The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana on June 7, 1976 · Page 9
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The Daily Inter Lake from Kalispell, Montana · Page 9

Kalispell, Montana
Issue Date:
Monday, June 7, 1976
Page 9
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TH Dti* taMr U*i. I to ftreriM Puatfo 3* SMI 40 ftongtfM fnh dtrtrwlwn $2 Vttl unit (fr.l S3 SMnyconoo 27 f Httnm HO*. for one 33 Posfto* MTurt 36 Depended 3? Wo«rj away 39 Sneep sounds 41 embank men! 45 Lairs 47 TaJ«r\i 48 Ir Js 50 Male goal 51 Route tab.] WHAT B6EUE $ STASHIN6 IN THAT TREE Of CAly ro EAT \ VES/ STRANge LATHLY. 7 BM_l-4 (NLCVE HM/W.NO IN O' THAT PUNNV-L.OOK1N LI'L. PUITE. MUST'VE O ROGER AIN'T HERE ITHBI«. \rVONfEK WHERE HE WBMT? AN'OUR OOCf CACHE ONE WIN AT BRIDGE East's deception backfires VVEET BETy FROM PIKE .=» SHE CROEP THH.. * K Q 4 3 * A K J 9 7 4 Norti But SMtfc Pass Pass -..DM. ..Itj.T. 2» Pass S+ Pass «· Pass 6» Pass Past Pass Opening lead -- J » E£K MEEK EXCUSE ME MBS, BUT DO aODtUTHE TIME* By Oswald James Jacoby Oswald: "Starting in 1975, New York's Cavendish Club runs an invitation tournament for the b e n e f i t of the Children's cancer fund. Jim Jacoby won it last year with Jeff Westaeirner. This year it was won by Allen Sootag and Peter Weischsel, one of the best young pairs today." Jim: "1 was unable to play tbis year, bui judging by the way Peter and Allen played, 1 doubt very much if we could have repeated." Oswald: "Allen and Peter gained a lot of points when an opponent's attempt to fix them backfired. East's one notrump was pure whimsy and gave Peter a chance to bid two hearts. Allen tried athree- clubcue bid. Peter jumped to fourbeartsand Allen bid six." Jim: "There wasn't any real problem in the play. Peter drew trumps and attacked spades by cashing dummy's ace and his own queen. When East snowed out (obviously East's notrump had been pure whimsy). Peter was able to finesse against West's jack. He had to lose a club at the end, but he could afford it." ·A Missouri reader wants to know if the experts spoil bridge with special complicated conventions. i We don't think so. Jack Nicklaus is allowed to attempt golf shots that the average player can't make. Jimmy Connors is allowed ta hit a tennis ball as hard as he wishes In world competition a player should be allowed to use his full skills. FRANK AND ERNEST CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING SELLS ann landers Dear Ann Lander*: Will you pfeue tell me why Americans are ap hung up en hair? In Europe women do not shave their armpits or tbeir tegs and nobody gives a damn. In ibis country, if a woman has hair anyplace but on her head she is considered some sort of freak. It so happens I am a bninet lady -- and a hairy one at that. I shave my legs because society says I must. When I wear a sleeveless dress, I also shave under my arms, which is a nuisance. Mow my husband tells me if 1 want to go swimming with him this summer I must shave the tops of my legs, both front and back, from the knees up. I resent this male chauvinism and told him I'd be happy to oblige, provided he shaves the tops of HIS legs also -- front and back. His reply was, " You're nuts." Am J? I tried shaving the tops of my legs four years ago and ended up with half a dozen ingrown hairs. Please settle this. -- Hirsute Hanna From Urbana Dear Kanna: If your kg* at* ihcved horn rh* knee* down and you have an abundant growth from th* kn**t up, you would fa* tomerhing of a unvvnalion pi*c* around th* poet. Sine* haying cau*t» you to hav* rngrawn hok, try a depilatory or a wax job. Th*y tad* more Mm* than (having but Hw reuiln lut longer and you won't got cut*, Infection* or ingrown hair*. Dear Ann landers: I'm an Ig-year-old girl who would like to say a few words to "Smothered In Topeka." Her folks "embarrassed" her in front of her friends because they insisted on kissing her goodbye whenever she left the bouse. She said it made her feel like a baby. I can truthfully say I cannot recall being kissed by either my mother or father. Dad died when I was 13 and I can't remember him ever touching me. It was as if there was a wall between us. When 1 mentioned this to my mother, she said, "He wasn't a person who could show his feelings.". I then asked; "How about YOU, Mom?" Her answer was, "I guess I am pretty much the same way but that doesn't mean your fattier didn't love you -- or that I don't."·- Her explanation never convinced me. All I know is I" felt isolated -- starved for affection. It left a mark on me, a bad one. When I was 14,1 started to sleep with any guy who asked. By the time I was 161 was pregnant, lost the baby and a social worker (bless her) got me into therapy. I understand a lot more now than I did then. But still there's that emptiness. When I marry and have children, I'm going to hug and kiss them to pieces. They'll KNOW I care. - Hazard, Ky. D*or Ky: Her*'* your teller. It contain* a ton of information for both children and parent*. Thank* for unloading. Dear Ann Landers: My wife hates housework and the place sure looks it. She says any idiot can clean a house, and she'd rather do something that requires brains. (Cooking is also for dummies, according to her.) Whenever you print. something about a sloppy housekeeper or a bum cook, I ask my wife if she read Ann Landers today. It burns her up. Yesterday it happened again. She said, "I'll bet Ann Landers doesn't do one lick of cooking or cleaning." I said I'd ask. How about? - Mr. X Dear Mr. X.: She'* right. But I did for quite a few yean. And my place atway* looked fairly pmentaUa and nobody ever ated from my cooking. Any more quotient? HHIBI7 'THE NUDE IN MODERN ART' THE ARCTIC 6ALLERY ANDY CAW BVE,PET-AN" DONTSTAY UPTOOLAfE CAPTAIN EASY WELL, LADIES ~*7 ...BY NOW, OUR. AND GENTLEMEN "MIRACLE FORMULA" / TV CAMERA ° FTMEPRB59 - fflMw o° F fL^ftwi^BBSr*: LIT* HAMWORT'S FAMOUS- LESSl ARIES [Marcb 21-April 11) Take nothing for granted in any commercial daalitTgs you have today. Failing to stay on top of matters couW be a costly mistake TAURUS (April »-M»r 20) Your usuaRy dependable aUws may be the ones wno tet you down the hardest todty. tt's best you rely more on yourself and less on others. GEMINI (Mfty 21-Jun* 24) Rather than work on a tas* you resenl doing todty, set it aside for the moment. You wont do a good Job if your heart isn't in it. CANCER (Xv» 21-Mr 22) Don't attach strings to a favor you do for another today. Actions of this h/pe will breed reseniment and put the relationship in jeopardy. LEO (My W-Aug. 22) Usually you can be rather optimistic regarding the outcome of events lhat you lake a hand in, but today you're fckety to be very unsure of yourself, VIRGO (Aug. 23-S«pt. 22) Don't go around carrying a chip on your shoulder today, as it's sure lo be knocked oft We^gh your words carefully and avoid criticizing others. LMftA (S«pi «-Od, 23) You can be quite generous when dealing wilh friends, but today you're likely to be more of a by8ernfce8edeQ/ol taker than a giver. SCORPIO (Oct J4-Ko». 22) Try not to put your seff-fnteiest loo tar above others tod ay. Being only concerned about No. 1 will turn people off. SAGITTARIUS (N«. 23-0*C. 21) You have a talent today for creating your own problems. Stop and think about the penalties associated with erratic actions. CAPRICORN (D*c. 32-J»n. 19) Profit from your past mis- Jafces. Don'i pul good moriay after bad m a situation that isn't paying off. Be prudent where finances are concerned. AQUARIUS (Jan. JO-Ftt. 19) Goals that you hope to achieve today may slip by the boards because you won'i be willing lo pul forth the necessary effort PISCES (Ft*. 20-Mtrcti 20) Don "I do anything against your belter judgment today. I! you fed something isn't good for you, cnances are you're right. Your Birthday Jurw I, 1*7* Substantial rewards will be there this coming year, if you're willing to pay Ihe price. Be industrious and lake Ihe long range view. Don't IOQ\ tor something for nothing Dr. Lamb Moldy hay harms lungs By Lawre«ee E. Lamb, M.D. DEAR DR. LAMB - I contracted farmer's lung by inhaling moldy hay. feeding our pet rabbits. I am going through a bad experience with coughing and spitting constantly. I am under a doctor's care -- taking medications lor the coughing spells and (or my throat inflammation that I suffered. The doctor told me I have an allergy to moldy hay and this disease^wil! take some time to go away. 1 am still spitting watery and foamy material more than five weeks after I inhaled this moldy hay. Can you tell me more about this farmer's lung? Is there a possibility to get shots if this is an allergy? I hope you can help me with more information. DEAR READER - Yes it is an allergy. H is caused by the spores of fungi. The spores are inhaled and when enough of them reach the tiny air sacs, the alveoli, in the lungs they sensitize the lung membrane. The next time you are exposed to more of the spores you have an allergic response of the lung tissues. They swell and are inflamed. Obviously they are not much good then for exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide. The inflammation results in f o r m a t i o n o f e x c e s s secretions l h a t m u s t be removed from Ihe lungs, hence the coughing spells. The amount of sputum produced is usually limited. The disease can lead to fibrosis and scarring of the lung tissues, causing permanent lung damage. If you have just one attack you usually recover completely with no i m p o r t a n t r e s i d u a l l u n g damage. The fungi spores that cause similar illnesses are also in the filters of air conditioners. So this is a warning to my readers to be sure and change their air conditioner fillers regularly and keep the system clean. Similar infections from fungi spores result in fungi from bird droppings, called bird : breeder's lung. There is a .-whole series of these called, maplebark-stripper's lung, mushroom worker's lung and in sugar cane w o r k e r s , bagassosis.' The. illness causes fever, chills, malaise, cough and sometimes chest pain and weight loss. The symptoms will come on the same day of exposure in the pe: son who is already sensitized. The chestX ray maybe normal or s h o w a p a t c h y generalized distribution of the inflammation. There may be changes in the lung function tests associated with gas exchange for normal respiration. You can get some relief from symptoms from the adrenocortical hormones such as cortisone and related medications. It is not definite though that these will prevent fibrosis and changes in the lung that can follow as a complication of the disease. The most important treatment is prevention. A person who has this illness should entirely avoid any exposure to the fungi. That means the sugar cane worker has to give it up. the farmer has to quit farming and you should give up feeding jour pet rabbits. Repeated exposure can lead to permanent damage to your lungs. To give you some more information on how lh« lungs work I am sending you The Healh Letter numtwr 2-4. Keeping Your Lungs Fit. Others who want this information can forward X cents with a l o n g , s t a m p e d , s e l f addressed envelope for mailing Address your letter to me in care of this newspaper. P.O Box 1551. Radio City Station. New York. NY 10019.

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