The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on November 25, 1957 · Page 6
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 6

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1957
Page 6
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-6 THE iNTER LAKE, Monday, November 25, 1957 THE DAILY INTER LAKE C FEATU BLONDIE EXCUSE ME, PADDY--) 11 I WANT TO GET THE COLD CREAM AH, J FEEL FINE · THIS MORNING- FULL OF PEP GINGER' 1 AMP GO By Chic Yogng rTw" GOING )"" BACK TO T h ii s BED -- ' STEVE CANYON ^VriLL SOME VlT WAS 4:45] TIMS. (SAPS I WHEN THE A IN THERE .'y RADIO STAETEP ' UPA6A1N...I ' RECALL THE T)ME SIGNAL WAS THE FIRST VOICE WE HEARD.' Ft ----^\~ SSzES/ YES.SIE.' THEK WE WENT OVER Y - WE WEEE TO MRS. INPEX £ ) THERE . . . HOUSE TO FIX XC UNTIL JUST HEE RADIO... ) I BEFORS COL. INPEK CAME HOME.' WAS A 5LONPE HW THEEE,OFFICER,THE?E\ WOMAN OEJTIN6 25-JB 6IRLS WERE WITH A1E I INTO A TAXI AS- ALL AFTERNOON... W WE AERIVSD By Milton Caniff evxDiE LAEUE'S WATCH ^i GUESS THAT WAS STOPPED AT 3=22, CLEAS5 A'\E* WHICH MUST HAVE INDEX. AMP BEEN WHEN SHE WAS fit THERE COBS KILLED... -Wlf OUR CASE.' BUGS BUNNY FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS L SUPPOSE MOW YOU'LL WELL, SOM-- HOW k SMOOTH/ OONSTAMTLY DOES IT FE6L TO RIDE IN A BIS BRAND MEW CAR-? TO BORROW ·/ ER-- NOT, 1 By Merrill Bfosser I COULPN'T AFFORD To PARK IT VEpY OFTEN/ \l -- --. ,--. --- · j ^/ y- DR. JORDAN SAYS Cleanliness Proves Best Treatment BY EDWIN J. JORDAN, M.D. Vrittcn for NBA Service I receive many inquiries about pin worms from those who suffer, or whose children suffer, with this pesky animal parasite. They write me in great numbers, usually using Ihe word "desperate" in describing, their state of mind in trying to eliminate the worms. It has been estimated that something like 18 million persons in the United States and Canada, and about 208 million in the entire world, harbor the pinworm, or seatworm in their intestines! Pinworms are' more common in children than grownups, especially among those in large families or those living in institutions. Infec- Enjoy some pleasant chewing and relaxation . . . with delicious Wrigley's Spearmint. Take some tion is comparatively rare in families in which separate bedrooms are used. This is because the worms get on the bed linen, pajamas and other clothing and are picked up j by others who come in contact I with such objects. When.,children live in an institution or dormitory, or when several use the same bedroom, the spreading of the worms from one person to another is 'hard to avoid. THE EGGS FROM pinworms are usually laid on the skin and mucus membrane near the outlet of the bowel. This causes severe itching. In fact, the itching can be so bad that it produces nervousness, sleeplessness and even convulsions. The exact diagnosis must be made' by, taking swabs from the place where the worms are likely to be and examining the material under the microscope. Sometimes 'pinworms are confused with other parasites and the diagnosis must be clarified by accurate examination. Once this has been done, proper treatment can be started. Drug treatment has been extten- sively used with satisfactory results in some and not in others. Investigation of different preparations goes on and'it is encouraging to note that several new preparations are showing a good deal Astrological Forecast By Carroll Righter FOR TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1957 BOARDING HOUSE MAJOR HOOPLE , OUT OUR WAY I By WILLIAMS ARIES (March 21 to April 13) While tempted to do otherwise, be sure you obey every regulation with extreme care today which concerns 'you, or you get in Dutch with important persons. Self-control brings respect from vital ones. I'lVuKUS (April 20 to May 20) Escaping your obligations today can cause such ill will from those who depend xipon you and coldness from others that it is impossible to calculate. Roll up your sleeves and go to work. Your chance will come soon ·-·- ill (May 21 to June 21) Absolute care must be exercised with all those to whom vou owe | money or things will go bad with you. Also, see that romantic tie in a dither is placated on emotional side of vour life. Think out your situation seriously.- ·_/ CEH (June 22 }o July 21) This day is touched off with emotional dynamite, so try to avoid a pitched battle with an associate in a .bad mood, or getting involved in al. tercation with others who are im- j portant to you. Show devotion, though 'you do not agree with them. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) Get that temper under control fast, otherwise you may be crying over that expensive vase, Chinese candelabra, beyond repair after a prima don- na bit of satisfaction. Learn control and increase mental power. VIRGO (Aug. 22 Jo Sept. 22) Are determined to howl, no matter if you empty the pocketbook or dig I into the candy jar.. Planetary .forces ' are against you, and you may even lose your shirt, so be content with mate, find some simple pleasure to amuse you. TOR YOUR COPY of Carroll Righter's individual 16-page Forecast' for December send yoiit birth |dte and 50c in coin (no stamps) to Carroll. Righter Forecast, Daily Interi Lake, Box 1895, Grand Central Sta., LT73^A (Sept. 23 lo OcJ. 22) Don't add fuel to that emotional fire under a member of your household by stating some truism in sarcastic fnshion or the old rolling pin I comes flying. Be the sweet, coomg | Libra instead and use plenty o£ sugar. SCORPIO (Oci. 23 lo Nov. 21) . It's best you do little driving today nnd stick to desk work or typewriter and avoid any possible mishap Keep very busy, make the day count, and if you feel like saying unkind things because you are tired--DON'T! SA -iTTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) You feel that simply by bringing out the wallet you can get that situation cleared up quickly and easilv You may have to sweat it out for some, time, so be sensible and wise. Get' advice of lawyer or authorities UAPluCOKN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) You have real cause to want to strike out in several · places and in no uncertain terms, but the wisest thing right now would be to relax, get appearance and health at peak, and don't scatter your forces. I'ltudAtUUS (Jan. 21 lo Feb. 19) I If you don't quickly let that won- Iderful mind of yours take hold of the present frustrating situation, much will be lost of value to you Help other persons and forget own worries, but impersonally PiSCrit, (rea. 20 lo March 20) One of your friends is in a fighting, tinhappy mood and wants to air his or her real or imaginative worries, so be. patient and listen with feigned , complete interest, as vou plan menu for the week- Then all is well. . IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY The fighting spirit the child born today will inherit .is either the result of inheritance or indigestion, but your progeny will forever be at it for he or she will be early convinced it is the only way to get ahead. Teach vour youngster to use energy on constructive, material things early and then wisdom will teach that words are mightier than the sword. Fine for government sport, science professions. . . . . . ' of promise and resulting in a high cure rate. IF AN OUTBREAK of infections with pinworms is discovered, treatment should be prompt and thorough. Those who are merely exposed as well as those who have definite signs of worms must be given information on hygienic measures. ' Careful and frequent washing of the hands with soap water is most important,; Once established, pinworms rarely or never disappear without j treatment, as many people have 'discovered for themselves. But ,lt looks"'as though it may be some time before they,can be entirely eliminated from their unwilling hosls. . -.'- 1- * To those whose families are afflicted I would advise: "Keep on trying." . Ho7VoJ MUST 6E cousirJ TJAISV YOU'RE OFFICER CLAMCX% HERSELJf/.I'M MOTTh'E JUD AREM'T YOU ? AMD YoO \MRV $OCI ^4, 5 , E ^?^ rAR1V ' AWA SUPPOSED TO PrsJCH ME --- /^ -^Ahi HE 5 AS HARD A WELL, LET'S SO/-- SOT IF ^ A H6AOSTOi«lE,eUT POLITe X COULD 6E OfOD6B REKSC) ALOME FOR OrtB MINOTB.l. CAI^ SA^THE TAXPAYERS ^i It-NOLMED TO A LADY/"^CO/V\E AlON5,OAi; VJE M1SHTBUAA.P AND MOME/ I \ |MTO A BA1LIFP FARCE/ VOTE FDR ARDMAN AMD' A HARD LAt)V- A'VOMENTS WE'P LIKE TO LIVE OVER-- ^^^·^ ISLAN P. A PAM °P BUTTEREu' KUh^TOKM, - JR.WILII/ ! AMPPQM'T HAF7A (SO T 6EP TIL1- TE(J O'CLOCK. TM· "» "·«- "-" ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin ALL RIGHT... BUT J----- "kj VVB-L. \F IT'6 NOT -YOUR IT'S A POOR /THWS RISKT-XOLP LADY FRIEND PAY Y'CANT/ AND VOU, I \ THE GORGEOUS LEARN A / THINK, ARE JUST j BRUNNEH1LDE. 1 ' NEW TRICK I ABOUT TO PICK OR TWO. \ UP A BEAUT.'/ HEY/ I THOUGHT YOUD ' T1ME-MMTHINE GOT FOULED UP, EH, OR / AW, GONE BATK TO THE By Dick Cavalli OF COURSER MDUCAN GET TOO LV MUCH OF AGOOO THING SNOW OF THE SEASON/1 LOVE SNOW/ LORY IN6NOW; OICK. CWALLI '1-25 W. -^ 1157 by SEA ne-vi-.i, |» : . T.M. Rri;. U.S. Pa!, Off. UORTY MEEKLE PRISCILIA'S POP Bv Al Vermeer XTv-x TW1NK K IT'S CUTE ) -WHEN "S OLD POLKS) -STILL ^ TALK/ LIKE \ y j LTfl I WONDER WWAT ' HAPPENED! A MOMENT, AGO ME SEEMED, (SO MAPPY.' THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs MISS WIMTK.' MY SISTEK, MRS, WILL PW FOR THESE AMD WILLTHW BE OSHfcHE'S OVEB I.OOKIUG AT BABY ClOTUES- SHE LOST HER UUSBWJD AND MftMT 5OM W A CAK ACCIDENT... BffiM DOPEY ABOUT KIDS EVE? 9 WCB/ DW, SUPPOSE CUE I CHILD SCREAMS LOCAL ADOPTiOW WHEN «E GETS Ul CAPTAIN EASY HWE VOll TALKEP TO DlWI5?\ fi 1 THft7- WDULP GIVE U5 A CWEl * 'i By Leslie Turner THE POLICE DID. HE HAD"V GOOD. HO IDEA. WHERE CLINT WENf \I'LL DRIVE- LAfEfJ'. BUT I WOULD, UKETO/yOU THERE .TALK. TO i SOKKVCUHT TTKATS OKw. I'LL PHOUE ; -FORfiOT TO RETJKN I fWD. eUP.LftW. THEV CP.W ' I PA^S TO TK£ WltV MOTIFy THE SATEMftM Tt?' .. ? E5TATE! HE H/X5 IT ' .-..-...-. jjSV W IT ' H HM.WOD TOU'LL ' MEEP If TODAY, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin

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