The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas on June 6, 1947 · Page 16
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The Brownsville Herald from Brownsville, Texas · Page 16

Brownsville, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 6, 1947
Page 16
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THB BKOWNSYILL1 BKXAJLD Friday, June 6, Yeast Rolls Are Easy 3£veryoe likea yeast rolls. But too many cooka have, the wron^; impression about them. They art; not d i f f i c u l t , to make, requiring much t.lmo nor skill. This refrigerator recipe, which makes tt possible to bake a very amall number of rolls at one time, Js the best choice for the small family. Many d i f f e r e n t types of roll* can be «haped from a single batch of this satiny dough. Refrigerator Rolls (Yield: about 2J$ dozen rolls) Two cakes yeast, '-i cup lukewarm water, 1 cup milk. 1'a teaspoons salt, v t r u p sugar, ',£ cup shortening, 3 eggs, 5 cups (approximately) sifted enriched flour. Soften yeast In lukewarm water. fceitld milk, add salt, .sugar nml ·hortcning and rool to lukewarm, Add 2 cups flour and beat well. Add yeast and beaten eggs. Blncl thoroughly. Add remaining flour .to make soft douph. Turn out on ''lightly floured board and knead until satiny. Place in lightly greased bowl, cover and let rise Tin warm place 80 to 85 degrees F.) until doubled in bulk. Punch down, form into smooth ball. Grease the surface lightly, cover and put into refrigerator. When ·wanted, remove dough from refrigerator and punch flown. Mold »t oner into any desired shape. Or, if preferred let dough stand In warm room for an hour before molding. To make Cloverleaf rolls, form dough into small balls (about : ?i in. In diameter). Dip each Into melted butter and place 3 balls ir. each section of greased muffin pan. """ "TAdvertl»emont Refrigerator rolls arc To make Orescent rolls, roll ball of dough into circular shape about Vi Inch thick. Cut In pie-shaped piqcos. Brush with melted butter and roll up, beginning at the wide jCiul. Curve irtto crescents on j groaned baking sheet. Lob rise | u n t i l doubled In bulk. Bake In a i moderately hot ovon (425 degrees .) 15 to 20 minutes. TOMORROWS MENU BREAKFAST: Strawberries, soft-cooked eggs, toast, butter not hard to make. or fortified margarine, cofee, milk. ** LUNCHEON: Tuna fish salad sandwiches, pickles, sliced -tomatoes, cookies, tea, milk. D I N N E R : Celery hearts, radishes, oven-fried fish fillots, lemon wedges, Harvard boots, boiled new potatoes, tosaerj garden salad, French dressing, hob Crescent or 'Cloverleaf rolls, butter or fortified margarine, fruit compote, cofee, milk. Valley Personals \ JUNE . . . Weddings! .Showers! WhAt Khali we give them--? More weddings, showers--what shall 1 --Another kitchen shower--I wear that dress again today-Mothers tearing their hair, Ijwondertng if they will ever get ttrv«rythlng set for the wedding of settle Junle . . . Beauty shop at 10 '·'clock. Can I make It? Heavens!! 'toere are two more invitations. Hero *we go again. Well, Juno Jimt has thirty days land after all isn't, it fun {*«;lxtlnfl: In th« potential start of a i new generation.--Mrs. P. W. Vnlgt r»f Elsa came down and purchased J'two beautiful Haegert art lamps ? for the homft they are remodeling :-- MTB. W. M. Hordan getting some fill-ins on her King Edward Gorham Silver -- Mra. Sam Countiss Just looking around--Mrs. D. W. McElwrath getting a set of Redwing pottery for a porch service «he will use this summer--(by the way. this la a perfect service for your barbecue pit.) -- Mrs. Phil Dixon of Weslaco, and daughter, Mrft. Prwicot Allen, buying wedding girt*,--bride-to-be Alda -Price plck- ,ed "Brantlcy" Syracuse china for i*r *hower, tho groom Is to he O. irham; the couplo are both from Pcria.--Mrs. G i f t Buyer, we are [only too glad to make suggestions Tor that appropriate gift from o u r j largo and varied lino of gifts--Miss i -to-be?, we offer intricately j it and gracefully shaped stem re along with line china, Gorn and Whiting Sterling Silver, make your selection for shower*. Glrla. we set a table- In your itaonor with your name and deliver the gift* for your shower.--While the husbands of tho following ·'little women" were out battling the world, they were in buying shower gifts:--Mesdames PrHe M c N a - j m«*. M. S. Boiler, J. M. Gronnc, M. | A. Perry, R. B. McDrul\ Ohns. liar- j pin. E. M. Roberts, William Tram- ' mell, Clarence Gound, R. B. Hamilton. W. c. Reiser, J. B. Challes, C. W. .Leterich, Clifford Purely, Chas McKelvey, G. R. Bowman, Glenn Sheupbach, J. J. Willingham, Dr. La Motte, Dr. Chlldress. J. G. Britton, Forest Garling, W e , are often asked do you have a sor- \ vie? for six or eight in this pat- ' tf-rn of dlnnerwaro, and we reply,! yes, this is nn open stock pattern, j in fp.ct all of our dlnnerware i.s } open e toe ic. We never order Just a net of dishes. Our orders an; for \ a minimum of two do/en of the bafiic places to twenty dozen.--This i is tn your a d v a n t a g e ; f i r s t y o u ! know you can select the exact pieces you wish and can even g e t , a starter set--Next you are not j buying an "orphan" set that you j will never be able to add to, and third you can fill In any breakage you may have through the years. --Remember we carry the largest stock of dinnerware with more patterns to choose from than anyone in South Texas. -- Until next ·week. Hasta Luego. MERCEDES Miss Gonevive Dawson Is on a vacation trip, which will take her to New Orleans, La.; Knoxvllle, Tenn,; Washington, D.C., and New York. Mifl. Gllwon Knapp and children, Mr«. John Yolverton and »son left this week for Hen mo, Tex., for a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Greenwood, parents of Mrs. Knapp and Mrs. Yolverton. Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hay and Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Dawson had dinner at Camp Christian Tuesday at the Young Pcopl'fl Conference Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Bumpus of Commnnche, Tex., were guests here this wee kof Mr. and Mrs. Billy Pylant Friendship Club Holds Meeting MERCEDES--Mrs. Max A'Schoff wau hostess to members of the I Friendship Club recently. Present hvcro Mrs. J. M. Hughes, Mrs. Roy ; Powell, Mrs. F. L. Griffith, Mrs. i Otis Johnson, Mrs. Comic Borchelt, Mrs. Harry Moyle, and Mrs. Mary Warnke. Oil Firm Holds Dealers'Meeting Tho Magnolia Petroleum Company wafi hoat to nil" it.s Valley dealers nt a dinner and entertainment last night at the Hnrllngen Municipal Golf Course. More than 10 dealers attended tho a f f a i r which included sales promotional talks and colored motion pictures on sales and services to customers. Prizes were given by the company to the three men who had been with the company tho longest period of time by C. B. Kilpntrick, 'Sa;;.v Antonio, district manager. Pedro Olivares, Rio Grande City, received a prize for being associated with the company since 1925, Mike Chnpa, 'San Manuel, was second, Paul Han-is, McAllen, third and James W. Smith. Donna, was presented n flashlight so that ho "could sec the light." He has boon with the company one week. H. R. Rlster, Harlinigen, Valley manager of Magnolia, was in charge. Synthetic rubber is the result of chemical work conducted for more t h a n 100 years by chemists of Qrcant Britain, France, Germany, Russia and the United LYFORD Daily Vacation 33ible school for the Baptist church here will be held June 16-17 under the direction of Hubert White, the pastor, RBV. Nol- ancl N. Beaird, has announced. Others who will assist in supervising tho school will bo Mrs. A. J. Hnrrcll, Miss Doris May Wade, Miss Doris Malone, Miss Billic Lou Bingham, and Mrs. Carrie E. Netz. Mrs. John Carr will have charge of .music. James McDonald, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. McDonald, has received honorable cllschaVge from the Army and has returned to his home near here. Misses Sandra and Linda McMurtray have returned to their home - at McAJleri after spending two weeks with their aunt, Mrs. R. H. Guinn and Mr. Guinn. Several well known singers' from Beevillc, Mathis, Benavidos, and Corpus Christ! , and a large' number of Valley persons attended an all-day 'sing held ac the high school Sunday. Special numbers consisted of duets, solos, and quartets. A basket lunch was held at the noon hour. Miss Evelyn Qoss of spent the past weekend with Miss Earline Willeford. Miss Doris Hughes of Weslaco visited here recently with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T, S. Hughes, Olmito Club Meets With Mrs, Summers OLMITO -- Mrs. Matilda Summers was hostess · to members of the Olmito Home Demonstration Club at her home repently. Ten members, and three guests, Mrs. Brown, Mrs, Kiphen, and Mrs. Walter Reed attended. Mrs. Reed gaYe an interesting and instructive demonstration on cleaning rugs and upholstery, Delicious tea dainties were served, The next meeting of the club will be at the home of Mrs, Charles Neidert Tuesday June 10th at 2 p. m. /or Better Food Eat At CHAIUIO KITCHENS Mr. ami Mrs. W. W. Underwood Owners Specializing in lunches to §?o, 2235 Boca Chica Blvd. Open 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. CLOSED SATURDAYS T E R M I T E S 5-Year Guarantee ANTS - ROACHES Able Exterminators, Inc. Phone 1997 -- 84S-R LEADS PARADE LLANO, June 6--(/P)-~Mr.s. Beauford H. Jontnr, wife of the Texas Governor, and her daughter, Joan, led the-grand parade at the fourth annual homecoming here. Later they attended a rodeo as part of the festivities. Marina New* IN PORT TODAY «8 8APAULPA VICTORY (Am.) Discharging and. loading general cargo. The Texas Lines. MV MIZAPH Hond.) Discharging bananas. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co,, agents. SS ROSELEAF (Br.) Discharging bananas. McCfU'ty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. MV LULU (Pan.) Being repaired. Hidalgo Distributing Co., iigents. SS SONORA (Nic.X Undergoing repairs. Port Brownsville SS agency, agents. MV LYNIsf B, (Pan.) Undergoing repairs. Hidalgo Distributing Co. agents. MV QONZALO CARIOS (HondJ Undergoing repairs. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. MV ACCURACY (Br.) Undergoing repairs. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. MV LEV III (Pan.) L, H. Prt- chard, owner. MV CARIBEAN BELLE (Br,) Discharging bananas. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. ' ARRIVALS, SS SAPAULPA VICTORY (Am,) New York and Houston with general cargo. The Texas Lines. MV MIZAPH (Hond.) Port Barrios, Guatemala, with bananas. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. DEPARTURES MV OOLISTEIl (Br.) Puerto Mexico to load bananas. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. DUE TO ARRIVE m 6-7--MV .WALTER G. SWEENEY (Can.) Alvaro Obregon with bananas. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. 6-7--SS FLAGSTAFF VICTORY (Am.) Houston to ·' load general cargo for ' Scandinavian ports. Lallier and Co., agents. 0-7--EUZKERA .(Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas. P o r t Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 0 .7__MV OAPITOLA (Br.) Tuxpan, Mex., with bananas. McCarty and Maascy Shipping Co., agents. G-7--MV HIBOU (Hond.) Puerto Mexico to load pineapples. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 6-7--MV AMAPALA (Can.) Nautla, Mex., with bananas. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 6-B--MV MAYSTER (Br.) Puerto Mexico with pineapples. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agents. 8-8--MV KRAGEHOLM (Swed.) Houston to load for Scandinavian ports. Agents, Fowler and McVite. J. E. Eidman. 6-B--MV CHARLES A. Mac- LEAN (Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas. McCarty and Massey Shipping Co., agents. 6-9--SS GARNET HULINGS (Am.) New York to load crude oil for Lake Charles, La Philen Shipping Co. agents. 6-10--SS HALIFAX (Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas. Port Brownsville SS Agency, agonts. 0-11--MV PATRICIA SWEENEY (Br.) Alvaro Obregon with bananas. McCarty and ·· Massey Shipping Co., agents. 6-11--MV ROATAN (Pan.) Alvaro Obregon with bananas. McOarty and Sweeney Shipping' Co.. agents. 6-12 _ MV MAYMERE (Br.) Puerto Mexico with ' pineapples. Port Brownsville SS A g e n c y , agents. ' 6-12--SS CHARLES L Y K E S (Am.) Antwerp to load general cargo. Lallier and Co. agents. 6-13_MV COLISTER (Br.) Puerto Mexico with bananas. Port Brownsville S3 Agency, agents. 6-15--SOUTH. BEND VICTORY (Am.) Houston to load general cargo -for Baltimore and New York. Philen Shipping Co., agents. 6-15--ss STEVEN;- F. AUSTIN (Am.) Stockholm to load general argo. Lallier and Co., agents. 6-15--MS DANAHOLM (Swcd.) Houston to load general cargo for Scandinavian ports. Agents, Fowl- ir and McVitie, J. E. Eidman. 6-15--^S LOS ANGELES (Pan.) LeHavre to load crude oil. Philen Shipping Co., agents. 8-17_MS MORGENEN (Nor.) Ai'iiba, Venezuela, to load crude oil for LoHavre. Philen Shipping Co. agents, 6-24--SS CAPE FEAR (Am.) Tamplco to load general cargo for Scandinavian ports. Agents, Fowler and McVitie, J. E. Eidman, 6-26--SS MACK BRUTON BRY- Y O U N G ' S REFRIGERATION S E R V I C E For ft complete line of Refrigerator Service Phone 1849 Rare B e a u t y In Paris: Model School Finds O n l y F i v e In Hundreds Chic Before the war 300 mannequins .were employed in the fashion! i trade. Today, there are only abou'. i 200, with the result that there is considerable ^ competition among dressmaking * establishments for the services of the better models. Many leave fashion work for the j higher pay of photographer's; model. The best, of those who do stay work as free lances. The jury's choice as best candidate among hundreds who entered a competition to select Paris fashion mannequins was Elayne Evard, who adjusts her stocking at right. Our photo editor's choice wits tho girl parading- before the jury above. Elayno still won. By ROSETTE HARGROVE , PARIS, CNEA) -- In Paris, a city noted for its chic women, the perfect mannequin is as rare as hen's teeth. The Parisian School for Mannequins, only one of its kind here, found that out the other day when it staged a, competition to find new models for the dress-making houses. Its primary requirement was girls of "harmonious proportions, agreeable features, good grooming and no apparent physical defects." A little more specifically, it said candidates had to be between 16 and 23 years old and stand five feet, four inches high. Only 250 girls among 1 those who applied fulfilled even these basic requirements, and final tests cut this number to 30. A jury of representatives from the fashion houses and stage and screen found only five of these 30 worth turning into mannequins. ... AN (Am.) Oslo to load general cargo. Lallier and Co., agents. 8-2B--AXELDYK (Dufc.) Tampl- co to load general cargo for London, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Ghent. Philen Shipping Co., agts. 6-20--SS DICK LYKES (Am,) Antwerp bo load general cargo Lallier and Co., anemia. 7-15--SS POLAR/TANK (Pan.) Lnrvlk, Nor. to load crude oil for Antwerp. Philen Shipping Co. agents. THi HCUSI of HEARING OF HARLINCteN* PERMANENT QFFICK IV, .Tmokpicw f h o n * HurllniBn JL JCTL JLj Is Pleased To Announce That Offices Have Beon Opened At Berth No. 3, Brownsville Marine Terminal Under the Direction Of Walter E. Plitt, Jr., District Manager Phone Brownsville 1877 -- P, 0. Box 1046 Metallurgical science has found a way to inject oxygen into steel furnaces and speed purification by about half, thus making possible ah increase of 40 to 60 per cent in output. Elynno .Kvnrd, 22, the best of the five, was l-he jury's idea of a real chic PnrJsienne. She is five feet., six and a half inches tall, weighs 125 pounds. Other -vital statistics: Waist 22 Ms inches, hips 3614, bust 34. She has red-brown hair, and sparkling eyes, teeth, and personality. EJyane and the other four probably cnn take their pick of Jobs at any of the 20 leading dress- nxaking establishments, but they won't have an easy time of it. The average mannequin here makes about $30 a week and works long hours to earn it. Not only do the models have to climb in and out of 15 to 20 dress- os nn afternoon, but they niso nrc expected to do individual modeling for prospective customers. Every one o f - t h e gowns they wear is a c t u a l l y built for them, entailing weary hours of f i t t i n g . Most French bourgeois look down upon- modeling i\s a profession for girls. They contend that t h e ' salary is too lo\y for a girl who - lives in nn atmosphere of luxury and temptation. r * BfiT ' H 6 1 * ' QUALITY" MORE THAN JUST A WORD Wl t M STAR TIRES Rubber Co, rhonc 18 828 Elizabeth LOW PRflCE ··'Jf Mew York -- Baltimore -- Houston Galveston -- Dallas -- Brownsville Do Right by Dad! That wonderful Soafortli o»r of GIVE Highland heather and fern will make him feel like a boy agalnl Handsome gift sets, 2.00 Jo 7.00 Single Items, 1.00 Sftttforth Trio Htlusiratectt.** Brushless Shave Cream, Shaving loflorv Men's Talc » * « * · · . * · 2.60' FOR MEN 105? i U 2 A B e T H ST. BROWNSVILLE , T G * Italian Swiss Colony Gold Medal Label California PORT- SUIERRY MUSCATEL your Opportunity to buy these wonderful Gold Medal Label dessert wines at a bargain! These arc wines of rare bouquet and flavor from the world famous I t a l i a n Swiss Colony cellars. Start e n j o y i n g these wines now . . . when you gel. so much for so l i t t l e ! New low prices on all other Colony dessert a n d t d i n n c r wines, too. Stock up now on you faVorite Italian Swiss Colony wines at the lowest price in years! ' CHOSEN DELEGATES FORT WORTH, -June J. N. R, Score, president of Southwestern University at Georgetown, and the Rev. A. S. Gafford, superintendent of the Brown wood district, will represent the Central Texas Methodist conference as mi- nisterml delegates to the quadrennial general conference of the Methodist church in Boston, Mass., next year. FACES SHEFA CHAJRGE VERNON, June 6--VP;--A felon? t h e f t - c h a r g e against Spencer Thomas, 29-year-old negro janitor, xvaa on file here today in connection with the theft of $532 in coins from the First State Bank. The shortage was reported by bank officials shortly after opening for business yesterday. R E M E M B E R D A D . J U N E 1 s t h GEORGE WASHINGTON OIFT-WRAPPIP (14-«i.) 79c PRINCE ALBERT GIFT-WRAPPED (It-oi.) 89c CAMELS** GIFT-WRAPPED (Carton) $1,69 BROOH5 CENTRfll! Van Mill's Riding Academy Feaiures Something Mew MOONLIGHT RIDING / Get the Gang together and enjoy the thrill of a Moonlight Ride on the banks of the Romantic Rio Grande. --New Low Summer Rate* Now in Effect-VAN MILL RIDING ACADEMY Fort Brown I ITALIAN Swiss CORKING GOOD 1108 Elizabeth OUR COOL; coot Cotton Batiste IS WONDERFUL FOft WARM SUMMER NIGHTSI ftyt* no. 1820 99 True: sleepy time comfort . . . In this eoof, fine cotton nightie that has eyelet ruffles trimming the fully-cut bodie* bias-cgl gently flaring slurt. Oh. so easy to launder. Dainty pink or floral print on white. Sizes 32 fa 40. IF YOU CANNOT COME IN PERSONALLY TO SHOP. YOU MAY ORDM CONVENIENTLY BY MAIL PROM OUR CENTRAL WAREHOUSE SALLE ANN SHOPS, Dopt. S- 1409 Washington Ave., St. Louis 3, Mo. Enclojsd find $ ____or tend C. O. D._ Sizt of S2.99 each, plu» 10« poiiogc. .gown» ]»l color. 2nd color. State C t i N E R A L O F F I C E S ; S A N FRANCISCO

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