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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 1

Greenville, Mississippi
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Tuesday, July 26, 1960
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Kennedy Hopes GOP Rights Plank Is Like Democrats' By G. MILTON KELLY live In persuading a majority of 'IkrtvTrri rvrt*iTi » · , . _» .. __ * . ... ° * ·' _ HYANNIS PORT, Mass. (AP)Sen. John F, Kennedy, the Dem- ocratlc presidential nominee, said today he hopes thc Republicans write a civil rights platform plank "as clear and effective" as thc one his party approved. "It «t« · ilandard for them,' Kennedy told reporters. Kennedy voiced praise for Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New Vork, and tils role at the Republican convention. "I think he's been very effec- Dreamer May Have Killed fight People MIAMI, Fla. (AP - A mar. charged with one murder has led officers to a second body and told a vague, dream-filled tale which includes six other possible victims. Emmett Spence, about 35, of Sandy Hook, Ky., is being held on a charge of murder in connection ( with the death of Johnny Thomas Keen, a Navy Yard employe, whose body was found in his Key West home. Dade County (Miami) detectives said Spence led them to thc body of Leon C. Hammell Jr., 45, in a wooded section on Big Coppitt Key, 10 miles north of Key West. Spence was brought from Key West for t search today in this area for the body of a woman hitchhiking companion. Police said he told them he believes he murdered the woman on a two-lane highway" while traveling from Virginia to Key West a month or two ago. Officers said Spence old them he dreamed he killed a fourth person "somewhere up the line" and claimed responsibility for the slaying of a family of four in Virginia. The FBI has arrested another man in that case. The tall, Ihin Kentuckian said he was drinking at the time of all eight murders, detectives related. A detective said, "All we know! For sure is he's led the Republicans to accept his views, but they did it reluctant- Brown. sent by the senator to Californi for talks with Gov. Edmund G ly/' Kennedy said at n news conference on the lawn of his sum mer home. Valuable Servant Asked what his personal views were about Rockefeller, he called him "a valuable public servant.' Kennedy disclosed he may go to Now York City Wednesday or Thursday ol next week to speml "not more than a day" on some mission he declined to detail. Kennedy said the United States spoke out Monday against "Citizens-for-Kcnnedy" idea. must concern itself more with the problems of thc peoples of Africa, and help the newly independent nations there find their economic and governmental feel. He slood beside Tom Mboya, general secretory of the Kenya Federation ol Labor, with whom he had discussed various phases of the African situation for an hour and a half. Round Of Talks Robert F. Kennedy, the senator's brother and campaign mun- ager, plans a round of talks in New York City between now and Friday with various factional leaders. He flew to Washington Monday before going into New York on his fence-mending and fence-building mission. Another brother, Teddy, was Kennedy forces faced fresh prob Icms in their efforts--through the "Cilizens-for-Kennedy" movcmen or otherwise--to line up a unity of effort by clashing forces in New York. All of these say they wan to back the Kennedy-Johnson tick et but arc in bitter factional dis pules. Michnel II. Prendergast, New- York state Democratic chairman the He said the party experienced "tremendous losses" while attempting a somewhat similar unity effort in the J952, 1056 ami 1958 campaigns. Prendergasl In Charge Prendergast said he made an "arrangement" with Kennedy before Ihe Democratic national convention that would run the New York stale campaign. Some person thought Prendergast and Kennedy might be closer han the state chairman's statements might indicate. Kennedy has said right along he ivants a single command cam- aign, run through the Democralic ·fational Commi'tee and down ihrough Ihe olficiai state organiza- :ions. Racial Violence Erupts In South Carolina City GREENVILLE, S. C. (AP) -Several hundred whites and Ne- jroes carrying weapons ranging trom a pistol to a slingshot needed "to prevent bloodshed, which appears to be inevitable if something is not done." Capt. G. 0. Bramlctte of the clashed near two white drive-in! Greenville police said that lunch restaurants Monday night. counter demonstrations at two City police arrested 18 persons, downtown variety stores here last -Pally e'oidy orvt hot through Wcdrwida/ wli* w,dt Iv icallt'crf, manly ofttJnoon end ·vinina rhyndtrihe-wm. Lowiir loolghr li It* 70'|. Hlg'rflt V'*4- retdar In rh« 90'i. ARKANSAS -- foitly tloudy orj hoi ih.-ough Wednuday with wdi- tv icallettd arltrnoon and «,»n- \ri iSurvJiuKowtd. Lo-*«i! lenJght ti lo 76. H:gh«irWto 1 nrKiay in 1f:t Wi. 71stYear Associated Press-fAP) United Press International ftJPIJ - Greenville. Mississippi Tues'day, July 26, I960 Nixon, Rocky Win RED STREAK! FINAL Price 5c ' No. 28 f! Show own BI.OODMOB1LE VISITS - More than 50 people gave a pint of blood each this morning as Ihe Red Cross Bloodmobile began its tour of Washington County at the National Guard Armory. The unit will be at the Naval Reserve Training Center tomorrow, Hollnndale Thursday and Leland Friday. Here Dan Barber, 385 N. Cornell, gives blood with help from Nurse Anne Gordon of Birmingham. ' (staff photo) mostly teen-agers, of both races. Outside the city, at another white drive-in two miles west of Ireenville, another crowd of about 100 whites and Negroes were dispersed by four patrol cars and eight deputies from tr^ sheriff's office. No arrests were.' Some punches were c.\xhanged Chile Flood Pours Into Doomed City Grant stores. Some Punches made. Second Night 'western South Carolina city. Onjday night, one was bodies already and we're check"' Sunday ' " bricf s c u f f t e involving about 40. who carri ing out everything he tells us." Students Protest Prof's Firing BATON ROUGE (AP) -- Stu dents who boycotted classes at all-Negro Southern Univ e r s i t y here yesterday say they did it to show the college administration "and the world" how they felt about the dismissal of Dr. George L. Robinson. Robinson. 3-year-old professor of political science, said he had been fired because he supported student sit-in demonstrations this spring. Almost 10 per cent of the school's 3,000 summer session students stayed away from afternoon classes after a noon rally on the campus. Southern President Felton Clark said he would not dignify the boycott by making any comment. But he reiterated that Robinson had whit agers broke out near a drive-in restauranl. The Chamber of Commerce took steps today toward creation of n race relations council. In suggest- Thursday probably triggered (he. incidents. At that time a crowd, of 500 whites and Negroes milled) about after Negroes left sit-ins atj the S. H. Kress and the W. T.| SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) - Icy flood waters from Lake Rinihue poured in torrents today into the doomed city of Valdivia, covering low-lying sections with three feel of water. Most of the city's 80,000 inhabitants Eled to high ground before natural dams holding back water in the mountain lake burst Monday, t u r n i n g the San Pedro and Calle-Calle which . runs through torrents. The San Pedro feeds the . [between the two groups, and three I w h i l e youths were arrested and This was the second night oficharged with disorderly conduct, racial disturbances in this norlh-j Of the 18 persons arrested Mona while man, ed a pistol. A such a council, Chamber President Grady Hipp said it was set of brass knuckles was taken from another participant and a Calle-Calle which slingshot from still another. Police said most of those arrested would be charged with dis-ivaldivi, Calie-Cale which runs through orderly conduct. They included 10 Negroes and 8 whites. Two of the IS were under 16 years of. age. Memphis Firm Buys Dillingham Bonds Bonds totalling 5C50.000 for the bonds should contact Hrst U. S. construction of Dillingham Man- through their local banker, ufacturing Company in L e l a n d j "Interest on the bonds is tax were sold Monday for tlie lowest ! free," he said. "The dams" "were"forrned"when disastrous earthquakes thrust up the earth in southern Chile's coastal city last May and blocked Lake Rinihue's natural outlets to thc sea. The two rivers, normally no more than 70 feet wide, were as much as two miles wide in places. Army engineers, evacuating the last of the inhabitants, said earlier they believed 60 per cent of Val- be under 13 feet of interest rate on an industrial bond! Dillmgham will pay off (he bond wa(cr ,,,.,,,,,; , he ' flood ealf in f h o muni,, in t h r n a i rni re ir.-i.r, *1,^n,,^U _____ * _ l _ r .1 _ i -I i I * "*m-i sale in the county in three years, issue through rental of tlic build- First U. S. Corporation of Memphis purchased the bonds from the Board of Supervisors Monday subsi(j auujiufc ing, Webb said, which will be paid! lo the county over a 20 year per-' iod The rent will retire the bonil morning at 3.9C9 per cent interest. Taylor Webb of Leland, atto. ney for Dillinghnm, said that the interest rate was (he lowest on not been fired because of Ihe sit- a n industrial bond sale in over ins. Robinson formerly taught al Albany (Ga.) Slate College. He said he was Ihe only South- em professor who supported the demonstrations. Sixteen Southern students were arrested last March after sit-ins at downtown stores. TAX BREAK MOSCOW* (AP)-The Soviet Union has abolished taxes for factory and office workers who earn up to 500 rubles--5125--a month, the Soviet news agency Tass reports. three years. f issue and accumulated interest at 1 no cost to the county. j Also appearing at the Board of. Supervisors' meeting were Otis Osborn, secretary-treasurer of Dillingham. and C. Morse Pull, attorney for Dillingham. Both rep- To Build Plant Name Two New Members To County FHA Committee J. Hampton Collier of Hollan- dnle and Herbert H. Huddleslon. Jr., of Winterville, . have been appointed members of the Farmers Home Administration Coun- Greenville Boy is Accidental Gunshot Victim A 16 " ID year oici Greenville boy s jblc us ·vas accidentally shot by a friend c '5 far; this morning as both were on a fishing expedition at Duncan Blue Hole. The bonds will be used to fi-| nance the construction of a fur-| niture plant for Dillingham in Le-! land. The parent company is in' Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The Leland plant, which employ some 150-200 peoph within three years, is expected to be completed by Ihe end of the year, Webb said. George L. Lewis, secretary- treasurer of First U. S. Corpora-j The boy. Hymon S. .Tohnsoi tion. said that individuals inter-|J r ., Highway I south under- ested in buying a portion of thejwcm surgery this morning King's Daughter's Hospital. At 1:30 this afternoon he was still In the recovery room at the hospital and no report could be obtained on his condition. The accident occurred around SPORTS CAR CLUB TO MEET 6 3 - m - Io(la y- The Johnson boy Members of Ihe Greenville Sports Car Club will meet at 7:30 a n l nis ' r i end, Johnny Rainey, Wednesday night at Brown's Delish Shop and will hold a treasure; 5 ** llyman. were fishing a the hunt immediately afterwards, it was announced today by Robert i Duncan Blue Hole. Taylor. resent the parent plant in Wiscon- ty Committee. The announcement was made by James R. Boggan, Washington County Supervisor of akes up | the KHA One other member the three member committee which works with the county su pcrvisor to see t h a t the best pos Judd Says GOP Kept The Peace . By GEOFFREY GOULD CHICAGO (AP)-Rep. Walter H. Judd says the Eisenhower administration has kept peace with honor and that "the man this convention will nominate" is incomparably the best qualified to deal with the'cold war. Judd meant Vice President Richard M. Nixon. But his keynote speech Monday night was on opening day of the Republican National Convention/and Nbton is not slated to be nominated until Wednesday night. . The Minnesota congressman's 6,000-word address followed the classic pattern of keynote orations, .'though'it was longer thanj most.-He »ng pr«isei for the Republican record under President Eisenhower, predicted even belter things ahead under Nixon, and charged, the.Democrats .were unqualified to meet the challenge. The delegates, in a relaxed and receptive mood, greeted his sallies with roars of approval. Hits Demos "What kind of reckless and irresponsible action is it," Judd asked, "for anyone to misrepre- sag into a dangerous lag in missile strength, as has been charged by Democrats, Judd said, the administration fought and overcame a lag in this field he said was inherited from the Truman administration. Two Policemen Discharged For Immoral Conduct Two white Greenville police officers have been 'discharged from the force for separate instances of misconduct involving Negro women, Chief of Police-W.' C. Burnley said today. The chief disclosed that Officer Walter I.indsey was fired after two city jail inmates, one of them a 13 year old Negro girl, brought charges of immoral conduct against him. Detective Sergeant B. G. Lester was also discharged for con-' duct unbecoming an officer, Bumley reported. Lester admitted under questioning that he had eloped to Chicaf.i vith a Greenville Negro woman, Burnley said. Platform Group Reconsider Planks On Rights, Defense CHICAGO (AP)--The Republican Paltform Committee today agreed to reconsider the civil rights plank termed unsatisfactory by Vice President Richard M. Nixon and Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller. A parliamentary maneuver by advocates o£ a less far-reaching plank failed. It was considered likely the committee would go on to make some of the changes asked by Nixon in the Dlank previously approved by the Platform Committee. Earlier, Ihe committee brake under pressure and agreed to reconsider its plank on national de" ?nse. Nixon said that if the convention should adopt a platform "diverg- :nt from my views" he couldn't accept the presidential nomina- ion. in a tele- a moot question." meaning there is really no such issue. The Prime Move President Eisenhower was re- »rted to be the prime mover in letting the defense language re- iewed. Sen. Prescott Bush of Connecticut said changes would Rockefeller were trying to reach their goa! without a fight in the convention hall itself. Javils aaid the Nixon-Rockefeller people want these three points added to the plank adopted earlier by the Platform Committee: But, he added quickly in ·ision interview, "that's . 1. A declaration favoring a curb on filibustering in the U.S. Senate. 2. Power for the atlorney general lo start civil injunction suits in civil rights violation cases, 3. Specific endorsement of the objective of equal, opportunity with particular reference to the sit-in demonstrations in the Soulh. Riots In South Rhodesia Go On BULAWAYO, Southern Rhodesia (AP)--Police fired on African Holers in a Negro section of Bul- awayo today, killing at least one Negro as rioting relate to the successful firing of a| ru ^ cnti ^ ued (fo1 Polaris submarine missile last week--rather than to Rockefeller's demand for a specific, bcefed-up spending pledge. Bush said Rep. Gtenard P. Jpscomb of California, chairman if the defense subcommittee, made the move for reconsidera- on. Sen. Jacob K. Javits of New York predicted agreement momentarily on a civil rights plank. "We have been making a great deal of progress," he said. Will Endorse Sit-ins Javits predicted the plank will contain a rephrased endorsement of lunch counter sit-ins. He also iredicled endorsement of authority for the attorney general to take he initiative in intervening in school segregation cases. Nixon and Rockefeller continued to pound hotel corridors hunting sent the Un.ted States as a second chief Burnley said that he had class power, as was done in the separaled ^ men f h Democrattc convention, and there- , OTO as SOQn 05 Ws . . . by encourage the very attacks verified the ch wntcn all Americans profoundly, hope and pray can be prevented?"' In this 1860-19CO centennial year. , Judd hearkened back to Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican presi: dent, and said the graves! issue, Bethlehem Steel President Grace Dead At 83 On Congo Crisis ___ __ of this century too is human slav-l BETHLEHEM, Pa. (AP) -TM" Eugene G. Grace, 83, who made Bethlehem Steel Corp. the nation's cry. "This time not men enslaved by other men," he said, "but masses second , ^ * of men enslaved by governmentsJM on( ) av ' 14 i i_ · _ .. i y~ made of the agciv at -State- Cit y- News Brie/s Delta According lo a hospital attendant, Ihc Rainey boy accidentally shot Johnson with a .11 pistol as he bird. WELDER ELECTROCUTED VICKSBURG (UPI) -- Willard Mclntosh Powell Jr.. IS, was ... electrocuted Monday while welding in a manufacturing plant here.: * ^ ,', B ° . ', a Powell, a native of Mount Olive, was a welding trainee al Ihe plant.! l h c h " llcl went mto the boy's * v left knee. BEAUTY WILL REIGN VICKSBURG (UPI) - Officials said today Lynda Mead of Natchez, Miss America of I960, will crown the new Miss Mississippi ami! Mary Ann Mobley of Brandon, Miss America of 1959, will be featured oh the pageant's program which opens here Aug 3. 0- Attendant Killed; Robber Gets $150 AMITE, La. (AP) - John Bric-n. 60-year-olci .service station WASHINGTON (UP!) -- Mississippi haVbce'n allotted S.I 1.135.- a l l c r e i n n t - w ' as k' 11 " 1 today by a 323 in federal highway funds for thc 1362 fiscal year beginning'julv l i a n ( l i t lvno robbed the station of I. 1961. '·-...... -Of I h e amount. J10.356.760 w i . . . and urban highways and $33,778,563 for (he new National Defensi Interstate Highway Program. STATE GETS FEDERAL FUNDS More human beings are in bon- lage tonight than ever before in human history." Grace, who for nearly half century served as president, chairman of the board and chief exccu- man administration would not win and could not stop." I Prevented ThreaH i m credi* service program consistent with local farmers' needs. The other member of the committee is T. H. Golding Sr., of Greenville. Each member is appointed for a three year t e r m . Hurlrlleston and Collier succeed Jeff P. Wilkcrson. whose term expired and Walter L. Beard, de- ccasd. Louisiana Seeks To Halt Order To Integrate NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Civil! Disl. Judge Oliver P. Carriere'issippi Employment Security Cornwill hear the state of Louisiana's! mission said today recent show- Dealing with' more recent Re- tive officer, abandoned a promis publican history. ^ "idjing career with the old Boston the Eisenhower administration "brought lo an end the fighting' in the Korean war which the Tni- Braves lo join Bethlehem in 1899 after graduating from Lehigh University at the top of his class. Grace, Ihe son of a Goshen. captain turned shore has said he gave up N.J., sea merchant. delegate strength stronger plank on ci to force rights. Up to the time the committee backed off on defense, some of the Southern contingent were insisting there was no way to get against white the third day. Thousands of workers in the city's native labor force failed to show up for work. Police said Negro mobs were swarming around the city's railroad marshalling yards. Two other groups were blocked by authorities as they tried to invade the white sector. At least three Negroes already had been killed and more than 70 injured in outbreaks Sunday and Monday. Rioting continued unchecked Monday night in the Negro sections. More than 2,000 troops sealed off the African townships. Many of Bulawayo's 45,000 whites locked themselves in their homes, fearful that the govern-i ment does not have enough troops lo stop a full-scale uprising. Southern Rhodesia forms part of the British-run Central African Federation, which lies between the' volatile Congo and the white supremacist Union of South Africa. MARTIN FACES OPPOSITION BOSTON (AP)-Former House Speaker Joseph W. Martin (R- Mass), in Congress since 1925. Stale GOP Switches To Goldwsler By GORDON BROWN ' CHICAGO (AP) - Mississippi's delegation to the Republican national convention today placed its 12 votes at the disposal of Sea.' Barry Goldwater (Ariz.) but at' ; the same time re-affirmed its support ol vice president Nixon as the expected nominee for thi presidency. The effect of this seemingly dorv tradiclory position would be to allow Goldwater to rely on Mifc iissippi's 12 votes in anj rioii county of his possible strength should he choose to make a stab, at the nomination. The Mississippians came to Chicago committed to support Nixon for the presidency, Goldwater tot he vice presidency. But the civil rights question -- vith Nixon supporting a stronger lank than approved by the plat. - orm. committee initially. 1 -- has lad an effect on the Mississippi delegation as well as'on other southern groups. After the Mississippians dis- discussed the situation at a cau- ' cus this morning 'chairman Wirt Yerger told newsmen: a civil rights change in commit-jfaces primary opposition in Sep- tec--that it would be a mallcritcmber for the first time in about for floor action. Both Nixon ami 30 years. Dag, Lumumba In More Talks By WILLIAM N. OATIS (Belgian roops. He said Hammar- UNITED NATIONS. N.Y. (APjskjolcl "assured me he will spare --U.N. Secretary - General Dag! no effort nmi it is in thai spirit Hamma'rskjold held last-minute; t h a t he will negotiate in Brussels talks with Premier Patrice Lumumba of the Congo today before flying lo Belgium and the turbulent new African republic. H a m m a r s k j c l d leaves tonigh: for discussions with the Belgian government which granted lhe ; Congo imlrpndi'ncc June 30.' would be over at the age of 35 Thereafcr the U.N. leader heads irr^ically, in 1913 at the age of, for LcopoMvillc. ihe Congo capi- 35 he becam- president of Bethle-jtal. to survey the confused silua- hem Slecl Co. Less than three' ' years iater he was promoted lo president of Ihe parent Bethlehem with the government of Belgium." Lumumba called again on Belgium to pull her troops entirely der which they retained two basei in their former African colony. Asked if he would renew his threat to call in Soviet troops if Ihe Belgian troops did not quit his country he said he was convinced Belgium "will have to bow ,.T J J ' . - ,, t · , , . , -- . . . . i,u.j aulla lie K t t v c ull In add,.,on he sa.d, "this ad- baseball because he fell hi* car-cr ministration has prevented a half! do?en other threats from developing into war--Triesle, Ihe Mossa- degh uprising in Iran. Guatemala. Formosa, Suez, Lebanon, Quemoy, West Berlin." Far from allowing the nation to Cotton Aided By Recent Showers JACKSON (UPI) - The Miss- three: lion there. Lumumba has announced t h a t ! - i ^..M,..,^,., . Steel Corp., owned by Charles M. j'ammarskjold has promised io! Nnia - )yj ..,*...._,. tddiy said hi* govern--berlake came to Leopoldville on Schwab. j "spare no effort" to gel B e l ^ a n l , nc(1| .,,. U[) lo 10 m i ( l j o n (lo l-!.he eve of independence almost Grace became board charrman' t r o o l s ol " °' lhc CoI1 8°- liars o! foreign funds to keep it.'four weeks ago. in IMS and continued as chief cx-j Lumumba also conferred with running in August, eculive office,. Under his guid-lAmhassador Henry Cabot Ledge.' ance Bethlehem's ingot capacity, h c a d of ( h c L , n i l w l s , a!ci u. N .; increased from 950,000 Ions in I (o 73 million tons for six years plea for a temporary i n j u n c l i o n j e r s had helped the cotton crop during and jus! a f t e r World War :o halt New Orleans public school'but lhat "cotton fields through- integration al 10 a.m. Friday, lout the state are still crying for ialXHit $150. be used for primary, secondary! O'Brien, father of seven c h i l - i c r or not ,, , ' ( i r c n u . ns s i. 0 [ j n tnc heart, cheslllion should and arm. | Louisiana The body discovered iisscl! Thor,inrm. owner Carricre refused yesterday t o r a i n . ssue a restraining order to pre-: "Universially, local office reports vent the Orleans Parish school!indicated cotton w a n t s more ward from carrying out a (ed-|rain," Ihe Commission said in eral court's order lo integrate i n j i t s Weekly Cotton Bulletin, eptember. It said most reports "indicate Out he said this decision "is'cotton has withstood drought en- not to be construed as having any]couragingly well. Generally the II. It now exceeds 2014 million Ions. He was also chiefly rcspnn- Lumumba told ence Monthly he a news confcr- ould go to Wash- N'kanyi s.i:ii the government can' meet its pnj roll at the end of July, but unless foreign sid bo ' £:i:s to arrive soon tne state will collapse nml Ir.e Co::£0 "\\\\\ bej il in unemployment ami! Convicted Rapist Slashes Wrists; Hot Badly Hurt ibeing ington anil to Canada lo seek; | m I'rench-spcakinf* technicians fori . sible for making Bethlehem the (h( , Congo a n ( l l h e n n . h:lck , Q . mlscr 'nation's largest ship building con- i copoldvillc for another meeting Tt' rcc weeks ot chars with Hammarskjo'id Aug. 5. ' ','he army m u t i n y has sic The Congo premier said he had n o m i c a n l social 3 C I i v ' l y lhro " gn 'irazor !oul tlie vast neiv natir.n and par--'""" I Robert E a r l Blade. 19.' who ·',« GOP Offers Demos 'Survival Kits' JACKSON (UPI)-The Misslssip-j pi Republican Party said Mon-l a?;ked Hammarskjohl to set a i Deadline for the withdrawal ;alv7od the hcid .in the Washington Jail pending on a ! his wrist ivlih a .ofe'.y last night. Slierill C. i ncxpericnced B nvern.; Ilollin S smrlh r 'P°':«i today. -n 1 « " jnicr.t administration, he told a bearing on the question of wheth-.weed is smaller, but fruiting'well.'day if delegates to Ihc Dcmocrat- rt», WEAIHCI AND SJVER STATE EMPLYOMENT UP JACKSON (UPI - The Mississippi Employment Security Com- £ mission said today gains in the manufacturing industries increased * the overall state employment by 1.300 in June. j°- : John Aldridge. executive director of the Commission, said non-' Thompson, who lives near Ihe'grale manufacturing industries decreased in June but along w i t h manu- ' s t a t i o n . «:cl be wa; av. ikcne;! by i schools | the shots atom 3:23 a.m. 'term. preliminary be issued." Atty. Gen. h y i G r c m i l l i o n contended the o[ tlie'bonrd did not have Ihc aulhorityjta. i n j u n c - i M o r e moisture will he needed, i however, to bring on the top Jack'crop." school! "Except for the Northwest Dcl- ic National Convention were suf-i fering from headaches nr consci-' encc pangs, they co'jtH obtain "survival kils" at the GOP office increased over June, 1959. it reported, "insect infesta- here. | The Republicans said the kits d droughtjfnntaincd: "Asnirin for headfirst grade in the city j damage to pastures, hay. corn aches, sleeping pills to ease corral thc start ol ihe falln:d besns had been "devastipg srcr.ccs, and trarcpilirers to' 'in most areas." icalm jangled nerves." \ Spar Service Station, aboul ihree-;io comply w i t h U.S. Disl. Jitrlge'lion is remarkably low." i quarters of a mile nnnh of here. jj. Skelly Wright's order to intc-: The bulletin also said pi l.ver- or ih* Ci«fr- vii;».LoV« ViNag* B.-.dgt, 70.50 f« di 7 fl./n. tadar. a ?-H»ur fall t 1 01 Fl. High rirrptroiu'i Far rhf J-l-hai period »*c*dii9 6:3J am. lorfc,/ 9 1*o-p«ralui« 76- ol 7:30 o n . rttV M I K 1 S S I P N -- F a i r b.toivin po-Mr iJauJy w : rfi w'd.lf no Hi a ' r t r r o o n lV.jrdtnS0v.irt Id, day. (anlghl. PartV cUudv Widnttdoy High (odor 9 4 - 9 1 low loiig 1 -! 70-74 HigS r o T O r r o w 7 4 - 9 ? W . r d i . D.lh. M p h. W * H - * V Q ? Ovl'-o'i r-.iidnv. ponly tlawdr, 70-74 low, 91'94 h'gh. news conference. Appeals To Belgians iir ] 15 millions is catastrophic. Manyjof a ·'fnrtnri;-; iitvl hncinpcc pct^hlich.' nrtnr ' ifactoru-s menls are closed for lack of cnm-iwcre "Ctont supervision. U. S. Ambassador Clare Tim-!appeals penitentiary and have filed for i ; No Final Decision "We made no final decision as ."' to what we will do Wednesday; night but I have been instructed to tell Sen. Goldwater that w» will abide by his wishes. "And at the same time the Mis-^ sissippi Republican delegation here has reaffirmed its support of Nixon and believes that he will be the nominee, that Nixon is th«. candidate and out platform will be best for the country'and'for Mississippi. ; . - , . I We are confident as ever tluU ' ; will succeed Nov. 8." ' Asked if thjs seemmgly .contrV- ' dictory position didn't mean, thai . vflssissippi might be voting for « oser Wednesday night, Yerger ' old reporters:" "That might be a fair assumpo I.'.; iori."' '· i "-"·'« DISILLUSIONED DEMOCRATS HOUSTON, Tex. (AP) .-. A., owntown Republican club- has; been formed here. Most of the members say they are "disillusioned Democrats" who want to press'a moderate conservatism in Ihe coming election. ' i Tom Brown, Houston atlorr.ey, is chairman of the 50 member group. outof thc Congo, claiming Ihe Bel-j before Ihe Security Council's dft. ', giunis had "violated and de-icision and will have to leave our strayed" Ihc friendship treaty un-| territory." Congo Needs $10 Million To Keep Running, Minister Says I.EOPOI.DVII.LE. The Congo'bcrlake left for Washington Mon(AP) -- finance Minister Pascal day night for consultations. Tim- His wourtls were superficial. Hft was treated at t/.c General Hospital nd returned to the fait. He appealed again (o Belgian; the Sheriff said, and ether foreign technicians whoj Blade, along with B:lly il'jfc- fled the countiy to return. jgins, IS and 0 Neal I. u k e t , Nkanyi said the increase of job-1 IS, were convicted in tkt June less in the nation of more than'term of Circuit Court for (h rape " """'· · - · · · · · ' · la-yr.u-old flathislon f c l r j ' August. All thrii sentenced to life In lha

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