The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi on July 25, 1960 · Page 8
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The Delta Democrat-Times from Greenville, Mississippi · Page 8

Greenville, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Monday, July 25, 1960
Page 8
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BEETLE BAILEY Hfi SURE 19 A PROBLEM TO GST UP ANP IT'S EVEN HARPER TV VES, S*. HERE HB COME3 MOW . ear BGBTI.B OUT OP BEP, YET? YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO KILL I THAT POOR LITTLE TVIE NEXT TIME JSQUITO BITES "i DASVitJOO, ' HOW CAN VtXJ BE SOCRUH- Krone KV see Htm, /t\R.CRANE,IMVE sane THING TO SHOW YCU 57£P INSIDE ? NWrON ABOUT APIRSONAI- MATTEK. WHY? VIRUS iNfecrxy«, IS UNAWAXS Of OOS5IP TffAT IS R/PPM6 H/5 I AlHT SUflPKISfp HEPASSfPOUTAT I'VE- K'NOWH KR A LOHO TIME HE IMS- APRIKKIKG AIM! STEVE OftNTON , Pp.V«.P,/S ^BT TVEKE CAN ALWAfS rr HOT nwsEeavs e3 pe A trins 1.1 rut TO SHOW THE U.S. fed HONEY WHICH A:a POKE counKL ^ DfMf THE WMATBCO.'NSON JE WHILE AT roUCS HEAPQMETERS... COL. CANYON, WISH TO NOTIFY MS: THAT W» ABETRAK'S retains sfifs HALL INTEKOK ? VfiS, CHIEF/ VOIJ AIP WE COULO NOT TAKE HEP THE COUNTRY, SITT J^ UP W TW HOLS SHE AW NO BE BSE: AS A PEVttE CANYON HALL AND 5.APPEI.' EXCAVATOR lfe* I'M CUREP-BUT 3 FIRST I UNTIL THEY'VE STERILIZE NOW- IT'S C3NLY VI WON'T STAY A SHORT HOP TO LOKS ENGLISH THE TERMINAL fT. TO BE MISSEDj SATELLITE... . IF I CAN ONLY SEE HER... KNOW W1L B£ ALL RIGHT.' #;yiiwr. HorrmS LEFT A siwtP.. HE DESERTED KtXJ, FERRET. VIC CUT YOU CUT OF TH.5 FARRAEWY I/EAt MO LEPT YOJ FOR THE RDtlCE/ SHCULDI P 1OLI FiXV C, KiRSf HOW, DID I SEE A U6HT j IN THERE, OR i I PRETENDED I HAD LARYNGITIS SO THETV COULDN'T C3UESTION.M LITTLE. VflFK.VOORE POSITIVELY BRILLIANT-' v WHAT DJD TH-Y SAY V ABOUT THE KIOP CHIEF,VOO CAN RADJO HO.'WUAJU TO SEND US LI'L HALAKAHIKI.' WE'VE FCXJND HER AUNT: FS1GHTBJED TO DE ATM-BUT WHEN THAT POLICEWOMAN SAW THE TATTOO ^THEV Y/ERE /OH, Wsll, V. ACWWL. FOOTU.S'ATEIY, l LAID ItJ A BIS SUPPLY. K SCCJ13 WOS?Y,S.WV£R, 'As'Rr M Y (uirr FCtJ A WU. STAR V WJ · -VTrif PE;K COOKIES ANYTKINC,' TM -TAKING V O U R V ~v WIFE7ONF.WVORi\RIGHT// ) TDCHANGEHER I WO ANOTHER' VJMEAN, } -AND VOU MEAN VO'IS J BURLHIVES REAULV T RISKED HIS LIFE PIPER AMD RERJTATOrJ- JMGOi,N6 BACK TO BURL. MIVES-A PEALW NICE MAN.'.' V/HUT'SSONICE LOUSED UP j DAVMAES i, FACE--BY FOTTIN'VOR'N OMIT A SEif/SH, COMCEfTED Delia Dcmocrnt-Timcs 8 Monday, July 25, '60 OGO ,-f. INS 1$ OV£? AVAM IS OUT Of W TOP, POM T ·PUT YOUR BRAKES OM SO HA«P Y«JU «UM YOUR TIRES Male Help Wanted SHEH MUSIC, ocpukir. HI Fl. Kep.-MBntalivt, txc*"trl »«». Call EO X-361] Pepp ERHANENT WAVE SPECIAL H O - J 5 , I5-JS.50, » J O - S 8 5 0 . laMarlui Beau. ( Shop. 4U Arnold Av«. Ph. EO 2-6734. COUNO COUPIE. Mnnoeer Iroirue, S'3r». Htgh Scbocl preFei/td. S375.00. Bst-io utilltltt. Call ED 4.3611 ftfctt Er-plof- MUSICAl Iniinjmtmi tiore llutw to vttM*. lo [nilrvmenri rvDolred « H. Inc 5!S Wain Ph fD WA.MIfO BUICHES lo nm UaAa. P woritlng roodxticn, cood pay. 20 nv!«i rcvn G.-e?nv]He. Do ncl apoly ur.len , , iob*r a-xj l=ck!ng t'eadv emplovmfM. Cell /Ar B'oom .-rw 5-2626. la',« V.lloo. Arlnntoi.' NOTICE WE STEAM CLEAN MOTORS, ETC. Also portable steam cleaner to rent by day or bour. Reasonable Rates GREEfrWAY GULF Hwy 8? or Ofar SI. Pfcori ED 2-270? 3 MEN WANTED 1feAH.6urwiU. 195S Plymou:h lodio. $?S.OO. 2-6S73. 21. WANTED, lean '53-55 Stalteo V/aocn cr 4-doof 5!ra r ghl *hllr. Co»h deaf. Pho.i* ED 2-8331. Z3. Boats, RICA In mse in G3S6S I . «.. - L3Sl W66K Classified Sham RICA In WASNTSNOW onarp nise in LONDON (AP) _ ne Brifi5h Meteorological Office put worried Englishmen at ease--that wasn't sr.osv they saw Friday, just ordinary "powdery" hail showers. WASHINGTON (AP)-A sharp; rise in polio cases was reported ast week, the Public Health Serv- ce said today. There were 95 coses listd. 69 of them paralytic, as cmpared' vith 49 cases of which 39 were paralytic in the preceding week vhich ended July 9. ] From Jan. 1 through July 16 here had been 457 paralytic cases reported by the states, compared vith 969 at this time in 1959 and 437 in 1958. Rhode Island with 24 new polio] cases, and California and South' Wanl Ad Carolina with 12 each accounted or one more than half of last veek's state total. The paralytic cases in these sales totaled 37. also more than half the national :ount. MEC Announces 7 Meetings On Its New City Program JACKSON. Miss. (AP) - Mis-j lissippi's Economic Council has- announced it will sponsor seven' state-wide meetings to familiarizej he people with its new Missis-'- sippi merit community program n September. Copy Cancellation Deadline . . tol- I'l 12 Maori lot Mcndov Friday 4 P M. tat Sundovj Pcsef ,cfl In Celled cd/em»!fXJ thould bl aorled (n-^n-d a-ely al Ih* O«lta De.-no- aJ-Tir^ei wilj not b» reuxvu:bl* |oi nvyi cfl ona Incorrea ir.le.llsn. 50= lino lo. Bltnd So SPACE IA1ES ON 8EQUEST For Quick Action Satisfaction Use "Tried ar,d Tested" WAiNT ADS Dial ED 5-1155 Say "Charge It" Special \oftces The sessions will be held at Jackson Sept. 13. Laurel Sept. 14, If your photograph has appeared in the Delta Democrat-Times re- local positions to sell and service our appliances. Call. Employment Manager, ED 2-0928. Roscoe "Boston Blackie" Parkerson, of Freight Yard Sales, has just completed 3 big sale days at I. C. Depot, Greenville. He still has some factory close-outs on 1960 Krigidaire washers w i t h savings up to $100.00. Come to Rosella's and see how you save. ROSELLA'S D:C! EO 2 9 1 9 1 712 WciS. Av, Schools -- rnstructionj DENTAL ASSISTANTS NEEDED i!c-l. Fu'l of ipn. r e'li"8 t.'ain i Sthsol PdiKallo-i nol r.ecosi If ns-/f fci jhoiT, ire*peri'v« cc_ : er-oLvme.-j lervlce. EARN UP TO SI 2.CO A DAY. Fcr foil l."/oTr.a|icn. wiihout cfcligar s 33* 335, c / o TKa Celra Derrtx SCHOOLS OF DENTAL NURSING iTM? odd'eii, oceupoKon, age, te'*pl MOTEL MANAGERS NEEDED ccuolel uice High Schsol WRITE MILLER INSTITUTE Giving [o Bo« 250 c 10. Male Help Wanted lf.-S:DF SAtES. S ? S I . 25 lo 60, Call ED .IcComb Sept. 15, Gulfport Sept. ccn "y anl) V cu would uke to 6, Cleveland Sept. 20, Oxford^' 6 « P r i n l 0 ,' lhe P ictoe : c "" J. , -- j c. · -ii. i^nr 10 ED s-" 35 '° p |ace y° ur or ' Ier ' Sept. 27, and StarKv.lle Sept. 23. Mx thcre » j s a s t a [ f ^ j^coii eo 4-3en ,«,,,, ^pv,TM, graphcr available to lake . P'C-il cccu '.|, A . ir . ,,, ,,,,, 2 , s,-,,,,,-^ Mississippian is Honolulu Editor HONOLULU (AP) -- William: Ewing, 56, is the new editor if The Honolulu Star-Bulletin. Ewing, of Vaughan, Miss., who lad been managing editor, succeeded the 76-year-old Riley H. turcs for any occasion requiring pictures such as: ADVERTISING DISPLAY (Window) COMMERCIAL A E R I A L UNDERWATER WEDDINGS Allen as editor. Ewing has been with the news japer 24 j'ears. Allen, from Co!o-J rado City, Tex., has teen editor' of the paper since 1912. OAnnwLI. For further information call ED 5-1155 AND ASK FOR Articles For Sale 20. Articles For 5ale V · SAVE TIME (and time is money) · PROVIDE ACCURATE RECORDS · BUILD PRESTIGE and GOODWILL Let us handle your orders for Sales Books, Order Books, Cafe Checks, and other Business Forms. We can assure you ol Finest Quality, Prompt Service and Low Cost. Democrat Printing Co. 209. Main St. Dial 632( 1*341 I Ptme: irro J3QO. Cc'l ED PEOPLE DO READ WANT ADS! YOU ARE. Farm Equipment fQZ SAIE, 1957 JOHN OEEBE No. I Ccl. !cn Pittff. o«d cenflllen. C. D. Wo!V«,, ph. ED 2-5958 Gfttnvilla. NOTICE FARMERS! ! Irrigation well drilling rig, complete, for sale. SAM A. CAROLLO Ph. X, Leland, Miss. WANTED BOYS 10 years of age or older to sell The Delta Democrat- Times in the down town area each evening a f t e r school. See Mr. Young, Circulation Dept. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE- ATTENTION BOYS Age 12 To 15 Would you like the chance to earn your own spending money? Summer Vacation will be here in a few weeks. We have several good Newspaper Routes open in j'our neighborhood. If interested call Mr. Young ED 5-1155, Circulation department. The Delta Democrat-Times. 11. Female Help Wanted fc. Fh. EO WANTED, SSort ord. 2-5191. REGIS1EBEO r*J«E end li;tr.i»d P..e. £eii-« J. Tcvlo' llu-.inj t'.:r :W Ave. Gxe.-.vrile. w « Avon, worlds largest cosmetic company has openings in Greenville for neat, mature, women. Phone ED 4-3288, Pearl McWhorter 6 to 7 p.m. 29. Articles For Sale FCX SAIE, Mo-Pid rv)!ct blk.. «!0. MS) H'ghloivJ AvtfHK. SAIE, FIGS. Palat* Cl*an«ii. 1 1 3 1 UcbaW. Phoo« [0 -88S. FOS SAIE. Holroo Cornll. 'CaW pV«J jptclal d«ljx«. like ntft Including ccia. J80.00. CoM (0 2-143?. FOX SALE. Uied bui bod!ei. Good For fvjnllna cr fllli'.n9 cablni and oth« utrt. D«lh) Cooeh«i, h'onh B/OCK^WOY li!«nd Ki. Phon« ED -97S3. Articles Wanted Sppplit FOR SALP, I960 W*re-*» CMboard Wolor. ilkolly ixw. Ph. ED 4.317.1. 13' Oool, 1958 25 H.P. John« Trolltr. S550. Ph. fO 2-087B FOR SALE, I4 1 Cfdol Strip Boar, 195/ 30 H P. Eloln Mo'or Ttallct. EO 5-1342, of IM al 1228 FT. Wanda. FO? SALE, M (I. CunobouT wlrh 35 H.P. Evlnrudo e!«trk i*anar Moloi, ond lialkr. Can ba leen ct 11o5 Gfoorea. 6' X 17' rah end IS H.P. MnlM. '* rnorf.l. bolh lo J300.00. Or will .·![ ra^lv. Call ED 4.9869. COMPLETE OUTBOARD BOATING OUTFIT 14' Aristcrnft Plyivood Runabout, 30 H.P. electric starting Mercury Motor, (used less than 10 hours) all controls, 6 gal. gas can and 2 'heel Trailer. $775.00. Call 456-M2 Belzoni, Miss. SPRINKLER IRRIGATION SYSTEMS FOR SALE SviTert will handia 40 orpt. Syi!«m w:ll handla 200 cast. Si.SCO. THE 61 SHOP Next ta llallandale Sc«d and Supp'y Co. SI 500. 28. Farmers Market Produce WATER MELONS WATER MELONS Wholesale nnd Retail. One or one thousand. Hwy. 1 South, 1 mile South of Wayside. ED 2-0773. SO. Pets, Poultry Livestock AXC Pec:i'e:H C«V?r Sr-^:e! Pupp: "" nan-hi o'rf. Fh. EO 7-74S7. FOR SAIE, REGiSIElEO Chrh^.j. 6 wteli eld. Fh. £D 2-7759. 32. Household Goods YOUR USED FURNITURE APPLIANCES RAILROAD SALVAGE FURNITURE CO. H9 Wash. Ph. ED 2-7718 3 ROOMS FURNITURE ALL NEW $299.95 19 PIECES I-- Ida tH I--rr.crcKna ctoti II Bryan Wilson 833 WaiHno-cn 20. Articles For Sale I SAIE, All Ph. ED 2-5755. PCS SAIE. Delia V.dta Cabh S60.00 Fh. EC 2-7377. 33. Piana;, Radios. Television PIANO FOR SALE Dargain in lovely Spinet and small Upright Piano. Terms available. Can be seen in Greenville. Write Allen L. Silk, P. 0. Box 947. Monroe, Louisiana. SAIE, 2 PC. S b» i*en ar 2 Fh. EO 2-03J4. HAVE a "1 el r.~* Gcody*3' li'et. W I II c! a bargain, fe.-r-i. Coll LD 2-i=3: all*.' 4 p n. WILL SACRIFICE To Church for less than half price Building Materials L U M B E R Cypress $75. up Hardwood $-15. up Chatham, Miss. Ph. ED 2-8563 Timbers, Boat Lumber, beautiful Organ rrj2i!e by Conn.! Flooring, etc. Model 2A2 Console. Original cost Spccia] Orders Cut J-1,900. Will arrange demonstra- E. G. NELSON tion. Write Mr. Silk. P. 0. BoxIcho-M-^, M'«. P*. ED 2-5543 ';s. 947, Monroe, Jjuisiaa. NOTICE ieJ gci ron^;* i good cc^d-i.on, !T*r A J?,00 we ! = · bD;h. S5 00 /i'-*l V/i'-'a-rj oo Pcr*ob'» TV. $e Goodyear Service Store 634 V/cih:-v3!an Fh. EO 7-1541 Service Direccorv TO DIAL SPRINGTIME ANYTIME Dial ED 2-0513 KREMSER'S AUTO PAINTING 5 *fc BV £B B jj P f C I A L ,~ \ \ £HBJ I / / A i i-v^o. n A i Garages 2 W E E K S O f J L Y 5 - 12 Months Guarantee EXPERT BODY WORK ALL, WORK GUARANTEED ^ Total Wrecks Rebuilt * New Used Parts -A- Wrecker Service S 6- J BODY SHOP · Jimmy Phillips, Owner · Municipal Air Port Rd. Ph ED 2-5K8 Nile Phone ED 2-2950

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