The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York on July 25, 1939 · Page 4
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The Daily Messenger from Canandaigua, New York · Page 4

Canandaigua, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 25, 1939
Page 4
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N.'«,' TUESDAY, JTJCTi»;i«» , twy »ft*moon except Bid*., by Canar,, inc., Leon J. , t, treasurer »nd 0. L. Crofoot, vice presi- «nd otflc* manager; Howard prtf, 'tdvertlBlng manager; Hubert F. Nelke, circulation mtn»- at the Post Office, Can- N. V, as second class Phone Business Office News Boom Happy Returns 9HB8CEIPTION RATES VVSy-W* Carrier IB City DeUttMdJt~:yottr door, 18 cents per week; single copy, 3 cents. *^ By Mall e orCanandalgua) 1 mo. 3 mo. 6 mo. year and Yfttea Counties . . 601 Outside Ontario and Yates Counties . . 7W * $1.50 $2.00 $4.00 $1.85 $3.00 $6.00 Pteue* watch the date of expiration printed on the label and avoid interruption of delivery by sending in advance renewal. National Advertising Representatives: Prudden, King Wu * d JL n Inc. New York, Chicago, San Fran cisco, Denver and Rochester. Member of Associated The Associated Press is - - - - - . - entitled to the use tor repubhcation of Til news dispatches credited m this j*Dfir_Jind also the local news pubffliMifti^.^LriS^ are r served. i ( 5IBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAT: AND HUMILITY [AN BGOTiaM AND «UM6 - .^losdew-therefore Shall humble himself as this little cMld, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.--Matt, 48.4. ARMING AND AFTERMATH Great Britain in th cal vear, is spending - "-which sum, JlejTin the United ^^"FoTsunilar purpose*" «pre- IntTthe largest, peace-time «c- Sture for munitions. In Ger- JSS, Italy, R-^-'i^'BS ^····BI Tnot; cumi are going u»w Personal Health Service Pj WILLIAM BBA9Y. U ». DAILY MESSENGER PATTERNS Saccharin For Reducing Saccharin is a chemical substance made from coaltar ((toluene) Dissolved in water it is fiom 300 to 500 times sweeter than sugar. A tablet containing one-half grain ot it is equivalent in .sweetening effect to a lump of sugar. Sacchann is the correct spelling a hope-and I don't care what Webster may say about it) Saccharine is an adjective meaning sickeningly sweet or affectedly sweet -- you know, the smile that makes you yearn to administer I a s. k. i. t. p Soluble tablets, each containing one-fourth or one-half grain of saccharin, are much used for sweetening tea, coffee or various fruit or other dishes, by patients with diabetes who have to limit their intake of sugar. Careful investigation of the effects of using saccharin as a substitute for sugar for sweetening, conducted by competent physicians and biochemists se\eial years ago confirmed the general experience of physicians that such use of saccharin up to a total of five grains a c" is harmless for an\body Oddly enough if you put too much saccharin in anything it tastes unpleasant or bitter It seems to give more satisfactory sweetening effect when the least bit is used. Absentmindedly one morning I reached for a biscuit, and instead picked up my sacchann tablets, plopped a handful into my mouth and began chewing. If ycu don't beleve it was terrible tiy it sometime I use sacchann because I'm too fond of sugai, syrup candy, ice cream and all the other aelectabk carbohydrates. And the sweetening effect of bit of saccharin m cofiee or tea is as satisfactory as a lot of sugar You know our annual per capita consumption of sugar in the United States is well over 100 pounds and that is one of the resom ?hy we get fat so easily It is also one of the reasons why we get insufficient ^TcT'stout people who are tmng to i educe and to those wish to ayoio accumulating more slacker flesh. I, recommend the ^egular use o, sac- of LIFE WHALE OF A CATCH APIA, British Samoa (/P) -Whale, killed In the Antarctic III the 1937*38 season totaled 44,000 according to the Malayan Agricultural Journal. This was an Increase of 10,000 over the previous season. (By The Associated Press) Pigeon Traps Man NEW YORK -- The soup a la pigeon he never got to eat cost Joseph Bazarnich, 40-year-old elevator man, more than $10 Riding a rented bicycle, Bazurnich set out yesterday with a bag of corn and a twine noose He tossed ' " corn into the street, .spread noose and waited. Five pigeons began pecking corii Bazarnich .snared one. slanders called police. Bazarnich lost the pigeon, drew a $5 f m e--and figuied he was also cut $4.50 lor a day's pay and the cost of renting the bike. "More than ten bucks for soup--and I didn't have an\ wailed. the the the By- that " he V 1 ·· VACATION SPORTS OUTFIT PATTERN 8522 -- Using this one easy design (8522) you can have yourself a lot of vacation fashion ior \ery little work and mone\. The pattern is perforated for sleeveless style, so that you can make it that way for tennis and outdoor activities -- it has a sun back see. But it's so pretty with the " ' vou'll YOU NEED WINDOW SHADES KIRSCI1 RODS VENETIAN BLINDS LINOLEUM Phone 36 CL M. Kennedy Son f-ll-13 Bristol Street ·created a consider- ·gvity, and while iflg- defrayed largely ^loans, rtther than by im- : of ^ect taxation, whether to KEvSauaDn to use these LOOKING en ·« 3 *££«rby direct taxa- · tt$ fear of aggression per and amcng tes, which. POSS more t«ib.-«0 P2 rcent of mou the world, has i Intemting Items T**en From · Hie POM of The Daily Me«- Ten Tew» Af» MODERN ETIQUETTE By ROBERTA LEE Entertain On Outings With Clever Fortunes Q Mav a woman, invite a guest ;to a bridge party, when she has never been in this guest's home? A Yes; this is frequently done. One or the other must make the first move. Q Where should a girl sit when -Thwaday, July 2« % 1929 I she lunches or dines in a restau- One" hundred-' amf seventy-five j rant with a man? members of Canandaigua. East I A She usually takes the seat that Bloomneld, Academy and Reed faces the door, and is supposed to Corners Grange participated in the j sit opposite the man if the table , sponsored | is, a small narrow one. Beakers, Q. Isn't it impudent for a person were Harry R- Marble, of Bnstol.J in company to be unusually forward. always wanting to "hold the center of the floor"? A Yes; it is not only impudent but a display of ignorance. Greville tells us, "Unbecoming forwardness oftener proceeds from ignorance than impudence." Q Is it necessary to thank a doorman when he opens the door for you? A No. This is merely a routine i service that he performs hundreds of times a day. and he does not ex- 'pect to be thanked each time. Q. What would be the correct i phrase to use when introducing two ! women? A "Miss Allen (the elder), may · I introduce Miss Adams (the young- ,er)? not enough to run moie than a on, but still I'd rather enjoy thirty calories in the form of street and business. It's a charming style, darted in to a slim waistline, with very wide Master of Ontario County Pomona Grange; Ralph Ellis, master of Reed Corners Grange; Milford Allen, Academy Grange master; Harry E. Taft, of West Bloomneld, past master of East Bloomfield unit and Oharles Boatfield, member of Otisville Grange, Orange County. Truman S. Stevens, of Honeoye, former supervisor from the town of Richmond, recommended by Ontario~ County Republican Committee, was officially appointed by the Board of Supervisors at its meeting here today Ray L. Lincoln, delegate from the Canandaigua postoffice. will be among representatives of the Ontario County Rural Mail Carriers Association to attend the state convention to be held at Bataua. OtherjL T wbo will attend are Presi- dfht'Wd Mrs. Frank Benton, of Phelps: Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Edie of Hall: Mr. and Mrs. O. P. Fletcher, of Holcomb. and Mr and Mrs Robert Woodruff, of Naples. Animal Quilt Educates Baby By BABONESS PIANTONI t c o m e in t:me, n-,.pHions 8TARHNG STRUTS ways to strut, which bieeding and a guilty one's own shortcoin- by Douglas E. turton, editor, as follows' Find fault with plays, books. of others or almost any- accept as reason- mn for appointments. I Oet- the biggest car, house or IboiTtS thST make frequent i claims to v*ncd accomplishments, i Make frequent curt, cutting ref mutt and use the high hat. f Try converting others to your ! mode of living, conduct, thought | CowtanUv relay gossip and de- domraeeiinf and the whip crack like a require promw. out iront and way to be un -W»«linn, Journal Sun. pwnting can b* seen on the outside walk of sonie of Ae s in Miilenwald. Bavana A of 'The Plight From Egypt." l on * J«m over 500 years to «n* of the finest. Its colors "hirtv calories in the form of ice to a slim waistline with very wme am Xfsuup or broxm Bettv 'circular skirt, youthful square neck- cream .m^es^p 0 0 r », line and ea y trimming contrast - Bad Example PHILADELPHIA -- The only person Michael Chofue and Esthei Fataer found readily available to marry them was a magistrate nearing a wife-beating case. "I hope this hasn't changed your mind " said the magistrate after the leanng. "Nothing like that will ever hap- n to us," said Miss Faber confidently. And so they were marned. Bang! Bang! KANSAS CITY -- Two men tueci -o hold up Max Walter's drug store nit all they got was two doors slammed in their faces. Mi and Mis. Walter were locking T when the men poked revolver at them Walter jumped inside and closed the door. Mrs Walter dashed to the cntry\\ay of their living quarters upstairs and slammed that door, too The holdup men lan awav Errand of Mercy OKLAHOMA CITY -- John Martin s dairy truck broke down He go ;· second-hand ambulance to maKi his deliveries A highway patrolman ye.let -Where you going. Bud?' "General Hospital," Martin ic pl -Wl(r* me," the officer shoulei I and opened his biren. I Before Martin cculd explain, the} ! arrived at the hospital, where Mar- I tin deln ered his milk 101 UA Ctl"i ii»t»£---' - - - t Of course sacchann yields no ones at all. QUESTIONS ANSWERS Alkalinizing Food Please give a list of al! foods for the benefit of us pool acidified critters Have been on such trimming contrast -- | v ^, t «__;*;al, becoming. Gmg- \ pique, sharkskin and linen are smart materials for this design; it will be especially pretty in white, with bright contrast. Pattern NO. 8522 is designed for sizes 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20. Size 14 requires 4 1-2 yards of 35 inch material for dress and 1 1-2 yards for 3-4 vards of bias fold or a 'diet for three months, for neuri- ^^ Us, weak heart, great weakness. l°ss ]bolero 2 of appetite. (Mrs R ) '."binding. : pvmres Answer-D:ied Deans, beets, ban-j For = a Pattern of this attractive j ex P" es anas, peaches, oranges diiea peas model send 15c j n coin, your^Name. Home Economics ; CHICAGO -- Mrs Rose Toleikis | 45. hau a husband in her home ai 1 breakfast time i At lunch she had no husband but ! a boarder--the sam man! 1 She obtained a divorce but her at- I tornev told the court: i "There is a lease, it seems, run- i nmg until Fall So Mr. Toleikis wil I remain as a boarder until the leas. cliiao. ^v-c*v-»»w«. »j- a ^« apples almonds, cabbage cauliflOTv- ei, milk, potatoes, turnips, asparagus carrots, celerj currants rais- -.. cw j-um. ««" · - ins lemons leave alkaline ash. Sug- and have more money to spend on tr cream butter, lard, cornstarcn. you r trip! Plan it with the help of ar, Credlll. uun*-, Tivcari - »* u«^H TUtnrc* than tepioca leave neutral **· Biead 111UVACA *3*-lA*A AW*/ »« «,, -- -., ,_, . Address. Style, Number and Size to. BDRN WlS _ Jlt teiuugt The Daily Messenger. Canandaigua. WASHBUR* ^is Sew your own vacation wardrobe, and swing: mu«c ofl£al.J,M ^ Swing Out WASKBURN Wis. -- Jitteibugt banned from Washtaurn for the weekend of Aug. 4 to 6, under pen- $ Consvlt the Mystic Circle A problem to keep friends entertained? Not if you remember that everyone loves to have his fortune told. And a never failing fun starter is the Mystic Circle for- ;une, played with dice. Simply chalk a ring on a board --or cut out a round piece of cardboard -- and into this "fateful" Circle have the fortune-seeker tost three dice. Then add the numbers on the tops of the dice. A throw of seven? An ancient rhyme tells the fortune, "Seven, adventure that leads afar . . · And on it goes, giving the meaning for every number thrown: "Eleven, a knave with deceitful heart, Twehe. a letter; 'twill joy impart--" Or how would you like to Ull card fortunes? Easy to learn the meanings of the cards. Here are a few to start with. The Four of Spades promises business success, the Six of Diamonds, a gift. The Three of Hearts hints of love problems. _, , How to shuffle, deal the cards for fortunes? Find full instructions and meanings of each card m our 32-page booklet. Has the complete rhvme for "Mystic Circle." tells how to read fortunes in dominoes, tea leaves, horoscopes, gives fortune games for parties. Send 10: in coin for your copy of FUN WITH FORTUNE-TELLING to The Dailv Messenger. Canandaigua. N. Y. Be sure to write plainly your name, address and the name of booklet. corn, meal crackers, eggs fish, meat, oat- VOur inui jrian it mini fv- ."--i- ~- ----------- - _ ,, our new pattern book! More than j ain of a ''heavy fine a i a atern oo fashions for late spring Even operating a i ado or phono I;lcai. ^C*II.AW*"J« ^.«---- * _ leave acid ash Perhaps a large daily intake of vitamin B-complex would help you moie than alkalmizm? food ' Lime Is drinking wawr ponisining lime bad for the system? Or does lime m drinking water help as much as lime m such health foods as milk, eggs cheese, peas, beans, wheat etc' How is lime watei maue? (Mrs S Answer--If water is satisfactoiy to taste it is immaterial how much lime it contains. I do not know wnetner the lime (calcium) in water * sirmlated by the body. To make water, put a piece of the size of a walnut in an jai or crock in Uo quarts of The clear upper part is the children need for All smart and charming--all easv to make! Each pattern includes a step-by-step sew chart to guide be- |"inners Send for Pattern Book NOW! One Pattern and Book 25c. Book alone 15c. Hans J. Thompson c'ared in forbidding anyone to sing whistle, Play or dance to swing music on those dates when Washburn lull celebrate its 55th anmve;ary vilh emphasis on oid-fashioned cos,- Uime.s, conveyances and dances M«4«l HO 49 ,95 Let it settle lime water. Menopause I am 44 and I think just entering the change of life What aducc-' have you to prepaie a v.oman for this critical time? (Mrs T. C. Answer--It isn t a critical time It L, a physiological cessation of function, and no-mally causes no di.s- luibance oi health I have a mono- Small Families Advised ; Romantic But Niagara For Martial Happiness; Falls Forbids Carving her BUFFALO ?, -- Mr i»nd Mrs. NIAGARA FALLS i -- This as .j Philip Setel. celebiaUng their golden] vc , w honeymoon center frown* on ' wedding anniversarv, ha%c this ad-i initials carved in heart diagrams on 1 vice for youth: ', park benches, trees and buildings "About 21 is the right age for a] wnich overlook the cataract couple to marry today. But they j p a -ic s commission police has or( *hould not raise a large family-- cers to arrest persons responsible; · HEAVY DUTY WRINGER Automatic Adjuiting · LARGE BALLOON ROLLS tJurible--Lons Life Rubber · WHITE PORCELAIN TUB New Bullet-Type--Sanitary · FRENCH TYPt AGITATOR Fait, Thorough, Can't Tangle Clothes · ONE-PIECE STEEL CHASSIS Prevents Rapid, Uneven Wear of Gears and Shafts · PRECISION MECHANISM Quiet, Dependable, Trouble- Free i conditions have changed Two three children are enough." Daily Messenger Summer Patterns, on . titi;, W anc.-u i^-i^w-«^ -~- « j or and one youth, hailed belore a cit j ! judge received a suspended sentence , I and a warning. ' UP-TO-DATE prospect Point. Honeymoon Trail j l»c. Three Sisters Lsland and Goat Is-1 land carry man.- displays of the la.' i^,. «r i^tfc finmp chow several dates i J X 1 1 V J V^4.A i J «··«*·" - i * -· For a ropv' boi of love. Some show several dates $5 Down $1.00 Weekly Phone 818 BRADBURN'S PHONE . rO» FHEE O E M O N S T « » T ' 0 . BETTER D. C. 1. What is wrong with Miis sentence' "Helen was bound lo go to the dance" 2 "What is the correct pronunciation of "risque 4 "? 3 Which one of these words w misspelled? Baloon. baboon, maca-r- oon. 4. What dees tfw word "celerity mean? 5. What is a word beginning with imp that means "not liable to sin"? J127 PATTERN XO. 1127 ,, .. w»s origin»Hy c*ll- c«ne-b*rry, due to the fact is born* on curved the neck of certain measure- of disUnt stars. eoNiiMiicd to You can ataot hear the grc-atag TTOOJ^C thatlenng, barring, bleating, meowing and grunting of the rc-ab-ljc animals on thi« coi*r- let. Your litite one wall be delighted with it t-,p?mj]y if you tell a bedtime story suggested by each animal. And the lettering can be as^d in teaching children to read 1 Embroider a Jink zoo for your chiW- ren. Don* in simple oiit-line stitch, it's f a w TJje p«ttem envelope contains 12 hot-iron transfer designs, 5 2-4 inctes «*ch; complete, easy-to-understand. illustrated directions, with color suggestions and illustration of stitches used; also what materials and how much you will need. To obtain this pattern, send for No. 1127 and enclose 10 cent* hi stamps or coin (coin preferred) to cover service and postage. Address The Daily Messenger, Needlework Department, Phoenix Street, Can- and*!**. Mew Yort- 1. Say -"Helen wa* determined to go " 2 Pronounce res-*a. e AS in me, a. as in dav, accent last syllable 3 BalJoon 4 RapxSjty of molJan: ypced. "Time, with all its celenlj. moves slowly to him whose whole employmttit as to watch its flight." --Johnson 5. Impeccable. ROOSEVELT* LOSE GROUND MEMPHIS. Tenn fi -- The "Roos^vclts" are losing out n Memphis. Four weer list«d in year's city directory, but the l«i edition, lists but one. The "Owners," however, are still their «wn with 125 tttted. . TOMAXTIC SUMMER SERIAL BY MARIE BUZARP STARTS THURSDAY

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