto Workers to call its 20,000 employes out on strike June 11 in a dispute over a new contract. A walkout at the .seven Brltfffa plants In Detroit and one In Evans- rill«, Iml., would a f f e c t almost Immediately the production of automobile* by Chrysler Corporation and the Packard Motor Car Company, FOREIGN PERON MULLS SHAKEUP BUENOS AIRES, June 7-- (AP)-- Informed sources said Saturday that President Juan D. Peron was considering a cabinet reorganization which would brlnjf some members of the old conservative party Into hi« government ami leave only three ministries unchanged, CHARGES THIRD DEGREE MEXICO CITY, June 7 -- ( A P ) ·General Jorge A. Grajales, chief of the Federal District police, charged Saturday Mexican Secret Police are using- third degree methods. The assertion was made in a letter to Gen. Pedro J. Caslrop, chief of the. secret police, The letter was made public. STATE A W A R D ROAD CONTRACTS AUSTIN, June 7 -- ( A D -- The Stale Highway Commission has awarded postwar contracts through May for 2,801 miliis of farm-to- market road* costing $27,f»78,0{K), State Highway Engineer D. C. Greer announced Saturday, o He reported that the commi.Hftlon has awarded contracts amount- Ing to more Ihsm $,*4,000,0f»0 for all typeH of road Improvement, including rural roads, since last September, A total of ?95,000,000 has bfen awarded during the entire 22 months since V-J Day, GAME MOVEMENT BARRED SAN ANTONIO, June 7--(AP)--Tcr»on« hunting rleor and itwlnc in Northern Mexico will be prohibited from bringing the oar- raAften to the United Htnle* because of the foot and mouth disease, Dr. W. C. Dye, veterinarian In chargn of thfl San Antonio office, Bureau of A n i m a l Industry, has nrinoiincfld. Harlingen Voters Okay Five Charter Changes HARLINGEN, .June 7--Voters Saturday approved five changes In the city charter nnd one concerning the state statutes by comfortable margin*. ^ The balloting was very light. The highest, vole' cast was on the amendment to the charter which concerned the city commission being permitted to a n n e x territory adjacent to the city limits by ordinance in.sf.ead of h a v i n g to c a l l ' an clectton. A total of 223 ballot* trere cast on t h i s proposition, with 120 v o t i n g yes and It03, no. Voting nn the o t h e r proportions follow: 2, Repealing the charter provision governing the f i l i n g of pints for subdivisions. Ye«, 108. No, F, t Killer Slays Two Babies In Nursery 3, Repealing the charter p r o - ; MASSILLON, O.. June 7 -v'r'j-- A killer who left no clues entered . , , .. ., ,. . . providing for the publication I l n e fourth-floor pediatrics nursery in full of any ordinance which fix City Hospital and killed the two a penalty for violation and allow baby girls he found there, making Instead the publication of Just t h e ; h l , . escape unnoticed during a heavy Yes, 133. No. flfi. Officers Unearth Cache Of Tires, Body Of Boatman t/ A flashing;, three-inch knife blade rose and fell 14 times here Saturday night and stabbed the life out of 2Q-year-ol f d Macedonio Camacho Rosas during a beer tavern altercation. Constable Tomas Cavazos said that charges of murder would be prepared for filing Monday against' Marcos Benavides, 45, who was arrested in connection with the affray, Benavides was arrested in a tavern immediately following the slaying by Deputy Constable Carlos Davila and Deputy Sheriff Alfredo Villarreal. Bystander Hurt A bystander who attempted to vstop the affray received knife cut's about the hands, officers said. The slaying occurred in the section of the city rapidly becoming notorious for Saturday night altercations Several lights* and knifo affrays have taken place In the vicinity of West Adams St., between llth and 12th Sts., police records «how. Rosas was dead when the ambulance arrived at Mercy Hospital, attendants said, Precinct Judge J. N. Aoevedo returned a verdict of murder during a hearing hold Saturday night. Officers «akUthat about throe inches of the knife blade was broken off in the youth's body so severe were the blows, Final Riles Pending The body was taken to the Delta Funeral Home pending final rites. Survivors include the foster parents,, Mr, and Mrs. Anawtaclo Rosas, a sister and several other relatives. HIDALGO, June 7 Hidalgo county sheriff's deputies said Saturday night that violent death apparently interrupted the smuggling of stolen motor truck tires nnd bicycles into Mexico across the Rio Grande near here. Deputy Forrest Hester and Henry Cole, owner of an export warehouse, followed 'the trial of thieves who took tires and bicycles to the banks of the river and found seven stolen tires covered with brush and filled with water. They also found the body of a man known to be a boatman nearby, Cole said that some of the stolen articles had been ferried across the Rio Grande. He said that the thieves took 10 disassembled bicycles from his warehouse, assembled them and left a c a p t i o n . Yes, i.w. NO. m. ' t h u n d e r s t o r m Police Chief R f a n l e v house, assembled them and leifi a 4. ClarifyinK nn existing p r o - : 1U TM° *toim Police. Chief Stanley bank( Tracks of ,.. . i - - _ -i i i _ i -r U l - l _ \A/ K i i f l H n r a n l r ! lata Qo (·« t »»/-1n M uicvn uw « » » « » i i _ « one bicycle were found on the Mexican side of the strdam, Cole said. He added that the river will (See OFFICERS,, _Page_ Two.) JCC Takes Action To Prevent fatal Beach Accidents Brownings of two Valley youth.s the past week brought action by the Brownsville Junior Chamber of Commerce to prevent future fcrage- visinn in ("he advertising of bids. - W, Swlttcr said IjUe Saturday. The new amendment, would allow The two bnblcs died of skull p u b l i c a t i o n of the nclvnrtlficmniUR j f r a c t u r f t n last n t f f n f c short ly after once ten d n v s before 1 the bids , would be opened. Yes, 143, No, 78. i thc - v wcrft discovered by a nurse. v C l a r i f y i n g thr rtt,v as a home ; "We hrtvn nothing whatsoever rule city. Yes, 130. No. 83. | t o - w o r k on," .sntd the chief. No A n o t h e r proposition voted u p o n . W( , |lponH wore , oum]i Hn theorized concerned the cosing, vacating and a b a n d o n i n g of c e r t a i n .streets and l h u t tho li tie girls ' h e a d s h a d been aMev* w i t h i n tho corporate || in |t8i »4^ W'^ a wall or Uio floor, of 'the cltv. The vote was Ye«,i The vlcUmn were Dlnne J.Brond, 131 No 83 j eight weeks old, only daughter of "in the voting concerning the Mr. nnd Mrs Leo Brand, and mate statute, one providing for the I Rp»cmnry Morion, nine weeks, one Adoption of Charter 231, PARC 3C i ?/ thl TM S lld TM of Mr ' and Mpfl ' of Act* 927 40th T-egifllnlure n lso · Harry 15. Morton, rlftaigniittri as Article. P74A of the j «wi said he killer made his r i v l ! S l . a L u t « w of the Blnl* of Texas. \ wny Into tho f o u r t h floor podia- the b a l l o t i n g wan 132 f o r , nnd m\MTM wnrcl of the hospital by an unknown route and entered the room to find both babies asleep. He set the time as shortly after 7:35 p. m., during a heavy thunderstorm. A maternity ward on ( h e same floor was undisturbed. The chief stationed a 24-hour guard at th« hoapital, saying he wanted to take every precaution In a maniju; m i R h t be at large. KSCAPK IN'JURY MISSION. June 7-- No one war- Injured in a two car collision on North Con way Blvd. here at 8:20 p.m. Saturday. Drivers of the two aut-08 involved were Luis Ewcn- 23. nml W, K. Dnvis, 51, both nf Bandit Robs Bank A* Truman Parades KANSAS CITY, June 7 f/Pj--Pre- sident Truman led his old comrades of World W a r I in a colorful I parade Saturday leaving his auto- PON PEDRO WHS nil smile* lf«t: m o b | l ( . u , march thn lant, porMon n i g h t , as hr held Lightly to his M t - ! o r the "uphill route afoot. 11* black brief esw. I while scores of policemen were up. l i t t l e fellow?" some- f | ct ailed along the parade route to m a i n t a i n order among the cheering crowds, a b a n d i t took the op- one asked. "Don't you wish you knew." he replied. "I wish I could tell you but you do know t h a t when I carry t h i s brief case, politics are brew- i n g . T have considerable m a t ion in f o r - i in 'his f«Ksr. A couple of t h r local po iuicos would R i v e dies. At their meeting here Friday they voted to secure an inhalator which will be maintained at Boca Chica Beach. Until such time as one-, can be purchased, the organization will pay a fee/ to Delta Funeral Home to provide an ambulance and inhalator at the beach each Sunday. A complete first aid kit will also be made available. Action reunited from the accidental drowning of Amelia Perez of San Benito last Sunday, and Jose Modesto Garaa, 10-year-old Brownsville boy, in a refiaca near here Monday. Bill Welch, publicity chairman of the Chamber, said a sign will be posted along the highway near Boca Chica informing motorists of the location of the first aid equipment. Among other business taken up by the organization was a plan to secure uniforms for the school boy's safety patrol. They are expected to be on hand by the time tho fall term of school opens. Co- Crisis Area In Balkans 'Diaifonally-shacd areas Indicate .Soviet-dominated munlst coup In Hungary, (screened). Move would Countries which diplomatic authorities speculated be regarded as a Moscow rejoinder to the united may bo involved In a Balkan Federation of states States program of aid,to Greece, and Turkey. (Black In'eastern and southern Europe following: the Com- arcai). (AP Wircphpto Map). VaHe7"Willlend Men To Capital For Port Hearing The Brownsville Navigation District as well as Cameron county will be represented at a hearing in Washington the first of this week on appropriation Cor deepening and widening of the Port Brownsville channel and turning basin, James H. Hartzog, traffic manager of the Navigation District, said Saturday. Martzog will attend tho hearing and P, W. Hofmokel, port director, is also expected to be present. Others expected to attend include Cameron County Judge Oscar C Dancy and Col. Howard M, Yost, Harlingen, of the Arroyo Colorado Navigation District; which is seeking appropriation for extension of the hovs c r row- K r o w at school aiid 'in other safety matters said t h e r e is considerable u n d e r - r o v e r work going on but before long everything will be a l i t t l e out. in the open. "Thf week-end weather will be w a r m , So long." (Detailed Weather Report On Pft(r» Two) port.unity to hold up the Downtown Commerce Trust Company at .U)th and Walnut; .streets, Kansas City's largest bank The robber got away with $!,·· General Elsenhower's brother, A r t h u r . Is a vice president of the Hit 92 To 96 In Valley i RIO "GRANDE'CITY," June 7 Flow in the Rio Grande had dropped to 1,470 cubic feet per second here yesterday, 130 second-feet below iniim.s af 92 to 06 degrees today, a flow Thursday, forecast issued by the U.S. Weather Apparently, however, there was Bureau at Brownsville indicates. still enough water in the river to It will be partly cloudy and supply irrigation needs. C. B. continued warm through Monday. Cramer of San Juan, water dls- I Light southeasterly winds at nlpjh. i crict manager, said no reports of ' w i l l become moderate during the [insufficient water had been recolv- Intracoastal Canal from Corpus Christ! (;o Brownsville. . The hearings will be by the subcommittee on civil functions and appropriations of the House of Representatives. It will be a pub- llo hearing. Tho War Department has already given approval to the deepening and widening of the channel and turn- Ing basin. Appropriations for such projects are recommended by the subcommittee of the house. Hartzog expects to leave for Washington tonight. Storms, Flood Kill 13 Across Nation By The Associated Press Flood's and tornados made new destructive assaults ^Saturday that caused at least 13 deaths, left more, than 16,000 homeless and brought many thousands of dollars, of property ' damage. While swollen rivers spilled over their banks in Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Nebraska and Kansas, a tornado struck in Pennsylvania and Ohio. The new tornado, which killed at least four' persons and Inured more than 100 others, cam ft on the heels of similar twisters Friday night in Illinois, Colorado, Oklahoma and Missouri. Doctors Baby Black Mart In East ATLANTIC CITY, N. J,, June 7. (XP;-- Twenty-five hundred dollars is the price for a black market baby for adoption in · New York City, and the practice, if not the high prices, covers the United States. This was reported to the American Society for the Study of Sterility Saturday by Drs. Abner I. Weisman, of New York City, Donald G. Tollefson of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, and Miss Ruth F, Brenner, of. the Free Synagogue Child Adoption Committee, N,ew York City, Doctor Weisman said the price had risen about $1,000 for one baby in Lhe past Tour months. Before that, in Brooklyn, ho said a baby girl coat the new parents $1,500 and a boy $1,700. operation of local police _wiH b e j Tne flood danger continued to sought in " ' " '" T ~~" L " - ~ in h a n d l i n g $120,381 is Paid For Huge Acreage In Esperitu Santo A real estate transaction involving the exchange of $120,381, one of the biggest in Cameron county in recent years, hatf been recorded nt the county clerk's office. The deed shows that more than 400 acres of land in the county changed hands when Lloyd M. Bentsen and Elliot, trustees, of Hidalgo county, sold the property to Edward L. LeFevre, of Michigan . All of the land is in the Esplrllu Santo grant, The legal description of the property contained in the deed is, tract one, 178.32 acres out of Sara Williams tract in Share 22, and 222.95 acres in the same share. Other Sales Recorded Several other big deals were recorded, one bcinfc the sale to the J. C. Penney Company of the Mexico, U. S. Join To Handle Traffic At Airport Here A dual setup of American and Mexican officials will be established at the Brownsville International airport within the next several days to handle air traffic, both passenger nnd freight, moving into Mexico, a committee of Brownsville and Matnmoros officials reported Saturday upon" its return from a 10- day conference at Mexico City. According to Leo Huth, city manager, Mexican officials had agreed to the "one-stop" air travel proposition placed before them by the com! mittce he headed. Tills "one-stop" service will provide combined customs, immigration, health, aeronautical and agriculture inspection by inspectors of these American and Mexican departments at the Brownsville airport, thereby making it unnecessary for air travelers or cargo aboard planes to be inspected again upon landing at various airports within Mexico. Until prnisttd the assistance afforded the Joint committee by Fred Sharp, attached to the American embassy in charge of civilian air activity, and to Xavier Gonzalez , Gomez, chief of Mexico's Acronau- i tica. Civil, The city manager said i (liat the keen understanding of problems concerning air movements shown by Mexican officials wa« ! very g r a t i f y i n g nnd made the vnr- | JOIKM conferences move along very ' smoothly. Men Landed For Aid Leslie I. Hnbliis, U.S. Civil Aeronautics Administration inspector at Brownsville, drew praise from Huth and other members of the joint committee for his aid. Another praised by the committee for his services during the meetings was Tomas dc Saro, former mayor of Matamoros, who was chairman of the Matamoros group. According to Huth, Saro stayed on the .lob through all of the meet, ings,' although during the last two j days he was quite ill and had a I fever. ' ; Tomas de Leon, Mexican CAA i inspector here who attended the conference, also rendered invaluable aid in putting the project over. He was detained in Mexico City by his chief to instruct new inspectors, whp will come here, in their various linos of work. Work done by the Brownsville- Ma tamoros committee is credited with procuring similar service for other border cities of Laredo, El ^ Noga]eS) Ari7vi( an( j Calexico, ^ Klein Calls Jury To Consider Glenn Case, Nine Others Judge Arthur A. Klein, of the 107th District Court, has issued a call for the Cameron county grand jury to return to the courthouse [ calif. There is a" possibility that Wednesday at 9:30 a.m.. to consider j San Diego, Calif., may be added to charges against, at least 10 defendants. ^ An accurate chock could not be made yesterday, but it is known (.hat County Attorney F. T. G r n - ' A v U n , ^ Matamoros, ham has filed n t least t h n t m n n y charges against persons for various felonies. One case scheduled to be considered by t h e grand jury, which is expected to interest Cameron county cill/cns is t h n t in which Daniel Crow is charged with murder in the fatal shooting of J. P. Glenn, prominent Brownsville oil dealer. Glenn is alleged to have been shot tav Grow a!, the Port. Snp- this list. Coinmittecmen Listed Other members of the combined Erownsville-MatamoroB committee · -M-e Ruben Martinez and Luis and T. Crixell," Jr., manager of the local airport,; Oscar Longneckcr Jr., manager of the. Brownsville Chamber of Commerce; Les Mauldin, operator of an airfield north of Brownsville and Charles B. Allen, representative of G. E. Orciner, consulting engineers, who fire making a survey of the local airport. The local committee is scheduled to meet this week to consider methods of placing the new system Into operation. Offices and equipment for the ply Company near Port Browns- j Mexican inspectors, who will viile early Ink month following nn i C0 rne here, will be furnished by argument over the grade of g a s o - j the City of Brownsville. line. Glenn died two days later in i the Mercy Hospital here. It is alleged that Crow shot Glenn with WAR Russia Counters U. S. Policy 'Stalin Doctrine WASHINGTON, .Tune T --Th« American government was aai* authoritatively Saturday t* He faHT prepared to abandon It* efforts for an early Austrian peace treaty if thai becomes necessary to prevent the Communist* from *r»- hinff the country. ' Officials declared the United States would he prepared |o continue the occupation of AustrTa indefinitely In such circumstance*. PARIS, June 7. --/P)-The "Stalin Doctrine," Russia's counter to the Truman policy, was taking shape rapidly Saturday in five key countries in the tug: of war for Europe. They were Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, France and Italy. In Austria one of the leading Austrian Communists in a new political offensive aimed at getting a new government let it be known Russia will never sign n peace treaty with the present moderate regime. If hlir statement in truth i* backed by Russia it appeared to be A virtual ultimatum to the Aus- a sawed-off shotgun. Thorn were reports that, a special pro.socut.or w i l l nwsist. G r a h a m In the prosecution of t.ho case, if Crow is indicted. Reports have been circulated in Brownsville that a firm of Houston attorneys will defend Crow. Texas Solons Quit; Jester Holds Bag AUSTIN, J u n o 7--Most Texas legislature were enroute home Saturday leaving Gov. Beauford H. Jester to ponder over a $2,237,000 appropriation mistake made on the deathbed of the regular session of the 50th legislature. When the senate and house j Group To Attend Confab On Project ELSA, . J u n e 7.--A. L. Cramer of Elsa nnd former Hidalgo County | Judge. J. C. Looncy will leave the 'valley by plane Wednesday to at- l.cnd a conference with Bureau of Reclamation officials at Washington concerning t'iie Valley gravity canal project. A l f r e d A. Tamm of Harlingen, Raymond Smith of San Benito and C. B. Cramer of Snn Juan will leave by train Monday night, and Project Engineer Howard E. Bobbins, John C. Thompson and T. W. Parry of the Bureau of Reclamation project office at McAllen will leave by plane Tuesday morning to attend the same conference, which begins ( Tuesday, building it occupies a 1; present on ' , ens cd" l a w m a k i n g Friday it was: Cramer said he is certain a pro- a p r e t t y penny to be nblc to check j T c m p c r f t turc« in the Lower Rio t h r o u g h it. j Grande Valley will reach maxi- RunH now t h e r e is considerable ! . ~ r «,, i,. mi .1 *.--!,,.. ,, tlay. fed Saturday. discovered (-hat the senate had up- \ ject proposal will be worked out m n^ U 'n S'i ('See REAL ESTATE, Page Two.) $2,237.000 more for ; which will include nn acceptable Bureau 'TorecBsMnB' «' ' " ~ ~" ' - ! ^ualiznl.ion nid to rural schools ; solution to the, acreage limitation I?oni«Si^iv^^ rTM F. Earl Davis Head*:?''" «" ""* hnd ln TM ^\^^-^.^ -,f i i_ -r_ i .-. /~\n I VHTW Til a vtrt ' _ · SpeijG, . ! ^ T - » I* * .** *· m Keokuk, la.., to Quincy, 111., and : ^ J /^ Hannibal, Mo. Flood warnings nlso ; V^OttOnSCCa O were issued for the Missouri River ' spend. O U p Legislative sources reported thn! , . the governor hnci signed the bill j , from St. Joseph, Mo., to Kansas; CORPUS OHRISTI, June 7--/P)--F. City and below. lEJarl Davis of Harlingen was elect- l l i y i i / i i u w i - j v / i T . . _ . . - . . ,, A tornado .which cut a p a t h j e d Saturday to succeed Ray Gris- through the heart of Sharon, Pa., killed two persons, injured many others and damaged 100 homes, The twister struck a few minutes earlier near Youngstown, O., i n j u r - ing at least 33 persons. Two persons were killed In another twister lit Warren, O. ham of Abilene as president of the Texas Cottonseed Crushers 1 Asso- veto a part of the appropriation. p i n H n n i Saturday the governor's office Mexico Cites Gains In Hoof-Mouth War Secretary of Stated Jester was" said i MEXICO CITY June 7 /P)-The to be considering whether to with- j i « o t nnd mouth disease in Mcxhro draw his approval of the bill or ihas been eliminated in some d s- but that it was not filed with the ! The election climaxed the closing'! declared that its announcement session of the organization's 53rd j that Jester had signed the bill annual convention. E. F Czichos of Dallas was elected vice president. was in error. /'Final action hast not been taken," jester's office said, is and halted in others and the joint Mexico-United States campaign against the disease is proceeding satisfactorily, Oscar Flares, Undersecretary of Agriculture and Mexican coordinator of the drive, said SturdR-y. VIENNA. June 7 -- (AP-- A higrh government official declarwl Saturday that a leading Austrian CommnnlNt hud demanded » new Communist-controlled regime In this country, with the threat that the Soviet Union would never Hlffn «. pence treaty with lh« present moderate cabinet. The official said that Errwt Fischer, one of the four Communists in the Austrian parliament, had offered complete support of his party a«d "jre«*rou« Hitatnnoc from Kmslji" for * new government empowered t« rule four years without parliamentary restrictions. trian people, for without ft formal peace the country would seem to have no hope of rebuilding its national life. Seized Power In Hungary a Communist coup d'etat overthrew the legally elected Small Landholders Party in a- brusque and outright seizure of power. -In Italy armed Communist guerrilla bands were reported to be organizing in the industrial north and anti-American and anti-government demonstrations developed in Rome alleging "American dollars tyranny." In France, strikes which the government says are Communist inspired, paralyzed the railways snd other vital functions, creating the most dangerous situation the country has known since before the war. In Bulgaria, the chief leader in the opposition to the Communist premier and his government has been deprived of parliamentary immunity and jailed on charges of alleged conspiracy in an apparent effort; to .suppress the lost vestige of opposition. These developments, in the eyes of political observers in Paris, are reflections of the "Stalin Doctrine". They regard it as the Soviet answer to President. Truman's program of assistance to Greece and Turkey. and the policy being formulated by U.S. Secretary of Stato Marshall for continent-wide help where the views of East and West have clash- ; ed. Write Off Hungary Hungarian sources in Paris said Saturday that Hungary must be "written off," temporarily at least,. us R positive factor In the contest between European Communists and anti-Communists. They predicted that the new government, with the (See RUSSIA, Page Truman Calls Fund Cuts Peril To U. S. KANSAS CITY, June 7 --'/D-President Truman declared Saturday night that house cuts in farm nnd interior appropriations threatened "grave danger" to the American economy in a critical hour in world history. Speaking in the Tieart of the midwestern farm belt in an address likely to loom large in future political debates, the President challenged Congress to restore the cuts lest they weaken American work" wide resistance to aggression. He spoke to several thousand persons n t fl memorial service of the 35th Division for its dead in both World Wars after laying a, wreath on n replca of the American military cemetery nt St-Lo, France, where many of its dead in. World War Two He buried. The President, was introduced to the applauding, cheering audience as a "combat veteran" of the 35 th Division in World War One in which he commanded Battery D. of the 129th Field Artillery, I

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